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Top 5 Mirrorless Camera in 2020 under $1000

Top 5 camera under $1000 in 2020

Judge by the look and the usage of the camera:

Fujifilm X-T200 Mirrorless Digital Camera – Best price and best feature for beginner https://amzn.to/2ECqGVA

Fujifilm X-T3 – Best deal for a pro-grade Mirrorless camera https://amzn.to/3losxhv

Olympus PEN-F – stylish looking camera, and could be a classic https://amzn.to/34BfGTr

Sony Alpha a6400 – Well rounded camera, good for both Vlogging and photography. https://amzn.to/3b3FfgZ

Canon EOS M6 Mark II – David talks about this. Jeremy knows nothing about canon haha! https://amzn.to/31zIMRh

Video Transcription


counting this down three

two one and we are live

hello everyone and welcome to pixar


today we got a list of the top five

mirrorless cameras

that you can get for under a thousand

dollars in 2020

and a lot of this list comes from jeremy

because he’s

got a lot of experience using cameras

and picking out cameras so

i’m excited to share this list in

collaboration with jeremy

so without further ado let’s go into

this list we’ll start out with number


which is not quite as good as number one

but we’ll work our way up to the top one

no i think depends on like who use it

they’re all equally good it’s just our


opinion on how we like we gotta put it

in you know

i mean it’s a list i think it’s a lot

long anyway so i mean it’s a list right

so you have to have

like ordered lists but i would say

they’re all great cameras

that is true totally totally in fact the

the first one we’re talking about

is my my uh well this one is very


right so this one is the sony

a6400 a6400 right we can we can’t

have a top mirrorless camera list under

that’s not without mentioning this

camera because this one is just

well known well recommended you got a

compact aps sensor

of course interchangeable lens you got

eye autofocus 4k video

flip up touch screen perfect for

vlogging perfect for taking photos

and just right around the 900 mark it’s

a great

camera so i love it what do you have to

say about it jeremy

so the reason i picked this one is you

know um for the alpha 6000 ish series

the newest one is actually i think it’s

eight they have one that’s better which

is a


a 6300

now in my point is that a 6500 is a

little bit overkill

you don’t need that anywhere and also i

think it’s more expensive

and the a6300 has a lot of fuel features

and for the reason i picked a 6400

because it’s a very damn good camera for


because it is a really good sensor from

sony it’s even a crop sensor but it’s

actually very good

and on top of that all the features and

setup like the lcd can be 180 flip

so it can be a very good vlogging camera

as well as to shooting video

yeah i personally have a 6300 series as


webcam right now so i know it’s good

yeah picture quality

looks amazing

and there’s some beautiful pictures of

the camera and oh lightweight flashlight

it comes with

so basically this is one camera

basically purchase it you can do

everything with it

from taking a photograph um doing at

daytime and night time you could play


uh doing videos and doing vlogging it’s

all there and

even use a webcam exactly it’s jack of

all trades

and and good good jack of all trades too


yep perfect yeah so that’s why it’s on

the list cool

all right moving down to the next item i

list this is my pick

because i’m a canon shooter this one is

the eos

m6 mark ii which came out pretty


uh to replace the eos m6 and obviously

it just came out recently i didn’t even

know that

not that recent but uh like six six or

seven months now

um and it’s it’s really good for

vlogging because you got the flip

out screen well flip up screen this one

actually flips

up not around but what i like about this

as a photographer camera

of course it does blogging too but you

see the screen will flip up

and you can use it to vlog

but as a photography camera it’s great

because it has the aps-c

sensor so it’s compact and it uses the


m lenses so efm lenses are really small

lenses that are affordable and

they’re small so they’re easy to travel

with like this lens here this is a 15 to


look how small it is it’s very compact


it’s it’s a small lens and of course

you got the the image quality of canon


cameras so it’s a well-rounded package

not only is the camera affordable at 850

the lenses are very affordable a couple

hundred dollars is typical prices for

most of the lenses

let’s see that i don’t know i have no

knowledge of canon whatsoever

never never touch it yeah but i mean i

like the body

that’s just me it’s simple and it does

what you need and of course we’re


aps c sensor so it’s small and of course

it’s mirrorless as well

so now you have something really small

and compact it’s great for travel

and you know it has all the manual

settings so great for taking pictures

as well as vlogging because you get the

flip out screen i can see

that um there’s not much dial on top of

the camera

yeah keeps it simple so you just have


mainly the obviously the different modes

and different scenes and everything else

you would have to touch the screen and


use these combine the buttons with

the touchscreen yeah but again you

you give up all the dials for something

