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Video Transcription


this on Facebook right right right right


so we’re live so hello hello everybody

and welcome to pizza stabbers this is

our first time we’re live on YouTube at

youtube.com slash pics established and

we’re live on Amazon live so whenever

you checking us out thank you for tuning

today we’re going to talk about Jeremy

Chan today he’s our wedding photographer

and to be shooting for wedding to shoot

weddings for like 15 years

it’s got like experience he shoots

amazing pictures previously some of the

pictures today but what he wants to

share today is his visions for how he

takes the pictures and how he sets up

his lighting for the pictures and most

importantly what lights he uses for

these photos and right now down in the

description below you can see we’re

talking about the geek ona flash which

are something that are relatively new

and what they offer is a amazing power

that’s compact and very affordable so I

like with yes oh yeah so he’s gonna get

the flash out so we can see it but yeah

let’s take a look at the flash Jeremy so

yeah these visors are amazing we’re next

yeah yeah take it show us show us so

we’re surprised well why are you showing

that let me show you guys Nikolas

website you go to what has an amazing

website check it out they got some

beautiful pictures there they got they

got what they got here they got tripods

off camera flash and LED lights today

we’re talking about their off-camera

flashes here and if you look they

actually were presenting at W PPI and

there’s Jeremy Chen he’s one of the

speakers at the booth but today you get

Jeremy Chen right here up front in

person livestream me to you guys you

have any questions go to our YouTube

channel and put the comments there we

can get your comments there and also if

you are on Amazon live feel free to ask

those questions there as well so Jeremy

do you have to flash in hand can you

show us what the fire looks like oh cool

let’s zoom in on Jeremy look at that

this is the GT 200 by Kiko toe oh

compact yes looks good looks good oh he

goes up yeah very nice oh man I love on

the battery sits right

inside you just fits for fleshly yes and

it’s okay yeah I love this battery

because yeah because I used because you

know when I know i’ma shoot weddings I

use the speed lights if I can pull up

the speed light here yeah let me grab

you a speed light so here’s my speed

light I don’t have any batteries in it

but when I get to replace a battery it’s

for batteries so you don’t when you’re

shooting a wedding you gotta take out

these four batteries find a place to put

it like on a table get new for for new

batteries for my pouch load it up put in

here and I need to change value like

three times in the wedding day it’s a

pain but over there that DeCoteau

GT 208 I mean this Belle we could

probably lost you and go there to be

weddings exactly and what I love about

it is if you need it to you can just

have another battery and you swap it up

this is one piece boom you’re done you

don’t have to deal with your batteries

right you know why they call it GT 200

let me guess 200 watts kids go up over

pilots on with this yes it was yeah it

is the same size but this one this one

because this this flash is like this

small right

a majority of is with the battery and

the control unit and this is all

technology this form factor has been

around for like ten years now before I

factored out the one you have right in

for Mom on top of the cam right yes


yeah and you can mount that on a light

stand or you can hold it too right it’s

got the nice grip so you can can held it

is cool yes yep yeah exactly

I can’t lost a spot that way on the

bottom here suppose this here is your

mount onto the lights dance yes and this

is school that I should go in there but

last time I want to shoot it I lost it

so right yes you know please just feel

bad how we do yeah and Dakota has great

customer service like if you ever like

have a problem with like maybe you’re

missing a bolt or screw like that go

give them an email on their customer

service or if you’re buying from Amazon

the link below just reach out to them a

customer service they are great at

customer service so I decode Oh hands

down awesome customer service great a

product going high quality good price we

love their stuff obviously so if you if

you look at my screen here you can see

the decoder has two two options on

Amazon right they have the GT 200 with

the kit that comes with the softbox here

and this is a little bit pricier this

comes in at 399 but it has everything

you got everything yes your exam

lighting system yeah come to the light

and the light stand is pretty stiff it’s

a bit like Stan it’s not those like you

want to chew on this is a really good

one yes you know normally when they when

they come with the kit give you

something like Cana not good quality but

not that they give you good stuff yes

stuff yeah but the only one catch is

that you also need to buy trigger with

this right so you can go look for

usually purchase with right and find the

trigger for this one or you can just

search for a DeCoteau flash trigger

let’s see if we can find it real quick

Cotto flash trigger alright and then you

buy the right trigger for either whether

it’s your netbooks ya know yeah so we

actually should add this to the link but

we don’t have it so you need two

different DeCoteau flash trigger and

make sure you pick it for your account

your camera whether it’s Canon or Nikon

and yeah see this one’s for Canon I

think it’s with the C and this one is

for n is for Nikon and you can see up

here too and then I think the last one

oh they even have it for Sony I didn’t

realize that s yeah so you have all

three options there so pretty cool 40

bucks for this and then again we can go

back to the GT 200 kit it comes with the

speed light sorry the the speed like GT


need the softbox you can buy it by

yourself here and that one comes around

to $79 and also some of the accessories

are pretty cool because they’re magnetic

so you just pop on really cool stuff but

Bikila gel

yeah but before we start talking about

like all the equipment and the prices

let’s actually hear what jeremy has to

say it turns up what inspires him to

take these pictures and how he sets up

the lights to take these pictures and

they would in that presentation we’ll

talk about how he uses specifically did

she teach you hundred right Jeremy yep

all right

Oh what was that will control you have

my powerpoint yeah I believe he’s a

PowerPoint and I’ll be your um your

mouse right so let me know when you

don’t want me to go to the next slide

all right so what do we have here it’s a

cover page so let’s move on the next

page like I see like sky and logo X

photographers you want to talk – well

I’m uh impossible for okay oh this okay

I’m a sky gnome software ambassadors I’m

also an expert on Fuji film as well I’m

sponsored by Microsoft

awesome awesome oh and that’s my logo

right there Jeremy Jeremy awesome


all right without further ado let’s go

to your first slide look at that again

it’s about me again I’m sorry alright so

let me read this so you got your San

francisco-based wedding photographer and

portrait photographer you got the winner

award-winning W PPI 2011 image of the

Year award congratulations well oh yeah

eat meet you later

I have yeah it’s like I would love to

see that you seven times first place

winner in W PPI photography competition

fantastic and your retouching work has

won over 70 international awards

fantastic awesome anything else you want

to say about this slide Jeremy no I’m

pretty embarrassed about it already so

this movie

oh you’re embarrassed about it should we

also say that he’s been shooting

weddings for 15 years and he shoots

International weddings and she’s amazing

