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Audio Transcription

David: Are you alive in three two one? So we’re going to go live in 3 2 1 we are live. Hello everybody. Welcome to Pace established. Thanks for tuning in tonight. We’re talking about Photoshop. Is it worth it? How much does it cost? What do you use it for? Is there a great tool? We use it Jeremy uses it right use that light Jeremy.


Jeremy: Yes every day.


David: You also have tools like luminar and Lightroom right


Jeremy: mmm


David: Do you use Lightroom to use women are?


Jeremy: I use everything I used everything so


David: You use everything? Okay, I guess so in this video.


Jeremy: don’t.


David: We’ll talk about how Photoshop is great. But before we do that Jeremy since you say you use everything, how do you use everything like what? What are what do you use Photoshop for what do you select room for? What are you doing that for?


Jeremy: Well, if I have to go for the thousands of images, I will use Live


David: Yes.


Jeremy: Oaks this how I care about is it Lightroom is basically good-for-nothing editors, but it’s a very it’s a very good it’s a good for


David: Nothing, but I still use it.


Jeremy: organizing images. Let’s say you have a whole


David: Yes.


Jeremy: and just want to do very light edit. Okay satellite edit. Then that’s fine like white balance exposure to sublet charpentier, but I don’t do much it. A lot of people do everything like what my One thing I don’t like it because you can’t really see exactly what you’re doing. It just all virtual stuff. They don’t give you actual pixels and


David: Okay.


Jeremy: And then another reason is when I start learning post-processing Lightroom does exist and even though


David: dang


Jeremy: you come out I try really hard to love it. I couldn’t because it’s the dumbed-down version of a photo editing software. It’s not even it’s not even for professionals. They said it is




Jeremy: It’s for professional business owner that runs a business, but if you don’t want to create art with it, not like Rome. I’m sorry, my friend.


David: agree, I would agree. Yeah, and I guess that’s the strong point of Lightroom is that it’s great for batch processing. We have a lot of photos it helps with your workflow because you see all the pictures there. You can group them all you can edit them or you can call them and pick which one you want and delete the ones you don’t want our them.


Jeremy: So this is how analyzed Lightroom and


David: Yes. Yes.


Jeremy: Photoshop it been go back to the good


David: Okay.


Jeremy: film days. Okay, that’s


David: good film days


Jeremy: So, you know how we have a family and you give a developers they will use different temperature water right and different time to develop the film


David: Yep.


Jeremy: and also depends on how long they put under the projectors to get a light in to get the exposure, right?


David: Yep.


Jeremy: That to me is Photoshop. And then also there’s one that Lightroom what it’s like room if we go to Walgreens and Walmart. You know, how does the instant one one our photos? Yeah the dominant there and then


David: mmm


Jeremy: boom. Boom. They give us a simple photos. That’s how L as


David: Yep.


Jeremy: Lightroom.


David: Fair enough. Oh, we got a comment from Ken on our Amazon live stream. He says he agrees as well and he


Jeremy: Oh.


David: asked hmm. What about Microsoft paint? Do you use Microsoft Paint?


Jeremy: I think I use it that way back 20 years ago never again.


David: The funny thing is I use Microsoft Paint a lot in my day-to-day work because I do a lot of diagrams and I do workflow as a software engineer and as a customer success engineer in a software Department, I you just like when you need to manipulate like diagrams and stuff is quick because you just move pixels here and there.


Jeremy: Okay, wait a minute. I think they upgraded Microsoft Paint when they first come out with we know 10 and then also have the service device with all the touch with the upgraded Microsoft Paint. They are I’ve had you really step in there now.


David: Wow, and it comes with windows, so


Jeremy: Yes.


David: So it’s a free software right? So that’s a good point.


Jeremy: Is it I don’t have white Microsoft Paint in my window do I?


David: You do you definitely do. Yeah microscope is p microstepping is


Jeremy: Well, I don’t have it.


David: free.


Jeremy: I do have it.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: I have it have a about paying Fede




Jeremy: and Anna ping. Why not have two different softwares?


David: Yeah, so yes, we use it sometime but


Jeremy: Okay.


David: But in this video we’re focused on Photoshop Lightroom and lumina for so we talked about little bit about Lightroom, right? It’s a great.


Jeremy: Okay.


David: It’s a great non feature-rich but easy to use and it’s very fast for


Jeremy: The way the market is the longest


David: process flow.


Jeremy: disruptive well-organized photo


David: Yes.


Jeremy: editing software.


David: I love it. And then Reuben are Lumina for do you zoom in at 4, right? How do you work that in?


Jeremy: Newman of for has more function than my room it could be more creative


David: Yes.


Jeremy: stuff than Lightroom the


David: Mhm.


Jeremy: The organizing is a little bit laggy and I would like if you just organize your own stuff or you don’t have a lot of photo to manage


David: Yes, mhm.


Jeremy: holy fine, but when it comes to let’s say if you basically doing is for business and you have thousand portal coming in per day, then I feel like


David: Hm.


Jeremy: the room is a much better organized. I mean to be honest in with an inert relay room has the best organizing skill there is


David: Yes. Yeah that I would say that is a strongest point of Lightroom is the organization.


Jeremy: For auditing. I’m sorry, you give you like wrong. I don’t know what to do.


David: It’s guys strength and to be honest. I use Lightroom for the majority of my edit because as a wedding photographer that shoots tons of picture. I pretty much spray the day with photos. So I end up with like five six thousand photos per wedding and that’s a lot and I pretty much do it the majority.


Jeremy: And I get it, but then when I get a light room, so all the stuff that you could actually do in camera all


David: Yeah, hmm.


Jeremy: exposure all the way the sharpness


David: Mmm. Yes.


Jeremy: you can fix it all that in camera. So when it when I bring in a vote in the Lightroom, so I just white balance. I just the hi, okay fellows


David: Yes.


Jeremy: We will some noise level cropping. What else can I do?


David: Nothing much, but that’s all you


Jeremy: Hmm? Nothing much.


David: need. That’s all you need and the ones.


Jeremy: Now, oh I did more. There’s someone else maybe that’s all they need, but I need more.


David: Okay. Well, yes exactly. That’s all I need for the majority of my photos and then the 10 or 20 photos of the whole wedding day that I really want to bring out the best and move them up a couple of notches to the best. They can be then I take those photos to photoshop and there I might even use luminar for for and we’re going to touch on aluminum for just a very little bit because this video is not about Lumina for but Lumina for which is a little bit of detail is basically using AI technology. G to take photo editing to another level and make it much easier for you to mass out things automatically, for example, you can replace the sky with the click of a button or you can enhance the structure behind the people without affecting the people or you can do a portrait enhancement where you can use do some sliders to make the eyes bigger the lips more saturated the cheek skinnier without having to waste time cropping things out not crappie masking things out but that’s another video we’ve I’ve done a lot of luminara for tutorials or check it out check out those old videos on Amazon live or on our YouTube channel at slash picture saveurs or directly on our website at pics We have a lot of alumina for videos there. Excuse me, but this video Yeah,


Jeremy: Please get you.


David: excuse me. We’re really going to focus on today on Photoshop.


Jeremy: Photoshop


David: I love this photo Jeremy. Did you did you use Photoshop to make this photo?


Jeremy: Yes, it was the background pretty much is like a really G background.


David: ah


Jeremy: I just kind of ping over we place the background. That’s all.


David: Very nice the credit in this photo actually comes because you’re such a talented photographer and you had




David: such a beautiful model, right?


Jeremy: I think I did have enough time with your problem. All the lighting’s I said about lighting. So all the lightning you see here. I don’t Dodge and burn it in camera


David: Mhm.


Jeremy: like that. I have a lot of self get this done because I don’t know if you know, but if you put a person in a helmet and uh try to use Flash to the Vanadium, you could get it a lot of trouble. So I have we Factor here and there


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: try to bounce light back in its not even perfect. I mean another cheese you can tell


David: Yeah the color. Yeah, I can see the color is a little


Jeremy: this little Yeah.