that’s streamlined and simple

and clean and it’s easy to look at and

easy to use

so that’s the eos m6

cool yep and you can look at some of


pictures here and then we’ll jump on to

the next one

this one is the fujifilm

xt3 look at the price

the price is really good on this one

that’s why this is the reason why it’s

on the list because

uh the newest model is the xd4 and as

you all know

when you have a new model comes out the

auto model will drop the price

um we’re talking about like if you say


that’s big 500 huge that’s one third the


i know this is like a pro level type of


yep uh when i say pro it’s extra tours

to camera body and body build and

quality of it because

is is that aluminum body wait hold on

i’m sorry

i keep thinking what material it is but

it’s really sturdy i know that

because they have too many different

materials yeah they do they do have a

lot here you’re gonna get performance

here not performance uh it should be

it’s just durability durability yeah

yeah it

is it doesn’t stay here this is silver

in color let me click on that anyway i

have i had one

yeah because i know how good it is it’s


it’s dirty um and then

basically i shop almost with just

everything from wedding to porches to


it’s small enough that i could bring it

everywhere and then is

good enough to do everything so with

that price i wish when i

bought it is this price yeah i bought it

like 1400 bucks

so this is a really good deal and this

is how you get into

wedding photography too you can choose

oh actually there’s a lot of waiting for

top for do this

using fuji now because um the one

special thing about

it is that it’s lightweight when you are

actually shooting waiting all day having

two camera duo

and this will actually help your back a

lot secondly is that you

um for doing event you don’t have to

shoot raw

you can shoot jpeg with this and with

the jpeg you can actually apply the film

simulations on it

and literally i’ve seen people who

basically at the end of the wedding or

event they just pass down to the sd card

to the client and they call it done

there is no postwar afterward because

every single picture is stylized already

here’s the body so i think this is this

is like a

magnesium alloy or something something

like that yeah

it’s really well built and it we call it

professional because what makes a

professional camera professional is like

it’s able to handle the ruggedness that

you you do yeah when you drop it you

pick it because still shooting

yeah that’s what i’m talking about and i

love the aps-c sensor

because that allows all of these fuji

cameras to have

smaller lenses but still perform really

well so they

they perform fast and auto focus and

also they don’t have

these huge levels they’re super fast

with focus

so for events and capturing is super

yeah so and then the price

just right under 1000. that’s when a

thousand bucks so that’s why it’s on

three because

normally you can’t really get this four

thousand look at the original price

yes and it’s a it’s an xc3 it’s it’s one

of the high-end

fujifilm it used to be the fresh ship

camera for fuji

yeah so only replaced by the xc4 which


which if you’re just taking pictures you

don’t even lose

out a lot i mean actually technically

xt4 and xtv does the same thing on top

that xt4 has a flip screen

and also do and have more advanced video

features yeah but if

just talk about taking picture

photography xt3 does the same thing as

xd4 does so

when it’s only 9.99 another thousand

bucks so right it’s a good deal

yep and then the xc4 isn’t 1500 it’s a

little bit more than that so keep that

in mind too

and also sc4 does add image

stabilization in body

but you’re not going to miss that too

much if you’re focusing on just yeah

there’s a lot of dp out there saying

that do you really need ibis

yes if you know how to hold a camera you

don’t need ibis

there’s a lot of people saying that yeah

all right moving on to the next item on

the list now where this is number

four or countdown this is number two on

the list so we’re getting there

uh this one is a beautiful beautiful

camera this is the olympus

olympus pen f right yes i

didn’t know about this camera before

jeremy showed it to me

this is the drama for me this is a

definitely drama this is a

very beautiful and sluggish camera and

olympics pen has been a long history in


and they this camera is just well built

well designed well put together um

just look at it it’s beautiful oh yeah i

mean this is probably the most beautiful


in our list of top fives here oh yeah

this camera almost dragged me into um

being using olympics

i mean these there’s a lot of dials here

a little bit intimidating

to be honest but it’s but that’s the

cool thing i mean before i actually

start using fuji’s and stuff i was in

sony and if you look like you said

earlier with canon right

you streamline everything and everything

is inside the manual yeah

but that’s actually not a good thing you

think about it because

when you’re shooting you want to able to

adjust everything like right there

rather than take down your camera and

then look in the menu and adjust

yes yes yeah especially if you look into

the viewfinder right you just want to


the dials and adjust it

so with all that it’s cool now one thing

