Photography Questions!


Raw or JPEG?

Photo Style?

Street Photography?

Photography Basic Skills!

1.) Why having a signature style is important

2) RAW or JPG in 2020

3.) If you are not a pro, and you do not do street photography what would you be shooting?

4) Is photography basic still important to capture good image in 2020 with all the new technology?

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three two one one one two three

all right we are live Jeremy are you

ready to go live Jeremy are you I don’t

know you are we even live way now I

don’t even know if we’re live we’re live

we’re live we’re live we’re live on

Amazon we’re live on YouTube you’re on

YouTube checking us out we are at peace

of sappers at YouTube and we are also an

Amazon so hey guys thank you for

checking out our livestream we are piece

of stabbers this is Jeremy Chan my name

is David Jeremy’s been shooting

photography for 15 years he’s been doing

wedding photography for 15 years one

interesting thing about him is he’s also

additional artists on top of becoming of

a wedding photographer so not only does

he take pictures he does post-processing

they make the pictures really pop so 15

years of doing that and myself 10 years

of wedding photography – also one cool

thing about Jeremy is he’s actually been

a judge or he’s he’s always been a judge

at WPI which is a wedding professional

you don’t want me to judge the picture I

whip people apart that’s what exactly

because you’re very particular and

that’s what we have this ask me anything

today because we just want to talk to

you guys and feel free to ask questions

in the comments below whether it’s on

Amazon live or whether it’s on YouTube

live and we will entertain your

questions as long as it’s photography

related or if it’s funny that’s cool too

so as is any questions but we got stuff

to talk about – so we’re just gonna have

fun and talk we keep it real casual and

we’re gonna talk about some gears here

and there but feel free everything is

online when done with everything so it’s

everyday be chomp in you have a question

yes put in the comment we will answer

them yes as much as we can you know

we’re we’re not that knowledgeable that

we know everything so no guarantee there

we don’t know everything but we have 15

years waiting for type experience well

we always have our course no OPI episode

that’s there right so that’s what we can

contribute and you know there’s always

know I should go around if you have

something to tell us we would love to

hear from you too because yeah I see now

he’ll listen to stuff he’s not arrogant

wait wait why have you been considered

that I’m arrogant I don’t know why say I

said you’re not even though he

might look arrogant he’s deadly not

something that right he’s you know

you’re not I’m just assuming that people

might assume you are but I’m telling

them that you’re not so that they don’t

assume right why would people assume I

am alright it’s nothing to worry about

that but anyway he’s also uh he saw

someone awards at WPI too so when he’s

got good experience anyway so one of the

things I just want to talk about real

quick to just start this office what’s

your favorite camera like do you all

think we can make Jeremy current waiter

I would have to say is the one I’m

shooting went out which is the Fuji film

xt3 but I am tempting one out because

they just came out with the camera which

I am talking about that mm-hmm which

ones to get next because it’s so fun

now you gotta know me I’m not one of

those who actually buy camera that has

to look professional they don’t I rather

use some amateur gears and do

professional work I think that is more

appealing than having like a full

professional gear and yeah of course you

get the professional work but you can

have an amateur camera like something

less and you do even more I think that’s

more appealing obviously I think so

though it’s challenging it’s more

challenging when you are locked and you

have to make what you have work is


yeah so we’re not debating on either day

I was gonna be us focus on the Expo 3

from Fujifilm mmm because of the LCD

but then again one once I do my research

I realize that ok cuz the coupang about

the camera is also it has a high bird

will finer so it could be like a actual

optical we’ll find her

yes or a digital will finder right right

yeah yeah I found that that if you put a


she put it that would be 23 Miller lens

you love it your monocle will be perfect

because that’s what article is yeah

let’s say if you I put like a 56 52 140

different focal lengths on it now that

optical will find it will perk I like

kind of use those because you can’t see

what just you’re shooting right

and that’s what my direction can switch

to the 100 B which is a fixed land with

the 23 meter so both the optical and the

digital will work perfectly all the time

yes the only thing that you can’t really

do is change this but they do have

adapters so they could actually put like


in front of it so you will have a 23 we

just went to 35-ish in full frame and


yeah it is a very beautiful camera to

you see I love how minimalistic it is

like you’re going back to the point that

once you’re constrained and you you can

use like a super professional camera to

do the job but if you come to a wedding

using this it’s exciting because you’re

challenged to using one focal length you

got to move around you got to shoot and

document when you you can write whether

it’s a wedding or whether it’s a street

photography or whether it’s a birthday

party it’s just more interesting when

you’re constraint in this camera like

you said you’re constraint to one focal

length and the lens does not come off

it’s permanently fixed his camera so

it’s exciting because you haven’t you

just have to work with it so I mean the

people see you taking pictures with this

camera they were curious I I wonder what

kind of angle picture they’re getting

you know right oh man but the design of

this camera it just it’s beautiful

yeah do I did my research of course I

know it’s it’s a beautiful camera it’s a

good size too and this is yeah but I

think if we have other video we talk

about this this camera is the core of

Fuji film Bob dancers yeah that mean

everything start with this camera so it

has a huge history and Fuji is actually

for your famous actual really really

proud of this camera oh yeah

and it’s the funny thing is it’s more

like a professional toy if that makes

sense to you well it’s kind okay so if

Leica is like Germany kind of gem

of the time we work now fujifilm is

probably like the Easton like our type

of stuff you think about that

I work committee their football focus on

not a technology another high tech but

it’s a craftsmanship in the camera

itself and also the value they add into

it for your photography yes yeah and I

say it’s like a toy too because if you

shoot yeah courses at the toy right

you can definitely yeah this is just a

fact that you can’t change lens on it

and this that simple fact it’s : better

basic back that will top it you can’t

change lanterns in any way man almost

thirty five-millimeter catching glance


but except in today’s modern day and age

everyone that shooting a professional

event has a long lens has a shallow lens

or rather a wide lens right so you have

to be on the same par with them like to

do the work there’s a working cameras

right there friends that’s why this is a

toy camera so we’re in the same page

right it’s nice to have as a toy camera

no it’s more than artistic camera I’ll

put it this way okay I like that in fact

I think it’s cool if you bring this to a

wedding even if you’re shooting your

like a paint job you can do all your

stuff but you can also have this as a

second camera it’s cool it’s

conversations no you can you totally

can’t until you do that yeah yeah and

yeah we have other videos that talk

about this camera in in detail so they

can always check that out so this is a

