Skylum Luminar 4 Tutorial, Demo & Review. Make your colors POP! Featuring Fuji X Photographer Jeremy Chan, also WPPI Judge and Award Winner!

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Save up to 35% off Luminar 4 @ + BONUS $10 OFF if you enter in coupon code “PixelStabbers” at checkout.

Video Transcription


hi guys well we are live welcome to you

tech beer today we’re talking about

Luminar 4 and it’s a really really

awesome software for professional and

amatuer to basically make artificial

intelligence – I really got some

feedback going you want to turn off that

audio yeah hello noise so yeah so before

we were interrupted by the feedback

audio we’re pretty much gonna talk about

lumen r4 which is the amazing software

and its really cheap the prices down

below like it does everything you need

as a photographer amateur photographer

or professional photographer I think

you’ll find a lot of value out of it

basically it’s a small software you can

use it as a lightroom plugin you can

actually use it in Photoshop or you can

use it as a standalone that means you

don’t have to buy any other software you

just need to download this software and

just run it and what you do is you open

up the software you pick your favorite

photo for example one that has a dull

ugly sky you do one click to replace the

sky it will pick out the parts of the

sky that stall replacing with amazing

sky and you can choose from different

skies and whatnot there’s tons of stuff

and we’re gonna talk about all that

today and the reason why you see this

guy with me today his name is Jeremy and

he’s a photographer

I’m a way photographer for 10 years but

this guy he’s been talking for like 15

years and in addition to that he has

graphics artist background so he knows

the nuts and bolts about the pixels

manipulation of colors post-processing

and all that and he’s been using Lumina

for to do a lot of these amazing amazing

stuff for his photo the reason why I

want to bring him on board is also he’s

been doing post-processing and editing

photos for like years manually in

Photoshop going back into way back in

days way it took him like a couple hours

just to replace the sky so you’re gonna

get from a person that doesn’t manually

as a craft and now this software can

allow him and you to also change the sky

within seconds so Jeremy let me have you

introduce yourself and tell them

whatever you want to tell them hi I’m

Jeremy like Jerry said I’m also

photographers but then I content myself

more awful retouch her

I think the reason why they we got over

here is because rather than

the photographers I’m also an

ambassadors for scallops I do a lot of

inputs for them because you know even

though it’s AI but they still need data

so when I get the data from from the

photographer so I’m one of the

photographer who kind of giving data to

how you know I’ll just say I put

together so hopefully I could show you

how this stuff will work hey David you

have my share to buy screen right now

yeah oh and there’s your little preview

so you are

Jeremy Chang a professional wedding

photographer and a portrait photographer

that’s some of your work right there –


it’s us if you’re shy you don’t worry

about my own I would like you show you

that quote because this is the pro

that’s got asked me to like how I feel

about Lumineers so this is the pro that

I get there and I truly believe it’s

like what I what I mean is that emotion

is the major factor when it comes to

creating storytelling a bit doesn’t

matter you do landscape portrait or

street photography emotion needs to be

there so with the help of luminaires AI

technologies photographer can now fully

focus on emotion and storytelling part a

rather where we have the technical part

of how to make the picture look good

because the solver helped you so much to

create that all you have to think about

is how to put the story and emotion into

your pictures that’s how right

luminaries I mean that’s how amazing

that that is like a big feat in itself

right because even on a day that you you

want to be a great photographer you have

all the tools you have beautiful models

or you’re working with amazing people

you go out and take a perfect photo but

guess what you could control everything

but you can’t control the weather

sometimes you have a terrible sky and

that’s why the software you can take an

amazing photo still and because the sky

is not great don’t worry you can go back

and replace the sky that’s the amazing

part about you know what with David

that’s a funny story because yeah I am a

wedding photographer but I do something

rather than wedding it was a big help

your wedding which is mother engagement

going out to do Bridal sessions

internationally now I don’t know if this

is a curse or not like oh every time I

went to locations

yeah I don’t

good skies you know you see those I

really warm dramatic by sunset I never

never got those so in the good old days

I have to do it manually put skies in

and I kid you know I just never get a

good skies I always have to do something

about it like after or imposed in

Photoshop or whatnot

so when new burner introduced this AI

sky we plays but I’m freaked out sites

do where were you 10 years ago well at

the same time I feel that those

difficult challenges opportunities gave

you a really good practice you got to

get really good at Photoshop right you

have to really force yourself to be able

to change the sky and make yo some

interpolation and now that you’re a

professional you can do it so well you

really appreciate how amazing luminar 4

is it pretty much takes all of Jeremy

skills and puts it in your hand for this

cheap cheap price again link down below

if you’re interested in checking out I

think it’s like as a photographer we

always think about what you to buy

what’s the next thing to make your

photography better right you think about

a better lens other than the nifty 50

which is the 15 millimeter 1.8 lens for

about 100 bucks or less the best way to

improve your photography is this

software trust me and I’ll come out

tonight a little bit I’ll let I like

Jeremy play around with his software so

you can kind of see what it can do

so there may wait why were you where

you’re about to show them here well tom

is cheap so let me wait to show you cuz

how I do this guy thing so this is the

interface a little bit away now I have

the bar which is my library I can show

you that later right now I don’t want to

read that one thing before you find this

is wallet so if I go to this tab which

is called creative yeah and white on the

first tool is AI sky replacement crappy

feature by the way the AI sky

replacement it is so easy to use you

just go down you have date on this sky

which is built in already let’s click on

it to the way whoa

watch open way no way right so okay okay

just to make sure everyone knows we

didn’t prep this photo in any way this

photo came out of camera and you just

load this photo into

where and you click a I sky replacement

it’s called AI sky replacement because

it stands for artificial intelligence

the software has been sampled with many

many many many billions of photos to

know what part of the picture is the sky

so ill crop out the sky and replace it

with whatever sky you want replace it

with so again that was just one click on

his photo that he did that’s fantastic

so this is nothing cuz love this is the

sky way place right you know sky it’s

kind of blue skies similar right now

imagine if I were turned into a sunset

it works – oh wow – should I buy better

since that picture I like this one

better there you go nice nice I think

you can totally change the mood of the

photo oh yeah because because life

scenes here yeah a lot of people where

they replace guy all they do is we place

a sky know when you would paste unless

so happened that the lighting or the sky

that you place and your actual picture

are the same that you know anything but

what’s the chance of that right so a lot

of people a lot of time you have to be

like the scene in the front to make it

believable if you go around Google and

search around for some of the pictures

you see someone else can say how come it

doesn’t looks kind of fake we have some

look believable but if my absolute we

play in the sky with yes that’s a major

because this realizing what it does is

actually help you see how do this more

and more okay this would be fun after

yeah I mean yeah I mean you can

definitely see the before and after you

put it right in between there you can

see I mean of course the sky is replaced

but the effectiveness look at I is on

the building too right now the fact is

