In today’s episode, we’ll talk with X-Photographer, Ken L. about which is his favorite x-series camera.

Two Fujifilm camera ambassadors discussion and compare these three cameras.

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We discuss which camera is the best to buy for pros, travelers, youtubers, beginners, corporate work, etc.

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Video Transcription


i’m ready okay

we are live hello everyone and welcome

to pizza servers

today myself david here along with


we are pixelstabbers but jeremy brought

a special guest jeremy why don’t you


yourself best joke i always want yes

right here

who’s this guy who’s this so today

we got a expert topper from fujifilm

and this guy is the other side

i’m not good at it i am not good that’s

right yes there

so he’s uh canada expo towers actually

ken’s the one who introduced me to


he is the one that got me to dark side

see dark side we’re all wearing black


for a reason because fujifilm is a dark


well i don’t think we planned this no no

it didn’t

um yeah so um so today because the

reason why we have ken here

even though i’m a fuji ambassador as

well but that he worked really closely

with fuji hong kong and fujita as well

as um i think fuji corporate too so

he know quite a lot about what’s going

on and also he

he pretty much has a lot of knowledge

about details on all the cameras

uh i think back then we did a video

about talking um what’s the difference

between the x series camera

uh we didn’t go too in depth on that um


today let’s since we have ken here so

we’re gonna continue that topic and then

hopefully people will

kind of understand what are the

difference and who should get what

so i think that’s a huge question out

there right now so let’s see if we can

fix that

yep and then a lot of people i think

don’t know that

ken actually a fashion photographer so

he used

fuji gears to shoot fashion and

editorial so

even crop sensors so full frame what

what yeah oh wait no he has medium

format by the way

sorry this guy yeah

because you don’t need it the the crop

itself is basically good enough

i mean

yeah i mean fujifilm really really

optimized their

their crop sensor to be competitive to

full frame sensor and they’re really

good people use them for industry

all the time right commercial use they

use crop sensor

so to preface this let’s go ahead and

start out to say that

fujifilm has a lot of cameras they have

medium format crop sensors that a lot of

people use for professional use and they


fine picks for travel and vacation

cameras today we’re talking about three

cameras that we’re picking out

these are the most popular x-series

cameras this is the xt4

x pro 3 and 100 v and

ken has used them all and actually has

two of them in his possession

right now so let’s just start out you

have one of them right you actually have

all three sweets

sweet i don’t even know that’s even a

perk so basically in this video we’re

going to talk about the timeline when

these cameras were released

we’ll talk about some of the specs and

feature of each of these cameras and

then we’ll go

and ask ken what’s his favorite and what

he would recommend

whether you’re a youtuber whether you’re

a travel photographer

whether you are fashion or commercial

whatever you use it for

there are specific needs and there are

specific cameras for your needs

so ken why don’t you talk about which

which cameras came out on which dates

what is the release time frames of these


um timeout i can’t hear you on skype

ken ken i can’t hear you on skype

make sure your scrap is not muted

someone milked


that was my fault okay all right i

didn’t touch any cheap woods so

probably not jeremy keeps muting ken

all right cool sorry about it

okay where were we so we’re talking

about the release cycle

and when these cameras came out yeah

yeah yeah

and i think many of the fujifilm users


the potential user have read about all

three cameras back

they right they use sharing the same

poses extran4

so the picture quality is super distinct

but each of the cameras have their own

like personality design so

by the time line the first one come out

is the fujifilm expo free

and then uh it was the november

last year uh 2019 yeah

and then the new one is coming out on uh

march something like that it’s the x100v

and the latest one is the fujifilm xt4

as well i’m talking about

quite often right now yeah

yeah so let’s look at some of the specs

so if anyone ever wants to know about

any of these specs

you can just jump onto fuji’s website

and you can just go to

products go to cameras and it takes you

through all the different lines the

medium format cameras

all the x series cameras down here and a

couple of the premium compacts like the

x100v we’re talking about today

and the fine pick series here so let’s

talk about them in chronological order

so you said the x pro 3 came out in

november 2019

so let’s talk about the xx3 so what is

special about

this camera well this camera

and according to the fujifilm allows is


peel photographer design x camera

what is calling this is it’s back to the


uh thinking after taking a picture

when the digital camera comes out all

the digital cameras come with

lcd mode and i find just quite a lot of

people just

focusing on the lcd screen to um

taking picture then fujifilm put this

camera back to you like your film time

just using the

obf enjoy the


nice jeremy have you used this camera

what’s your feedback on this one


no wait but i really want to get it the

one part one part that it has no

lcd if you know me i am

weird i am like i don’t know what about

what better word to describe me i’m

weird i mean i like to i

want to use the word stand up i just

want to be different

and this camera even though it’s a


and there’s no lcd for you to review

right away until you flip over

i love it

yeah like

yeah did i even mention that how the

camera design is one of the most sexiest

camera i’ve seen

compared to all the current market uh

digital camera out there

it has one of the sexiest design kid you

not well if you’re into tiny lcd

rangefinder style i mean you find me a

winged fighter style

meteor camera with no lcd out there

i don’t see any so can

we let can you can you show the cam can

you show the camera again yeah sure

just right here so can you show us

like what makes that so special

well the special design from here at the


you can see and they have

the design and set the lcd

screens going to be hidden

this way

so why did they decide to hide the

screen and

what’s the reason behind the screen why

why is that a feature i think that why

would i want that

uh well like fujifilm say they want to

put the

digital photography into the pew

pure photography style so when people

take a picture

and most likely you will just staring

off the lcd

but every people else yeah but they want

to use

they want the user to use the ovf and

the evf to

take a picture like this focusing more


inside pictures not focusing into the

lcd mode

and well under the side of the fifth


if you have seen some uh stream camera

from the

old time and you see they were taking

like a

hassle maybe the hassle also on the top

wheel how’s the block

yes when you’re taking a


street photographer on the street if you

take it on your eyes it will be too

high profile right but you with the

fifth screen like a lighting degree from


in the lower angle when you’re kicking a

button you

the people may not notice that you’re

taking the picture because it’s oh

yeah oh i like that i never realized

that you can kind of

sneak take the pictures you can kind of

do it with the xc4 right you can flip

out the screen

but with sd4 if you flip out the screen

people can see your screen

whereas with the export screen you can

check it out but it’s still hidden

oh that’s cool we didn’t know that it’s

not jeremy that’s a

neat feature i told you that no i guess

i missed it

i miss it so that’s the x pro 3.