that this camera has and none other has

if you look at the front of the camera

it has that dial in the front that’s a

color profile dial which you can turn

into color mono art

and crt i don’t i don’t remember what

clt is but it’s a different

color profile so you could actually turn

as you’re shooting you don’t have to you

know most of those features

you have to go into manual or even a

quick mate even faster you might have a

quick menu for you to go in but you

still have to go into the manual and

change that

this camera allows you to change it on

the fly how cool is that

that is really cool it’s very unique

different and has some extra cool

features to play with

yeah it’s not about the ergonomics on

top that one thing it has had

the native sensor is 20 megapixel i


right but then it has a feature you

could actually

they could actually shoot a frame and

combine them into a 50 megapixel

images if they wanted to yep so that’s

something that

as a crop sensor they go using that

against the full frames

yeah i think one draw one drawback on

that you actually have to put the camera

on a tripod

by not handheld because you handheld

doesn’t matter how steady you are you

might actually

and when they combine those images

together uh it might not have the


quality yeah because while you’re

combining several images together to get

a super high resolution image

but yeah this camera is just it’s built

like a masterpiece a piece of art

it’s well crafted well designed

something that is very pleasurable to


and if you’re into the appearance of

just taking pictures

you will enjoy the intricacy of i always

miss those dial that has those um

the texture of the metal texture yeah

i’ve been missing that for the longest

time because they have not

built camera like that ever again for

the longest time

i think there’s a reason why people love

those leica and really expensive german

camera because they keep it that way


in the beginning i don’t understand why

people have to pay so much for a camera


same thing is i watch this watch white

people have to pay so much for rolex


yeah this is the handmade and then it’s

well designed

that’s just like this yeah so one of the

things that

was interesting to me that you mentioned

earlier not in this video yet but

is olympics going out of business yeah

they are

so why would you want to buy a camera if

they’re going out of business

well look at it this way when

photography turn from film to digital

you will think that film are actually

going out of business right

but actually right now has become an art


so in this type of industries when

something goes out it become more

artistic more less less is more

treasurable i think so if they went out

meaning that

if you get this camera now which is a

thousand bucks right

eventually because if you study the


this camera which is olympic pen you

know it’s long history it’s a legendary


okay i’m not gonna talk about it too

much this is a whole different video

yeah so you purchase now this camera

will add your value

yeah and it’s going to be a kind of

really tempted to get one yeah

just because it’s beautiful yeah yeah

for sure imagine that and then you kind

of um magic with like a really vintage

camera letter strap

wow oh yeah you got that nostalgic

vibe to it the classic yeah it’s a good

camera and

it’s very it’s very artfully designed

and crafted i think it has two version

ones like peach black and one is like

halftone silver

yeah right here this one is black yeah

all right cool

moving on to number one on the list this


the most recommended camera from us

for under a thousand dollars actually

this one is under six hundred dollars

and it is drumroll the xt


uh what a 26 megapixel

uh sensor 24 is it 24 24

okay there you go 24.2 megapixels eight

frames per second

um shooting burst mode and you can do 4k

video and has three different colors for

you to choose from

yes and what makes it interesting is

that it’s small compact but it still

uses all the same

lenses that the x-mount fuji cameras

uses just like the xc3 we talked about


but this one is almost half the price is


but it’s also got a very capable sensor

and pretty much can do everything the

xt3 can

for a lot less money right uh it has


it has a built-in flash oh so it’s on

top of that how shoe

it pop-up is it’s a built-in flash

you know you never thought that you

needed until like you just walked around

and someone

one that want you to take a picture of

them while it’s dark and you don’t have

off camera flash or anything else yeah

and just part of the flash and bam you

got a clear

yes yeah it’s it’s nice to have a

built-in camera flash sometimes you just

want to bounce it on the ceiling

to get a little bounce light too so nice


video so technically it does everything

axtv can

but half the price and the reason for

that because

is the body build i think it’s more

positive on this yeah

but come on man we’re talking about

under 600 bucks would you expect right

yeah but yeah the touchscreen oh what i

like about it it’s nice

touchscreens yeah and it’s not the

typical 4×3 screen it’s a wide screen

yeah it’s nice it’s a small compact


but it’s very very capable uh you get

the aps-c

and it works for all the x-mount lenses