actually warm up the whole scenes

because it’s supposed to be warm so

that’s what it is that’s what the a I

did right Daniel exactly and this goes

back to the days when people work a

Photoshop and you you make a photo and

you think it’s great and then when you

look at it from like a new pair of eyes

you’re like this looks photos

it doesn’t look right something’s off

with it right and that’s because you

have this amazing sky or you have this

amazing background but it doesn’t look

believable because your eye is smart it

knows that okay if the sky is orange

with the why is the building and

reflecting a blues make guys any sense

right so a yes program is basically

beautiful everybody mean you are just

beginner you can just click it works

right but if you are somewhat of like a

control freak like I am fans settings

you can pretty much control everything

now yes I’ll show you a little bit of it

let’s zoom in here you see how it this

way here this guy got in the corner a

little bit right so you could play

around all these different things ask

Ike robo closing gap Scout logo so let’s

say tree we would look close again mmm I

got just here you see how basically all

of that sky that got into the building

can’t get off right depends how are you

with it right same thing up there and if

I go back to flip the screen I can’t

this guy if I wanted to see oh wow right

because sometimes you that this is the

angle looks better with the picture it

flows with the axial direction or maybe

he just looks better where it lights the

face it looks just more more natural so

it makes sense to be able to flip this

guy I think this guy looks better flip

this way very very swinging

yeah but you betting right right I mean

and you have so much option to try right

you’re not limited to luck whatever sky

you have that day you can just you know

pick the sky that you want and if it

doesn’t work you just try a different

sky you have so much options so much

variety and again like AI helps you and

the gist of it is that it creates the

mood you want to provide that’s like

really what this tool is doing it’s not

like a flashy tool to make your photo

look better but as a professional

photographer or as a hobbyist

photographer if you’re really into

making your your picture tell a story

the sky and the color effect is very

important part of telling a story you

know here’s a funny story I did a class

do they talk to you about new banners


and they’re asking me so how does all

this function works I guess flat solo we

had to break the program first so you

can learn it so then you know what you

just see this guy global push it all the

one hundred see what it does the sky we

actually covered all is really I want to

make down right you know what that

function do that right that’s a great


yeah same thing goes also gap try it oh

so it will take in that way so I did it

give it more so you gotta have to feel

the pull wrap by breaking it right right

I mean this is this is what makes a good

software great because you don’t need to

read the manual to really use the

software you need to know anything about

the slider like Jeremy just presented

you just play with the slider so there’s

not that many you play with that you see

the effect and you tune it to what you

want and there’s and it comes with all

these sunsets these are not preloaded by

ourselves this comes with the software I

guess that means it’s preloaded it what

I was trying to say is we didn’t have to

buy these sunset from somewhere else and

added it or download it or it’s not this

lecture or anything so there’s two other

things you got where you could I think

from time to time they can sky them

themselves they kind of come up with

more Skype texture like so you could go

to their sky image and download more and

then once eventually and you know some

people take a lot of picture of the

skies too

you can also load custom sky image which

is in your own hard drive yeah yeah yeah

I mean if you if you I think I’d be cool

cuz like if you go to a day that has a

beautiful sky but that beautiful sky

only lasts 15 minutes and you want the

rest of the moon for that session that

have the same beautiful sky well take

your camera and take that shot

you can use it in the rest of their

photos plus you can use it for any other

photos you’ve taken in the future or in

the past because that’s your sky texture

but again you don’t need any of that

because it comes preloaded with a whole

bunch that all the skies you saw in the

list that comes included with luminaire

for at that one simple price right down

below and again this is a stand-alone

software that also has a photoshop


also has a lightroom plugin right now

we’re using it as a stand-alone because

you don’t need from the shop and you

don’t need light

this is how we’re using it but if you

want we can demonstrate later how you

can use it as like from Photoshop to

like basically you’re working Photoshop

you want to use the Illumina for it pops

out you do what you need and it goes

back to photoshop as a new layer so

really cool awesome iteration so this is

how it looks like right this is a point

of view or you could go from no pills so

this is your library right yep up there

you can add the folder in your hardware

and there’s other folder so I have a

folder called Amazon live demo so this

is the picture that we used tonight so

this is all the picture there is in

there right and I could go to info and

look at all the information for every

single tip an image from what camera

does it take you farm what lens what is

so what app stop what shutter yeah yep

I do all manual most of the Evie never

shows up and they also so what for

calling and sharing this with yep see

and not to mention you could ask to

create albums we need that it might have

a couple of folders together – the left

field F and then create album which

they’re the same care code with photos

so it’s kind of organizing sort of like

how Lightroom is so it had that while

Photoshop don’t have yes right yep yeah

it’s a kind it’s kind of like in between

Lightroom a Photoshop it has all the

nice workflow benefits but not the full

work full benefit but it has all these

benefits that you see here that came

from Lightroom but it also has powerful

features that you don’t get in Lightroom

so it’s art it’s like kind of right

between the flexibility of like football

and Photoshop versus just Lightroom so

it’s a great tool to add to any

photographer whether you need software

yes it’s a hyper between Photoshop a

labral like for example like if I got a

pulse I could you know add a folder

images kind of how like roommate it

would just have a whole bunch image

input imported into the software or and

instead it’s an image

my choice right right you want to do a

quick and dirty just school a single in

if it’s fine you want to be organized

and have a folder and album do that as

well so

you got everything you you can ask for

mmm-hmm then dad once you which-which

realize okay let me show something which

is interesting I show Pierce picture

here okay okay already yeah it is but

then just so I show you that you can

also do more haha for example like this

is kinda for my full-time upon appeal

why here in the middle yeah this

conformation up there’s it’s amazing

look down here its compact right so we

call it like that let’s say how’s that

one look I think this one will stay yeah

look at that Wow

that changes the mood completely this is

more romantic more intimate than the

other one because that always come to it

right yeah and again I can see how the

sky affects the color of the people too

like the purple dish tone also reflects

off her dress too and like the details

that is cropping out to find out the sky

it’s amazing because normally like to

actually go into Photoshop and mask out

the part that’s the sky and they replace

the sky as a layer probably would take

me like an hour maybe two hours oh yeah

with this application it’s one click

that’s amazing one click yeah there

literally looks clean it so do this cuz

you look at sky about all the time and

then just missing information there so

basically couple and the cloud can

connect to far away so if I bring in

this cloud here the copies in behind

them so I could actually crop out the

top if I want to become like a sixteen

by nine picture it looks yeah that’s

nomadic yeah oh you can crop right in


oh yeah so you know let’s say sixteen by

nine so I do dad right you can offer you

custom matrix right because sometimes I

love those two hundred long ones like I

think it’s like 32 by nine I guess super

