Going over the details of each slider in Luminar 4. We dig deep into the advanced tweaks you can do with Luminar 4! Featuring FujiFilm X Photographer, Jeremy Chan!

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Video Transcription


hey i think we’re live are we live check

check check audio check

i think we’re good we’re live hey guys

my name is david

this is jeremy this is uh you check me

out channel but today

we’re hosting pixar stabbers jeremy is

from pizza stabbers

and today we’re talking about luminar 4

which if you’ve been following our


we talk about it a lot because i think

we think it’s a great piece of software

we both think we both love it and we’re

both professional photographer

i’ve been shooting weddings for over 10

years he’s been shooting weddings for

over 15 years now he also has a graphics

design background

so he does not only shoot pictures for

shoots beautiful pictures but he also


photoshop and lightroom and luminar 4 to

really bring out the images and make it

a piece of art so that’s what jeremy

does he’s got a lot of experience in it

but we both what we have in common is we

use luminar 4

for professional and for casual use

because it’s such an amazing software

it’s a very affordable software right

jeremy it’s very it’s very fun to use

it just it makes work become fun yeah

it’s a very inexpensive it’s very fun

it’s easy to use

you don’t even need to have other where

it can be used as a standalone

meaning you just download the software

you run it and you can do everything you

need it’s basically your photo editor

but if you want you can use it within

your normal workflow if for example if

you’re using lightroom already

then you can use it as a plug-in to

lightroom or if you’re using photoshop

you can use it as a plug-in

for photoshop today’s demonstration is

beauty version tiles

yes very versatile um jeremy’s

presentation today he’s going to

actually use

lumina 4 for you and how are you going

to use that standalone or it’s a plug-in


uh i’m going to use it as a plug-in

plug-in to

photoshop from photoshop yes because

personally i’ve been using photoshop for

the past 50 years 15 years


um i never thought that i need enough

software to be honest i never purchased

any third party software for photoshop

until now because i usually

can do everything in photoshop but with

openers ai

abilities and it’s ai replacement for

the skies and everything it just makes

life much much easier yeah yeah

for sure and because because it’s a

plug-in it just works with your normal

workflow right because you’re using


so everything that you’re familiar with

you just use photoshop for and when you

need the lumina effect

you pull in luminaire as a plug-in do

whatever you need and then you go

through and it goes back to photoshop as

a layer right

exactly exactly and luminar is so great

because it’s under 100 bucks guys the

link is right below

um use a coupon code pixel established

if that coupon code for

some reason doesn’t work go ahead and

send us an email at save money

at pixelestablish.com and we’ll help you

out anyway if you don’t know what lumina



of what luminar 4 looks like so if you

go to luminar’s website

or skylim’s website is skydem.com you go

up here to luminar and you click on

product page

and you come to this page right here so

i’ll just replay the video so you can

see the video real quick

so give it a moment to load and jeremy

i’m sorry you won’t be able to see the

video but you’ve seen this video a ton

of times already right

oh i see it oh you can see it too cool

let me pull it up yeah i forgot you can

see it

so there it is so basically this is the

software and you can embed objects into

it the cool thing is they uh ai they

were talking about mass

things for you see right here you can

change the sky different dynamics guys

census guy nice guy

and you can do like a lot of portrait

effect you see how you’re just moving

sliders to change things

the cool thing is ai masks things for

you like you can have a lighting effect

and again ai

controls all the masking for you you

have all these looks and

all these different looks that you can

apply it’s very powerful

it knows what part is structure and what

part is sky and it adjusts accordingly

and it’s very smart you can even just

use like um an ai enhancement it does

everything for you so it’s so much that

you can do

it’s just one small piece of software

and it’s called lumina4

let me show you one more video um to

just highlight that

so today jeremy are you gonna do a demo


uh portraits or are you gonna do a demo

with like skies

and structure more i have different kind

of pictures

let me see how i feel like okay well

then let me just show

a couple of demos so as we scroll down

the website here

as we mentioned it can be used as a

standalone or plugin

as a standalone it’s basically a photo

editor and a browser

it supports full raw so whether you

shoot with in jpeg

or you’re shooting raw and raw has

different versions whether you’re a


a canon or a fujifilm you have different

raw format but don’t worry this supports

pretty much all the raw formats there


so again as a standalone it’s a photo

editor and browser or

you can use as a plugin to adobe

photoshop and apple products such as

apple’s aperture photoshop lightroom etc

so again you can embed new objects you

can bet

objects within a click uh so that’s

pretty cool here actually let’s just

let’s watch a real quick trailer how

that works here

it’s actually a pretty fun trailer it

did yeah

it is you gotta

create a whole new world in one click i

mean you just watch this

wait wait the sky the moon you put an

elephant in there

and here’s how ai works basically you

see it’s content where it detects the

sky part

and it detects everything in their frame

and it knows how to manipulate that

and it lets you put all this shape and

into your masked area it’s really

powerful i mean look at that it just

looks so cool

stuff like this will take you hours and

you can be as

creative as you want because now you

don’t have to spend all the grunt work

uh grunt time masking things it masks

everything for you

you can break you can make these

breathtaking images

in very short amount of time you got all

these sliders to work with and

um you know jeremy has told me in other

videos too

and i love the way he summarizes it

basically it takes the functionality of


which is like a streamlined way of a

workflow like a browser

and it takes what’s what makes lightroom

so good is that it’s easy and simply

used with sliders

but it has all the power and features of

something more advanced like photoshop

so you have mask and you have control

over pixel level

optimization and so it falls right into

the middle right you get the power of

photoshop but user friendliness

of lightroom so it’s really exciting

exactly yeah

and i i’ve actually seen a lot of people

especially professionals they wonder oh

is it good enough to use

is it like a lightroom replacement or as

a pro is it even worth it

and what’s your answer to that jeremy

well it depends on the terminology on


it’s like well what are you using for

are you there’s two way

of using it it’s are you using for photo


or are you using it for photo organizing

ah yes right yeah but

it’s in luminous four it has both it has

its own library it has its own catalogs

and folders so you can do your own

basically whatever lightroom can do in

in there for organizing photo

luminous four can do yes and as for


it has so much more to offer than


room can only fuss around with your um


white balance shadow highlight maybe


a little bit here and there that is

pretty much it this is all on the

surface of edit

lumina 4 actually can do pixel level

edit which is like even more in-depth

like adding stuff minusing stuff uh you


replacing sky adding new objects into

pictures you know

you could do all that in luminar yes and

it’s very easy too

so i would say definitely if you’re a

professional it’s great to have both so

you can have a variety

especially if you’re already using

lightroom as your normal workflow

don’t change your workflow because it’s

kind of hard to change workflow you can

still use lightroom the way you want

and when you’re ready to use some of the

lumina 4 features

you can actually pull it up as a plug-in

and start using it and if you

like yeah if you if you like luminar’s

browsing ability then you don’t need

lightroom at all so

there’s lots to do and like once you

feel more comfortable

i think luminar can actually place

lightroom for me as a wedding


but i can’t speak for everybody because

you know people use lightroom for

subtle different things so but


lumina 4 is so cheap that it’s worth it

just to try it and see how you will

adapt to your workflow

so here’s the sky replacement demo and

this is probably one of the most popular

features of lumina 4

and we can just watch the demo here

because essentially

it’s one thing that just people really

like and it just really dramatically

changes the way your photo looks

it replaces the sky very quickly because


uses ai and selects everything for you

like you don’t have to mask out all the

little areas behind the branches and


but the cool thing is it has a real

light feature so

what that means is like when you replace

the sky not only does it just replace

the sky but it also

re-lights the rest of your scene so it’s

more believable in other words it blends

in with the sky

a lot more and later on germany will

demonstrate that right

here’s a hidden secret why um yeah

numenor force

replacing sky is so good

in the beginning numero works with a lot

of landscape photographers

now what you do if you go back to this

uh new york’s pictures right yeah to be

honest all this

landscape all this building they don’t


only the skies will change if you put a

camera there right

yeah so basically by just changing the


and also with the relay feature that we

light whatever sky’s light onto the


you change the scene and that’s why you

can make any picture from normal to


to any picture from you know just by

replacing the sky because

you don’t have to replace anything else

once you play the sky

yeah if you look at any picture out

there would look

uh dramatic and epic it’s always the sky

was epic and dramatic

that’s it’s never the building the

building never changed the trees never


never changed that’s always the sky the

sky brings the lighting

yeah so what luminous 4 is it allow you

to change the sky and allow you to bring

in the lighting from the sky onto the

building and

in the foreground that’s the magic bit

exactly i’ve never actually heard it sum

up that well but you’re right it is the


and you can see in this picture right

here we’re just changing the sky

and it makes the whole feel and look of

the picture

it tells the story it really does and

again you can see the building

colors reflect the sky to make it more


and that’s all automatic when you

replace the sky in luminar 4.

