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Audio Transcription


okay let me remove this and use Canton

know where your piece


hello hey welcome to pixel steppers have

you ever seen what happened earlier with

how we try to comment where something

and feel horribly well in today’s video

we’re gonna talk about how to maximize

unaware and tame Photoshop so that it

would do your bidding so without further

ado let’s go okay so we have this image

here now honestly there’s nothing really

I need to remove but just for example

wise assume I want to remove the Chinese

wedding night so I’m gonna choose my

marquee tools and use my pan to select

all the wording you know the better you

kind of select all that and give them

more fine-tuned selection the more

easier for Photoshop to help you remove

them now I remember most of the time

when you want to remove something the

content where field shortcut is Shift f5

you open your feel right it’s a feel

tool and you feel it what content where

okay that’s one way to do it you click

OK and it looks like that okay that’s I

mean yeah you can clean it afterwards

path tool

you know comb to all that but hey we

have a content we’re supposed to do a

lot what happened what happened is that

we let Photoshop one while that’s what

happened we actually when when Photoshop

tried it do comment well what it does is

it studied whole pictures and see within

the picture what pixel to replace in

that area we selected now photo is no

human computers computer it only knows

so much it does not really one way one

like do they don’t even almost blue wet

whatever you know it just we tell them

so we need to tell Photoshop what to be

a place in

those pixels right okay so let me undo

this here’s a car a way to do it rather

than using feel we go into edit and

actually use content aware feel like

that now you will came out with this

manual here okay right here it says use

the sample brush tool to add to the

sample area in order to few selected

regions okay let’s try that so if we

look at this menu here we have the color

green this shows a little area so if I

paint on something you’ll be queen okay

so we don’t want it yet I’ll show you

later I know that and here we’re using

costume alright we’ll talk about that

later okay but in this case one thing

you need memory is using this brush and

brush screen in the area you want

Photoshop to use and study till we place

our is in there so in this case there is

nothing else we need except for the

white pixels so I only let choosing a

white pixels for Photoshop to study so

that you know how do we place as the

other ones look at that so this is a

preview screen right look at that look

at that let me open this a little bit

bigger there you go

I like to click on scale because

Stephanie you’ve kind of make the whole

finger books more natural it which is

all if a virtual look at that look at

that I’m gonna take okay and you should

able to see a whole new layer on top of

this which is we place my pixel off

what’s covering the Chinese warnings

here right there just like that look at

that that’s how you use content now

we’re not feel content we’re feel okay

this is exciting how you use it now it’s

so clean you don’t have to do any more

patches or comb afterward right

okay here’s another example this one may

be a little bit more difficult but let’s

give a try anyway so well let’s play

this duplicate at one and again we’re

gonna choose a marquee tool and try to

remove this Walker next to the model we

just so happen to walk into my shot so

also a lot of people don’t remember when

they move we move the person also we

move the shadow a lot people don’t do

that right okay let’s see I think I did

a little bit too much over here so I

wanna push off and it would become a –

Maki and we’ll take that car back a

little bit and let’s just call it a good

selection and go to edit and go to

content-aware feel like that yes I know

so which areas should we determine to

that Photoshop I’m gonna pick some car

the blue row here the overexposed path

row right here also those two car a

little bit this building don’t want to

because I don’t think the tree will land

down there so like that this oh wow look

at the preview look at that

come on come on come on okay I’ll use my

hand oh yeah that’s pretty good

ish let’s trust can’t scale supposed

only do a better job was it loaded yeah

see it blends ammonia right so let’s

click OK

come on come on come on it’s a whole

computer take some time too low it’s

getting there it’s almost done almost


come on man you making me look bad

computer you still loading please tell

me you’re low in there you go

you see that so you actually generate

those call in there now if you don’t you

can’t even tell but you can always clean

it afterwards so I’m gonna do it shit

punch show or feed that wood area late

with everything and I’m going here just

a little cup whole fixie fixie and we

should be good away right let’s do it

out fuel cell it looks ok that’s not too

bad that’s generally deadline I know is

that supposed to be there not but it

looks more clean now ok

and then also you probably wanted to be

generate this pathway ok good

and voila the person never exists he was

or she was never there ok so that’s how

you use content aware fill you limit the

information you allow Photoshop to

calculate that way it would not

generally those mumbo jumbo or was the

crazy pixel to replace what you want

with a place but just what should be

supposed in there ok so that will be

your judgment rather than letting AI

telling you what to do that’s content

aware fill now I know you probably see

something when I click on edit and you

see something call kontin aware scale

what is that well not all the time you

need it but in some cases you might for

example for this image

oops sorry wha-what alright this is good

so let’s say if I want extend this image

so it’s pretty like a parent panoramic

already right but I want more let’s just

say I want have 3000 on campus

okay you know what 3000 will be a much

why don’t we do it to a hundred that’s

what yeah that works okay I like that

okay now you see if I want to fill this