long y1 those looks so amazing I did not

matter big for this one

you can go manually right like you went

there yeah there you go there you go

that looks good

I mean I was correctly a little banner

to banner as well let’s probe right so

right yeah you got nothing exactly what

this way mobile Mantic I don’t know to

be purpose romantic right

yes I think so I mean it’s art it’s a

personal preference right but you have

options that’s what this software allows

you to do like you can just see there

you can replace the sky with any sky you

come it comes to a bunch of built-in sky

you go as updates the latest one

whenever they have new updates for you

and also you can import your own sky and

use any sky you want and the solid earth

does all the masking so it’s one click

and you’re placing the sky with whatever

sky you want yeah let this yeah okay so

let’s talk a little bit but a function

just will be the a eyes placement so the

forest on top bending up here right you

that’s right let’s break it so you see

how basically just isn’t landing how the

horizontal my plants right if I don’t

stover lumber it blend it more and

better yep if I can increase it you see

how the original sky down there is

actually service yes that’s what yes how

much make you one so in this case even

though the work of the function is

called replacement but in some cases you

wanna make your new sky and you always

guys together to get that effect as well

so this is where you can play around

with it right depending on the photo

like if you have a photo that doesn’t

have a sky dogs all over casting it

doesn’t matter

but if you have a little cloud right

yeah yep exactly like how much of it do

you want to mix and show that’s pretty

cool it you have the fine fax ability

know all these sliders when you open the

software for the very first time how are

they said Jeremy or do you have to find

two anymore do they pretty fine like a

nice tasteful configuration for you


um when they started they have a taste

phone configuration for you already

okay a certain point I’ve you use a lot

and it would save your last setting

because we try to learn how you use the

skies so they would save you

setting from how you repay your lots

with those guys and then just keep it

there that makes sense yeah that’s sweet

and that nice thing about saving your

setting it says once they knows your

setting you can kind of like batch it

like without even looking at the flow

yeah yeah just like saying I watch all

these five photos this guy replaced the

same way and it’s not a quote/unquote

stupid replacement it’s actually a smart

AI replacement right because you will

really evaluate each photo and apply the

same algorithm to it versus copy and

paste effect on each photo where is in

Lightroom if you do one setting it’ll do

the same thing to all your photo without

clinking this one it actually thinks and

reevaluate each photo when you apply it

in batch so I mean when you actually

first letter this guys and put it in

there right with the a I did couple

things the one is they figured out where

the horizontal line is yes and then

second thing is they figured out okay

what edges is for all the trees and all

the architectures right mm-hmm that’s

why they get that and also they figured

how much we lighting scenes they should

put it into the fun ground what I mean

by that is look like we lighting scenes

if I turn off yeah break it if I go see

it has minimum yeah no 100 it looks more

purplish yeah cuz they’re all the sky is

kind of related on them with that that’s

almost too much right you see how oh

you’re the dress didn’t get any cast

right right it’s like we want a shot

just the sky yeah yeah so sometime we it

to be honest there’s no white answers up

to say what is the right thing to do

it’s just your taste you have options

yeah definitely have options and then

besides this one there’s our function

down here is called atmosphere haze

which is they’re also very it so in step

of feeling the light and the color in a

fun ground

what atmosphere haze do is actually

ticking what a fun ground color and the

brightness is and change the sky you see

how this and it realized scenes together

you will find that perfect

it’s a balance of how much of the sky

you want to affect your main subject and

versus the other option is how much of

the color and brightness from your

subject do you want to push on to the


so it’s like the balance of that and

there’s no right or wrong answer you

just play around with it and whatever

you feel and what I love it’s like that

before and after because you will play

with photos a lot you manipulate the

heck out of them you forget like how

much you’ve changed you yeah the result

is just amazing it’s just amazing I mean

the good thing they do that here is they

give you the AI which is the way life

scenes and the atmosphere Hayes is AI

write it calculate for you by the same

time we got out there they have a sky

temperature and sky exposure so you can

actually change the temperature of the

sky yourself oh yeah I never knew that

because I always thought when you won in

an orange sky you had to pick one of the

skies that’s already orange but right

here you’re just telling yeah you could

control the sky itself by merging the

sky more to the photograph or give it

more temperature cooler yeah right again

it it still plays with the mean lighting

too because I can see the people getting

a little bit warmer too just so it makes

it more believable like you really can’t

you can’t screw this up like unless you

just push all the sliders at the very

edges like all this that’s not as the

spiders are within in the middle they

all look great like stuff like this

takes hours maybe even a whole day to do

and here we’ve been doing demonstrations

but we’ve got like five six options

already just this guy know this guy know

this guy no but all those are viable

options to depend on your taste you have

so much options and you can thrill your

clients you can fill your friends and

family because you’re like oh check out

this picture I took and then this is

Skyy oh they don’t like it and you place

it with Emma Skye so you have so much

flexibility with this software you know

what this program is I would say is more

fun than any other software because this

version I have mine and my computer is

Lumina 4.2 I believe in India you buy

from the language

um they would also keep the latest

version which is Luna 4.2 yeah with no

not 4.2 it had this function called a

abdomen sky do you know what that is no

this is a new feature they just point to

alright thanks that’s that’s pretty


it’s cheesy as it is I can see yeah if

you make it small like you bled it in

you don’t have those those pictures that

go viral where people are running from a

dinosaur the brighter part nicer this

this can make you get that effect so

easy so so easy

well I really think that you put in

there but normal this yeah it would

happen uh let’s see let’s let’s say this

guy is not enough clouds right so not

only do they give you a bunch of

textures they give you like LEGO pieces

to make your sky any way you want like

right now I think the clock the Skycam

should be flipped or the collage to be a

little bit flip but anyway like you can

put it anywhere you can control the

brightness the colors like their effect

you want and transparent how much it

blah yeah oh man also let’s say this

might be crazy but that’s right looks

believable if you don’t if you don’t if

you come from like another planet and

you don’t know that’s Mount Fuji you’re

like that’s believable

yeah that’s pretty that’s pretty cool

that just changes the atmosphere like

completely from like a summer to like a

winter photo in that right like you can

now send this as a Christmas card versus

before it’d be great for like a summer

or fall card you look at this they also

using all the clipping at the sky this

so it looks really dark yet oh yeah I

mean that’s the mo AI again it masks

it’s all that smart all the little like

the parts for the trees and all the

crevices between the leaves and the

branches man when you do that in

Photoshop and you have to man

and do like feather it takes hours this

thing takes that and does it in

fractions of a second so all the time

you’re so you put a rainbow in it that’s

what I don’t believe yeah yeah depending

on the scene this one may look to center

with the light post right in middle but

hey it frames me well but yeah you have

so much ability with this it’s fun

because like this gives you this gets

the photographer and the artist back the

time they need to make art to work with

art right you rather spend time playing

