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it says waiting for pixel snapper

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you’re a live someone tells me why oh i

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this is jeremy over here my name is


welcome to pizza stabbers hope you guys

are doing great hope you guys are having

a fantastic night or morning wherever

you are

today we are checking out a gimbal

that’s a selfie stick for your cell

phone that’s 75

i think this is kind of interesting what

do you think jeremy

this is the gimbal met a selfie stick in

the park

they dated they marry and the kid and

that’s what you get here

ah and it looks pretty this is this is

pretty nice

it’s a pretty nice thing it doesn’t do

the duster you gotta open it and see the

wheel thing

we will open it it would know what i

mean so too much

box it is an open box so let’s actually

just open this

already sorry did you let let’s get a

quick preview of how it looks just no

you open your box okay fine we’re gonna

keep it just do yours all right we’re

gonna do the unboxing it’ll work

we’re gonna it’s right here this is it


we’re unboxing the zhiyun zyzun

zaiyun smooth xs you pronounce it right

jeremy you’re chinese you have to tell

me how to pronounce the brand

yeah i’m just chinese but that’s english

zai joon is not

english how is zaijun english what what


english do you speak that’s zai zoom

it’s angus letters

okay fine so you basically you know how

to pronounce it

i don’t know i don’t know this is pretty


yeah and in some i mean size matter

right paul

but once in a while small is actually


certain things smaller

extra special that’s what xs stands for

i like it xs is not extra small but it’s

extra special

that’s right paul always thinking about

positive even though it’s actually

really for extra small

but anyway we’re going to crack open

this box i took the liberty of charging

it up

so very simple unboxing you know it’s a

nice box

flip a tap open it up and you’re

presented with some

nice instructions here so download and

activate so this is one thing

about this gimbal that you guys have to

realize if you’re buying this and you

want to just take it on vacation open it

and use it right away

you need about give yourself half an

hour to set this up

because you actually have to download

the app you have to create an account

you have to register the product and

then you

register slash activate and then you can

use it so it took some time to get that

to work but

once it works oh boy check this out it

works it works nicely

so here’s a little manual and it’s a

nice little must read here

very simple uh we’ll follow the

instructions how to

how to open it up but pretty much you

can see right here it folds really

nicely and when you open it up

you do this operation here to unlock the

handle then you slide this little piece

up to extend it

all the way up to the motor and then

you can attach your phone and you’re

ready to go it’s that simple

so that’s one of the best features

that’s very compact but they do tell you

you have to

you actually have to activate the

product before you can use it

this is my biggest gripe because before

we did this

unboxing i thought it was going to be

really quick just open up power on make

sure i have battery power

but i couldn’t even power it on because

i actually have to activate to use a


uh so just make sure you have to

activate and activate does rem

does mean you have to download the app

create an account

verify your account then connect the


gimbal to your bluetooth phone and then

activate so it’s

it’s a procedure but you got to deal

with it to get this thing to work okay

and then once it works it’s nice i’ll

tell you that it’s nice once it works

so i’ll leave the menu on the side here


open up this little thing here and then

look you’re greeted with um the product

so this is the gimbal i’ll put this on

the side real quick

but also in there you got a nice

carrying bag this is actually a really


quality bag it’s really soft super soft

nice bag puts everything together so

when you’re traveling and then you don’t


yeah it won’t when you put in your purse

my purse

put it into a purse not my purse so you

got a nice loop here

so you can attach the lanyard right here

so when you travel

with it you can always carry it with it

uh carry it won’t drop it all the way to

the ground

yes the phone and ooh oh

yes what is this this is a usb a

to usb c finally thank you

zayun for including a usb charging i

don’t know why people still like really

well not people you like so excited

seeing usbc

all the time because i want just to have

my dock have usbc

and my phone is usbc oh shoot it’s not

my iphone is not usbc but my galaxy

my galaxy is but my phone isn’t but my

laptop is

and a lot of other things i have are

starting to be usbc so i like to have


plus usb-c is a nice strong connection

that’s very solid right you can plug it

in this way

or this way and it’s not like it’s not

fragile like a micro usb

so i just like it it’s very sturdy and i

feel it’s a future standard so

