A7siii Key Features

  • Newly developed BIONZ XR™ image processing engine with eight times more processing power and a brand new 12.1-megapixel (approx., effective) back-illuminated full-frame Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor, significantly reduced rolling shutter effect
  • Ultra-high sensitivity with ISO range expandable from 40 – 409,600, and improved image quality by approximately 1 stop noise reduction(4) in the middle and high sensitivity ranges
  • Video recording capabilities include 4K 120pi, 10 bit 4:2:2 color depth, All-Intra recording, XAVC HS format with H.265 codec and more
  • 15+ stop dynamic range for movies(2)
  • 4K 60p 16-bit RAW video HDMI output for the first time in the Alpha™ series
  • Fast Hybrid AF system with 759 point phase-detection AF sensors covering 92% of image sensor
  • Enhanced Real-time Eye AF for movie recording and still image recording
  • New heat dissipating mechanism and dual slot relay recording enables over one-hour long 4K 60p 10-bit 4:2:2 movie shooting  
  • 5-axis optical in-body image stabilization supports handheld movie shooting, with added Active Mode  to support especially difficult handheld movie shooting
  • World’s brightest and largest(10) new 0.64-type 9.44 million-dot (approx.) OLED electronic viewfinder
  • Side Opening variable angle LCD screen enhances shooting flexibility
  • Completely redesigned menu system with touch screen interface and touch operation
  • High-speed continuous still image shooting at up to 10fps for more than 1,000 consecutive uncompressed RAW images with full AF / AE tracking
  • Dual CFexpress Type A card slots that enable high speed data processing while keeping the compact size 


Sony A7siii
Sony A7siii

SONY A7Siii will be available in September 2020 for approximately $3,499.99 USD and $4,799.99 CAD.