anything else that’s special about the x

pro 3 that you can think of

uh ken yeah the x43 is the first camera

built with the titanium mechanical

um titanium yeah

they come with three different color

black dura black and also dual

which one do you have there uh

the one i have is all black here yeah

oh that’s boring did you pick that one

or did the fuji send you that oh you

like the black

well personally i like uh dearest black


but if you keep using it for some long

time that fingerprints all over the body

you have to clean up everything that

makes sense yeah

because it’s kind of like a matted

finish right it’s not glossy

it has a matte to it right yes yes yes

have you tried the other color like dura

black or titanium

uh i shoot with uh dear black

on my trial suit with fujifilm

ah there’s your attack that’s

that’s a different color uh durability

silver that’s two different colors and

also the black oh okay

titanium okay okay i see them now very


anything else you want to mention about

this camera before we move on to the


okay yes also um this is a very iconic

parent design on the expo series there’s

the hybrid

evf and ovf oh

this is hybrid one right

so can you explain the hybrid like what

what what what does it mean to have a


i mean you can use it inside here with a

tiny little lcd screen or you can just

move it like the old time use the ovf

like other ranged foreign camera

right so does that one viewfinder

convert to a optical viewfinder and also

a digital

viewfinder too in the same spot where

you’re looking at

yes exactly okay so i think we had this

one one question last time remember

like yeah if we switch different lenses

focal length

how would that optical wheel finder work

uh well if you’re using the original


camera and the lenses it will

automatically tap

the focusing length but the picture will

not be zoomed

in because it’s an ovf

from uh from here so they will have a

little bit design that’s

a tiny little lcd screen in the corner

that you can see the real-time

viewing of the which focusing

link you’re using on it yeah

wait so even in the optical viewfinder


optically you also have a tiny lcd

inside the optical viewfinder

yeah it does it’s a hybrid it’s a hybrid


wow that’s so cool okay

so i guess it still makes more sense to

use it with what a 35 millimeter or is

it a 24 millimeter what’s

what’s like the what is the focal length


you see when you look through the

optical viewfinder

uh there’s no difference

yeah but what what what is it equivalent

is it equivalent to like 35 or


if you put on it’s perfectly magnified

through the viewfinder

oh it’s kind of like a 18 millimeter

to me okay yeah of course yeah because

it’s crop sensor right

okay that means i mean like uh the

proofing link like uh


yeah i guess that that will take us

later on when we talk about the x100v

because that one you can’t change the

lens right

yes and no on

available so there is lcd on the back of


x-pro 3 i just noticed that that lcd is


kind of revealing what kind of theme

simulator you’re using

let’s see it from here ah let me

yep we can see it yeah yep

uh so only film simulator you can’t you

can’t preview your picture there uh

well you can’t but you can set the

screen like except

the film simulation here and also the

camera setting

there’s two different uh settings from


two options okay anything else

cool cool cool anything else you want to

mention about this camera before we move

on to the x100 five

uh yeah the camera has been upgraded to

the type c

port now well more often latest camera

is using the type c

every everywhere and it can be charged

with the power bank

so it’s a usb chargeable

i like that that’s a that’s a perfect

for traveling oh can you can you take

pictures and record video while it’s


uh you can wireless charging uh

i’m not sure

because that would be important for no

probably not well we don’t know right i

mean it’s not not

not guaranteed okay cool so then after

the x pro 3 that was released in

november 2019

they came out with the next model which

is the x100v

it came out in march 2020 right

yeah around that time

so what is the difference between this

model and export three and

why why would anyone pick the x100v

uh well first thing is that the x100v is


a rangefinder design camera and it’s a

small honey effect slam on it you can

compare the size like uh

here is 643 here is the x100

so smaller smaller

yes i would say pretty much the same

yeah a little bit smaller i mean i can’t

i can barely tell you’re covering the


that we can actually see if it’s smaller

right the footprint is

it’s almost the same size but it is

almost almost smaller

yeah all right and uh yes there’s

something new about the x100b

and the pgs4 version uh the s100

xm100 series not ready resistant

until this one has come out

the x100b is a rather resistant one

and they have to upgrade the lens from


from the original design the picture

from the exponential v will be more


sharper yeah and also it’s

come with a flip screen

oh let me check out the flip screen wait

did not have a flip screen in the

previous model the x104

no none of them oh this is the 50s

x100 screen yeah but it’s not a flip

screen like the xt4 where you can

flip it out and then turn it it’s like

no it’s a it’s gonna be a

it’s a normal one yeah it’s a lot more

ones from the upside

and also from this angle to

yep but also very different from the the

way that the

x pro three flip out too because f plus

three just flipped down

well expected

yeah this for free could uh

like this way yeah my export like jeremy


is very unique yeah it is

but uh when you’re using the expo you

have to

yeah you know you know think about this

this is a good example

imagine that you’re shooting waiting

right and then um the goomba and brides

are kind of coming down from the aisle


have you ever had those time or you see

people doing that is they got a couple

shots and they want to

they basically just want to check and

see if they got to work exposure and

in focus and then but then at the same


the buyers are walking down so they’re


so having that type of setup it will

avoid you to just keep shooting

during that moment don’t get interrupted

so you will get all that now if you

don’t get those pictures

that’s not you because you’re just not

like the top oh man

well you should keep a little bit make

sure everything works right that’s the

benefit of lcd

problem with the modern photo digital

for toffee yeah

a lot you should chip once when you dial

in your setting

if you look at all the sports

photographers or anyone who do

high speed they don’t chip cause you

cheap you miss a smart

moment period yeah just keep shooting

and that same goes on street photography

as well because you know you know people


they’re not posing for you just walking

around you missed it you missed it

yep yeah you only got one shot

like sport or better yeah

cause back then with the film

photography people just keep shooting

they don’t know what to get until they

get developed

and i think what fuji is trying to bring

that back

i want to say even slow down it is slow

down in a way slowed down by not looking

in picture

but focus more into the photography

itself rather than the result

yes and i think a lot of people miss

that concept is

they care about the result because

digital photography

basically give you the result right away

yep and they focus on that

and they lost the track of the wheel

prayer photography part of it which is

the shooting part

and capturing your eyes in the frame

yep again that’s why the x-pro 3 you

hide the screen right

yes a lot of people kind of complain

about that because they don’t understand

the core concept behind fujifilm why

they build that

and if they study it a little bit more

they realize

oh that makes sense

yeah that’s why fujifilm claimed that x4

is a photographer camera

so the xbox 3 is a pure photography

camera so

what what what about the x100v what why

does this one stand out

why do you want the x 100 v

because it’s smaller where’s one yeah

definitely smaller

honey and uh well if you go for

traveling uh

you don’t want to bring all your camera

in the lenses

so this camera comes with a 20