camera you’re thinking about the X 105

not the XP for yeah I thought you were

going to say the XT for well xt 4 is a

working camera to me so I want something

fun I mean how about you will be your

well I’m waiting for the canyon r5 you

never only cannot never gonna buy one

well I wish they’d never I would never

say never I take that back the canyon r5

is going to be one beast of a camera

yeah but they came late oh it’s coming

late it’s it’s we don’t even know ways

can be released because oh not that kind

late they’re late in the game well all

the beers camera is pretty at the

then also mature way now and now they

come well yes sure but you know got back

really there is a comeback there is a

comeback and cannons has always been at

the edge of the leading edge of things

in the very beginning like the 5d mark

ii remember to fight him out – that was

the single camera that brought these

alarm videos to the world as we know

today because of that camera people were

able to record high-definition quality

cinematic video using interchangeable

these are the SLR lenses that make

amazing videos yes and I give you that

that is when the door to everything so

they were ahead of the game then and

then they establish your brand and they

became the pioneers of this so once they

have that title the champion of this

category they actually they took a back

seat so they milked it as much as they

can by not inviting the best technology

but still selling their cameras and what

I call it that’s called cooperation

thinking it is it is but yet people

still buy them right because the cool

thing about it is they’ll give you

enough stuff to tease you so you wanna

you you wish it had more but it has

enough that you’ll buy it anyway and

then they save that feature that it

should be in that version for the next

version so it gets you to buy the next


honestly I remember I think remember

back that machining I wasn’t using

cannon but then yeah

lalla count sure is kind of complain

about it like why you keep like coming

up different model but keep liking

something and it come with a mix a way

and they always astrology they make for

sales you know that’s a good buy that I

mean truthfully that that is is exactly

what it is and finally finally

can they releases the r5 which please

let it be true that they’re finally

coming back to lead the pack and be a

header game again this is this

generation’s 5d mark ii it has

everything in the latest image sensor

image processor mechanical shutter sound

shutter 8k raw video 4k 120p finally in

body image stabilization and

canon camera it’s got the famous dual

piece of autofocus that everyone loves

about canon cameras it’s finally got two

card slots I mean this is a simple

request from a lot of professional

photographers and you can see this

feature in almost every camera and all

the other manufacture but no canon did

not put it in there AOS are or iOS RP

which kind of sucks because I like the

EOS R and AOS RP because it allows you

to use these new lenses the EOS RF class

and those lenses are just amazing but I

can’t use it to shoot professional

because it doesn’t have dual memory card

so this camera finally has it so here’s

a quick I actually haven’t seen this

video it’s like about a minute let’s

check this out let’s see what we got

this is like a spinning shot of this

camera and it’s all ring camera look at

it it’s all black it’s no peds night

just like the OS l da Salomon it’s

simple it’s something that you’re

familiar with it doesn’t make sense they

changed the style or change that look

and feel the camera if it’s something

that you’re already comfortable with you

can focus on taking pictures not

fidgeting around with learning how to

using your camera it’s something well

they’re doing this to please the can on

users yeah not not a non can on users

it’s true but Canon there’s a good angle

the screen oh dang it

it’s a flip out screen so you know like

pan is always like you said teasers like

they’ll have cameras with a perfect flip

out screen but they don’t have like 120


flip out screen but they have no

external mic jack or they have a

football screen but no in body image

stabilization so basically this is the

camera that basically pack everything

together so – yes you know Billy so

please let the beat you yes and it’ll

make vloggers happy I’ll make Scimitar

first happy I’ll make professional

photographers happy you know I might be

wrong but this yes I share something

that’s you know I don’t know confidence

quite much like just before the pandemic

I went to the conference and I talked to

the tree people yeah well we sat down we

just can’t be a thing a little bit here

and there but yeah some of the topic

comes up they say for example can

alright we are all agree that

they come in lay with this our five to

be honest you’re late yeah well uh Sony

and well let my kind of just put it away

Nikon is like lately don’t even know

where they all right now but let’s only

and all the other Miller’s basically

Spri attends and it’s only has the best

enough technology we’re done we call us

okay and at some point that the

mirrorless camera is more mature than

before mhm

and it’s also at a peak way now that you

can’t really do much different than it

so something new will happen and what

we’re saying that what cannot date will

we’re not yeah state this is a very very

nice and very good meters camera yes but

unfortunate is something new might come

and that become all news again yes but

at weren’t predicting opt industry for

now I think it is regardless a great

camera you can hear a lot of images that

but the thing is because the technology

are we used to capturing image now or

something else is it 3d or you know who

knows right but you never know what the

outcomes are making yes but I would say

yes there might be something rights over

the coming up next right that’s x

revolutionary that changes photography

completely but if that’s the case then

this might be the best camera before

that right we got this this is like

camera yeah no doubt about it it packs

in all the technology that we have out

there judging if there are the

industrial leader they should be leading

Ron and following that’s my point okay

good point

mmm-hmm maybe there’s nothing around the

corner I don’t know but no kids this is

what happened for camera they have so

much different divisions yeah and also

to invest in the mechanic camera it

would quite a lot so they probably plan

on like maybe five fifteen ten fifteen

years both to create all that and

suddenly another company coming in with

something new they can switch your

astrology they have to keep it going

yeah that’s exactly why why all that

happened same thing goes on Nikon guys

this is how cooperation works once they

plan a ten-year plan they follow they

don’t change even though the worst

collapse they just keep going

it’s how stupid it is

well okay they’re not so happy they have

to go with the prediction because they

have to able to respect the shareholders

yeah predicting how they gonna make so

they have to follow those plan but they

don’t follow the wheel world well yes

and no because they’re a big corporation

and a lot of decisions have to be made

as a corporation things do turn very

slow but if the whole world changes I’m

sure they’re gonna skip the next

generation plan and adapt something to

it or maybe they’ll incorporate it into

the next generation although maybe not

the next one but the next next right

because they’re probably they’re slow

you know just slow so yeah okay yeah yes

so that’s the that’s why like if there’s

a new company like Spurs Emma Blackmagic

Cinema that’s small and that can adapt

right away to changes we might see them

take on a new revolutionary change

whether it’s it’s like 3d recording

imagine when Sony first Campbell to a7

you know full frame yeah Millis if can

I’ll had this alpha key Maori I mean I