More Information at SONY official website

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Video Transcription


three two none three two zero

four three five seven one action we are

live right okay i think we are live

we are live we are live we’re live we’re


and is sony live yet sony’s almost live

in fact sony’s gonna

announce this camera in less than eight

hours right

uh 10 am eastern time tomorrow

this camera will be fully announced but

hey guess what a lot of specs are leaked


at this point these are pretty much your

official specs as far as i’m concerned

i don’t think these are wrong but anyway

hello everyone and welcome to pixel

stylers today we’re talking about

the sony a7s mark iii

potentially the canon killer a killer

and i’m a canon fanboy so sony

let’s fight let’s fight and jeremy

you’re not a sony guy wait what’s on

your head

let me z alpha b alpha

oh you think you’re alpha are you no

you’re alpha for now i used to be

i still can alright

well so yes i’m a fuji x photographer

yes but under my contract i’m allowed to

use and talk about any other camera but

that’s not i also talk about fuji

so that’s actually perfect you think

about it as a photographer you don’t

want to limit to just one thing

yeah no your creativity should not be

limited right

i agree same thing on goal gear so

that’s why i love the contract

yes very cool oh dude anyway i’m just

here for the show it’s hot

all right well that’s what i love to i

love i love that we talk about all gear

even though i’m like a huge apple fanboy

i’m a huge canon fanboy

but when the zv one came out for sony

i’m like i want this this is my camera

right and you know the xt4 came out from

fuji i’m like this is awesome i want

this camera

so as long as we’re not biased because

we like one brand over another

and we just use and talk about the gear

as they are i think that’s perfect

so today we’re talking about yes so we

were getting there a lot of people don’t

really understand the whole

sony line as a x sony allison

um to be honest this a7s

siri is one of my favorite too besides

the rx the rx is

i like it because it’s different right

the rx cv

but i’m on the camera i use because

shoot a lot of

time photos even though most people

would use the a7s

as the video camera right but i do it

for like low light

right for example doing wedding days in

like in the banquet right i could

literally turn the iso as high as i can

and kept it wherever i want and will

vary no noise

yes and use pretty much ambient lighting

or just a led light because you don’t

want to be in lighting

one of my um favorite um

wedding shooting camera is the a7 i

actually have an a7

s2 before okay is this seven s2

just one generation beats for the a7 s3

or is there like a bunch of camera

online this is the first generation

a lot of people was waiting this the

longest time how long has it been

five years wow but in between it like

there’s an a7

r4 too well think about this think about

this yeah

because when the first generation is a7s

yeah when it comes out the no noise


kick everybody’s butt yes okay

and yes and then the next innovation

a7s2 comes out

it’s actually good enough for the next

five years that they don’t even make a

better one

yep but then for the other c with a7 ow

yeah they they are at generation four

right now

so they’re better than the a7 s2 it’s

different they’re two different cameras

different okay

so the a ac is this e-mount series right

so a7 our i’ll stand for resolution

meaning that it has a lot of megapixels

that’s why the new

uh sony a7r four yes 61 megapixel

so that’s what we have linked down right

below with the a7

r4 and it comes with like a gimbal

and a lens and an accessory pack really

good deal on amazon by the way

but if you are going from megapixel

that’s the camera to get but if you’re

going for like

low light and video but one thing you

understand though for a7s series

it’s remaining at 12 megapixel what

even this a7s mark iii is 12 megapixel

they’re smart because they’re going for

low light capabilities because when you

craft a lot of megapixel in

yes no light and also uh low heat

oh heat yeah heat and as well as


i mean think about it yeah this

basically is

acid stand for sensitivity oh that’s


the s is for okay but then um in the

original concept i think they don’t

think about

uh widow that much but it’s good but

then a lot of videographers um

actually during my time of being waiting

for towers i see a lot of people moving

just the camera body right from canon to

this because

it is just that good and they still use

your um

the canon lens on a yeeman and mounted

on a sony body i see a lot of it overdo


i’m actually messaging you right now

because i have a question for you

jeremy oh can we do

that and that’s up to you that’s your


if you feel comfortable then i don’t

feel comfortable you can’t do it not me

i just got accepted to it let’s not

let’s not

yeah dude i kind of want to

i kind of want you to do it do it you

can do it i can’t i shouldn’t do it

okay okay i i will actually introduce


um hang on guys so what i’m gonna do is

i’m gonna share this video that we’re

doing right now the live video

to the sony enthusiast group

on facebook and i hope for the for my

sake of my life that they don’t kick me

out because i just joined the group


they shouldn’t you’re not selling

anything yes it’s just that in my

position that i shouldn’t

all right all right cool cool share now

uh let’s see share it to a group

because they’re a group right this is

cool this is cool

sony yes yes and then let me say


uh excited about the specs

excited about the a7

s mark iii

is uh um

are you getting one is it better

is it bet is it the canon killer

that’s what i’m gonna write actually i

should even share what i’m writing for

you guys just so you can see

there there we are yes excited about


a7s mark iii are you getting one

is it the canon killer uh


actually it’s actually cannot yield as

our five killers not that all not all

canon killers but you know

you don’t want to type that long there

you go why not

hi guys i’m new to

the group be nice

please don’t kick me out i just joined

the sony a7 they’re cool

yeah they’re cool they’re all um

that’s not the official sony group so

you’re cool

hi guys i’m new to the group please

don’t kick me out for sharing this

please don’t kick me out for

sharing this live

stream there we go

let’s post it are you ready go ahead

doing it boom boom oh wait i need to get

the uh

um their admin to approve it too

so you can’t do nothing about that yeah

so let’s

yeah so anyway while we’re waiting for

the admin

um just keep doing it

we’re gonna wait for them to approve and

then so you can start talking no we’re

not gonna do that

of course not so i let’s just look at

some of the the specs here right because

oh by the way guys this is our website


it’s not officially launched yet we’re

still working at the

the details but since you’re watching

this live you can check out our website

at pixelsnipers.com and here jeremy and


we are photographers uh jeremy’s been

doing wedding photography for 15 years

i’ve been doing wedding photography for


we have passion for camera gear for our

tutorials on photoshop

lightroom luminar and the business of


and the art of finding your own style

your creativity also

this is the this is the ironic thing is

that i used to be a sony ambassador

there you go but now i’m fuji yes

yes but he still knows a lot about

sony cameras i i basically

worked with certainly when the nobody

rounds up

until two years ago ah

so i help them develop a lot of the


wow no kidding no kidding

i actually feel kind of i should study

more about fujifilm right now because i


the camera design but because my history

i actually know all the sony

stuff in my back of my head wow

so there you guys guys this is why we

have jeremy

on the channel right now because he’s a


sony ambassador and he’s actually helps

him design cameras so he knows a little

bit about the culture

the engineering side of things um plus

right now we’re just going through the

rumor specs and

dude i i want this camera already and i

don’t even know the full specs yeah just


it’s set up right sticking to it that’s

the correct alright so what do we got

here so these are the rumor spec

so number one definitely have to be 12


okay so it has to be what is the

megapixel of the

a7s 2 is it also 12 also 12.

