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Chan photographer for the last 15 years

also graphics artist myself David win

photographer for the last ten years

doing wedding photography as well not a

graphics artist but I’d shoot pictures

and out of camera they they’re good

enough to make me money he does pictures

are cameras plus he adds a ton of

awesome digital processing and meets

tons more money so that’s what he does

and that’s why I do Hey Lighting’s a

little bit dark on your face when you

turn just FYI oh yeah we got get nilani

right on our livestream because we we do

lighting on our day to day basis so

let’s get lighting looking good anyway

so today in this video we’re gonna break

down like what it is that makes actually

let me bring up a thumbnail so we’re a

compare the EOS r5 with the G of X 50 so

as we all know the EOS r5 is a full

frame format and it GFX 50 is a medium

format which is a whole different

ballgame but look at these prices yeah

why are we comparing them I don’t know

Jeremy this is your idea so we’re gonna

talk about today so yeah so tell me so

let’s just get into Australian camera

stop rumor has a little okay price of

the u.s. out of 5 which is where I play

$6,700 us that’s definitely a rumor man


you see that’s too personal there’s a

rumor yeah but there well wait why not

the prize is not leak yet okay there’s

not official yet yes

so for that that so that lien is from

the Australia camera company you know

obviously camera can be purchased from


they already they probably all the

camera company already know the price


the retail price yeah they probably how

many to order they have to know the

inventory whatnot right so [ __ ] in

that way now people just think this

no way that could be 6400 it’s not my

full frame right so a lot of people can

you know there’s there’s two kind of one

right now I want to say no but by

looking at how can unsurprisingly I

can’t write it features it’s probably

around 4000 ish right so one part

outside that and then the other part was

a no can on some you know finance is not

as good as before with current situation

and they probably want to make more

money from each unit so that could be

that price you know if there can of

Fatboy they will probably still pay for

it 60 or $700 for our five who knows so

that was the to kind of talking right

now but let’s just assume that I mean

the latest leak it is actually 6700 from

a Australian camera company like rumor

okay just saying that now okay

if a full-frame camera even though he

had all that features in there mmm-hmm

but Fuji GFX medium format that this one

here is a GFX 50s new brand new body

only only cost 50 $4.99 yeah a

full-frame camera is more expensive than

medium format so this is where we could

talk about all right that’s a good topic

I like it this is a good idea you part

up a great topic and just so that I can

debunk your rumor I see your argument

why why $6,700 might be the price I

highly doubt it

and the reason for that is that it’s

crazy yeah in the makes sense it might

be the reason why people are posting

this price it’s just to get media

attention maybe those websites are doing

it just to get their name out and people

start talking about this website is it

Australian website you said yeah that

posted it so now everyone knows that

particular website I don’t but like if I

google it I’ll find out then which

website is right so they’re getting a

lot of Free Press free attraction to

their website for sure the reason why I

don’t think this price is reasonable for

r5 is because I’ve been weekend in for

over ten years and I have a good

understanding of their lineup and

basically there are five is going to be

the mirrorless equivalent

there are five series line which is

equivalent to the EOS 5d Mark 3 Mar for

whatever I have no idea I didn’t

befallen them on Canon L / – Canon so

the way can it works is the smaller the

number the higher end the the camera

lineup is right so look for example you

got the that’s what I found right right

right the 500 series the d 5 500 D and

then the 50 D and then the 5 D then the


camera the 5 D is like the the high

professional camera and then the 50 D is

more like a professional but on the

consumer line and the 500 D is like

pretty much just consumer great alright

so on the eos our series it should be

parallel to that and because of that the

r5 should be parallel to the 5 v b4 yeah


so therefore the fighting my 4 is around

my 4500 3500 so I think this camera

cannot be more than 4000 and if it is

then there’s some weird stuff with the

lineup things are going to definitely

change now this camera does have all the

features and if you just think that

canons technology has out there so

they’re really throwing everything in

one camera which Canon has actually been

notoriously to not do they’ve always

been notorious to leave something out to

make it the perfect camera and the the

business reason for that is so that they

can sell other cameras and it don’t

[ __ ] business in other cameras but if

they do it to this camera it will

[ __ ] their other cameras like their

professional cinema cameras can’t even

do a que video whereas this r5 can so

maybe that might justify a more

expensive price well I don’t believe in


though you should take a look compared

to let’s say the Sony line that’s only a

seven nine mar 2 2014 5

so I run a 4,000 range of things around

right I think so too

let’s see what happens Phil let’s just

say if we jot down to 4,500 4,500 or

frame and 5500 for a GFX medium format

$1,000 difference

all right let’s this and I will fight

you on that battle let’s say I’m not

fighting you okay let’s discuss I would

never get at cannon ever all right so

we’re gonna discuss this I would say at


I was still conscious no I mean I mean

you did sound a lot more legit like me

if Sony sounded at a seven eight nine to

around 4500 so with the us our five is

power wrong maybe I always say because

he would see I would say around 7:30 700

to 4,000 it’s my my there’s no way it

could be under 4,000 for this camera Hey

not picking money I tell you that but

also canister every camera manufacturer

is struggling right now because of their

health pandemic situation no one’s

buying camera camera sales are just

going down because professionals aren’t

really making money with these cameras

right now like our industry is you and I

wear wedding photographers all of our

bookies are reschedule their cancels

we’re not making money and we’re not

using cameras right and hobbyists are

not buying cameras because they can’t

really go out to shoot so camera sales

are really low so maybe you know if

kinda wants to sell a lot of these they

have to price it very competitively so

we’ll see we’ll see I have I have my

fingers crossed at $3,700 because I

really want to get this camera but if

it’s 4,000 I’ll still get it and it’s


get it anyway that’s that’s why I’d

rather get the US are five than GFX and

that’s why we have this discussion right

now right because right no matter what

you’re gonna get GFX so let’s talk let’s

say we’re fine we’re buddy we’re not

fighting we’re just disgusting

all right that sounds good I’m establish

so I’ll just discuss and I’ll stab you a

few times

all right at the end of this day we’re

still friends

we slow photographers we still take

pictures and even with a cell phone we

can take amazing pictures because that

is the art of photography I don’t know a

person I would use some of my cell phone

take a picture my wife said they are you