a lot more product should use usbc but


you got the usbc oh okay

no power brick no wall adapter so you

need to have your own either power bank

or plug this in to charge

exactly and how old is mini usb it’s

been around for so long

the cable is fragile and you got to

figure out which is top right you got

oh it’s the wrong way flip around and

you can’t just jab it in there

you know you want to just use some force

and just push it in you can’t you got to


gentle you missed my run i mean i i i

what you said all that but yeah like

does it really need to be get it getting

that excited

over about it maybe not

thank you anyway that’s my point all

right this

oh this is something to be excited about

okay so how to unlock this right the

first thing is

you notice it’s kind of nice because

it’s all in one piece right

this is easy it’s travel friendly you

have the extension when i first saw it

yeah you know this is one of those like

animated um

robots animated weapons like you know

you just transfer you gotta hear your


yeah it looks like that doesn’t yeah it

looks pretty cool i like it which

it actually it does transform into a

sword or some sort

of video yes yeah so just it’s so

compact right

one thing about all my gimbals like

it is i’ll open it yeah i’ll open it and


it’s yeah low output yes

yes micro usb is low output i forgot

that’s a very good point

because usbc allows a higher charging


like you know those new galaxy s10 or

note 10

they can charge really fast because of

usbc um

current capacity currently as individual

electric yep

yes yes and again very compact

very good to travel with and the whole

point about having a gimbal for your

smartphone is because

you don’t want to carry your dslr or

mirrorless camera

and correspondingly you don’t want to

carry the gimbal for your dslr

so this is very important that it’s

compact i had the dji osmo

gimbal which i liked but it wasn’t as

compact as this i have the osmo mobile


the osmo mobile 3 and 4 is a little bit

more compact but this is super compact

it it actually falls into something

that’s linear so you can actually put

this in your jacket

jacket pocket and you can have it with

you or

your backpack you should watch it and

then you’ll be people

are you happy to see me

too much too far okay is that is that is

that a gimbal in your pocket

or are you happy to see me that’s what

you’re getting at


paul just gave me the omg okay so how do


unlock this into fighting form right so

the first thing is you you just rotate

this this is cool it locks into place

you just it just uses a little force and

then it goes into like

fighting form right and in this part

here you slide this up

and you’re in fighting form so that’s it

now you got the gimbal

really oh it is it’s it’s a two axis

gimbal right

normally you have the axes that

correspond this way

um this rotation right here you don’t

have that here oh shoot you have it up


so but it’s still two axes so you have

this axis

and these asses only but that’s what

allows it to be very compact

and the coolest part should i do the

cool part

yes dude is this

it extends there’s my saber

yes it’s not it’s it’s not it’s just

more anymore is it

paul and look

if i i can’t even fit it into the camera

because it’s

so long here let me show you a different

view let me see if i can get

a view where you actually see the whole

thing look

see that’s how long it is so that you

can put your camera on here so let me


some extra small gimbal pauses

all right let me plop on a phone

so let me switch over to this view for

you guys so i’m just going to plop on my

phone here

and let’s test this baby out

so we are going to fire up the app so

actually to power this on

you got to hit this right here press and


for three seconds yep and i can feel the

resistance already

and then i’ll just turn on the z white

asking what is the weight capacity on

this you know what that’s like

interesting questions

the weight capacity pretty much any any

modern cell phone will work uh i

couldn’t fit

my case on here so i would say yeah any

any modern cell phone

probably the note 10 the the

extra large note that’s actually a good


so respect wise here this is what you do

you go to amazon right and if you look

right here yes

so here’s here’s the spec so pocket size

pan and rolled

so again two actually 245 yeah 235 gram

for the phone

and the thickness of 7.5 to 9.5


uh how about the the other dimensions of

your phone

does it not say

uh this is a thickness of thickness

yeah but i’m talking about the the width

and height of your phone right

oh the payload is about 235 gram


it doesn’t i have a feeling this thing

doesn’t fit

the new microsoft dual phone yeah you’re


so i would say check with the


to see if your phone is specifically um


but for me i have the iphone 11 pro

max which is the biggest iphone there is

and it fits fine

so let’s just go ahead and connect this

and see how this works

it’s move yes it did move and now if you


it’s stabilized let me see if i can show


this top view and

so uh let me see if i can turn it down

this way

so if you did if you whoa hang on