with the picture this couple way I can

do this one is you know let’s put

duplicate this just in case I messed up

I can’t basically select this here and

hit ctrl T transform tool and put shift

so that it will go interactions only and

pull now if you never not been there and

never seen a mountain that looks good

right at the mana glass stretch it does

it look good I mean it was stretch model

it looks good but imagine there is some

kind of really popular location and they

know exactly how those same we looks

that’s not a five say hey you stretch a

picture you know that right so it’s a

better way to do this okay first of all

let’s duplicate that again by hitting

command J and I love double layers now

last using a marquee tool okay let’s

show you one more thing first if I

stretch the whole picture okay look I

were able to stretch the ship the bright

everything we don’t want to do that so

again that’s not just a eye

let’s tell Photoshop which part of the

picture we don’t want to get a stretch

so in this case not too bright not this

month and I wanna see if they able to

hold Mountain in place not here just to


and just a ship in the mountain okay so

I have this election now we’re not done


so once you get a selection we have to

go to channel tap and hit this loving

this is mask but when you heat it we

generate something called a alpha

channel it’s a selection in this picture

okay so the y is where we selected the

black is nothing okay now make sure you

hit don’t select that don’t show that

make sure so that algae ppl layer okay

we got this

so now we go to edit can’t know where

skill okay okay you ready for this go to

protect while we protect it with

protecting alpha one with just the

selection now let’s pull this image by

hitting shift a shift oh you know what

because I forget this select so let’s do

that first

yeah people make me stick I’m gonna do

kind of way okay this is for wheel now

push shift and put look at that okay I

think I did a warm up but at least can

you see the month in the worm really boo

what I do

oh you know what I did I forgot to

select my protection so let’s do that

one more time

mistake will make you learn something

every time doesn’t it okay so let’s do

how for want now let’s put it one more

time this one’s for wheel okay look at

look at look at look at that look at

that look at that look at that look at

that look at that look at that look at

montón de la can stretch its what that

one but you can’t get idea right so

what’s the best thing to do here it is a

very stretch because we actually

generate a lot of unknown pixels in this

image so and there’s not much resources

for Photoshop to actually work with so

we have to do a little more work for

Photoshop for example we have our alpha

channel right here right so let’s go to

kind of where’s care and make sure the

protection is on okay let’s stretch it

until we see something like this to off

oh that’s too much that’s right there

okay hit enter

alright go sorry and do a selection

again with shipped and the mountain one

more time okay and let’s generate

another alpha it’s gonna be alpha to

please select make sure that should be

selected let’s go back to the lair edit

and now we’re again this time to protect

alpha 2 because we stretch image the

protection is different now we have to

create new protection so let’s pull one

more time okay we stop there now because

of this nature if you you have a really

depth of field image it worked perfectly

but you see that we did quite a lot and

not deform it that’s content aware scale

I could do a lot of doctoring screws to

make it sure that it was stretch all the

way there but then you know this is not

to other people used all the time unless

you wanna extend images but at least you

know that you don’t have to do comb comb

comb comb all the time and that content

where do a lot of calculating for you

and but the only thing you have to do is

doing the protection right now I don’t

know you see it but let me use another

images example okay this is good this is

good okay

this function supposed be very powerful

because there’s one function they built

in which is supposed to be really good

so let’s just say if I go on to

it’s and this – I don’t know own teeth


we have that okay edit let’s go to

content aware scale again now you see

that little person there that little

person mean that continent where

realized who is the subject in there

who’s the person in that picture and not

stretch it okay this is own way now

let’s turn it on and see if it actually

do a good job some push shift

I’m sure wait a minute something’s wrong

something’s wrong I’m gonna stretch it

more so I can see the images okay check

this out now the face and arm anywhere

that has skins get protected but look at

the hair and the clothings and the body

you right so what that little doesn’t do

here it actually protects skin tones

Photoshop need to work on that they need

to learn more like was was a subject of

clothing they need more data to learn

how to protect the hair and the callings

to not just a skin tone this is not

gonna work this is not gonna work so we

can’t use this so again if you really

want to protect the subject then I guess

the only thing for you to do is create

alpha channel again okay

so do that right channel alpha channel

which is select and deselect that get

the edit go to Konami square put a

protection alpha one right so we know

Mouse mean protector stretch stretch of

no problem there now nothing has been

stretched even though if I go further

look nothing within effect except you

know you don’t want to stretch that much

right so that is content aware scale

it’s not a tool you you all the time but

when you really need it and you know

how to run it and use it it will save

you a lot of time so hopefully this will

make you clear about content where feel

and also a little a little bit about

corner where scale okay thank you for

watching and I hope that by this video

you understand more about level and

curve which will help you in your

retouching and photo editing well until

next time thank you for watching pixels

tapper again i’m jeremy see you next