waiting for Chopra I keep like every

time I pick up a cell phone I don’t know

what to do with it because you like when

you use a cell phone because you think

we need hold a camera cuz you’re trained

to think as a photographer but when

you’re thinking about not just that I

don’t even know how turn on the camera

because you know iPad I never know how

to hammer inept how they would you is


iPhone iPhone is the easiest camera and

I think it’s the best camera out of any

cell phone but that’s a discussion for a

different day

so one quarter is the US are five at

$4,000 on the other corners that GFX 50

at $5,500 and you can get much cheaper

and used as well so you’re defending

argument for the EOS well for the GFX 50

what is it so yg I am not playing a

features or function or would be because

the medium-format were never meant you

to you what a full-frame camera – okay

there are different piece okay for

example the GFX 50s they only should

like the small only three frames per

second so that’s nothing at all focusing

we like comp like contrast but the

ultimately is the medium format of the

image quality is Spri yeah okay and

basically I mean my my lovely camera is

not this one this familiar one actually

fix 50 ow so for yes this is the only

digital media we Miller’s medium format

rangefinder meaning we’ll find it laughs

it’s not in the middle oh yeah is a

vintage looking medium format mirrorless


it’s one-of-a-kind right this is the

real funny right here right or is it the

finite it okay no it’s behind it it’s

not obstacle

or that maybe that’s a meter okay okay

got it but basically the viewfinder is

is on the side not in the center like

this typical DSLR right cuz like if you

look at I think just for comparison if

we look at G G of X 50s I messed up oh

yeah so if I look at that G of X 50s

right so the 50s is more like the SL

style you see how it will fine on top

and then the will founder actually could

flip ya lip up flip side way so this

camera is ass is full I’ve put s temple

but what it o studio that’s right

s-s-san for studio this is beautiful

studios use okay so you know you could

basic search five o’clock at night if

it’s too low you can flip will punt up

and Inc your foot on the top or you know

but most of time if you do a studio you

medium format you you will go with

chattering anyway so the will find it

don’t mean crap to you and but the price

is quite different right because right

now it’s 50s it’s actually that bigger

price that you shared with us yeah with

my my people if it’s not hundred Wow the


I don’t even cheaper than a medium all

fulfilled EMU yeah a full foam I’m full

frame sorry yes that’s not such thing as

full format it’s only full frame yeah

full form I did I only medium format

video frames right so the G of X 50 on

Amazon right now the are is actually

$1000 off right now like right so that’s

actually cool that’s actually really

cool that’s that’s what I want to get

that helps you guys help your argument a

lot like at this price that’s actually

really good

so okay you can’t even get a Sony with

that price no and then let’s see at the

used price dude it’s the same price as

the you

price uh no they stand you from free

shipping other stuff so oh man this is

really good like right now anyone

watching this video if you want G

effects if you want a medium format


okay that’s a good deal like see it

works because last time I feel like um

Microsoft commercial yeah and I asked

for g2 well I didn’t only medium for

Macbeth man and yeah I asked temple let

me borrow this me actually a simple a

medium format and they let me choose you

want to add so out and I look at this

stuff I want it out I would look good

how it works I should a commercial with

it yes yeah I mean so this is a close-up

of the R because it’s very stylish right

it doesn’t look like a traditional DSLR

and like you said the unique thing is

this rangefinder viewfinder is on the

side so you can tell I like about it it

you really need to know your basics with

this camera because it does not have

in-camera stabilization the lens don’t

have nothing right you need to know your

settings you need to know what saves

shutters to use what save average to use

that tight stuff and also you just base

it just all that outside to like you

know so it’s pretty cool or dial all

that it’s just basically basic all you

care about an f-stop shutter ISO right

way bar just give it all up because we

should know raw here yeah it doesn’t

matter so fun you know it it is fun to

use something where you actually have to

know the basic I kind of think this is

synonymous to like driving a manual

transmission car and driving an

automatic car you really not time eBay

I never switched I just reasonably start

driving automatic to you dramatic what I

do I think all the way until I have my

baby you know what I

I got forced to sell my car what sport

cards rx-7 yeah I missed it there are

seven eighths legendary

I wish you still have it so we can do a

photoelectron that I have the os8 are

say okay Mike it was I have to tone it

back but yeah it’s kinda hard to put it

there yeah

but anyway so this is this is the G of X


interested in and your your your

argument is really strong given that

it’s $3,500 right now you know my AB you

follow my journey mean that with us

being with the Sony Ambassador my

favorite camera in Sony and we never

guess with one I don’t know it would be

this donkey ox1 all right okay I don’t

know that why this only like camera that

has specific something that other

cameras don’t have what is the rx100

it’s expensive it’s a full-frame camera

it’s the first full frame

point-and-shoot type small camera oh

that’s pretty cool

full-frame that haunts out that this is

not the cool thing is basically back

then I had to go back to you honk honk

Sony and train them about marking

because they don’t have a cell to sell

this camera yeah one thing this camera

up till today still no make no camera

manufacturers no camera no digital me no

camera had this function it’s a built in


shutters on the lens it’s not on the

body so rather than go shutter yeah it’s

a lip shutter so we opened wide like a

circle you know most a different between

that concealer lifter and your typical

go up and down shutter I forgot to turn

a bit so with your typical ups and down

shutters you have a sync speed on your

flash right yes because when you close

it’s basically one direction of goes up

and down so if we can sync meaning

that’s part of the sensor can’t get yes

light yes but with each other because

it’s open even oh yeah so for this

camera I don’t need any kind of

high-speed sync I can just go to one

over 4000 manual flash easy

that’s pretty mean that I could

basically buy the cheapest flash out

there and still go out there and do the

high-speed sync thing rather and pay

couple doubt hundred dollar for flash

yeah that’s pretty cool

okay that is fantastic but this is not

Russian so going back to okay what is

your argument for the e G fx50 our

number one price can on that has a wings

finder style then I might think about it

okay so the style the price image

quality medium answer and the wings

miners as the two thing and the price

and the price 35 which is cheaper than a

muff all right yes it’s the same price

it’s a 5d Mark four in it video for it

yeah it is medium format you have

limitations to what a write your

limitation is allow you to be creative

yes yes of course you can always have a

body nice working right so then portrait

and commercial use is not gonna be for