okay on the first generation is always


and the ultimate question because i’m

more i’m a photographer but i’m also

more of a videographer

and my question for you jeremy because i

don’t print my work

i deliver all my work on dvd dvd

i used to now it’s all online but i

deliver client

wedding photos online i don’t really


canvases the big calculus so my question

this is beyond 10 years ago okay i

always say 15 6

yeah probably 15 16 years ago i was

i’m working my job back then is for

retouching sl as a printer

okay now back then the cameras are not

that good i’m actually

uh we’re touching a lot of digital

photos that shot with like

five or six megapixels camera i can

totally blow that up to 16 by 24

inches canvas size not a problem

we talked about five or six megapixels

back then technology sucks

i keep i still can build that up that


so what do you think i can do with 12


oh yeah then it sounds like it’s i guess

what you cannot do

is you cannot crop much because at 12


you’re kind of at like the edge of what


yeah 30 by 40 picture can you print a


camera unfortunately that would minus

only the i still crop

i don’t care what megapixel yeah well

you know the cool thing about

canvas is that it has a natural canvas

texture on it

so even you have some noise it adds

character to your picture

anyway well i’m talking about canvas


most people bought that yeah because

it’s a good thing but i could also bring

on photo paper

and now for the photo paper if the

glossy or semi-glossy it hides some of

the default it helps but we also put it

on matte paper it’s like those finite

matte paper yes

looks pretty good so bodybuilding

business 15 16 years ago

so think about the technology nowadays

what can you not do

right well the technology is more

advanced but printers

can do better job with just 12 megapixel

now plus

the 12 megapixels in these cameras are


than before even though it’s still 12

megapixel the

the the so pixels one thing most people

if you are sending your photo to

say walgreens costco shutterflies all

that okay

it does matter because they don’t know

how to handle a photo oh really

what i’m talking about is you send it to

azure professional printers

who do professional artistic print they

know how to handle your files

it’s about handling a file to get a

print all those

online there they basically you send

them a jpeg they print as this

fair enough so you guys have

professionals that know how to optimize

the print job for the image you deliver


bottom line this is rumored to have a 12

megapixel sensor

is that good enough and i think yeah

answered it

so yes and should there be any concerns


should i pick a camera that has more

megapixel like the a7

r4 or the a7 s3 that

it really depends what you need the

camera for

don’t tell me that you want a camera can

do it all that just i want the camera

can do

everything and not overheat

i need 64 megapixel record at


you go over here i think i sent you a

video about that

uh that review from one of the working

photographer who revealed about the

canon eos r5 and

so unhappy about it you know the whole

story is

canon basically sent him the phone the

camera for him to test

and he used the camera for his job right

he didn’t

do his job you saw that video right no i

didn’t watch it i didn’t watch it

oh so he was basically he able to get

the job done but again

a lot of hassle for example while it’s

overheating the pro

the problem is it’s overheating it’s not

even shooting a full movie he’s shooting


piece by piece together right so at like


while the camera is on shooting for

maybe 15-20 minutes it’s overheat

so he had to help just take a break need

to put ice pack on the camera and want

to try to cool it down what

is that that is so professional no it’s


not happy with the camera like that oh

so that’s that the reason

why that would happen for the canon eos

it is good it’s a good camera for taking

photos one snap

but when you’re using a 45 megapixel

sensor and try to do videos

with in a small body yeah you will have

overheat for sure

yes i agree you think about that

yeah that’s why um

it’s only way way back when we discuss

they did a really good smart choice okay

unlike ken i don’t know what canon’s


i never use canon i don’t understand it

cannot but what sony did is

they identified the line into the a line

the a7 and the rx

is basically uh the opponent shoot right

right you know the ios 100 and then also

the cv one right now

that’s the alex line you know it’s it

could do professional if you wanted to

but it’s not meant for all right and

that a-line is pretty much

for uh the body build itself is more

tough so it’s

kind of you know how some of those

people are saying that oh i gotta use

canon because it’s professional what’s


what’s so professional about it because

you could drop the camera it won’t break

you keep shooting

that’s the a99 and also the frame way

because you need to capture

things that happen on the fly it has

like i don’t know

how many frames like 12 or 16 frames per

second now yep

and it’s let’s go pretty good so that’s

the a9 and then

in the a7 they basically separate them


and say a7s in the beginning it was so

convincing for everybody

why you have so many lines because they

are not building a camera that can do it

all their brand itself that has hey if

you need to do photojournalism

and go to the warzone whatever get the


if you’re just having fun you want a

small pocket camera get the rx 9

but if you are working okay we have the

full frame like that

if you need just doing pictures and you

need a lot of mecha pixels get the a7

outline if you have to do low light

or even do the video get the a7s line

there so you have to identify who you

are and what you need to get which model

ah that makes sense that that that makes

total sense yeah so they’re not gonna be

ambition about i’m gonna be a perfect

camera for you

no you’re not fair enough so

if you are okay with 12 megapixel you

know who you are

and if you need a lot of mega pixels i

have a lot of picture

of what winning picture are from 12


it doesn’t matter that’s all that

matters so if you need

a lot of megapixel then you know who you

are you’re probably those people that

take a huge picture and crop in like a

hundred percent

or something oh hey we got some um

comments here

so we got um one comment here says did

you guys watch

b nh’s preview video uh not yet so yeah

yeah so that way we won’t

we won’t get daily by other people’s

thing we basically focus on what we

think about sell first we’ll watch those


yeah so the reason why they wanted us to

watch it is because b h

uh actually created a review video which

leaked all the camera specs already

so we we should check that out later so

everyone is watching this

if you want to watch the official spec

check it out but i think these rumor


are pretty much the same thing because i

mean we’re only a couple hours away from

the official release anyway

and this is our opinion right because

being the age they’re a big company

and they’re they’re probably making a

video with kind of a contract agreement

i don’t know yes or no

for sure but i know they have to say

good things about the camera because

guess what

they’re selling you the camera there’s

incentive for them to say

good things about the camera we have no

benefit from telling you

how good the camera is in fact our job

is to help guide you to make the

decision to buy the right camera

what i was trying to do is from a sony


well x4 it’s only for that expensive

talk about all this how i feel about it

not how good the spec is to be honest i

don’t really care for once

i don’t shoot videos second i’m not with

sony anymore so sorry

but this is just my opinion yes yeah

so if you guys want spec and you want

someone to glorify how great the specs

are or something

you can use next yeah and you can go to

bah and they’ll say the best the

sweetest thing about the spec because

guess what they want you to buy the

camera and we’re more

i think i’m more like that i’m more of a

spec guy but jeremy

he’s more into like is the camera

functional for what you need it for

like really do the job and really do it

well regardless not so i care

the culture of the company why are they

doing certain things

rather than would that feature work for

me because you know sometimes

a feature you might not never use that

feature before it’s new

yes so how do i know what for me well

you gotta be open-minded

right right and meek photo says what is

the process of getting on amazon live

oh it’s pretty easy my friend you wanna


invitationally i don’t know it’s sort of

invitation only

uh in the earlier phase it was

invitation only but now

you can actually apply just go ahead and

google amazon live

uh here let me actually show you on

screen here uh there’s an influencer

program so

how to be an amazon

on live influence awesome right

and it’s pretty easy because there’s an

application program

uh right here so amazon

live video influencer faq



download the app

influencer and then what you do is you

apply here so you sign up here

so to stream on amazon influencer must

be part of the amazon

influencer program if you’re not already

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oh my god casper if you’re not already

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and that’s all it is my friend

let me actually get this link here and

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amazon live is a great platform to to

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money too because if you guys are

interested in any of the products we

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that helps us generate a little bit of

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content like this for you guys so meek

photo thanks for your comment

good question and looks like you’re

watching us on youtube so

make sure you thumbs up on youtube too

uh but we are also on amazon live and

we’re also on twitch tv right now

and we’re also on facebook so we kind of

stream on all platforms

so let me close out this comment here

let me paste the link but before i do


i’ll let jeremy talk about the next

point for you as i do that how about

that jeremy actually need help on that


you can’t read it i mean no not that i

can’t read it

i’ve been gone from the from sony for a

while so i don’t have the internal news

and some of the new features

i didn’t follow so for example uh


i don’t know what this new stack design

of the

sensor is anymore

okay um stack design with

integral integral oh well remember now

they have two

two layers okay that’s right okay

actually i don’t know can you explain


um i think it’s a different technology

that um the light

when hit hit the sensor it actually go

for two

layer of sensors oh so it divides up the


yeah and then also i guess is it the


are different so you know how rather

when they you know the sense the full

frame sensor size

doesn’t really change rather you click

you can

grab like 61 megapixels yeah or 12


on it yeah but the pixel itself it gets

smaller or bigger

right so for this i think they kind of

keep the

pixel size bigger that way they could

control the noise

but then they stack it so you know you

can get more information when you have

two layers so more pixels but at

not sacrificing too much of the noise or

rather they’re not coming that much more

pixel because it’s still 12 megapixels

but that’s actually

that kind of design require um your

graphic chip to be super fast able to

process all that

yes or they have dual processor dual

core right so

we have one processor processing one

layer another processor

processing the other there so let’s

let’s see what um this means a stack

design with integral

memory rumored let me see

if do you mind if we pull up um one of

the resources online about it or do you

prefer to not jeremy

sure go ahead all right because i’m

going to pull up uh

sony alpharumors.com because they

actually know a little bit about this

all right cool so we’re going to borrow

some resources

from sony alpharumers.com and they

they’re saying the a7s3 will have a new

snap image sensor with integral memory

uh dude this is back in 2018.

it’s actually true now it’s still a


yeah and technically it is yeah so but

what what

what what is it

i just said it earlier it’s just a stack

of uh sensors

there you go okay i won’t be looking

more into it because it sounds like you

already know what you’re talking about

jeremy i wasn’t sure

that’s why i wanted to check it myself

but so it uses stack sensors the benefit

is probably to fit more

more pixels without without

introducing noise or rather in this case

because they’re keeping the megapixel

the same


then they’re also going to be able to

reduce the noise because the megapixels

are the same

but now i don’t know because last time i

remember this type of technology is

actually held with the color

okay it processed color better so i

don’t know about mega pixels because

in this case you have 12 megapixel i

mean it’s a 12 megapixel camera

why why you want to keep pushing up the

megapixel while you want to keep the

megapixel down to control the noise

and get the sensitivities the the way to

get more sensitive

light sensitivity is get your pixel


yes not smaller so that doesn’t make

sense to me so some of those women might

be just

like wheel warmers so let’s look at


and this is a recent article this is

published four days ago

so they say they there are certainly

plenty of rumors to go on

including talks of a brand new stack

sensor and an exciting viewfinder

okay so what is the stock sensor don’t

talk about it

no one’s really talking about this okay

no they did a really good job hiding all

the perspective

okay from sony okay so uh remember

backwards only we have to decide a lot

of things and not talk about it

okay so if you do it well so if you want

to know more about that

google it guys because we don’t want to

say anything that we don’t know

you know why being they came back

because happiness killed themselves on

camera that’s why bnhs

had those they probably grills only so

bad that they

give us the spec we don’t we need to

talk about it before your launch it so

we get more sales or whatnot that’s what

we’re trying to do

so if you want to actually know more

about the spec spec then check out b

h’s uh review video that’s already

leaked for the a7s mark iii

um watch this video here for

our real life perspective of

these specs and how we think they’re

actually useful

in everyday shooting

right okay so the next

point here is there could possibly be a


modem yeah forget about that that’s a

total boomer fan i don’t know why i copy

that in there

forget about skip that one all right

we’re expected to see a dci 4k

capture at 60p that’s well as a video

guy you gotta tell me

that’s a good what’s the dci dci


dci video i don’t know

this guy’s digital system okay


okay okay it’s one of the most prominent

standard for a cinema industry

so it’s it’s got it it’s h365

and 4k streaming so just just more stuff

okay yeah just more more geared towards

streamline cinematic 4k capture


compression so you have

uh every frame capture without

introducing extra noise between the


uh so i i pretty much say it as a given

that’s just gonna make your file bigger

but it’s more

quality for higher so managing so

back to um the whole 12 megapixel full

frame sensor okay right

from what i heard that you could

actually go all the way down your iso to


ankle and also maximum sensitivity you

could go already up to


that’s insane 400 000

iso that’s almost night vision

pretty much that’s um if you ever been

to a trade show let’s say

uh wppi uh uh

photo plus or in germany uh what’s the

uh follow

quina folkena you have this booth

it has it’s a dark room when i said that

room is like honey you won’t go in

there’s no light

peach dog yeah right and then they have

this certainly a

a7s pointing to the darkness

and when you keep turning iso you see oh

my god there’s something inside

like yeah monster or it’s like a hot

chick or something

behind all the darkness that’s pretty

cool that’s so cool so

i mean that’s why you deal with uh 12

megapixels you know what it’s so fun

about that

that that that one yes so i love that


that campaign they put in 87s yeah

they put a nikon the highest level one

and they put the candle

outside while they let the people play

around with it

yeah you cannot and nikon can’t see [ __ ]

