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Video Transcription


wait hang on we’re gonna about ready to

go alive okay we’re gonna go alive in

three two one

we’re alive Jeremy hurry are you taking

pictures I’m taking a picture both

screaming what’s wrong oh sweet

yes stream live stream yeah yeah hey

alright guys we are gonna live only

camera can you see my face that’s why

you’re awesome Jeremy you care about

more about the stream than yourself

alright guys welcome to picture stabbers

today we’re talking about again the sony

zv1 which is a fantastic vlogging camera

we started talking about yesterday but

there’s so many features so many details

we’re gonna wrap it up today and do a

little summary as well plus we did some

research and we know well we know some

good deals on how to get up to $100 off

you’re not the sony zv1 kit so let’s

just talk about why this camera is so


basically it’s a vlogging camera that’s

simplified and it’s perfect for vlogging

because you know everything number one

reason why did you must

oh great yes it’s not like canon ouch Oh

a Canon shooter I always use canon

I used to vlog with the g7 x mark to

flip screen this way it worked fine it

did have a mic check but fine nothing to

do with the features it’s only the name

they’re naming cell wear it down

ouch I said it alright fine it’s the

name okay but it’s a name that is backed

by amazing feature the Sony zv1 it’s a

compact camera just like this one right

here you can pretty much fit in your

pocket and it’s designed for vloggers as

all the features that vlogger wants good

audio a flip-out screen a little light

to indicate we’re recording it’s it’s

perfect for vlogging and it’s compact

and lightweight and it’s affordable too

so let’s just jump right into it so

that’s the ZB one right there and right

now it’s $100 off if you buy the kit so

this is how it works you gotta do it

before June 28th so it

out Julia Levon’s so even though you can

wait until when it comes out in the

order you’ll still get this price but

basically right now the price that you

see on Amazon this seven $49.99 so 750

that is the discount price because if

you wait until after June 28th it

becomes 7 9999 now if you want to save

$100 you’re going to need to also buy

the accessory kit if you buy the

accessory kit right now it’s 848

normally it would be 948 without the

promotion so the accessory kit is pretty

much it includes the camera but it also

includes a 64 gigabyte high-speed SD

card and it has this vlogging vlogging

stick which is great because it acts as

a extension which is good because

sometimes people might realize the lens

is not wide enough you have this extra

extension gives you a little bit more

wider field but it’s also a remote too

and it can control start of recording

stop of recording take pictures you may

assume out and there’s a c1 button which

you can program to do whatever you want

by default it turns off and on the book

a mode which is pretty sweet and of

course like you see in this picture

right here you can set it down and make

it a tripod a table tripod so pretty

cool right Jeremy you know you know what

I just realized one thing you know how

that LCDs flip on I see laughs I right

yeah so what do you I keep looking at

that LC instead of the lens what would

that kind of we’re close enough that

does not matter or no it actually does

matter and this is something that you if

you want to be a good vlogger some

people that are you food bloggers but

okay let me take that back not a good

vlogger but if you want to really engage

with your audience and you might really

look them in the eye and look at them

you had a good otherwise you have to

exactly like I’m look at the lens right

now it because I’m engaging with our

viewers but technically German you don’t

look at the lens right you’re looking at

your screen so the viewers see this is a

good thing I most have time to tutorials

on photoshop so I have to look into my

screen so it would be we’ve allocated

screen it but I’m doing Photoshop so

I don’t know that just me yes that’s

extremely good point in fact one of the

most popular bloggers on YouTube

Casey nice that if you guys know who he

is he’s he’s very he exposes this and

he’s very clear about it basically he

wears sunglasses when he’s vlogging and

that way when he’s looking at the screen

we cancel out of that

right you can’t tell waste looking at

which is great but now I I kind of think

wearing sunglasses removes what you’re

trying to get by looking into your

camera by being engaged right because

when you have the sunglasses they can’t

see your eyes anyway so in my opinion

you’re a little bit less engaged if you

have sunglasses because that’s true hi

communication it’s really strong and I

think that’s one thing that vloggers can

really take advantage of because they

can look directly into the camera and

talk to the audience yeah now that’s

kind of freaky yeah but that’s a very

good point because new vloggers when

they start looking on the side it will

be a little bit kind of distracting for

the viewers but once you get used to it

you want a glance at the the side screen

just so that you know the framing and

you’re in focus and you should be good

to go from there it’s very different

them when you have to do streaming of

talking because yeah I used to speak in

front of people in a group of people if

there’s a big of a group then I paid

like laughs one person in the middle one

person and the right one person and

every time I turn to a certain corner or

angry I look at in person yeah so I

don’t get dizzy because you see too many

it’s I don’t know you’ve been there

before but you you see like yeah

different people you get somehow got

lost so I do that but when it comes to

looking at camera I like honestly I

don’t know what I’m looking at sometime

I just look and I see my look at my sony

right now yeah I am actually looking

into not in the lens but the sony logo

in back of the lens no it’s your focus

yeah but I get dizzy looking at just you

know if 10 seconds 5 20 second fine 30

second or even a minute I I gotta take a

look back yeah it takes practice it’s

just like talking to another person in

real life right you’re you’re kind of

looking at their eyes but Pierre

when you look away or you look somewhere

else slightly but you don’t notice it it

becomes second nature so you do you do

want to look into the lens when you’re

vlogging and nice thing about the Sony

being flipped out this way versus like

other cameras that flip the lens the

screen up or down is that on the side

it’s a little bit less obvious even if

you’re looking at the screen as on the

side it’s less obvious than if you’re

looking up at the screen right because I

mean look at me right now I’m looking up

at the screen right it’s very obvious or

if I’m looking down at the screen is

also very obvious now I’m looking at the

camera so this is why I want to now if I

look to the right a little bit it’s not

as bad I mean it’s still bad but it’s a

little bit better than looking up and

looking down right look up means you see

more of your you’re not about like it

now like hey how are you guys doing yeah

you look great Jeremy yeah but the flip

out screen in this case the reason why

it’s so great is because now you have

the room to have your microphone up here

of course the microphone on the zv1 is

really good at the built-in one and it

also comes with a built-in dead cat here

well not built-in but included that you

can enable this able to take at but

because the screen is flipped on the

side if you wanted to add an external

microphone there’s a I believe on this

side here there’s a hot shoe for your

microphone to be attached and normally

with a camera like this of course I

don’t have a mic a hot shoe but if you

were to put a hot shoe it would block

the screen so definitely it won’t work