with these features with these gauges

with your styles to fine-tune your sky

add the elements are just a realigning

the merging of the balances of the

blending all that first is spending a

two hour to like go crop out your sky

and spend two hours making a perfect

mask because that’s not and except of a

finger then you can what birds oh wow

yeah so now you’re telling a story right

like if you were telling a love story

and you you wanted to wait for the

perfect moment where the birds are

flying you’re like okay hold that pose

the birds are coming

the birds are coming and did the perfect

timing with the birds are there but then

a couple sneeze like oh my gosh you just

ruined that moment we’ve waited a whole

day for but now in this tool you can put

birds anywhere you want and it’s

believable it doesn’t look fake at all

like okay so so someone charged me like

that oh yes oh you’re kill me once

fashionable birds right now yeah a lot

of people would be realized that what no

one has is that Lightroom don’t have

it’s also that layers layers on top of

this always your image and go to here

display little bit is lonely yeah yeah

we should we should preface that

Jeremy’s computer is like six years old

now these years old computer is able to

like do we work reasonably well with the

software but you have to be very modern

like within a few years

don’t worry this software everyone you

know very efficiently mmm-hmm for sure

forget it

for this this is not like you always

sure I’d be like this man is you can

have multiple layers at will yeah bird

that’s what I’m saying yeah yeah so you

move I loved it you know it’s pretty

good it goes whatever have fireworks in

this very time yeah it would be

difficult that is I mean if you have a

dark sky that would be believable and

you can probably change the sky to

something darker and you can add your

own texture glamour your nights that’s

tried that let’s try that why done do

they have a nice guy that you can you

swap it yeah you know whoa now see this

one I think the people are too dark and

we lighten the people up a little bit

that I mean okay we just wait from the

ghost summer to a fall to a winter and

now like a romantic fourth of July night

and all we did is play around with some

sliders and pick some options in the

software again this software it’s

cheaper than any lens you can buy the

prices down below like the cheapest lens

you can buy for a camera that’s really

good I think is always so nifty 50 which

is like the 50 millimeter 1.8 lens which

if you don’t have that you should

definitely get that but if if you want

to improve your photography and you have

like 100 bucks or so to spend this

software goes a long way I mean this one

software you’ll be using this for the

rest of your career because it has so

much application like you can get you

can really explore your creativity like

this guy is oh you play with it yeah

right but this makes too much separates

yeah this is this such a blur the line

from like photography like realism

photography to actually like art right

it blew a bit sumo digital imaging may

guess so they give you more tools that

you need as a photographer but deep

creative creators something

to create right and then you know some

sometimes like you look a picture like

this it depends on the people and the

clientele you’re going after they might

say oh this is cheesy this doesn’t look

natural but if this is your style or

maybe you have your natural style but

you’re throwing a couple of these as

like your your wild shots right it can

be an addition to your style stuff like

this when they see your clients see this

kind of stuff on your portfolio

it takes you on a whole different level

than the competition because you know

when people are shopping around for

example for wedding photographers

they’re gonna look through your

everyone’s portfolio and they’re all

going to kind of look the same

especially if they’re in the same area

like if we’re in the Bay Area right now

everyone’s gonna have to San Francisco

bridge pounds in my arts at certain

locations but when you have all these

effect they’re like wow this is beyond

like when I see naturally right so you

can say oh well I can do this and I can

do normal photography too and I can do a

mix of them and it’s so easy to do why

not write like a few clicks can provide

this and again you can batch process a

whole bunch of photos with all the skies

and replace in the same way so it’s it’s

really quick like it’s it makes it work

I mean I mean when I play with this

software it yes you know you use it for

work Teflon because I would pay it’s

kinda crazy with this because it’s so

easy to use at the same time when you’re

just having fun with it you won’t be

creative you don’t even worry about

because they’re just so you just play

around level and it’s it just came out

with amazing results so it’s good that

when you have no direction where you

going you just go yeah play with it try

break the pot well you can’t really put

your what you want because you always

come back right well what you mean let’s

break the program it’s mean you make it

look bad but you’re not you’re not

crashing yeah anything like that no no

well that’s that

cuz Wendy’s first set that’s a shame

this guy right it looks perfect right

but right always Rick by doing this door

thing you know right I’ll make it but

then I learn what all these levels do

you know right it’s all bad spring with

it right so what are the things that I

notice is that you just made the sky

blurry which you know sometimes you

think why would you want the sky blurry

but it Ashley

Thanks right well it depends on the

person photographic style sometimes they

vary skies some don’t so if you have you

happen to have sky texture that was

TechShop and the picture you shop

suppose we have really really shallow

depth of field then you’re right it

makes sense believable they thought

about everything from right we align

skies to closing the gap flipping the

skies changing the warmest and cold tone

of temperature disguise exposure


basically could control everything yes

yeah you don’t really need Photoshop do

that or you don’t have to do it manually

anymore just put it this way right again

it’s another step up this is a

standalone application you can use it as

is but I know a lot of photographers

already use Lightroom because who

doesn’t use Lightroom if you’re doing

like a lot of photos right so even with

this you can just click on your photo

and you just open up this application

right from the photo and then bash the

results really quickly and make it a

streamlined workflow very very weird

yeah ok let’s try some other pictures

show you see yeah and while you’re

looking at the pictures actually really

reiterate on the price like you can

click on the link below to see the price

this is so affordable like anything you

buy in the photography world whether

it’s even a like a tripod or a lens you

can’t even buy cheap planes that’s the

price of this software right you buy a

battery for your camera it price cost

almost as much as this software so you

don’t think about it this is such a

quality parents are you buying

aftermarket batteries or you’re buying

OEM battery but anyway I’m saying it’s

the price for this software down below

it’s so cheap I mean it’s an investment

and if you buy from Amazon you know the

return policies it’s great you know the

customer service is good it makes it so

easy and you could just download right

now when you click on the link below it

lets just download it it works on PC and

Macs you can get going right away it’s

great that’s try something different to

yank you let’s try something that one


so for luminar besides this guy I’m also

had a eye scan enhancer

a I don’t answer self-portrait you

locked us okay so you can actually click

on the 8id fat weeaboo foe and give it a

month that you want to have the skin

smooth can you see the differences it’s

subtle and I think there’s a little bit

lag because we’re doing a screen share

but I can’t like to see yeah I can start

to see the difference yes it stopped its

supposed so it’s not supposed did you

met it because you want to be taking

that with no skin texture so you see how

to defect if it goes and now that were

kind of move out yeah I’ll get the skins

you can actually see it from here there

oh right right the bean point is amazing

yes try use this before after cuz it’s

just is less like you times you

sometimes yeah yes this actually makes

it easier to see because you know when

the effect the supply is hard to see

with the screens here but this is great