even at like the extended iso range

right they just can’t because they can’t

get to that level or

if they get it it is so bad and muddy

and while the sony as

a7 is so clean relatively because

at 400 000 iso it can’t not be clean

clean but

it’s at least usable somewhat but

you can see how big a difference it is

you power it relatively but

it’s clean i i used to like that during

wedding day

i shot natural light using that i go all

the way up i tried it

i could use a photo well black and white

of course

yes of course yeah or make it artistic

add some texture because then

now it’s natural greens and it just

looks like wow nikon can i couldn’t do

it sorry

um you got uh four two two ten bit

internal recording

that’s just really high quality bit rate

for video

normally with some of the other cameras

you need at most ninja to record in this

higher bit rate as an external recorder

but this one now you have the capability

the processing

inside the camera can record four to two


and if you don’t know what it is just

know that it’s like super high quality

bit rate for colors and just resolution

for video so normally you would have to

have extern recorder

with other cameras but this one is built

in hey shooting 4k

with 120p is a huge thing that’s pretty


uh that’s what do you mean you can do

that there’s a file um

no for like is it a good like a deal

breaking thing

feature i would say it’s it’s pretty

it’s pretty standard for like gopros and

action cameras

but for a high resolution dslr

it’s definitely a new feature because

with the

the 1dx mark ii that i had

it was revolutionary to even get 120

frames per second

at 1080p so yeah


terms of

being able to do that with a high

quality dslr camera

wait this is mirrorless huh yes of


a high quality camera not just an action


that’s that’s that’s good to do 4k


they’re removing the 20 minute

restrictions oh yeah 30 minute


and i guess this was a big deal because

in the past when

camera like photography camera

manufacturers had longer

video recording limits then they fall

under the category as a camcorder and

because they

are under that category they get charged

and taxed

as a camcorder in addition to a camera

but i think now that either that law has


changed or sony is actually willing to

pay the extra tax

to actually allow this camera to record

more than 30 minutes which i think is

very very

helpful for creators it’s a cap it’s a

cap for

the technology it’s not a cap full of

videographer because

they got to make sure that they have a

device that works

but then most of the time even though

they say 30 minutes most of the time

it’s not 30 minutes it really depends on


the video offers working is it in like

really cool places or is it really hard


indoor outdoor that varies but around to

be honest most of the camera

will die within 20 minutes well that’s

because you’re thinking about the heat


i’m talking about just the duration of

the recording limitation

even yeah that’s what i’m talking about

the reason that we put that

restriction because of heat no they

don’t they don’t want to let

the camera do it that long well so there

is two restrictions one

is heat and one is uh taxation

even oh that okay yeah yeah i said what

you mean yeah so there’s two reasons

uh but now that they took off the 30

minute restriction it’s great for

videographers that like me

that want to record a long video in

front of a camera for my youtube videos


with a mirrorless camera i don’t know

when it stops recording because it just

silently stops recording

after a limitation let’s put it this way

do you think the canon eos

r5 can live even though they don’t care

about money or attacks whatever

can they lift a 30-minute restriction

um i don’t i don’t know if they could or


right now are they limited well no i’m

just saying if they’re limited

yes even though they live this 30


can the camera do more than 30 minutes

only if you do 1080p but if you record


so it’ll have to be limited to a certain

range that

so-called restriction is for both it’s

not just

yeah taxation it saved their face

because yeah you know what you know

this is limited you can’t go beyond that

because right you literally cannot go

beyond that

because the heat yeah that’s what i’m

talking about right now if they do this

meaning that they’re confident the

camera can do it

yes yes agree their camera is capable of


at the higher bit rate and not be


by the 30 minute but see it’s not clear

in this room respect

if this 30 minute limitation is lifted

and if it’s allowed to record more than


in 4k 120 frames per second or 4k 240

frames per second we don’t know that

that might be a different spec find out

yes seven hours

right right so this is something to

think about but at least for 1080p

i’ll be happy to know that the


is lifted so that i can record a long

video and not have to worry about

this 30 minute limitation all the time

so that helps

so next spec likely to use a similar

design to the a7r

mark iv that’s what that is nothing

all a7 camera looks exactly the same

anyway so just like that’s why i don’t


that’s that’s why what i don’t like

about it because when it

back then when i try to pick up the

camera i cannot tell which is which

most of the time yeah is that that’s my


with what the x mark iii and one dx mark

ii as well

because i i i have two and i don’t know

which one i’m using

but it is a nice thing because when you

have the same body you get very familiar

with the functions of the buttons

until and now yeah back then one with

sony and now i’m not with sony

i still do the same same thing they have

the ugliest camera design ever

it is it’s kind of square and bulky and

they click

they don’t care about the look they care

about the features

that’s why i go with the rx line because

the rx 9 actually looks better

than the a-line the sony rx the point


yeah okay because this does look like

too much crammed into here

they tried to do a lot i mean they have

a lot of these three

yeah it’s pretty crazy okay so same body

as the a7r4

and then you have addition of a

multi-selected joystick

yeah you just saw it there this is

that’s right here right and that is

is that is that used for selecting

autofocus point or do you know what it’s

used for

it’s a joystick it depends how you set

it up

but typically in canon we use it for

selecting auto focus point so hopefully

i think you do that too okay yeah

so that’s nice it lets you jump around

and pick your auto focus points as well

as go through maybe the menu as well

um possible cool event this is

interesting i never seen this but that

that would be interesting

so now that it uses up so much

it causes so much heat but heat

translates to

energy and energy translates to me

battery life so because even though it’s

able to cool off

a 4k recording and record for a long


it’s going to be a big suction on

battery life i think

i don’t know how much battery capacity

has and how long the battery life will

be but

if it’s if it has a cooling vent to

really cool it off

that means it’s going to probably use up

a live battery too so we’ll see

well if you’re doing uh follow that

doesn’t matter

but if you’re doing video i thought we’d

offer use the body and have

a lot of external batteries already so

and then it’s always mono on something


it’s not like handheld in it true but

pretty cool that they’re gonna have a

cooling vent

that’s interesting hopefully they use a

quiet fan so it doesn’t

uh make too much hopefully yeah it’s a

very quick including bent

cooling vent doesn’t mean that’s a fan


okay oh yeah that’s true very cool

all right so it’s gonna have the world’s

highest resolution evf

expected that’s pretty cool

i don’t know i mean that’s a little bit

overkill currently right now all that


ubf i think it’s pretty decent and good

enough already so you know

what another high resolution yeah yeah

i mean the evf is so small already does

the high resolution really help you’re

like looking just on your screen already

it depends some people really still

complain about the wheel

wheel finder compared to the evf it

still doesn’t look the same

so they’re still trying to refine the

technology so that it looks

as real as possible fair enough fair


okay so we’re expecting to see high

resolution on the evf

and then you have increased

magnification to


i have no idea

okay i don’t either so let’s just skip

that point skip that rumor for now

uh touch screen control on the rear


is that the first for sony to actually

have a touch screen on that i think so

wow wow that’s pretty crazy because i

know canon has been

having touchscreen on their cameras for

a long time

they have touch screens for hours line

the a7 line probably

okay is it the first i don’t know the


okay maybe so here are some other specs

that you

round up these are more like uh more

hard spec right

like the price so we’re looking at

potentially 3 500