out well if you have the screen this way

that’s why having the screen flip this

side is so great for vloggers this is no

good yeah and that’s definitely not good

for vlogging – what I’ve never curious

how good that audio’s it with the cb1

because I thought with we don’t look the

Alex one before yeah and I just said

audio sucks big time yes yes the the

audio on the CV one is really good

because it’s designed as a directional

microphone it’s a it has a three capsule

microphone and let me actually show you

a better picture of it in the product


yeah so if you look right here it says

design for even better audio so you got

these three little capsules so really

well each capsule is one Michael home to

one direction I you know I I can’t

guarantee that I know the answer to that

but I think they might work as an array

and because sound travels linearly they

can detect the direction of the sound

and filter out the sound that doesn’t

flow in that direction that’s my guess

but I’m not a sound engineer so I can’t

be sure but here this is a blurp that

sony says you can capture clear vocals

even when shooting in a crowd the

camera’s unique directional 3 capsule

mic gathers clear sound from in front of

the camera ideal for movie shooting so

it doesn’t really tell you the technical

of it but problem all the reviews that

I’ve seen of this camera the audio is

really good it’s good enough where I

would say I’m happy to use it blogging

without an external microphone it’s that

good and if you add the windscreen aka


which is great because it’s a tattoo

that pops onto a hot shoe and it’s

included with the camera this eliminates

almost all the noise from wind so pretty

much you have a great setup just yeah

like that so this I mean this camera

does eveyone can fit in your pocket you

pull it out and it’s perfect for

vlogging it’s gets a flip out screen

it’s got the good microphone it’s

perfect I mean it’s so good that you

don’t even need to turn it on or off you

open up the screen and it turns on you

just hit record you close the screen and

it turns off you don’t even need to

think about turning it on or off how

cool is that

right when you’re out and shooting a

vlog with something happen so you want

to boom fire it up and you start going

so you don’t have to think about even

turn your eyes open your screen right

when you say on you just a POW on but

not recording by the way when you fit

this correctly right you still have to

hit that big red button right so the

lens will extend it’s ready to record

that’s why me and then you close the

screen and it highs

yoga that’s pretty cool yeah it is yeah

so this this camera is amazing let’s

just look at some of the the private

video as

just can’t talk about it because there’s

a lot of features we went over some of

the features yesterday but really this

camera is designed for creators and

vloggers and the great thing about it is

that it’s not technical right it’s a

camera that just works and when you’re a

creator your vlogger they might be

extremely talented they might have

amazing camera charisma but they might

not have the technical know-how to

really dial in the settings I’m gone

so that’s why some people are really

found I just found I’m just using their

cell phone but this particular CB one

makes it easy for vloggers without

technical ability just turn that camera

just vlogging it’s got a lot of features

that’s designed for vlogging in mind

really really cool I mean this is a

camera that a lot of bloggers have been

waiting for like the fast past five

years and we’ve always had cameras like

the g7 X Mark 2 or even the one that you

have Jeremy the Sony rx100 Mark 5 which

is pretty darn good

but this wasn’t quite there in terms of

all the features right so really

designed for videographers in mind so

pretty much this camera is a revamped

version of the Sony rx100 Mark 5 which

has the nice 24 to 70 lens that goes

from an aperture of f-18 to 2.8 so it’s

really good in low light but now it has

a flip-out screen as a mic check and it

has a really good built-in microphone


it’s got other modes that helps to like

this is what she’s demonstrating it’s

called a product showcase mode which is


because what happens is a lot of times

when you want to demonstrate a product

you want to show it to the camera and we

wanted to focus on the product

unfortunately a lot of the cameras now

they have such good I focus I’ll focus

on you and not the product so little

features like that goes a long way with

the news Sony’s zb1 is really designed

for creators to not have to really think

they just turn it on and go another good

example is the book came mode right

actually we should finish the video no

this is a long no there’s a lot going on


try and narrow it as much as I can right

so we could talk about this vlogging

stick which is great because it extends

the arm and you see how keeping that

move it up and down there’s a dead cat

that you can just plop on when you need


and here’s talking about how the sound

works on the camera right and this is

the bull came oh if I have one button

check that down you switch to a blurry

background boom now it’s sharp right

boom now it’s blurry that’s fast and you

don’t need to think about anything and

then with another push you go to the

part mode you see how it focuses on the

product and not her face you shouldn’t

have to try to cover up her face or put

like anything behind the subject right

it just knows when you raise up the

subject and it’s got I focus and the

focus is really good look looks like she

hides and she jumps into the shot it

focuses right on her really fast you see

how his face is lit and when he goes out

it’s still focused on his face because

the auto exposure is designed for the

face it notice of lock into the face is

always exposed to her face it forgets

about the rest of the screen which is

terrible as a traditional videographer

and terrible as a photographer but for

vlogging is perfectly acceptable and

preferred because you always want to be

the star right you always want to have

to like perfect on your face and that’s

what this setting does for vlogging like

little things like that no other camera

has because usually those other cameras

are designed to take photos and video as

an afterthought or an additional feature

this camera they actually convert it as

a video camera first and of course I can

take picture but its feature is designed

around video and for example it doesn’t

have a built-in flash and for example

there’s no Evie or electric viewfinder

they took away those things to make the

camera cheaper but at the same time add

vlogging feature or camera based feature

to make it really good for vloggers so

finally a small pocketable

point-and-shoot camera that has all the

features of vlogger would need so really

I want to have done I shook hands to

trigger off camera flashed I believe it


okay a lot of fun

I believe it does but I’m not a hundred

percent sure let’s actually Google that

after after we watch this video I would

imagine it should because otherwise it

would be kind of sad to be honest

because if this is for the blockers then

honestly they would not use flash right

but if it’s if there’s a hot shoe

already you still want to actually have

the ability to put on the flash right

actually the way we could find out is if

we look at the accessories and if it

there’s a flash in the accessory lineup

it should work we’ll have to look it up

but I think it makes sense to be able to

use flash don’t you think Jeremy had to

say really

nowaday we don’t know where the Russians

only take so yeah well it would be nice

it would definitely be nice to be able

to use this one camera to have the flash

although I kind of don’t really think I

would care for a flash because you’re

traveling right and you just want to

shoot and document your day you don’t

have to pull out a flash and add a flash