it’s automatic because it does the the


decision for you but if you want to

change it there’s these sliders that you

can fine tune it it’s really flexible at

the same time

so that’s what i love about it like you

can just open a picture

and click change sky and boom you’re

done but if you want to fine-tune it

there’s these bars

and even advanced options that you can

slide these little bars and it does

everything as you’ll see in the demo

that jeremy is gonna do later

and i guess one other thing that people

don’t realize how great this software is

is this ability to work with portraits

and it’s

actually a really powerful feature we’ll

watch this real quick trailer

and people don’t realize it but look how


its functionality is with portrait you

can basically with slider

change the way the skin looks remove

deflects all at the same time without


you can enhance the way the eyes look

the color of the teeth

and then change the profiles of the eyes

whiten the teeth

slim the face enlarge the eyes improve

the eyebrows

remove dark circles add lip redness

all this stuff and again you’re just

sliding bars around you don’t need to

mask anything

hey i take care of everything for you

it’s so amazing

it’s like things like this i i always

dread and

have nightmares about when clients ask

me to do these little changes because

i can take a picture with great lighting

everything but then now i have to sit at

my computer and manipulate all this and

mask out things and change it

it just takes so much time so that’s

that’s actually one of the reasons why i

love this software so much because

all the ai is done for me so i just move

sliders and i have all this power

at the tip of my fingertip literally


to be honest for this newest version of

luminaire 4.2

what they bring on the table is the main

feature that everybody talks about even

we talked about is

the sky replacement obviously yes and

that is the portraiture we touch ai

yes um the reason that is there are so

many different genres of photography

right there’s wave topic there’s street

photography yeah

landscape headshots model shoots right

but ultimately we break it down yeah

this most of them

only require simple maybe adjustment on

exposure and

color grading yep it is landscape

photography who require a lot of

well either they they spend a lot of

time staying there doing long exposure


to create a dramatic look or they come

back they still have to trick the image

become epic

yeah and that’s why this a iowa sky

replacement held the landscape

photographer to create epic images yes

and then when it comes to portraiture

mostly headshot because they need that

picture for i don’t know like

whole five pictures or business card or

you know maybe

big they need to retouch skin and to be

honest if you

ever done it you know retouching skin

tones and defect it actually takes a lot

of time

so luminous four actually

focus on those two make sure that those

type of photographer

spend less time doing it so they can

spend the time

back to you know in their own life


have more time for your own life or use

that time to make your pictures even


right be more creative with the

flexibility instead of spending time


and spending time doing the grunt work

and since you brought up um

the portraiture like let me just show

one more example of

how great the portrait enhancement is

like this

i love this demo because you can see

like real life like the stuff you would

need to do to fix a portrait

right so here’s an example of a portrait

right she might have like a

having a bad day but you can change this

with just

a simple ai slider just click on remove

yeah i didn’t want to say that word i

need to point out but yeah

it found them like that and it changes


here you’re enhancing the eyes removing

dark circles you can whiten the eyes

you can improve the eyebrows enlarge the

eyes even

and again everything is automatically

done you don’t need to spend time


the ai knows what’s the eyes what’s the


what are the dark circles underneath the

eyes the lips the

pimples imperfection it knows all this

and it just makes the adjustments for


so it just really elevates your

photography so

these demos are great but i’m sure

you’re waiting for

us to show you a start to finish demo


am i right am i right i think most

people want to see how it actually works

well we got a visitor here and he just

wanted to come by and say hello

so hi ji zheng yu welcome to our live


and if you have any questions feel free

to ask we’re going to do a demonstration

of how luminar 4 works and jeremy let me

know when you’re ready to share your

screen so i can pop up here

i am ready okay great so let me move

this up

just so that we are ready to share next

time and let me show you

jeremy’s screen there we go so now we’re

looking at jeremy’s screen

and uh okay let me close that little

window so i can see my phone

okay it’s got a picture here um so we’re

in photoshop right this is photoshop so

this is how like

how my waffle is like photoshop so

mainly i do like a command j

so that i have a duplicate layer of that

yeah so i don’t touch a background so

you know non-destructive i could always

go back

not lightroom only can never do that

they just can’t play with the word

non-destructive because there’s a lot of

different yeah menthol of the

instructive this is non-destructive of


another layer you can always delete the

layer and go back to the layer before


it’s just like yeah yeah so once

once you install aluminum four if you

open either lightroom

i mean lightroom basically you right

click on the picture and you can set

open or edit in

you know before if you have photoshop it

will say edit in

photoshop but now once you install that

it will say edit in

photoshop or edit in numerous four yep


for photoshop photoshop 2.4 is actually

light under filters

so it will actually scan software and

then lumina 4. so just click that

it open as a third party packet just

like that

so there’s number four this is the

version four point two

five five seven and speaking of version

uh luminar is great with updates too

because the price you you pay down below

is a one-time purchase you own the


and as uh time goes by lumira is gonna

update their software we’re at 4.2 now

i’m sure when you go to 4.3 4.4 4.5

whatever it is

as long as you’re in the major release

of luminaire 4 all the upgrades are

included as part of that one-time


and you can keep the software and use it

for as long as you need so just a plug

there for

why so great that luminar doesn’t do the

subscription model like a lot of

software companies do like photoshop for

example but you buy it one time

luminous four it’s yours to keep forever

so let’s go for the interface a little

bit okay so since i opened

the window four through um photoshop so

it’s a bit different

just slightly the big difference is you

can’t open the library

but if you open in a standalone it can


it has a library module that you could

go it will kind of

look through your whole heart right and

see where your picture is where folder

is so

it’s kind of just like yeah just like

folder and all that

and then if the main feature here you

can see is edit

and then there’s info info shows the

histogram of the pictures i mean

if you like the i don’t know it’s not

good not go to the in

the ins histogram freak that people

like look at it like see oh look at the

flag the black is not enough

right here though you know you want to

study that you can totally do that here

okay yeah

so you see what ah

oh you know where where all the wet

green blue is you can do that

and um so personally this is like a

finished picture it’d be a raw picture

here it shows all information here but

this is not wrong

so we go back to edit and

right here basically they make it so

simple you just have to know where

everything is so histogram still here

right still here yep here’s the black

point here’s the white point and stuff

you see how the picture changes

yep so when i click that that shows

that wet spot right here ah it shows

that it’s overexposed there has no

information it’ll just be white this is