so i’ll hold it let me see if i can find

a good view so here

i can do a double tap to change it from

landscape to

portrait that’s nice and also you can

use the control to like get tilts around

and you notice like these two axes are

going crazy but

the actual footage on the phone is

straight so what every recording is


which i love because it does all this


so that you have a perfectly straight

image on your phone

it’s pretty crazy right it because it

knows the rotation and makes it straight

yeah and then if you ever want to go

back to home home you double tap

it and it takes you home and again it’s

straight again

so it’s perfect and again you can see

how the selfie stick

is extended although this is very small

it’s built

really well to allow you to have this

phone at the end here

and not break down it’s very sturdy

it has to be because otherwise you’re

gonna introduce

shake here when you’re trying to

stabilize your footage right

so it’s pretty solid so i mean it’s not

an easy thing to make

a selfie stick gimbal i’ll give you that


one that compactly folds right because

that’s what a selfie stick is

so when you want to you can fold this up

and now it’s a tiny little thing

so so paul the question for that is uh

around four hours for the battery life

yes four hour battery life and

perfect for you to travel with

and you get the motion and plus if you

install the app which i have here

um the app is pretty cool let me see if

i can show you the app

and this is going to come with my

editing program and all that in there


yeah yes it does yeah because you have a

chance to play with those

it’s got like a slow motion mode it’s

got time lapse it’s got a hyper lapse


um it’s got a smart mode so that you can


basically it lets you

ah i haven’t tried it to be honest this

is actually

wait hold on so it could do oh i like

that so let’s see if i’m

shooting yeah outdoor uh-huh and i set

that gimbal on the phone with the little

tripod thing i could do the michael bay

hero shot yes

let’s try it let’s see what what oh this

is fall in love oh

okay so so you hear the music

basically it lets you


create these little snippets with music

so let’s see if we can find one that’s

cute and then we can make a quick clip a

travel vlog

for street photography rhythm when

you’re dancing

when you’re rotating 180 degrees oh

that looks pretty cool that transition i

don’t know if my screen is too bright is

my screen too bright

jeremy no it’s okay

and dolly zoom it can do the dolly zoom

that’s pretty cool dolly zoom is when

you when you are

zooming in and also walking in

zooming out and walking in at the same

time it’s pretty crazy right walking in

and zooming out

the opposite dolly zoom the light so

there’s different modes here

we gotta try one to see how it looks

dude there’s so many modes all right

let’s do let’s go so let’s go

i’m sorry you guys couldn’t see because

i moved up too far but let’s go apply it

so how do you do this so it says you’re

gonna record a clip for


record another clip

for 2.9 seconds and you’re going to

record another clip for 2.9 so

for 2.9 seconds clip so i’m going to go

ahead and click start

and then they’re going to say record one

clip for 2.9 seconds

so here’s one perfect and then

um after you record that one it says

click next

so click next and then now it’s another


and i’m going to record my stream deck

here we go stream deck

all right cool so i got that and then i

go next

and then this one i’m gonna record my


all right

it’s a trackball mouse

all right cool and then we got one more

shot let me do something more unique let

me get my

camera my camera above so i’m gonna

record one more shot

this is not gonna be a very good video i

can tell it’s not

let’s see what kind of magic they can

fix all right let’s see what let’s see

what we can do

all right here’s the footage so what

we’re gonna do is we’re to click save

it’s going to generate the video uh

i didn’t but i want to post it

no i do not want to post it

generating video and posting i i don’t

know i don’t want to post where is it

going to post

i have no idea where it’s going to post


this is kind of creepy because like i

didn’t i didn’t oh no no no the app

itself has its own community

oh okay so let’s let’s just post it

okay cancer posting no let’s just go

ahead and post it

all right oh it knows where i am that’s

why it lets me register so it knows i’m

in san diego when i post it

dang did this show your address there


you just post i did

okay so um app crashed

sorry okay

so the app app isn’t perfectly robust

but you guys can play with it um


maybe i should have just preview yes

i said that let’s find something more


this one is simple all right thank you

out loud oh no okay let’s not let’s not

okay i’m going to try this i’m going to

go around and take some shots

in really quick all right all right all

right i’m going to try this

let me see something interesting

what are you shooting i have no idea

hang on just just hold tight hold tight

hold tight

i got i got a turtle all right i got i

got i got a turd oh check this out

tight all right i got a turtle i’m gonna