in the picture I think the facts and the

fact that it’s such a small compact

camera that does everything especially

focus on vlogging but also can take

pictures it’s just perfect I mean yeah

just like that

Jeremy the reason I bought this whiteout

well I actually almost got every single

serious hours 100 from 1 to 3 that’s I

don’t happy 1 2 4 5 6

most of them are broken except for this

one because I use it so intense so they

all got stolen

you don’t want mmm but then for the

generation 2 this is mark – the reason I

really want this want to keep this one

because I use this for all camera flash

this is the bee sighs Alex 1 and this is

the only other camera that allow a

opponent shoot to use manual off-camera

flash which I’ve messed up a lotta other

people’s camera ha ha ha

right cuz a-you you and your Mach 4 oh

no worries I got this I got a mop – nice

yeah I would love to know if that

zv1 can trigger an off-camera flash i

just want to mess people up you know

expensive camera gear lighting whatever

I use opponent shoot off camera flash

and do pictures that out I’ll do you so

that’s what I want to do all the time

yep so they’re talking about the skin

tone here there’s also a beauty mode to

that makes the skin really soft and

there’s like a low mode and there’s a

high mode um

so on the on the ski skis back yeah

they’re all young people they’re good

skin right and I saw it not youtuber

which is like a sixty something year so

photographer who also talks about the


yes I just say the skins moving doesn’t

help you one bit he’ll make it look

smooth but then there’s some some parts

that they haven’t goes right extra make

him look weird yeah it’s actually really

weird looks like you just have plastic

surgery but not complete plastic surgery

halfway done

yeah the ski is moving thing is a young

generation game yeah enough us for Isis

just be pure and simple is embrace the

wrinkles let it add character to who you

are show your knowledge with the aged

embrace all the wrinkles on your face

let them identify your age and your

wisdom with your wrinkles so you see you

can use the external mic right and you

notice that both these external mics

don’t have any wires because you can

attach it to the multi interface shoe so

okay you know what I think it work I saw

the sand to a point of the hot shoes

right in traditional their standards its

traditional so yeah it worked oh yeah

and here’s a grip you see that’s a new

grip and that’s the old grip I believe

the new post

yeah and look you can change the angle

really easy so it’s very flexible and

you got the zoom ability right on the

remote you can start recording you could

take a picture you can turn on this the

bouquet mode or you can reassign the

bouquet button to another functionality

and you can even put it down on a table

as a table a tripod oh yeah there’s

image stabilization on this camera too

it’s not the greatest one because it’s

actually in body image

but it doesn’t have the in in lens

stabilization that a lot of cameras have

like for example the m50 here well if it

is a bad example but like some of the

best cameras that have good

stabilization basically they have in

body image stabilization and they add

the lens image stabilization together to

get like 6.5 stops of image


whereas this camera only has the image

stabilization in body so it’s not that

great although you can add some awesome

digital image stabilization too so it

helps a little bit more but it’s not the

best imitation image stabilization but

it’s pretty darn good

pretty darn good I’m gonna get it now so

when does it come out

do you know Jeremy happiness June 11

June 11 and if you order before June 28

you get the special pricing that we

talked about link down below on Amazon

for it and in July

guess where it comes out I don’t know

so in July there’s going to be an

upgrade to the software so that you can

use the zv1 as a webcam with July offers

orcas it’s summer

this is summer 2020 so how do you do is

July I’m guessing okay where do you get

an information phone July okay good call

good call you caught my bluff so

sometime in summer 2020 there will be a

feature where you can just get the USB

cable plug into your computer and it

works as a webcam you don’t need to buy

any adapter like a popular adapter

people have to buy is like the cam link


bucks but right now with the current

health pandemic going around people are

price gouging this like crazy they’re

going for $320 here on eBay at $400 but

with the zb1

you don’t need anything like this

because with the software upgrade you

can get a USB cable plug into your

camera plug into your computer and it

functions as a really high quality

webcam so

cool considering that the fact that it

has all that and it’s priced really well

too we should actually talk a little bit

about the pricing right now in addition

to the savings you get now but even on

the regular price it’s pretty good right

Jeremy oh yeah I mean if this camera is

based on the alux 100 line if you ever

follow ours 100 they always form like a

thousand dollar range yeah even more

yeah so if I remember right when I get

my Alex 100 Mile 5 which is what this

camera is based on yep

that cameras around when I run 12 or


little bit reduced right so now they

have like a thousand dollars but itself

for 848 I think this sale just started

because zv1

is guy announced yeah so it’s always a

good dollar pony and [ __ ] and I think

someone is the first one or Oh having

it’s the first one who make really

expensive ponies you which is the Alex

ammonia series yeah so if we look at

their previous pricing and then look at

the the CV one then yeah oh wait

special price 749 not that bad

yeah yeah that’s the wheel found out

missing yeah so this this is the the RX


right it’s a 70 to 200 but the the zoom

aperture isn’t that great which means

it’s not very good in low light because

I believe it goes from it starts at 2 8

but it goes up to like a five six or

something five six five six yeah

which is okay for photos if you have a

lot of light but honestly I’m I’m in

love with the current 24 to 70 that’s on

the rx100 five because that one has

aperture of 1.8 to 2.8 which is so much

better in low light even though you

don’t have to extend yeah of going into


lens at 24 millimeter at 1.8 yes I said

it’s around 1600 ISO turn on the

range optimized it to level four level

five I could [ __ ] anything in low light

at nighttime it endure whatever is

pretty awesome yeah yeah and that’s

actually another good point because like

people say well we have cell phones that

are really good right now does it make

sense to buy something like the zvy love

people don’t realize that yes when you

take your picture on the iPhone yeah and

you watch or view your picture in the

iPhone it looks good yeah bring that

picture over to your 27-inch monitor

desktop or whatnot and open that again

and look at the picture again and see

what you got yes you have you have a

muddy array of pixel because the

resolution isn’t very high with video

it’s a little bit better because video

is still 1080p or 4k whatever you record

and the codecs on the iPhone 11 Pro max

is actually really good or 11 Pro or

even iPhone 11 it’s really good but when

you look at the cb1 the quality is still

much better than even the best cell

phone right now and the reason for that

is because the cb1 has a one-inch sensor

so you have a bigger sensor yeah that

means it’s better for a low-light and

also you have a very good lens the lens

has an aperture of 1.8 and its widest so

you just have a lot of light coming in

so this core is yeah this camera even

there’s one sensor yes you can clean out

a 16 by 20 inches mm-hmm big full yes

not a problem or even bigger 24 36

Network – okay tried that with iPhone

picture you can still do it but

definitely won’t look at it oh it’s good