a tad piece right yeah

yeah so but for a small piece like that

i don’t care you know yeah that’s

it that’s within the cloud right and if

you wanna place the sky in this way

anyway it’s all gonna be replaced

as well so it doesn’t really matter no

so uh if you click on

this little triangle on the left it

showcases the black point

uh it will show me whatever information

in the picture which is losing

information disappear black

in this case it doesn’t have it so it’s

fine so

this is if you want to be technical

about retouching this is something you

want to know like where’s the black


white point is all the information uh

balance series spread out

you know stuff like that um so it does

all that

and then it has layers which is

something that lightroom do not have

yes yes that’s that’s one of the

biggest disappointment when i’m working

with lightroom is like it doesn’t have

layers so

when you when you want to do some effect

it affects the whole picture or you can

have these kind of

batches of brushes but then you have to

manage all these little brushes it’s


crazy layers is such a simple comp


that it doesn’t make sense why lightroom

doesn’t have it i guess it does make

sense because they want to make it


the funny thing in here is that i’ve

actually have this is a layer inside my


yes and i i in that layer i open it into

luminance four and then in here you can

also do your layers for example this is

the layer right you can duplicate it if

you want you know

but uh i don’t really see the point why

because it’s the same thing

so we could just do layer we don’t need

that but if you go to this plus size

here’s something different

you can add new adjustment layers

you can add new image layers and create

stem layers

now let me explain the new adjustment

layer meaning that

all all that layer does is apply


onto the bottom layer which is this is

the bottom layers

okay okay only a adjustment adjustment


exposures colors uh white balance

you know color grading and such those

are those adjustments

only okay now if you want to let’s say

do a double exposure right you could or


texture on it you can always add a new

image layer with this layer allow you to

put the image in it

right so it’s not just a adjustment you

actually put

new image new pixel onto the current


right and you could probably adjust the

opacity to blend it in

to your other layer yep so

and then create stamped layer can you

get what stem layer is

ah a stamp layer no i actually i don’t i

don’t know why it’s still layers

remember i show you at one point in

photoshop that if i push

ctrl shift of e i will able to create a


emergency everything yes yep so what it

does is also create stamp layer that

what other adjustments you’ve done and

create a whole new layer on top of it

and so i could do even more

i love that feature yeah so like i said

it actually has everything photoshop has

and like and lightroom can’t do a jacket

of this

i love how you said it can pretty much

do everything photoshop can do but

i’m looking at this interface it’s like

wow it’s so nice and simple

yeah because it’s tailored towards

photographers right it has all these

if i told you about in photoshop about

the control shift fe

you would never know but you know that’s

such a cool feature but like i never

knew that

exists but right here it’s like one of

the most important features

and and now that i know i use all the

time but here

you can see that it brings it out

because there’s only three features and

that’s one of the features

like you said before photoshop i was

designed for so much as i go i’ll show

you why

this creates standard layer is important


okay yeah so next here

is basic campus the campus is pretty

straightforward so we’ve got two tools

e-waste common stamps yeah and

oh one sorry and then you can always

play around with this ooh

oh so if something is out

yep you can you can always fix it

you know but not this picture

ah no no

zero okay there you go oh well if

i say if anything goes wrong you don’t

like it blah blah blah oh it’s a little

return button

and go back to it just on that just on

that tools to me that’s not destructive


because i can play around with it and i

don’t feel like i have to commit to

anything i can see the results without


exactly so that’s that okay uh i don’t

do that much because since most of the

time i basically open an image in

photoshop and this is a

in luminous i basically go back to do my

all that stuff editing in photoshop so

i really touch it but uh unless i have

to then i mean if

sometimes i would add it on the row and

on my surface book too

uh i was too lazy to open photoshop or

bridge and just open

lumina stand alone and then just do

there’s something simple i just go and

erase easy and all that so

yeah it’s always handy to have the tools

you know you know you don’t use it you

have the choice you can

run it as a standalone or as a plugin so

basically we go down

a little bit lower so if we mouse over

you see this is an extension

they basically characterize all the

tools essentials and

creative portraits

and professionals yes well we’ll go into

those but then

if you go look down here there’s a

history meaning that she’ll always go


oh nice step yes non-destructive

i love that yeah exactly so you pay


and if you look at this you could


just reset adjustment right here too

it’s pretty awesome yep so disruptive so

let’s go

into uh extension uh i’m basically i’m

just using this photo as a sample image

to show you what all this feature

does okay so this this photo just so

we’re on the same page this one came

straight out of camera looking like this

right i know i basically did a little

uh exposure adjustment on it that’s

pretty okay so just exposure

and you can do that in illumina 4 or any

other software but you just happen to

have done it in some other software you

brought it in luminar

as a jpeg image just like this so this

is your starting point

well let’s just put it this way you

asked me to look for pictures and i got

lazy i just picked this one

that’s fine yes and i actually

it’s fine and then this is an example of

any photographer’s need anyway you have

a picture and you want to use luminar to

enhance it

it’s actually a good one because you

know a lot of people like to show off

the power of the software

by picking a picture that starts with

that doesn’t look good to start with

right i don’t know it makes it look


after this i mean sure i’ll show you

another one

but this is why i like this photo though

because this one already looks good in

my opinion this looks great

but now the reason i put this because

they have a person it

has skydiving and structure and it

really showcases a lot of features

that’s why

okay let’s do it and so i guess we

you’re gonna use this to really fully

uh showcase the ability of the ai to


oh yeah people to detect skin to detect

objects and take sky right

so if we go into the so the terminology

they use here

is a slightly different for example


was in light so they they included the

white balance

the exposure smart contrast highlight


as light well the cool thing is they’re

not done yet

because if you click on advanced setting

forgetting about that there’s

there’s more to it there’s more to it so

you could control the white from that

point and also they give you a curve to

play with

maybe we didn’t want to play with right

this is a lot of functionality but they

lay it out in a way that’s so easy

and and if you don’t even click on

events it’s even easier because you

don’t get clutter and you don’t get

overwhelmed with too many controls

but once you get used to the controls

it’s nice to open the advanced look at


that’s right yes i actually really like

their smart contrast

oh yes that’s look at this if i minus it

if i minus it

look at it yeah look keep minusing it

doesn’t really break the picture that


no also if i freeze it it still doesn’t

break the picture that much

try using contrast in

either um anything so it became a raw or

yellow software yeah you freaking break


hair yeah because what it does it does a

global contrast change

