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Here are all our favorite features of the SONY ZV-1: My Favorite Features:

1. Flip-out Vari-Angle screen

2. Recording indicator light in the front of camera.

3. Large Recording button

4. Product Showcase focus mode

5. Power zoom can be access from the front while vlogging.

6. Directional Microphone

7. Dead cat can easily snap into the hot-shoe

8. Sony has hotshot microphone so there are not wires

9. If you DO have to use a microphone jack, it does NOT block the screen

10. Built in ND filter!

11. Blurr Mode!

12. Beauty Filter (this could be improved)

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Video Transcription


three two one welcome

to you tech video uh pixel stabbers

we’re at pizza established today

welcome to you pizza slabbers this is

jeremy my name is david

and we’re gonna talk to you about the

zv1 and it’s 100

off right now the cheapest price we’ve

ever seen it and we’re talking about all

the features what makes it a great

vlogging camera you ready jeremy

i think so all right i hope so let’s do


let me show you guys really quick this

awesome thumbnail that jeremy made for


because the thumbnail always tells the

story right jeremy

we got beautiful thumbnail and look at

that jeremy is pointing at

pixel stabbers because today we are on

pizza slappers

we miss you guys we haven’t been on

pizza establish in like a month

and that’s because we’ve been busy on

youtube so if you want to check out tech

stuff check out utek via but today we’re

on pixel stabbers

and we’re going to talk about camera

because that’s what pixel style is all


and jeremy what do you know about the

zv1 and why do you think it’s such an

amazing vlogging camera

two things actually let me do my other

camera one

two three well i just called major three

things for

sure for one is lightweight lightweight

okay because

i think most of blockers unless you use

it as a webcam

which you can yeah um if you’re using

vlogging basically you’re holding it

with a monopod or whatnot and then

holding it walking around

walking right so i see a lot of people

using like bigger cameras and then i was


oh man doesn’t that kind of be heavy

it hurts right with this because i know

what size and how heavy this is

this is actually probably even lighter

because i think the reason why you know

i think earlier we talked about how this

one’s actually cheaper than the normal

rx 500 lines

right because this is more plastic yes

it’s lighter yellows in there yeah

lighter so that the

the pole side is is lighter so and then


why it costs less so and but at the same

same time is when you’re holding it it’s


so which is good second is the flip


okay this is the first yep the first

rx series camera has a side sci-fi

screen 180 like that yes that’s right

sony’s sony’s never had one before it

was fuji

it was canon it was other brands but

this is sony’s first flip screen

on the side yep pretty much

and then i think it’s the mic i think

they finally did something right with

the mic

yes finally you have a microphone

on camera that sounds good for vlogging

and there’s a built-in dead cat like

this little thing right here

that you can slide onto the camera

there’s a mount for it you slide it on

boom it fits and it comes included with

the camera too so you don’t have to pay

extra for this

dead cat which is great for wind noise

reduction and if you want to you can

plug in an external microphone it has

everything a vlogger needs for vlogging

and right now it’s a hundred dollars off

if you think

well the hundred dollar office well i

see 800

yeah because uh shoot you just make me

laugh switching my thoughts

the size oh i wasn’t i got yeah oh man

the microphone no it so what were your

three thoughts the side the flip up

screen the microphone right

one more one more okay so you mentioned

about you mentioned about you could


like attach different accessories onto

it right but the cool thing about this

you could actually not have to attach

anything on it and make it work

yes exactly out of your pocket boom hit

record yeah

you probably don’t even need um the

handheld thing you’re just holding on

the side

walking around yeah and they still work

it’s got a nice grip so this little

thing here is a good grip just to hold

it and vlog with it

so i think that’s what i love about it

because uh i don’t know i mean i see

blocker walking around with the camera i


uh they probably don’t get used to it or


but for me i feel like it’s a little bit

awkward doing that

yeah uh having all those gear some stuff

yeah with a little tiny camera walking

around i think

i will be less i mean i mean less


i’m not attract a lot of tensions

attention is the best

like you want to avoid the attention

also just because you don’t want the

attention of people that are like the

police or the authority or just store

owners or just people that are curious

what you’re doing right

they won’t mind if you’re holding tiny

little camera because like that’s almost

like a cell phone but you have a big


everything changes you go into costco or

you’re going to walmart with a big dslr

security immediately flags you down but

you come in here with a little


phone or a zv1 just recording no one’s

going to bug you you know how

crazy that is it’s weird like you like

for another example like football games

when we actually can go to

them or baseball games right you can

bring a small point shoot

and they’re okay but the moment that the

camera has a detachable lens

it’s not loud it’s like what well it’s

only because those security don’t know

how good opponent shoot cameras now yeah

yeah exactly it’s weird it’s

discrimination but yeah so those are the

four points that jeremy said right

it’s lightweight it’s got the flip out

screen it’s got a good

microphone built in that you don’t need

to do anything else with you record

and then it’s also just everything you

need to record right your pocket

boom you’re recording so those are some

of germany’s favorite feature

that’s small points but then there’s

more points which is why i’m gonna go

through all the other points

because i can’t remember them either and

i just want i’m gonna use some pictures

before i go to my points let’s go at the

price because the price is

the reason why we’re making this video

right now this camera just got released

not even a month ago

like it was june and june 28th right so

it’s not even a month yet that it got


and even the pre-release if you

pre-ordered it

wait june june 11. no it was out a month

ago june 11

when it came out right june 28 was when

the the special promotion ended

and that special promotion was only 50

off now

it’s a hundred dollars off and it’s in

stock right now so this is the lowest

price on this camera

ignore these reviews i don’t know why

these reviews are so low on amazon

but people that use these cameras for


for amazon live for facebook for

youtube live or for youtube creation

making video content

vlogging people love this camera as a

content creator myself

i love it too it has everything you need

for vlogger’s

dream and for right now the price is the

best part about it it’s

it’s under 700 and that’s a really good

price for

a sony point-and-shoot camera that does

everything you need for vlogging right


yep and then you you reference the other

price right

of the sony rx100 how does this compare

to sony rx100 price

yeah i’m looking into that right now

the sony rx100 va is the competitor

and even this price right now is eight

hundred and forty eight dollars which is

more expensive than the zero one that’s

certainly our higgs 100

mach 7 is a thousand and

two hundred but mark 7 is a little bit