in environmental portraits and wedding

and spontaneous moments he captures the

best pictures alright so let’s go to the

next slide okay

it’s like yo um so this is one thing

that I don’t know I don’t know if

someone held it I made a love for that

so the world is your back job yes the

reason is that um most of wedding

photographers start locally yes and meet

you but then I want to learn more so our

joy international workshop by my mentor

Scott run really back I like a thing

like ten twelve forty years ago I forgot

so from that point on realized

photography can do more for as a

photographer as I could I should go

places with it with photography we’re in

places like different Paris so this is

where I come up with the word is your

path job and it and also because one my

specialty is shooting on location yeah I

mean like how awesome is that

you shooting pictures which is your

hobby your passion you love it and

you’re getting paid for it because you

know you you’re providing value to your

client you’re enjoying these amazing

weddings or pre wedding so you have the

festivities the fun and excitement and

you get to travel right

the I want share one more thing the love

for me for photography it’s not just

about taking a picture and all that it

just I’ve actually love with her because

for topic give me a lot of things

friends and wife well that that’s that’s

personal but what they need to give you

though it’s that before that I mean to

be honest give it like ten fifty years

ago yeah you won’t see me talking like

this you don’t see me speaking in any

kind of international conference I’m so

shy and I don’t even go out I don’t

travel really yeah that’s me like 50

years ago but because Pattabhi it allow

me and it’s somewhat horsemanship out

because if someone I’m gonna pay you

this much money and to tell you hey can

you come to Paris and shoot my wedding

pictures yes would you say no you get

the travel and you give me the money

right so from down only keep training

become more you know open up open mind

it and just because I’ll find

internationally that’s that’s like a

dream I mean normally you don’t get that

kind of life but because of photography

I kick that life yeah so so it’s it’s

it’s got it provides a lot of value to

you and it’s it’s made you who you are

today so fantastic that awesome I you

know you you cannot say no to traveling

but I know myself and a lot of the

photographers then you don’t have the

flexibility to travel like you so you

are very privileged to have the

opportunity in the beginning I don’t

either because like everybody started

part time Yeah right I wish it that’s

the whole point I just quit my job and

do full-time oh that’s how you were able

to travel yeah awesome

it’s a gutsy move you know my family

doesn’t like that you know come on you

know I’m Chinese and then you know how

your pair is it you know what you could

be what engineer a lawyer or doctor or

something like that right yeah well you

made a great choice so let’s let’s learn

more about your photography Jeremy

what’s on the next slide pre-wedding

what’s pretty wedding for us audience

they probably are kind of not familiar

with this term but in Asia Europe it’s

pretty popular in mostly Asia I was

saying they like to take their wedding

pictures before wedding day so they

that’s my call it pre wedding well two

thing about it one is the culture of

some of those culture they are having

really intense wedding day there’s no

way they would have any kind of time for

like a bridal sessions or whatnot right

so they if they want pretty when you

think you do yes and when those clients

want the wedding picture they want to in

dream locations that especially you know

places like that so that become like a

whole new different of genre or fatah be

all by itself well at some point I just

kind of specialize in that maybe this

one maybe give me options and to travel

and see all these wonderful places

yeah and pre-wedding like you said it’s

not a normal term that we here in the

United States often time it’s used as

the the alternative is engagement

session here but

very different right is engagement

session you’re doing a photo session

with a couple but typically more in

casual clothes

whereas pre-wedding you’re actually

wearing a pre-wedding outfit and you’re

shooting that metaphor there would be

pickup artists and hairstylists that’s

around like you know there’s the leopard

yourself yeah so kind of like it’s a

cheap photo shoot right

so people might confuse it as the day of

the wedding photo shoot because their

wedding wearing the same wedding outfit

as they do on a wedding day so if you

show this oh really

think about it makes more sense because

in the u.s. wedding or Western culture

yes you have the wedding day and then

after the wedding yeah we working

staredown and friends of em go back home

then your photographer would get you

wedding album which is wedding day yes

but for this they have a wedding album

is full of the amazing wedding pictures

right internationally pays it on the

venue call the gas yeah and it’s


and it’s all done it’s ready to go very


all right let’s check out now the next

slide here so actually you were right so

let me read this out just so we have it

so what is a pre-wedding photoshoot

right so a pre-wedding photoshoot it’s

more like a contour fashion engagements

shoot the couple will be wearing

brighter clothing or fashionable

clothing and this photoshoot usually

takes place in a few months prior to the

way day and your case at a very nice

international location or beautiful

location like San Francisco Golden Gate

Bridge or some iconic breathtaking

venues right oh yeah okay moving up yep

so next slide here yeah we got a lot of

slide show you LeBouf yeah okay for that

I have some of my the national

pre-wedding work yeah so you

not everybody is wearing a bridal dress

some are not so but if they’re still

fashionable so that’s what that

definition mean for your wedding yeah

I’m very beautiful I love all these

shots they look amazing I know this one

down here in the bottom that’s San

Francisco oh yeah that’s the hall that’s

the app but the

like international locations beautiful

beautiful photos

oh it all starts here yes

so I talk about this because a lot of

people ask me how the heck did you start

like you know how like yeah so in most

cases you need to put yourself out there

for for me out there because that that I

just want to learn more how to be better

and I join my still good friend and my

mentor Robert he had a Paris workshop so

we went and then you know we stayed a

bit longer and then we’re walking around

a street in Paris and if you could go to

the next slide please

oh yes and that one day I went into this

location and they have a brightest lawn

there so we just you know being waiting

for that or I wanted to check out stuff

in Paris what’s how how is like the

weight is a lot in pairs like huh and so

happened that see that lady with the

sunglasses you know was there checking

out all the priorities yes it’s the

public get marry with this guy okay

we’ve become good friends right now the

lady’s name is Ana Paula and we just

asked hey um do you mind let Molly for

us I mean we are waiting for hours and

you know so one thing II the other weeds

that down have some cafe and that we

chitchat a little bit and then two days

later we met again and we did their

previous session in Paris Wow very nice

so looks like please yeah so this is it

so we sat down with them and say let’s

do some vintage stuff this is Paris so

and it’s awesome dress a happy eat all

that so we this is all a picture we did

this is how this is my first day we fair

we first oh international pre-wedding

beautiful and you shot a lot before then

too right this is this is this is after

you have a lot experience shooting oh

yeah that’s local wedding day we know