uh which means like a full-frame name is


and also some uh snap

and you obviously cannot change the lens

right uh well technically yes no

you can’t it’s not a changeable

lenses camera but they have adapters


yeah they’ve got two adapter yeah they

have one for

the telly another one is for the wide


but i don’t have them here yeah i don’t

have them here

but it kind of forces you to use this

one lens

because it’s it’s compact and if you’re

traveling with it you don’t want to

carry extra lens you want to just enjoy

your vacation

and just pull the camera out your perch

or your pocket and your shoe

all right so i can see i can see the

attractiveness of this one lens

and this range file rangefinder style


and its smaller camera too okay well yes

it is also

yeah yeah it also changes like it’s for

free with the hybrid obs

oh sorry sorry hybrid ovf design

yeah exactly yeah that’s the iconic

design from the fujifilm

yep this camera and the other one um

x100v and also the expo feed got me

really confused

i don’t know which one to get to be

honest i mean i like the pure


i mean for the tougher part that the lcd

is hidden from the expo free

but at the same time i can’t like the

fact that i don’t have to think about

what lens to use

on the x100v basically the torque is


so ironically that’s my favorite focal

length to be honest

so um i don’t know man this i’m still

debating which ones to get because

they’re similar the tackles are the same

the sensor is the same

though oh evf is the same so it’s just

based on

which one to get it just it’s so hard

by the way this is for fun this is for

fun camera

and not just for fun uh well it’s uh i

mean it can work i mean for me

for me it’s for fun okay yeah

it’s just for free time or travel just

like your career

actually no i i kind of like to use this

type of camera that is

that looks non-professional but able to


professional work well i’ll tell you one

thing jeremy um

this camera with this design you can use

it as a pulse

why are you taking a picture oh yeah

that too

like put it next to your eyes because

have you seen those pictures that um the

other photographer used they have like a

like a medium format i’m sorry

mirrorless camera and

it’s not even wings finder right and

then they put the eye next to the camera

which is

this is not even the wheel finders

everything yes i saw

i’ve seen that one is it xt10

from thailand or from philippines

something like that

but when you break those like x-100 and

also uh the expo free you actually do

that it makes sense because the wheel

found is right there

yep yes

i know it’s the inside we see a lot of

those pictures

pictures that people just put their face

like like you know

that’s not a will finder dude it’s like

see that makes sense

yeah it makes sense when you’re using

that either the x-pro 3

or the x-100v because they have the

optical viewfinder that’s a hybrid as


so you can actually put your eyes over

it classy and they also i guess

you got that to the cropping inside the

camera setting is that 50 millimeter and


besides the original 22 millimeters yeah

digital copper crosstalk inside it

forces you to crop

but then when you lose the picture

quality yes

yes you might not i lost the facial

quality but uh

i tried myself the picture quality after

the coupling

is still good on the new sensor is charm


yeah so one thing we have to kind of be

clear here first is that

if you’re thinking competing i mean a

lot of people i mean dv

there’s a lot of site out there that

complete different brand of cameras


but when you actually compare with like

let’s say the alabama sony

whatever they are based on technology

and while fujifilm what they’re based on

is photography

that’s a different yes they’re basically

fujifilm is

focused on the person who’s holding

cameras experience

shooting it not that we sell because

they the results right there

if you if you notice a lot of fujifilm

photographer they should jpeg

they do raw because personally i

was a raw person ever since i started


fujifilm i said i i’m a good retoucher

too right

i mean you guys both vouch for that i’m

a good retoucher oh yeah

i have a hard time converting those

fujifilm raw pictures to look like the

actual jpeg they got

out straight out of the camera it is

that good

yeah it’s so hard to get it back

as you know that the fujifilm is the


factory battery like uh 9080 something

like that

maybe way more earlier than that they

have been

you making the film for the old film

camera like

over 18 years and well you know

the new generation is everybody living

from the frame camera to the digital

what they missed is the color of the


and that’s why fujifilm put all not

not all yet but both of them more of the

film simulation

put it inside the new generation digital


with their old color so that’s

the one selling point that’s uh why the

people getting the fujifilm

it’s not just about the technology it’s

about the color

yeah the color science is really amazing

especially like when we’re talking about

the the newest one the xd4 they added

the internet bleach bypass

it just looks amazing whether you’re

doing video with it whether you’re

taking pictures with it

and i can see myself using those

pictures right out of camera

and ultimately that if i like the

pictures already out of camera it saves

so much time because

what’s the point of post-processing i

hate to say this i hate to put people

down like that but

when it comes to color science right

fujifilm has

the theme that they developed back then

as a base

for color science what does the other


manufacturer have as a base when they

say they do their color science

nothing either it looks natural or

it looks like a filter right because

yeah but what is the filter based on

a filter is based on a look like a sepia

or black and white look right not a film

simulation but it’s just a look right

but even the black and white for

fujifilm they have different type of

black and white

right right

right i mean like this guy okay i got

the finger right this time this guy

can on shooter oh shoot why are you guys

down here hey we’re in pixel snap but we

stopped all right

but you know like canon canon has

profiles and they’re kind of like

instagram profiles right

viber what else do they have um a sepia

black and white processor science my


or even an iphone right or even on an

iphone right they have like a lot of

instagram filters and they look nice but

they’re not true to like the color


they’re they’re not they don’t have that

history how design is the process but


you gotta base on something first yes


if you don’t have a base already how how

can you had this

you don’t even have the core value of

the color how do you expand

right right

so for me i want either one i want both

i want one thing is

the color of the skin needs to be

reproduced well

so if i don’t have any filter i want it

to be real life i want it to look good

skin tone needs to look good i like that

you would have to go with

fujifilm because back then when i just


i still remember this when i just

started i was a nikon shooter

i actually met someone in hong kong as a

google friend right now

and he been shooting for the past 20

years and he told me that if you’re

shooting portrait

it has to go with fujifilm camera

because basically straight out the skin

tone is perfect

okay so they got good color science and

they also have skin tones

nice all right cool cool so i mean

jumping back to

here we talked about the x-pro 3 earlier

then we talked about the x100v

and then next on the series that came

out right after the x100 feet

was the xt4 right that’s the workhorse

yes so what can you tell me about the


okay so the ht4 is just like what jeremy

said is the workhorse

what caused the side camera is

fit more of the feel

of photography or radiographic yeah

and well it’s also come with a classic


like fujifilm one xt1 or xt2

but they have improved a lot on this


and the first thing about is people

complaining about the

battery life of the fujifilm cameras dry

out so quick

right i think jeremy have experience

with that


but even i do and when i’m shooting with

a previous model at least i have to

prepare like um

up to three or four batteries for one