different of a beast because you know

the mark 7 has a super lens right

yes yeah so that doesn’t care it doesn’t

count but the rx 100

va is like the competitor in terms of it

it’s the the classic one it used to come

out to be a thousand dollars when it was


right you’re right six is actually


now yeah so and then this is va

so va was a thousand dollars when it was

new therefore so check this out yeah the

rx1 is a mark three

yeah that has the uh 26 to 70

same lens yeah it costs around 600 right

now yep

and this is brand new item all this is

only 6.98 so right

dude and there’s no comparison because

we’re talking about the sony rx100v

just because this was a point-and-shoot

camera that fit in a pocket with a

really good lens

but it had nothing it didn’t have

everything a vlogger want

number one it didn’t have the super flip

out screen that we love about the zv1

it didn’t have a microphone jack which a

lot of people complain about

number one it didn’t have the microphone

jack and number two the mic that’s built


sucks the quality is terrible and if you

want to use on the on the way because it

used to take pictures

yes it’s a video yes exactly for that


it has a hidden wheel finders yeah

it has a multi-use hot shoe well no they

don’t have hot shoes on that one too

no not anymore they have a building

flash yeah

well yeah the flash is what’s gone from

this one

but for this camera here the zv1 the

reason why it appeals to vloggers and

content creator is because

it’s a video camera first and it also

takes picture

whereas most point shoot cameras their

camera first that also does video

this is the first camera designed for


and it’s priced so well even at the 800

price i thought was a sweet deal but

right now it’s a hundred dollars off

make it down to less than seven hundred

dollars for a perfect vlogging camera

again why is it perfect because jeremy

pointed out

it’s lightweight it’s got the flip out

screen that’s perfect for vlogging

it’s got a microphone that’s really good

for vlogging you don’t need any extra

microphone so basically you open it up

and you’re ready to go you record

so these are the other features that

jeremy didn’t mention

the lens is also very good it’s a 24 to


full-frame equivalent lens at f 1.8

throughout the entire spectrum so it’s a

really good lens that brings in good


for low light shooting also if you’re

shooting outdoors

it has a really good shadow depth of

field what am i saying outdoor

it’s good for low light and it’s good

for shallow depth of field two things

that’s great about it

um there’s also a little red light here

that tells you when you’re recording

which is really important when you’re


because believe me you guys if you

haven’t vlogged yet when you start


and you see yourself in the screen and

you start talking you think you’re

recording but no

the only time you’re recording is when

you see this really small red light here

that says you’re recording

a lot of times when i’m running around

vlogging i see myself i’m thinking i’m

recording i’m not

unless this little red light is on but

that’s why this camera

is really good because there’s a big red

light here that tells you when you’re

recording right so those are some of the

features i know right now my camera

right now

is it doing anything i don’t know you

can’t tell you can’t see right so this

is the microphone up here

it’s got three capsule arrays so it’s a

directional microphone

picks up the audio in front of the

camera and resists

a voice that audio all surrounds you so

it makes a really good quality audio and

if you want you can pop into this that

pop on the that cat that’s included with

the camera to really cut down on the

wind noise

so there’s that also when the lens

retracts this thing fits in your pocket

it’s really good size

i think that’s my biggest key point if

it’s in your pocket

yeah you can bring it i mean that’s the

only way you can go against all the cell


yes honestly and it’s much better than

the cell phone in terms of quality

you have a bit better lens a bigger

sensor and you got

better audio in fact and it’s just it’s

just a

better device for recording video than a


go on no i don’t want to say anything

now why not

because this thing i say is probably not

good oh okay well check out this video

this is the zv1

you can see how the flip screen flips

out it’s great for content creator

you know on the go you just pull it out

and you hit record in fact

there’s a mode where you just turn you

open the screen and it starts recording

and when you close the screen it powers

off the camera

that’s literally the easiest way to

start recording

right one push a button you can start

recording also

there’s this blurry background right if

you want blur background you push one


and it blurs background you see how our

background is sharp push the button and

blurs out

that’s also a product showcase mode you

know how many times

this is the show this is the one that we

don’t want to get it uh and use it

as a webcam yeah you see how it focuses

on the face but when you have a product

in front of it it focuses on the product

it’s perfect and it has good fast eye

detection good fast auto focus

she jumps it’s focusing it right away

and then your face is always bright

because it calibrates and exposes your

for your face which is terrible in photo

world but for vlogging you always want

your face to be perfectly exposed and

that’s why it does

also good skin skin tones and

good clear auto recording and skin tone


it also has a smoothing filter too that

makes you look really good

uh regardless of like how that looks yes

image stabilization is built in too so

that it’s less shaky as well

forgot about that that’s a good feature

to include right

so i mean it’s it’s a perfect vlogging

camera literally every element

that you want for a vlogging camera it’s

all built into this one camera there’s

nothing more that i would want for


like literally it’s a great price it’s

lightweight like jeremy says get the

football screen

the onboard audio is good you can even

attach the external microphone

i believe it even has a uh

unlimited recording limit so you don’t

even need to worry about it stopping

recording after like 30 minutes or


so it’s great for vlogging it

it is really lives up to the hype

really lives up to the hype so anything

else you want to add before we go over

some some of the specs here jeremy

i don’t know you actually know it all

good so

okay so let’s look at some of the specs

without oh let’s just watch the video

oh it’s loud my ears are just blown up

all right let’s just check out this

video zv1 compact cameras

for wait a minute did we just watch this

we just did sorry guys

we did we watched this yeah so it’s a

good video but we won’t watch it again

so there’s some accessories with it uh

before we talk about that autofocus is

really good

keeps your face bright and again mention


yeah we did we did yeah and i want to

reiterate that because you know a lot of


on auto mode they do a good job of

balancing everything but when you’re


you don’t care about the background

being properly exposed you care about

your face

being properly exposed because that’s

what people watch your vlogs for

to see you and your personality so it


tunes it so that it doesn’t care about

the background but it focuses on your

face which is

very different from any other auto

exposure i’ve seen because this one

really designed to prioritize your

face very cool let’s see what other

features it has

oh yes the onboard audio is really good

remember it has three capsule here

because it picks up directional audio

really good

and if you don’t want to use the onboard

audio well