advanced or wedding no don’t even think

about that it’s not the camera for that

okay this is for taking portraits or go

out to take landscape yes right because

you a landscape they what this is like a

medium format imagine the other medium

form is heavy

if I were crimes a monthly netiquette

landscape yes this is the perfect

cameras light yeah yeah that’s actually

look at some of the specs here so this

is this is can a Fugees website right so

you got 51 point 4 megapixel so you knew

how to LA to make a pixel so if you need

to crop in a whole bunch you can write

the only downside is Gmail so no my ex

moments will work with now have a bright

brand-new answers but I’ll pay with that

I mean I don’t need so for this camera

body if you look at it is slim is

smaller it’s not like the do I asked

which is bogey so I will personally only

buy prominences for this so it’s a small

and lighter and looks more clean yeah

whenever you mess up this yes

we’ll agree to and because you don’t

want to ruin that style you have right

hmm I would definitely get one builder

wood grips and you know letters really

awesome that Australian stuff so just

hey I’m a hipster yeah

so let’s see what the G says here so

just like medium for my cameras in the

past the GFX 50 R has been developed in

pursuit of a compact and lightweight

system while delivering the ultimate

picture quality for everyday snapshot

and street photography this new model

expands the potential of the GFX system

and makes medium format output even more

accessible you know about the trick

photography kind of rule a someone told

me that once I’m not sure how legit it

is they tend to get camera that has

really low flame way to do that because

you know we’re not trying to capture a

event we try to it’s the when they do

street photography repiy okay about

training Asians so if you have a like 40

frames per second type of camera and

just go you can capture anything

what’s the front of that so they

basically want is really based on a

photographer not a camera to get that

decisive moment using a low frame camera

so that’s what it kind of points out as

like a street photography camera as well

and that’s that’s one of the weakness I

would point out too because I think the

the frames per second sphere this is

kind of low right yeah it’s only four

trains per second right so that’s the

lady actually portrait that’s behind

they don’t move all right

imagine math gig it’s fine the mountain

that we don’t move yeah fair enough

and I’m also time for landscape it’ll be

long exposure you know you want when you

lose 104 so you play a whole second with

others and if you’re in fun so yeah yeah

so it’s stop thinking just about

weddings and you know fast plays

shooting there’s a lot of fun John raw

photography out there yeah sure but but

your limitation spec doesn’t add

something that a fast frames per second

doesn’t have right so I can buy a new


and I can still shoot at one frame per

second if I wanted to or I can put the

I’ll assure speed of one over five

seconds and just shoot something really

slow or one over ten seconds or one over

a minute if I want like super ND filter

smooth motion whatever right so well

it’s kind of a thinking okay you could

try yourself a BMW yeah from you know

from san leandro from hayward to fremont

to san francisco or you could try a

vintage Cadillac right ooh

when you drive in that car you know it’s

different yeah yeah are you gonna drive

it a classic NSX first yeah all right

the same but it’s the way that you’re

driving also the way you hone in a

camera that – yeah I can see I can see

the nostalgic value in that excitement

the purists of that first well you

actually one more thing is you have to

actually play with this camera hold it

you will feel the build quality of this

camera as well yeah that I don’t have

experience with so I haven’t felt it

hold this in my hand

so again summing it up so you get the

price thirty five hundred dollars you

get the style and it’s medium format so

you have really high quality images it’s

super huge megapixels the disadvantage

is you got new lenses you have to buy

because you can’t be not a big Oh money

money if money can solve a problem

that’s not a problem

yeah some wise man said at once yeah yep

I agree also the frame rate is slow so

although it’s fine for portraits

landscape and commercial photography you

can’t shoot an event with it so that’s

when I launched it and with it you care

enough just just putting it out there so

these are the pros and cons right how is

video quality in this this is true video

what is the specification

I just don’t know I’m not we do guys I

never fall about that

does it have dual memory card it does

okay it does video – it looks like here

oh yeah those yeah

here’s use the mechanical

forced these are shutter speeds

self-timer I’m looking for the video

specs probably list it already but oh

here it is

there it is so it does 1080p at 30

frames per second and it does sent me to

meet me at 30 frames per second


and if you record up to 30 minutes

it’s nice thing it does what it does

fine it’s nothing special so those are

all there’s nothing special about that

there’s nothing special about it other

days it will frame I mean media states

out that we’ve that most people looking

for because you know is the image

quality of we’re calling for yeah it’s

actually pretty cool to record video in

medium format I actually haven’t seen it

a lot any of that I it probably has a

very unique and distinctive look right I

would I wouldn’t know if I learn to

start learning we don’t let you know

because we need a video at 1080p you

kind of lose the benefit of the full

without medium format in terms of one of

the benefit is like the superhot

megapixels because if you’re recording a


megapixel you still get the larger

sensor which means you have better lens

compression mm-hmm but that’s about it

so I don’t think this would be great

comparison if you’re talking about video

so now this one is fantastic for the

nostalgic region reasons for the

simplicity of style for something

tangible high-quality and something that

sets you apart because this medium

format it’s different right it adds a

new tool in your tool belt so did that

about sums up your argument made me say

anything yeah I guess so alright

and with the price right now by the way

it’s not an argument it’s my personal

preference sure and this is not my

people so in this video right now that

is your stance and my bid in this view

right now my sense are five so at least

we have some perspective to compare

about because if we both

want both of these cameras that’s easy

but the very distinct fact is you don’t

want r5 you want G of X 50 and in my

boat I actually preferred the r5 then

the GX 750 so that’s why we’re standing

and defending our stance all right so

you got pretty good steps especially

since it’s $1,000 off right now in the

link right below like if you want this

camera now it’s the time to get it

there’s only 11 its top left so Amazon

links down below get this camera if you

want medium format for all the nostalgic

region the style the high quality image

it’s medium format it’s a good one too

it’s probably the best medium format at

the most reasonable price you can buy

period right now it’s really good

now the eos r5 this is revolutionary

because this is the first canon camera

that actually has everything canon has

in terms of technology well we never

would find out who was everything that

all our cameraman friend had and cannot

don’t have and find out they have it