David: bit less. There’s less orange down here just a tad because I bet you there


Jeremy: yeah, because yes, yes, so it’s not


David: shadow, right?


Jeremy: perfect. But inside a helmet there’s a lot of junk and I had to remove that and also outside come he


David: mmm


Jeremy: there the helmets quack, so I had to


David: Hmm.


Jeremy: fix that. That’s awful.


David: I almost think that with the power of Photoshop you could have taken the portrait without the helmet and then put the helmet in in Photoshop. Would you have think that it might have been a better option?


Jeremy: No, because my shooting it will be


David: No.


Jeremy: I rather shoot a bride with a hell of differently. an arm, which is more fun shooting then you know, I mean, you know what


David: Yeah, I think so too. Yeah.


Jeremy: she looks like it’s like Photoshop it but it’s not because if you apply a lot of lighting on to certain subject is feel like they’re cut out but they’re not it just somehow the dynamic on the Shadow and highlight were kind of




Jeremy: normal. So kind of give you like an abnormal Vibe.


David: But anyway, it looks fantastic well


Jeremy: That’s pretty much it.


David: Well done.


Jeremy: It’ll forever trying to get those


David: I’m that picture.


Jeremy: cats like on his/her eyes man. You see those catch light on her people it takes


David: Oh, yeah, beautiful campsite.


Jeremy: It takes forever get those done.


David: Yeah, and so something like that you might actually benefit from using Lumina for because if you guys want


Jeremy: Well, I don’t know my name forward.


David: to know at that time, right, so if you want if you guys want a good deal on luminar check out pixel / luminar and that takes you to skylines website and if you use the coupon code pixel stabbers you get $10 off, too, but Let me just show you really quick. What luminar is all about? Actually normally you can check out this video on yourself to see what Bloomers for is about, but I’m just going to show down to the portrait part because just because we were talking about the portrait and you see stuff like this. You can do really quick with luminar which Jeremy spent a lot of time doing manually because he did that photo when luminar wasn’t available. So look at all this and you can do


Jeremy: Yeah.


David: this all with this sliders. You see all these on the left here. These are all the sliders you can adjust the face light. They just a face light you can whitening the eye you can enhance the eye you can remove the dark circles under eyes. Look at that. Look at that. Look at those dark circles is go away and look up bigger eyes are after effect. Just really amazing that you got. Slim face you see how it faces slim down in the before-and-after amazing


Jeremy: I can do that.


David: eyebrow Improvement you could but all this you don’t need to mask anything. You just look at the pictures and you move sliders because the AI part artificial intelligent of Lumina for will pick out. What part is the eye which part is the lips.


Jeremy: They just give you slider so in


David: Yes. Yeah.


Jeremy: kind of like, you know, when iPhone first introduced there’s no keypad. They said everybody can do it is


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: similar to that kind of concept every other can do it. So a lot of people don’t know that


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: lot of professionals prefer not use label because they want to say professional. But to be honest the word is changing. You can’t you know what you learned it took me 20 years to learn now people takes 20 minutes to learn so it’s not the same world anymore, honestly.


David: To meet the end result is all that matters because your client at least in the business World your clients paying you for beautiful photos that they want to have anyone to share they want to collect. So if you show your profile or your portfolio and all those folks look great like that. They want the results to look like that and that’s it. However, you get there doesn’t


Jeremy: my friend who got this question I


David: matter. Yeah.


Jeremy: I what’s the difference between business and art because


David: Yes.


Jeremy: basically they enjoy the process of making something and sometimes even


David: Hm.


Jeremy: the process of making art is the art itself while doing a service and


David: Yes.


Jeremy: business is like you said it’s and we felt they don’t care how you get there.


David: rest


Jeremy: So a lot of people kind of In between those two care go rewrite like doing a service a business and


David: mmm


Jeremy: yet you call yourself Alice and then you ever all but unfortunately most of the poor they don’t make money.


David: Ironically, yes is very true.


Jeremy: But then again most of the others work when they die it worth money or in a museum while the


David: Oh, yes.


Jeremy: they have money while they left but that all the work become useless when they die, so it’s like depend how you


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: see it.


David: Yep, exactly. So anyway Lumina for can do so much more than just those portraits. But that’s one of the features there. If you want see more about Lumina for check our website pesos a bird’s-eye calm or go on your YouTube channel at slash pictures that verse but today we’re talking about the Adobe Photoshop. Now the reason why I bring this up the Creative Cloud photography package is that this is a trick on how you get Photoshop cheaper because if you do it if you just go by Photoshop, On Amazon, and I’m not even going to include a link because I don’t think this is a good deal because if you just buy this it’s 12 month subscription with auto renew and it’s 21:29 $20. Photoshop. But if you go to our link down below, this is the link to the Adobe Creative Life photography plan that includes Photoshop and Lightroom and it’s only nine dollars and ninety nine per month. So you’re getting two software.


Jeremy: I know.


David: for half the price so you get yeah


Jeremy: That’s what I that’s the plan.


David: you get it totally recommend it. I actually have the Creative Cloud all planned and if you curious about that, basically it comes with a lot or comes with all of adobe’s Creative Suite.


Jeremy: Moaning Oh indeed.


David: It comes that is very true. It comes with a lot more than you need. It comes with everything. I think I should Spell suite wrong Suite Suite. This plan Suite or suit.


Jeremy: Thing is Suite.


David: Yeah, yeah.


Jeremy: Don’t call me on that English is my second language.


David: No worries. So we’re gonna talk about this today. But basically the full suite comes with like a whole bunch of stuff including After Effects illustrator and animator auditor Dreamweaver in design. Bunch of other stuff. We’re which is fantastic. If you’re doing photo editing in addition to video editing After Effects editing or animations or you illustrations or you’re doing music. So it does a whole lot. So this is something that we can talk about in a different video, but for now Photoshop is great, but don’t buy it for 2099 by the Adobe Creative Cloud photography plan, which is 999 includes Lightroom. And Photoshop. great for managing a large number of photos and just streamlining that in streamlining that in doing batch And then Photoshop is for when you want to go in depth and in the photo and spend some time to manipulate and and spend some time to manipulate and get whatever result your mind can


Jeremy: okay, I want terrified that the


David: imagine right Jeremy.


Jeremy: labrum comment is my purse.


David: Okay.


Jeremy: lot of people use Lightroom straightly and never touch Photoshop.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: So those are professional to just so you know that but I just keep bashing label every time I see it because that’s how much I hate it.


David: Well, it’s okay because we bash those people you’re bashing me because when I told you I shoot weddings.


Jeremy: Oh.


David: I shoot and I just said it would like I don’t mind. him. I don’t mind you bash me.


Jeremy: You know, I still not you, right?


David: But of course, of course, that’s why we’re business partner. That’s why we are Pizza stabbers and that’s why we’re going to stab each other and that’s what we call yourself picture established, right?


Jeremy: That’s a spot there.


David: But yes.


Jeremy: I didn’t realize I stopped you already. So so


David: No worries. That’s okay. I’ll get you back later. I’ll get you back later. But yeah, I use Lightroom for pretty much all my weddings and only the time when I use Photoshop is when I


Jeremy: I don’t know


David: really need to edit. Yeah, but I use it.


Jeremy: I use my road to I usually have a wedding to so so, you know, I


David: I can use it for dominate all like even as some weddings I can do only Lightroom. I don’t even touch Photoshop like it.


Jeremy: I did to Peter because I do


David: Yes.


Jeremy: stuff either upsell with an upset


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: album.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: I don’t do any of my up sell stuff from the f*** photo to album in I go back to photoshop and make the Lightroom. crap out of it so that it worth the


David: Yeah, right exactly.


Jeremy: money because I like my child.


David: Right, right, right and the time when I don’t use Workshop is for the lower budget package that don’t want don’t want the album, right? They just want beautiful pictures and for that I save time and they get better value just Lightroom and just edit. So it looks natural. It looks simple looks good. It doesn’t have to look extravagant which is what I could have done. If I spent a couple hours on each photo in Photoshop before I put them in an album for them, right?