there’s also a windscreen you can attach

here if you want to use the onboard

audio outside

but if you want something even better

you can use the external microphone here

if you pick a sony one it has a multi

shoot hot shoe adapter

that connects directly to your camera

without wires so

even with extra microphone it’s clean

there’s no wires

but if you want to use a third-party

microphone you can still hook up a

third-party microphone to this hot shoe

and you can click up you can click you

can connect

the microphone to the camera via the 3.5


microphone jack and the cool thing is

it’s not on the same side of the screen

thank you

because a lot of cameras what happens is

if you plug in an external microphone

the audio jack for the microphone is

like right here which is

why because it blocks the screen i don’t

like it but this one actually the mic

jack jacks on this side so you clear the


it’s nirvana it’s heaven for vloggers

that want to use external microphone

thank you sony for finally making

an amazing vlogging camera this is a

product showcase

yes so jeremy you want to explain this


uh i think basically using a some kind

of a i think that

they know when to turn off the face

detection and when to turn on the

whatever closer to the camera focus yes


so this is yeah it’s actually not that


like not that hard idea just you just

but no camera does it no camera does it

there’s no algorithm that actually does

it right basically you have to

turn off auto face detection but who

goes and turns off face

detection okay let me show you an

example right right now right

it’s focused on my face i want to show

you my mouse here it’s blurry right here

let me show you my mouse it’s still

blurry because you know why

it’s detecting my face only when i cover

my face then the mouse is sharp

but the moment my face is still visible

the mouse is blurry

try to alter it with the hand i mean


yeah i can do this but the moment that i

move my hand and it sees my face again

right there where’s my face yeah see

then if i cover my face then the

mice the sharp but you don’t need to do

that that’s the cool thing about this

camera like there’s no hand

that you need to do you you put the

product up and then it switches to

focusing on the product it’s smart it

knows when there’s a face

but there’s a product that’s in front of

the face boom focus on the product

and that’s why private showcase mode is

really good for vlogger because

when you’re vlogging you’re doing

content creation yes exactly just like

that jeremy it’s still focused on you

it still focuses on you there you go now


finally focused on the product see

it’s still focused on you yeah yeah

that’s what i need to get this is

this focusing is hard yeah yeah this is

really good

and then oh yes start recording

instantly and know when you’re recording

like we talked about the slide right

you can record so quickly because you

know in most cameras you open it up you

gotta turn

on video mode you gotta get your video

dialed in then you hit record the

moment’s gone

the reason why a cell phone is great for

vlogging is because you open your flaw

your phone hit the camera app and hit

record you’re done right same thing with

this camera

you open up the back flip off screen and

the camera turns on you hit record and

you start recording

it’s that simple and when you’re

recording you have a light so you know

you are recording

so very straightforward very easy to do

and then there’s a vlogging

attachment here this is okay too

but if you want something a little bit

longer okay so

i’ll tell you the good thing about this

bluetooth wireless shooting grip and

then we’ll talk about

why it’s not the best grip you can get

so the good thing is it’s bluetooth also

it works as a stand too you see you can

convert to stand and you can convert it

to holding yourself

uh they’re holding it as a extension

for shooting and also if you saw in what

what happened here i wanted to show the

picture earlier

and also what it does is that it can we

can they hold the camera in a vertical

orientation like this too

so those are the good things oh one last

good thing because it’s bluetooth

if you’re ever at a party and you want

to use it as a remote to shoot

and the cameras on a tripod you can do

that too you can either

zoom with this remote you can start and

stop recording

you can lock it so that these buttons

don’t do anything you can take a photo

by hitting this button

and also you can program a c1 button to

either enable disable

product showcase mode or to enable

disable background blur whatever you

want you can redesign this

redefine this custom function button to

whatever you want so those are the great


now where it doesn’t shine well is that

it’s expensive

and also it’s not very long right jeremy

it’s limited yeah that’s that’s why you

told me

because the default lens is like 24

millimeters yeah

right yeah all right yeah 24 millimeter

this is 20


actually not that wide

well it’s only four millimeter

equivalent so it’s it’s true 24

millimeter focal length

yeah but then deep you know some people

are not that

long yeah so right so yeah so i think

this piece

this this face is kind of true to the


you normally when you’re vlogging you

want a little bit wider

to get the whole atmosphere the whole

surrounding so people know where you are

because you’re vlogging in public

or in a place there you want to show off

and that’s why you want a little bit of

extension so you can bring it farther

away from you

and you can vlog better yeah like the

current range we have is no good because

you’re actually outdoor you want to show

the outdoor yeah even though it’s blurry

you want to

show the outdoor not just your face i

mean there’s no point going outdoors we


you just put everything yeah exactly

yeah well yes or no like when you want

to talk about

you want to whatever the focus on you

and really concentrate on you

then you can blur out which is great

because there’s a blur out mode in this

camera too right that’s what the small


yeah but used to can actually guess

where they are so even though it’s blur


yeah but when it’s so tight and close in

you can’t even see much in the

background then

boom yes yeah exactly and if you want to

there’s a battery that you would highly

recommend to get extra battery because

oh yeah i wish they did that long long

ago this battery lasts

much better well this is this this is


so it’s the same battery but this camera

uses the battery more efficiently

so the new batteries last so this camera

allows the older battery types to last

quite a bit longer

and we should also mention if you want


there are aftermarket batteries you can

buy where is our amazon

more affordable oh much more affordable

i thought we would be

live here if you don’t have us live

what’s up with that

amazon live amazon live

everyone check us out always go to

amazon live there we are we are live

we’re on the home page of amazon live

way to go you tech via and pixel

stabbers anyway

talking about the batteries check out

this battery

right here this is a four pack

so for 20 bucks you can get four

superchargers all right so this is

probably something you want to get


i just went one of the comments on

amazon yeah that give a lower star

is because this camera doesn’t come with

a charger what

what that’s how they’re able to make the

price so small

they took away the charger so let me

guess you have to charge it with a usb

cable when the battery’s in the camera

yes oh that’s so um a lot of camera not

just this one a lot of camera does that

now yeah i know the gopro

does it and i kind of don’t like it but


i expected more from sony but there you

go but