right so what this contrast is it’s a

smart one

i want a smart one so that i’m pretty

sure they they apply a little bit of ai

into there

yeah right so it’s pretty awesome and

then highlight

you know same shadow that’s control

that’s pretty obvious

white point basically sim people think

it’s similar highlight

it’s not the album is different

um personally i don’t play with this

much unless i exactly know why i need it

but that’s cool because you don’t even

need to know what each tire does

i see what you’re doing you’re just

moving it back and forth and that gives

you an idea right away

oh yeah this is what the slider does

right yeah try that under in photoshop

and see

you find duals too and try to learn and

use it and when did you use it how to

use it that’s a

whole different ballgame it’s

overwhelming like sometimes those tools

that photoshop don’t even work unless

you select something

here you don’t need to worry about

selecting anything you just slide it and

you know exactly what the slider does

so this is um basically the curve it

gives you

fix that um and then they give it a wet

channel screen channel blue challenge

just like

in lightroom does lightroom have curve

yes yeah it does it does okay so this is

the light tool right okay let’s

get that let’s assume that okay you know

what there’s too much hair i don’t want

to deal with it

we go to a island hands and try with the

ai accent

yes basically it does

it calculated for you what the picture

needs like the contrast

the brightness the color you see even

the colors yes a little bit

and and that’s that’s that that’s so


it’s easy to understand how powerful

this one slider does

like how powerful that’s where my slider

is unfortunately that i fixed the

exposure on this picture already


i have a picture that is undone right i

always ask ai so how much do i need so i

just can’t crank up to


do they think say oh that looks pretty


or just drop down a little bit right and

again this this ai

hence does a lot right because you think

it’s just one slider but it’s actually

doing masking

it’ll mask out the sky it’ll mask out

the the structure and

mess at the person and it gives

different effects to each to optimize

the funny thing about retouching now um

you know in a sense i thought this

picture is done okay

but if i push ai2 i’m going to go like

like that

damn okay here i look better it’s


yeah it’s pretty yes so and then also i

love the way that how

luminous give you two type of preview

one is just like i yeah you know

point after once that’s a slider i love

the slider

because you can you can really see the


yeah like if you want to zoom in you

could actually go and see the

differences oh whatever

oh so this is kind of pale now that

looks oh that looks awesome

yeah right yeah and this is all

rendering in real time too and we should


emphasize that your computer is not the

most recent piece of technology are we

going there again are we going there

always go there jeremy’s computer is

like six seven years old now and it

still handles

lumina 4 like a champ i i love it i mean

sometimes you might

see a little lag but for the majority of

it it works great and that’s a seven

year old computer if you have anything

more modern like a couple years old

you should have no problem with luminar

either as a standalone or as a plugin

you know why i

my computer is six years old because i

learned my lessons

i was a like a starving photographer

okay so at some point

when i don’t really ever try it in

photoshop that you try to throw some

filters onto the photo but

it takes a lot of processing time oh yes

that’s and i learned all the photoshop


because i don’t need to use the filters

i can do all that manually with level

curve you know what not

which is to save me a lot of resources

in my computer to basically

retouch a photo that’s why i get able to

run a 16 years old computer

with photoshop and still able to bust

all that out

and surprisingly i don’t know how i

never thought that my company able to

run software plug-in like that because i

installed plug-ins before different

packet most of the plugins direct

a lot of resources yes yeah because

they’re not well programmed they’re not


yeah this one is well optimized like

look at this like we’re talking about


tracking back and forth there’s no lag

whatsoever man what the heck

it’s pretty good it is definitely good

so okay continue so there’s also

a ice sky enhancements so you see how

look at that

basically just skype for me even more

right because it only enhances the sky

whereas the ai enhanced on top it just

enhances everything

and the bottom one yeah look at those

cloud formation

yeah before and after it’s even more

depth more definition now

yeah and again i can what you said

before makes sense the sky is

like one of the things that make your

picture really stand out

so yeah i can see right here like when

you make this this more contrast in the

sky the picture pops even more

so i’m going to remove that because that

way i could have a flat picture to show


functions sure so okay so when it comes


ai structure let’s see what it does

shall we yes i don’t know

when this structure is always about

structure which is buildings yeah

so look at that yes

yep yes right look at all those

rock formations and the building the

culture is just

but now yeah here is an interesting


look at her skins yes it’s natural

it doesn’t change your thing it doesn’t

change your name

yes because it’s not a structure

the ai’s know where the structure is

where the person is they would not touch

the person

yes now i don’t know why they put these

features in there because for example

it’s 100 already but everything’s not

enough you can always boost it

it’s just it’s just so people realize

okay if i’m if i’m messing with the

boost slider

i’m going quite a bit extreme so

so i wasn’t understanding until i played

without check this out this is 100

amount on ai structure

yeah right because normally if you play

around with this kind of um structures

level whatever

like the just like the smart contract it

will break the pictures

yeah but because it’s ai it understands

when to stop

so even a 100 look at it it’s very good

it’s decent it looks great if i push if

i push this to 100

boost it doesn’t it doesn’t go that much

more because it knows it’s already at

the limit

yeah but if you look at the before oh

that’s pretty dramatic

it becomes hdl yeah it’s

really a wild picture so this is

basically just pushing it

yes to make a little bit more more


this here boost yes make it look hdl


look at every single little glass rock

that break it all stand out

see yeah still if you ever see other


other software that deals with hdl right

if you put a picture of a portion in


the person’s skin will look hideous

yeah yeah you will have like halos

around it or some blue outlines and skin

it just it doesn’t do well because

you know when you change hdr to

structure any kind of changes

looks fine because structure can look

different but skin

your eyes and your brain knows how skin

should look like so when you let’s

look at it look at that skin tone yeah

yes okay building

yeah hdl look skin change

nothing exactly yeah right i mean i i

see a little bit

lighting because it kind of relights the

skin well it kind of had to do

with lighting to match the uh the

background that it was changing

imagine it adds a little bit just a

little bit but it would not go over

i mean like overboard sorry does it

overheat that’s not even the word is it


no i don’t know i just

made a word cycle it’s all good

it’s not good and we we just passed

easter so we’re okay

sometimes we’re not easter weekend we’re

good we’re good

okay anyway moving on yeah okay

that’s structure i’m going with that

let’s go check out colors

um so it’s color just lady uh it has

saturations it still breaks saturation

is the same old tools

yeah ivan which you know does that

mm-hmm i always use i never use this

never really use saturation

you see how if i go 100 by on this

yeah look at this guy right yeah now


manual yes but if i go to ai enhance and

do that

