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in three two one

hello we’re live hello everyone welcome

to pixel stabbers it’s been a while

and we’re late to the game but guess

what we got we got

the zv1 tv one sony zv1 where’s your


i thought you got one too yeah i dropped

it into four right there

there we go damn so we both got the same


at the same time we didn’t need to wait

for the other person to say it’s a good


because we know this is a good camera

it’s a great camera for vlogging i don’t

know what you’re getting this for you

know what i’m getting this for

what to replace this one so whenever

you’re gonna do

this ah in focus yes with the product

throttle mode right after the product

showcase mode that’s one of the things

that matters most like

when like i want to show this right you

see how the camera still focus on my


well with the dv one it’s going to focus

on this with the old camera you have to

cover my face to get it

do my face focus right exactly so that’s

what the zv1 is going to take care of

and we’re going to play around with

these features but today we’re just

going to unbox it because

we want to get our hands into this and

see how it is

unlocked too yes so we got we got oh

yeah we got two pieces right

so we got the vlogging kit which is

probably the best accessory you can get

oh look at this it’s our phone just

focus you need the product mode

i knew yes yes so this vlogging kit

is like the best accessory you can get

for this camera

not only does it come with 64 gigs of

ram but this is a vlogging kit that’s a


vlogging kit that helps you hold the

camera also as

a tripod mini table tripod it has

buttons right here you can zoom in zoom

out take a photo start video

you can even use c1 which is a sign

button so you can use that to turn on a

product showcase mode or turn on off

bokeh mode

whatever you want just a custom button

and if you don’t want to attach

this vlogging stick to camera you can

use it as a wireless remote too so

it’s pretty good highly recommend this

this is awesome so we’re gonna unbox

this baby

it just a little bit but first the

camera shall we

always the always the main character

first you know look at that

wait is that the right main character do

you have a better term for that

no it’s is the the the star of the show

there we go look at that look at it look

at this this is

this camera and it’s actually the


yeah i mean this box is small right this

box is tight

of course yeah i know i mean if the boss

is this small the camera is gonna be

tiny all right here we go

here we go i have not opened this yet

jeremy bought this camera he received it

and he

me like i brought

which makes me very fearful because now

i’m wondering if there’s a camera

here or a rock i didn’t open it

uh-huh right so it’s not your fault


i never touched it we got some paperwork


oh my gosh the camera is tiny is it


yes and we got oh boo

it’s micro usb what’s a modern camera

that’s not usbc

uh you know this camera is actually

cheaper than the other rx100 series

right so

we’ll give it that they’re not gonna

upgrade that just because

all right i want to keep the price low

that’s true

and here it is this is it oh and there’s

no doesn’t matter

do you i bet you get like billions of

those uh

whatever usb stuff you have at home

so it doesn’t really matter to you no it

matters to me

it matters to me not because i want the

cable i want the connection to be usb-c

because focus focus it is i want the

connection of the camera

this beautiful camera to be usb-c

because they focus off

oh man i’m just going to turn on manual

focus audio focus

focus it and then i’m going to turn off

the autofocus there you go now it’s

never going to change

never going to change all right so how

are you going to adapt

don’t worry it won’t change no adaption

what all right so here it is

i’ve never seen this camera in my hands

in person before

until now now whoa

first impression it’s tiny the grip

is nice the grip this grip is nice for

such a small camera

the script is good holding this way and

holding this way i’m surprised

this is nice this camera is so small


look at this i told you it’s small this

thing is

tiny this is really small

wow it’s really good for vlogging

because when you vlog

the last thing you want is attention if

you want to just focus on yourself and


remember when um the wireless headset

first came out

yes well actually no the apple

airpods airport airpods i always see

that why people keep talking to

themselves while they’re walking

i found that with bluetooth headsets

back in the days it’s just classic

bluetooth headset but now everyone’s

been doing it and it’s

very normal right so the one thing i

just realized

is that this doesn’t come with a charger

it comes with a

charger battery that’s pretty lame

uh well personally i have a lot of those

chargers so i’m good

yes but it doesn’t come with a charger

you can slap the battery and stick to

the wall

you know what i’m saying i have 3d

version of the rx100 oh so you only have

this kind of battery

all right so this is the np bx1 battery

it’s got pretty pretty decent battery


decent no it’s okay um for the rx100 it

lasts for

a long time i could get like 800 shots


photos uh i don’t know how it works

so yeah so here it is batteries


pretty nice you just push it in and they

kind of have some charges

oops the memory card goes the same slot

by the way

yes i’m just trying to figure out why i

can’t close this thing

oh this little thing kind of latches

itself but it’s very it’s very subtle

let’s see if i can get this to focus

oh i turned off autofocus yeah you did

yes you did

so this little thing here latches it

but very subtly push it comes right off

so it doesn’t really stick that well

that little you should put it in right

oh shoot

this arrow and how long have you been a

photographer again

this is the first time i use this camera

right okay so guys

if you put the battery in and it doesn’t

stick like this

then that means you put it the wrong way


there we go it clicks in you push this

and then this this little latch here

once you close it this latch here

locks it in so you can do it in one

motion too actually like this

boom all right i want this to be


all right so we’re focused are we

focused this came out this camera is

not focusing today so what’s that jeremy

focus so battery’s on right batteries


if you flip the screen it should turn on

right if it’s

that mode no oh that has to be enabled

that has been able let’s turn it on let

me let me put the screen back so we can

turn it on

is it on

and let’s go to san francisco bay area


and not worry about any of this right


menu cancel cancel just just just can i

just use the camera

are you serious just set up the date

that long daytime formats what’s today’s


uh it’s august 20th


what time is it is it 20 o’clock oh we

missed it

it’s only one okay but it’s pm so it’s


oh imagine we’re doing 20 20 o’clock

that’d be perfect

dude what just happened okay

let’s save it i did i did okay so what

what time is it it’s like 10.