it would be all muddy yeah and then call

me old man but then I got a call this

theory that I talked to a lot of younger

generation days yeah they would say oh I

wish I having live my iPhone right and I

would like okay this is just selfish and

then why are you calling me selfish well

for once when you take images basically

last for the next generation to come

so imagine the next generation or you

they have is those iPhone picture which

is all muddy right wait now here for a

an a K so later on whenever


picture pointing up how would that look

a running even worse so it looks today

as a full time of year with ography we

are there to treasure our memory at the

moment currently and safety for the next

generation but the next generation has

much higher display and then yeah we

give them shitty picture dude for the

high display why well to be honest it’s

kind of like right now when you look at

photos right now people only care about

right now that’s a problem

yes well but at the same time we’re

subjected to the same thing our parents

did to us right but they didn’t have a

choice because they took pictures on old

film so your baby picture my baby

picture that they prior look oxidized

and they look sepia tone they have no

choice that’s the hack right but now

that we have a choice right to document

your baby right now you and your wife

can decide to use an iPhone or to use

something that has high quality like

this even without weight it’s about

selfless and selfish that’s the choice

well it’s also about convenience – you

always have your cell phone with you

but if you can have a zv1 with you to

get even better quality it’s got the

texture line it’s the thought process

behind that it has nothing to do with

yours it’s just what are you doing for

someone else what are you doing for your

next generation I mean obviously even

then you have kids or anything

there’s our people have kids human goes

on we have next year innovation yeah

like it or not I have no kid the

generation still move on yes yeah I


we go back go back okay I wanna see the

huh shoes the high shoe round this one

that one yeah so it’s actually Sony

remember so many proprietary huh shoe is

that the same one you have mm slightly

not the same he looks more but it should

work it should work this is a new Jetta

let’s see if a flash is one of the

accessory for this camera I really doubt

it to see

you’re right it might not work let’s

just do a Google search

Sony zv1 flash okay that just might a

couple points on this camera for me it

doesn’t work you can be creative you got

you got a big good sized sensor yeah but

shallow depth of field lens with Y

aperture you’re okay in low light you

don’t need a flash bring an LED light

with you no I will camouflage what’s the

point in shoot that’s what I want to do

oh you wanna mess with people yes

so I do that when I go to workshops

that’s pain there should be oh oh wait

no there’s flash mode you see that here

we got flash modes there you go so you

got Auto you have flash on slow sync

rear sync I want to watch this thing

here on this damn so here right here our

unique multi interface shoe offers

incredible flexibility to add lights

microphone and much more not only does

it support the standard Koshu

accessories and flashes but the

interface also allows you to add high

performance audio adapters such as the

ECM – I know is t1 AM stereo microphone

with the power available directly from

the camera yeah you can see it but then

for the Sony Hoshi I think it works the

same this one it has a contact point for

does it maybe look inside yeah yeah

right that’s the contact point yeah but

if you look inside here you see those

motor papa in there yeah for all the

other useful like microphone and whatnot

cool so it probably works and also in

the manual or rather the spec sheet it

confirms it – I think if I go up okay no

I put that those point into it now so

you got ya got the points back it’s got

slow sink rear sink and flash off so it

sounds like you can add a sony flash

drift but it will be quite unbalanced

you imagine it oh I would not use the

flash over trigger on it

sugar right oh yeah smart trigger will

be good but like I mean look at this

camera right so just imagine putting a

flash on top of this it will definitely

out proportion it and you see how to

know just a small trigger yeah small

sugar you fine and just showcase the

product mode

I just wanna demonstrate like right now

if I wanted to show my my camera right I

put out here and you see it’s not focus

that’s because my let me show you how I

actually have that flash yeah sure yeah

yeah sure let’s show that but you see so

this is amazing example of the part

showcase mode if I want to show the

camera it’s not focused the only way I

can focus the camera is if I cover my

face and then you camera focuses on my

face right so with the product focused

showcase mode if I just hold up my

camera like this it knows there’s an

object that’s closer to the camera and

you focus on that even though my girl is


hey Jeremy is back all right what do you

got here oh wow that’s the rx100 that’s


that that’s so so yeah you don’t have a

camp anymore

you hold the black oh that’s hilarious

that’s so funny it didn’t work yeah I

mean you could do a wedding with this I

do not

that’s all I’m serious I did that once

yeah just that but I was like everywhere

okay that amazing image I believe you

that’s pretty cool it’s not a steady

look the weight is I don’t know about a

new cv1

yeah but the way they beat the body full

of the Alex one that Siri is the priests

already huh okay yeah that is pretty

sturdy well remember it uh the cb1 has a

hot shoe on the side so it’s not right

at the center too so it might not work

as well in turn because right you see

the hot shoes right here but Lucy

remember it’s a vlogging camera first

photography so that’s also partially why

is cheaper because having the EVF cost

money and having the pop-up flash cost

money so they eliminate those two so

they’re able to cut down the price and

they kept on the prize on the body tube

yeah it’s more plasticy so it’s not as


as like the rx100 five for rx100 five a

toxic body is the body is plastic it

feels plastic that’s what people say so

I don’t know for sure but it’s not as

high quality but you’re paying a lot

less right for the newest camera that

Sony’s releasing from the point shoot

size and is cheaper than the existing

one and especially if you compare it to

like the rx-7 which cost $1,300 when it

came out it’s really nice that this one

only costs $750

with that current promotion right now

it’s pretty deal know what a pool right

yeah am I asking for too much

totally asking for too much man oh you

know what do you think they’ll have a

walnut chassis for this thing maybe it

will be difficult because it has a

flip-out screen even that’s true unless

the Y chassis won’t let you flip out the

screen yeah check out this video

oh it’s the same video with me we’ve

been seeing her so yeah I focus is

really good keeps your face bright and

clear oh look look at the way he’s using

the the camera so there we go

yes vertical and because uh the screen

flips out that way you can actually do

the vertical shooting it’s pretty cool

but like my camera and this this old

Cannon and fifty I believe if I shoot

this way if I go into the computer I

think this the video will be still

horizontal whereas this new ZB one

there’s a gyro sensor inside the camera

so it knows when you flip it vertical

and it tags the footage as such so when

you transfer to a computer or your phone

it knows it’s a network issue and this

is very popular for like tik-tok or

Instagram live videos because that

orientation is important and that’s also

why I recommend this grip that you can

buy with the accessory kit that we

mentioned earlier above right here right

so if you get that special kit for 850