Jeremy: I hate to have to type of client one


David: that’s


Jeremy: day one consistency. I use light bulb because what Lightroom give is actually consistency because one thing they do they have copy and place on the Styles. So everyone’s you come can be consistency and I have client that one every sector picture to look different than I use Photoshop.


David: yes.


Jeremy: Pallet somehow majority of people want consistency so that I find that boring. Sorry.


David: Yep. Well, oh, let me actually show you a couple of this. So this is the Adobe Creative Cloud plan, right? It brings amazing photography apps directly to your desktop and mobile devices. We’ll talk about that too because there’s even mobile versions of Photoshop and Lightroom. I don’t know if you use those before


Jeremy: I tried it, but I couldn’t




Jeremy: get what I want to get done in a mobile device.


David: It’s limited. Yeah, it’s limited for sure. I think the only mobile device that’s really I feel really comfortable using it honest iPad Pro just because that thing has a beefy processor and there’s a lot of features you can do on it. But ultimately if I have a laptop and I’m traveling I rather just use the desktop version.


Jeremy: You know, I do not own one single Apple products, right?


David: They should because you’re the anti


Jeremy: Why is why I have a service was a


David: me.


Jeremy: tablet. It runs full Photoshop and Lightroom there and it has screens is a tablet so I run apps Sorry.


David: Yeah. Well when your Apple fan boy like me can’t help it surface doesn’t run Apple OS doesn’t run iOS or just doesn’t work for me. I’m in the ecosystem and I want to get my iMessage. Yep.


Jeremy: Josh


David: No hack it. Well, how can touch another world, but it doesn’t seriously Apple Siri.


Jeremy: failure


David: Be quiet. Siri ah, I tell Siri be quiet and it’s three activates because I said her name dang it. Anyway sup.


Jeremy: Call David.


David: No don’t Jeremy don’t stop. That’s so annoying when the activate my SI r i and like I say it because s IR I will activate it anyway, so you can do all this in Lightroom and Photoshop. Here’s like just kind of like the mobile app version of the right. The mobile app is great when you’re like on the go.


Jeremy: I think when you purchase those


David: and you are


Jeremy: package it comes to all the stuff we


David: yes.


Jeremy: get down on your phone.


David: Exactly. Exactly. And that’s why it’s so great because for 10 bucks a month, right you gain Lightroom and Photoshop both the desktop and the mobile version. So I like four piece of software right there and it’s powerful.


Jeremy: Little video they did with Photoshop. That’s that one that one that one this one the ole ole ole ola see.


David: Well this one.


Jeremy: is not a photography anymore. That’s image-making that’s art as nothing to do for that.


David: Yes, that’s art.


Jeremy: We did this not about adjusting exposure about white balance.


David: No.


Jeremy: We did this not about adjusting what Photoshop


David: Yes, that’s a very good point Jeremy


Jeremy: A lot of people don’t realize that’s what Photoshop do.


David: I tend to forget that too because Lightroom doesn’t do art Lightroom is like the modern dark room, right?


Jeremy: Yeah.


David: Yes, like it’s called Lightroom because it’s a plan worked with dark room and dark room in in the old days


Jeremy: Yeah.


David: days. When you process film you can only just change what you captured. You can make it darker or lighter change the bleach bypass mode to get two different effect, but you can’t add other content to your photo. Whereas in Photoshop you manipulating is for the completely, right?


Jeremy: That’s why that’s why in we’ve been initially people know that photoshop is more senior because back in the


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: film days again. I don’t know why I’m not that loud, but I don’t want to keep going better film days boom, you know people who


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: crosses all the film just as it goes


David: Yeah, yeah.


Jeremy: exposure. Those are Juniors and a senior developer. They actually know how to cut all the fame in different


David: Oh, no way.


Jeremy: together like those are the seniors


David: I didn’t know you can do that with film. That’s crazy.


Jeremy: Why do you think philosophy X is because film basic studied law they cut off all the positive energy together and put it in as a


David: What?


Jeremy: And so that whole thing even if it’s


David: Oh.


Jeremy: fake it’s all doctor together.


David: Oh wow.


Jeremy: There’s a lot of Master of photographer batteries. Most Roofing. They do the same thing.


David: I can imagine because this is we just live in the digital age right now. But before that the analog version has their equivalent, although it probably looks not nearly as good but


Jeremy: Go to La get a museum, I


David: it yeah.


Jeremy: I think constantly have couple of those galleries in there as a photographer Who Doctor every single of the image in films and it’s is it have a gallery there? You could check it out.


David: That’s pretty cool. Yeah that I would be surprised to see I will be pressed to see that. I’m looking forward to seeing that but that’s a very good point Jeremy that photoshop you’re manipulating the photo Because unless you can find a real mermaid. Obviously they added the tail on here, right? And then they add the chair. They probably rotate her around so that she’s in this orientation add a reflection as jellyfish. I mean this this whole thing is doctored up. 90% right. There’s they pulled in different elements from on different pictures and different props and stuff with


Jeremy: I lost my skill set because when I


David: it.


Jeremy: first learned Photoshop, that’s what I do and then I got tired of you photography people. Thank you to all of those were going to come back to earth be normal. So I slowly do a lesson let this kind of composite thing and now I forgot how


David: It comes back. It’s like riding a bike. Oh, hey Paul, Paul who and just joined our live stream on YouTube He


Jeremy: What’s up?


David: He said what’s up? Yeah. Hey Paul, how’s it going, man? We’re talking about Lightroom and Photoshop today.


Jeremy: I guess a lot of people to play at those steep.


David: d


Jeremy: Do they always it this because it’s


David: Yeah, yeah, you’re up really late


Jeremy: Friday.


David: Paul. What’s up with that? But yeah, thanks for tuning in into our live stream and thanks for checking us out. We’re talking about Photoshop and Lightroom today. And if you don’t know you can get it pretty cheap on Amazon right now for 10 bucks a month. It gives you photoshop and Lightroom.


Jeremy: damn bugs


David: Casper more than that. I mean it kind of sucks that it’s a subscription plan so it recurs every month. But yeah ten bucks a month


Jeremy: Hey.


David: Photoshop good stuff. And so you can get your image looking amazing like this and Paul said nice. Yep, it is nice. And also don’t forget you get Lightroom you get Lightroom classic


Jeremy: classic


David: you get Photoshop and you get Photoshop Express. So this one is optimal. Optimized for the mobile device and they believe Lightroom here is optimal optimized for the mobile device. The classic one is the desktop version. And then this this Photoshop is the desktop version and its small size the Prototype had to


Jeremy: personally, I used Snapseed overlay room. and in my mobile


David: yep. Oh, yeah, Paul Paul agrees. It’s a great deal. And he also pays for Creative Cloud. So Paul do you pay for the Creative Cloud with Lightroom and Photoshop aka the photography plan or do you do the full creative class week, which is like Premier animator illustrator and all the other Suite stew. I’m curious all But when we prepared to respond, but yeah, so the deal today for 10 bucks, you get all this software, which is a bargain for 10 bucks a month. And the cool thing is like before their the subscription plan you had to buy for the shop and have to buy Lightroom do um how much Photoshop costs and when you have to buy it all out Jeremy back in the day, you know,


Jeremy: free 99 to 99


David: the day, you know, it’s I think it was like $6.99 or $5.99 for


Jeremy: That’s the way that’s like way back. That’s like Way Way Back.


David: Photoshop. Yeah.


Jeremy: Which is in a good old days you could charge more in photography to so


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: ask me your money that will soon.


David: Yeah, oh dude, pawpaw. Is he goes all out man? He’s got the full Suite.


Jeremy: baller


David: He’s a baller. Yeah II have the full Suite to so Paul you and I we have wickedness so much. We have gas and SAS software acquisition syndrome to because we want all the Adobe suite SO gas is


Jeremy: I feel I’m still connected with you.