western time or pacific time or i don’t

know i’m not going to do it i can’t

change the pm

i just have to cycle this you got to go

you’re going to psycho flu dude that’s

lame okay uh

enter to accept enter

oh there’s not a touch screen well yet

all right oh you can enable touchscreen

whoa this thing is this this thing

extends out quite

for the size of the camera this is a

long extension i think the camera is

just happy to see you that’s all

uh yeah of course

wow look at this it’s lots of functions

and lots of this stuff in the screen

that’s almost better right there

yeah very low battery because we’ve been

we’ve been we bought this camera for

weeks now but we’ve been so busy we

haven’t had time to open it up and try


no but let’s go over some of the quick


real quick on youtube i do a selfie why


there you are i see you

but i have no memory card

you realize the button you push that’s

for recording video not for photos right

i didn’t know that i’m such a newbie at

this camera

where is the photo taking bishop button

the ala one

circle back in the back oh on top

oh shoot this one yes ah

okay well let me charge this battery

while we unbox

the vlogging kit yeah so can you put the

dad kit on up on top of it

yeah so that cat you got to remove this

little thing here first

can we focus the hot shoe cover

yeah high shoe cover so we’re going to

take this out

so what what the dead cat is it uses

this cup

this uh port here to put a windscreen

right on top of the camera which is a

clever design

because that allows you to throw on and

take a couple things i want to do with

this camera

one i am planning to shoot a little

short video

for my son using this oh yeah so you

will see this in pixelstepper.com

because i have been a long lover of the

rx100 series

the reason of that because this camera

can actually manual sync

flash oh over one over 250 like

the last time i did is one over four


shutters with a rx 100 mark four

shooting off camera flash oh nice so i’m

gonna give a test on this one and see

how far can i push with this one

sweet because if it’s if it still work

they keep that features in there

meaning that this camera is more than

just a weird ball camera i could do this


you can use it as other function other

than just vlogging no

it is so much fun that you know last

time i did that is when people have all

those expensive triggers and flash

right well i’m using one with sugar

flash and it’s manual triggered with a

alex 100

and i got better with soul yes because

you got the manual flash syncing

all right let me charge this how does

where’s the usb

cable plug in on the side

there’s hdmi there’s hdmi there’s multi

i think it’s multi-function multi

multi-function yeah

yeah yeah they should just call it usb

seriously no but that multi-function

besides charging it’s also linked to


pc2 yeah but can you just call it usb


it’s still usb all right okay so the

camera is charging here’s a vlogging kit

so let’s open up hey you gotta calm your

dad cat it’s all messed up

it’s like my hair it’s supposed to be

messed up

it’s intended it’s intentionally messed


dude i need like a style i need a easier

way to open this box

be right back yeah i have a sticker in

the top

play witch

come on where are you i’m here all right


terrible sticker i can i could have just

peeled off the sticker

you see yeah you can

there we go and voila yeah

so this is the ball b walker kits

vlogger kit vlogging kits

it comes with uh the blocking stick or

drywall buffet and also i think comes

with a 64 gig

sd card that is right

which is more enough than that dude it’s

a box inside a box

seriously oh that’s because there’s a

kid oh

gotcha because this is a normal

vlogging stick but it’s a kit so it’s

got it’s like a deal

it is a deal nice it might discontinue

later who knows

grab it now yes

very sweet i could do you never never

say that’s not enough

remember you caught right um you can get



it’s a fast card yeah it’s a good amount

it’s a good amount so let’s open up the

vlogging stick

the funny thing about this vlogging

stick is the model number look at this

it is g p v p t


it’s an internal thing it’s not meant

for you to read it

okay yeah true dude look at them


yep wow you gotta understand sony is an

international company

true but that’s a lot of product yeah

all right what else do we have here oh

we got a nice little bag

and a little battery probably probably

powers this little stick

oh a nice little pouch i got so many of

these pouches for like a lot of stuff i


ever use them i don’t know what to do

with them and then they get all linty


yeah i’m not sure about it if you don’t

use this and carry around with you you

might want a pouch so you know you say

so that’s

all right i would good quality oh

it’s plastic but because of the um