that’s much better isn’t it yeah because

i think

you’re not messing with the vibrance of

everything else you’re just fixing the


or we are but the ai is actually

leading us when to stop even though it’s


yes yes this is how much this picture

needs yes

so in other words it’s dummy proof when

we do our human

adjustment adjustment oh okay

okay uh uh well you have to

all right sometimes you know sometimes

we we see a lot of these hdr photos and

you lose

perspective of what looks good and what

looks overly done

so i think ai puts things back into

perspective it’s like okay

this this looks good it’s it’s enhanced

to a tasteful limit

yes and then if there’s a

color cast it will help it kind of did a

little bit i mean

if you look at her skin it has a color

cast of yellow

because i think it’s reflecting from the

building oh well not yellow

so if i bring this up you see how her


looks a bit more clear now

barely i can’t i can’t see because i’m

looking at a pretty small screen

there you go that helps oh yeah that’s

looks sharp right now

not just sharper but look at her color

of the skins

oh yellow cat is gone

yes yeah right it looks nicer

yes it’s gone

so that’s something that a lot of people

don’t know about

or it require other software to do

a lot to able to get this clear no color


right here you can remove it just like

that what’s like what is that slider

call again

we move color cast ah remove color cast

yeah the fine is a little bit smaller

sometimes i’ll actually read it because

that i can’t see too well

remove color cast that’s a pretty cool

fill slider i didn’t realize that was

there i’ve been using illumina for

for quite quite a few few months now and

i love it

and i don’t even go through all these

filters i just pick on the two ones that

he did earlier

uh the ai hens and ai sky that’s it

that’s all i need well

that’s all you need to be honest really

but then if you’re gonna

call it this obvious advance if you want

to go deeper right

i love this this is what i love so

that’s why it’s good for amateur

and professional you can see jeremy

knows all this stuff so he likes to dig

deep into it

yet it still satisfy all his needs

because it does

everything he needs in the advanced okay

using if you actually sit behind me look

at my workflow i probably just go for

the ai

so we’re just demonstrating what you can

do but you know technically the ai does

everything you really need but uh

but the ultimately is this you can do ai

and do

fast um retouching but at some points

you want to take me as a human being

you know don’t let the company tell you

what exactly what to do and

you might want to learn the program

yourself and do more creative things


the ai can do the ai will help you get a

perfectly aligned

well-balanced and well-expo image yeah

but if you want something out there

yeah it requires creativity which is why

luminaire also had that

it’s just not like limited youtube oh

trust my ai yes ai is fine and good

but they also allow us to create yeah

that’s why it’s wonderful

yes so one thing i really like this is

that it has

in this color advanced color setting it


oranges yes yeah a lot of software

doesn’t have orange and orange is such a

key color because

what the color of skin is orange right

like yeah

sure actually but yeah orange is a great

slider because

it isolates the skin and you can really


changes to just the skin i like that

so if you want to play around with it

you could um at some point like this is

the best situation because

there’s a lot orange yes typically

there’s not that much orange

elsewhere but in this stream yeah

i feel yeah right so but if you

do in this case you want and then it’s

not giving you that kingdom you want to

adjust it here

yes and then almost every if you look go

go on there’s like no well not light i

don’t have it

uh here we go here as well you see how

all that it has a mask yeah you could go

in any mask

you could go in there and just tell you

know what i just want this to be


yeah yes got it yes exactly and i love

how you use the brush too you just kind

of brush a little bit over it you don’t

really need to like

really brush in the detail because

there’s no orange out there even though

i went out it doesn’t matter

the effect when you have the mask

on on top of this it changes it it

showed me that what kind of

tools i am a brush okay what kind of

mask what kind of dude could flip fill

the method fill all the masks

inverse it clear it copy it show mask

how much more feathering do you want it

so and then they got a quick ai

button here so you can see where i

always like that yeah

so you could change your brush size here

the radius velocity 50 hundredths you

know you could do all that basically

just like in photoshop yeah

this is you know lightroom has masks too

i would say mask with quotes it kind of


like you have a brush tool when you

click on it it creates a virtual layer

but then you can’t really edit that

layer if you have another brush tool

because then that’s another layer right

you’re very limited in the layers that

you have in lightroom this

this is different this is exactly me

making photoshop because

each adjustment tool has its own mask

this is a layer so that’s what it does


anyway again all this is advanced

feature because all i use it for and i

can create

amazing pictures with just the ai

uh enhanced and ai skin that’s or ai sky

ai enhances all i need but again you

have all these flexibility so that when

you want to dig deeper

you want to release your creative um


and let it all flow then you can play

around with all these sliders and

really go to town with your pictures so

this is a very interesting um black and

white conversion

it’s actually very fun to play with now

you could just go ahead and click

convert to w

yeah it doesn’t work yeah it looks

amazing to be honest

right or i don’t know why they add all

this but you can also tune the


off yeah okay now you can ass around

with this

check this out you can play around your

channel and change black and white it

won’t manually

or just click convert which is i would

say it’s a ish but yeah

you know black and white have different

tastes too you know a lot of people have


uh version of black and white they like

you know sounds like it will wear some

green channel more but yeah this is how

you play with it now

the cool thing about this is the

saturation you see how

okay if i just play with red look at


oh that has a really nice look to itself

in its way

right it’s like another look to it i

like it see look at that

yeah so what it does is try anything

black and white to do it down but bring

back the red

the red one looks nice i like the red


for this particular picture that the red

looks good

so this is how i use it sometimes if i

go to

color and i go to saturation why am i

oh there you go i go saturated right

over saturated conversions go to


yep okay i’m gonna bring it down

yeah yes so you

yeah you’re really playing on the super

saturation now you’re controlling those


now you are controlling every single

color and

yes with black and white so you could do

a lot with this yeah you know it

looks different yeah and again tools

normally you would have to pay

lots of money for like photoshop to

really take advantage of all this stuff


lightroom you can you can barely touch

the surface of all these

functionality i mean um if

what i consider is they never really

said that but

every single one of two here is a

different version of

a color grading tool for you to adjust

your um pictures

that’s how i see it so you think that

black and white conversion would just co

like strictly black my conversion

actually gave you more

like yeah you got a ton of uh room to

play around with there

there’s a lot of different options you

can tweak

okay and then detail enhancer um pretty

much it’s kind of chopped in

you know where i’m going there with uh

probably rocks good good idea small


so they basically break down

you see all the small details enhanced


and then medium details oh

wow so it breaks it down

and how you want this because sometimes

you know

it’s also this is probably okay see this

