After 4 years of being a YouTube.  Here are the reasons why you should quit YouTube!

Let’s be real here, if you are making YouTube Videos because it is your passion and you want to continue doing that, then you should NEVER QUIT, keep going!

However, if you are making YouTube Videos to get views to generate income, then it’s really not worth it.  Why?  Because YouTube is over-saturated right now and there are ways to make much more money, on other platforms, such as AmazonLive!

Are you struggling to earn money from YouTube? 

You are not alone. I was struggling just like you until I finally discovered Amazon Live. Now, I no longer need to grind every night to edit videos and pray that those videos will get enough views to earn income. I am FREE from that stress!

To keep it simple, Amazon Live is a streaming platform, which means YOU do not need to Edit your videos!  And on top of that, Amazon Live’s Commission system is based on customer purchases instead of relying on view counts!  Meaning that Amazon will pay you directly when anyone purchases anything on, which is a FAR better commissions system than YouTube.

Today I want to share with you the #1 SECRET about Amazon Live to help you become a stress free successful Amazon Live Streamer. This SECRET is the most important thing you MUST know before you become an successful live streamer on Amazon.

Watch this video: The #1 SECRET about Amazon Live

Make sure you watch the video today, because a lot of people missed this important SECRET and got it all WRONG. Just don’t do ANYTHING until you learn this #1 Secret about Amazon Live. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it. As always, ask me any questions, I’m here for you.