yeah I mean like it’s always the hardest

thing to just the skin because as a

photographer I as a wedding photographer

where I shoot 7 8 10 even 12 hour

weddings and I shoot with two cameras my

wife shoots to me she shoots with the

camera and with the digital age we like

to shoot a lot of pictures because you

want to capture that perfect moment as

for the journalistic photographers we

want to capture that perfect apex and we

have so many photos to deliver because

it’s hard to discard them when you have

so many good lines right and the problem

is if you fix the skin on one of them

you have to fix it on all the other ones

otherwise they say oh you know why do I

look bad in this one but again this

makes it so quick and so easy to adjust

it and you could do a bad job on this

that’s why that’s why I always talk

about that yeah like professionals can

be touching their separate frequency

separations yes some of you might know

about that it’s a please break apart

attached here at a skin color and

retouch it

it’s a long time to do and like just so

it was for wedding photos

you got what thousand a couple thousand


waiting oh yeah and you get it oh it’s a

good thing forever and also we’re not

dealing with commercial clients even

though this what this job is a

competitive job but but I think that

looks pretty darn amazing already myself


now what they do a I skin enhancer here

they’d be two [ __ ] when you actually

move retouch skins basically you want to

with effect at the same time you want

even a skin tone so if you look at this


that’s it except me what I do it which

is shine we move OH if you notice her

nose here with this up see how they said

some of the skin tone got that more into

the over most area so they even Oh as

well right and I mean we’re taking this

for granted and we just need to step

back to realize what’s happening here

because if you were to do like smart

remover on the skin smooth of the skin

removing of the freckles all that takes

many different steps many different

layers right here you have one slider

bar and it’s called AI skin enhancer so

it’s actually using a database of

billions of photos and opinions and

preference and figure out what’s the

best effect to apply to the skin to make

it look really good and it it does a

really good job and the slider is to

tone it down like how much of this

effect you want like 100% might be a

little bit over at the top you can

really see it 0% the reason I’m showing

it that I just want showed it right so

you easier but no we can right don’t do

that of course right nobody’s mic works

it’s one slider that takes care of

everything right it’s normally you would

have to worry about the freckle removal

the spot replacements or like the

smoothness of the skin everything right

we just won a I and also their colors

and the brightness of it too

it does all of it is a I and one job

does everything yeah well unfortunately

we’re not done yet

that was the skin well that that’s

that’s a good thing so there’s more

stuff to this so there’s only I enhancer

look at all this function that you play


okay let’s zoom in just attack sure now

well sometimes if you’re using flash

whatever you know you have where I stand

when I rule but I don’t have that here

yeah look at her eyes I mean looks

pretty already but then let’s try with I

enhance her and see what it does

wow that catch light that’s like what

you want like a big soft box for that

amazing little cat so right up to I

write only Z ha yes

oh whoa the before and after wow wow

that that looks really good you know

especially when brides are so excited

they can’t sleep the night before

yeah they have all the energy the world

on their wedding day but you can’t hide

that circle – you see how nice and cool

right you don’t happening you notice he

notice that the bottom of the eyes got

bright – yeah yes yeah that’s what it

does look it’s just one slider and then

did you leave you don’t me to pick the

eyes right you didn’t need to say this

is the eye you just move the eyes

together because finally I write

artificially intelligent it knows this

is a face and this is the eye so if he’s

moving the slider to you’re just eyes I

don’t which part like I don’t have to

waste time to mask it

the software does it automatically

that’s the amazing part the price for

this software it’s under 100 bucks dude

dialing the link below like you can’t

even get anything remotely that can

prove photography as much as the

software like that’s the bottom line

this is so cool and again we’re not done

yet right there’s like a Tata Motors

let’s try the stream face 2.0 whoa whoa

whoa whoa

you just you just that’s like a

photographer’s worst nightmare and dream

come true at the same time right because

you always have these awesome clients

they look amazing but they’ll say

consider their own worst critic they’ll

say can you be a little bit better right

and it’s like you know I went to great

photos but that takes so much work to

make you fit but this software literally

just knit that with a slider again you

don’t even mask anything you’ll need to

tell us awkward this is the face this is

the hair this is a shoulder it knows

where’s the face and it’s like what it’s

amazing technology the next one is

package and large eyes let’s get a pic

as possible snapchat snapchat nobody

won’t go that crazy right that’s an

option and then for some time people

like that people are like that you know

that’s a lot like app out there like

camera apps they actually put makeup on

you yeah so I feel like if you’re gonna

do digital makeup and say another

software it’s not I mean not the

impossible but it’s good to get laid

along hundred but this one is fun let’s

say we could improve eyebrows talking it

yeah yeah what wait did you say lip

separation saturation Oh saturation okay

that’s actually a big that’s a big


that is amazing like I’ve been shooting

for a long time and if someone told me

can you add more lipstick to my lip and

make it redder like that’s something

that I would spend hours on one photo

I’ll say hey pick one footer you really

like I’ll mask it out I’ll adjust some

color filters on it I’ll make it better

but this software makes it so easy oh so

easy it does what so the wet I’ll be

will though see that yeah you can pick

the I’d clock so let’s say you think you

have wet eyes it there it wasn’t with

that right and the reason why normally

you have red eyes with direct flash and

in a very

which as professional photographer you

tend to control better by having

off-camera flash in Outlook me directly

with the flash but it still happens time

after time so that’s why I put it there

it’s good though I saved the best for


so phase light I talked to quite a lot

about this theory is that I could create

a light again digitally so this solve it

that’s the same thing I can add more

light onto the face just enough no well

just again you didn’t pick the face it

picked the face for you it knew that’s

the face it masks it out and it just

just the face that’s just mind-blowing

how smart the software is like it just

makes portraiture retouching so simple

right like these I’ve shot for 10 years

and when people say you need to touch up


I always tell I’ll take the pictures the

best I can if you want enhancement

you’ve got outsource to somewhere else

like do it because that’s not my forte I

don’t have time to spend hours months

weeks to learn yourself and then hours

to apply it is this that’s what I do but

this software allows me to provide so

much more to my clients and in a

fraction of a second and it just levels

up the value of the photography work I

do because not only do I deliver

pictures out of camera but now I deliver

a value added on top of the picture and

again this one small software which is

under 100 bucks prices down below you

can do all this and you can use this for

like years months for months and years

for all your photos for for all your

professional gigs all your personal

photos all the pictures you take on your

Facebook your your cell phone right you

can just put it in your software you can

make it look amazing it’ll be even a

nice gift for like a Valentine gift

right to take a picture of someone you

love something you care for touch them

up a little bit make him look even super

nice like this software is so powerful I

just love it I just cannot go off enough

about it sorry about that it’s just so I

do it this country strategic way a lot

and I say yeah you know what how do you

only told me like I feel function in

there how what about a full picture what

I do a full

right so that’s right what show you that