guess I pretty sure they have the

technology it means be there yeah if do

you think cannot Sony can be what they

are now if that then can I have alpha

exactly that’s what I’m talking about

they choose to make money over being a

leader yeah they milked it and that that

may be a strategy that they wanted to do

or maybe they save this so when they

they’re done nuking it milking it now

they can just bring it bring the best

out again and tell my people or for

people who love cameras and


you don’t see them do you can on Nikon

or whatever

that’s like maturity working brands they

go like I I and in Asia they go with

Fuji do you know why because those two

company they are branded that they’re

focused in making a good camera for you

yeah not trying to make money off of you

because I know for Farid your dreams for

the camera teaching apartment is only

thirty percent of everything so they’re

not making my job money but that is the

passion became before us and as consumer

we love that yes we don’t like that you

just make money and keep taking our

money every year with the new model we

actually want something good I totally

agree oh hey we got a new visitor

check out the duo vibe awesome so hey

hey thanks man

yeah let me still get any questions it

looks like you got a beautiful picture

there I wonder if you took that picture

or you have a professional ticket but if

you have any questions about photography

that’s what we’re here for

we are well jeremy has been a

professional photographer for the last


wedding photographer for the last ten

years and we have a lot of collective

experience about wedding photography and

photography in general so if you have

any question at all ask away we’ll be

happy to answer them for you

but right now we’re just talking about

just random gears that we like cameras

that were excited about what the word

camera what’s a professional camera

versus a hobby camera and this different

camera technology but feel free to ask

any questions and yeah so we’re wrapping

up this question right now so this is my

camera I want to get it’s the r5 if I

can’t get this the other camera that I

would like to get is one the x mark 3

but at the time that’s big it’s yeah

it’s super expensive and it doesn’t have

to flip out screen and it’s not

mirrorless so yeah the r5 is really why

I want and I’m just waiting for it to

come out it will be a nice camera really

nice camera so yeah that is the answer

to my question so do you have a question

Jeremy I don’t but a lot of people ask

me questions so I could share some of

that b1o do we have questions already

let’s just say here’s an interesting one

okay now we have so many technology

which is the Pens where I live for

example a live view yes you see it a LCD

yeah and you click that’s the picture

right live via what you see is what you

get yep and then on the flash we have a

TTL which is Auto right yep so people

who do us is the basic photography

skills still relevant to able to help a

person take good images for example you

still have to learn app stop by yes and

you still have to learn how to focus

well there’s all the focus yeah do you

start to learn about exposure huh all

hope you got

can auto it right yeah so you feel like

that for 2020 2021 in future yeah to be

still to learn all that basic to able to

capture good images so to capture a good

image no and in fact the point is a way

proven with the latest iPhone or

actually iPhones like five years yeah

right I picture the camera at some point

it if you don’t know how to set up your

camera it can take better pictures on

your camera and in fact the iPhone has

technology in there that allows you to

take better picture too because if the

processor is so fast it can actually

take a bunch of photos compose them

together you don’t have the dynamic

range that no DSLR camera can produce

even if you take RAW and you’re doing a


I’ll let you take a bunch of pictures

and process it and crop things out and

crop other things and kind of combine it

onto one picture but absolutely no thing

yeah like like like a cell phone can

write basically anyone using a cell

phone can you get good pictures but not

anyone can pick up a camera and take

good pictures even though you mean like

they can’t take it pick up the camera

like this this is like the EOS and 50

but you can just put in auto mode you

can take pretty good pictures already

right well I said when that’s a good

picture I guess I could they be more

it’s been about like for example HDR

pictures you know there’s a lot of thing

that we quite software the booster

pictures to get those and we just have a

camera you can’t get it done no you have

a cell phone you can get it done yes

that’s very true yeah and you know a lot

of people just put like Instagram

filters and whatnot and you know you may

it might be like okay you don’t think

they’re nice but they can make a picture

look really nice in their own

perspective and they’ll get a lot of

people liking it too so you can do a lot

with just your phone these days so to go

back and answer your question

you don’t need basic photography skills

to take a good picture especially if

you’re using like a phone and

particularly an iPhone that’s designed

to make it very user friendly so you

pretty much just point and shoot and it

does all the dynamic calibration for you

get to focus for you and get the best

picture given that you don’t have crappy

framing so that’s my answer

you don’t need to know basic camera

technique to take good pictures so do

you ping someone need all the basic

technique to run a photography business

absolutely yes

yeah when you take pictures for a

photography business I think so you

don’t think so

do okay here’s a better question do you

think there is a Lala for type of

business out there to only do not know

all this stuff I would say I don’t think

so I think every photography studio

owner has at least know how to shoot in

manual has to there’s no way because

even if you have well iPhone okay

you heard about the term natural light

shooters yes so there’s a lot of

students do not know how to operate your

flash that I agree but they know how to

shoot manual yeah but that’s not enough

is it

well but that’s camera basic in my

opinion like at least you know how to

manual be able should in any environment

not just the open bright have a la la

environment so you know one thing being

a professional is that you are there to

help your client to solve a problem yes

in use in some way you also embed your

artistic sense in there to let that

problem or beautify is they even a work

build if I okay yeah I think so right

so you meaning that let’s say if someone

hire you let’s say be away two

photographers yeah that happened to be

personally at one time yes okay yeah you

know I live in California yes and when

someone say let’s they have a wedding in

Napa it’s gonna be outdoor really sunny

yes but then you is that you underground


cave oh there’s no light whatsoever you

really know you’re like like if you like

to get anything in there at all

yes so what that kind situation come and

I should know a lot of people a lot of

photographer back then because there’s

like couple of those videos in Nampa and

when they pick up that job they posit to

me because

they can handle the job Wow

I think those people as a photography

studio you should be able to do those

jobs well but that’s that’s like 10

years ago I was saying now because of

technology get live view and then I is

so even though you use flat you turn

what twenty twenty twenty thousand yeah

yeah you get something yeah or you just

pop it on camera fashion on it with TTL

you get something so that changes yes I

don’t need to learn it yes my human

right there yeah you don’t need to learn

it I would say it’s still it’s still I

would say as me judging a photographer

because I actually know it I think they

need to learn it because you’re a [ __ ]