is different now

yeah it’s this this is a good boy effect

this is not a

game so it is not shopping it’s basic

detail so

with details even skin texture are as


so you probably don’t want to mess with

that yes see how

when you do medium detail it doesn’t

affect as much ah

again large details yes on the ads and

it’s not skin tones

yes so when you play around more and you

want full control and knowing how to

get more detail showing

a wave play yes or just go ahead to


yeah that that let’s ai kind of figure

out how you want to sharpen it and

yeah see how sharp it doesn’t really

match with your skin tones

right yes i’m pretty sure it does some

kind of like

ai and it knows what part is skin

and then they have more there’s always


yeah detail protection those event

sliders are sweet

i’m not going to go for it this is too

much eventually we could

we’ll make other videos about this maybe

yeah sure i i love this because you’re

really showing all these little tools

all these extra features that it’s all

part of software but

again you don’t need any of this to make

your pictures look great the two

features at the very beginning that we

showed you

ai enhanced and ai skinner hands ai

enhanced the ais

enhancement just as two that you need

yeah you gotta that’s it

that’s all you need to take your picture

like ten times better and you’re done

you’re literally done but like of course

as photographers

sometimes you want to spend a little bit

time to tweak it just the way you want

so you can do it and i love that jeremy

is showing us

all this tool because it gives you a

good understanding of the flexibility

that the software can do

like one of the the features that stuck

out to me just

when you were showing to me is like the

sharpness on the rocks

and the details right because i think


i have a nice lens i take this picture

and then when i look at pictures soft

i think well i just need a better lens

let me go spend a thousand bucks and get

a much better prime lens stop it down

and get the sharp detail on the rock

or i can buy this software linked down

below for less than a hundred bucks

and you can take other people you and i

did yeah exactly

right you could take a picture from a

cell phone right and enhance it and

it’ll look

like a million bucks it would look like

you took it on a dslr

with the best lens out there like these

little details here can all be

manipulated in software people don’t

really realize that because they think

oh to be a purist photographer

you have to have the best equipment you

have to have really good quality lenses

to get

great sharp pictures but here you’re

doing it in post and it looks fantastic

in fact it looks better because you can

control how sharp you want the rocks

right look at how sharp that is amazing

yeah it’s amazing yeah and if you guys

are curious down the link below

are some cameras i love the canon m50

it’s like a consumer level camera but

it’s so

small and compact and these are the efm

lenses really lightweight and small

it’s got the flip out screen you can

look it in the back you can tilt it up

to take pictures

and you can flip it around like this to

vlog so this is a really great camera

for vlogging

and i just love it and just kind of the

reason why i’m bringing this up is


it’s a very affordable camera that can

let you take amazing picture

combine this camera with this software

the lumina 4 and you have a solution for

some amazing picture

you can take pictures you can charge

thousands of dollars

for and i kid you not as a wedding


shooting for 10 years like i can produce

amazing results with a camera like this

the canon m50

with some software like this that will


what i shoot on a professional medium

format camera for example

so manipulation in post-processing goes

a long way you don’t need really

advanced equipment to get

amazing results if you combine some good


with some great software like lumina4

okay so moving on sorry about that

hey did you put my cameras on there too

my paper camera yes

yes down below there are because i’m a

canon guy

but it’s not really about brand my

friend here in germany he likes to use

fujifilm cameras right so down below

guess which two fujifilm cameras i have

xt3 and the new yeah

xt4 yes that’s it yeah i’m getting that

so what’s the difference between those

two and which one which one do you have

and why

so i currently has xt3 which to me is


i got too excited it’s so great

um xd3 to me is almost perfect it’s

actually there

the only thing is music is the ipis

which is

in camera stabilization um

stabilization body i’m sorry in body

yeah ib

right there there’s a different brand

called in camera

and xt4 added that yeah and also it


a whole lot on the video capacity

in that camera so that’s a and then the

screen will actually flip

so it’s become the perfect blocking

camera as well it’s not just canon

yes it’s a funny thing is when

canon sorry when fuji film introduced

the xt4

it’s not a replacement for the xc3

because like you said the xc3 is so good


basically what they did is they moved

xc3 down to a lower

slightly lower price point and then they

had the xd4 come in

as a little bit more expensive we had a

camera that has a flip-out screen

and in-body camera image stabilization

in addition to that but if you wanted to

be on a budget you could still get the

xt3 which is a perfect camera

for mainly for photography needs if you

want to vlog

as well then i definitely recommend the


because the xt3 the x series that you

have structured xd

xd3 it’s they consider okay it’s not my


it’s considered a photographer’s camera

meaning that

you really need to know how to take

picture to operate the camera

oh uh unless unlike the current um

camera system who has everything

perfectly exposure

even in in body stabilization

meaning that you could have handshake

you don’t even know how to hold your


those no technique okay you know all

right don’t take me off yeah so

the xd series is considered like the

pope i want to say pole version paul

it’s more like for working photographers

yeah when i say pro i mean

people who actually enjoy taking a


not letting the camera take a picture

like the person is still holding him or

taking a picture not liking the camera

holding pictures so

that’s how they identify the lines yeah

and i kind of like that because you know

with cameras being so advanced

and so powerful now you kind of

allow it to take over yeah you let it

take over the whole point of why you’re

a photographer

because you want to be able to control

all the elements you want to really dial


to take your image

the fuji camera because it can


let you let the camera take over with

all the automatic stuff

right same thing and then it also allows

you because all the dials like uh

shutters uh apertures and answers all

outside you could always change it

by manually manual focus is always out

there just for

one click so it’s it basically gives you

the automatic function as well as

the main function it gives you both same

thing as a luminance four

it gives you ai everything also it gives

you full control as well

yes yeah that’s what i’m looking for in

this because when i have to work it

within workflow of course

if there’s ai does automatically more

exposure everything fine you know get

get the work done yeah but if i play it

right and i’m fully in control

i also have the option yeah i love that

concept oh yeah

doesn’t mean you always use it but it’s

there when you need it

okay so uh the next tools on here is

moving on yeah

i don’t think we can really finish

everything i would do as much as i can

yeah we should actually wrap it up in

maybe the next five or ten minutes

because i think

yeah the point is the point here is it

has so many tools

that you can explore all of it um at


free leisure because there’s so much you

can do but again going back to the very

basic you just need those two sliders

the ai enhanced and the ai sky

enhancement you’re good

you’ve got so much range to work with

which is

those two sliders like really so

if there’s anything anything else

important that you want to show