David: gear acquisition syndrome because Paul and I we just we just Gear even though we don’t use it. I think Paul right now wants to sell his 14 millimeter. Rectilinear Canon lens. So if anyone wants one, yeah, he’s


Jeremy: Oh don’t own a piece of can on


David: trying to get rid of it.


Jeremy: Hello. So can help you on that.


David: Paul meant party members I introduced him back to photoshop back in high school in the late 90s. Oh man. That’s true.


Jeremy: It’s your father.


David: Oh my gosh. Yeah back in the day.


Jeremy: Let’s go for that.


David: Yes, we we use for shop back in the day back in the day. So hey what parts are included? So yeah. You guys can go over all this and let’s just check out my Photoshop has to offer. So Photoshop is really the discussion today. And if you get the Creative Cloud photography package you get Photoshop and Lightroom, but just because you have both doesn’t mean you know how to use both, right? So we want to illustrate the power of Photoshop today. That’s really the focus. We talked about Lightroom earlier and what the strength is for that but we want to focus on Photoshop today this video because we want to show Powerful it is and you see this is the picture that Germany was pointing out, right and she’s doing the iPad You see how she manipulates the text here. and this is not the same photo but like all this manipulation that’s Photoshop that’s stuff that you can’t do in Lightroom. You moving the chair and whatnot. So that’s what Photoshop can do so empowering or powering the creative world. The world’s best Imaging and Graphics design software is at the core of just about every creative project from photo editing and compositing to digital painting animation Graphics design. And now you can harness the power of Photoshop across desktop and the iPad to create whatever inspiration strikes. So it’s pretty powerful. It’s using industry everywhere, right? So everyday photography totally transform our professional photography tools make it easy to do every day edit or totally transform images across desktop and iPad. You can do simple things like crop remove objects retouch and combine photos and you can play with colors and effects and reimagine the Art of Photography like this is Photoshop you can manipulate and do whatever you want with the photos.


Jeremy: pretty much


David: Yep. So design is in their DNA posters packaging banners websites all the design project yet does nails like


Jeremy: some Legos


David: our thumbnail today that Jeremy did I mean, I love our thumbnail. Look at that. Good job, Jeremy Leah, thumbnail it remember Simplicity is actually not


Jeremy: It’s a simple one.


David: easy and is definitely something to not Overlook because Apple products, which I’m a fan of they’re always simple. It’s not easy to make a product simple and it’s not easy to make a beautiful photo simple into so if you make something simple like that and it looks great captures.


Jeremy: It’s about it’s about the colors.


David: I great choice three colors. And yes, so design is in the DNA of adobe and definitely in the design of


Jeremy: But yeah.


David: all your design project starts with Photoshop combine photos and text to create entirely new images work with unlimited layers and mask and paint with brushes that you control with a stylus or touch on your iPad. And I guess there’s one thing that they forgot it was Silas. So you have a style salad is to write when you use and there you go.


Jeremy: I got welcome.


David: Yeah, welcome tablet. And why do you use a stylus with a Wacom tablet versus like a mouse?


Jeremy: A mouse don’t have pressure points while this I could push down to control. How much ink I want to put on to the brush.


David: Yes. Yeah, that’s actually a big difference because you have the pressure sensitivity. It’s like this kind of like thinking about if you were to draw a picture with a pen with a very fine tip versus using a pencil where you can shade a little bit right? It’s not the same Dynamic but you have more Dimensions to your pointing device like an actual paint brush,


Jeremy: it’s not wild about the mall can do


David: right?


Jeremy: that too, but you have to go for different loops with your keyboard


David: Yes.


Jeremy: control a lot of things to get that same result y. All you need is a pen and depends on


David: and pressure


Jeremy: how much you push into the project


David: right


Jeremy: get that done and more like in a high end of Photoshop we touching is when you get to the skin retouching and also document burn you really need to


David: Yep.


Jeremy: need to get a natural look.


David: Yes. Yeah. Yep, exactly. But you know the nice thing about the mobile app being powered on the iPad is now you can use the stylus of your iPad because the iPad actually has a very good apple pencil and it’s just


Jeremy: So, you know what?


David: as pressure-sensitive as that.


Jeremy: I always have this question. That’s a if you do off that


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: the iPad right A lot of people use


David: Yep.


Jeremy: iPad to what’s been called it edit, right?


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: So the iPad is so we’re going to sort a photo essay if you have 256 gig of wedding photo, how are you put that into the iPad and edit?


David: 256 gig you’re not going to edit all those photos right? Just like when you use when you have


Jeremy: Well, my wife always been


David: a whole wedding.


Jeremy: everyone there and go in the


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: lightbulb and do my filtering in there.


David: Yeah, so 256 gig you probably want a one terabyte iPad or half a terabyte


Jeremy: Yeah, but yeah, but will it be too slow?


David: know you could transfer everything in there.


Jeremy: How long did that take?


David: It will take me a little while. I mean the workflow is not as streamlined as your


Jeremy: And also does the Lightroom in iPad with quite internet to run or you can do without internet?


David: I don’t think you need internet, but don’t quote me because I don’t use it. That way. I mean mobile using mobile devices is actually very Advanced or very modern and new I am old school like you Jeremy I use the desktop version and I find it totally fine.


Jeremy: if I still don’t run too far away now, I mean, let’s say if I’m getting on the plane, I trust my external


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: the plane, I trust my external hard drive and puppy into my you know,


David: well these pictures here when you use


Jeremy: service rather than you know,


David: psd’s on your iPad Photoshop layers, they are actually local on your machine. They’re probably duplicated on the cloud. But when you don’t have connection to your Cloud, it runs off the local file. It’s only when you have internet the Ambassador are going to the cloud. Yeah, and I don’t think you need internet to run the software because


Jeremy: Okay, that’s it.


David: you bought the software.


Jeremy: That’s all.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: Yeah, that’s more comfortable because everything’s I’m Carl then what that first I can feel it like happened?


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: Yeah, I you know try to do my editing on the plank I can I get nothing


David: Yes, yeah.




David: Yeah. Yeah. In fact, I think that’s the the that’s the primary reason why I would use iPad with Photoshop just because when I’m on a plane or I’m traveling from destination destination, it’s cool to just work on this tablet because it’s a whole different experience. You don’t have to be stuck to a


Jeremy: Oh you mean I don’t want that I have


David: laptop, right?


Jeremy: the tablet


David: The surface yeah surface works fine too, right because you have the pressure-sensitive pen and then you have just the tablet because it’s easier to work with it’s a nice experience, especially when you’re on the go and that’s the great thing with this Creative Cloud photography package because it comes to Lightroom Photoshop, but also the mobile version so you can use it on your




David: surface. You can use your own your iPad. You can use on your iPhone and mobile phones to so pretty pretty versatile. So now One thing that’s cool about Photoshop when you buy a subscription plan is that you’re always getting the latest version. That’s the best part about


Jeremy: Yeah, you have the latest version.


David: description plan because even if they changed you a whole new version right because back in the days when you have Photoshop five or four shop six when you come out with Photoshop 7, you don’t get that update because you can upgrade to all the versions in five. And then that’s it. If you go to number 6 or there goes number seven, you’re out of luck. You have to upgrade I need to pee where’s now because you’re on the cloud you’re under subscription Cloud, whatever version you go to you always get the latest version. That’s a huge advantage of the subscription. Although it ends up costing you more. That’s the pro.


Jeremy: I finished still have one of those. Oh, wait. No, I feel a weight on it. I was going to say that I have the old version of Photoshop CS5 box with me.


David: That’s classic. Yeah, actually go on eBay and buy that right now because I think there’s value in it and that like ten years later that’s going to be looking antique.


Jeremy: I did it.


David: Like what about your sister?


Jeremy: there. I have ever had no that magazine popular photography magazine that one


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: no longer. I have their like 1980 1970


David: book collection


Jeremy: He’s in there.


David: Wow.


Jeremy: I bought I bought it from eBay. I saw that I bought it what away say, that’s gonna be a classic.