shooting like

uh eight hours a day yeah and

now this time the fujifilm c4 have


the new battery it’s like uh pretty much

the same size

but the battery is double i mean

you carry four battery for your previous


and for the st4 you just need two of


well see

so i can see it’s a little bit taller

and a little bit wider and a little bit


so it’s a little bit bigger in all the


is it heavier uh not really if it must

seem a little bit heavier it’s just a

little bit

you can’t really it’s more just the

alleyway it doesn’t even know it’s heavy

a little bit it does not affect that

much that’s true

yeah yeah yeah but it’s a double size of

their own

battery i mean double capacity slightly


but double capacity yeah yeah exactly

that’s important

and what yes jeremy i was about to

upgrade to xd4 just because of the

battery but then

i decided to shoot less wedding and or

event so i don’t need a

camera that could last a whole day

anymore so it’s i don’t have to i don’t


anymore well get your batteries

yeah exactly yeah

yeah one cool thing yes

go ahead yeah yeah just go ahead go


oh yeah one of the things that i like

about the xc4 battery is that it’s

designed for

weather right because even if you use it

like really cold weather

it actually holds the charge really well

which is something that a lot of

photographers complain when they take

their camera out to like the cold


usually the chemistry in the battery

doesn’t let it last very long but with

the new xc4 battery

supposedly it’s really good can you

confirm that

uh i haven’t shoot any under extremely


but i can only tell you that battery

life is uh

stay for pretty long time i did the last


well i did a trial shooting off the hd4

back to

march and i was having like

a four hour shooting i was

expecting that the battery dried out

after the shooting because i used quite

a lot of uh

uh features inside xt4 which

will spend more power of it like uh the


and also the eye focus tracking that

will kill the battery quickly but after

the shooting

i mean it completed uh well it’s pretty

much like four

or five hours and i checked the battery

i still have about


that’s wow that’s impressive

yes wow so you mentioned a couple things

there that i was actually

interested in too you mentioned that it

has like uh

ibis now is the ibis improved over this

camera versus like the

previous generation or how does it

compare to the other cameras we talked


uh well the hd4 is not the first camera

from the fujifilm with the ibis

this is the second one right here the

sh1 have the

first generation this is that new design

the second generation of the ibis from

the fujifilm

and it’s a tiny little bit smaller and

it’s more stable to compare with the h1

also one thing is that when you’re doing

the videography

and when you’re doing the panning uh

from the

previous version that’s that you will

see the general effect

like this a channel yeah moving into it


on the xt4 is improved quite a lot with

your winkle right

yes get it

yes on hd4 i try to do the panning as

well and i for know that the general

resources have been improved quite a lot

better i’m sorry sorry for interruption

sure we have a question on amazon live


um amber is asking is fujifilm x100v

good for uh starter starters like


and why not a camera she asked

i wouldn’t say canon is not good but and

depends on the budget you have

and for a beginner

uh well i think it’s quite good

i think it’s quite good picture quality

is good that’s

definitely and it’s tiny little bit

and only if you can get used with the

fixed lens with the 22 millimeters

yes 22 millimeters yes

well personally um this is my view i

feel like the x100v

um it’s probably the cheap first one

among three of them

which is good affordable and also it’s

good for beginner because

if you’re beginning to learn about


i don’t think you should be worried

about what kind of lens to use

and this camera gives you that one lens

one choice

it will help you focus on shooting while

you don’t have to worry about what lens

to put it on or even better is

it small enough that you probably can

put in your pocket you know like what

they said

the best camera is the one that you have

with you if it’s too big too much like

you have three four lenses then you

gotta carry a camera back out all the


uh it’s too cunky you might not even

wanna bring it but this one is simple

enough that you had it you could

practice all the time carry it with you

at all times so

i say yes it is good for anyone who

started with photography

and cheers oh go ahead

oh yeah and also one thing to me like if


love photography you are already having

your camera around

and the exponential one yeah sorry the

x1 100v

is one of the best choice you put it in

your bed or in your pocket

and it’s stylish yeah you could use this

i can’t you know i kid you not ever

since i started shooting with the xd4

walking around

i got more compliment on my camera than


i can leave that

and that makes me feel good i mean i

shouldn’t because you know

they’re actually talking about how nice

the camera is not how nice i looking so

it shouldn’t matter but you know it

still it

feels good now for the second part of

question why not a cannon

david well as a canon shooter i’ve been

shooting canon for

over 10 years professionally as a

wedding photographer

and i i think to just say if you’re

starting out

as a camera for starter it really

doesn’t matter what camera you buy

it’s whatever camera you have that you

can set into manual settings

that that would be probably my criteria

to learn to photography

uh there’s two things you can learn you

can learn about like framing

uh cropping exposure and

um well first of all it’s framing and

controlling your subject the other thing

is like all the detail settings of the

camera so

if you have a manual camera you you can

learn all the settings

like changing the shutter speed changing

the aperture changing the iso

and that’s where you actually learn the

mechanics of how the camera works

and how to take good pictures with those

settings so with that

a starting camera it can be a canon it

can be a fuji

uh canons do make pretty affordable

starter camera too so if you’re looking

into the camera line you can go for

something like the m50

which is a very small compact and

affordable too

but it can’t fit in the pocket like the

x100b that’s one thing that x100b can do

that i actually like yeah you can

actually fit in the pocket and like

jeremy said it’s good

it looks good and jeremy says the lens

is fixed you don’t have to worry about

changing your lens

so because you you think it’s a

disadvantage that you can’t change your

lens right

but because you cannot change the lens

it forces you to be more creative it’s

like i only have this lens

how do i get this shot to look good or i

can get closer i gotta shoot behind this

i gotta shoot above this have some

leaves covering the frame

so it makes you become a more creative

photographer too

actually there’s two more advantages of

a fixed lens meaning the lens can

cannot basically attached that lens is

built for

the camera built for the sensors do you

think uh weather seal

much better second is um

whenever you have a lens which is built

for the sensor and the camera

the image coordinate is always better

than all those interchangeable lens

period and also one thing

called getting the fuji and also one

thing about getting the fuji camera is

that you have

all the fujifilm film simulation color

in it

if you are not good at straight up or

camera jpeg you’re done just uploading

your iphone or android or whatever

you’re good yeah you can use the apps to

transfer the picture

directly from your camera to your cell

phone or smartphone

and you just pause it without any


it’s right to the instagram or twitter


any social media platform you use

exactly okay i think we kind of covered

that we don’t want to go too deep about


yeah all right so so we we talked about

the x100v that came out in march

of uh april well yeah march of 2017 yeah

yeah after x100v we had the release of

the xt4 which we just kind of touched on


so what is the selling point of the xc4

why would someone get the xc4

over the x100v over the x-pro 3.