about lighting closing all that but is

it the first gig internationally yeah

that really drives home a point because

it’s very difficult to get to the

international stage right because people

don’t really know how to just start

shooting internationally

you don’t just advertise that I should

internationally without portfolio right

but you kind of got your way into it and

it’s a very when you story okay this are

your local wedding clients that you

could come to your locations and I say

have you shot in this venue before

because also client don’t know much

about photography or they don’t know you

at all yes you gotta build trust so the

only thing that they could base on is

have you shot this before have you shot

that before so when you get the location

I give you the comfortable of the trust

you right yes so same thing goes for

international if you if someone want to

poke you have you ever shot in Paris

before have you ever shot you tell you

before if you haven’t they

how can they trust you right now of

course not you know you got yourself out

there like yeah of course you’d be

travel to Paris by yourself and try to

get it tomorrow they’re a bit of money

investment yes if not there is a lot of

workshop which is the International

workshop you get joy and it’s just take

to feed a often maybe I mean doing the

workshop they have models there too you

just talk to them and then do some more

photo shoot there that you have your

portfolio to showcase that you actually

yes yeah that builds the trust that was

the confidence and that’s how people can

get started in international photography

so let’s see what you have a next slide

here so this is one of the picture in

this session this is raw just raw raw

but then it always tell me if after

there you see how those feet guys

talking and then their combos they’re

common you know talkie love so I I

really fell off this image and I did

some throw shopping and big slice so I

kind of convert into you because the

colors too distracting so turn it into

CBR limbo femme grip there’s the like

all paris type hmm and into the WP by

photo competition

this is the one look at that Wow I won

up but this amazing is the first time

you were in international location or

just this is one of that times this is

the first picture I sent in which is an

international the others were more local

stuff very nice

but still it’s timeless it’s classy

that’s the hope this picture when they

judge because they have like five judges

don’t you yes it basically create a lot

of controversy hmm so I was there when

they just didn’t pick it they said that

I should just drop in and forget those

three guys and focus on a subject yeah

now good think that they have a lead

judge okay so every single from me just

is the most experienced and most

artistic here is so the other just that

basically come coming and give out like

the open e enough so we just like saving

me like basically he pulled my picture

up again and say and Lily I would marry

every single play you guys do not know

how to look at a picture this is all

this live you see how they they are here

actually capture Paris live in this

figure how could you say that how you

can’t call them now that’s the story

like man that’s really power can be

someone’s defending my work like very

memorable for me beautiful yeah I know

that it didn’t end there so next slide

yes oh somehow this image made it become

the image of the year for mm


image of the year well done that’s how

we first did that first and that we

entered they kind of try to put it down

and the way I’ll judge basically helm

yourself yeah anyway so they’re in a lot

to be this is my first international gig

at the same time got this award so like

this really sparked my career doing the

international P weddings okay cool


I just want to remind you that we have a

lot of slides but I want you to tell me

when you change slide that way I don’t

cut you off before okay okay I’ll do


yep so change yep guy kuba mix so this

is a slide that I want to talk about

which is doing international should I

should from day to night and nighttime

so today we talked about flash yes and

the flash uses a new way now is this

which is in the comments down below in

the description

you see that’s a geek odo GT 200 you can

buy it myself or with the kit so it’s a

powerful flash and it’s compact and

portable and he uses that right in this

situation to backlight them right yeah

cuz if you want to overpower the Sun

Lowell yep bring those like we big flash

with like cable living to it with a huge

belly right right do you know I travel I

can’t do that this is powerful enough

and compact you don’t need the handle

basic put in the back pocket and walk

around yes so cool yeah it literally

fits in the back back pocket I mean I

mean let me show you real quick like

this picture right here right yeah look

it literally fits in your pocket it is a

very compact but it’s got all the power

you need to e make sure against the

bright sunlight so cool going back to

your presentation here okay exercise

being all right though about how

someone’s picture relate like for this

one mm-hmm

I basically just don’t want to overpower

their Eiffel Tower so I using that like

on this couple just to about two of

those like in the back we create a whip

lights for them and that’s it that I

want to miss me I don’t need to showcase

everything they have kids because it’s a

moment and I want you okay they’re in

Paris dancing so that we might to whim

them you can send them out and then if

you look go back to the last film so we

can see the full pictures yeah which in

a way it is picture I want to showcase I

put how more than helpful

but you have just enough interest like

enough focus on a couple with our show

the whole detail right it just it’s just

so please it’s just enough detail it

makes you interested it makes you

curious what they look like

but it doesn’t destroy the curiosity

with too much light so I like it it’s

very good amount of lighting on them if

I can do this again it could pop it that

it because you don’t see the quality I’m

trying to think back whatever isn’t in

front but then that day I was shooting

with I got crop sensor low attack car

plans okay mm-hm I think it’s like a 300

night go back now though but I think it

still pretty good yeah absolutely

I mean it goes I almost bathroom

photography is knowing how to use the

camera you have you can take this

picture I’m sure with a cell phone and

it will be just as good because as long

as you like a friggin gonna like you got

you’re gonna lie and you have to know

how to frame it and you got to get the

couple in the expression you have to

make them feel comfortable and all that

is the skills that you add to it doesn’t

matter what camera you use but yeah you

use an old crop sensor that today you

can probably buy that camera for a

couple hundred bucks but you took this

amazing picture good job alright moving

on next picture so that’s the setup you

see how there’s a diffusing umbrella yes

so all my international travel gig I use

umbrella because it’s easy if you open

and close yeah back yeah and for this

type of thing you want to be able to

move that I even location you want to

close it

yeah and just run yes because we

honestly we’re not supposed to be there

so you don’t want to be stay there set

up your free for lighting with different

softbox 48 softbox set up for like 15

minutes and 15 minutes you don’t want to

do that

right you just want to open rather close

umbrella I mean it to be honest I to me

I feel like we be doing outdoor shooting

use an umbrella and compare the softbox

that does that that’s different

there’s no water bunch of light and yes

exactly yep yeah the only reason why you

have softbox is to prevent the light

from spilling behind it – yeah against