David: Plastic. Yes for sure. She took care of that. So this is some of the new features of Florida shop. You got fast-fill faster and blur better so enhances stuff functionality. So our latest software release delivers improvements, you’ve been asking for lens blur now offers a more natural and realistic look when blurring and object in the background. Oh, sorry when blurry and object in the foreground. Interesting. It does make the blur look nicer. It’s for the object in the foreground here.


Jeremy: mmm


David: Improve content-aware feel gives you a more creative control by letting you feel multiple areas of an image without leaving the window. Oh, have you tried to feature Jeremy?


Jeremy: Swallow, it depends, you know life or something like that. They’re simple image, but you saw my


David: mmm


Jeremy: work the or complicated. It is a word as well it in the last doctoring.


David: Ah, yeah. So here’s like the these are also new features. You got the object selection tool. You can create fast and precise selection by drawing a simple rectangle or lasso around the object and then let Adobe Sensei do the rest. I’ve tried this. I think it’s great. Right because normally you either before you had like the magic wand to click around then you have to change your tolerance of your brush. But now with this quick selection tool you just draw a box around it and it’s smart because it ended What’s in the boxes? Like this is probably the subject that they want and this is probably the subject that they don’t want and they can figure out and help you crop your or mass your select your object


Jeremy: Yeah, that’s it for me.


David: much quicker. It doesn’t work when you have complicated objects.


Jeremy: I’m happy.


David: object and the background Blends together a lot when you have good contrast between your object and your background, it works pretty well. So it’s a feature you don’t have to use it. And sometimes you just can’t use it, but it’s there nonetheless.


Jeremy: I use it sometime if I took a simple


David: So


Jeremy: pictures.


David: So you have enhanced transform warp. I like to transfer War because it’s cool. You can manipulate like this is the moon and you can warp in any way you


Jeremy: I don’t know.


David: want you can add more like pixels or more points to pivot table of yes.


Jeremy: Yeah you Kate you have full control of whopping because it’s great fun.


David: Yeah, it can constraints some some Dimensions to if you want you like if you want to check parallelogram and


Jeremy: Yeah.


David: stretch it that way only or you can just do whatever you want. I love it because you can really manipulate stuff like I had some wine barrel. Rose I want to manipulate and picture but they were just slightly the wrong orientation. I was able to warp it so that it matches other orientation of all the other wine barrels and looks like it came from the actual one picture.


Jeremy: Hey light is that your imagination is the limitation?


David: exactly, and I hope I have no limitation because my imagination can grow anyway, so with more control


Jeremy: But I wish I quite a kind of commendations.


David: Oh, yeah, pretty soon. It will be pretty soon. It will be because if you set your mind to it Jeremy you can accomplish it and I’ll help you accomplish that together. So with more control in the warp tool you can add control points anywhere or divide your image with a customizable grid, then transform my individual nodes or larger selection. So, yeah, you can just move the nose. You can move everything and it just works so well, so so well it is. Other features here, you can improve properties. They have a new improved properties


Jeremy: Yeah, it has more features and


David: panel.


Jeremy: controls in there. So it helps a lot.


David: Boom nice so find even more of your controls you need in a central location easily change document settings access all types of layer settings and use convenient quick actions, very nice. And you know what, I love Adobe Creative Cloud because it’s so easy to update to the latest version because it’s almost instantaneous whenever there’s a new version it says, hey, there’s a new version you could update.


Jeremy: just click


David: Yeah. You have your coffee is done. And then you open up like real me open up Photoshop is like all these new features just happen to have here. So it’s nice that you’re on a subscription because you always get the support and you always get the latest version of software easily to download and update right away. And this is the last of the new feature the modern presets. So presets are easier more intuitive and better organized discover a new gradients patterns, which has layer Styles and shapes. nice Very cool. And of course you got the portability if you notice the editing this on the iPad. So now the crew.


Jeremy: This sucks.


David: Well, what would Microsoft you are just using Windows? So you’re using a desktop version?


Jeremy: Oh, no, I mean the company don’t


David: It’s asking.


Jeremy: world with Michael thought well.


David: Why would you say that?


Jeremy: you know how Microsoft had the dial and every other


David: Oh, yeah.


Jeremy: were going they never Implement


David: Yes.


Jeremy: those device.


David: Whoo-hoo.


Jeremy: Adobe


David: Sorry, well, then you get an iPad.


Jeremy: No, never I rather die.


David: iPad iPad G didn’t say I’m gonna buy you an iPad.


Jeremy: No, but I think I’ll take it in our salad for money.


David: dude




David: So powerful meets portability. The creative power of Photoshop is now on your iPad open full-size PDS.


Jeremy: I’m getting boy play Photoshop or


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: top floor shop.


David: Let’s meet this one last bit right here. And then let’s play some photoshop


Jeremy: Okay.


David: and I sound alright, so this this


Jeremy: That’s out.


David: perfect so with this Adobe First shop on your iPad. full-size PDS create sophisticated Composites retouched images and control brushes with your finger or your apple pencil and we’re just getting started. So stay tuned and they’re gonna roll a ton of features in this iPad portable version because it likes like Adobe says it’s pretty new but they got lots to go. So fire up Photoshop Jeremy and let me know when you’re ready to share screen so we can demonstrate some of the power. Photoshop desktop version today


Jeremy: Do I share this again? Okay, I just shared shared ice cream


David: share it. Okay, cool.


Jeremy: here.


David: Let me bring up the screen share. There we go. There we go. Okay, cool.


Jeremy: Okay, you know what?


David: Perfect. We’re in Adobe Bridge.


Jeremy: Yeah, I’m just well, that’s what I use to manage my image and open my images.


David: Cool. I bleep britches free, right?


Jeremy: It’s comes with.


David: Okay.


Jeremy: So I’m just showing me how much you


David: cool


Jeremy: can do with Photoshop is for this,


David: Who?


Jeremy: don’t see basically we move all that.


David: layers


Jeremy: That’s what Lightroom can do especially sure.


David: mmm


Jeremy: especially sure. So look at the texture add.


David: Oh, look. Oh wow, many layers of texture and opacities and different blending modes. Dude, so many layers.


Jeremy: just man


David: Oh my gosh how many layers you have in this freaking up picture?


Jeremy: Oh, no, I’m around 20 my hire Michael


David: crazy


Jeremy: is 66 layers.


David: Wow, and your computer is like 6 years old, right and can still handle it like a champ.


Jeremy: Oh, no, Paul shop is really good because like the way they manage cache and memory looks it’s really good. I always have problem managing cash in memory in Lightroom for some reason.


David: Yes, Lightroom isn’t good because this is because it’s not designed to handle layer. So every time they doing it another brush. Implementation they added another layer. So I’m you you have you use a brush I five times there’s like five layers you use a brush like ten times that’s ten layers and sometimes it’s not hard to use a brush like a hundred times. So you have a picture that’s a hundred times layer. And if you have a big image file this a hundred times the file size so it gets really big.


Jeremy: Let’s play with this. So one thing that fall shop has




Jeremy: really cool is called liquefied.


David: Liquefy, I like liquification, but sometimes I overdo it and it doesn’t look good when you overdo it.


Jeremy: So the new ones we know it’s pretty cool. Basically. I don’t have to go are lawful phase already right there.


David: Yep.


Jeremy: Just please I it’s a luminaries has it.


David: Hangouts Now my screen is a little bit small. So I need to enlarge my screen actually. Yeah. Oh, yeah, there it is. I made my screen bigger because she can show the effect one more time. I’m curious. I didn’t see it.


Jeremy: lies


David: Who whoa wait, how did you do that? You need to master eyes.


Jeremy: now it it basically find a face and


David: What?


Jeremy: it identify the eyes and you could basically make it bigger, right?


David: Oh, wow.


Jeremy: Right? Right, right. So photo they came in this case even


David: Yep.


Jeremy: better because the left and right eye us when I was linked it. I can actually make one small and one


David: woo


Jeremy: bigger. so much control


David: So like I someone is kind of like not symmetrical you can fix them.