um jeremy uh maybe let me finish this

two functions and then show a little

thing and then we could just swipe

up yeah and then we could do another

video maybe later just to

go move on to you know the next thing


so uh unfortunately in this picture i

can’t really show you

the noise but it’s pretty

straightforward you have digital noise

help you remove it both the luminance on

your voice and the cut noise so

straightforward right so beyond that and

then there’s a landscape enhancer

um there’s a lot okay this is the reason

i choose this photo

got a person in there got skin there got

landscape got structures got sky okay so

you can show lots

of elements here all right yes so

the haze that’s what it does just like

in photoshop it’s basically kind of like

getting the contrast of the color yes

okay so this is the main you see how

this landscape enhancer dehaze

if you ever play with the photoshop’s


it’s a bit different it’s probably


and it’s everything they’re both global

well they are okay

oh but the differences is the photoshop

dehaze what it does is basically

increase the contrast

okay let’s say if you have a picture

which is kind of muddy

or foggy okay it will enhance the detail

behind the fog

for you so it shows more but if you look

closely what this


you see how it detected it’s more like a

golden hour time yes

so when you dehaze yeah it how you

increase that

a whole lot yes so it regardless of skin

tone but look

without looking at the skin you just

look at it building the structure

yes it looks amazing yes because this is

beautiful landscape it’s never for

never meant for skins okay typically

most people that take

landscape usually don’t have a person in


so if you do you can always go and edit

the mask and kind of master it

always matter exactly so

and then they also have a golden hour

it it’s similar but it works differently

you see how it doesn’t change might but

they apply a golden warm tone onto

all the subjects and building all that

but the contrast

doesn’t increase that much only the

color okay

and then this one is kind of weird uh i

don’t usually much

leo enhancer it only do the greens

you see the greens yeah it might be an

effect some people like

no that’s why this tool is mainly for

landscape yeah

for landscape pictures yeah so and then

there’s the fans you could of course oh

this is

this is what they do because at first i

noticed that like who would want to read


right right it changed the color

that’s pretty cool actually so imagine

you have a

scene who’s all green right yeah you

could change the seaweed to

more like a fall or winter scene if you

want that

that’s pretty cool yeah so

yeah it took me a while to realize that

because i’m not landscape photographer


uh okay so let’s that last a lot least i

think this is something you hate

i don’t like vignetting but it’s there

vignette yeah

but but it’s there when people like it

the reason why i don’t like it is


when i shoot with a camera where the

sensor is too big and the lens

it kind of creates this effect i i

always think oh it’s a lens defect but

it looks nice if you use it in subtle

uh usage it does look nice so you know

to the left it darken the corner

yeah right pretty straight forward and

then you can change the size

yeah now i never knew what the fan

setting has each

so you know basically it’s more rhymes

you could change the size of the

vignette it’s more of a square versus


uh i always say this this is starting to

get into the tacky realm

right yeah it is so but you know almost

every software has it so yes

why not right there it doesn’t mean you

have to use it exactly that’s everybody

use these features

so this is all the tool we just talked

about which is under essential

right by just just this one tap yeah you

could do a lot already

right but let’s get um we don’t have

much time but right let’s get into

the creative route just a little bit

okay to show you a little thing

right the eight when one of the key

features they have is the ai skin


sky again sky yeah ai sky replacement


so let’s go in here and let’s change

something to let’s say uh

sun sunset boom yes

then that the speed that does this is

amazing because

again you never had to select what part

is sky

you just go to the ai sky replacement

and you pick a sky

and it does it that’s it it’s done so


look at that it just i like that sky

this guy looks great

looks fantastic just choose the guy that

you like pretty much

as simple as that and it looks really

good it looks really good because again

it relights the subject to make it

like blend better and if you look at the

edges they’re very well done too

and there’s always tweaks if you want to

tweak it but

it does a great job of masking oh yeah

it it found majorities

of the stopper and like for here yeah

because it was

the highlight right highlight itself and

the pillar is a little bit so

easy with the slider right yeah yeah

easy yep yes done yeah

clean look how clean that is that’s

great yes

right yep and if we do we light scene

a little bit less and we don’t want that


it looks perfect just like that it looks

really good what

what more can you ask nothing man i’m


i like this so for this function here um

we could talk about that more in depth

in our next video but pretty much it’s


right one click flip the sky uh change a

little bit here and there

babe we can talk about that in the next

week i don’t think we have enough time

yeah you know i just want to show okay

last thing is yeah this is the features

that will save you a lot of time yes

okay so yeah do you have any other

questions david or anybody

out there have any questions nope um i

don’t think we have

any questions right now do you think i

think you did a fantastic job

explaining all these features um and

especially just going back

let’s reset this picture to default and

just show me the three sliders

that you need to make this a great

picture from

beginning so okay so i could go back

here and go reset

adjustment right so this is very

beginning and we’re just gonna use the

three ai sliders just to make this

picture to replace this guy

to just auto enhance it and to make it

look really good

where are you going jeremy i’m gonna

unshare you let me let me know when

you’re ready to share your screen

jeremy did you did you did i lose you oh


i lost your skype fee uh jeremy

are you there did i get cut off again

yeah welcome back jeremy from

nowhere here he is again

no worries let me know when you’re ready

to share your screen i’ll throw your

screen on there

okay i am sharing my screen again

yep let me know let me know let me know

it’s not letting me stop

well but you know what we kind of web up

on yeah that’s fine

yes anyway so so those are the three

sliders that

uh really all that matters is so those

those three skyers

which one are those jeremy you got uh

that would be the ai

enhanced yes uh ai

structures yes and then the sky ais

replacement enhanced replacement yeah

yes so yeah this two

basically yeah only you play one this

three you basically got amazing

yes yeah pretty much and i mean that’s

that’s really all i do and i think it

does a fantastic job

and you know we wanted to show you a

more in-depth tutorial to show you

really what you can do

but you don’t need to know all that

because this software is amazing by


the price is down below it’s under 100

bucks it works amazing and it’ll take

your photography to your next level

i’m going to wrap it up by showing you

one more video from the website because

i just love

the website it has so much stuff in here


uh oh and also this is this is the

product on amazon

you can see it’s got when you get a

chance check out some of the reviews

there’s some good reviews and people are

finding this software

very very useful i mean don’t take our

word for it um there’s a lot of people

that love

the software because it’s amazing but

let me let me um

let me wrap up with one video here i

mean i can just pick any video

and i’m sure you’ll be impressed oh this

is this is a quick um

recap of what we did um yeah i just

showed that

yeah pretty much but here’s another