u.s yeah see this is what dressed me

like 3500 i could get myself a full gg


medium font


which is i don’t know if you want

megapixel but this camera is not about

mexi pixel right it’s about sensitivity

it’s about having that high low light

capability with the same concept though

the reason why the a7s full frame has 12

megapixel because

your pixel is bigger so you can control

the noise if i

only care about controlling noise no

light performance so it’s my

medium format way bigger than full frame

so i got my pixels yeah yeah so it’s the

same thing

if i don’t care about videos yes but

with the larger sensor you actually have

a slower

shutter rate or not shutter rate but

like um actuations per second

yeah it is the medium format that

carries on

well yeah you have it’s a whole

different battle

it’s a whole different battle but the

price is the same yes

yeah well but then the lenses cost a lot

more but you’re right

this this of course if you if you’re

comparing okay hold on hold on hold on

we say lens costs more if you go to

amazon live

your link i’ll link and you look at the

lenses that you put down there

all right how much are they causing like

the hun

the 135 one point is two thousand


the seventy two hundred two point is

twenty four hundred dollars

okay so those are the twenty four one

point four is fourteen hundred dollars

it’s almost the same price the medium

formulas are even more expensive

what’s your point hang on

i wanna see how much fuji medium format

lenses cost we’re talking about

twenty three hundred dollars

seventeen the forty five two point eight

six seven eight hundred dollars

okay and then you get people what’s like

four five hundred dollars so what’s your


i guess i don’t have a point but um

if you’re talking about medium format

versus full frame

uh and going of course we can we can

compare apple to orange this is two

different things right you know

but people will most likely now today

people buys only a7s series

for their video capacity and right

sometimes well they wanted low light

performance so that they could basically

shoot more because

if when you do video you don’t do flash

you need

you need the light sensitivity to

capture um

the videos in the sensor so yeah that’s

it but

you know for me just like i don’t do

video and i

more kind of moving towards the

commercials so getting a medium format

camera is probably

what i need i’m just saying yeah yeah

and for me

as someone that does videography more

than photography nowadays

i think 3 500 is a nice price for this


given the ability all the recording

options it has

including 4k 120p you got the 10 bit the


this is pretty cool too i believe you

have autofocus at 4k

oh no no never mind the autofocus is

down below but you still have



basically what i’m saying is that this

camera is really

high-end in terms of the functionality

for videographers

yeah totally great for a low light and

this is a feature

that a lot of videographers have been

looking for and for a price like this

it’s really sweet and i think there’s a

flip out screen too

yeah so just like the cv one wow

that flip out screen is actually huge

for videographers

oh yeah um this can potentially

allow vloggers to record with a full


sensor with really fast prime lens

because of the flexibility of this

camera now i know it’s still heavier but

it opens the door

for potentially doing that it gives more

yeah but anyway the price i think is a

really good price for the functionality

that it offers

true yes so a lot of video capability


uh 120 frames per second 4k you have the

bit rate

we talked about the 422 colors pretty

high yeah uh 4k

at 120 frames per second output over


that’s i think that’s the first i’ve

never seen that fast frame rate at 4k

over hdmi

you got no record limit at 4k 60. okay

so that’s where it is

that’s where you said if it was the eos


right you can’t do 4k 60

very long can you i don’t know you told

me that right no

that that that we offer who does

documentary basically bash the hat off


did he do 4k at 120 or did he do 4k at


he didn’t mention they actually didn’t

say that but then he

that camera failed him on the job that’s

why his piss

right well this this potentially

well i don’t know if because the thing

about sony is they actually really

you know how it titles basically this is

probably what kills that

well it’s not just canada basically any

cameras out there except for panasonic i

think panasonic is doing pretty good

with um the video

i’m not sure i will follow panasonic for

the video and the song is one of the


for um doing video for case and stuff


that’s that’s what it’s good for let’s


if they really don’t overheat at 4k 60

because like you said they have to have

confidence if they want to introduce no

record limit

and do 4k 60. but can they do it

well so far you know i’m not with sony

right now but it’s only never failed us

so far i disagree i totally disagree

because uh the sony rx100

four i believe recorded 4k

video and it always overheated always

well your how big is how big is the

always one hundred mile four

pocket size like uh yeah okay

and then you gotta understand this is

two different line the rx line and also

this is the

eighth alpha line okay i’ll give you

that i’m actually coming from the alpha

line i mean

definitely we fail much yet we will see

we will see um that’s why i probably

wouldn’t pre-order this

i would at least wait it makes more

sense you got a bigger body yeah

okay same sensor yeah less megapixel


if you think about it what the

technology goes on um the potential is

there to do it

yeah let’s get you get the vents

potentially i mean they’re not being

ambition and putting a 45 or 61

megapixel and

tell you that i could do 4k forever you

know that’s gonna happen anytime soon

yeah that’s too big right okay there’s

no way you can control all that noise in


right right it is a lot to handle

for sure you have new codec similar to

the sony fx9

i don’t even know what the sony fx9 is

because it’s new

that’s what it just said but what is it

what does it if oh it’s a full-frame

video camera it’s it’s legit

it’s a 11 000 camcorder very expensive

but very good wow

dude yeah i think they have a campaign

to try to

tell the tv station use this itself

molly this is this is not for us this is

for me

like studio news team and whatnot that

kind of stuff

yeah but basically they have the same

codec as this bad boy here

yeah so that’s pretty good

uh af autofocus system is similar to the


mark iv um which is good

is it is it the how does it compare to

canon’s dual pixel out of focus

i never just cannot so i can’t compare

okay i would say right now

for based on all the reviews i’ve seen

online it’s generally

canon and sony they’re head to head in

terms of autofocus

i think canon was ahead a little bit

earlier with um

dual pixel autofocus but i think sony’s

a little bit better now

so if wait why are you talking about

focus goodness two factor one

is it fast enough uh second is is it


which part you’re talking about fast or


yeah i think sony got a hat on accurate

yeah that’s probably more important but

i think both

sony has been better i think sony’s been

bearing both

because canon has done well with the

dual pixel autofocus but the dual piece

autofocus is the same

mechanism that’s been out since the 1dx

mark ii

which is for maybe five years now

so you gotta you gotta push forward


you can’t really count the canon 5d mark

four though system compared to this that


a single lens effect it’s not mirrorless

so technology on the focus is different

right so you’re counting from i would

say the eos r5 o6

that is well actually no they have a

downward which is really bad

the one you have is what m50 yeah the

m50 is pretty much

decently modern but it still uses dual

pixel autofocus yeah but when you move

around turn on

and it’s kind of not well think about it

sony has what’s only

how many generations a7 has a a7


a7r a7s xml has like four generation now

so like sixth generation

from it so we talk about the sixth

generation of the autofocus

it tends to be much better than what

canon has with the current

newly introduced mia let’s camera

i’ll give it adjusting yes so we are

definitely improving in terms of

technology and then

so the a7r mark iv how how recent is

that is that

relatively recent of a camera i finished

last year okay

so and people are are loving that

and you’re telling me that the autofocus

is really good in the a7r mark iv

so then yeah i focus i think they all is


is it i forgot is it a7r4 that has the

pad i focus too or is it rx

i forgot i didn’t but that one has the

eye focus i know

so i know they i got it from that i’m

not sure a little bit about it

i i haven’t you know followed for a

while but

that’s pretty cool yep and then of

course you get the 600 megabits per

second bit rate that’s recording video

you have the base iso of 16 or 160 for s

log 3.