okay this is the unretouched picture

whatsoever okay right right even if I

should ask you right now you’re working

with with JPEGs or RAW files or with

it’s a software load up baby look and

hear it show you is off I see and yeah

oh wow so I work with Canon I’m actually

you see the are aw format but this is

the raw for like what Fuji cameras are

what oh no this is wrong thank my god

Nikon yeah all cameras to the same by

the way I love all cameras I think it’s

the photographer that makes the shot but

anyway I just wanted to point out the

fact that this software as a standalone

can even import the raw and JPEG both

formats all different camera brah they

do exactly not perfect so okay let’s

just do something with this picture you

know let’s we touch it would look and

see what we can do with it so it’s

easier saying where now is let’s fix the

white balance first I’m gonna use the

eyedropper tools and I’m gonna take this

here what they should do it there you go

okay Wow what yeah I mean like I chopped

you just pick one part that you know

there’s a correct white white

temperature right well basically it’s

not about the correct temperature you

find that one point which is the great

point great middle point of the whole

pictures and it will flat out the curve

for the whole picture for you know it’s

not perfect we just you’ll find a little

bit blue I’ll be honest so there there

we go that looks good so basically the

whole scheme is done right here just mmm

you know we lost we gonna lop stub would

stop there so it’s a big jump but now

you’re going with all that has extra

extra features to it right mm-hmm

so that well you wanna a I think this

picture needs so it actually but you see

how when I do a ie brighten up the

background get a bit more contrast make

a picture

Chris yes so that’s dust so then one AI

slider is it stinks for you it says okay

this picture needs this much of this

this much in there’s a little touch of

this a little touch of that make this

this this all these changes what this I

just did so oh okay why don’t you see it

yeah yeah so here all right I’m guessing

Matt you see how basically the subjects

face it’s good this stuff under lighting

so you see how the light into somebody

change much but the background is

enhanced so basically mask of the

subject and just change the exposure of

the background for years yes yes and

increase it of the sharpness and

contrast for the subject I saw that I

asked but this light I do right by a

photo you load right yeah because now

mark oh yeah oh yeah so if I had to do

it all manually by myself right right I

have to go here go and explore sure

right but if I do that look even a phase

changes to it’s called global Bar you’re

changing the whole picture right where’s

the AI in Mass different parts of it

adjusted a little bit here mask the

other part are just right there

it’s right masking takes so many time in

the a I think basic math fully

ultimately and that just saves so much


yeah I mean that’s a be of technology

we’re actually using all these

processing ability to replace us

selecting the the parts of the picture

to mask out to just on that part and

adjust the different parts it just not

only does it do it for you it actually

intelligently picks what it thinks is

optimal for you I mean that’s like two

birds in one stone right it saves you

time plus it thinks for you so you can

control other things that you know we

allow more creativity especially its do

a lot but then you know before well

maybe I’m just picking I just want to do

more right so in this case even though

he’s done it I feel like the orange that

they’re working on with the skin to

that’s not good enough I

you always go manually and go to color

when you go to color I always go to my

advanced settings and because they have

always there I could basically just RH

you see how I’d want it lighter or less

orange yeah it’s kind of masking the

color I only just seen the color in that

range you can see that they put all the

offense and manual stuff under there so

it would not confuse you unless you

wouldn’t want it then you go click it

it’s always there but you always hide it

so that way right you know except no the

whole reason why I don’t use Photoshop

and the whole reason why a lot of

photographers I know they can they can

do their job like I shoot weddings for


Photoshop just because I don’t know all

the details about it I’m always

overwhelmed with so many features

where’s this I think I don’t even need

to buy Photoshop because this does

everything I need I stopped photographer

Photoshop it’s like a Swiss Army knife

that does everything overwhelmingly a

lot of things were assist us just enough

and if you want more you can go to the

advanced feature and get those extra

fine-tuning even within the software oh

yeah what we’re doing what we’re using

here is a standalone application and we

buy the software with link in the below

it comes with the standalone software

but also includes the plug-in so you can

run it right from Photoshop and you can

run it right from Lightroom as well so

you have all the options of how you want

to use your software very versatile it

works on Mac PC and even this old PC

that Germany has is like 6 years old it

struggles a little but you have to keep

stuff keep bringing it up

ok I need to bring it up because we can

see the likeness on your screen I don’t

want people to think oh this software is

bogging my computer it’s gonna make my

computer look slow so I’m gonna make me

workflow so but it’s not the software

the software is very efficient if you

have a computer that’s within a few

years old you won’t even notice like all

these little jitters it’s just like

Kirby’s computer is old it’s like 6

years old ok that’s the last time I’m

gonna bash it maybe not but I’m sure you

got the latest photo you’re gonna be

certain thank you

you know there’s a lot of value

added to be conservative and spending

money where you need to spend like you

don’t need to upgrade your computer all

time you can spend the money to buy

what’s more important to you and you can

still do all your work as a professional

photographer with this six year old

computer right you can still run for on

it okay so I have to be honest I have

never touched this picture anyway this

is the picture just pull out for my you

know pool picture that I did not retouch

and I’m a [ __ ] [ __ ] myself yeah anyway

so I’m just there’s no script nothing

here okay I’m just like OSI go feel like

what I need to do so the next thing I

feel like dude I don’t want to fix her

face well honestly that’s that’s gonna

come out right I mean we touch her skin

and we never say that you can make you

gonna make this beautiful model an even

more beautiful

look the kind of professional there so

i’ma go you do the AI ski we touch it

cuz you know she has some really skin

things that have to take care of so

let’s create a mom that’s really good

so basically best to hope before after

it it let you see see where you’re at

now but also here little okay doesn’t

hear you click it to turn it off the

effect of this filter so you can see

what it does so I okay I don’t need to

shy we move of this no shayana hair

because this is the good natural light

pouch so I need to brighter her eyes so

let’s use the I well it looks nice I

would hang know but this picture she

does have the eyes back nobody call it

that circle under the eyes so let’s see

yeah yeah yeah wow that’s amazing it

works so well

look at that before-and-after that’s

crazy that that that is so good

oh my gosh okay look I believe

know how to do that in Photoshop like

how do you do that

that’s crazy you got to do manually I

don’t even know where to start

like I would charge a music subclone

tools and whatnot but it’s gonna look so

fake but that looks so realistic with

what each is this old one slice would

not anti the openness feel so let’s

enhance it just a bit like that okay I

open her that’s an eye opener right the

shadow if situations the witness let’s

do it I don’t darkness you just you just

say okay change your eyes change the

lift change the background change the

face have to mask it and say this is a

face ever you just open the software you

load up the picture and it knows this is

the eyes this is the lips this is the

face and it just all this automatically

that’s okay for ya

this is after wow wow wow all the way so

that he looks you can see cuz I know

there’s some lagging here so just yeah

yeah but you once you look at this

picture a little bit longer it starts to

look very natural and actually it’s very