they’re sort of sort of sort of you

would be right if you’re just talking

about the flip out screen the in body

image stabilisation the dual memory card

yes you’re right but this camera there’s

a k video it wrong you did a k we do now

that’s way hold on does YouTube even

support a K we do we now the way they

don’t know okay

so true fact and I will be completely

honest I think a K is overkill I don’t

think anyone is gonna use a K well I

shouldn’t say anyone but I would say


use a K number one is because it’s gonna

take a huge amount of memory card I

don’t know it’s gonna be something

ridiculous like it’ll probably take a

just a ridiculous number of storage

space not even reasonable I was saying

an order of like I just I don’t have my

ballpark it it’s just amazingly like

it’s just gonna be so big so so big to

record a

cake raw video like it doesn’t make them

so I don’t think anyone we want to

record a ke raw because it just takes

too much this space or memory card space

right that’s number one number two once

you have the video in raw editing it

it’s gonna be crazy because Mike my

computer is like what six years old now

but at least that was my computer I

thought well I have a laptop that’s more

modern but when I edit on my iMac it’s

like six years old it’s like it’s like a

second gen I 7 but it still does fine

when I do 1080p video edits that’s how I

do other YouTube videos it struggles on


struggles up 4k you could just forget 8k

like why even try I know that I’m never

gonna use a K because it’s gonna take

too much juice space storage is gonna be

a hassle and then editing it it’s going

to be a nightmare and you know our

videos on pixel stabbers we make long

videos our videos are an average an hour

long like at 1080p our video result is

like 16 gigabytes at 4k and we’re

talking about four times that a take a

it’s like 8 times 16 gigabytes it’s just

nuts so I’m not gonna do it so you have

some comment from well but not to yet

for me and I bought something else they

said that well why would you need a K I

mean 4k is not you understand that yet

ok becomes 10 and that’s so when is a

kick and reusable right I don’t think

it’s gonna be usable for a long time and

especially you know 4k just became

popular in 2020 because I think that TV

sales numbers 1080p used to be always

more than 4k sales it’s just because

people find for 1080p more

cost-effective and they use it more but

only this year 2020 people start saying



I want to get 4k TV and it took that

it’s just about 4k TVs about the

internet connection to me now today who

watch TV they all watch the stuff on

YouTube I mean like stuff yeah so like

we really for Nia

okay in a big city that

have hot goods internet a lot of people

had the luxury have good internet right

so 4k is a luxury that I mean 1080p is

part of the max to them in a way yeah so

until the whole America has fast

internet yes I don’t think ok can’t go

up because yeah it just can’t right and

I guess blu-rays 4k technically but

people don’t really watch disc media

anymore they all stream of stuff right

and you screaming for k you have to have

some pretty good internet speed which

the majority of the US doesn’t have so

even at 4k right now although it’s

finally catching on in 2020 I don’t see

a cake a she on for a very long time

especially with the given health

situation right now and we had a tech

boom going from like the last 10 years

that’s why we came so fast from like

fourth was if what before 720p whatever

it is standard definition then 720p and

at 1080p

the 4k went pretty fast but I think 4k

is really wants me after you get there

and when standardized to it it’s really

hugest a because 4k is taking sharp I

don’t think you need be sharper now

there you know right and there’s so the

the very small justification for if you

want to be cord and a K is for the

extreme one percent of people that 0.01

percent people that wanna have something

for example they’re doing a commercial

they want a small snippet you want to do

some shot where they start out out here

but you want to do a dollar in a pan and

a rotation zoom just something very

small and then that final output is like


lot of data to not lose the quality when

they do mean really big

right yeah that’s a night yeah why I

won’t get a medium for me because I get

crop yes yeah but your medium format to

to help you and your stance it’s

actually more practical then recording


not giving you the route giving you that

benefit okay so a K is actually one of

the reason people get excited about the


and I honestly think that’s not the

reason to get excited about our fight

it’s more like gimmick that cannot make

out to kind of stand out amaura that’s

what I feel for sure oh we haven’t

commented let’s just bring this comment

up here and mention it real quick here I

can see it just question it just pop up

right Sebastian says I moved from Canon

to Fuji some years ago because in my

opinion Fuji understands photography’s

need better than 10 you are my friend

Sebastian you Oaks exactly correct

that’s how I feel too

Fuji make camera for photographers and

while cannot make camera to sell yeah

yeah I don’t disagree I think help Thank

You Sebastian

can you guys Canon fanboys where are you

man come help me out I got the 5d mark

ii i started out with that i went to

like the fighting mark358 my for 1d s

mark 3 1 DX 1 DX mark ii looking at the


US and 50 got two of those man I am a

Canon fanboy I love candid where the

kind of fat boy should be some support

so for professional when I first get

into your look at the camera yes I play

with the Canon Rebel yes x yeah or

something like we don’t know but which

is my friend my friends can’t remember

to touch it but now I was looking at

certain seeing how can I make like how

well it uh cannot mark something like

one two people follow what I do well

what a heck do you have so many versions

right and I move on to seek and Nikon’s

yak man and Nikon I had de 300 right

they don’t have TV on your mat why

Matthew Mafia my for I mean the like

next one is the ass that’s pretty much

it yeah I feel the company is more legit

they make me care about the maker

movement they’re not making more

adjustment to sell your new model so at

that point I never like Hannah ah I

don’t care how good the features are

okay it’s the model they take in the

business okay fine it’s fine it is it’s


street fighter right you have street

fighter – chief fire turbo sri fire

champion edition then you got the ultra

that you get ultra arcade edition so

yeah it’s a marketing gimmick but in

defense – cannon

they make cameras that are really robust

for the industry and for me using it

professionally for 10 years I really

like them to do upgrades hey you give me

that so they’re the big dog with the

industry that’s for sure

but if a big dog in my book rather your

company or person if you’re strong you

help out out you don’t booty people no

no comment that no comment so

Thank You Sebastian for your comment

there I like to thank you support so now

going oh no I lost my our picture

stabber I could we got my clothes at the

comment I closed our piece of snapper

logo – let me bring that back real quick

here let me put on the overlay so we

show some love – picks establish because

that’s who we are and we’re on YouTube –

at pics establish well YouTube

accomplished picture stammers also an

Instagram chick is out there’s a small

plug for pics establish we’re building

out the website right now lots of stuff


but anyway going back to my corner and