no dual iso yeah i don’t know what that


no no iso the almighty google

a7s mark iii what does no

dual iso means

okay i’m on it oh seriously siri is

trying to search for it right now too

siri i i don’t need you to search i’m

already googling it

okay um

what does this mean so sony alpha rumor

also talked about this

and this is recent yeah so no dual

iso dude this is all they said

there’s no more detail and else

so what does it mean to have no dual iso

so i don’t know why they put it there

you could just say dual iso

but you put no do i know you don’t have

to tell people you don’t have that right

so what’s the point that you don’t have


you just type in no just type in do iso

don’t type all that and see what that

the explanation of

do okay yeah what is dual

dual iso

so what is dual iso cameras okay here it


dual native iso is a unique technology

from panasonic

that can be found in cameras that are

part of the cinematic camera lineup

the sensor of the very cam has two

native iso settings

ah 805 000 that means

that simply put you can take advantage

of having two

film stock in a single camera

so it’s basically two native iso

and of course you know when it’s native

iso that’s when it has

the best quality image so it’s cleaner

yeah so

that’s that might be because yeah so

basically they have

they have they don’t have dual iso in

this camera

so in other words okay so i don’t only

one sweet iso yeah

so i don’t know why that’s a feature or

maybe the only reason that i feel like

they want to point that out is because

they don’t want people to associate that

with panasonic

i i i wish i knew more to comment on


journey but i don’t you can understand

how come you think

besides telling customers what they have

they also

have to kind of build walls

against their other competitors and

whatnot and you know stand out

or you know don’t want to do anything

with that because they don’t want to

compare certain features that like for


the dual iso is panasonics so

they try not to relate to yeah just in

case for example if panasonic has bad

press for a dual iso

so now they’re saying okay so we don’t

have to iso um

i don’t know how how valuable that is i

don’t know enough about dual

iso so i’ll leave that as like a

questionable specification in terms of

is it good or bad

that doesn’t matter if you should jpeg

right i mean mpac sorry

it only matter if you shoot slot and you

try to do a lot of post processing

then you need those to get the widow

better it’s kind of how how you

shooting uh raw file jpeg you could get

more with more file i think it’s the

same thing

well i i still think if you have dual

iso you have

one iso that’s native at the lower range

and you have one

native iso at a higher range so even if

you’re shooting jpeg if you have a

native iso at like what 1600 or


then that will shift to the second iso

range where it’s native at 1600

then it’s probably sharper even if you

use jpeg

that’s just for the days this way the

base is 160 and max iso at


a native iso

no or you need to use whatever iso what

does it matter

as long as it’s it’s a smooth range and

you’re only introducing a little bit of

noise up

i don’t really care about dual eyes so

less to worry about right

it’s like it’s like driving a tesla

versus having a two speed

right just it’s variable all the way up


i have two gears to pick so i don’t know

i don’t know enough to say if it’s a

good or bad to be honest but

that is what the specs rumors are uh you

have 16 bit raw output

and then you have this is huge 15

dynamic range we keep going up on that

number that’s pretty crazy

it used to be 14. now he’s got one more

so in in native that honestly

yes this is the only thing i think

there’s one thing that we miss about

you know sony camera is the dynamic

range when you do post processing

that’s huge yeah so in layman’s term

how do you describe dynamic range is

someone that

can interpret it based on normal


like what how do you explain what 15

stops of dynamic range is compared to 14

stops of dynamic range

okay so for example what is the smallest

f-stop currently a camber lens has


uh for us humanized i think our

app store for humanize is beyond 40.