it comes through the grip the season for

gigabyte card and the camera for 850 and

that grip is great because you see how

you you know he holds the grip

it makes it easy to hold the camera that

way and comfortably use it our thing

that woman with different color for this

camera you know full of blockers you bit

more and so did they didn’t yeah well

they keep trying to keep the cost down

it sounds like they’re trying to

mass-produce one model limit the parts

so it’s easy to make cheaper

yeah that’s shoe yeah well one thing I

like about this remote is that it’s

bluetooth so even if it’s not attached

to the camera like you have the camera

touch on a tripod you can use the remote

still to zoom in zoom out start video

stop video take a picture and also

change your c1 setting which you can

customize anything you can either use it

to enable/disable product showcase mode

or you can use it to enable or disable

okay mode so it’s pretty cool and the

remote is definitely worth it if you’re

getting is camera and using for vlogging

definitely get the remote so oh yeah

audio they take it to the next level

right it’s one thing to set up like have

my Sennheiser mic here have good audios

here good lighting everything but it’s

bulky it takes time to setup a good

quality set up but and you can just get

running gun with a small compact camera

that does everything for you that vlogs

perfectly that says a lot in one package

you know that one thing that I would say

almost every person complains about the

Sony camera what’s that

it’s the manual the manual is very

complicated but I’m okay I mean with

them like couple years I I’m actually

cut nailed down the menu I know exactly

where to go so there’s a polling contour

that right the pro is yes and you are

coming to a sony camera and you’ve used

fuji if you never it never used a camera

before you will be confused at the heck

out yourself you’ll be very lost but the

pro side that is if you use a Sony

camera for you’ll be right at home

because it’s the same menu system just a

not really even that’s only user they

still kind of say that I have to go for

a lot of look to get to one point yeah

well so far the reviews I’ve seen

line a lot of Sony users are saying that

it’s easy to adapt to this Sony menu so

that’s their baby only

because it’s the same menu they have to

learn right that’s that’s what I’m

saying that’s the pro and con right so

the disadvantage is that it’s a Sony

menu but it’s a pro if you are using

Sony cameras before you adapt it right

away because it’s the exact same menu as

all the other Sony cameras mm-hmm so

much that’s a that’s a one advantage but

you think about it they have so much

feature features in this camera and

manually tend to be big yeah you can’t

control that

well big Matt speaking of features like

all the features we talked about are

pretty much all the features you want to

really play with with this camera if

you’re using for vlogging right you want

to enable the showcase mode and you want

to enable the bouquet mode that’s pretty

much it you can leave everything on auto

and you should take amazing photos yes

pretty much yeah camera with that much

AI features is there it’s easy just pull

in Auto

all the way kosher auto white balance

also everything yeah Auto face exposure

to it which I really like we talked

about it right you always lock into your

face and it exposes for your face

whether you’re going to somewhere dark

or something very bright it doesn’t care

about the background your face is the

highest priority to expose properly and

it’s perfect in the blogging world have

you ever seen a tan line for this camera

is for creator yeah creator don’t mean

get white exposure for everything

because getting a picture in Y exposure

and everything is craftsmanship yes

creator is basically using tool to

create the content they create its

creation yes not the picture we do

itself so it’s different and this can

right there is to get with all those

technical part how to you yeah and just

let them to create yes exactly

and you can create without having to

cover your hand remember this old style

yeah took me a while why people do that

and they will oh because of camera

feature yeah like hey here’s my product

and said wait wait why are you showing

your palm like what does it mean

are you like face palming me or

something but no it’s basically because

this object is too small to cover her

entire face so she’s using a pond to

cover her face yeah you know what I bet

you even though there are some people

will purchase this to do that they will

still do this probably for a little bit

until they realize I wanted to do

anymore and it looks so much better

right like you see the Genuity of the

person by looking at their eyes even

though they’re out of focus but it’s

cool because you can see the expression

you can hear them talk and see them talk

while they’re showcasing the product

whereas here you have a disconnect right

you don’t see it or you don’t hear

though that’s what they want sometimes

if there are responsible those products

yeah at some moment they want to hold

that product for five-second people Oh

get it miss you the brand and they don’t

want their face video distractions of

the products well the face is not

distracting of its blurred out

but it’s more genuine right like I’d

rather see this and focus on the product

then see this and focus on the product I

feel this is my creature that’s true

yeah start recording instantly so also I

love that the big button on the top is

where you record let me show you the big

button again you see that the big red

button that’s the record button finally

a camera that makes it easy to start

recording because I don’t know what they

still have the wheel on the lens yes

they still do oh no they don’t they

don’t want the same one okay so yeah I

think that’s the same I think my on all

the ash out there yeah that’s the

clincher app stop yeah that’s the

cost-saving thing that it took away

because they know that the consecrated

of vloggers they’re probably gonna eat

easier either using aperture priority or

just auto mode in fact I think that

bouquet mode only works if you’re in

auto mode so I bet most people will keep

that at the wise their wires which is 24

yeah yeah and I’ll see ya make sense and

yeah for sure the other thing is this

this record button makes it so easy

because look I bet you can’t find where

the record button is on this cam

this is my m50 what do you think the

record button is those little tiny wet

dot they’re right here yeah and the

shutter is this big one up here man

cover I need to cover my face

yeah so the shutter buttons here really

small record button here and the same

with my g7 X mark too right here’s a

copy of eights couple your fades

community here’s the share button right

but the record button is right back here

tiny little red dot right there so it’s

obviously an afterthought for these

cameras before right the record button

is always hard to hit right here with

this new zv1 record buttons right front

and center love it and then there’s also

a little light here here’s a better view

of it this little light turns red when

you’re recording

we just indicator important yes like you

were saying okay fine

I got the flip out screen I can see

myself and I can see when I’m recording

right no because even if you’re in

preview mode you can still see yourself

you have to look for a tiny little red

dot on the screen normally and it’s not

easy to see because there’s so much

going on

you forget until there’s your lens

retracts in and you powers off you’re

like what’s going on and you realize you

weren’t recording you were just

reviewing for the last five minutes

right but now you have a nice telling

light this thing will light up red so

you know when you’re recording you don’t

have to worry about making sure your