the wall and bounce back to get extra

lighting that you don’t want right but

if you’re outside that light can spill

anywhere and you’ll never bounce back

right so yeah we’re outdoors I also use

a translucent umbrella like this it’s

fantastic yeah okay next please

mm-hmm Wow Wow yeah this is one of those

moment that I got Wow to you because

they never seem to the newb had that wet

light here we got that amazing so again

this is also using that light do you

know why I keep using that light it

creates curiosity well yes but at the

same time doing those time I just

thought learning off camera flash so I’m

not too and that flash is probably

easiest to achieve because just doesn’t

matter setting right yeah fires it looks

good but at the same time it kind of

created motor in this case for this type

of follow you yes the subject is the

couple by the same time do we’re talking

about shooting from the movie you got a

feature the move so in with the back

lighting right there basically in a damn

show they’re dancing move and with the

we fashions or that cuz oh one other

thing is for that pose there I can’t put

a fun light what I’m gonna put it in the

water well you can Photoshop it out and

you put it in the front but then that’s

a lot of Photoshop work yeah and also I

don’t want to get wet a whole pond right

it’s probably deep yeah oh wow it is I

thought it was refreshing because of the

rain but this is that birth thing to do

is using a bat-like and somehow I don’t

know that us end of the wet lighting

like match perfectly yeah the color of a

dress just pops out and it matches the

background to love it okay next one


mm-hmm so basically these are set up

yeah do you like might you like my

lighting diagram it looks pretty cool I


you gotta figure out where we’re put us

they can see us as well as your lighting

diagram I keep going yep

well that’s pretty straightforward that

light one flash yeah and that’s it


I mean lighting doesn’t have to be

complicated yes have been on a composer

okay next one please

yep wow this is another awesome Wow shot

like this is no one

also also bad lighting cuz you can see

how there’s a little orange e behind

that supposing I want to create like a

sunset kind of mood using inks yo gel on

the flash and but then that doesn’t work

out but you I would not have noticed it

if you didn’t point that out but at the

same time my go is like you know how I

want the last picture they have this

halo kind of grow yeah kinda yes but

because it’s too early instill too

bright so the flash won’t able to do

that effect

right so I did a little doctor up here

it just that you see that fail flying

yes yeah it weren’t there in the

beginning adds to it it makes it


honestly if it wasn’t for the veil I

would have a little bit of a hard time

identifying the copy exactly exactly

thank you for the only thing that yeah

absolutely cuz it’s it’s so it’s so

grand there’s so much to look at here

yeah so I think I about lighting diagram

next let’s take a look at the lighting

diagram uh-huh oh yeah

so I have our system daughter you see

how that little black mark thing this

one okay yeah yeah it’s just supposed to

look a freak flapping the veil so I hope

I but it never happened and it happened

it just doesn’t look good so that day

was actually there in another picture

but it’s just doing something that’s it

next one please

mmm-hmm Wow I don’t know why I like this

so much because you see those a little

spot yes guy is it dust on your sensor I

still don’t know what that is or doesn’t

no I thought it’s some kind of maybe

fireflies or maybe I don’t know because

I don’t remember seeing a hope on the

flying around maybe they’re too little I

can’t see it but after the flash of the

picture in up here in the pictures where

they keep up but it looks pretty cool it

doesn’t cool you know if I had to take a

guess it might be dust on your camera

lens being it’s like emphasized even

more because the flashlight shooting is

it but it’s just a guess but that’s


another thing is that does you know

things it does well whatever it is it

looks really cool

again you clever use of flash and you

don’t need to know you only need to get

the setting perfectly right you just

have to have it fire a decent amount and

you got this amazing picture also is the

placement of the flash as also the

placement of the subject see how I have

them class the face you know yeah we lit

more onto the female subjects face ah

yes no lighting em you shooting a person

the lighting and the pose another tough

it is it goes hand in hand together oh

yeah you’re off at the same time came

out just lighting and not post you have

to do post and lighting otherwise it’ll

be all wrong yeah yeah yep exactly

okay next well I think I have a diagram

no no no diagnose oh I thought you had

to die no no diagram in this one

sorry okay so okay little bit better now

you see how I get better yeah it’s not

bad nothing only anymore I mean there’s

bad lighting is I could have weird my

own them at the same time I got in a

funky line now to illuminate them now

they look crystal clear this is a very

difficult location to photograph because

that merry-go-rounds keep going and you

have we actually rushing while they stop

it Emily off yeah we have maybe I don’t

know five minutes to set it up and get

this shot yep so basically Bala is there

we tested yeah

move it yes then when I was holding a

fun light with umbrella in front to the

moon a down yeah and just posed and put

him there and boom boom boom boom boom

five minute let’s go be nice we actually

get kicked out because hey we’re gonna

do business here people

Porcha got the portable I’d set up and

go this is the location because this

merry-go-round in the back one you can

see the Eiffel Tower yeah I just noticed

that the Eiffel Tower is money and then

you got them lit properly and then get

the mayor go around to amazing photo and

the expression is just perfect well we

trained them while we’re waiting yeah

but maybe that’s enough and I said

posing wise it has to work yes okay yeah

so I have umbrella in front of that to

get the soft light see how soft the

phone is yeah and then that light the

ballet it doesn’t matter it could be


mmm you think that composition putting

them next to the merry-go-round and have

the background as the Eiffel Tower yes

in this case I mean for off-camera

flashes pretty much double exposures I

explode the camera exposed for like the

Eiffel Tower and the miracle rounds yeah

while we use the lighting too even

though the exposure on the subject yes

that’s how yes beautiful what was it

what was your shutter speed on this one

do you remember with this lowest shutter

to bring in the brightness of the Eiffel

Tower or was it bright enough that you

just the regular shutter speed ah this

one mm-hmm it mostly be one over eighty

I say okay so not something out of the

extreme okay very cool yeah but I’ve got

cranked up I am sold it yeah to get it

but Dan right that’s why both of the

facts were published very small power

yeah you see a hint of light that’s all

you need

yeah pretty cool and again no umbrella I

love it very soft lighting on them

mm-hmm yep I love you I love your um

your your lighting diagram except it

looks like two guys

hey don’t have anything for me did you

know worried no I

I love them thanks for putting this

together next like oh man oh man at this

time I actually had a fun night now you

think I’m fun it wasn’t that way so yes

this looks money money money money

beautiful photo happy one thing I do if

you can see that I always go back to the

same location yeah I will all fur grab

something different for different

clothes on a different time I don’t want

you to click it cookie cutters never I

would if I don’t have to I don’t have to

I don’t want to unless you know there’s

some clients seeing my portfolio I want