well let’s just like jeremy said it’s a

workhole design

for the st4 why do i say that first

thing i mentioned about the battery in

the early time

is that of the battery life

it’s very important for them

it’s very important for a commercial or

maybe a

working user right

the battery life is one of the important

things for your

whole day uh what do you say

yeah whatever yeah

yeah kind of kind of like that you don’t

have to worry about the battery if it’s

trying now you just carry

maybe two battery four days good enough

or maybe you just keep one more not like

the previous version you might

carry out uh well to me

i carry out like a 10 batteries for

day shooting oh wow

yes 10 batteries just in case they’re

not that big they’re like this size

yeah you can fit all that in your pocket

that’s true you

have a little belt or fanny pack like

you wear jeremy you can fit like all ten

of them in your fanny pack no fanny

packs for you i never use fanny pack

yeah you do

you have a fanny pack i’ve seen you do

not have sandy pet

i’ve seen you shot at a wedding well you

have this little pouch on your belt

that’s not a fanny pad what is it that’s

a pattern energy balance

yeah batman bell there you go that’s

that man

oh i actually used to see his batman

utility belt we’ll talk about that on

another on another video

so for me i think the xc4 i’m gonna

change the subject now because i’m not

talking about my batman belt

but the xd4 i think what drives me is

the video ability

because it does video really well

especially with you when you throw in

that uh

ibis which is like 6.5 stops of image

in body image stabilization which is

really good plus they have very good

video codec 5.5 oh 5.5 okay

and then how does that 5.5 work with the

lenses do you have that special lens to

get the 5.5

or how does that work well the 5.5 stop


already built in already if you have

some specific 4g frame lenses

it can go up to 6.5 they have to miss

inside the website yes that’s why so i

can actually use some

old vintage lens on to the body and

is to have the 5.5 yes exactly

at the minimum has 5.5 then okay shoot

now it’s more reason for me to freaking

upgrade now damn it why you tell me this

it cost me money now i was thinking

about getting either the x 100 v

or the x43 now you could not have even


the xt4 now come on man what are you

doing to me

yeah i’m just telling you there was

something you missed

gosh yes

and also there’s uh one thing uh why

the ht4 is designed for uh videographic


uh yeah neighbors have mentioned that

it’s had a lot of improve on the video

uh setting like the 4k 16

and now they can up to 243 for the 100

oh sorry at 1080p

yeah it’s more slow motion on 1080p on

the previous

xt3 it should be 120 as i remember

i don’t know i think yeah wait one yeah

you’re right

yeah and also the one thing is that why

uh it’s designed for the video is about

the crypt screen

oh yeah the flip screen is key

yeah flip it around yep

yeah that’s actually that debate um i

was in wpp

teaching class and someone had that

uh it’s an older gentleman by the way

and he was

kind of want to get a low angle so he

based the light on his belly and did

that shot and now they point him out

hey you do know that you have a flip lcd

you don’t have to do this right

oh no no no no no no oh he

didn’t have it he had it oh

he knows about it but he told me i feel

more comfortable lighting down shooting

like this so even though they have all

the new

new attack and features they just wanted

to go the old way

that’s true i could see that but i would

never lay down to think about it

you’re more mobile if you can go down

like this stand up and then be quicker

right and you don’t

have to like clear up all the spot

behind you so you can lay down

especially if you’re shooting at a venue

like a church that’s disrespectful to

lay down on your stomach i’ve seen the

official say

hey what are you doing why are you

laying down my church you know i’m doing

a ceremony i’ve seen

photographers get kicked out for laying

down in the church you don’t want to do


yeah oh okay yeah it’s disrespectful

because that shot is like extremely


i wouldn’t go for that type of shooting

it’s like that’s too too harsh on my


yeah and plus all the attention

everyone’s looking at you and

it just takes away from the ceremony too

yeah no no no no no not like that cool

uh i think one more thing on the

workhorse if you notice on the buttons

on top of xd4 it has more feature on top

of that compared to the others

so you could be as while you’re working

you can adjust your setting

you know asap in a way it’s all there


actually all the fujifilm camera have

this design they all

make the style for your settings like

the iso the shutter base

and also the apertures not like the

other digital camera they all

go inside the manual setting you can see

quite clearly from the top

yup i love it i don’t even go into the

manual that much except for the quick

manual the queue

that’s pretty much it other than that i

don’t well except for format and stuff

that’s it love it yeah that’s one thing


fine empty go by the vintage design like

the old time

yeah it makes it very tactical and very

enjoyable to go back to the

tactical dials to really the

satisfaction of

changing the dial to make your setting


you can feel it while you’re shooting

while you’re looking through the


wait this does the xc4 have a viewfinder

um yeah it’s just an eviat real pointer

but it’s evf so it’s not the it’s not

all okay

it’s not only that exponentially and

it’s for free yeah is it true that only

wings finder can

make a hybrid wheel finder

that’s the iconic design from a 4g film


because most what the xt4 is kind of

making the single lens with that right

in the style it’s a single language yes

it’s yes

yeah yes so you don’t really have

optical if you have no mirror in there

so it’s a mirrorless so you can’t really

do that

but for the winch finder because the

wheel finds on the side you could

actually have an opening

for the glass to be in there so

i don’t know personally i love virtual

stuff so i love which miners design

i mean even though when when you show me

the the gfx

the 50 i would take the 50 hour over the


just because of the winged finder style


yes because the setting

the hardware setting is more easier than


but we will talk about it next time

that’s the next video that’s the next

video not this one

yeah that’s medium format we’ll talk

about medium format next time

but i guess we got 10 minutes left in

this video i just want to wrap it up and


so ken we’re going to ask ken first then

we’ll ask you jeremy

ken what is your favorite of these three

cameras we talked about the x-pro 3 the