Jeremy: Yeah.


David: wow, oh my gosh this


Jeremy: And you can see this is different. This is make a nice higher you see how that is.


David: Oh, right.


Jeremy: It’s not bitter Dexter I wider.


David: What’s this is so cool. I never knew this was in the


Jeremy: You can feel it.


David: liquidation tool so crazy.


Jeremy: Right, and you can also adjust ice distance.


David: That’s so sick.


Jeremy: And then for the nose, you could control the height of the nose.


David: Oh, yeah.


Jeremy: Anna Watson


David: Wow.


Jeremy: and


David: G zoom in your face a little bit more so we can see the effect.


Jeremy: oh, yeah, of course. All right, my bad pig.


David: Yeah, cool. Whoa this this this is just oh my


Jeremy: right


David: gosh. I’ve been using Lumina for all these effect now. I don’t know if I even want to use luminar anymore. I’m sad because I bought Luminaire.


Jeremy: Well, this is what winning photographer important one is. So saved are not


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: Not a problem.


David: What what that’s creepy.


Jeremy: You can make this.


David: You can make an animated gif from this. That’s so pretty.


Jeremy: Yeah.


David: You totally could man.


Jeremy: Oops make it bigger.


David: What that’s some thick lips. Wow. Oh my gosh.


Jeremy: smaller wider


David: This is so cool man. This is so cool.


Jeremy: and for the face


David: I never knew Photoshop can do this.


Jeremy: and if a g controller forehead it’s


David: This is new, right?


Jeremy: been around for the last four or five versions.


David: Which is the right one year or we


Jeremy: It is too dangerous to use so.


David: talked about two years? It’s funny because I never use it because when I use liquification, I always just used a brush and just move pixels around. I never knew you can do this.


Jeremy: Oh, no, this is what they do. This is what to do now.


David: This is really cool.


Jeremy: So this is so you can control the whole face just in this face aware of liquid phase and the cool thing is


David: Uh-huh.


Jeremy: I’m sure to show you so maybe I can it actually can detect multiple face.


David: Who serve dick take a picture and it has like two people and it will detect Phase 1 and Phase 2.


Jeremy: Let’s try this one. Let’s assume that that’s let’s see if they could find in this one.


David: It’s just kind of small in this


Jeremy: Sometimes they can somewhat know.


David: picture, right?


Jeremy: It is the phase 1 and Phase 2.


David: What nice? All right this do something crazy. Wow, make the eyes bigger.


Jeremy: They used to display with another can see.


David: Oh, what’s yeah, you can go see you can do being a little bit too. That’s pretty crazy. That’s so cool.


Jeremy: smile are


David: Yeah, especially Grooms that don’t


Jeremy: and and use Mouse to bear.


David: smile, right? Oh, dude, you can totally impress the bride when you said yeah, like because the groom usually well sometimes I have Grooms. I just never smile are you can’t make them smile? You could tell me a joke, and they won’t even cracked, but you can make this mind Photoshop.


Jeremy: Oh, yeah, it’s fun. So that’s one of those who are that quite powerful in Photoshop, you know


David: Yep, that’s a cool tool.


Jeremy: a lot of can do.


David: I’m learning new stuff right here Jeremy. Thank you.


Jeremy: And then so it is a wealth of us gets tell right


David: yep, obviously


Jeremy: so it works pretty well in on all that basically all this you see


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: room to write pretty much.


David: Yes, so camera raw isn’t part of Lightroom. But because when you have Lightroom you can download camera, right the lysine is part of Love Photoshop or how does that work? Do you know?


Jeremy: Camera raw comes with both bridge at It doesn’t come with right. Photoshop.


David: Okay.


Jeremy: They won’t have it. Like Mom had its own engine.


David: Ah, okay.


Jeremy: It’s different. You think that kept you know, what you do it like ruins camera. It is not and here’s the reason it’s share similar function, right, you know exposure based control that, you know, pretty much lower at getting a


David: Is it?


Jeremy: bright, you know, all that stuff can it color? Now what it doesn’t have is this. This is a lying. It doesn’t really show but you know


David: whoa


Jeremy: you could play all this.


David: Oh wow.


Jeremy: So a lot of people don’t realize


David: Oh, yes.


Jeremy: because I’m working on a raw file. This is all warp clicks. Okay, so when I do this kind of


David: Yes.


Jeremy: So when I do this kind of adjustment here is the waters. It’s just it concerns the most so let’s say if you take your picture of


David: hmm


Jeremy: Architecture is shifted then you know, for example, you could do this to trailer all the line but this this one is like a 85 millimeter zoom in so it’s never been straight, but you


David: It’s pretty sure y’all ready. Yeah, if you shoot like with


Jeremy: can always tell that


David: angle like 15 16 millimeter.


Jeremy: It is pretty well, although it is too little bit right?


David: Yeah, yeah.


Jeremy: So if I go 8-8 means although it will check out words of it help you shift a little bit.


David: ah Yeah, it does. I can see like the roof line of the cars more horizontal now.


Jeremy: And then in a couple of version back then when when they have this so one think about is they have orange here while in falsehood.


David: Yes, I love the orange picker because


Jeremy: You can’t really pick up a bridge, right?


David: it’s so important especially when I


Jeremy: Right.


David: was working on.


Jeremy: It’s a skin tone.


David: I was actually working on some photo pictures that have a lot of orange and I was working on a wine bottle, but the the wine was orange and I wanted to make it a little bit darker, but I couldn’t do it in Lightroom. I needed the camera roll to adjust the orange. I love that orange slider so much. It’s really good.


Jeremy: It is so okay. Let’s just consider this is done. Oh, here’s a cool thing and I think fly room had this Finch function to if I go to shopton, right? I if I push on my keyboard and move around


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: become black no way.


David: How does that help?


Jeremy: So I could able to see the lines to shopton it. Okay, see if I don’t do that, it’s more that does a lot of color in there. Some people get distracted right if then the see it and if if you see a


David: Okay. Yeah, we cool.


Jeremy: way now like, you know, see when I do this is a manual even their faces


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: like Al Sharpton write everything out


David: Yes, yeah.


Jeremy: to shop and that’s where you go to mask. And so that you could do a mass in the Raw.


David: whoa


Jeremy: Basically, everything is black.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: after the way it happens.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: I just want mine so you


David: Oh, that’s so cool.


Jeremy: I’d have to paint Scheme lights.


David: Yes.


Jeremy: same thing on this


David: What does that mean eat nice? Oh neat. I’ve been using it for shop for ten years and never dug into these features like that masking is really


Jeremy: I love you too much more clear now.


David: cool. Yeah, it’s shop is it? Yes, yeah.


Jeremy: Much more clear. Now. I just want to open up more black because you know for the


David: mmm


Jeremy: kind of in there and and they have


David: mmm


Jeremy: couple of snooping those textures. You know, that’s pretty cool. Is it new function? They have a text wrapping like want that too?


David: hmm


Jeremy: But here is the cool thing. Let’s assume this is done before people are grilling on man. I can only do that in raw because that’s only Wing I could go in and color and get orange Lightroom got that. All right, I won’t have that all the time. Like it, okay yet.


David: Yep.


Jeremy: What’s going on?


David: I think it’s loading, right?


Jeremy: Maybe what is going on?


David: You don’t know. Did he crash?


Jeremy: so I hear


David: Click open image a lot of times. I forget and I click done and it


Jeremy: yeah.


David: doesn’t do anything.


Jeremy: Yeah, so cancel you didn’t come down. So one thing they did in Photoshop. I feel like to do version ago. Let’s say that it that language and


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: his adult here.


David: Yeah, yeah.


Jeremy: I have a is on the filter. I got a camera raw filter I get eggs,


David: Yeah. What?


Jeremy: I get exactly the same thing I do


David: Oh nice, you know what I have to do.


Jeremy: every day.


David: I usually save it as a JPEG and it open again as camera because I didn’t


Jeremy: so I want to deal with skin tone


David: know about this feature.