this picture to like they want exactly

the same thing when I do that sure and I

will always have to be creative and do

it not angle and do something else right

right yeah let’s see you have more fun

it’s creative again that’s why you do

this because you enjoy photography if

you just do the cookie cutter shot

already you know what it looks like you

know how to set it up it’s not as

exciting it’s not as fun anymore to see

the result I’ll get for myself if I keep

doing that

Oh totally but without question yep okay

don’ts please report one number and the

fun boom back in there okay this is

actually a very difficult place to do

all camouflage because you know but once

there’s water all around so you gotta be

careful and wait in place stopfake by

the same time as some of those we need

typical location is where the background

looks really cool yeah I can see that

I just love like the reflection of the

water on the water and sort of like

lighting everywhere like you have lights

in this area here and the lights around

here it just really makes the picture

very interesting all those lights that

you have that’s like yeah please amazing

yes I’m violating my lighting is never

really complicated delaying for this

case it’s only one by one I’m wearing

the phone again to lit them up we could

see that were to shut all that yeah

right there simple one light setup I

think the most important thing is you

got to look for good occasions like in

this case

if you ever look at any kind of travel

channels that mean to you wrong you know

there’s a lot of people you know circuit

rod Coliseum’s yeah so if you want to do

this picture like way under where next

to the osmium you have a lot of people

well I mean for my photoshop skill I

could actually move that but why right

right so where I should came up a little

up here a little little Hill up there we

all oh yeah awesome is still back there

yes yeah this is a really love it next

one yep right this is a whole nineteen

yes so this picture because you see how

the lights kind of walk queen ich sie

and yes and then hit shirt and also his

I mean her dress is kind of matching in

color so yeah the whole ecology so this

is kind of like I wouldn’t say Paiva but

Sam my pirate location it’s like some

companies like oh yeah it had this

really nice you know back that job so

because we’re gonna stay in there after

the open so we walk in there but we try

not to do too much damage and we’d get a

shot done by just putting one flash in

the front illuminate them and then done

wait hold on I think I have I but this


I don’t can see it on a whale there’s

some light leaking I might have a flash

behind and try to create a whim night

but I’m successful because I don’t have

one license I don’t know even know where

to put that flag behind the tree person

yeah sometimes I have the groom hold the

light but yeah he’s holding it he wanted

to be he didn’t hold it rise or they

don’t forget it just come back also its

trigger but then even we need little

alight Hotel that little bit so just let

it go I had put his head behind it just

like wait ahead Amy right it’s hard it’s

hard for them they don’t know what where

where you want to like yeah I think I

will but I don’t think that that

them talk about a bad light in the back

no yeah that’s the key yep so you see

how that one lights basically more

directly to the female yes always

oh they’re the dropship shadow on the

you call it spawn here

cheapo you know Kabul yeah down below it

more definition right there’s yeah and

if a guy I don’t i never mind putting

the guy in shadow I think it make the

guy looks more mystery a momentum yes

stronger for sure yeah it just it just

works because your eyes automatically

drawn to the bride or the the female and

then you have the the the the the groom

or the guy in the shadow it looks

amazing and then the one thing is most

of the guys don’t we did like taking

pictures so they might not have to pass

emotion so Sigma M is it helps a lot

perfect yep next one please

Wow is that one of those tram and we

walk up there you know we can play it

too long here quick so we went up area I

Java flash it in a for and have them

stand all the weight in the font and

just I don’t keep kissing yeah hey like

maybe six to eight shots and then I

don’t even know I got it or not yet but

just captain Donna say yeah you guys are

done this figure it’s not the perfect

lighting but then you know what I think

the whole picture compose yourself it

tells the story already he doesn’t need

to be I think the non perfectness makes

it more spontaneous it’s more realistic

and also because it’s over it extra help

because the whole scenery is actually

quite crowded with the over lighting

it’s brighter that becomes the brightest

area and then you you look at them yes

so that actually helps a picture even

more yes

it draws into it otherwise you wouldn’t

know what you want to look at in this

yeah it’s going on yep ooh so this is

the instant evening now yep

one thing about this flash ooh I didn’t

know it has a mono light oh that’s

really cool so this act asked my LED

like yes mm-hmm Bob that picture would

go back to the pictures actually – no

money down yeah just a bit so you only

use a modern light you didn’t even use

the flash for this one

Oh Mauli like nice very subtle yeah

basically we are leaving and then I

found this with a really good angle hey

stay there

wait we’ll actually we’re riding the

tram to the taxation yeah and that

that’s our destination for them while

they’re walking down say hey that’s

pretty cool let’s go like a movie scene

so I have 35 this is like a 35 and

basically have my assistant on the side

you see how those tannish we have the

blue shoes yep and using the LED shining

on yep I don’t think about a guy the guy

abusing the streetlight we just you see

how kind of red and yeah yeah I can see

her face but that we’re using le the LED

light in the flash tomorrow night

perfect you know Mona her face yes get

this shot it’s not perfect lighting but

then again in a movie since I mean it

does happy perfect it just had a vibe it

does that’s great yep it makes one

please mm-hmm there you go see just one

one still the flash but using the mono

light rod then yep okay next next whoo

again this one here also showcasing that

using the monolayers yeah still so

because if using a flash it will be too

pops at nighttime mm-hm and it’s

actually too powerful so

using an LED just nominate them and I’ll

actually you still here if you if you go

to the diagram I used to the reason of

that is the war itself they don’t have

so that’s always you know how it looks

like no see see how I put a light on a

war to the kind of Shia because they’re

like this doctor so I want to see multi

kill so yeah one light is subject and

then one light do they both I’m outside

should it a lot how to ask me I want you

don’t have a with fashion on the window

well yeah so happened what they said

there’s no window there’s no glass it’s

empty so there’s no reflections in there

at all I think I say amazing to iPhoto

because I love them all look great to me

great job okay okay next one hmm ooh

this one the typical one this one

actually has glass back there right yeah

though the for this we have I think I

have two people holding to light and

then I have a magazine blocking I think

that that went as a show it because it

goes next page yep yes yeah but the


yeah block and just shining from about

too long on the right right so that I

can oh I can Expo for outside to get the

license outside at the same time they

and not get anyway factions on the glass

yeah yeah how much try to get that angle

right yeah it’s very tricky because if

you don’t you if you’re not careful

that’s why this is good because at the

point that you can use a flash now that

you get a mall with you you know Africa