finish it feels very nice it’s good yes

it feels good the finish is

uh if just premium finish

it is plastic i had to i had to double

check and the way it opens up is

sweet too

yes and then when you fold it up it’s

very comfortable grip when it folds up

and you can orient this however you want

okay those ultimate tests i want to see

if you screw that onto

the camera does it block the battery

doors oh yes so here

is the battery door right here

it does block oh yeah

yes you can’t avoid it there’s no way to

avoid it

because i saw a couple of review about

this is that people say um

if they put this on a stick on a gimbal


it’s troublesome for them to change

batteries yes

that is true that is unfortunate why is

this not focusing today

there we go yes but um

it installs easily with the this

what is this called this um thumb

uh thumb locking mechanism

that put it backwards i did put it

backwards he

did yes so it’s design

there we go so there’s room for it right

here to kind of

fit the crevice on the screen in this

one i guess there’s really no right way

to put it though

is there you can do it however you want

it yeah but what

i thought people say was really cool

about this one

is the fact that there’s one button here

that you can use to

not only oriented the camera this way

but by holding this button you’re

supposed to be able to

turn it oh no no the turn is a different

button right

the turn is this button right here so

you can turn the camera by holding

yeah there’s this button right here this

the lighting is not very good for you

button but there’s a button here that

allows you to turn the camera

so you can go from like vlogging to the

other mode very quickly selfie block or

not selfie right so it’s a really

versatile bluetooth stick right because

like now this this is great for

looking at no actually i would probably

want to use it the other way

so if i use it this way so now the

controls are towards me

and then i can move this up here it’s


just like that and then

we got to get the battery in there of


so how often do you think you would use

the stick

i think i’ll use it very often uh

especially because

if i put this camera behind my


i will use the zooming feature or use it


start recording if i’m recording a video

oh you mean use it as a remote yeah

okay if i go outside that would make

sense yeah it might sound i’ll probably

do that too

yeah if i go outside definitely i’ll use


because if you’re vlogging why why

wouldn’t you use this

inconvenience i never vlog before should

i do one

you should try it with your baby you can

talk about your your baby as

he grows up yeah and it posts a pixel

snapper really

you can have people to watch that well

it’s a demonstration of how to use your


um so we do need to put the battery

in for this vlogging stick

so let’s see if i can get a better angle


everyone can see us installing

the battery there it is so here’s the

back side of it

so to accept this

wait one is this two

is this so there’s two we need two hands

who says i need two hand oh man i do

need two hands

because i open it i try to you need two

hands one put the left and one two down

look i don’t need two hands jeremy look

got it

whatever whatever all right so there’s

there’s wow that’s kind of fancy

mechanism to store the battery so kind

of holding it

i know it’s like do you really need full


wow yeah i know wow this is beefy beefy

place to put

for your battery all right so let me put

this down

as i take the battery out of this bag


let the cat out of the bag and then the

plus side goes on top i

imagine and

plus on top because i think i see a

little plus sign right

there so just puts on top yeah so he’s

gonna put this

right there and

just push it down i guess i never like

those kind of berries i don’t know why

because but this is a wee mo it doesn’t

really drink a lot of batteries

yeah this is such a big compartment for

this tiny little battery

they could have put like a maybe a


size of a compartment oh gosh

how do you even close this so you got to

use that would have used

like a triple a belt yeah this is this

is better for

aaa because like what if you’re

traveling and you want to use this

volume stick

you your your cr20 2032 runs out

i’d rather have aaa i really i really

ratched your voice

this stick is big enough to have triple

a right here why

why didn’t they do that

but yeah now we got the power on that

so the the front of the vlogging sticks

you got the photo button

you got the zoom button you got the oh

whoa you can turn it on

why can’t oh it’s blue too so you have

to sync it uh huh

yeah yeah is your camera on no

is it easy to sink uh

don’t know you know bluetooth more than

i do

here let me let me put this let me put

my little tri camera on this little