i’m gonna record my turtle

oh cool so in this mode when i record it

it it does like the angle for me you see

i don’t even need to move it you see


oh right and i can go to the next one

all right let me let me find a different

object oh i know what i can do i know

why you got i know i got

i know i got i got some action figures

i got i think this is how all those kids

get like really cool um

tick tock videos yeah for sure right


i gotta do that i got superman this all


check this out all right my next footage

i’m gonna record superman

all right yeah he’s lying down but you

don’t know that

all right so i’m gonna start recording

now oh what

oh you see that

it does that the motion for me all right

cool cool cool

all right we got we got we got two more

let’s go to the next one

i’m not liking all this like smart mold

now yeah it’s pretty cool artwork

it’s cool yes and it’s very smooth all

right i’m gonna try a hulk

oh cool it’s gonna tilt this way

what nice nice

all right one more character all right

what character should i do should i do

iron man or spider-man

let’s do iron man iron man i meant’s way


all right cool he’s sacrificed himself

for us

yes all right here’s iron man and let’s


some action ankles this way

nice all right let’s preview it

okay so it’s not that dynamic but it’s

got some nice angle it’s the way you

shoot it

yeah so you guys can play around with


this what’s that you can’t change the

music huh no

all right so it’s okay i i think i’ll

save it because i kind of like that


but then yeah and i don’t want to post

it dave locally that’s it

yeah cool

actually you know they probably saved

the other one but they have different

ones and you can see

i think the coolest one is probably the

dancing one

because those are always the dynamic one

this one

because this one has transition you see

the transition looks really cool

right not that much rotation but the

transition is cool

does it have to be horizontal or can you

do like vertical video

for like um let’s say instagrams

these are horizontal only oh

yeah if i change this mode does it


anyway if i double tap it changes to

horizontal mode

but the apps don’t oh so

it doesn’t work in horizontal mode for

those apps you can live stream so this

is live streaming so you can connect to


own rtmp server like any custom server

you can live stream that way or

restream or calorie stream any different

should we use the livestream on amazon

you could yeah you use the rtmp to a

custom live stream

so that will definitely work you record

video obviously

you can dial in your settings whatever

slow motion

time lapse hyperlapse so the app’s

pretty cool

and i mean that’s as far as it’ll go

i think it does a lot for a 75 device

that’s pretty well built i have to say

this extension feature is really really

unique right oh yeah

because that this is the first one i


asked can you use the stick without the


yes you could uh if you turn off the


you can use it just as a stabilizer

so right now the software is off and you

can see it stabilizes you can rotate

you can turn it you can change it to the

normal activity mode

so it works fine without it uh the zoom

i don’t think the zoom feature works let

me check if the zoom feature works i

doubt it but let me go to like my camera


here and let me see if i can zoom in and


yep just like i thought the zoom feature

right here normally you can zoom in and


it doesn’t work without the app and you

see how it’s blinking right here because

it wants to connect to the app

so it doesn’t it doesn’t really like to

work without the app and like if i hit


oh the record button does work though

but the zoom button doesn’t earlier when

you do all those videos you can actually

hit the record button while

that on the screen then yes yes yeah i

could have

yep so let me actually bring this in so

you can see both devices so

with with um alpha app and this is like

using the camera

app by itself i can still use the gimbal

left and right

i can change the mode like this like

this but i can’t zoom in and out the


doesn’t seem like it’s working uh but

the picture mode does

like if i wanted to like i can just put

my hulk here

and i can hit record and it’s recording

right if i want to stop it i hit stop

and i got my my footage of the hulk so

that works

um but the the magic is really when you

actually use the app that comes with it


so that’s called dui cam and with the zy


you actually can zoom and do all that

stuff so here here it connects so once

you connect

and let me see if i can zoom in and out


you know what it’s supposed to connect

but you remember when i opened the app

it asked me if i want to connect

i wasn’t fast enough

so let me open the app again so right

when it opens it asks you if you want to


right there and just connect there it is

so now it’s actually connected

i think so i can zoom in okay for time

lapse i can’t zoom

but i think for a different mode

video can i zoom in i can’t yeah see oh

there you go

yeah so there’s sorry it works with the

apple yeah it works with the app

let me change it to the side here so you