we don’t like so so the mono light you

have to hold it or you just push on it

stays on

I just want stays on okay can you change

the brightness of the mono light or just

one brightness uh not this one okay yeah

cool but you know I’ll constantly you

can always adjust your camera yep get

that yeah very cool

Thanks mm-hmm portraiture hey so those

are pure waiting stuff I also do some

portrait style cutout Pattabhi and

that’s a portrait I’m gonna show you how

I set up my lighting as well so next


mm-hmm wow wow she looks strikingly tall

she’s tall she’s a model

Wow love them so uh love the contrast

between it it says that that interesting

place you see how the it’s colorful

yeah very colorful a lot of light on

this area

if we go to the next I think I have a

diagram or some kind of behind the scene

pictures see how I have this huge

softbox and I hit my even bring it up

high it’s not that heavy I don’t know

why she he he’s acting that way

poor guy

what are you making all your assistant

do it’s not that heavy just plain I know

better pick it will quick and then you

see how it’s kind of roomy day so I get

a lot of light and low the f-stop to get

this stuff so sometime well with

something like this which you want to

work full power yeah you can actually

give this with the softbox with the song

that way I get a power as well as the

softness I mean the softbox that they

kind of take out like maybe a stop at

two and I’m like yeah but good thing

it’s not like a sunny day yeah so it

works if it’s a sunny day then I’m in

trouble I really I really like this

photo this this one should have been our

thumbnail this one just captivates me

like I’m drawn because she’s looking

towards the camera but the colors are

just amazing and it’s these transformed

arts out of this simple picture loved

her because her cloning is kind of clean

colors yeah so putting her next to this

really colorful and busy sign it’s just

perfect yeah and this is kind of his

talk to you so that’s why and the

lighting is so so soft it’s well

controlled well you can tell that I use

a softbox this case because this is like

a coloration ship with Sony Hong Kong at

one time so they give me all the gear to

use but I take my own flash wait hey

next month same for shoot stop building

in Hong Kong’s called blue house well

yeah blue house so for this picture this

is daytime yes but I use the same soft

boss yes

get all the way up from like always to

death on the top on the edge of course

you’re not in the lipo but it’s very

pretend that there’s a light up from the

lipo to shine and see how the shadow is

basic form yeah yeah you can see a

shadow behind them shadow originally

when I do location scouting I don’t know

I haven’t seen that by there but when

doing a shooting they say there’s a bike

in my shooting location you know I’m

using this man you very quick because I

don’t know who owns that bike might come

out and say hey why are you touching my

bike all day so on the outside let’s see

exactly like a mechanic yeah cool can we

take pictures I said yeah go ahead nice

because basically this is what I do

if there’s a guy and we’re shooting

either you know the bride or the model

we’re always here to help hot chick to

talk to the cars can we photograph it

they can’t really say oh yes nice smart

always be girl to talk say oh sure but

then when they thought that was the girl

photographing it was me


good trick good tip yeah that works some

most of the time most of the time okay

don’t call me all that yeah and this one

you obviously have a softbox because

like we see how soft the shadow stop

nice it’s a huge softbox like Orion the


with the the kit that we have link below

that one comes with a big soft box too

right so not this yeah this one is

really that one yeah small one but it it

works okay I still works I mean because

the light so it’s powerful enough that

you could actually bring it for a

distant light stay farther away all the

way yeah so you will still get a soft

light nice light it yes but then you

know for pick one like this unless it’s

like a collaboration she get lucky by

bringing out it’s not easy to use so the

suit the small one that the key color

comes from is that’s much better

no is have one assistant or yourself or

even yourself could do yourself

yeah yeah you had have it hide it high

enough you should be good except you

might want to weigh down with some

sandbags because a softbox can get blown

away pretty quick pretty easily man so

location if you are feeling windy aware

that yes you probably life and stand

back and help you you’re shooting in a

windy area yeah yeah maybe three

sandbags but the best is to have

somebody hold it for sure okay yep gonna

build good you make one yep you got

about 15 slides left and we got about

ten minutes okay yeah

well say big soft box Nix oh and we got

a comment from Oh Sarah Chan says

beautiful picture oh thank you thank you


yep and next slide oh wow okay again

this is a blue house but can you tell

what’s the difference I went back again

cuz I loved that place so much yep but

don’t we follow it no look at the war is

all cleanup disappointed but this

beautiful in its own way I like it it’s

make because this is a collaboration

with one of the top fashion design in

Hong Kong and you know how that that the

clothing she had you know the golden

tray in the yellow dress that way it was

fake or oriental and I want to bring her

this really old house – you know feature

that but it couldn’t happen that mission

is the makeup so I’ve gotta go with

alternative we just like that

and again this it’s very easy set up one

big soft box on top mm-hmm a box no I

think that umbrella this time result

yeah let me do that before and then it

actually really bright up the whole blue

and her yellow dress do you like it just

a vibrant color because white is there

yes looks like wet I don’t have a dog

went for this you don’t you got that

that’s better than I guess pretty

obvious yeah what

and I always won light I always use one

night because you know why it’s simple

yeah because there’s only one Sun it’s

more believable

oh yes that’s true you should have one

right one light direction and then the

shadow is one direction yeah when you

have shadow all over it that I don’t

know I don’t like it yeah don’t be what

I just don’t

one light works it’s simple and it looks

great yep move on all right whoa whoa

yeah in different type of photo it’s

like Molly cosplaying our steampunk type

of hahaha yeah so this is pretty much

like a ghetto parking lot

nothing there so we basically using the

lightest shaped the whole environment so

I have a know I have to I’m to flash

mm-hmm you could diagram remember how I

set it up it’s been a while talking

about yo okay so okay so I’m missing one

back there but suppose you there’s two

flash out there you see how there’s one

in the guy’s face yes and you said how

Beth there is also blue yeah to to flash

on there and use it you gel right in the

front I have a softbox yes and using a

CTO gel to balance out so you see how

her skin is spacing warmer yeah and

almost all you thought that orangey and

blue kind of dynamic yeah you know

intense though kinda like gaming

hospital looks oh yeah you definitely

achieve that with this again with very

strategically placed light good angle

great expressions you got everything

dialed in very interesting image to say

the very least interesting okay yes okay

Lawrence more with gel this time I see

how you use a wet gel and the blue year

because know if they’re stalling I just

want you give a kick it be if if I just

using a normal flash I mean yeah well


the yellow plane is fine because it’s

colorful what a silver playing like

hitting more color

give me getting more interesting get

more edgy look

and also matching the whole purple

outfit yep now blue gel on the flash –