yes yeah but you know meet the no way to

start a business agree you don’t need to

know to start business and if you’re

careful and you’re upfront and honest

about what you know and what you don’t

know that’s actually really good too

because if you realize hey I don’t know

how to shoot in low light but I know how

to move them outside the shoot pictures

or I know how to open a window to get

better lighting in here then that’s half

the battle to like yeah but I think big

though the clients don’t care about your

so-called skilled from that war you have

how experienced you are right look at

the result which is your for exactly yes

so if you don’t that lead to that this

question people ask me is why is a

signature style so important hmm yeah so

what what is a signature style to you

Jeremy and why do you think it’s

important signature style to me is

different in most okay okay some people

okay here’s my definition buying a

preset action and apply to your picture

or I’ll have someone else to Eddie a

picture it’s not your personal style

that’s not it that’s not it and you can

just and then there’s a myth I call it a

myth some people say it’s legit

I call it myth that is you just look at

other peoples work learn from them

inspire from them when they say inspire

that’s a great epic you inspiration and

copy yeah

oh they all have excuse day okay you

know cuz I’m still learning so it’s okay

for me to copy just a little bit you can

you can copy and adapt it to your style

I would say that’s okay in my opinion to

me a personal style should start not

from your photography but within you

what is your interest you like life

example I like movies and I think things

mm-hmm so I incorporate those elements

into my photo that become I style you

know do I get it open I know was this

personal style centrist I should become

should be organic mm-hmm and it takes

time to build yes it’s not a you take a

class you get a workshop you learn from

someone and boom next thing you got a

person’s thought it doesn’t work that

way that’s not it it’s right that’s just

like buying a preset embed a picture all

along it I got all color that’s my style

yeah that’s not yours right that doesn’t

that picture doesn’t say that’s you

right so yeah that’s my I think my style

is good right because like if you just

google a bunch of image like for example

for example I’m looking for a wedding

photographer right and I look at the

venue that I wanted to shoot at like Sam

say I’m already married but I say I want

to get married and I wanna get married

at San Francisco City Hall right I’m

looking through a bunch of Google Images

for photographers if I see your image I

can say right away oh this is Jeremy

Chen’s photography that is a signature

style because it’s distinctive from all

the other ones because all the other

ones either look the same or they have

slightly color like vibrant color or a

little sleepy yeah but whatnot but your

style is very unique right you have a

texture you have a green things look

very moments like it’s a very unique

style so I give credit to that because

that’s one way you can step your up your

game for the competition and I think

style is very important to do well in a

business photography to do well for your

business Vitara for sure well that’s the

second part question which we layer to

if a person need to know about all the

basic photo skills and also why is a

signature style important say

because other technology the how-to of

how to take a pictures yeah how to do

something right in image yes basically

everybody has an even battlefield let’s

just put it down yes so how can you

besides using branding and marketing

okay yes you’re for sorry how can you

stand up from other people yes that’s

where your consent your personal style

comes in yeah so a lot of photography

might not know how to you operate okay

they know how to take a pictures yes

they just may not know how to operate

the gears yes but they they know enough

to take the pictures but with style yes

that’s the new aerial photography right

now it’s not about back then operate a

film camera

right you gotta know how to focus you

gotta help now to put in a film and then

you gotta know what for going when to

use what right right now they you don’t

know you don’t need to know any of those

it gets to take the pictures yeah and

what’s left

that would be artistic sense left yeah

it’s got to be artistic about things

yeah you have to step up the game and

you have to differentiate yourself on

the rest and that’s also how you can

charge more and that’s also how do you

become not just a price negotiation

point right because for example again I

take about two wedding photography

because that’s all I know but like if I

was searching for a wedding photographer

I would pretty much look at all the

wedding photographers in my area look at

their blog and say okay these are all

reasonable pictures let me just start

calling them and see what the best price

they can give me and I’ll just pick the

one with the best price because they

don’t have anything that stands out but

now if you’re in the mix that’s a whole

different ballgame because now I can see

oh all these photographers they look the

same so let’s see if I can get a price

range but for Jeremy’s photography his

style looks really different I like the

style I’m willing to pay more

let me put him on a different level and

let me negotiate a different price with

him and not put him in the same batch as

all these other photographers so it

definitely sets you apart in terms of

creativity output but it also allows you

to make more money too because you’re in

a different playing field

but among the money is one by me if you

are running a business with photography

dad yes that really helped but at the

same time you will even know the best

part which is the branding and marketing

yeah that’s important because of course

if they can’t see I don’t know how good

you are so it’s kind of a funny bit

balance but and you know it’s

professional even making money with

photography though

but what there’s no you know to be

honest if I tell you that for the

professional few is probably maybe I

don’t know I’m just guessing guesstimate

maybe 10% of the whole world who people

love or have cameras mm-hmm 90% of

people don’t do business with their

photography you just have fun with it

yes and for those people if they some of

those actually would enter company

there’s a lot of competition out there

okay yeah from professional to mature to

journalism all that right oh yeah you

have your steak just style yes you

actually do way better in competition –

oh yeah that’s something and it sets you

apart too because like when you’re a

judge – you’re looking at all these

pictures they’re all the same but their

signature style is unique it wow them

and you automatically have a one up

against a competition mm-hmm

cuz those judges like I’ve been a judge

so now you say about things because

we’ve seen enough we see everything you

can’t really Wow me unless your video so

their date okay do you believe something

someone keep saying that there is no

nothing new Under the Sun some people

say that I disagree with it but yeah

people just they make a excuse that they

copy to copy people yes that’s what I’m

saying they keep saying that there’s

nothing new Under the Sun say no I keep

saying something new from time to time

you just you can’t create it because

you’re not good enough so you don’t know

what it is because it hasn’t been

created yet but oh you haven’t seen it

yet yes

yeah I I think oh man I’ll go back and I

use an example back in like I forgot