but the aftermarket one is so cheap yeah

you know yeah just pick one up yeah

really cheap like 20 bucks

that’s with the charger that’s less than

five dollars a battery

you can buy this kit that’s 20 and

that’s all you need for like the entire

day of recording plus some

like you can record from 5 a.m all the

way to like

night time and maybe even a night


i mean even though the aftermarket

battery might like slightly

less than original one but then you

would talk about 20 bucks you got four

barrel and a charger yeah

and this charger i believe is great

because you can use the micro usb

cable to charge it you can use a type c

to charge it and you can get

an ac does it include the car adapter i

would be

thrilled if it comes with the car

adapter no

it says no it doesn’t it doesn’t

because let’s see does it come with a

car adapter

when it comes to the cable yeah yeah

just great batteries in charge yeah it

comes with the cable

so the micro usb to usb cable you can

also use usb

c cable oh yeah this is everything’s

included and you can charge two

batteries at once

did you i don’t think you guys realize

that this charger is really good because

normally even if

sony included a battery charger with the

camera it probably only charges one


this charges two battery ones and

there’s an indicator on how

much charge it’s got on the battery

because a lot of

oem battery charger do not tell you how

much charge is in the battery so this

this charger does all

it charges two batteries it tells you

the indicator you can use a usb c

cable you can use a micro usb cable and

if you want to use it you can

also have a car adapter to use to charge

it when you’re

on the go too or using a charging bank

you can charge it

or you can plug into your laptop and

charge it dude there’s so many ways to


so 20 bucks is a great deal i mean

there’s other

kits here like this three pack kit and

there’s even a two pack kit

but i’m like why even bother with a two

pack or three pack kit just get just get

the four pack kit

full pack kids yeah it’s only life


small price difference now um

this is a great vlogging stick this is

what germany picked but also

unavailable jeremy you can’t oh

yeah it’s unavailable but this is a

great one by uh

photo pro okay i i use the tripod it’s

very nice wow this is a dirty one

because it’s a big thing


you can use it with different cameras

this is this is like

a thick grip i shouldn’t say that um

um let’s not go there it’s

wet now i can’t i can’t i can’t talk

about this without saying it anymore

okay appropriately as a as inappropriate

as it sounds

it has more thick diameter to hold on to

and yeah there’s some there’s something

in it oh you could bend it

what oh there’s three of them oh

i see so you could twist them i didn’t

know i thought

i thought it was just this one thing but

now you can oh this is the whole thing

you can hold it as a what’s it called


yeah and also you could basically mount

this anywhere

i mean like literally anywhere oh this

is cool if you can mount something that


do you think it doesn’t work with um the

levy one oh it’s

perfect for the cd1 but if you ever want

to you can also use your cell phone too

if you wanted to

exactly again one stone two bird

always my two gold med bits on this

yeah so it’s definitely not easily


not absorb it because like the the

material won’t absorb itself

it’s not fragile it’s not thin like

others there’s

it’s not difficult to grip it’s not hard

to bend and it’s not awkward and stiff

so what is it it’s durable anti-crack

robust and waterproof

wow i like the waterproof part because

you know a lot of these selfie sticks or

tripods or

extensions they’re nasty when they get

use them a lot and they get dirty

and then you want to wash them you can’t

this one you can wash it because it’s

waterproof and

this happens basically they built tripod

for outdoors so

all the accessory it’s doable yeah i

like it

super portable i’ve been trying to get

this one from them look at this

you can grip it onto different uh poles


levers and latches and maximum load 100



a projector probably a small one

power small one not this big one they

have a small projectors now yep this is


good stability even for a cell phone you

know you can wig around and it holds the

cell phone

i don’t like this cell phone uh grip

though to be honest

because it blocks the the cell phone


but i guess they did this for some

people i don’t want you to always yeah

yeah once on this

other ones but this one’s the one

included so just keep that in mind

but it’s stable that’s that’s one thing

yeah there’s a video let’s check out

what the video

shows the video photo

yeah oh wow when you extend the legs

it’s it’s actually like

sturdy not like you know the ones that

you bend around and then when you make

it straight

it looks goofy this one is actually

straight straight when you want it


and then when you want to wrap around

things so

cool how is the band i mean why didn’t

they think about this before

like this is such a like other brands

you see how hard it is to bend

i’ve had the problem exact same problem

before this one bends really well

and it bends so well that it has a

texture that helps it stick really well

to it

wow that’s a big difference i don’t know

what’s inside

look how easy it bends yeah and because

the texture is great

it sticks onto everything oh man i want

this down

why why is it unavailable shoot that’s a


well wait for this one to become

available and grab this one

well i could chop i could tell them i

know the company so yeah

tell them to go back in stock yeah

people love this one oh my gosh the

reviews are awesome for this

but if that’s not available this is the

actually the one that i recommend

it’s not cheap either but this one is

more of a classic one

this one you won’t be able to bend the

legs and wrap around anything

but i love mine’s are better well this

one has it’s basic

and use too i like this one is because

it’s solid

right it has one purpose to stand on a

table top that’s it

and well to also hold two so when it

stands on a table top is very solid you

don’t have to worry about

the stick the the legs that you bend

around and now make it

i mean if you’re holding it using like a

mirrors or dsl

this is good but we’re talking about the

zv1 i mean it’s lightweight it’s small

we don’t even need the ball head for

this sure honestly sure yeah you’re


uh but but it’s not in stock jeremy what

are you gonna do

you you gave me a great product i’ll

follow them tomorrow i’ll make sure that

the back to start

it’s fine and when it’s installed this

one here is good i like the white color


the red one is cheaper than the black

one the red one is five dollars cheaper

does that doesn’t make sense i like the

red one too but then if you’re

if you are in public the red one too

much attention man

unless you want the attention then it’s

cool but i think the attention is

i would avoid it when you’re in public

to have the right one but it is what it

is and this one’s in stock

this this tripod table tripod video

tripod it’s been around for a long time

people love it um it is a classic i

think i saw this back in 2007


and it’s always been great that’s why i

highly recommend it

excuse me so yeah that i mean

that in itself we got the zv1 that’s

priced a hundred dollars off retail and

it’s been barely out for a month

it’s a perfect vlogging camera for all

your vlogging needs

and then if you it doesn’t come with a

charger and that’s why we recommend

the four pack charger right where’s that

four pack charger right here let me

click on it

so you guys can see on the screen as


what here it is yeah there you go for 20

bucks you get