can see better me zooming in and out

of my stream deck so let me turn this

angle a little bit

down here so you guys can see maybe

here you can kind of see my screen oh

wait actually here you can see hulk

how’s that you can see hulk and i can

zoom in

or rather zoom out there you go and i

can zoom in

it’s pretty smooth actually i like the

smooth zoom

very nice yeah and then of course i can

do my own pan

this way and the whole part of the

gimbal is

the fact that you can walk around and it

stabilizes too

so i think this is like the best oh it’s

it’s kind of

oh it’s kind of kind of like a

stabilization yeah i see what paul said

but then you know what i have nothing to

hide but anyway

i kind of just saw we’re looking for

something simple to create say um

facebook or instagram short video like


i think this is it this is perfect yes

i’m not gonna bring out my zv1 or even

my xtv

go and shoot video and come back and

edit and then put it on facebook and on

instagram that’s just too much work

yeah yeah this works and plus

if you’re traveling you want to travel

light but you want something to

have to capture all your action figures


when you’re traveling oh where’s my

turtle thank you

there you go got my turtle here as well

so yeah i think it it it does a job for


i can’t complain it’s built well it’s

very compact it’s usbc

charging it has four hour battery life

uses usbc

for charging as i said already uh two


it’s got some software it has zoom it’s

got a mode where you can go selfie

you can go landscape and if you’re all

tilted it goes back to normal mode for


it centers it for you i like that a lot


what else what else oh the telescoping i

mean the one of the the most unique part

is that this thing telescopes that long

right and you can record

selfie shots this is this is this is

long guys oh wait actually i can use it

remember i told you that my phone was

out valerie and i can’t record i mean

sorry not very

memories i cannot record any videos yeah

i lie i

don’t have an iphone i have a samsung oh

memory card

sd card micro sd card yep

yep i do have memories cool yes

and i mean i was really impressed with

the build quality

and of course you got this little thing

too this is also decently built as well

so this what you can do is you tighten

this up

yeah it’s like an extra arm if you want

even longer selfie

if i extend this i can’t fit but what

this is nice for

is um you can actually now put this on a


to record time lapses or

just relax and put it down while you

take a drink or you’re live

yeah oh oh yeah do you have your live


that’s exactly it so you can put it over

this side

and then you can see me hi guys welcome

to you tech via this looks probably

pretty weird right

but this is me doing a live through my


camera yes so basically from tomorrow on

because today we got this

you will no longer see all this mumbo

jumbo interface overlay and cool stuff

it only hits face only from now on

only my face but anyway there is

that this is this is nice i like it it


it’s simple it’s small it’s compact

and it’s portable again let’s let’s go

ahead so say i’m done recording

let’s collapse this baby uh so

what i want to do is when i power it off

so power off switch is right here press

and hold the lights will turn off

turns off and that’s it i can take out

my phone

so my phone’s removed and then i can

undo this one

put this down to the side yeah all right

and this

now you see normal gimbal a lot of these

axes rotate so you can’t really put it

and store it really well but this what

you do is you slide this down

so this motor locks right you see this

it’s just a little resistance and it


so it doesn’t move and this slides

remove this his side

you slide this down and then this handle

also locks

so now everything is locked and then you

can put this

in the nice little bag they gave us

right here oh actually i also saw the

lanyard too

so the lanyard is nice because

it allows you to carry this um

in your wrist so lanyard installation


nope failed see i come down from this

way you need a little pin or something

to push it in

little pin i don’t have anything little

i only got big stuff but you’re right i

need something really small

to push this in oh man you’re gonna make

me get out a little paper clip

or just drop it no one want to see you

installing that

nobody cares whatever dropping it all

right so

this little pouch boom put this in here

and also your little extra tripod stick

zip it up and now you can put in your

purse my purse

your purse my wife’s purse your wife’s


anyone’s purse or you can just carry it

and put it in your backpack

that’s it it works it’s compact

and this is if you have too much

caffeine you got shaky hands

no problem zayun smooth excess

handheld gimbalized handheld gimbal


for your smartphone and for those that


size and size matte size it’s actually a


or length in this length length

there you go you got the extra length


compact fulling doesn’t matter so you

could reach in the deep spot

yeah you got to hit you got to hit all

the spots so

that anyways yes

i got all my action figures sorry it’s