Jeremy: annoying be lazy about not doing that.


David: Yeah.




David: Yes, and as another layer, you can change the opacity to blend it in with the previous layer genius.


Jeremy: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh so that and a lot of thing we can do to pay around. For example, if that just assume a Col colors not what you wanted, right? We could change the cop killer


David: right




David: what you can do that.


Jeremy: Sort of let’s see, what could do right now.


David: Okay.


Jeremy: Solid color as call that were listening to you know, that’s a good good color. multiple and I forgot about do it right it’s been awhile to it.


David: Yeah his hand in the shot.


Jeremy: I know this is for example only what you expect.


David: He’s the Hulk. She doesn’t know it yet, but he’s too Hulk.


Jeremy: So I think there’s something to play around with you get the call, but you


David: Oh, yeah.


Jeremy: But you know, and then of course you want to tune it down a bit now with this. What am I doing?


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: Oh, I have it. There you go. We don’t want that. We want to group that together and bring that up here. There you go. See I have a mass only affect that now that’s what I want.


David: mmm


Jeremy: I forgot how to do as long as meanwhile, man shoot.


David: But you can see the powerfulness of this.


Jeremy: The colors in this easy.


David: So powerful, man.


Jeremy: Oh, no. There are so many functions there that scare you away from using this to be honest. Hey, yo, that’s why I’m okay.


David: What when is that blending?


Jeremy: It’s called plan.


David: ah So is there a way you can blend if it’s not his hand?


Jeremy: Can you see how if I do this?


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: That has the color cover right? But if I do that you see how the shuttle comes out.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: Same thing go to this so I could


David: Yep.


Jeremy: there and get that done. There’s no highlight there, but pretty much the hand of that should be easy pretty much that’s


David: Mask it out.


Jeremy: That’s why should we get worse?


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: Supposedly could do a much better job, but then you know, I’m lazy


David: Yeah, well yeah because we only got


Jeremy: today, but


David: like five minutes left in this video to show to show off all the features you can’t serve all the features of the software but you’ve done a really


Jeremy: So, you know, it’s changing color.


David: good job


Jeremy: I mean you do a really good job.


David: Yep.


Jeremy: That’s like pretty little Suite isn’t even a little bit change the color,


David: Yeah, yep.


Jeremy: right? So it’s do that stuff like that. This is something again like one can do and also I could allow layers.


David: Hmm.


Jeremy: That’s a dude.


David: little bit because it’s small.


Jeremy: Yeah, I well with small pictures.


David: You know why you work with smart pictures? So you can see all the defects you have in your pictures stabbed. How do you like that Jeremy?


Jeremy: fine I like that. I like that a lot. I do this whole thing too, you know I lost my train of thought. s***. Oh great ideas.


David: You guys stab too bad.


Jeremy: Great media stake. Yeah to Showcase its kind of give it a small doubt, you know create a vignette ish-200


David: Yep.


Jeremy: Those are choosing them earlier than negative areas and stuff. A lot of time that I actually use this salute supposedly. They build is for movies.


David: Whoa. Yes. I think it’s pronounced lat.


Jeremy: knocks, so if style looks like it you


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: which also apply to photos to you could download them or you can create


David: Yes.


Jeremy: your own but in this video, I don’t have time to show you how to create it on your own but some of those you


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: could basically – it looks pretty dark look at that looks pretty damn good already.


David: yeah, it’s got its got that the movie vibe to it because Luck’s just yeah,


Jeremy: Ask what those are for?


David: basically, they’re just a lookup table. They convert colors from one space to another space.


Jeremy: So one thing I do all the time with Photoshop is color grading.


David: Is it? Now you can is very fact that


Jeremy: color grading is


David: thing I don’t like about color grading is trying to be consistent between all your images, right? How do you how do you


Jeremy: that’s why you see action. And action boom. So every time you could give us in color and it won’t yeah.


David: What that was so facts.


Jeremy: That’s what I caught. Well you have what? Would you call me? Please settle a room so I have to


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: I like them too though. Look at that. That’s my colleague waiting


David: Yep.


Jeremy: That’s my colleague waiting right there. Done so lot of fun with this.


David: Nice. Mhm.


Jeremy: So a lot of fun with this most ideal color now because I feel like I can control color better than Lightroom because I could let’s say if I want to control certain colors.




Jeremy: That’s a I want the dress to be brighter, but you see how it




Jeremy: everything is Riding High just using a mask covering it up and just brush it on on the dress and saturate just address and nothing else


David: Yes.


Jeremy: address and nothing else. See I like that right if I want to


David: Yep.


Jeremy: brighten certain area. Get out brighten it up here close it and just kind of brush on the face, right?


David: So you just brighten the entire image, but you mask only the part that you want to show.


Jeremy: Yep.


David: That’s the interest is that how it’s designed to be used?


Jeremy: yes, I mean that’s the whole point of


David: That I never used those.


Jeremy: layers because you see how layers it


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: at as every one is like a transparent paper and you could buy phone it and


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: stack and creative effect and you can wear one of the function is you this is all a part globally but that because of the Mask you could hide a certain part that you don’t want to get effect.


David: Mhm.


Jeremy: So you could do a whole lot. This is all manual, right?


David: Oh, yeah.


Jeremy: So it’s pretty cool stuff. Also, let’s see what else is fun here. So they have a lot of filters you could you know, not and also a lot


David: Mhm.


Jeremy: see if it’s kind of númenor for is one of the pocket.


David: Hey you convince Paul to want to get back into photography again.


Jeremy: Cool, if that’s cool.


David: So interesting because Paul said half of his battle was post-processing. Oh well Paul you should you should


Jeremy: That’s what I mean.


David: know Jeremy is the post processing expert in our team duel here. He’s been he’s been using Photoshop and luminar to do post processing for over 15 years. In fact, his background is a digital artist to begin with so digital. Fix artist so he has a background in


Jeremy: so so unfortunately


David: post-processing it photo manipulation. Unfortunately, it brings another world of creativity to your work. So yeah, so if you guys fired by by this Paul definitely get back into Photoshop get back into photography so you can play around with it with the technology right now. It makes it even easier with all the new features of Photoshop and all the new features of luminara for really




David: good stuff.


Jeremy: Oh, yeah. I know it one at a time. But I just want to show one more thing before I close this. This is one other thing that this is can do Lumina can’t lie room cannot




Jeremy: okay, for example, this is boring right? Well, let me do a little


David: Yep.


Jeremy: here first before I do anything crazy. Okay, that’s good.


David: So Paul used to Outsource all his photos to India in the late 2000s. Yeah.


Jeremy: Oh, I can actually add texture. So one thing that photoshop can do in Lightroom can is I can add and


David: Yes.


Jeremy: subtract pixels in a photo example. This is ready. See how app pictures.


David: Oh wow. Yes. But now you got texture all over her


Jeremy: but


David: face, man.


Jeremy: I know I’m just like debating. Should I saw my secret here in this video or not? Hi, you know what fine I’ll do it. So let’s go back to normal first. One thing before you do. This is convert this to a Smart object. All right.


David: woo


Jeremy: So my text away now, it’s a smart object and I go to blur gaussian blur blur the hell out that I don’t see the tattoo only the colors.


David: Oh, okay.


Jeremy: right and hide it so like that now I go multiply again and in this month of the layer if I get my brush it and just get a ping brush and


David: Failed failed,


Jeremy: Oh, never mind. Now this way white white white white


David: Okay.


Jeremy: Vega


David: There you go. And you got the color of the texture so it looks very natural.


Jeremy: you gotta pass here because our people basis just messing up but then But then when you mess it up you


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: disconnected you don’t text you apply


David: Yes, I love it.


Jeremy: So this is this is Hector secret


David: I love this.


Jeremy: people don’t know about and only


David: Nice, very cool.


Jeremy: froze up and do this. people don’t know about and only All right, I think with this.


David: That that is such a treat. Thank you Jeremy. That is so cool.