or the xc4 which is your favorite and


uh to me i would go for the

x-pro 3. yes because i love the design

like uh

it’s vintage and my first camera from

the fujifilm is expo when i’m still here

whoa esco 1

yeah expo one still here it looks nice

it looks very clean but but that one has

a lot of problems

isn’t it uh it’s with

uh yep strap on it

yes i i i used to play with the expo one

two and uh

i have some problem with that

what what what do you what’s your

problem uh it’s

it’s slow focusing is slow

well how old is that camera it goes back

to that time period

twenty twenty twelve

twenty one two is that’s a long time ago

a long time ago eight years ago like my


or my 1ds mark iii took three seconds to


preview the pictures right because

that’s all my friends


when become older

focusing but you’ll be enjoying the

taking picture

you don’t have to rush it yeah enjoy it

i’m not as

old and wise right now so i’m like

you’re impatient

exactly exactly so that that’s what like

i pull back until i see that how they

fix all that now so

well no yeah finish your talk and you

have lcd screen you can see

it’s not a hidden one

the hidden one is not inherited to the

x-pro series

it’s just the x-pro three it has the

heat it still has the oh

um does it still have a hybrid evf

yeah it does yeah it’s the newest hybrid

series that’s the first one

yeah the phrase that’s why it was it

interests me

in a way back because this is very


yes but i’m not as good as

before so when i have something that

focus slow

and have a optical viewfinder that i’m

not seeing what i’m getting

i messed up all the time

it’s a joy of taking pictures man

yeah it’s hot

so ken is um that’s your final decision

the x pro 3 is your choice of those

three cameras right

yes i can also use the export p for uh

my commercial work only if you can get

used to the flip screen

which i think is not bad because you can

use all the lens right

basically it’s a e yes

yeah it’s smart except mine yeah

cool oh i have one thing to show about


film simulation on the uh on a fujifilm


the girl asked about uh the beginner

is it yes yeah it was amber she asked


is it a good camera for a beginner she

actually asked about the x100v

but you’re saying the x pro 3 is awesome

yeah i don’t think x4

is not good for beginners it has a pro

in there that’s hard to justify for a


it’s the usability of the camera itself

it just kind of it’s

wonky not putting in that character we

just put it that way yeah

that’s right i’m going to show you the

the screen from the

camera inside uh so i’m going to

change oh cool

so inside it still simulated or maybe

off yeah all of the


okay got it

yes it’s quite good for uh people


yeah yeah it’s a little bit soft ideal

for a wide range of subject

yes and then they have their reader do

we still have audio i don’t think we

have audio from

ken anymore i think he’s kind of further


are you still there again yeah you know

what because i think is

i don’t because he switched input he

might we not

might not be able to hear him anymore

how about now

actually in skype i think we can hear


okay it was just the other okay

that’s not skype well okay

stay quiet for a second let me see if

i can’t hear him can we can’t hear you


yes can you hear me ken are you still

there yes

yes yes i am here i’m here we can’t he


i and he’s not even doing anything so he

might be cut off or something

well while ken is figuring that out

yeah i think probably because i’ve

switched the screen to the other camera

that yeah i’m looking for audio

let’s not do that no worries uh

maybe i’ll just uh switch the screen and

then do

people just sing about the film

simulation i’m going pretty soaked okay

how about that yeah sure sure we’ll look


jeremy you can you you and i we can uh

marinate never narrate

so yes

mary but he’s not doing it okay so he’s

showing a different

uh film simulator right but it doesn’t

show you the preview of what it looks

like that’s kind of bothering well


it doesn’t have a picture in front of it

when you kind of scroll down it will

kind of give you the preview of how that

look oh yeah man kenji has stuck a lens

on there so we can actually see

what it looks like oh well yeah he

doesn’t want okay

okay i’m gonna see his face now

auto white belt whoa

there we go so this is standard cool we

can see the different mode

f2 there we go and you see a setting oh

that’s his item

yes mini pro okay that’s auto mode

provia yeah that’s witty velvia

austria i can’t see the difference

really to be honest

classic chrome because of chrome should

definitely look different

i don’t see the preview yeah this is

this is not showing the preview

right jeremy is it

some are but some of those um films are

made up

they’re not as like huge dramatic


okay so it’s just subtle right okay that

makes sense

oh there’s a preview oh he can change

the preview

okay maybe not now that he enable


see that’s supposed to be black and

white i know that for sure

because yeah maybe

i can still see colors

channel x

oh i can see i can see the difference

you see the difference yeah yeah there’s

a difference

if you look at the contrast and shallow

highlight yeah yeah

you can’t see that yeah i can see it now

oh yeah there’s a turner

it’s probably yeah bleach internal

bleach bypass

but that’s cool it’s cool that there’s

so many different film modes to

to go over and these film modes are

available in all the cameras right

yep at least the majority of the

high-end cameras

i don’t know i think they yeah i think

so too i think they have it

most at least all swedish cameras we

mentioned they have yet

yeah i wouldn’t say they would have it

in like the fine pick series or maybe

even the a7

i don’t know if they have it oh the a7

probably has it you see now if you look

at it now yeah

yeah now now i can see the colors yeah

that looks cool

but i’m confused because pro neck isn’t

that supposed to be black and white

well it’s not black and white no it’s

not no it’s not is it any of those

that’s not

no oh okay uh what that’s the

black question well that one is black

and white okay okay cool cool okay

so there’s also okay look how cool this

black and white is black mine looks good

this is

uh yeah it looks like the classic black

and white pictures you would take

back in the day yeah that looks cool and


if you go into the menu you can just

see or hear yes yeah

yeah you can play with these modes all


yes but most of the time you pick one

that you like and that’s your style of

shooting like yeah it’s kind of picking

their feet

yep i’m back yay well thanks for showing

us that

that looked pretty cool especially when

you actually show the preview

uh you can see it live yeah they’re

color changing that’s cool yeah