recorder or not you know someone’s

camera had those lighting in fun but

yeah it’s fully your timer that’s rank

yeah I think a make that bold you know

well that’s what they’re doing here

because before that light was an

afterthought for videographers they

didn’t even wanna get this I do the same

thing like when you we call you turn

right and you know if you want to tell

you in a 10 second time where there’s a

blank oh yeah that’s your question we

should we should find out yeah it

probably would it would make sense yeah

and here’s the wireless control I love

that you can set it on the table as a

tripod – very nice are you getting done

yes I would definitely I would love to

have it I mean yeah it’s only like $100

more and it comes with a 64 gig card

and it’s nice right because normally you

would want a table a tripod anyway but

this one it’s a table of tripod it’s

also remote and it folds nicely and it

also has it that clicking head so you

can change the angle of the camera it

just goes together well and the old old

Sony remote used to have a cable to

connect it like the Ken that’s right the

new – I wonder how easy for it to

connect us back then it has blue tube

and connect to myself oh yeah for we

control but sometimes it takes couple

try to connect yeah I actually know my

friend who used a phone take a boat ride

because you see how it has an N so they

I don’t know if this one has an NFS is

MFC ah yeah near-field communication so

I my phone has NFC – so I just touch it

and it disconnect yes but iPhone can’t

do that I don’t know have NFC yes so I

can’t comment on that with this camera

because I don’t know either but that’s

something to definitely look into and

let’s see let’s see if there’s anything

yeah one more thing I want to show off

is that book came on I know we we talked

about a little bit but nothing shows how

good it is and I think there’s this one

demo on the website that I really love

that really shows this Spokane no we

talked about it we just talked about


yeah do you my demo shoot we talked

about the product showcase knowing we

need to talk about the book came alright

so I’ll let play through once so you can

see now this app ok mode see how the

background is blurred out right now she

goes back to the clear background with

the click of a button and it

accomplished that by two things right

number one it just is the aperture of

the lens to open as wide as you can

and number two it Able’s the ND filter

if needed because like you see right now

it’s really pretty bright outside so it

needs to any filter to cut down the

light if you don’t enable the ND filter

you probably need a really high shutter

speed like 100 1001 over 2000 which is

okay but for video it’s not ideal for

video you probably want to keep the

shutter closed as close as possible to

about 60 frames per second or one over


frame rate is ideal so normally you’re

recording in 30 frames per second you

probably wonder of one over 60th that’s

this it’s smooth and consistent but to

avoid going too much faster than that

that’s why there’s any filter but all

that technical jargon and craziness the

cool thing is you don’t need to know

because this function is built into the

camera it’s one button you want clear


you hit the button well normally it’s

clear background if you want the Bukit


you hit the button one time and you get

the Bukit background so I’ll upload it

back it takes away the focus from the

background I’m more focused on you if

you want to capture more the background

say hey I want to show you this in the

background you want to be more focused

boom you hit the button where’s that

clear background yeah I can’t find it

you’re dead background and now you can

see you background so again this camera

makes it so easy that it’s one push of a


whereas if I was to change it it would

take me three different settings I have

to change the aperture enable to

internal computer

yep and then adjust the shutter speed

accordingly or ISO if I need to right so

there’s like four things I would have

done instead here just one button boom

yeah okay background so that that’s it’s

one thing to have all these abilities

but it’s a whole nother level to make it

so easy that creators can just do it on

a whim without having to know about

cameras right that’s why a lot of

creators use cellphones to take pictures

to take videos because it’s so easy it’s

intuitive you don’t have the tech that

blocks them from creating the content

that they’re good at but this camera

brings all back it’s a high performance

camera that’s simple use and designated

design for videographers bloggers

content creators and whatnot and again

the reason for this video we wanted to

highlight is the price right right now

if you buy it before June 28th you say

$50 on the camera if you also add the

accessory kit you save another $50 so

this accessory kit is $848 right now but

if you wait until after

twenty-eight it’s gonna be $948 so you

save a hundred bucks total on the best

volume camera of 2020 unless something

amazing comes out from another brand I

don’t think there would be a vlogging

camera is better than this one at least

in this year and I know that because

I’ve been waiting for over five years

for a camera like this it’s really well

rounded and it’s quite frankly a

fantastic camera for vlog and it’s so

ironically we can’t go out to shoot

anything we should be able to vlog in

real life soon we’ll see but for now yes

you are right we can’t really go out and

vlog anything it is what it is

so actually we started so we saw up

about ten minutes I forgot so that’s all

so yeah let’s also go over some of the

other specs about this

so listen let me actually switch it to

you and see what are some of your

favorite features of this camera Jeremy

I would like I said I like the dead cat

did that cat for the look it’s actual

functionality of course for the look of

course Jeremy you’re the one

photographer that isn’t that technical

I’m technical equipment because you’re

you’re more of a creator than a gear

collector like me like I buy cameras

because I’m excited about the that type

day will get my hands on anything that’s

not I could get the result that one yeah

or a cute looking dead cat on your

camera hey I don’t feel good to create

when I do my wee touching I actually put

on my rock and roll music and I feel

good again and I do then thing my hand

just move yep let’s take a look at this

video real quick this is talking about

how quick the autofocus transition like

I don’t think this is a really good

selling point because I think modern

cameras can do this but basically right

now I see your focus

him you turn it over there focus on the

building turn it back on him focus on

him it’s pretty fast but I think this

video is a little bit flawed because

what if he turns over and there’s like

another human right in front this

building it’s gonna focus on the other

human and not know it not only that

because he’s basically calling it and

then when you turn back majority of him

is in the frame so it’s actually really

easy for the camera that we focus babble

him really fast yeah so this is not not

a really good product or highlight of

the feature but it works

now there’s one disadvantage to this

IATA focus this face out of focus and it

doesn’t work well in this situation and

that who do you know no that’s when you

have two people that are vlogging

together yes oh you know we do we’re see

two people block you know screaming I

mean we are the we agree to be honest

and we don’t even have locked together

like we won’t we won’t be holding a

camera and we will walk together again

that’s usually when they’re like spouses

or like there’s two people that really

close together and actually even if

their spouses they’ll be close enough

that they’re hugging that it’ll be fine

but it’s only when you’re like vlogging

and your spouse or significant other or