four batteries a charger with two slots

to charge them at once

you can use usb c cable oh no not usb-c

this is a micro usb cable if you have a

usbc cable you can also charge it with a

usbc cable

and then of course you can charge this

thing with

uh all the accessories that you know you

can use usb

micro usb with which is what um

i’ve been using android phones so i have

a lot of samsung chargers

i could basically point any usb-c in

there so

does apple can do that yeah wow no no

yeah apple’s um iphone cable is still


unfortunately yeah i mean i’ve been

charging all my camera stuff with my all

my samsung

charger cables anyway ah yes yes

something chargers are good

so yeah this is this is the price on the

website it’s 7.49

yeah why is it that’s interesting it

shouldn’t be 749

it should actually be 789 now because

the promotion is over

which amazon was doing the 790 yeah 798

because the promotion is over but right

now there’s a hundred dollars off

the non-promotion price so technically

it is a promotion it’s amazon promotion

right now

so 700 i think if you buy it from the

sony website they have to charge your

tax on shipping

here it actually free shipping yeah yeah

right yeah

exactly actually you can’t if you go

where to buy

that’s weird where to buy and then out


flying online oh this is so slow yeah

see spanish even amazon

even being that’s the price now yeah the

price is updated

so currently right now the amazon price

right now you see it’s probably best

yeah it’s the best yeah because right

now on amazon

we’re looking at boom 698.98

yes and that is definitely

cheaper than any of these prices by far


focus camera also but hey amazon has

really good return policy

and it’s in stock right now plus you got

amazon prime you ship it to your door

within a day so

i recommend amazon prime over anything

else if it’s available and in stock

get it from amazon yeah it’s easy to

handle products absolutely

love it yes so let’s take a look at the


camera just looks awesome compact

get the flip out screen and design for

content creator oh they re

they redesigned this web page it looks

nice now so like if you’re a makeup


you will love this camera because it’s

it’s got the screen

flip out plus if you show products like

this lip balm i’m using

this brush i’m using it just you don’t

have to use the palms

yeah it’s so professional and of course

you can move around

out and about because it has image

stabilization built in so you can vlog

anywhere you go and shoot then share


i think that’s because there’s like

bluetooth connectivity

or how does it even link to your when i

say shoot what’s your video

or should photo video mainly it does

photo too

oh how do you share you share

probably with a built-in app here this

is how you share

instantly transfer movies to your

smartphone the free

oh that’s awesome yeah yeah you have the


what is it called free imaging edge

mobile app for ios and android

let’s you simply transfer edit upload

images shot from a zv1 instantly to

social media platforms

wherever you are that’s sweet

oh you can edit it too a perfect fit for

any platform use the movie edit

add-on to apply enhanced stabilization


especially shaky shots or reframe and


video to shoot popular social media okay

you know what

i thought i have to bring this in the

computer and do you know editing but if

i could deal on my cell phone

man i am game

his content that’s posted right away is

hot right like what if you’re

out there vlogging like a an event or

something going on right and you post it

right away dude that’s gonna get so many

more videos well

no i mean hopefully we’ll get better and

then you know when we’re able to go to

the conference let’s say photos

photography conference whatever we go to

i could just [ __ ] all that and then post

on my cell phone and then upload it

right away

yes exactly when it comes out that’s

golden yes

everything that’s punctual on time has

much more views and

i mean that’s that’s the reality like

there’s so many people making content

right now like

if you see a fight breakout for example

something crazy and you record it

the first person that uploads that video

probably goes viral

will go viral i’m sure it’s just crazy

um yeah so these are some of the

features we totally forgot one cool


actually there’s a lot of features we

don’t remember one of them i thought

to point out was the block bokeh mode

right remember we talked about it we

talked about that we talked about it

about that we didn’t really demonstrate

how good it is

right because this is the bokeh mode and

with a button click of a button you see

how it blurred out the background

just one button you don’t have to worry

about changing settings and then now

the normal mode right here the

background is sharp and then now it’s


right and why if she turns on the skin’s

moving mo on this one she should

no offense

you know she’s a big vlogger right so

you know

um let’s not no

hey publicity whether it’s good or bad

will get as popular but let’s let me

just cut that oh

but hey you know what she has beautiful

skin she doesn’t need any

so now you say that yeah look look how

nice her skin is

which is in other shot maybe it’s the

angle the lighting you know

it their skin is flawless she’s

she’s she’s perfect for vlogging look at

that smile she’s got the eyes the

perfect teeth

perfect perfection so um

actually this is with the skin filter on

right probably maybe

so the zv1 makes all skin look vibrant

natural and healthy

there’s also an optional soft skin

effect mode for smoother look i don’t

know if they use a soft skin effect but

everyone here looks pretty darn good i’m

sure they do

yeah so i am sure they do

so this is one thing that cell phones

can’t do cell phones can take pictures


in emulated bokeh mode but cell phones

cannot do video with blur background

but so right now the only way to get

legit blurry background is

with a fast lens and this

point-and-shoot camera has a fast lens

and it’s 1.8 yes one point aperture and


all built into that compact camera that

you don’t need to worry about switching

the lens or even buying extra lens all


right you got the background bokeh for a

smooth touch

look how nice it is to have the smooth

background and if you don’t want it

you can have more sharp background

because it’s easier to get the sharp

background but to get the blurry

background you need a high quality lens

and it’s all included right here

and you got the big sensor to go with it

too really sweet

uh this one’s talking about the ai

technology too because ai

is really good at capturing your eye for

auto focus

so with the ai technology you can rely

on auto focus thickly

sticking firmly to your face and eyes

without wandering to other subjects

when you want to focus on other subjects

just touch on the screen and then let

the camera do the focusing

boom it’s great for that yeah the

autofocus is fast and precise

and when you transition to other things

it knows

to switch to like a face when there’s a

face in the picture but

there’s no face in the picture and no no

i mean celine’s gonna be known

for maximizing technology i mean once

you could find the face yeah you could

really do the skins and you know how to

focus and you know how to

uh the focus yeah so they really matter

yep yep so you go back to him he’s in

focus and it’s fast autofocus is fast

he’s like

another thing about the older vlogging

cameras like whether it’s a

g7x mark ii or the sony



right this zv1 autofocus is so fast and

tech sharp and has eye autofocus so

you’re dealing with the latest

technology and autofocus all

in one compact simple package the bokeh

mode is just ice on the cake because