pleasing like I like her eyes that big

like she might say oh those are not my

eyes but if you do struggle up people

like it people up there you go yeah in

the porch you know what else it does I

don’t use IQ but that’s okay basically

it’s basically the picture less

saturated and brighter okay not my taste

but you know some people like it pretty

sure yeah what this is alternative fat

okay that’s what does oh yeah I got more

like an old school art painting yeah a

little bit like a painting so I

personally I stay with creative there

all the time because that one thing I

really like to play with is they have

Halas dilute mmm okay this is fun for

color grading mm-hmm speaking about

colic waiting if you want to know about

that I think we made a video in our

Channel what is that channel the channel

is called pixel snappers it’s a that’s

right our master class yeah this is our

video right right okay so anyway check

out that you know so we you can check

that out if you want so you could go

down here okay it basic caramelize all

this isn’t color toning stuff cinematic

toning creative right right floss

processing and portrait tone right

what’s so fun about this is autoshop had

this but photoshop won’t let you see

preview by just mousing over this this

is so valuable so you can choose which

one you like by you don’t even care that

name just scroll down and see which

color good for you and you said I’d play

with Instagram where you trying to

figure out the Instagram filter this is

kind of like that but the professional

sense right mm-hmm there’s so much fun

step up your photo right everybody can

take nice pictures these days because

all these cameras are like so sharp so

much megapixel they got perfect

autofocus everything is great about them

but this is what separates you from look

to other people to take me really good

pictures to because you just level up

your game with this small this awesome

software for such a small price I want

to do more this should I do more of this

I like this there it’s fine and it also

for the contrast afterwards give it

Contras or last yes so I like yes

yeah situation you could push it up if

the look actually kind of desaturate big

ring a bell up it looks pretty good it

looks great i like let’s see the before

and after one more time can we see it

before now yes yeah yes that’s huge you

know what I need one more

we need some cropping there you go get

the rule of third right on her face

there you go

yes so that when you look at the picture

not only does the color and sharpness

draws you to it but the rule of third

draws it in her face

exactly that is quite amazing that is

quite amazing and you get to like play

around with all the effects just by

clicking through it seeing the live

previous right away see right from her

did this to this yeah yes just feel

clicking in there playing around if you

were to get the same effect you if if

you were to ask a professional retoucher

how to do this

Jeremy from scratch in Photoshop how

long will it take you to the eyes the

lips to do all the effects there I was a

minimum forty-five minutes to two hours

that’s that’s generous I would say five

hours a six-hour for me like that’s a

lot of stuff oh yeah wrinkles the

wrinkles below this is this guy’s been

doing digital photography for fifteen

years as a graphics design artist so

he’s playing playing Photoshop is this

bread butter but for me I can see this

to take you like six hours eight hours

almost infinite hours because I don’t

even know how to put the shadow so you

move it from the eyes like it does all

that and again no masking everything is

just slider like you want it just sighs

you just adjust the slider for the eyes

and it knows where the eyes are

you’re just a color and saturation of

the lips oh yes where the lips are it’s

amazing yeah sonic boy it’s amazing so

yeah there’s four finger the creative is

which I really like I let it matte look

yeah so I can submit this show show you

what that does and I should stand in the

contrast so the picture looks more like

and never fade it so in all sizes the

old green block you see that mmm yes yes

yep see where now it’s more contrasty

yeah and now do that basically push the

contrast to boil even and soft it

doesn’t really be the stage it’s a salt

it’s just the contrast of soft yeah and

then once you did that

you got a film grain get some film in


whoo this is some inside techniques

it’s just sliders but the combination

what you’re doing here

I like it it’s like it’s like a recipe

you know like a cook yeah you have all

these ingredients but like I I can’t

make a good soup but if you give the

same ingredients to a professional chef

they’ll make a soup that you can buy for

like 100 bucks and you’ll probably value

eight and that’s what you’re doing here

you’re using these sliders but the right

amount of each it’s just it it’s a it’s

a formula what you’re doing here is are

not like balance they actually give you

a lot of function in one crazy hour you

could pay with a high shelf life for me

I have a folder so I can load your own

textures so I you see now Jeremy’s full

of shops stuff so let’s say if I keep a

girl let’s pick that one all right

I can actually put texture on top of

this image if I wanted to write that and

she oh that looks so good it’s like it’s

there but it’s not even there it’s just

it’s just kind of ingrained into it it’s

very it doesn’t pop so with all this

different planning I could do a whole

lot yes but most satisfied oh no voice

off light that’s the best one but again

what you’re doing here is there van it’s

like when people want to just do a quick

thing they can just go through some of

the basic top level menu but slide the

few things just more amazing Photoshop

or Lightroom this is the offense but

look at here it make it so simple

yeah thanks true that’s true and once

you start playing around with the basic

stuff and get bored with it you’ll get

to this stuff in no time

and then again pushing your digital

photography way above the competition

with this tool is the tools why can’t

you buy it’s all there for yes useful

you turn a picture like this to this

incredible like you can buy all the

plugins you want in Photoshop and


you can’t get this effect because those

plugins are not AI they’ll apply the

same result to any photo and it only

works if you have a specific photo

where’s this what you do is using AI you

apply technology and you apply algorithm

to the photo it’s amazing it does no

wonderful you know the cool thing about

this yeah so if you want to turn thank

you from this stuff besides the warm

that’s okay this slope yeah this look

right so it have you seen this never

looked right ah so you familiar with

that concept in Lightroom or for Asarco

actions or pset yeah yeah exactly this

is exactly what this is

so let’s say I have fun with this look

okay right I can actually go in here see

safely look oh you know the name and

save it again will you apply it it’s not

a dumb applied it’s actually using AI to

apply right it’s a combination of all

those yeah that’s saved see this right

it’s like action there’s proceed yes

work on here to minimize the look so yes

you get a simple bet on the other

pictures just like that right oh yeah

because you want like the whole

consistency between all the pictures and

you cannot do this with Lightroom you

cannot do this with plugins normally

because the plugins will apply the same

effect to everything and you can’t say

this is the lip apply this effective

slip because there’s no AI in it you

know the old school Lightroom plug is

they’ll apply like like a lily somehow

when is the emitter sander that’s the AI

working yeah picture they need it yes so

in other software it won’t work like

that the same though right so if you

look at the picture here originally

right right

this is natural light right

yes that’s all my picture less lighting

it’s even this picture here she’s next

to the window she has high light and

shadows yeah so if those two picture

lighting are different when you apply

the same preset my mother saw it just

won’t work but it won’t work

the a out captain a was needed you know

what’s crazy

this is so unscripted you’ve never even

edit a photo and yet you demonstrate it

with so much like you believe it so much

because you know it works and you’re

just doing it live here unscripted

that’s amazing that’s a testament how

much we love this software and how much

we believe that it works so well and

efficiently like we use it in our

day-to-day work and we shoot weddings

and we do pre weddings and we do

packages a but like that for thousands