your partner that you want to block with

it’s like maybe a person a little bit of

a distance behind you right then the

cameras gonna try to balance focus

between you and the other person and

that’s where it doesn’t work well well

that’s why I see I mean you think about

it I see their team of company who have

like the team of blockers yeah who video

editing I work together like they always

have the on camera and bloggers both for

them is that and you know for once I

think it’s business kind of decision

that you know you give you buy or sell

you make more money yeah

second is technically you can’t really

talk to person cuz how the camera is

gonna capture like who-who right right

yeah and then if you see some equator

that has like a team up thing when you

go out door they have a third camera

person from an angle shooting them

rather they lock in themself so I don’t

think this kind of blocking thing was

for multiple people is only missing

single person only that’s a very good

point it does

make sense why you would want it I just

happen to watch another YouTube when I

reviewed this camera that talked about

it in that fashion it made sense why

it’s a feature that doesn’t work but

then like you said sure I mean I could

want that feature anyway because if you

have two people vlogging it’s probably

best if they’re each vlogging themself

and have a third person vlogging them

right after they cannot make it works

which camera was at a habit so I mean

it’s it’s only a seven out to have that

and no one has it so you could actually

take a picture off that person and save

in your camera that’s your face


oh yeah and people yeah it’s a priority

this is number one is number two though

they do have that system but will they

in eye on this I don’t know I doubt it

because I seen people testing it out and

there’s more things they complain about

cuz I do that all the time during the

wedding it yeah I basically hey um I was

ask the bride can I take a picture of

you real quick this is safe for my you

know detection of you yeah so always

have my priority number one kings and

then the second so whenever the frame

goes to and then if their face in it

yeah it goes to the prior person and so

it is cool dang it

Canyon we’ll never missed it can you

know gave me that feature you never had

that it’s only has it that’s really cool

feature even cell phones have it right

your cell phones have smile detection so

if they see like yeah but they don’t

know who but they don’t care because

cellphones have an advantage of having a

small sensor so everything’s in focus so

as long as there’s like a couple of

people in focus

they just increase the aperture so more

people are in focus easier but anyway

sony has a nice feature that i don’t

think they’re gonna bring into this

camera because I think people complain

about it but who yeah I doubt that a

majority of vloggers will vlog with you

people anyway now there’s one thing that

people have talked to me or have mention

about this screen is that the screen

although normally it’s decently bright

it’s not bright like a cell phone but it

gets worse when you start recording in


berries probably to preserve battery or

can yeah most likely so and to make sure

it doesn’t overheat as quick so that’s

one just a boy hold on yeah in bright

light yes let’s say you locking on boy I

wonder how the LCD will react us that’s

the point with this that’s why I wore my

we’ll find it because it bright I can’t

see [ __ ] on this yeah

it’s okay it’s not as good as a good

cell phone so even with that we

recording a 1080p or in preview mode

it’s bright but not right like a cell

phone so you’ll you’ll have some problem

seeing the screen and super price is fum

from some of those video they’re doing

yeah they’re not another rice under

waiting California

have you seen a cutting point and sun

shining yeah it’ll get pretty time

bright it won’t get that hot but it gets

bright in California uh-huh so yeah

that’s one disadvantage and he’ll to

make it even worse if you’re out in

bright sunlight what do you normally

have on your eyes or glasses and

sometimes if you’re fancy you have

polarized sunglasses what was something

for between poets and glasses at normal

sunglasses so polarized do you know how

polarizer filters work on the camera

lenses it’s kinda Malay something right

yeah so busy polarization has to keep it

simple it’s a postage polarization

filter right so usually for example

where you have clear reflection there’s

a certain wavelength that bounces to the

camera that’s reflective so by using a

polarizing filter you can turn it a

little bit to counteract that wavelength

so you don’t see that glare ready so

with polarizing glasses basically it has

a polarizing filter that’s in a perfect

orientation that eliminates glare for

when you look at like the water or

bright shiny Auto so that’s why

expensive sunglasses are polarized oh I

know what you can ask so someone let’s

peel her where those polite sunglasses

when you look at this LCD and they

cannot see it yeah this is the one

problem with the zv1 that no other no

other camera

i’ve ever seen has his problem no no

with this one this one’s fine yeah even

with the old sony rx100 is fine only

with the zv1 i think the wood with some

cheap great LCD or something but you

said it maybe the lower the cost they

did so one youtube reviewer has amazing

sunglasses i think he’s using Maui Jim

sunglasses right he looks at it through

his sunglasses that are polarized and he

can’t see the screen the screen is off

like what takes off the sunglasses he to

see the screen and this happened with

all sunglasses I think he says with

oakley sunglasses it doesn’t have the

problem even though they’re polarized

oakley but inherently there’s a problem

with the screen because the screen

doesn’t have no other screen has this

problem now there’s a way around it and

people say that if you buy a screen

protector to put on the screen it solves

a problem but it has to be a special

screen protector not all screen

protectors are the same I think some of

them have a polarizing filter some of

them don’t

so now you have a polarizing filter on

the screen that counteract a polarizing

filter on your sunglasses so therefore

and you can still see the screen it’s

crazy it’s crazy but that’s one

disadvantage of this screen is that it’s

weird if you have a polarized or just

don’t yeah don’t worry sunglasses but

again if you’re outside vlogging a lot

of vloggers wear sunglasses so it’s kind

of I don’t when you said that they look

at the screen anywhere sunglasses they

can’t tell you look in the lens on the

LCD right yeah so they can either

downgrade to non polarized sunglasses or

try their luck with a screen protector

on the camera but still I feel like

that’s something that Sony goof it up on

because no other Sony camera has this

problem why now why when you introducing

a camera where the screen is so

important for vlogging that you have

this problem I know to keep the price

low they have to find alternative more

or fallible parts to put this thing

together so so it is it is what it is so

those are like the two cons well mainly

that’s the one column that I’ve seen

with this camera is that the screen

isn’t that bright when you’re out

shooting 4k and if you have polarized

sunglasses you might be out of love

looking at the screen through your

polarized sunglasses most likely yeah

okay it’s always a good camera yeah

talking overall it’s amazing it’s really

the dream camera for vlogging except for

that small issue that I mentioned Oh

battery life isn’t that great either

because it uses the same rx100 batteries

although it optimized to be more

efficient with those batteries I think

some tests show that you can record a 4k


minutes on one battery so it’s pretty


although the batteries are small they’re