okay okay so at the same time is

we can see the dimension we see

than the camera see him can’t even

compare at the one lens okay right but

this 15 stop dynamic range what that it

does is

it actually capture all the information

he didn’t see

it’s actually catching a live view not

the light only so

within that distance all that light is

captured in that file

okay and you could bring that back from

the post okay

i i see your point i kind of understand

a little bit differently

correct me if i’m wrong or if we’re on

the same page so to me

dynamic range is the ability to capture


in the dark area as well as the

brightness in the highlight areas

and you’re right too our human eyes yeah

but then what i’m talking about is

within that let’s say

let’s say imagine i have virtual square

in front of me like a cube yeah

yeah invent that kill all the

information is captured

okay so let’s say on that one click

yeah i set myself at f 16 you know 100

one over 100 uh shutter and iso at 400

something like that

all right so that frame or you know raw

when you open it previewed it

yep that’s the exposure i get right but

because i captured the whole cube’s


yes i yes so that because of the 15 stop

dynamic range

i could let’s say if the shadow is too

dark i could bring back the detail on

the shadow

if it’s too bright i can lower it that’s

what i’m talking about you got more

information that you need right but

for human eyes we see that oh yeah the

camera couldn’t

right so basically yeah so i think in

the back

in the warehouse and you want to just

bring it back from the warehouse

yes exactly as long as you have the

information you can pull it back

and i think i think your explanation is

the same as mine

in terms of um what we’re talking about

technicality but in terms of easy to


i think my my for me i understand my

example better obviously because i’m


but i think from for example our human

eyes we have a much

greater dynamic range that’s how we look

at something very bright like outside in

a sunny day

we can still see the sky properly

exposed at the same time something in

the shadow

we can still see like the little snail

crawling but

a camera can’t do that because it has a

limited dynamic range

that’s why if you want to see something

that’s like in the shadow you have to

expose for the shadow

part and then you lose the quality or

you lose the exposure of the sky

and vice versa you want to capture the

detail of the sky you’re going to have


have such high range that you’re going

to crush the shadows of the snail

so our eyes can do both but cameras

they’re limited

so if you increase the stops of dynamic

range then you can

you can get more details in the bright

and more details in the shadow

but at the same time basically

more than if you have 14 stops at 15

stops you have

better capture you have more range

between the shadows and

the highlights this is what i understand

same thing

yeah it’s the same thing it’s just the

way that i interpret it and maybe

other people might understand it uh

easier because

it makes sense visually

but whatever it is we’re on the same

page we’re talking about the same thing

yeah we’re on the same page

so those are pretty much the rumor specs

guys if you want to know

the actual spec as people have already

been saying on a youtube video

is go to b h’s website and watch their

review because

they already leaked out the actual spec

so they’re already out there

and just you know take it with a grain

of salt because b niche

are going to say the best things about

the camera

uh to get you to buy their camera

because ultimately

they’re a camera a camera’s company to

sell cameras or

sorry a store to sell cameras not really

to review cameras they’re going to tell

you good things so

you can buy the cameras well they have a

lot of

educational online education there is

you think about it though like back then

with only i have i’m kind of obligated

to talk

about sony so if certain someone is

is associated with the company and

whatnot uh


you know what i’m getting into right

they tend to talk about good thing about

the brand

and the products yeah because

i think correct me if i’m wrong but i

think when you are an ambassador

you actually have the legal constraint

to not say bad things about the brand

you cannot actually say bad things about

the brand

right i try to wait for the whole

contract but then

throughout um you know the relationship

i have with sony

i’m always happy with the products but


i mean what they do is they let me into

the development

um of the product so i actually see some

of those ideas come up and

just make me happy

that’s always good but you know sooner

or later you will

run into something that you don’t like

about the brand

i do i guess it’s okay to say okay well

for example the point-and-shoot cameras

they overheat a 4k

but if you want to record 4k you might

want to buy something that’s more of a

professional body

then i guess that’s okay but you don’t

want to just downright

say bad things about the brand as


well originally i when when i joined

sony all these were never there

yeah uh instead it’s the nex series

which they were oh

that’s all that’s the one that was the

one i like

because they finally make some camera

which is

nice looking and fun to hold

small because it’s small it’s

lightweight but at the same time

the design is very unique yes and to be

honest when they

turn to the alpha line i say seriously

yeah so if you want something like that


you might want to go back to your fuji

films because they have the purest

of the look and feel and yeah the

economics that they focus on

but regardless for working-wise you

can’t say no to its only because

uh if you want megapixels they have

megapixels and if you want


a7s free there you go yep so that’s

basically the difference between the

line right the a7

s3 is good for sensitivity you have the

lower megapixel which is 12 megapixel

but you have

better low-light capability whereas if

you want megapixel

you can go for the a7r four

r stands for rev resolution and it has

what is 61 megapixels

i mean imagine this i worked with the

a7r ii

before and also the a7s the original one

okay yeah

uh i shot i used both camera shot in the

same wedding

low light okay right when i bring

i use camera raw right let’s just say

use camera raw i bring the a7 out

twos file into there and try to remove

the noise

it will move most of the noise but not


but when i bring in a7s and remove the


it’s totally gone yes

yeah that same environment lighting

yeah i mean that’s what the camera

focuses on

yeah so you know but then during um

the daytime when i shoot with the a7 out

right outside if i want to crop

more yeah i can and i can still remain

and and when i zoom out i can steal

those pixels right there

yep that makes sense i mean if you’re

doing like um

a commercial billboard picture then you

bring out the a7r mark iv

if you want to shoot an event or

anywhere where you have low light you

bring out the a7s mark iii

so they have their purposes and this a7s

mark iii priced

at a rumor 3 500 with all the

capabilities that we are known to love

for in an a7 line

plus you have super varsity mode of

video recording

it makes it a winner for videographers

plus the flip out screen dude

i mean we we don’t even talk about it

enough but that flip off screen i think

it’s gonna be huge

for sony to be able to have about screen

to record i think that’s the first

alpha line they have to have a field

screen like that yeah i think

that alone would make a lot of people

want to upgrade from the a7s

ii to the a7 s3 i hope that’s i mean

from one i feel like 3 500 still a bit


this nah nah because what the

r5 is gonna be how much

it’s pre-orderable right now right okay

so the r5 is

is about five hundred dollars more or

four yeah i’m not

i’m not compared to our five camera

compared to the previous a7s series

um so how much is the previous a7s

series cost i don’t know i just can you


yeah oh wow

uh but this is a used price still

so here’s serious yeah let’s just say

double the price is still cheaper

no because oh well this is okay so

roughly saying what 20 20 22 2300

they’re charging 3500 which is not

double the price it’s 50

more i don’t know i’m talking about when

you look at the used price it double the


which is that price right there i’m

seeing yeah yeah yeah okay yeah

so it’s it’s almost a thousand thousand


more yeah more more than a thousand

dollars more it’s basically

so very expensive compared to the

periods um

you know model not not compatible so

that’s what i feel like

because in my my mind maybe i’m i’ve

gone for so long now in my mind

the sony camera is always within that


so when you go over that i feel like uh

cause when we talk

they want to make affordable full frame

for everybody but then they’re moving

slowly moving away from the direction


that’s true because they are packing a

lot of technology in there

so i mean there’s a lot of r d and i can

see why they’re charging more

but it doesn’t make sense for the

consumer’s point of view where

it’s pretty much the same line of camera


before but now you’re paying 1200

more it doesn’t make sense well the

economy change you know the stock change

you know uh and also the current

situation maybe

they don’t sell as much and they need to

make more money in

each unit that’s why yeah

that is true yeah well

do you have anything else to add because

i think those are the rumor specs that

we have

i think we have some comments in amazon


oh shoot yes so does it make

faces look nicer than in real

uh fantasma

if you get yourself a really soft lens


like why open i would say if you’re

looking for a feature

like that you might be very happy with

sony’s recently

released creativity camera the zv1

which we have linked down below too oh

yeah that one would make you prettier

yeah sure

because the zv1 linked down below has

what’s called a beauty mode

and the beauty mode there’s a high

medium and low setting or maybe just a

high and low setting

where it would just kind of soften out

your skin and trust me

the girls are going crazy over it


uh the asian culture they like that

natural look where

oh yeah this is good i kid you not that

function is purely for asian

not to be racist but that’s just

typically uh this is more of the culture

i can’t say well we should we can say


okay fair enough fair enough yes but um

fantasma said

he he or she i’m sorry i don’t know if

it’s a hershey but fantasma

said fantasma had the old dx

don’t remember the numbers but sony


and had replaced it with the newer one

and newer technology does not take

pictures that

old technology so

i’m trying to understand this the

statement here so this statement

basically says

that this person had the older camera


liked the way the older camera took

pictures when upgrading

me to a camera

the newer camera it’s all about getting

the sharpness getting mega pixels

while the older camera because the

origin of photography is using the

defect of this mechanical device

that we hold and using the defect become


yeah and now the new new camera we move


all this defect and all the picture

becomes sharper and more megapixel

which has no characters yes back then

all this germany

made a russian camera they all have

defects and that become the

characteristic of

that camera when they take photo yeah

now all the new cameras don’t have that

so i totally agree with you i think i

agree with you too

uh just one one simple example is

it’s china like taking every picture

with a macro lens

even portraits okay so what i’m not

trying to bow

fuji films on right now but if you’re

shooting a picture

with let’s say you should raffle photo

okay you shooting with sony and a nikon


you have that 10 to 15 stop of dynamic


you bring that photo into photoshop and