why I’m defending the u.s. r5 so it’s

not a that costs $4,000 it’s gonna have

a que video which i think is not the

reason to get excited about I think what

makes Meeks that well I think a lot of

people are going to be really happy with

r5 and why I’m going to be happy with

our 5 is because it’s everything that

you want in a camera the Canon has kind

of crippled out of all the camera so

you’re a true Canada fanboy you’re gonna

be really really extremely happy if

Canon keeps their promise and delivers

everything that they plan to deliver in

r5 a case icing on the cake what the

basic simplicity stuff that really

matters is that it’s going to use the

new RFC reclass which are really good

lens tack sharp really good folk if it

fix the problem on the focusing yes you

know you know how they work there were

about Canon with the focus you know we

do know

today we find that with the what will

others numerous lens yes they fix the

problem right well supposedly mean is

merely it should be focusing faster than

you know oh so mirrorless allows lenses

to focus better because the lens element

is actually closer to a system because

there’s no need for room for the mirror

right so it does definitely help it

makes images sharper focus is better and

also Canon actually has been leading the

way with dual pixel autofocus I’m use it

for a lot of vlogging I do a lot for

like YouTube videos I think the dual

pixel autofocus is really good and but

can it always cripples your camera right

like they will disable dual pixel

autofocus when you go to 4k reporting

like why Canon like why go back to

deepen that dual pixel meconium you know

what that is so do pixel autofocus is

it’s a technology that makes auto

focusing really good right it’s a huge

step up from phase detection autofocus

but a lot of Canon cameras if you go to

a 4k video automatically they go back to

the phase detection autofocus so our

focus hunts around and it is terrible

it’s not been usable but you go to

twitch the one that you’re using right

now in a weapon yeah so I mean doesn’t

that have the problem with the phase

detection someone I remember late way

back I saw like a comparison usually

that compared to either so means or some

other cameras and they found it the face

detection on the m50 is lacking I think

it doesn’t have the eye detection but

it’s pretty good I don’t quote me on

that I just know that the face it’s it’s

on par or better than a lot of the

competition in terms of out-of-focus I

would say dual pixel autofocus on Canon

is really good but I don’t get my XT

it’s probably better than your XT three

I doubt it I don’t know for sure but

let’s just put it this way dual pixel

autofocus is all you need for good video

you don’t need anything barring that now

if you add I ought to focus on top of

dual pixel autofocus then it’s really

great for video and photography as well

but for me I don’t really care too much

about that I just I’m really happy with

dual pixel autofocus let’s just say for

a Canon fanboy dual pixel autofocus is

Nirvana for us

however Canon does a bad job of allowing

that dual piece our focus to apply to

all the video modes within the same

camera so that’s what I’m saying like

with the EOS R which is a fantastic

camera or rather let’s say I don’t

remember which camera it is is I think

it’s the RP or I can’t remember exactly

but let me just say in general is some

other cameras that dope is autofocus

only works on 1080p it doesn’t work in

the 4k so now the eos r5 is a camera

we’re at the 4k it will do dual pixel

autofocus and it doesn’t crop either and

it doesn’t crop at 8k either because

cropping is another thing that a lot of

candid cameras do it’s like okay well

well yeah well do 4k recording but it’ll

be cropped in like what so now you have


did so it’s not that great anymore with

the r5 supposedly you’re gonna have dual

pixel autofocus on all the recording

mode at least up to 4k I don’t know if

it does it for aka but you also don’t

have any cropping so when they say full

frame 4k it’s really full frame 4k at 60

frames per second on crop with dual

pixel autofocus I think that might sound

simple because a lot of other

manufacturers have it but as a Canon

fanboy we have been deprived of that

yeah I still does nothing for me I mean

I’m I’m weird one like at one time you

heard about that the lens lens baby yeah

so many of focus right yeah so at one

point I actually shot half the wedding

with a lens baby

Wow Cana at one time I actually have my

old vintage lens which also focused a

Shimada at Nikon 50 1.400 51.4 onto my

sony and you know do manual focus and

shot that too so again all the focus

means nothing to me well I’ll focus

means a lot for me I’m gonna keep my


where we pictures just because that

moment looks cute too so I call it art

fair enough fair enough and for someone

that’s me with the engineering

background I think pictures need to be

sharp to be representative and become

competitive in today’s industry like

everyone has such high resolution

monitors and computer screens now now so

if you pick if you take a picture that’s

slightly out of focus you’re kind of

hurting your brand but again not really

that’s why our conference teach people

like you so that hey okay I saw this

picture I would you keep me an hour to

just talk about that I could convince

you but not not only this we do moving


sure right okay so we got good out of

focus we’ve got good video quality even


of autofocus now you also have access to

the RF lenses which are great at focused

quality and they’re sharp and the

colorscience of canons there you finally

have dual memory card in a camera system

that uses RF lenses prior to everyone’s

don’t have it well prior to this camera

any mirrorless camera that uses the RF

class does not have dual memory card I

feel it before all those before this all

the main camera that kept me they never

put in the fall into they never fought

the meters will be something yeah until

this one they finally get serious and

make this yo ass out five I mean all the

other ones were just like oh yeah they

have mirror so let’s make one but they

never enhance to act me a good one to

begin with I would say the the m50

series or an EOS m were there okay we

made Mir this in aps-c but they never

did merely as full-frame so when they

brought the EOS R and the US RP those

were the mirrorless full-frame that had

potential and then not only that but

they actually opened up a whole new line

of glass the RF serious lens and those

are really good lens and I love the

quality of those lenses but I can never

use them to shoot professional wedding

pictures because as a professional


I have to I simply have to have dual

memory card in any of my in all my

cameras for me to feel comfortable

shooting a wedding

so the ELS are USRP are the only two RF

cameras prior to the eos r5 that can use

the RF lenses but they only have single

memory card so therefore it was

off-limits for me to use professionally

therefore the EOS r5 is the first canon

camera using the RF lens series that I

can shoot a wedding with because there’s

dual memory card we’re talking about you

don’t know why I don’t get it you know

I’m mad not well before Fuji when i fuji

i’m alexi Phoebe’s tool it’s due oh yes

so I’m fine but before that let’s say

I’m gonna steal the Sony stage yeah I

have my Sony rx1 yes sing go-kart yeah I

have my I think it’s a a 6000 back yeah

saying go-kart and then I have a a 7 –

that one’s dual cut I believe and that’s

pretty much it still shot with that