like even with the professional camera

you know

when you want to go to bokeh mode it’s

not as easy

oops ah that doesn’t look good

when you have your normal camera it’s

not so easy to get the bokeh mode

you actually have to change the aperture

and then compensate with the exposure

and compensate with the shutter speed

right here there’s a

little a button that switches on the

bokeh mode

and there’s an engine calculator yeah

they’ll calculate it and there’s a nd

filter in there

that helps reduce the light when it

needs to be used

so that bokeh mode works really well

whereas when you’re on it’s not that

hard is it right i mean they

already know the the number of factors

in the nd filters

and they know to put it on 1.8 so by

based on the histogram they see

with numbers they know how to compensate

uh the shutter speed or the iso of

course yeah with computer that’s that’s

like a no-brainer that’s like a if

it’s like an instant second no it’s a

fraction of a second

whereas if you were to tell someone like

me or jeremy to do it well we had to

screw on

nd filter we have to change the aperture

change the iso

and shutter speed accordingly right so

now you can do it with the push of a

button and

there’s no well you know what that’s a

funny question maybe off track questions

like oh sure there’s people ask me one


why is the camera cost so much you know


the the even for the newer camera like

all you need is

app stop shutters iso you just adjust

all that right you use the same way

but they realized that all these camera

companies spent so much money

making those auto modes oh yeah that

works like and those are

money sync and i think sony and also

actually a lot of newer camera right now

does a wonderful job and if you browse

around the internet people tell you not

to use the manual mode but go to use

auto because it’s so good

yes exactly oh wait we got comments on

the amazon live stream no name no

has a test it looks like amazon is doing

some tests on us

so hello there welcome hello thanks for

stopping by to our stream

and no name no says hi so hello back

thanks for testing are you with amazon

or are you just a random person that has

a name that says no name null

well yeah well take the time to respond

we’re just curious if you’re from amazon

that’s really cool if you guys are

working to improve the platform

and we’re enjoying the amazon live

stream so thank you for having us on

this platform

and thank you for allowing us to reach

so many people with this amazing

platform you guys have

really love it ah just watching you’re


cool thanks for thank you for tuning in

and thanks for checking us out

um so another cool thing about this

camera is the product showcase mode

we already talked about this oh yeah

this is the i think this would be the

reason that i won this

there’s a lot of reasons jeremy you said

first the lightweight

then you set the microphone then you say

the flip out screen that

no i mean for now because i can’t go out

and do all that oh yeah

but i could do that using that as a

webcam and then i could use it to

showcase products and

that’s a plus process i mean okay so

look at this this is how this video

works you see on this side this is when

it’s off

you see every time she holds up my

object her face is still in focus

and look at how smooth the transition is


on the right you can see it with it on

you see

her face is in focus and it smoothly

switches to the product then now goes

back to focus

her face and then the product and then

back to her face

and then goes back to the product that’s

so good

it’s so so good let’s try with this

product face

product product the product isn’t


and it’s studying i show my face though


oh yeah nope right do the hand trick no

i did the handshake

right there you go yeah there we go it

took so long to focus too

even though i want to upgrade

yes i have a sony camera here too yes

it’s a sony


they’re they’re always great sony

sony has been doing really well in the

digital camera

yes and no name no says cool right on


right on right on um

other feature great to shoot video

wherever you go so the zv1 is built to

get great shot

while you’re moving with amazing image


you can shoot smooth video when you’re

walking and as the light goes from

shadow to sun to outdoors to indoors

automatic automatic exposure tracks your

face and make sure that it’s always

properly lit

your face is the priority of the auto


that’s really good because a lot of

cameras they will auto expose

for everything and you know what i

wonder if this

functions apply on the photos too

you could i’m pretty sure you can apply

automatically yeah

i think you can don’t cope in that we’ll

have to figure out

exactly but i think the auto exposure

mode face detection

because you know how there’s like a

genre of photography basically

overexpose everything and just make sure


the subject is you know well exposed

right so

basically you can do the auto now yep

that is true yeah but for video

it’s the way to go especially for

vlogging and we got the

audio really well built in here

you got this three capsule microphone

that delivers

good directional audio it says you can

capture clear vocals

even when shooting in a crowd the

camera’s unique three

sorry the camera’s unique directional

three capsule microphone

gathers clear sound from in front of the


ideal for movie shooting and then you

can slide on this

windscreen for outdoor shooting

the supply cap yes that’s what we call

that cat dead cat that’s what jeremy

calls it

so it’s it’s included cat aka windscreen


dead cat aka windscreen and it’s


too you don’t have to buy it separately

and what i love about it is like you

know when you buy it separately

sometimes you have to hack it and stick

it on with velcro this is designed to

slide on

right on top of the microphone it’s it

just it made your attachment for it

and then you know what the best part

about this is you could actually patch

your camera yes

yes oh hey we got some comments on


live so jack mitchell said now good for

live streaming

yes absolutely good for live streaming

definitely yes

yes yes in fact i don’t know if the


the software is out yet but this camera

should have a release it’s a summer so

it’s it should be updated coming out

soon yeah so there’s a software on this


where you can just plug this camera

directly into your computer and it

functions as a webcam

then you can do live stream with it it’s

really really easy

yes yes jack it is one of those one

stone toolbar camera

sit at home on it on a tripod what not

live stream at home

take it out you could do your artistic

video or you do vlogging at the same

time so

yep one stone tuber yep

yeah yep and then no name null says

eutechmia is part of the amazon

influence program yes we are yes we are

that’s why we’re here we are part

of the amazon influence program and what

we do

is we like to talk about products that


feel are great products to have we talk

about the pros

and the bad and we share it as true

to the reality as possible it’s this is

not marketing

we don’t we don’t want to make a product

look beyond what it’s designed to do or

to show off features that’s really not

there or doesn’t work as well as is


because in the end you guys are not

going to want to buy then that’s going

to hurt the resale value or

the sales of this showcase so we want to


a source of review knowledge for you

guys that’s why we’re here we’re

influencer program

and we’re unbiased we want to make sure

we tell you the truth about all the


we talk about the good the bad and ugly

yes right

well said in three in one sentence

jeremy killed it

good thing what i’m a live living proof