this is so that’s the one to me is that

one of the

uh iconic on fujifilm lipstick about the


yes if you are not good at any


or you don’t want wasting your time or

spending your time for the phone


why are you pointing me at four it’s one

of the best options that you can

choose to use the fujifilm camera

yeah i i i think even if you’re a

great retoucher like this guy down here

if you can save

time and get good results out of camera

then why waste your time retouching i

think the only time you need to retouch

is because

you’re trying to get a look and you’re

willing to invest time to get the look

if you have a paying client i think


the goal is to get the client happy and

also help make you happy too

if you like to look out of camera and if

your client likes to look at a camera

you just cut your post production time

in to zero to zero 40 hours of


if he’s shooting that with um

tara tools and you know to capture one

does those film simulation like came out

right away or you only see the raw

oh yes it’s uh with the latest update

it’s shrinking

it’s showing all the film simulation

inside the uh

complement i can show you this

wait jeremy can you tell me what capture

one is because i have no idea what you

guys are talking about caption one’s

another um

retouching software lightroom but

much more powerful and if you’re a fuji

shooter you probably want to use capture

one because

it translate up the pixels

better because remember the fuji

sensor is x-tran yes the formations of

the pixel of the colors are different


beta so adobe doesn’t do the justice of

trying to get the best

sharpest image out from fuji as it can

but capture one can oh wow as well as

the color renderings as well as getting

detail out uh capturing does

a better job and then it’s

they work with the clothes with fujifilm

so now that um you can actually like

like ken just said

they um actually have new update that

you could actually see on the film


while you’re you know doing tethering

right away rather than just doing


so by that sense let’s say if you’re

working with a client and and

do your picture straight i was like we

touch already

think about that so that’s it is

right yeah all right

all right that’s the question one

software uh this one is

uh that’s not yours yeah uh

well this one is taking with the xt4

right so here is the before

before uh this is the raw file like this

when he’s sharing the screen uh i hear


from my zoom but i don’t know about you

how about now i can’t hear him resume so

okay can we just keep saying i could

translate what you said

all right yeah how about now how about


oh yeah we can hear you now okay okay

okay sorry yeah

so and yes uh la this is the

picture i captured with the xt4 that’s

the before and after

from here you can see is that the curse

from the capture one

it showcases all the film simulation

which wait so you can also

transformation impulse

yes so do you have wait do you have to

shoot in raw

to be able to do this yes you have to


okay yes this is the raw file yes

processes but it’s i would say uh

well it’s not 100 same with uh

uh the cameras right out but i would say

let’s like


yes it’s pretty much same so when you’re

doing the

photo retouching you’re just well i was

shooting like

in a classic chrome but i don’t like the

color like

on the classic chrome when i try to edit

my photo i can just

simply just change it from here or i

want to use

yeah or i want to use the high or maybe

i want to change it into like the across

i can white similar to that yes

that’s sweet and again these are really

nice color profile

not just your typical plugin and filters

these are really

artistic really subtle and very defining

color profiles

it’s also one of the best software for


uh of the fujifilm profile

wow yeah like i just said wait does it

come with the camera or you have to buy

capture once you have it

up capture when separate uh well

and there’s a big sales right now it’s

like 25 percent off

and for the capture one if you want to

use the tethering function you have to

get a poll version

or you can use the free version to

develop the

uh profile they have the free version

and you can get all the film simulation

from the free version as well

yeah i’m looking at amazon website right

now you can definitely get it on amazon

as well

there’s capture one pro seven and then

you have like software downloads

cool i have the link yeah

yep yep yeah cool the latest version

should be capture 120 that’s what i’m


oh okay yeah they don’t actually

um yeah i see it right here

uh if i can show you the screen yeah

capture 120 pro but this is a book what

so they don’t actually sell the software

here because this is capture 112

on cd so you probably want to buy it

from capture one’s website

not from amazon because amazon doesn’t


it so you can just go capture

you can actually try for free but anyway

yeah 25 off right now pretty cool all

right i mean i don’t think

yeah yeah i don’t want to steal too much

of your time

um ken so you want to wrap it up before

we go um

go to jeremy’s best pick too because we

we’re kind of over time you don’t want

to go there

i can’t pick right now you can’t pick no

you have to pick

out of those three cameras we talked

about today which one would you buy

and why jeremy

well you know my history right i was

with sony

and my favorite camera is only is none

of that is the rx1

which is a fixed lens camera as well

that’s why

i kind of like x100v because of the same


um but at the same time is i really like

the design of the x43

i know i’m not getting xt4 because i

have xd3 already

and i’m not a videographer so to me it

doesn’t change that much

and the battery life i’m okay with that

right now to be honest i got four

batteries only but i’m good

uh xp3 is actually the one that i

probably will play a lot with because

of well for once i could share the lens

of my xtv which is cool

and it’s more stylish which

fits my personality stylish

well said we have one question from our

youtube channel

arvin asks any chance

fuji launch full frame uh fuji overly


medium format


we up wow they went up to you arvin

yeah to be uh answering this question i

have one thing i want to say about uh

the full film for 4g film

when the fujifilm launched the aps-c

camera and also the media format live

the gfx

the one thing of the gfx they have the


which is exactly the same with the full


when you get the media format with a

reasonable price like the full frame

with the full frame mode you can use why

still get it for them

why this is my money to develop a full


you know that the fuji gfx 50 out it’s



right now


is a sony

a7o for

hold on well how much is it

that one’s around 3200.