right yep

gel and red gel – OH – – okay so the

mole is sitting on the yel playing you

see how I’m a hair on top is that your

red I guess and so you see the bat light

that both of the gel is bat light one

during the lab one right I see and then

there’s one more flash Funt yes you

nominate so realizing softer light so

how this is when I use multiple lights

if I want to create like a scenes with

your color in the precip a light that

always multiple light yeah but the key

lights off it’s one light yep I love the

highlights at the red and blue offers

okay I think the next one do I have a

background for this one at all yeah yeah

yeah again there yep between color gels

and grid yes great here yeah yep yeah

well why do you have agree with this

agree to accomplish for you I don’t want

those like to spill onto the plane

ah very nice very cool next one yeah

please mm-hmm

post-processing is your passion is it

recently just totally another weed

amazing photographers he is actually

creating a whole new off camera lighting


i he invited me to be part of this hey

I’m Asha specialized in post-processing

then why me

well he’s at that well there’s not much

people realized that after you should

make sure you still had process them

rather you doing natural light all of

him I’ve asked though he want me to be

part of it and you know show people that

you can also you know a lot of people

want to get it right in camera yeah get

away in camera can be more if you post

process it oh yeah absolutely yeah

sometimes you can’t get a profane camera

but post-processing really really makes

the picture like bounds above why it

comes out of the camera looking yeah

because one thing

you big boys I’m actually a we touch it

first before our photographers yellow I

remember that I’m dick okay so uh how

about stop so come on come on oh so

basically it’s like a studio shoot with

a wet background yeah

and just I think it’s cool I set up so

one one big key light in the fun

Luminator mm-hm and I want that that’s

it do you like usually forward yeah easy

and then I just follow those softer crap

oh because I’m making the back wet you

more like a mystery and painting ish

background and enhance the shadows well

comfortable in shadow and then enhance

this highlight greater dynamic subject

the intensity of it so I I don’t know I

really like this image for some reason I

like it is very captivating love it he’s

a class payer I think he’s playing slick

anymore what’s the game melt year

something maybe not something yeah he

was keep talking to me about a game but

the idea is that never pay that games up

I really don’t know what you’re talking


yeah anyway okay next we yeah oh yeah

big soft box cool mmm-hmm okay do a more

yeah this is for more sites okay so this

is the same set up but this is the

second day this in the another class

players he this guy’s famous I didn’t

realize that he basically Volvo Asia all

around you cosplay this is his final fan

this looks like an anime like this I

didn’t even know this is a real person

it’s like yeah cuz uh with all the

lighting and I retain a lot of details

which it’s cool at the same time I can

hide it you and show some radicchio and

hi some detail to create and misuse that

and I make that so real it’s it like

real person

or is it animated yeah this is really

really good and that half of him kind of


a surface book yeah I love this notation

there’s the silver Matt just outfit very

well too

oh yeah it’s like can you hold my

computer perfect

like next one I think we I think the

same two lightning yet named lightning

sandwich and we yeah that’s pretty cool

I love the sky lighting it’s Korean Lala

dynamic with the shall rain highlight

yep cat it shows what I want to show it

highs what I want to high so yeah it’s


next one mmm-hmm Oh interesting

I this one is interesting yeah this one

you might want to show the next slide I

could able to tell more than a quick

slice yeah I was I still want to shoot

this guys having costume but when he

walk in yeah yeah this is awesome

he walking with that big nails like yeah

no sword

yeah my back I won’t fit on that I just

haven’t stand next to the we did that

war yeah and I just used one light blast

the hell up because this character need

to be dark so I don’t need a lot like on

just that that high like in the fund

that’s it yeah so if you go back to the

finish one three yeah so I just have to

remove all that and create create my own

background yeah and create its kind of

dot goes the mystery type yeah boom that

does it that’s so cool that I think I

wouldn’t have imagined this didn’t fit

in your backdrop but you you made it

work it’s huge sore if it’s the photo

completely damn it because I try couple

times I know it doesn’t work the other

side the back right it has even more

messy stuff so I step inside in a war

instead so that way it’s cleaner for me

to do impose yeah but this costume is

amazing yeah you have more you have

three more sites

okay so I think we’re done here so we

could just keep going yep that’s one two

more slides this one it went more oh we

could skip that I just I do offer

one-on-one for our classes yeah if you

guys still want any one-on-one sessions

I believe Jeremy saw will be having them

again at his website and also you can

check out the link on pics establish

that comm we’re still working on their


once it’s done if you want one-on-one

you can get the lessons from Jeremy Chad


alright and I think that on my page yep

with my service yeah I love that

alright let’s just kind of bring back

the lighting that you use here so some

of those pictures you took when a long

time ago when this type of lighting

wasn’t available

you probably had one of these speed

lights right but they also accomplish

the same function but now with the GT


it’s just really helped lots

I love how the battery is one piece you

don’t have to worry about four batteries

here it’s got all the diffusers magnetic

right so you can pop them on really

quick really easy with the dome and then

the color gels you got all these color

gels included because with this flash I

always have to stick a piece of tape

here and stick this gel here so I need

it I can use it but it’s there’s no more

you’re here

yeah it has a honeycomb it has a gel kit

and here has a as also like a soft don’t

yes so it would help yeah and then if

you I believe this comes with the 2.4

gigahertz trigger

oh no the trigger doesn’t include in

this package but you can get that down

if you need to yep yeah oh here’s some

video to I never knew they had a video

let’s check out the video real quick see

how fast it set up play ok lost it

Kieko oh you come with that carrying

case whoa also compact and this is this

whittle with the softbox ooh right yeah

that’s softbox the lights and everything

yeah that one kick yeah

and light stand and the dome and the

channel ie charge chargers oh oh yeah a

little stand oh that’s it that’s how you

mount a softbox yeah

and it’s easy to construct – oh that’s

quick Wow it’s a good-sized softbox

I thought you say we’re small but it’s a

good size besides yes good side for

portrait mm-hmm it’s so easy it attached

the flash on to this one screw holds it

because the flash is small look at that

the whole unit is so light you compact

you can hold it up with one hand

mikoto very cool and again you can buy

the flash with the softbox here for four

hundred dollars and it’s a great kit all

you need there I set the remote and you

need to get the remote separately and

the other option yes forty dollars for

the remote and the other one you have

it’s just the light by itself but it

also comes with all the components here

you can see in this picture the charger

as well as color gels you got the

honeycomb grid you got a soft dome

carrying case and you got this nice and

stack which is why you should handle you