what years like maybe a hundred fifty

years ago right they were thinking about

that oh no I’m not that old but I heard

about the story I didn’t like 150 200

years ago anyway

when they decide to make patents right

so that people can protect their

property you know patent we

yeah all right and then the discussion

is like why do we even have to worry

about patents everything that needs to

be discovered has already been

discovered but that was 200 years ago

right at that time in age that’s what

they think just like right now if you

think that way it’s true too but you

don’t know what you don’t know right you

don’t know if later on we did develop a

sensor that will detect viruses and you

can see viruses before you get close to

them right so you don’t get sick or

whatever it is anything can happen and

there’s so much more out there that we

don’t know like there’s space technology

there’s alien technology right that’s

way far beyond us to like there’s just

so much and that’s just an extreme but

to go back and check down to your level

of course this stuff you can do to your

style that people haven’t thought about

it’s just it makes it unique right you

might have a style that reflects around

anime right you might be doing wedding

photography but now you mix it with

anime or maybe you like politics a lot

not that everyone will like politics

included in your photo but you might

have a flair of politics in your photo

whatever it is right that’s a lot of

those there is if I tog Rafi but

whatever it is right you might have a

style and again that’s called niche into

like you can you can have a style that

is a particular niche or you can have a

style that’s just unique and looks

different that people want and whatever

it comes up with maybe and it looks nice

and it goes viral and everybody likes it

maybe you try it and that style doesn’t

do really well you might want to adapt

it and move on and experience it but

yeah I can say I can just write down a

list of 5 10 different ways I can have a

different style and try them I agreed

that a style is very important and it’s

not hard to come up with style you just

gotta be creative and learn some basic

photography so that you know what you

can do so that you can’t come up with

your own style a lot of people get stuck

in their mind is that yeah when it’s a

create just produce a image yes oh that

was that was that that was it and when

the camera itself can actually all even

the iPhone cell phone khempo does the

image right

so what to do now yeah right

so they the camera itself did my job

already so what did I do now

but if you if you follow the tag I mean

you follow that you have your channels

oh yeah Ted you tap here yeah so you

know how the technology is far okay

that’s not about all technology because

I don’t even know all that but just

within did your imaging yes we’re not

even close to where we can be even

further like we have virtual reality

right yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah hologram

yes there’s so many things we have not

you know get into yet right yes that

there’s tons digital mirrors camera is

not even like the beginning of all this

okay now and then you you you don’t want

a software we talk about all the time

sky not six Katims noumenon for you have

the AI all that stuff so on the

technology side all this AI technology

and data basically help us do all this

already so the how-to part to do all

this technology we don’t have to it’s

coming to do as a creator as artists yes

what kind of style you want to create I

think that is a decision you have to

make rather how to expose the picture

yeah how to come you don’t have to know

all that anymore right oh yeah yeah you

you’re mentioning Skylab so I just

wanted to spring yourself this is

silence demo here yeah yeah it’s it’s

using AI and you can use it to

manipulate pictures like put things

inside a picture and it it uses AI so it

knows what’s ask I’ll crop it out for

you so when you replace it it looks very

believable it’ll let you edit portraits

detect the eyes for you detects the lips

for you so you can just make their

judgments by movie sliders you don’t

actually have to mask out anything so

technology like this takes your

photography to the next level and allows

you to be creative much easier so once

you have tools like this then you start

thinking out of the box more right if

you don’t have tools like that sometimes

yeah you might be limited saying okay

well there’s everything is already been


I can’t be creative there’s nothing else

out there but no sometimes what stops

people from being creative

also it’s like the tedious tasks right

so for example

if you wanna do something you’d pull out

more yeah the grunt work alright so if

you want to like do something in


to make your pictures stand out more

weather is to make the background

sharper with more details and make the

people like a lighter desaturate look or

whatever your style is you think about

it you’re like yeah but that’s gonna

take me so much time to do one picture

but with a software like this it allows

you to like really easily like here’s

this example you can just put like a

rocket ship in your pictures really easy

like crazy with that yeah or your style

can be like you take pictures at these

places that always have amazing skies

but you would think oh yeah it’s very

hard to replace the sky but no with

something soft like this you can replace

the sky very easy so while we’re talking

about this this software is available

download link below it’s like a hundred

bucks it’s less than a hundred bucks so

for a price that’s less than I got 50

millimeter 1.8 lens which I know every

photographer should get if you don’t

have the lens you should get that lens

but you know aside from that lens

anything you buy for photography costs

more than 100 bucks unfortunately but

this software here it works as a

standalone or it works also as a plugin

to lightweight Photoshop it’s under

hundred bucks and you can do a lot with

it and just kind of lean back to your

topic it allows people to become

creative and come up with their own

style because of stock world like this

our add into this because I am I’m a

true believer and supporter of company

who like genuinely want to help people

ride and make money off people because

that to make money cuz I have employees

and they have overhead of course to have

it being on it that’s what a business is

all about right yeah but at the same

time you got to put in the heart into it

making big things for people and also

thinking from the consumer side right

like for Fuji themes like ah they make

camera to to the today to the fact that

we I love the camera like just holding

it it’s like a treasure to me not a

working camera yeah they they build that

into that the product same thing goes

aluminium for okay Adobe is a working

software they would make money I

understand they charge what a monthly

fee right yes

so for professional or for working wise


I mean I make my money back I could pay

for the subscription is fine but to a

lot of people why would I want I’m not

doing photography as a my career it just

for fun and now why would I want to pay

something that constant pain right yeah

it’s aluminum for fall about that so

they only give you like one-time fee yes

and we’ve been there rather than you

first some run with the Photoshop or

Lightroom and spend an hour on an image

yes they keep a slider to play with a

aiya and help me touch image really

quick so they fall apart inside that yes

the professional will say hey that’s not

professional enough but like I said