right here i used to be

a sony ambassador but now i’m fuji but i

still talk about sony

well not only but this camera because

it’s good yeah i have to talk about it

yes period yeah

and fujifilm they have the xt4 but it’s


on the same level as this right the xc4

is great for the same price

yes it’s toy surprise

and also it’s not it’s not really

designed for

vlogging as much different use it’s

different use it it’s more of a

photography camera first

it’s a good video camera too whereas

this is definitely just a video camera


we forgot about slow motion completely


oh capture every moment more cinematic

with super slow motion

capturing the most fleeting moment for

playback up to


i wish i had hair like that so it

actually it

occurred to me that i might want to pick

this up right now yeah

because i’ve been meaning to issue with

some video for my baby and just do some

artistic stuff with them yeah

but i kind of hesitate on the editing

part yes now earlier i saw that i could


shot something and then bring over a

cell phone and just kind of fuss around

a little bit

that doesn’t i could do that while i’m

babysitting baby so

i could actually do that yeah so

ah instantly transfer your movies your


and how long would that take i don’t

know but with modern technology

and bluetooth it should be pretty quick

i i don’t know the speed but

it should be quick i mean that’s the

smarter technology that should be a

no-brainer for

modern cameras oh we forgot time-lapse

too these are features that we take for


right but it’s good to point out you

have time lapse mode that automatically

captures sequences

of image from 1 to 60 seconds apart

which can be made into a cinematic time


video on a pc where clouds fly past like


and whole day passes in seconds pretty


now they take them all and then they put


so what i i’m curious is that does it

stitch them all

into one video for you or does it just

take a whole bunch of picture and then

you have to edit it on your pc that i

don’t know

but nonetheless it is going to work and

it will help you create

some amazing time lapses and of course

we always been telling you guys that

this is a video camera first right

but that doesn’t mean it can’t take

pictures because this one camera

you can bring view anywhere and it can

take video really good and also takes


better than a cell phone so the zv1 has

everything you need to capture images

that really shine on your timeline and

video thumbnails

the pin sharp zeiss 24 and 70 millimeter


focuses light to a large one inch

type cmos image sensor that

brings it all together with a powerful


x processor so oh yeah the bios

expansion is good

yeah so it takes great pictures in a

nutshell and then

you have different uh creative effects


so express yourself with creative

effects picture effects and creative

style allows for near

limitless virtual visual possibilities

from simple monochromatic

to partial color effects right through

to complex miniature effects

so you see how this one has much more

vibrant colors and this one is like a

mutated tone

you can change all this with these

filters and creative effects all

included in the camera

lots of cool features shoot and share

easily like we talked about

you can also shoot in virtual or

portrait mode for like

uh for instagram story or tick-tock

and it really is built for vlogging

right and with the stuff

that makes more sense to me now because

when they said you could shoot for

instagram and all that

i did not realize you transferred the

video onto your cell phone yes

and now you that that makes more sense

yep yep definitely definitely built to


right the zv1 makes creating outstanding

selfies and vlogging content easy

right down to the last detail the zv1 is

all about empowering you to make the

inspiration inspirational content yes

see yourself at your best right one of

the things about vlog is you have to

have the flip

out screen and this camera has a flip on

screen like we’ve been talking about

right and then you know at a glance when

you’re recording with a little light

oh this grip that we we haven’t even

talked about enough right

because we’re talking about oh yeah

getting an extra grip or a tripod or

using the stand that comes with

the accessory kit but the grip itself is

good enough to just hold the camera

and use it for selfies or recording

videos oh there’s probably one thing

that i

i think we talked about that before like

one one there’s one reason why i

we don’t think that grip is good because

when it’s good it’s probably blocking

the batteries

opening um yeah yeah this thing

yeah maybe

maybe and if it does block i can’t tell

i can’t tell so let’s see where is the

battery port is it on the side or on the


so what do we have the bottom of the


so oh here yeah so the camera oh yes

you’re right

so that grip will block the battery

yep so if you guys buy

this external zv1 grip which is called

the gp

vpt vpt2bt terrible name by the way

it does when it attaches to it

you see how okay so let me make sure

so the screen is on this side right and


attachment it doesn’t matter you saw

that lower um part of the camera you

know where

the tripod is here it’s gonna block no

it’s next to the key

it doesn’t okay you see this is

intentionally on this side

so that if the tripod is right here it’s


centered okay so look the the screen

flips out this side

right so go to the product page on the


little controller tripod thing oh

actually you can see right here too

you see the battery is right here

ah it’s on this side of the screen you

see the screen flips out on this side

oh wait no i took it back okay no no no

no no no okay so the batteries on the

same side is the controls right you see

the controls here

yeah on the grip i can’t tell so it did


it did block it uh on the grip side huh

you see how the school

you know uh the center of the screen is

in the center yeah

dang it that’s it right it blocks it


it works remember we talked about that


that sucks so yeah if you want to change

out your battery and using the

the sony grip you still have to be


because it’s yeah well to be honest it

doesn’t matter what grip yeah any grip

will block like

drop the batteries because what it is

it’s actually a bad design

on the tripod mounting

if the tripod mounting was more on this

side they would be perfect

but i don’t know why they did well it

might not be a bad design be

it probably the only design because they

try to clamp so much

into small little bodies you know

there’s not much room

yeah it’s also probably well balanced

too because this side

seems like a little bit more heavy on

this side maybe i don’t know the screen

does so you think about it from a

manufacturing point of view right this

body is based

on the rx 405 i think rs5

something like that yeah so the chassis

itself you see how it

on the bottom where all this little tiny

screw is yeah

the basic chassis inside is

probably the rx100 mark four or five

maybe so in order for this camera to get

this price right yeah it’s using the old

chassis otherwise

they could probably make it better yeah

but it will cost you over thousands yes

because they have to be

re-um design the chassis and everything

but would you rather have a higher price

or just have a slightly here that

blocker can’t

block the battery open i think it’s a

perfect camera and then if you’re

if you’re vlogging you’re probably not

going to change the battery while you’re

vlogging anyway

so you take a break undo the tripod

mount change the battery you’re good to


and if you if you’re on a tripod and

you’re recording for a long time

you can use the usb you know what i bet

you you could probably plug in a power

bank yes