like a mess here but

how much is this thing again 75 bucks


that’s not bad not bad yeah oh

oh we didn’t test though what do you

mean what

they have hand gesture control on this

thing you know that right

they do yeah i didn’t test out the hand


uh just because i can’t be so close to

it how how yeah that’s true

yeah it’s gonna be a little bit tricky

to test out the hand gesture but we’ll

talk about oh it has tracking too

dude we totally forgot all the features

i know

so but the basic features it does really

well i haven’t tested all these other

features but check it out

let’s just go through the the feature

list here in interest of time because

we’re already at like 25 minutes

so extended and ultra compact size

aka the xs not extra

special but extra small but also

actually special

um elegant comfortable curves

i guess so the handle has nice curves if

you think about it

it’s very very ergonomic right even a

small hand i would attach the tripod as

an extension to hold it it’s probably

more comfortable honestly

because i have big hands um yeah

if you have big you know what people

said about big hands right no i don’t

they compensate for something else


that’s what they always say about big

things is compensate compensation

anyway so jumping back to the specs

you can record videos in landscape and

horizontal mode

you got the 10 inch selfie stick ready

for group photos


in millimeter

countries um advanced cinematic features

it’s got the slow motion

time lapse panoramic wait hold on

panoramics too

yes so basically yeah because what you

do is you put this

onto the little tripod here and you

start it and what it does it takes


picture picture picture i don’t know i’m

gonna start taking a picture of my phone

now this is so much fun

yeah it’s pretty fun it’s pretty cool i

like it i like it

so then um it’s got the hand gesture

nothing nothing it’s a hand gesture so

when you’re busy with something

you’re able to start taking photos or

recording a video with a simple hand


peace y’all yes right and then object

tracking is cool too because like

you know how the gimbal can just rotate

right so you can track your

your animal or your object or a person

you just draw a box around them

and you just hold the gimbal there and

it will spin and attract

attract the object whether you’re moving

with it or away

or just standing in one place it will

use the typical my baby

there you go your baby can run around

and you can capture pictures

so look how compact it is she’s fitting

into her little pouch there

and great for recording dances i like


i didn’t realize that you could actually

use that and extend it up yeah so

it’s like a long enough thing but i

don’t know how safe that is

it is it is pretty stable it’s stable i

would trust this yeah

i didn’t think about this but this is

stable so check this out

let’s i feel i feel good about this this

part because

everything here is solid and let’s

extend this up here

wow this is this goes up really high

there you go stable

yeah it doesn’t go up that high but high

enough that so it’s stable let me see if

i can go back here

so see stable

put it here that way i could put it on

the ground and do a time lapse for the


yes or yeah yeah and then

this is where the hand gesture will come

in right so this far away

or maybe i can even say here’s my setup

right over there

right on my desk there and then i could

be over here cooking a cake or whatever

when it’s ready to take the pictures i

can go

peace and then i’ll take the picture or

start the video nice

i like that i like that a lot

so that is that

um jumping back to the spec sheets

for our battery life payload of 3 235




again this is a two axis gimbal the dji


or some of the other gimbals are three

axes the two axes

is one less motor but it allows it to be

much more compact and

obviously keeps the cost lower so 75


for something that’s robust oh it comes

in other color too but i thought the

white looked pretty good so that’s why i

got the white one

and check out some of the reviews whoa

five star reviews

seven of them all five stars what

what oh wow great stabilization for your


this gimbal surpasses expectations it


very well packaged and even came with a

soft furry bag to put the gimbal in

the instructions were a little bit

confusing i agree they were a little bit


but it was so easy setup that i didn’t

even need to use

instruction ty

i wish okay fine maybe you’re smart

i’m not as smart as you i thought the

instructions were confusing

and i needed to read the instructions

otherwise i couldn’t figure it out

but at the end i figured out and i think

it’s a good product so we’re on the same

page ty

anyway the control stick turns the phone

at an angle and it’s really useful

when you’re trying to get certain shots

i totally agree

um yeah so ty was the only one that put

the review but there’s other people that

also put

oh wait this is oh wait there’s there’s

seven global reviews but where are the

global reviews

i can’t see them i don’t know how amazon


like this hey look we’re live we’re live

there we are we are live