right and I know your style and I know

that you should weigh multiple memory

cards throughout the day Derek 60 kick

yes so my wife and I shoot and we don’t

want to have to swap out memory cards so

we shoot with our memory cards in the

camera from the beginning of the wedding

to the end of the wedding whether it’s

an AR wedding to a 14 hour of 15 our

wedding we have we don’t switch out

memory cards so all of our cameras have


that’s the way when we should one when

we take one picture it writes the same

thing to two memory cards so in case

there’s a memory card failure we always

have the backup and trust me it has

failed on us before especially when we

start when we were first starting out we

got a heart attack pretty much not

literally but figuratively because we

had a full long Indian wedding I think

it was 12 hours we came back and we

plugged our memory card in that one

memory card that had the whole day’s

worth of wedding on that one camera

computer says unable to access memory

card would you like to reinitialize and

format the car I’m like seriously it’s

like 1:00 a.m. after the wedding I’m

like this is the worst thing ever it

took me like four

our hours to to do a deep scan to

extract the pictures I had to read him

the files I also have pictures from

other weddings and they’re all mixed

together and I was happy to get the

picture back but never again will I want

to be in a situation where I am

dependent on that one memory card and

that’s it because that’s what not be

paying on a one memory card right if I

lose one only probably lose 16 K out of

the other hundred gig and so much so why

I use one memory cards because I don’t

want to replace memory cards during the

day and I don’t want to have a memory

card that I can misplace or I can

absently format and we use again so

there’s dangerous to that right I just

want to focus on shoe anyway I don’t

want to focus on managing memory card

memory card starts empty in the

beginning day and it’s full at the end

of the day and it stays in there camera

until I go home and I put it into my

computer that’s why I need dual memory

card slot that’s the way I work that’s

the way I feel comfortable and that’s

why the u.s. r5 is the first mirrorless

full-frame camera from Canon using an RF

class that actually has dual memory card

that I can use for a wedding so

something as simple as that for me for

our Canon fanboy I think it’s huge

that’s my just like you good for you

good for you love my couple tees deal

sure sure and this is exactly why this

camera is not for you because you don’t

care about these things and that’s why

you rather have GFX 50 makes total sense

but again that’s my argument for this

camera it’s not the 8k video that’s nice

but again it’s full flare just say you

cannot never make a good looking camera

that I can actually feel like it’s a

camera well it’s it’s a standard camera

that America being with I’ve been asked

cameras with the one DX I feel I says

it’s just like a break yes that’s it

it’s my heart and soul man I love the

one Dax mark too and then when he x mark


thing about the u.s. r5 that I really

like again as a deprive Canon shooter is

I use the 1 DX

Yussef ID we never had the flip-out

screen that I can use in professional

environments are we good for with you

it’s great for video it’s great for

pictures I don’t have to like have my

stomach to the ground if I went really

low shot and shoot up and so far I never

thought that I would have the first

screen I don’t know where you fall so we

plan to 5d series I don’t have the

football screen with the 1d x series I

don’t have to flip out screen so I’ve

been deprived alright I’ve been your

prize this camera has dual memory cards

it has to flip out screen I can shoot

high shots be able to flip the screen

out so I can see low shots I can see it

I can vlog with it it also funds in the

house in body image stabilization yes

although the brand’s had it can it never

had it okay I don’t care what you’re

comparing it to but as a canon fanboy

finally in body initialization so anyhow

many of them be looks with your own way

now merely scamaz lens lens I have all

the camera lenses I have the I have

everything from the 1635 the twin for 70

there’s 70 to 200 the fisheye lens the


can go back those are the same mom yes

this one has two adapter where I can put

a EF lens on it too oh yeah all the

focus is really good with it although

optimally to take advantage of the

system you really want our F lens just

because the RF lens is one of the

reasons why I want to use the mirrorless

full-frame cos our lines it’s because

those RF lenses they’re really nice

they’re really high quality and this is

the only camera that I can actually use

it with so in the beginning if I buy the

r5 I can at least have the adapter so I

can use all my my current camera lenses

the old all the EF lenses will work on

this camera so so for someone like me

who never use can or never only canon

lens everyone can on camera so you’ll

never understand and you also don’t

shoot videos too so you don’t also

understand how nice the video quality

comes out of a Canon cameras because the

color size gets the street well now that

I know you I don’t even have to learn

cuz I do although

David is a we deal for me yeah well so

that’s exactly why that’s my friends of

for yeah yeah that’s what friends are

pool right so that’s why you buy the you

buy the GFX and that what I need a

professional portrait you could take a

beautiful fortune me oh no problem

and then if you want great videos I can

use the Canon EOS r5 with RF glasses

dual memory card to 1080p 4k dual piece

autofocus you capture beautiful video

for you when you need it that’s why I

got that for sure man for sure for sure

so that’s the benefit of the r5 right it

has a lot of the things that a lot of

Canon fans have been deprived so um it’s

all going built so I saw a lot of with

other firs yeah doing what they do shot

with canons yes do you think those with

over will love this outside yes yes any

Canon camera user that shoot video will

absolutely love this camera it’s a

little bit because we because it’s a

flip screen because the ability so now I

don’t know if it can write dual memory

card you can write video to both cars I

have to check that at once because

sometimes it does have dual memory card

which is great for pictures but I’m not

sure it can do dual memory card for

video if you record in 4k full frame and

you want to do a piece of auto focus no

absolutely love this but if they’re

already shooting full frame and they

don’t if they’re doing manual focus and

it might not be that big of a deal for

them so I would say yes it’s kind of a

nice thing to upgrade to if you’re

professionally shooting video but I

would say for professional use this

would make more sense for a photographer

that wants to use the RF glasses and it

wants to have a dual memory card mm yeah

so but it does it does fill the niche

like pretty much anyone any camera any

candy shooter that’s not using a cinema

r300 camera will be happy to upgrade to

this whether they’re upgrading from the


a little bit in terms of robustness and

durability of the wedding resistance but

you get a lot of nice benefit and

definitely people that upgrade from the


shooter will be very happy to upgrade to

this in fact this will be considered the

ultimate canon camera until like the r1

comes out which is like the one series

equivalent for the mirrorless line but I

just I feel sorry guys I can sense your

excitement that about alpha Bob you’re