you retouch it bring back all the detail

and whatnot

you could literally all three camera can

make the same

image right now

if i’m shooting with my fuji

let’s say if i shoot on a jpeg right

because even though it’s a crop sensor

even i feel raw it can only bring back

so much because the diamond ring is not


it up well in a way it’s it’s kind of

forcing me

to shoot because the camera itself has


and creativity will come from limitation

yeah because i need to

i need to use that then that way i have

a unique niche because when i use this

camera this is the way i shoot it

yeah why on the other camera i don’t

care what kind of style you need

i can make it back yeah you can you can

get it no matter

that’s what fantastic yeah though i


yeah i agree and like i said earlier my

my example is pretty much like if you

use a macro lens to shoot portrait

like it’s better in all respect because

it’s sharper

basically it’s that it’s just too sharp

it takes away the the smoothness of the


because it actually shows all the

imperfection which is

great if you’re pixel peeping and you

want the best

image of the actual sub you’re capturing

but sometimes it’s not about that

sometimes you want a little defect you

want the skin to look softer in the

photo than it does in real life

and with older cameras you have the

limitation of the sharpness

that helps make the older picture look

better so in a way

that is true but in today’s technology i


what you do is you take these pictures

that are super sharp and you kind of

soften them up in post-processing

or that’s pretty much what you would do


um fatasmus in these cameras i don’t

think there’s a filter built in

but if you use a camera like the zv1

that’s linked down below

that one will allow you to

use the filters to take pictures that

are naturally soft or take videos that

match yourself

right from within the camera

yep so well

that’s pretty much us yes

yeah um and again if you guys want to

check out the official spec

check out b h’s video and if you want to

see the official official

sony announcement that’s happening


well depending where you are it might

already be tomorrow but tuesday

at 10 a.m eastern standard time the

official spec will be out the

embargoment will be lifted

so you can probably see a bunch of

youtubers talk about this because

uh the a7s mark iii has been in the

hands of many

influencer already and they’ve been

playing around with it for at least a

couple days probably a week or two


and they’ve made videos already they

just haven’t posted it yet and they will

post them

you’ll see tomorrow at 10 eastern time


everyone’s gonna post there’s gonna be

like ten videos about the a7s mark iii

so check those out

um i would say wait until you watch his

videos before you buy

but that’s just me uh so that’s our

rumor that the camera will be available

in september so let’s see what they said


yeah that’d be interesting lots of cool

stuff coming out the ps5 is coming out

new sony cameras in terms of control

well one thing we i forgot to mention i

didn’t put in there is that

uh besides the sd card they also accept


express type a card do you know what

that is i don’t but

um it’s it’s pretty fast

a lot of people don’t like that like

don’t make me buy new cards

yeah but it’s more it’s more sturdy than

the sd cards

and hopefully they should make a

standard a fast standard

i i i got burned with cfast cards

because i used to use

comeback flash cards they switched to c

fast cards the cfast cards were so


i bought a bunch of them for my 1dx mark

ii but now when i go to my 1ds mark 3

they don’t have cfast cards anymore they

keep changing this

the freaking memory card standards i

don’t like that

i understand we need faster cards but

shoot make one standard

for very fast cards and then stick with

it because i hate

can we do one last thing yeah you do on

a search on amazon and see if they have

a pre-order thing for a7 s3 at all

i checked it’s they don’t have it yet

they don’t

oh that’s 873 that’s okay

yeah but i wonder if uh you can do a bh

well they probably had it

no you can’t order either no

you can always click here to see when

it’s available oh there’s the time

yep tomorrow at 10 eastern time

imagination in motion

cool sorry questions to answer will this


have bit bit


at least in the rumor specs what is the

price 3 500

yeah they can’t say yet nope yeah

because you know when b h says it has to

be official but anyway

i i still would buy it from amazon even

though b nature’s gonna have it just

because amazon has good return policies

and i have nothing but good experience

with amazon when

i get a camera that has

that that’s just a lemon because

sometimes it happens right

sometimes you have a camera that just

it’s just

electronic rambling is in there and

instead of having going

to the manufacturer to get one repaired

and refurbish and send that to me i can

always just return to amazon and get

another one

so anyway i recommend that’s fine from

amazon that’s how you play it

that’s not how i play it that’s how

that’s what amazon offers right if

there’s a defect in the camera

that is the camera manufacturer’s fault

so either you let the camera manufacture

take care of it

or you let the seller which is amazon

take care of it for you because the

seller should return to a manufacturer

but you don’t have to wait for the

manufacturer to send you back a

replacement because amazon will ship you

a replacement right away

sounds good to me yeah so we we pretty

much rambled on a lot about this camera

we’ll see what happens tomorrow at 10

a.m we’ll probably make another video to

follow up

once we know the specs more once we

understand it more but this is kind of


a first impression of reading the specs

and just our interpretation

of what they are and how we think

they’re useful in a day-to-day

use um as a photographer and a


all right we like the 30-minute

restriction limiter so

that’s a that’s a big thing if they do

do that and it’s

it actually works that is you know and

the flip screen

yeah the flip screen is gonna be sweet i

don’t know i think a lot of people will

break that fifth screen

you would think so but it’s something

that we want

it’s probably not as robust i’m saying

i’m just feel sorry for certainly on

anime on that because a lot of people

are gonna break that

yeah they will and then if you are a

working videographer and you buy this

i highly suggest join their um

uh post service it costs you less for

repairs trust me so speaking of that

you can also get uh extended insurance

on your equipment too so sometimes it’s

cheaper because if you get insurance on

your equipment there’s a deductible

but once you pay the deductible they

will pay

for whatever repair cost it costs but

you just

you can’t kind of compare what they

offer first because yeah besides repair

for the pro service they offer a lot of

different things too for example uh

i think you’re the team and you get some

gift and then also you know how solely


the us they have all those events uh you

actually get invited go

if you you know all that stuff so you

know just saying it’s not just for

like repair one it’s just you become

part of it it’s

like apple fanboy you know what it

becomes a sony fanboy yeah

same thing with canon canon has the the

cps silver

platinum gold whatever uh different

levels and yes

they get these nice perks you get

backpacks you get camera straps

you get uh every year you can

do a certain number of clean and

inspection from them for free whatnot

only all over that yeah there’s pros and

cons but i like insurance because

if i drop my camera and it costs like

say two thousand dollars to fix

my deductible managers can take care of

it except there’s a catch i only can do

it once or twice if i do it too many


even though i have a legit reason to

claim on insurance

they’ll still kick you off the plan and

they’ll blacklist you

because that’s insurance yes because

insurance is there but you’re not

supposed to use it this is what you’re


so i i don’t know if that’s legit

because do you know that company

uh bottledlands.com yes

i used to yeah i i mean i don’t buy


uh when i have to work and i don’t have

enough gears i just go there and ball

that’s it i can’t do that you know why

i’m a i’m a perfectionist and i know


if you borrow lens you might not get a

sharp copy

because the sharp copy of a lens depends

on pairing with your camera body

so i only feel comfortable shooting at

an important event once

i found that my lens and my body pairs

well and gives me strength like i said

it’s different

because i will i will deliver very

picture to my client if it’s a moment

i’ll do that i don’t care about


so i don’t know you know

well that and also i go with emotion

rather technical

i don’t do this business as

technical even though when i teach


and when i speak for sony fuji i go

technical i know it

all right you know one of those you know


that’s one thing in the chinese

community that you know all the


but you want to forget all the


so that you don’t get trapped by all

this technique and

you could be 3d when you know uh when

you’re actually fighting with someone

people can predict your next move right


the concept is that you know all your

moves so when you need it you have it

but don’t follow it

it’s kind of do you think they do that

to be like water

do you like what no about that thing you

need to be flexible

don’t breathe solid because when you’re

solid you’re predictable

yes i think that applied to kung fu that

apply to your life

that apply to when you do anything

artistic because when you

are trying to do some artistic and you

based on technique only

meaning all your straight line is the

same yeah now a lot of people in the

industry they want like

i want consistency while you’re doing

business that’s fine

because your classmate will love your

consistency yeah but you want to be an


and you’ll be a consistent you’re a

boring artist yeah you have to be

interesting you have to change it up and

you have to be

on the edge and just try new things and

capture the emotion is one of them

because emotion is unique for every


and that’s the most important thing you

can get sharp image all the time but

the emotion is higher priority for sure

i had that when i learned from my mentor

scott robert

back then it just you know he you know

back then he only sees jpeg did you know


i did know that he doesn’t do raw he

doesn’t do a lot of post sourcing so

yeah no some of those some of these

pictures are very

muddy he’s still but it’s good yeah his

model is getting right out of camera

that’s why he has a flash card

with the exposure it’s like boom set it

up get it right in camera because you

don’t want to spend

hours in posts yeah well i’m different

yeah i’m totally different well that’s a

whole different topic

that’s a whole different topic for this

video but we digress

i think we should wrap it up what do you

think jeremy yeah we should we should

okay so yeah thank you everyone for

tuning in let us know if you have any


let us know if you’re going to pick up

the a7s mark 3 we’re excited to hear

what you think about this camera with

that any last words jeremy before we


up tonight uh i want to wait

say the last one the next video if we’re

going to do it after they

so some of the stuff that we mentioned

today may be wrong yeah so don’t call us

about it but that is just how

we go with our own feeling how we see

towards the

rumors exactly and this is our channel

so check us out on youtube.com

pixel savage if you want to learn more

about photography uh editing

and the arts and business of photography

as well so thank you so much for


stay healthy stay safe and we’ll catch

you next time have a good night see you

guys good night

bye signing out signing out on

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