small so you can fit them in the pocket

they’re lightweight and you hold it this

amount of charge 50 minutes but there’s

what they don’t do like a continuous

continuously shooting they just do like

maybe ten five minute max and yeah

that’s pretty much it so that it’s not a

problem for them okay

and also the other thing that I want to

gripe about is that it has um it has a

meanie the micro USB port still in 2020

I really wish everyone could just go to

USB see it’s so much easier let me see

what I got a year of god yeah micro USB

it is my good guess because those old


I mean it’s okay four cameras are five

years ago to be micro USB it’s not okay

in my opinion to have a camera in 2020

be micro USB so I mean what are they

trying to do save a few bucks on reusing

some of these parts because they bought

like cut julienne of them to use in all

their cameras for the next 10 years I

don’t know man well maybe they were

using a cable right cuz nothing clearly

used micro USB cable it will cost them

more to include a USBC cable Oh

maybe USB C is a standard that they had

to pay more to use whereas Meccan USB is

a lower-cost standard I don’t know yeah

who knows but that’s one thing I don’t

like about it it doesn’t it also does it


microphone headphone microphone input

jack but it doesn’t have a headphone

monitoring jack which i think would be

nice to have but definitely not

something a lot of creators care for no

they they would not like care have fun

while they block yeah no we didn’t mean

it again you’re aiming for the people

that are out there on the go they’re out

there with Korra’s Matic energy you

don’t want to capture the moment you

want to tell your story

they have exciting life they want to

catch that playing catch the bus jump

out of the plane ride the bus oh no they

have their thing they don’t have time to

Auto monitor hello check check how’s the


no man they just open the screen and the

camera is already on hit the record

button how are you doing work on the

vlog today we’re gonna fly and chop off

this aircraft in 30 seconds let’s go

boom right they’re gonna be all into it

close camera yes and we’ll slow the

camera because the camera is cheap and

they make like a thousand dollars per

video or maybe ten dollars per video

so anyway anyway vloggers probably won’t

need the audio headphone monitoring Jack

like we discussed so it’s got the nice

zoom lens built-in really nice 24 to 70

lens F 1.8 to have 2.8 optimized for the

camera so it’s compact and it’s actually

really good lens it’s a Zeiss lens for

that brand yeah nice yeah they make high

quality glass and they’ve always been

making lens for Sonia pointing shoots

and I love them really good quality

glass sharp good color good contrast I

got two of those Iceland’s for my a 7

ounce nice really nice

yep dead cat with the remotes here oh

you should note that the tripod mount is

not centered oh yeah I mean doesn’t

matter I guess it matters if you want to

try to open the battery door when the

camera is on the tripod hotplate oh so

if they if you put that onto the stand

yeah you probably can’t change better

until you remove that huh yeah even with

yeah even with this little stand right

because oh yeah yeah because the battery

is on this side right uh-huh yeah so

yeah if you put it on there it’s gonna

block the battery like if it was in the

center you might be able to get lucky

and squeeze the battery out if you have

like a really small tripod plate or they

can you look at the position of the trap

others the lens blocking it you can put

in the center’s yeah so anyway that’s

one yeah but who cares right

also they remove them all with dial that

a lot of people complain about so like

there’s a more button the motel is nice

because you can either change your like

auto aperture priority shutter priority

manual really quick but here they expect

you to just be on automatic recording

modes it can click okay didn’t have a

function buttons in the back issues yes

still held right function there you go

yeah I use that all the time a

customized f function problems so all

the stuff I use on there yep that still

has that yeah I mean we’re nit picky

right now we’re nitpicking on video

details right but it is a very fine

vlogging camera anybody that does

consecration I highly recommend it I

think they’re gonna enjoy a lot unless

they’re really like tech gadget nerds I

have like em 50 or like a Sony a7 mark 3

or some nicer high quality gear but when

you’re out and about and you’re vlogging

this is amazing camera

and if you’re starting a YouTube channel

or you’re starting live-streaming you’re

starting any kind of content creation

this is a really good camera to get it

might not be the best at photos but I

still does photos it still does a little

bit of everything

frankly this is a camera that a lot of

youtubers have been waiting for for the

last five years so trust me as a person

has been youtubing for over three years


I really love this camera I highly

recommend it and if you buy an Amazon if

you don’t like it there’s always the

great return policy you want to order

this soon because it’s releasing very

soon 311 2020 so order it now so you’re

like one of the first one applause and

get it

in fact they’ve even a couple more days

you might not be one of the first one to

get it and there’s a vlogging world you

can get a lot of a lot of attention by

just doing a review on this camera

because it’s very popular on youtube if

you want your video to go viral there’s

a potential of it going viral if you

talk about this camera and talk about

how great your YouTube career so really

cool camera I think this camera will

possibly be the best vlogging camera of


know I’m a Canon fan and I like the r5

that’s gonna be like a $3,500 camera and

it doesn’t it doesn’t do this justice

and this camera can fit the pocket

whereas our v cannot so for vlogging I

think this is a camera to get yeah I’m

getting this for we placed my webcam as

well we’ve what when I can’t go out I

could be course stubb with that yeah and

when we start shooting and do a live

stream in person on set outside it’s

gonna be awesome

I’m gonna record with this and you’re

gonna record with this will have to work

or each other or behind the see what fun

but definitely we want to get this in

our Arsenal and have it with us

yeah so with that I think we are good to

wrap it up Jeremy don’t mean final words

before we say goodnight I do have one

last question though yes I don’t I don’t

have to buy the dad cat separate the way

it comes whip right yes Jeremy the thing

you love you like love one desire need

so much is

included with the cd14 only $79.99 if

you buy right now before July before

June 28th yeah let’s do that

yeah and if you want to save $100 by the

kit because you save $50 on the camera

and another $50 on it I don’t think that

one kid fine you feel like I tried out


when it gets good because it extends

your camera a little bit farther so then

just a little bit yeah that’s that’s a

little bit between 24 minutes too low

too many on my bet my desk full of

webcam I didn’t mind somewhere else and

yeah I need some kind of different

stance for it but it’s also lightweight

it’s actually lighter than the Sony

rx100 5 I know so yeah I could –

somewhere else easy yeah Oh think about

that yeah so that is it alright we are

wrapping up so thank you everyone for

tuning in tonight we hope we shared a

lot about this amazing ZB wine camera if

you have any questions ask below and

until next time make sure you like this

video follow us on YouTube at

youtube.com slash P so Stoppers and let

us know if you have any content requests

because we talk photography and we love

to share content that you like because

our goal is to make content for you you

like yes all right

well until next time we are signing out

so have a good night adios and I sign

out on YouTube and let’s sign out