see a handle you see how there’s a screw

down there yes that’s what I’m missing I

need it back yeah yeah that’s the best

feature there is I’m telling you that’s

through the best features yeah I love


yeah it’s OS is a handle but it also it

just puts itself right on the light

stand – so dual purpose if there’s no

flash out there I should give you a

handle like this yeah like this type of

flash yeah I like my loved it

very cool very cool yep you get the

modeling light that you talked about

here different groups different channels

you got the slave mode and you have a

custom mode as well and you can change

the power for manual or you can move

around the menu with those buttons there


results as you imagine with any flash

lighting you got the safety lock

you got the rechargeable battery you got

the light cover at four different color

filters 2.4 gig Wireless G system beep

yep so this is all comes with the packet

all comes with it yes just to remember a

trigger it doesn’t it’s not including a

package if you have questions reach out

to get DeCoteau

they’re really good with customer

service they’ll help you out don’t

answer any questions you have to make

sure you ask some questions before you

purchase so that you get what you expect

that you happy with it and you use it

for making amazing pictures some that

will get you a W PPI Award right Jeremy

baby yeah absolutely so yeah check out

those lights I think on the bottom we

also have links to some cameras

specifically we’re just highlighting the

GT 4 XT for whoever saying hey yeah XE 4

which is so wonderful G’s latest camera

it just came out I don’t know why it’s

not coming up here they’re always here

I’m not sure what xp for just come out

maybe because it’s sold out but anyway

it’s yeah they’re hard to come by

especially given your health situation

and it’s so popular it’s a great value

very capable all here it is it’s a very

capable camera it’s perfect for bloggers

it’s perfect for photographers it’s got

a nice flip out screen and it’s got a


built-in camera camera yeah it’s it’s

like the whole kitchen sink

fujifilm puts in one camera if you’re

not fuji fan ken is also releasing the

r5 out soon later on this year but if

you’re a fuji camera the xt 4 is the way

to go we highly recommend that and if

you want to save a little money you can

always get the XC 3 which is the same

sensor as the xt 4 but it doesn’t have

the flip out screen as XD 4 and it

doesn’t have the 6.5 stops of image

stabilization but still a very very

capable camera and you buy the XD 3 you

might want to look at the news prices

huh right now they use

this is not much different in the nude

but when they actually have like really

use prices oh you can get there like 200

you yeah I renew so that’s why is it’s a

little more expensive but yeah those are

the cameras we have in the bottom we got

some lenses on the bottom too you can

look at those some of those are

recommended lenses and you can just buy

what you like I mean the last thing line

yeah and the last thing we wanted to

mention is Scylla

so one of the tools that Jeremy uses to

help make his pictures into arts with

his post-processing is using a software

called Skylab in addition to photoshop

but Scylla can be used by itself as well

I don’t know why it turned white and

Scylla is also in the link right below

if you’re interested in checking it out

basically it’s a tool that really

leverages AI technology to make photo

editing really easy and elevate your

photo editing to the next level and I

think my Internet is all that it is yeah

so you can see in this demonstration

here it could put objects into your

photos it’s smart because it has a eye

and it can go through and pick out what

is a structure and puts your object

right behind it so what AI does is it

can let you select the sky and change it

with a click of a button without having

you spent on the mask same thing with

like facial features like the the eyes

and nose the lips it will detect what

the facial features are so you please

move sliders you have to waste waste

time cropping or masking them out and

there’s a bunch of other options you can

do tons of features there’s AI

enhancements ai structure ai lighting ai

skies lots of features you can remove

objects in seconds so a great tool

whether it’s a standalone you can use it

right out of the box you don’t need

Photoshop or Lightroom or internet that

or you can use it as a plug-in to

Lightroom and Photoshop it is definitely

good Photoshop and I won’t alternative

yes yeah yeah usually does boy it yeah

it does a lot more I would say it

nutshell it’s it has the simplicity of

Lightroom but the feature pack and the

ability to control pixels like Photoshop

so it’s a really good mix and if you

look you can see where the pastor’s here

for Scylla

where’s the pastor’s their ambassadors

but you can listen to that however you

want but I say ambassadors and this is

what Jeremy says about it so that’s me

yeah so emotion is a major factor when

it comes to creating storytelling images

with the help of luminaires AI

technologies photographers can now fully

focus on the emotional and storytelling

part rather than worry about the

technical part how to in their creative

process so very well said it’s a great

tool under $100 link down below and it

can transform your photos to it next

level if you want to see more details on

that check our youtube channel at

youtube.com slash piece of stabbers

where we break down some FAQ frequently

asked questions about luminaire for as

well as some basic torch to basics

tutorials and advanced tutorials and

just explore the tool and you can see it

has so much packed into it for under 100

bucks we highly recommend that we use it

in a professional workflow day in and

day out totally recommend it yes it’s so

stepperettes just like the logo we see

it what you yeah the logo that’s no

longer there because we’re wrapping up

and I just want to give you the line if

you have anything to say Jeremy to wrap

up the day well for this we’re just

talking about flash but you got to

combine everything of things from flash

post-processing to posting people

touching everything together to create

your amazing vision so I think in the

short near future me and they will

create more this kind of video

absolutely so how we create all that in

different genres off from posing to

composition post-processing to lighting

so basically once we could get out a

house we do it sounds like we’re not

gonna be able to do that for a while


but even while we’re locked in

quarantine or self quarantine shelter in

place we’re still going to our time to

make amazing pictures oh sorry

amazing videos to teach you guys to

share our knowledge we want to share and

build a community of photographers and

we want to welcome everyone from a new

photographer to a hobbyist photographer

to a professional photographer because

we all have so much to share and learn

from each other and that’s what we are

at pixel savage calm and our YouTube

channel at youtube.com slash mr. savage

so check us out like your videos let us

know in the comments if you want to see

more of certain videos and we’ll do our

best to accommodate we’ll all right and

so we want to thank you all for tuning

in we hope this video was helpful in

learning about Jeremy’s photo style some

tricks about how he sets up its lighting

and to give you a perspective of which

light to get and what softbox are used

as well as some cameras down the link

below and let’s don’t leave any

questions and thank you again for

watching we’re gonna sign out now so

have a great night and thank you again

for checking out our channel so we’re

gonna sign now in a three to one and we

are else well we’re out of Amazon but

we’re still on YouTube so we can sign

out here too so let’s sign out in three

two one

and we bar