and thousands of dollars and we feel

that this software adds value to our

work I mean it’s worth is one photo that

you add it it’s a way pay for itself

because Jeremy how much do you upsell

one photo 150 to 250 depends twice the

price of this plugin already in one

photo not only do you make back your

your cost of this plugin you made

yourself 100 bucks and it took me like


software is a game-changer

it’s a well what we the software know I

know that all this look for yourself it

was took you probably two seconds to

touch a picture right right what you

have two looks yes

yeah I mean you’re only making the

software even sound better Jeremy yeah I

think already like there’s no question

that in any way sees this video I’ll be

surprised if they don’t buy this

software I mean it’s just a no-brainer

if you’re a photographer and you shoot

any amount picture even if you shoot

pictures on your cell phone

this software is a game-changer it will

take any photo you put in here ten times

better and it takes a fraction of a

second to apply the results it’s

mind-blowing mind-blowing I’m just

pretty good I did good job did you do or

did the AI do a good job

don’t take up money Shiva to me again

that’s where this software allows you to

be a creative right you don’t have to

spend all the time masking things you

don’t have to spend the time do the

other busy busy work you spend time

making the critical artistic decisions

exactly that’s what the software does

take away all the technicals because

technical it’s somewhat consent Graham

works so when everyone works it will be

more creatively Rob in your head to

think about how you want to be creative

but that how to make that work when you

think about how to make that work how to

work the tools how to make the function

it takes away the time and your mindset

about creating this is allow you to to

create rather than figure out how to

work the software it’s always supposed

to be tool you stop you don’t suppose to

learn the software like the tool you

don’t learn how to use a hammer you

think I hear me start slashing that’s

what it does right you drive it you know

you think of something is kazooing

that’s a tool it help you to finish the

job you don’t have to go to school I’ve

learned how to use the hammer before you

have a nail right yeah so yeah exactly


how many software out there like imaging

software out there that you don’t have

to learn and you start working on it

besides Instagram that’s not the same

the first one I’ve seen really pick up

your spot you start working it you don’t

have to learn it because it’s just so

yes like got an iPhone right when you

stop pick up okay where’s the keyboard

but you know how to use it already

saying intuitive what it is it’s it’s so

simple it just works because you don’t

need to find a manual you can slide the

bars and you see the results right away

and you it comes pretty fine with the

result like you maybe import the photo

and you open the software it’s got a

tasteful pre-configuration you can be to

say oh that’s already better and I can

save it and send it to my client and

it’s alright ten times better but then

you play with the filters or sliders a

little bit and the results are at their

limitless they’re just limitless yeah so


that’s pretty much about it right I mean

yeah oh hey there’s a picture I saw Bob

picks a stabber

what’s that about oh yeah basically

Skyrim is that you told me five bucks –

oh the situation like whoever buy the

software so it’s all you’re also helping

people if you buy this software – yes


help people out and there’s a coder

Pizza stabbers mm yep say six to ten

bucks sweets

yep so we add there about any questions

do you have any questions there’s there

some questions here like okay so what

software sorry what platform is a work

on so as we already made later back both

PC and Macs and then some people are

asking about like hardware

configurations or how fast is Jeremy’s

computer then I just made that up the

question is really about like what kind

of performance of a computer you need

and we’ve already covered that I gave it

worse like Jeremy’s computer like what

you saw it work six years no modern

computer yeah hmm so you buy it with the

link below

it’s a downloadable link you can just

install it use it right away you have

infinite abilities at your disposal I

think as a photographer any then you

want to buy to improve your photography

unless it’s like a cheap book everything

is over $100 whether it’s a lens whether

it’s a battery whether it’s a memory

card whether it’s a filter like when you

screw on your lens whether it’s a flash

I mean you can you can spend so much

money but this one small software that’s

like under $100 makes so much result

it’s this month did you mention a also

works with Photoshop as a pocket as well

I’m talking so you were will you already

do workflow it basically that’s what

excited what I did I was like man

Photoshop and I put this into my


and save me so much time yeah that’s

true I mean I love that so much I’m

gonna reiterate that

like exactly for someone that uses

Photoshop primarily you can always

launch luminaire right from Photoshop

and work on it and then we don’t work on

it comes in as another layer on floor

shop so you can adjust the opacity of

that layer and do every one Photoshop in

same width for me I use Lightroom so I

don’t want to have to say okay this is a

new software how do i how do I apply it

to my workflow

I can just do y1 and when it’s time like

okay I got a few minutes let’s play

around with software I just double click

it or actually I right-click it launch

new burner right from it make the

changes go back it’s a rage done so

that’s how you integrate your workflow

it’s almost brainless it just works you

don’t need to think about integrating it

it’s just yeah well the light won’t be

the question even better because they

say mu I wouldn’t photographer and

that’s what you want to touch it up but

all the skin on the face bring it

aluminum we touch it back you know

Lightroom easy yeah yeah exactly exactly

it just makes it so easy to adapt to do

any workflow it’s cheap it’s affordable

and it’s easy to use it makes your

photos 10 times better

I mean photographers always ask me you

know because you and I are like season

wedding photographer right so we always

get asked by people like I’m sorry

photography how I get better or I’ve

been photographing for five years what

can I do to get better how do I get the

results like that yes you can learn all

that but it all takes a lot of time and

effort this is one thing that you can do

that just puts you at the next level

with so much little time it’s so much

little cost of course as you improve

your journey as a professional

photographer I definitely recommend you

to learn lighting to learn how to pose

people to learn emotions the story tell

everything but this small bit goes a

long way in addition to everything but

yes definitely get this as one of the

building blocks to enhance your

photographer either either as a hobby or

as a career it’s it’s a no brainer I

totally know boring I recommend it I I

stand behind it so where I’m at the

ambassador come on right so that’s why

we brought him along for the show

because he knows his way around the

software but if you guys have any

questions you can always ask him at his

channel pixel saveurs i’m also on my

channel as well yeah check it out on

YouTube I have a tech channel called you

tech via if you’re interested in that or

just follow us follow me

Amazon live as you check Mia and you’ll

see a lot of him – because he’s been

involved in a lot of things that we

talked about so I always like to invite

him he’s always awesome to have a second

opinion and he’s also really talented

and great at demonstration and use these

tools with this artistic background and

it’s 15 years photography space I love

bringing him on he’s always a helper so

if you guys like to see this follow us

and we’ll have more to come so you know

I think else you want to add Jeremy no I

think that’s pretty much it you got it

all alright well thank you everyone it’s

been a fantastic time talking to be

sharing with you guys looming at 4:00

buy it I recommend it

there’s tons of reviews if you don’t

trust what we say here read the reviews

there’s like tons of these and when just

loves it anyway we’ve been babbling on

too much we’ll let people decide for

themselves by clicking on the link and

you decide if you want to buy it and

we’ll leave us at have a good night have

a good day see you all good night adios

somebody see ya

adios good night and where you are