picture right

so jeremy you want to explain this this


sure so if you can you hear me turn off

those ai

buttons so you can see the b4 yes so

basically if you take a picture which is

the backlight

right and you want to retain the sky and

for that one exposure picture okay one

exposure this is exactly what you’re

going to get

you got a darkened uh foreground a

subject in the front and then but you

get a sky

yes you get a sky d so that’s what you

get yes now if you turn

on the ai accent yes ai acid

applied apply so it will know

how to balance that out exposure and the

white balance and all that

so that you the subject in the front and

the sky will

get that perfect just how humanized

looking things right now

this is how we look at it right if we

look at it not the camera

yes but we want to this is how we look

at it this is how the eyes have

a lot of dynamic range it can see all

the colors in the car

while seeing the bright sky at the same

time but our cameras

typically don’t have that broad dynamic

i think no

you could call me wrong but i believe

human eyes has around 42 f-stop

and we could interchange those f-stop


unlimitedly unlike a camera oh yes

a camera cannot ever be a humanize

because they only have able to

fix one stop per time yes but our human

eye can change

any time we want with 42 f-stop i mean

what uh

uh a camera head was 16 f-stop

yeah yeah 2016 depends on the lens

yeah 22 is what i remember so that’s why

like we see this

yes while the camera can’t right but ai

would help us

but then the good thing with digital

photography yeah would be shooting raw


those information were captured within a

raw file

we’re just not seeing it yes but the ai

could help us bring it out

yes so then you got another slider down

there jeremy

which is the ai enhancer which look the

skies right now will you turn on

boom now that looks amazing

did that only apply to the sky to

enhance the sky it not touched the

foreground one bit

exactly and like when i bring a picture

into lumina 4

this is essentially what i do i hit the

ai access

slider i enable it and i slide it around

a little bit and i hit the ai sky

enhancer and i slide it around a little

bit and if i

want to i can replace the sky in this

picture the sky looks great already so i

don’t need to replace it but if i want

like a dark

stormy sky i can replace it it’ll have

the dark stormy

cast on the car and it will have a

totally different effect

but those are pretty much all the things

i use luma for

i don’t use a lot of features because

you don’t need a lot of feature that’s

what makes the software so great it’s

just so

user friendly always good to have it in

your belt

of course of course it’s nice to have

but again

i want people to realize that you don’t

need to spend a lot of time

because this software allows you to do

it so quick

right just a couple of sliders and you

got it but if you want to you can dive


and the cool thing about diving deep is

once you have like this perfect recipe

that you want

you can save it as a look right jeremy

yes we could talk about that next time

we could yeah so and

those those are amazing features so like

i promise i want to show you guys

one more video uh before we wrap up and

i love this website here oh before i do


jeremy was talking about the noise uh


and we couldn’t really see it but here’s

an example of the noise right

you can see like on the seats here a lot

of noise and you even see in the window


a lot of noise but this software just

takes away

and really fine tunes your image makes

it look

like a really really high quality image

like you could be shooting this at like

iso 3200 or iso 6400

but with this noise filter applied it

looks like iso 800

it looks very clean i like it i really i

rather use that feature i actually add


film gray into my image rather than

removing it depends on the style you’re

going for

so let’s pick one more video because i

like if you guys ever want to check out

the software go to luminar’s website

skylum.com and check out these

one-minute videos they’re all

really good i’m trying to see which one

is my favorite one here to show

if you if you got one jeremy you want to

see you want me to play let me know too

uh i don’t know you pick i can’t i will


i want to pick i do want to pick but

just in case i don’t want to make you

feel left out

they’re all really good um i think i

want to show the one

of this japan um shot here

because oh yeah that’s a good one yeah

because it’s it’s nice to travel

and i know a lot of my photographer


um travel vloggers they love to travel

and sometimes they’re taking pictures

with something like a canon m50

or canon uh 6n mark ii or even a

fujifilm xt3 or fujifilm xt4 all cameras

link down below

or even if they travel with just the

iphone or samsung galaxy

s10 for example they can take those


and pop them right into lumina 4 and

create amazing effects

oh yeah yeah so let me demonstrate what

that what what you can do for a travel


or a vlogger so here check this out

using lumina 4 you got a beautiful

picture like that before and after

totally different takes your photography

up to a whole

nother level basically two sliders an


and ai structure it’s all you need

you’re gonna adjust the sky a little bit

you can actually do a little sky

replacement put a sunset boom you’re


just uh some advanced flip flip the

sunset on a different side so it’s more


change some settings there again

everything is slider based and again you

don’t need to go down

yeah oh wow like very small

little changes right you don’t waste the

time masking anything

you do spend the time adjusting all

these little things here

but the results it’s like wow right just

a few sliders and look at that

your photo has this elevated

to the next level you took that word

right out of my mouth

because i took that word right from the


very good jeremy very good well

that kind of wraps up our kind of

demonstration here uh we just wanted to

show you guys how powerful lumina 4 is

and how it can transform your photo

to the next level with very simple

slider control

um and for a price that’s cheaper than

the most inexpensive lens you can buy

for your camera

it’s under 100 bucks uh if you buy it


amazon you can always have this amazon

customer service

i know if you buy it from skyline’s

website directly there’s a 30-day

money-back guarantee too

so however you purchase it you’re going

to be really happy

i think the software is fantastic i use

it all the time

in both my amateur stuff as well as my

professional wedding photography stuff

and remember i shoot weddings for over


and i still use it and it always

impresses my clients because

i can post-process my normal picture and

i can throw in a few

that i process with illumina for and


actually happens to be some of the

favorite ones so maybe i should do

more of that than the other but

nonetheless i use it professionally and

i can use it

amateurly as well jeremy anything you

want to ask add

as your last as uh some of your last

words before so

what is that email that if they have

questions that they could ask us again

yeah so they can always email us at save


at pixel establish dot com uh we have

the coupon code down

well actually not down below because um

the coupon code is pixel established

but if you have any problem applying it

let us know

drop us an email again at save money at

pixelstables.com and we’ll help you out

yep all right and yes

that’s it all right well until next time

yeah we thank you guys for tuning in

thank you for watching

thank you for following our journey as

we explore and share with you

all the great things about luminar 4. if

you have any questions always stop by

our youtube channel

at youtube.com pixel establish if you’re

into tech reviews

my channel is eutectia go to youtube.com

and we’re always

always happy to answer your question and

make sure you follow us

on youtube follow us on amazon and check

back next time for more great videos

on photographies and illumina 4. all

right guys

thank you again and have a great evening

we’re signing out

adios bye three two one

and we are out