looking at picture in arm try it can’t

do nothing for me you don’t you don’t

care but it is something that canons fan

will truly rejoice and love maybe it’s

because we’ve been deprived so long but

we’ve always been faithful to Canon and

a lot of people are coming back to Canon

because they missed the colorscience

because they missed a simple economics

that hasn’t changed in the last time

okay I need a diploma on its so-called

color science so what do you want to

know about the colours what what is

canons kind of science based on do they

have something to based on like Fugees

based on so Fugees color science is

based on a film look right mm-hmm

cannon was cannons cannon when you take

pictures or video with canyon the skin

tones are very well reproduced and

they’re very natural look they don’t

look overly red and they don’t look

overly cold right they’re always a very

fine quality to it that a lot of people

see so i beside the foot eyebrow muzzle

retoucher so I help my friends who shoot

cannons and we touch it of photos yeah

so ideal I don’t know how many different

camera files you have deal built before

so I deal with Sony’s nikons cannot also

Beth yeah panasonic’s yep Fuji’s yeah

right I this is how I analyze it from

Nikon Nikon tend to be more cooler more


the agree cosign but the green sucks

because I am like considering it the

Queen’s expect yes sony sony is kinda in

more like a digital color type of color

science its vibart the red is nothing

will go over ok it’s good but the

skintone tend to turn a little bit of

awareness just attack not too much okay

hang on to me it’s always too warm it’s

they have this yellow that’s why that

skin tone is like looks natural because

they apply a lot of yellow cast onto the

skin tone that’s what our people send

skin tones amazing no it’s not

if you don’t get which is intel Fugees

because back then if you understand film

the ultimate what they based are even in

film okay so if color science based on

film but famous based on skin tones so

when they have that that kind of base

you know for a fact that Fugees the skin

color is the best put it inside all the

special effect on the film if you just

go for the home once the skin tone is

one of the best if you ask anyone who’s


you know how Fujima cameras before right

like even before always like XD you’re

that way back a lot of portion for

towers you would choose over fuji of an

icon of a camera in a world ballet i

would say 10 15 years ago and if they do

portrait majority they will choose fuji

just because the car science that’s why

i asking what is canons color sign based

on its this based on a very pleasing

look and who is piecing who okay so that

that is that color science doesn’t have

like a scientific yeah on the can on fan

right that’s pretty much it it’s a kind

of fan thing and when you compare a lot

of footage from all the cameras like

straight out of camera when you start to

tweak things in camera or you shoot long

and you do some color grading that’s

different but out of camera the canon

colors are just simply more pleasing

even though you might think they’re a

little bit over where they warm on a

camera without any work the end result

is it’s a better color so that’s what

people like canon

because it’s just out of camera without

effort it’s pretty good already so one

thing I do want to do we touching is

that yeah I hate warmness in the picture

because if you are taking picture of a

person the skins are we warm and your

background just writing is one meaning

that you’re not standing out yeah so I

always remove the warmth as well my

friends like when you scan on spec can

on the sewers it gave me the picture

that we touch and they said man yep it

come on way better than it come up with

straight in camera why oh I’m gonna move

your warmers

that’s why you’ll put your subject just

stand out you’ll have to do a tutorial

and show me the result of that I would

love to see that oh yeah I remember that

master class we did yeah I did that one

I remember you basically cool down this

the background there’s Dan on subject

that’s exactly what that is so how do

you do that it’s like just like masking

the subject out and then just cooling

down the background usually just use

either wow I use Photoshop so I go to up

select the color go into either black or

yellow and turned on yellow and also in

black a little bit of blue in there

that’s it that’s right I do remember

seeing those pictures now they do pop

out really well oh hey we got some

comments on Amazon here so where is Chet

pogchamp oh i like cameras well so

here’s a here’s a question how do you

feel about the difference between the

canon cameras and the playstation live

cam mmm that’s actually interesting I

don’t have any experience with the

PlayStation live cam do you either for

one thing I know with Canon cameras you

have much more flexibility it is a

professional camera in terms of a really

high quality output I can’t say any

comment about the PS live cam so I

honestly I can actually be learning for

the PS live cam if so then that could be

the deaf a few differences – yeah and

then of course once you go to a Canon

camera you have all the arsenal of Canon

lenses to go through but yeah comparing

those two is actually a very difficult

comparison unfortunately that’s

something that I can’t answer for you


like Jeremy says here if it’s a fixed

lens on the PS live cam that you’re

comparing something that’s fixed to

something that has unlimited flexibility

so hopefully yeah that’s assuming that

the PS live cam is like a webcam yeah

use actually we could always add it up

let’s check it out yeah yeah let’s look

at the PS live cam for Spooky’s here who

had this question so let’s see life can

Kame Kame like so here’s the live cam so

yeah it’s a webcam so it’s quick let

your webcam so yeah just much so when

you switch to like a canon camera with a

nice length so you definitely have more

separation you know how you have a

blurry background that’s one thing that

you would definitely get with the canon

camera also it has a better sensor so in

low-light capabilities you have less

graininess if you’re shooting it in a

room that’s a little bit low light

especially if you’re doing a game

playing stuff usually a little dimly lit

room the better sensor on a Canon camera

will have better image quality for you

know the better background separation we

were shot at the background better less

spring so a better image quality and

also you can put on any lens you want

whether it’s a zoomed in lens or wide

lens you have a lot of flexibility in

that too so yeah

oh and spooky had a follow-up question

he said when when could I justify the

jump from a $500 camera to a $4,000 one

that’s a very good question

Jeremy you want to stab at that a $5,000

or $500 camera versus a $4,000 one

what’s it justification for something

like that when you actually doing

professional work and you know you could

pay for it I think that’s a good answer

right there I mean if you’re just doing

a for fun I mean to be honest any camera

even your phone can’t do it but once you

get your beween inches interested in

photography it’s kind of just any kind

of hobby you would take in pick into it

right I’m you play a game you buy more

game you know just you don’t don’t only

pay one game you keep buying games right

like pay station one two three four five

if your pace

friend you keep buying until I pay seven

five come out used to my same thing

right so as a camera is if you love

photography and you know how they turn