yeah you can plug it into powerbank so

on the side here

is an adapter for usbc and you can use

it to charge

the phone to charge the camera while

you’re recording

yeah on top of that they didn’t give you

a charge that means they

kind of prefer you to charge your

battery with inside the camera anyway

so you just plug it in you’ll never open

it yeah yeah that’s true

very cool yeah sony’s website’s got a

lot of stuff here

shoot like a pro you got hdr 4k

hdr movie functionality oh wow did you

know you can record 4k

hdr video using 1.7 pixel

sampling i i didn’t even know it had 4k

i forgot it had 4k

because i just don’t have the use for it

yeah it’s up to them oh it’s got s-log


so you know s-log for video is great

because basically when you record s log

everything is like kind of

medium tone gray i wonder would that

apply to the

cell phone app for the editing too or on

in premiere only i’m pretty sure you can

use it in cell phone app

because you could yeah i can’t don’t

quote me on that i don’t know because i

don’t usually

can we do a search on this cell phone

app to talk about what kind of

functionality they have in there so i’m

clears now

so this app that you get on the phone is

a movie edit add-on app

right so please use the latest version

use the movie edit with the zv1 so let’s


zv1 movie edit

and here’s the application

and movie edit let’s let’s watch this

let’s see see what they’re talking about


yes so movie edit add-on

perfect image stabilization intelligent

framing aspect ratio changes whoo

so what are we doing here they’re

recording stuff

and then just open the app and here’s

how they connect it to the camera

they’re connected to an action camera is

there a same app oh you just take a

picture of the camera

well you can have a qr code and access


okay nice you just select

the video or the pictures you want and

transfer over it looks like it transfers

pretty fast

and here’s how you edit you can start

editing it so you select the clip

so they selected a couple clips they

click okay they put all the clips onto a

timeline for them

and then it does email station

stabilization for you

and then you get oh you can change the

aspect ratio to like a square for

instagram for example

and you can look at the different


you can

oh this is image stabilization so when

you crop it

you get better image stabilization and

you can track oh it’ll track for you

while it’s doing image stabilization no


and you can widen the angle because you

change the inspect

aspect ratio here you can adjust the

rotation it makes it really easy to edit


but and trim yeah trim is obviously a

necessary feature but i’m curious like

what you said like

what about the color profiles like the


oh this is the speed up and slow down

right so you get the different

uh slow-motion effect nice

oh i think this is in hawaii i recognize

the background i think it’s one of the

pearl harbor base

maybe maybe maybe looks kind of like it

but i could be wrong

no that’s not hawaii

i don’t know where it is the export as a


you can export it in 4k or 1080p and you

can share it

and then you get likes see likes likes

like boom

boom look at that so there’s no color


in this basically just adding yes okay

image stabilization intelligent framing

speed changing you’re right no color

grading on the mobile

app good thing we checked that

good thing we checked it well it does a

lot though

yeah that’s a lot and then i can always

download something

else for color waiting after we’ve done

the videos yeah it does tons

and of course you can always use any

photo editor or video editor to edit the

content but yeah i could use photoshop

to color grade video you know that right

so that’s easy yes yes so it’s it’s a

great great great content created camera

for youtubers

vloggers or any kind of content creator


for the price it’s under 700 bucks right

now it’s

a hundred dollars i know and it’s been

released for barely a month

and it’s hot people are talking about

this if you go on youtube and look at

zv1 review

there’s almost everyone is in love with

it there are very few picky people that

because they want huge big cameras they

want to have like a special feature for

the professional grade this is

professional grade no the reason why

well some people’s professional ways

that has to be baked yeah that’s true

yeah just to look bigger but i think

professional for me

is being able to not get noticed by like

security guards and

people that will bug you you just want

to just go in there

be inspire in it

be like a ninja and capture your content

there you go we’re losing work today

we’re losing all the words

today i’m trying to find that word

inconspicuous that’s what i said before

yeah oh you could also pay

what 58 17 cents per month for 12 months

to get this

yeah yeah if you get the amazon store


you also get uh they they don’t give you

the 70 off anymore but you

you still get the monthly payments when


yeah good camera good now

anyways good deal good deal really good

deals yeah

you know what’s ironic

well this there’s also uh the the used

one is gone

remember when we first started this

video there was uh there was a 614

one it’s gone someone bought it i was

kind of thinking about buying it

because that

yeah it’s gone ah wow wow

yeah um you know

this is stuff this this thing keeps

teasing me but someone already bought it

i know someone already bought it um you

know what’s ironic remember earlier how

we said

well you can buy it at all these places

i remember the place where i said do not

buy it from

remember the place i said yeah just

because it’s the same it’s the same


but um it doesn’t have amazon customer

service and whatnot

this is what’s ironic guess who’s

selling it at this price right now

oh gosh


yeah so it is being sold by focus camera

but you’re going through amazon so you

get the amazon customer service

that’s why i love shopping amazon


well in that case it’s not so bad it’s

only amazon just like by this focus

camera llc

they probably don’t have a lot in stock

once it’s gone it’s gone they don’t have

this price anymore

yep so if you want it get it

yep okay yep yep

yep yep so that is in a nutshell our

video today

if you guys have any questions please

ask away

if there are no other questions uh

jeremy anything else you want to add

before we wrap up for the day

yeah well actually no but i need to kind

of bring some of it but do i really

don’t get this

now yes you do because when it’s gone

it’s gone

low stock it’s 100 off it’s barely been

released for a month

people rave about it it’s the best

vlogging camera consecrated

camera video camera it’s perfect it’s

it’s got your name written on it in fact

it’s got your face on it look

that’s you on the camera how could you

say no to your camera that has your face

on it

because my name is not sony it’s jeremy

we can change that

no we’re not gonna change germany here


jeremy there hey

that’s kind of cool picture stabbers

cool anyway anyway

that’s a wrap right yep all right guys

thank you so much for tuning in if you

have any questions let us know down


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no no

i can’t see your thumb where’s your

thumb where’s your thumbs there right


yeah stars in there so

anyway follow us right here click on the


right there and uh any of the parts are

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check it out let us know if you have any

questions thank you so much for tuning


like we said before it’s a great time to

talk about this it’s a great camera to


get it right now before it’s gone stay

healthy stay safe and we will catch you


next time all right signing out we’re

gonna sign out

bye signing out