earlier only 10 percent in the world to

professionally yes you gotta think about

the majority with ninety percent of

people what are gonna use right yeah

yeah and they can definitely use this I

think one good example of that

just estimation like real estate agents

they don’t take pictures professionally

but dude if they add some skillset to

take pictures they can take their own

marketing pictures and it makes a lot of

difference in their selling of the

houses or the listing yeah I don’t like

that yeah that would take job aways from

us well okay so they say they’re not the


that professionally right but now with

this software you can take a picture but

you can change the sky you can enhance

the structure you can sharpen up the

details all with some sliders that’s

really quick and then again this gives

it a style right because you can look at

all the MLS listing and look at all the

one pager but when you see one picture

that has a unique style you’re like oh

that’s Germany’s cans real estate agent

see right and you have a natural

gravitation towards it because you trust

them agency that’s that’s putting out

this MLS listing or whatnot but again a

style is very important whether you’re

doing it for your real estate or your

professional business or your hobby it’s

you it’s it’s awesome to have a style

because that defines you and your

creative talent that you put into the

picture and yeah if that will stay agent

had to take that their own pictures then

he’s not a very good agent he should be

busy doing other things and taking

pictures that’s available I think I I’m


I think you’re right but I think the

other way because I think there’s

someone that does a really good job of

what they do they should also know all

the facets facets is that the right word

the different phases of their business

right whether it’s the photo work the

marketing work or the listing work or

actually talking the client or getting

the leads you should know a little bit

about it even though that they can hand

it off to their different counterparts

to work on and they can focus on what

they do the best but it’s nice to have a

little bit of everything and it doesn’t

hurt to be able to take pictures too

because say you’re at a house and you’re

just there on a visit you can take some

pictures and already have pictures

instead of scheduling time for the

photographer to come take the pictures

right it’s nice to have skills even

though you might not be the only one

using it but I don’t know we’re

digressing a quite a bit from your

question about creativity and style

right I think we kind of cover did we

miss anything did we cover most yeah we

pretty much covered it I think you

wanted that bastard for luminar too

I always yes I am yeah so like where are

you here oh there you are

so I always I always like to meet this

quote that you have for this tool

Luminara right and I’m pretty I think we

pretty much hit it already by talking

about it but here’s what you you wrote

so emotion is a major factor when it

comes to creating storytelling images

with the help of luminaires AI

technology photographers can now fully

focus on the emotional and storytelling

part rather than worrying about the

technical part of how to in their

creative process aka the grunt work

right mm-hmm

sorry when I say when you read did you

understand right because I I hid all of

was that women when I share this to

other people they don’t they don’t want

to leave it they don’t want it what you

don’t want to believe it believe it that


they don’t accept this

hey yeah cuz this is what I’m talking

about like back then when I you know

viewers that are just talking about how

some of those bases when they create is

about getting the pictures that’s

creating them I’m thinking about beyond

that they can’t think beyond that no

it’s it’s it’s a mindset right you have

you have it’s it’s it’s not easy let me

let me get a good example to really

illustrate that you can take a portrait

out of camera and it can be really great

if you set the lighting perfect you have

the background perfect you have the

model in a perfect position with the

right emotions and everything but you

can only do so much with perfect

lighting and perfect shot out of camera

but post-processing allows you to take

it up one nother level a couple of

notches up and that’s something that you

simply cannot do out of camera and

here’s a good video that shows it I

really like this one

where this is a travel photographer who

travels in this example to Japan and is

able to take a portrait and you can see

in this video that the portrait is nice

but what they do in about a minute or

maybe realistically like five minutes

movie sliders around they can make one

portrait like this I think it’s a great

portrait but look at the result before

and after it’s just mind-blowing ly

different right and that’s something

that you just can’t do out of camera so

people have to realize that that is a

value added that you value that you can

add to your pictures and they’ll take it

to the next level and normally to do

something this takes a lot of time aka

grunt work so that’s why people don’t do

it photographers like especially myself

as a wedding photographer I don’t do

this to every picture because it takes

too much time but with something like

this luminar 4 it’s a tool that allows

you to make these amazing manipulations

really quick and simple and it defines

your style and it puts your photo and a

way different level above everything

else your photography is elevating you

know somewhat someone

I hear about that I could do that in

camera just have to wait for this guy to

turn that and putting different filters

and long exposure way for long I wonder

how would that take together picture in

camera just to get that right and by the

time you can get everything darling your

models tired right or at that moment

your models cold now because it’s like

the Sun is set I’m cold now she don’t

have the energy she’s not vibrant again

I just feel like that the technology is

changing this whole industry yes but the

people in it don’t want to change

because they would lose value if they

change that’s the way for you honestly

the world is always changing and if you

don’t change with the world you’re not

gonna do well no matter what you do in

what business or even work/life

relationship anything the world changes

and you have to adapt and you just have

to and if you’re saying you don’t tell

me that I’m I’m the depth in I’m sure

yeah I love you but I’m asking you a

question I’m not saying do you

personally but like yes I’m telling

those people that don’t want to change

it don’t want to use post-processing

and I don’t want to look at software

luminar that can make their photography

a whole nother level above they need to

realize that the playing field is

different now back 10 years ago any

picture you take an event is

breathtakingly amazing but now your

guests the guests of the blank room can

take their iPhone and take amazing

pictures so the game is up a notch so

you need to up your game to be above the

typical norm if you want to stand out

and do well in your art do well in your

craft and make money in your business or

just make amazing pictures their

competition is rising that’s horse

you’re making a picture make an image

it’s not it’s not hard way not as easy

oh yeah like we said iPhone could take

amazing pictures honestly like I can

give my five-year-old niece an iPhone

and she could take a really good picture

probably better I know right at what

point my was like shooting something

with her iPhone and I was she doing