so the little thing yeah my little table


so you guys can see the camera

all right so there’s the little camera

put into this orientation right here

and maybe zoom out a little bit so you

can see so

we can flip out the screen so there’s no

easy way to grab the screen or maybe

here you gotta grab it from here flip it


there we go and then now we can turn it


how do you turn it on

where’s the camera yeah

oh it turned on by itself because oh i

see on oh on off is here

it’s hard it’s hard to see because of

the the freaking dead cat that you told

me to install

right well take it off all right i’ll

take it off if you want

dude all right

i know you like the dead cat but it

covers up the power button

so the power button right now is orange

because again that means

it’s being charged right now but we can

turn it on so let’s turn it on

and see how we oh look at that that’s


oh i could put it in the memory card too

oh but it’s not it’s not unboxed yet

it’s tracking you already yeah oh nice

so you guys can’t see that very well

because it’s not focused there you go

wow oh i want to try the part of

showcase mode well there’s a lot of

things we’re going to do on this but

jeremy we just want to just unbox this


yes that’s pretty much it right just

unboxing this

and there’s eye detection we’ll play

around with this for another video

but you want to say anything before we

kind of wrap it up this

this is a really quick unboxing well not

really quick anymore

so we’re going to have a lot of fun with

this camera yeah

we’ll do more video about this and um

you should able to pick that up

from pixelstepper.com or our youtube

channel or

our amazon live channel so do follow us


yep link down below and that would be a



here’s the unboxing yep

you see any funny on this thumbnail do

you see anything interesting in this


lots of things jeremy i see an rx1

a classic rx1 on your thumbnail yeah

it’s all bit up

that’s classy it looks good you know why

i beat up

why because i dropped it so many times

wow that’s and that works that’s how you

know it’s a tool of the trade

that’s what i love that’s what i love so


to be honest when i was with sony

i used the alex siri

majority of time over the so-called

alpha series

believe it or not

i believe that makes sense because it’s

a better camera it works better

yes yeah i mean sony themselves they

won’t admit it

but the rx line has better view camera i


tell you that well i know for for for

now this camera is one of the best ones

you can get for vlogging it’s got all

the features that vlogger wants right

the flip out screen the good microphone

the built-in dead cat

the 2.8 aperture well what what is it


yeah 1.8 to 2.8 aperture 24 to 7

x line uh engineer and designer has

okay i can see this now i can say that

before they have better hearts on

building cameras

while the alpha line because of the

current industry

all they want to build is full frame

camera so they can be comparable you

know compete with other companies

but it doesn’t mean they’re better the

rx line is actually better

yes rx line is been really popular a lot

of people love them

and they got a lot of functionality

packing through such a small little


if you can’t go pick up yourself at rx1

out mark two you would not regret that

camera trust me this is one of the most

i won’t tell you right now if you want

we could do one later it’s

i think one of the world’s first and

unique camera mirrorless cameras out


that no other company makes it i forgot

i think same thing

same thing on zb12 it’s a lip shutter

oh yeah the lens is actually built in in

the camera

it’s perfect for the sensors and the

shutter is on the lens

it’s not on the sensor

ah so it’s one of those classic

unique rangefinder all-way camera

but they bring that technology onto a

mirrorless camera

and then also i think this zv one is one

of those

unique cameras they made that none other

company actually made it to either so

pretty cool it is cool but i’m

i mean i’m fuji right now but i’m still

enjoying the rx line

yeah and this this zv1 is pretty much an

rx line

but focus on video because it’s the rx

body and the rx lens

so cool i would definitely test that um

and then i always test on

the flash sync because no i bet you no

one’s going to talk about flashing on

this camera because everybody would buy

this for windows only

yes i’m going to try to uncover

what kind of hidden gems it has on this


yeah so this camera we will talk and use

a lot and we’ll make lots of videos and

content with this camera so we’ll see

how that goes

all right guys so stay healthy stay safe

pick yourself a zv1 amazon link down


or on pixelstables.com check it out take


see you guys adios bye

signing out

oh shoot it’s probably gonna start and

stop again because i clicked it twice