I’ll just keep evolving and the new

generation might have something that the

old ones don’t that that’s where you

were you upgrade but if you’re talking

about how you can jump from like five

hundred four thousand you don’t I would

not suggest you do that either because

for once that two type of camera is very

different you I would rather you

graduate it slowly upgrade to you know

it’s like 500 600 800 1000 then at some

point you might say I don’t upgrade

anymore then you just stop don’t play

that game of buying all this gear don’t

get something like this guy that has gas

don’t do that okay

so you be ask this guy say oh just buy

it you you have fun with it

no don’t do that unless you actually

learn how to use it or you need it for

work or if the type of book will require

you do so then get it otherwise if the

current camera is doing good for you

stick with it so necessary that’s a very

good answer Jeremy and I want to add the

justification in my opinion tube which

is similar but I have a slight

difference in terms of how to explain it

so basically a camera is a tool you use

to take a picture so you can use a cell

phone any camera it’ll work just fine

now a $500 camera might be limited but

if you spend like a thousand dollars on

a camera that has all the features good

quality sensor and has an adaptive lens

ability you can get 98% of the quality

of a $4,000 camera when you spend $4,000

versus something that’s a thousand

dollars you’re pretty much paying the

very small premium at that point that

justification is at the extreme low

return right you have a very low return

at the higher price margin because it’s

it’s like buying a Gucci bag versus buy

a really good bag right the price

between a really good bag and Gucci bag

is huge but you’re not getting much

benefit from it and that’s the same

thing when you’re comparing a $1,000

camera to like a $4,000 camera you might

get a little bit improved weather

sealing you might get a little bit

improved low-light capability

might get a little bit faster I’ll focus

a little bit faster frame rates but

those are the little things that matter

when you’re making a lot of money with

your photos or you’re doing like a

Olympic shooting or you’re doing like

out in the desert where you have extreme

temperature conditions when the

conditions really required that’s when

it’s justified but for basic ticket

pictures you won’t notice the difference

and you can achieve 99 or 98 percent of

those qualities in a more expensive

camera with something that’s a thousand

dollars now you mention five hundred

dollars which is even less than thousand

dollars you can definitely see a big

difference between a 500 to a thousand

dollar camera because we’re thousand

dollar cameras you start to get into

like the good professional features

where the margin armature between 500 to

$8,000 it’s definitely worth it it’s

just that when you go from $1000 to

$4,000 the benefits are not worth it so

hopefully that explains it it’s a

long-winded answer but if you have

question if you have more questions to

let us know but I hope that gives you a

guy understanding so hopefully we’ll

levi’s that anything you want to add to

that Jeremy know if he got pretty good

just feel like that it is deaf from

Amazon life or you to life yeah this

Amazon okay I feel like we’re doing it

this Quakers and when someone we realize

that we just tell people not to buy

stuff if you want I can again I am

giving it away okay I’m not like sell or

anything but legit element I mean the

gear you use unless you really have like

like David said if there’s like decisive

moment that you require gear to help you

capture or you know April

you know create then and that pay you

money back that’s fine but if you just

shown a normal picture like landscape

portrait and something that don’t

require a lot of features attack into it

to capture then to be honest if for the

house on camera even a thousand doesn’t

make that much difference yeah yeah so

the the best answer is you will know

when it’s time to upgrade your camera if

you have a nice one already

you’ll be spoiling you won’t know but

if you have a limited camera and if you

run into limitations and you do what you

can to be around the limitation if you

can’t then you’ll know where it’s time

to upgrade then they’ll be justifiable

if you laters wise men say when time

comes you will know yes grasshopper you

will know you will know having a pint

yeah we’re running out of time but we

just want to mention one more comment

spooky says yeah makes sense you guys

are heroes Thank You spooky I don’t

think we’re heroes but we’re glad to

help you on your decision for sure to

you yeah so with that I think it’s a

good time to wrap up the video we made

our arguments between the will let me

show this picture one more time here the

argument between the EOS our five versus

GFX 50 price comparison as well as

nostalgic regions as well as features

and benefits of the features and what

really matters to you if some features

matter that you want and get it if some

features don’t matter and your your

favorite form factor or style that those

are the reasons for your justification

too so there’s no right or wrong answer

Jeremy here is a professional

photographer but he wants the GFX for

what he uses it for and I’m a

professional photographer as well as a

videographer and I love the EOS r5 for

what it provides so there’s no right or

wrong answer but that’s the result of

this versus comparison no one wins here

no one wins but we have a better

understanding of the camera and we

respect each other for it right always

all right well with that I’ll let Jeremy

say any final words before we wrap it up

I would say that I really want to get

that GFX 50 out now seeing that it’s

thousand-dollar off because before I

think like couple weeks ago I saw that

this doesn’t off is used now is brand

new celeb right medium format 11 left

and if you have that camera do it that

just okay if you have a that’s that’s

like that’s a medium format camera

no that’s just so amazing to have a

medium for my camera that as a

professional photographer a medium

format used to be unobtainable

unless you’re shooting our wedding but

to be able to buy one for $3,500 now

that’s pretty incredible just let’s keep

waiting I think Fuji is making one

meaning from camera which is cheaper

them a full-frame for sure sure so they

they want to take over that market yeah

yeah Fuji film is awesome yeah they’re

pretty crazy right they don’t make

full-frame cameras they make aps-c crop

sensor and they make medium format

cameras so they whatever they focus on

they really focus on it in terms of

delivering high performance a great

value and they don’t compete against the

rest they’re just one level above it so

they compete their own field yeah anyway

don’t yeah yeah all right anyway that

wraps up our video segment for today’s

live stream thank you everyone for

tuning in thank you for watching thank

you for the comment Sebastian you were

great spooky you were great Jon you’re

great and we love all your comments and

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if you have any questions let us know

we’re always here to help we like to saw

photography we like to share our

knowledge we have tons of experience

shooting weddings and portraits and

other events so ask away

we’re always happy to share but with

that have a great night thank you again

for watching and we’ll see you next time

adios good night bye

signing out and signing out we are