so three hundred more you got medium


yeah the fujifilm


and also you can use the adapter to

use other third-party lens

like you can use your canon you can use

other new one is the nikon with the

speed border which support the ultimate

focusing now so i i saw a video youtube

video with some other photographers they

kind of

uh say that the future of digital


is medium format because all the other

from full-frame crop sensor

the cell phone mobile photography is

kind of taking over

but the cell phone can’t really take up

like take the game and

take the fight to medium format so for

digital photography to retain their

um placement i would say

medium format can stand firm while the

other kind of

getting pushed by you know the mobile


in a way so we’ll see that’s just a

prediction that he’s saying but then

it’s kind of interesting one just saying


yes well we’re going to talk about the

medium format camera next time also


yes why yes exactly and just just

to say one more thing about the price if

you go on amazon right now you can get a

used gfx 50s

which is which is better than the 50r

because well if you care about the


i wouldn’t say that well depends on your

your use

right but you can get this one that’s a

better wheel finder i’ll give you that

okay and i like the layout a little bit

better but

you can get used one good condition for


and this is medium format you got to

hold it on your handle the 50s is

actually huge

like yeah that’s one more thing that’s


there’s one more thing that’s the gfx

can do i’m going to show you

in this way oh yeah you use that as a


that’s what you do that’s the street

right there it’s a webcam

you’re using a medium format camera to

do this stream are you kidding me that’s


webcast that’s right now if you look at

him again with the depth of field and

all that there’s medium combat right


ah yes i i can’t even compete i put my

background to shame because i’m using a

green screen

wow yes all right i think we’re about

ready to wrap it up

here any last words you guys fuji


um so hopefully we can’t explain a bit

about those three

x series camera uh but if you guys have

any more questions

leave comments below we’ll answer and

hopefully we don’t have a schedule yet

but the next video me and

we and can we do another one talk about

medium format from fujifilms

so if you’re interested about medium

format stay tuned

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instagram yeah and youtube that’s our

logo yes yep yep

yeah and we wanted to say thank you very

much ken for

joining us right there

so again thank you ken uh a fujifilm

camera ambassador uh for coming on the


live stream with us and for showing us

the cameras because you actually have

them and use them on your day-to-day


because jeremy and i we love to talk

about fuji cameras but sometimes we


have the experience of holding them and

to demonstrate so that’s really helpful

and uh yeah so hopefully you will join

us next time again to talk about medium

format we look forward to seeing you

as well so if you guys want to see more

on the picture of uh

outcome from the fujifilm cameras

welcome to search from uh

your favorite stockholm or maybe my

instagram that’s quite a lot of works

so you want to tell them what your

instagram is ken

uh yes it’s the k-e-n-l-f-o

hill ah yes

we’ll leave the link down below on the

youtube video to ken’s instagram to

check it out

so you can see some of the work he’s

taken with fuji cameras whether they’re

medium format or whether a crop sensor

amazing photos and armin says thank you

i can share the stream from here

as well oh yeah yeah there you go so

there’s ken’s uh instagram it’s ken

lfoto on the top there that’s his

instagram handle yeah

commercial models nice

oh wow i like sweet i like i like the

car shot nice

very sweet yeah that looks good that’s

uh uh already

audi r8 it looks like yeah it is

oh i will catch this one with the xt1

what xt1

yes why why not

because you’re doing it commercially but

if you do it commercially don’t you want

to have the best equipment

that you available why not but

that would depend on what your outcome

useful if you don’t eat like a large

pineapple definitely go with the mint


and we’re going to like social media as

the showcase

or for the web use well exteriors do the

job already

so you don’t really have to bother to

get the medium format

yeah it’s the same size sensor still

crop sensor

i mean if we go back to all old camera

the only difference is probably slightly

of the sharpness

yeah and study of the color and mostly

because of focus speed

but you can still get a good picture

either way but why would you

use xt-1 when you actually own or have

access to excel let me guess because he

brought the wrong camera out

and no actually this one is like

three years ago oh

that’s why yeah 30 years ago yo

wow actually yes

it’s a very iconic one uh i’d like to


you is

it’s never the camera it’s a

photographer and the subject

well it’s the photographer that knows

how to get the subject

to react properly for the camera

or at least capture just a trick natural

can it moments

wow he’s got a lot of photos oh yeah

canon 1dx

yeah i saw that this is my very first

camera that i used

oh so you were a canon shooter

so he gave up cannon when’s your turn

david uh

i’m not i’m part i’m not partial to

happy cannon i can use anything i want

i’m thankful yet

i’m not sure if he wants to show all his

files out there

but while he’s watching this one

well this one is there i was shook him

with the magazine back to the


ballet sieger like a lookbook

i’m sure you the cameras when i used

expo one dang there you go

x41 now

it’s not about the camera well it’s not


uh this one was electrolyte from the

rooftop of the hotel in hong kong

sweet nice okay i’m comparable

yeah i mean yeah that’s that i would say

that’s a good wrap we covered a lot

today x pro 3 x100v xt4

let us know down in the comment which

camera you would buy and why

for me i’m getting the xt4 because i’m a

video guy

and i love the in body image

stabilization and the flip screen that’s

all money

but anyway again let us know if you have

any questions thank you everyone for

tuning in

hopefully you guys stay healthy stay

safe take care subscribe follow us

and we’ll see more of all of us soon all

right take care

bye guys see you next time bye bye

signing out signing out and one more


signing out bye