something with my camera and then she

got way back in denied it was cop bump

like dad I was I’m supposed to be

professional people why yeah

yeah and that’s that’s very true and

very real so that’s why I think people

need to realize it and step up their

game because you can take a picture with

your iPhone but now Jeremy you take the

same picture with your DSLR and you go

into a software like Lumina for oh yeah

you can turn it yeah but yeah you can

definitely kick that button you can like

look at this before and after like see

how how how sharp it can get you get

your hands to detail stuff like that

that you can’t get with an iPhone so

definitely it’s a great song it’s a

definitely quick software yeah for sure

so what’s up we got about another 10

minutes or so you want to bring up

another question or you want just kind

of okay yeah yeah okay so let me ask you

this yes we kind of in between this

pandemic right yes

now that’s not we’re not word changes

here but we talk about Futaba here so do

you feel that filter will change pros

pandemic from before no you mean after

pros after ya pose pose pose art yeah

helps dynamic up for sure it won’t wait

oh well okay I’m gonna save from the

wedding perspective because that’s why I

know best I was changing it we talked

about you fan defends all cancel but

when they come back they’re still not

gonna be the same we’re not gonna have

big event packed with people anymore you

can’t have a dance for full people it

will take at least several years at the

minimum for people to get comfortable

doing that and if they want to because

now now things are different

we might not ever shake hands again in

their whole lives right because really

that guy what the night I want isn’t it

how long does it take for New York to

recover do remember I think that was

pretty quick

I don’t remember you know well New

Yorkers like right there I saw they

could pick a bet yeah we talked about

it’s not just one city it’s a whole

world why now going on so that’s a whole

different ballgame right there and

you’re right about I mean

even though by law the country’s opened

up but social distancing because of this

people will kind of step back about you

know going to a big events so I would

say weddings conference workshop oh yeah

and well those will be I don’t think

everything else yeah ballgames

how about football games game clubbing

did you hear about the South Korea

situation with clubbing so no Itaewon a

city in Korea recently opened again

right for business

yeah I know that yeah so so one person

got had the coronavirus and went to

different clubs that one night that

person visited three different clubs he

saw a winning dance with some people

affected all those people with a

different club dances some people affect

all those people went to a different

Club in fact they’re all those people

and then they all start infecting other

people so by the end of the night tons

of people got infected and they do

contract tracing is like yeah that’s one

person doing it so now not easily oh

yeah the second outbreak all over again

so even if we trying to open up again we

can’t like you said those conferences

those weddings those events ballgames

you can’t have them anymore or you have

to do something very different like very

spaced out CDs or virtual seedings it’s

gonna be changed it’s gonna dramatically

change and wedding and photography is

gonna be changed because of that a fixed

roof Atari what will change to people go

well I don’t know it’s fearful hobby my

why can’t we make people just the same

that’s fine

yeah portraiture yeah we gotta go to

some student to get portraiture done

that you know yeah because some malice

traitorous to do that another thing it’s

kind Evie wedding stuff only changing

when I think they was it will go for a

smaller wedding at least I’ll say mm-hmm

and probably more outdoors where either

indoor because you know the air so that

we live better yeah

so more outdoor which is good because

you know he really let’s right sugar


it’s much easier to shoot yes and you

don’t have a stuck in a room with moving

other people’s air and so that’s a good

thing but to a lot of photographer to

tailor to the big way to make money then

they have to adapt and change because

that’s not coming back anytime soon yeah

yeah I think you mentioned this in our

previous talk to like in you have to

adapt to it and one way to adapt to it

is the idea of pre weddings will be more

dominant in America because normally

they are not so dominant here so you do

pre weddings how do you think pre

weddings will be different post pandemic

I’ve been trying to post pre-wedding the

culture in the US but in order

generation you know how the culture of

Weston is the bride not supposed to let

the groom see her in the wedding dress

before the wedding yes so that doesn’t


but now we’re talking about 2020 and the

younger generation don’t really follow

their rules anymore it’s just that we

need to able educate them you know what

cuz this is the good authoring point is

doing your wedding day you don’t have

time to take beautiful bridal pictures

and your stress yes but you want to

actually enjoy that they’d rather spend

time taking pic you a photographer you

wanna spend time your family and friends

yeah yes in a way to take pic you a

photographers right before hand or after

yeah so that’s wieder you know post

wedding or pre wedding comes in and you

got much better quality winning image to

hang on your wall mm-hmm

why not yes right yeah this is audio yes

and now with the post pandemic I think

more people will actually want to do

that right because that’s weak you risky

too because you could have small wedding

or a family yeah maybe 20 mm-hmm I think

back into the last two years they have

something called like mini weddings

which is around 20 people if any they

even go up to all the way to the

mountaintop to have a offici and they’re

doing all that beautiful scenery so cool

okay so I think that’s coming back yes I

should that not commit there’s always

there but that will be enhance yes

because in u.s. we have a lot outdoor

place so yeah why not yeah doesn’t

matter it’s not the pony railway they

have a lot of place like this you can do

like how small window that this so that

that should be a thing that could be a

thing yes and when you host the small

weddings you actually want even more

nice pictures because then you’re gonna

share them with all the people you

couldn’t invite so so a lot of people

say that yeah well photographer will

they lose out for now yes because of the

postponing and but I got to yeah yeah

actually people’s to need to get married

another thing a couple of couples they

actually cancel they said they don’t

actually want to have a wedding they

just want to have like a private

ceremonial wedding at City Hall and then

today but they want pictures oh yeah

they definitely want pictures so it

won’t be an event but you’ll be like I

like the most in your hat just within

the wedding industry is the venue with

themselves Daniel Oh

shaking the most out she had those

venues they make so much money but now

they’re gonna be losing so much money

because no one’s coming back to them

anytime soon and they have to keep it

Mantor unless they own their own place

but still they can make money off of it

because no one will cause a huge wedding

will play for 500 people in those places

right because that’s that’s you think of

it it’s big money but it’s also a

required revenue stream if they don’t

have that revenue stream they can’t pay

to maintain that property they simply