Jeremy: sharing


David: That is awesome. I learned so much about Photoshop. I thought I knew Photoshop pretty well, but you just told me you showed me some cool tricks there, especially that last bit about the texture. That is awesome. I never realized that and basically it’s not that hard. You just make another layer and just blur the heck out of it, but you got the color and then you can control that to mass out this the the face


Jeremy: a lot of Basil be brush away the


David: very cool.


Jeremy: texture on the face, but that’s


David: Yes.


Jeremy: way to do it.


David: Yeah, very very cool. Well in a nutshell, you know Photoshop is powerful. So definitely we can’t show you all the features of Photoshop, but we showed you enough of it to kind of give you an idea of what Photoshop can do but


Jeremy: I think that we did pretty much answer the question right? It’s Photoshop worth it. Yes, it is.


David: you answer the question Jeremy it is worth it and


Jeremy: I mean G by the phase is sell its work.


David: Yes, yeah.


Jeremy: I mean, I don’t see any other problem program that can detect even face if you have like a fabric tool for 5, it would detect all the faces.


David: Yeah, yep. Hey and Paul said, ah, here’s a nice nice reward for you Jeremy.




David: Look at that. Yeah, so awesome these


Jeremy: Thank you.


David: your awesome comments. You’re awesome Paul. So, yeah for $10. You don’t even need to choose between Photoshop and Lightroom you g you get both.


Jeremy: If you ever want to work for I used


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: to do is well. I don’t know at one point. The update is not that good. But what I usually do is working like well, you might want an image if I need a doctor. I will go in my room and right click and edit in Photoshop on image so you can work both software at the same time in a way they go


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: They go Hand by hand.


David: Yeah, and I forgot to mention this this gives you 20 Gigabytes cloud


Jeremy: So


David: storage to which is really great.


Jeremy: I have those cow storage and then we use them though.


David: You don’t use it. But like if you use start working on your iPad, right? You just go over to your mobile device and you could connect to the cloud. You can save your PDS run in the cloud and you go to a mobile device bring it back in or you can have some


Jeremy: I never have Wi-Fi all mentoring or




Jeremy: playing so I can never use those Cloud stuff.


David: Portia do you have your Hotspot with you? Just you just too lazy. You’re lazy.


Jeremy: My eye hotspot is she might have a chip and a they have for G for the first 20 minutes and after we become to G so slow.


David: Oh, yeah to G is useless. Yeah, well anyway.


Jeremy: so hot spot


David: You got option photography plan. If you don’t use your 20 gigabyte don’t use it, but it comes with it. I think if you buy the Photoshop one by itself, it doesn’t even have A storage plan so definitely don’t get Photoshop by itself. I don’t even know why it’s here. It’s it’s just too expensive if you go for an adult.


Jeremy: you to get the photography plan anyway.


David: I don’t know. I don’t honestly, I don’t know because this is misleading and this is a marketing gimmick to deploy people to just like if they realize. Oh, I don’t need Lightroom and you think they’re saving more by just getting Photoshop But the irony of it




David: is that by adding Lightroom you’re paying half the cost of Photoshop itself to Software.


Jeremy: Pastor Tony


David: Add 20 biggest story so I don’t know like and I don’t like the fact that this link still even exist. If you sure if you search for Adobe Photoshop on Amazon, you will find this and I don’t want people.


Jeremy: Maybe moving it. That’s all.


David: Maybe but I don’t think I really don’t want people to have to run into this because it’s confusing when you can just go over here and get the Adobe Creative Cloud photography plan. And just so you guys don’t get confused link down below. That’s the right one to get which is the Adobe Creative plan for both Lightroom and luminar and 20 gigabytes of storage. It’s one month subscription and you can sign up for a year. Actually why I really love about this is that it’s actually month. You’re not even tied to one year are you? Yeah, it’s only monthly and if you


Jeremy: Yeah, I paid but Lee.


David: do, yeah, if you do not wish you can just cancel anytime which is really good because sometimes you sometimes they’ll advertise like 10.99. But only if you do one year commitment, right? This one is only monthly and you can actually cancel so it’s great. That’s the one to get these other


Jeremy: I think for this photography plan you


David: ones. Yep.


Jeremy: can install up to two machines.


David: Yeah. Yes. Yes. All Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to install up to to machine but the license agreement says it can only be used by one person and that one person cannot use on both machines at the same time.


Jeremy: yeah, that’s why it’s not good for me


David: Obviously.


Jeremy: because I have four computers. I need to plan.


David: Well, no, so I have three computers and I have one Adobe Creative Cloud plan. The way I do is so I use my my I used to of the computers on a daily basis. So they are logged in when I need to use my laptop and I’m traveling. I just opened that laptop and sign in to Creative Cloud and it will say Hey, you have two active activation. Which one do you want to deactivate so you can use your laptop so I pick




David: one of the other two. I deactivated and instantly my laptop can access all the


Jeremy: Yeah, well as lazy as so I just


David: app.


Jeremy: another service.


David: You could but okay. So this one disadvantage of activating and deactivating activated by activating and that when you deactivate one of the other computers, it actually forces all the application to close so you don’t have an option to like save as or anything. I actually you do but then you’ve pretty much when you go back to your other computer that had the app open that you deactivate it. It’ll just say you like safe or not safe safe or not safe to say we’re


Jeremy: Yeah, that’s fine.


David: not saying you can’t really go back and look at it and Say what changes I’ve made.


Jeremy: I got spoiled because I never


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: off my computer or save do anything when I’m done. I crash I just leave it there and walk away. Same thing goes my laptop. So when I come back, it’s all the


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: storage. I mean all that we saw here. So it’s good.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: I can’t do that turn on turn off. We went to turn up imagine. I have 60 layer editor in love. I gotta start all over. No way.


David: Yeah, no, you know what? You better say first. Yeah, so you’re the one.


Jeremy: Sometimes you’re so annoying. Let us say I’m not you know me.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: I’m not the production type of guy I am into it. The net fixed kind of guy so I don’t really worry about or think about those kind of things.


David: You’re the one thing about saving that I hope Adobe figure out a good solution for this that I don’t like is that okay? So say I have a layer of PSD with like five layers, right? But I want to save as a JPEG right? But say I want to merge them all to one layer and save as a JPEG. So I guess there’s a there’s a process do it, but I’m just not using the best process. So what I do is I merge everything and then save it as a jpeg. Sometimes I forget to unmerge everything and the autosave if it asks me do I want to say before I exit and I say yes, then I lose the the unmerge Slayers.


Jeremy: Yeah, you did you do that.


David: Does that make sense? yes, I have to be very careful i-it’s


Jeremy: It happens.


David: like God dang it. I just merge everything just for my export and now I lost everything so the good thing about not saving and keeping everything on there so you can always go back because you have the history of undue, but once you save it.


Jeremy: That’s why I have to because I say every single PSD.


David: Different process right like like every hour you safer than PC or every half an hour and you can see ya but ya Photoshop powerful awesome amazing anything you want to say to wrap it up Jeremy.


Jeremy: Well, if you will learn it ask me I teach photoshop’s.


David: Yeah, and you can learn it on our website at pics and we’re going to have a shop area where you can have even one-on-one mentorship with Jeremy or if you want to just see some of our resources we’re going to have a lot of tutorials by Jeremy himself on our YouTube channel at slash piece establish or on our website at Pete’s And we’re going to be sharing some of that stuff on Amazon live as well. So follow us on Amazon live like our videos on Amazon live follow us on YouTube like our videos on YouTube and Our website and until next time. Thank you so much for tuning in. for watching. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or if you have suggestions for more content next time, but until then we will see you guys. So we’re going to sign out idealist. Have a good night. Bye we’re signing out.


Jeremy: For the bed now.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: They’ve gone bye-bye go to bed.


David: It’s like it’s already 12:30 a.m. See


Jeremy: Don’t worry about that go to bed.


David: you guys adios. We’re signing out in 3 2 1 signing out. Bye. And we are out. Good job, Jeremy.