yeah so there’s five reviews but

apparently i i can’t see all the other

reviews i click all reviews and

i still can’t see them so i don’t know

where all the reviews are

just don’t refine it yeah but it’s not

defined somebody else will find it

yeah but anyway i mean the product is

good 75

you can do a lot it’s compact it’s small

it’s lightweight it’s the only

selfie stick gimbal that ever found and


like jeremy pointed out there’s a lot of

different orientation

use of the selfie stick whether you’re

holding it or whether you actually put

it on the ground like this

to get like panoramic pictures or do um

a lot of people complains on the gimbal

is when they handle

i mean your arm is not that long so yes

you actually really close the face with

the selfie stick you can extend

you can have at least two free person

behind you or when you do your reborn or

why not

yes you could actually um get more into

the shot rather than just your face

absolutely yeah i think a big big big

big big big puss on that

huge plus yeah right here like goof

selfie shots

and the cool thing is you got the remote

too right so you extend it

but you don’t have to you don’t have to

depend on a timer because you got this

little button right here

so whenever you’re ready to take the

selfie shot boom you hit it and it takes

a picture or starts the video

versus even if you have an old classic

selfie stick you have to

put the phone on a timer or something

right yeah but this one does so much

more so

yeah it’s cool it is i mean the

installing part is just the first time

thing it might a little confusing

yeah once you get it sorted and done i

mean you don’t have to do that again and

just keep using it that’s simple i mean

after seeing you have those like smart

mode yeah you could create a video just

like what and

within 30 seconds that’s pretty cool

yeah and this guy is demonstrating the

active tracking right now

you see how you put on his face and it

actively tracks his face

that’s pretty cool i like that

hand gestures oh what wave will start

the recording

oh nice there’s a panoramic you see that


that’s not penetrating oh sorry that’s

that’s um this motion

time lapse motion time lapse that’s

pretty cool but the panoramic is the

same thing it takes a picture rotates

like a picture rotates take a picture

and stitches it together for you

yeah i found that a little bit over

because yeah you can take the picture

but there’s no social media out there

they could actually

present it yes well why not you can just

crop it down to like a

a smaller picture with like a whole

panoramic view you can post that yeah

try to look at

that on your cell phone either they have

really cool which is you have to look at

it one and

one frame at a time or it will be really

tiny and with this

you know yeah so there’s no good way to

present it i agree

i agree it’s it’s it’s not the best you

gotta look at that in a museum

to make it look cool yeah but if you

want to you can print it out to have a

really nice uh big picture of

wait hold on oh now it’s 20 20. no one

prints anymore

oh shoot nice one jeremy

all right let me let me see what let me

see let me i’m curious now

how well does that

so if i turn it on again and let me open

up this app real quick

and connect to the app it didn’t connect


hang on let me connect to the app

what are you testing i want to test the


oh i’m curious about the tracking

did it turn on it turned on but it’s not

oh it’s low battery yeah oh yeah because

i didn’t i didn’t get to charge it the

whole way

we’ll have to test that another time

yeah they’re tracking you already that’s


um no comment on that no comment on that

so that is it guys uh any questions


let us know jeremy will answer them all

because jeremy knows

me why jeremy because jeremy is the best

at answering questions all right

create problems better

so compact folds away

i like it i mean the design i like it

this one

slide this lock that lock this motor up


slide this down lock this solid ready to


boom have some fun get your instant

story going

and your facebook is this still called

story facebook

story right instagram stories yeah

and unfortunate tick tock



unfortunately tick-tock sorry but

there we have it that’s it guys

all right i think that’s pretty much yes

that’s it i think that’s it i think

that’s it if paul has no more further


we’ll call it at night i’ll give you

five seconds

five four three

haha is not really a question okay

thanks guys

he says all right well thank you paul

thank you everyone at tune in

if you guys have any questions let us

know down in comments below obviously if

you want to pick one up

link down below too 75 bucks very


lightweight you can fold it up you can

active tracking all the software mode

it’s cool i would get it for travel

totally alright guys remember to

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photography and business peace out take

care stay healthy

we will see yeah take a picture this way

take care stay healthy we’ll see you out

we’ll see you guys later we’re signing

out bye bye

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