can’t so I don’t know if they’re gonna

survive this we’re gonna have a lot

bankrupt wineries bankrupt conferences

City Hall the different big venues it’s

hey we have a comment oh hey let’s check

out the comment you can actually see a

comment or did it vary depending on my

phone so you can tweet it does yeah so

this is Kenji sign again jeez yeah so he

says I’m not interested in the Adobe

ecosystem since they’ve adopted a

subscription model can you suggest an

editing program compare

comparable to Lightroom that can be just

purchased and paid flat out well we just

talked about

I would suggest try using sky domes

lumina for it is a poet in between

Photoshop and Lightroom and I think you

will enjoy it’s much easy use the

learning curve is almost to zero

honestly it’s a one-time charge less

than hundred bucks you own the software

you get free update but they will come

up with new software that you might have

to repurchase but then by just Numan

afford they come up the newest 4.2

versions it comes with the AI Skyway

placement in AI portrait we touch so I

think that’s morning enough for you to

do anything with your photos right now

yeah so keep right yes agreed and I want

to add to it too because it allows like

what what can Kenji what was what were

you using that Adobe ecosystems for like

were you using Lightroom we’re using

Photoshop only or what how we’re using

for using Lightroom ok mention about

Lightroom so yes enough for by its

standalone version it has a library just

like Lightroom it yeah it might be

slightly slightly less but you have to

adapt to it but at least you don’t have

to pay a monthly yes you can also do the

same thing like synchronize all image to

the preset which in luminar they call it

the look and you could basically copy

other look to all the other pictures

just like how Lightroom can synchronize

so it works the same way yeah actually

it works better too because if you watch

some of our other videos where we going

in dead check now oh yeah in depth and

what Lumina 4 does basically it has all

the user friendliness and that easy

workflow that you find in Lightroom but

it actually brings in all the power and

flexibility that normally you have to go

to photoshop for but now it brings it

all into a platform that’s easy to use

like Lightroom and you can manipulate

things with just sliders you don’t even

have to worry about masking but it does

masking for you so you can actually for

example brighten up the person but not

worry about messing up the architecture

or at the same time you can enhance the

look of the architecture without messing

up the skinning of the people so it’s

really powerful in that and the price is

amazing it

under $100 if you want check out the

link below on Amazon or if you go to our

YouTube channel there’s also a coupon

code there so you can get a little

discount as well it’s a really good

program and in fact they have a 30 day

hearing money-back guarantee too so no

sister oh yeah 30 day money back

guarantee so try it out if you don’t

like it you get a refund but it’s

totally worth it like we use it day in

and day out as professionals you can use

it right away as a standalone or if you

want to you can use it as a plug-in but

like you said you want to get out of the

ecosystem so you don’t want to use that

as a plug-in you just use it as a

standalone and you should be pretty

happy with it anyways when I’m happy

with know you got me at all so with our

joint answered kenji do we answer it off

yeah he has a question I mean let me see

what let me bring this up so he also

mentioned thank you for your suggestion

I don’t mind paying a hundred plus off

for good software I guess I’m just old

school I want to own the program once I

pay you don’t want yet you same candies

now I mean yeah when they Adobe first

changed to a subscription models like

yeah what you know I wasn’t happy about

it you know I bought every single PS

versions like from 5.0 to 6 to CS you

know so on and so on and installing a

change the suits descriptions like what

I got and now is Cal

it looks like cheaper right monthly then

I look like wait a minute

oh I know way way more so I gotta keep

working in paperless subscriptions so I

wasn’t happy to yeah you know it is in

well what they did they have a

reputation building so long become

aghast and of standard of the industry

but there’s a more and more software

department out there and basically

there’s a lot of opportunities just like

Newman over here is a very good

alternative for Photoshop and like one

right now yeah we’re definitely for sure

and you know it the model I guess it

makes sense but ultimately it’s gonna

make them more money and it’s gonna take

more money away from us if we plan on

using the software for a long time and

of course as photographer when you buy

Photoshop you plan to use it

for a long time as long as you can keep

shooting right so in the beginning yeah

it’s 30 bucks a month and it’s much

cheaper than paying for $600 software or

maybe even lightroom was like I think

was $300 or something right but then two

months or six months in you’re already

paying like almost close to what you

would be paying for one permanent

license right it adds up really fast

it’s only advantage to people that okay

they’re gonna try photography

they’ll prize a subscription and they’ll

cancel it after month because they don’t

end up using it

although funny thing is those people

might even forget this cancel so they

might be charged several months without

the music so yeah yeah we are all on the

same page as you can ji-sun totally

agree I don’t like paying subscription

either but I fortunately with the Adobe

ecosystem I’m paid for it because I use

their software to make money I use Adobe

Premiere I used Adobe Illustrator

Photoshop some anime some aftereffect I

have to but when I do use software that

I don’t have to pay subscription I love

it so much like I used Final Cut Pro

which is Adobe Premiere equivalent for

Mac right I thought I wish to be a PC

yeah it’s amazing software and fortunes

only from Mac I can’t remember even with

the prices I paid $300 but that was 10

years ago and it’s been updating on

every year for the last 10 years and it

still works right now I asked ton of

features and I only paid one time 300

bucks so if I were to pay out that’s a

good old day huh you buy something that

you own it yeah now you just like you’re

leasing something some from some company

yeah this can’t know how I am

we’re all around the same age but thank

you for your question good good question

Kenji son hopefully we answer your

question let us know give other

questions whoops I closed our logo

instead of closing his chat yay God

looking back here cool cool cool all

right well I think time is almost up

right yeah that pretty much wraps up our

ask us anything hopefully you guys guy

chance to

hear us ask questions between each other

thank you can’t just can’t you time for

asking questions I think some of your

questions also came from the Facebook

group that you posted so we look forward

to having more questions of futures so

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want to flow naturally like a

conversation so and we fight a lot so

please forgive us we are pissed

established but we have our own opinion

and we’re sure you have your own opinion

too and that’s why we like to debate

about it because at the end of it we’re

all doing it for business or own hobby

but we all have our own opinion so oh I

made a vent Alex you know one’s right

anyways wrong we always talk so any last

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