so you have the full arsenal plus you

got the beautiful craft

design with the dials and the fujifilm

film simulator

oh yeah it has that too it’s exactly


um how xtv can’t do they can do

yeah for six so that’s why this is on

the top of the list because

for one it’s affordable all the

functions there

yep that’s more it have if it has a 180


touch focus yes what else do what i’ll

do is exchangeable lens

oh yeah uh i don’t know what i miss

it’s got um 4k video

i do say that oh you did yeah i mean

it it’s very capable it does everything

that xt3 does for 600

let’s put it that way you know it can do

video it can do photo

it can do 4k video it can take photos oh

it has a stabilization there it’s like

digital gimbal something so that’s

hopeful we didn’t whatnot so

ah it has some something some digital

image stabilization i don’t think it’s

uh digital gimbal that’s why it’s

digital still it’s good

yeah yeah i wouldn’t say that’s the main

selling point of it

but as a camera it’s it’s a it’s a great

camera for still it’s not like

sound but i’m saying that it’s have

everything that’s pretty much what i’m


yeah exactly so it is a very


and because of the price that is why

it’s at the top of our list for our


camera so there’s a couple of people do

this like let’s say

for example if i have xc3 only yeah and

i need a second body right

yeah a lot of people actually purchased

it over a xt3s a second molly because


half the price yeah it can actually use

x-mount lens as just like xc3

so a lot of people actually purchased

this for a second body

yeah i see no reason for professional

use yes

yeah yeah i think it’s a perfectly


second body i mean it is

mm-hmm you’re not you’re not giving up

anything hardly

for the it’s and you’re paying a lot


when this came out xt 200 came out right

yeah so fuji has like a global promotion

they have a whole bunch of professional

i’m talking about professional

uh photographer from landscape to

most shocking is actually commercial and


photographer using xd 200 to do huge

production photoshoots

they print those pictures out like huge

in a trade show and

you can tell like what camera charlotte

so if people tell you it’s from a 600

hour camera

say what yeah yeah

if you know how to use a camera you have

the right lighting

that’s that’s that’s the secret of

photography you don’t need a really

expensive camera

yep you just that’s why on the top

number one

list here is not the best camera but it

is the best camera


it’s a great value and it does

everything you need to take pictures

well actually you have to define what’s


yes i think for your best and my best

different your best probably it has

everything clam in right

i need

yeah this one has it this one has the

law remember way back you look at it

you want this one for your um vodka

camera yeah

does it have a does that have a mic

input though well it’s different because

it does holy shoot it does then i mean

that’s this is great and of course this

this video is more about photography

camera but

yeah um this does it all so i guess what

does define

the best for you jeremy



shoot you got me thinking now it’s like

a combination of the lenses

too right and like the build quality

well to me i have to separate what’s

best okay for work

for work or for me for me it’s basically

for me for fun

okay for work i would definitely go with

xc3 because

you know when you’re at work you gotta

guarantee that you could produce

and if something happened if someone

bumped into your drop camera

and your camera is broken you can’t able

to perform

then that’s a problem so i would go with

xt3 because i know that

because i drop a couple times and still

works yeah so

that’s a pro gay that’s this that is pro


camera a lot of people mistaking

professional camera what is professional


oh it has a lot of mega pixel not really


it has to be big not really it’s just

that the build quality

it has water seal you know water

resistant as well as

it’s tough so when you drop it or bump

it it won’t crack and you can still keep


because that actually comes from the

wall photography back then that’s both

and sport because they got bum in a lot

and then you know

we’re talking about wall right you got

to green desert got dust and sand

will go in you’re going to have weather

still water

water resistant as well as you know

top body that’s professional it’s just

not the data

other camera company it’s just kind of

playing the megapixel war so

they kind of confuse people on when you

have a lot of megapixels that’s


not necessary right so for example

your best would be the xt3 if but that’s

just for work

right but for fun i would definitely go

with the olympic olympics

yeah because when i shooting i had to

feel it yes

yeah i agree i would actually say

my top two are those two as well

the xc3 and the olympus although the


is really capable too many people will

will pick the a6400 because the specs


you got the specs plus if you if you i

have um

like an attraction for the lens that

sony has

then there’s different lenses like it

every character is e-mount and

then um there’s a lot of third-party

lenses manufacturers make e-mount lenses

for them so

you have a wide range of um selections

with those

lens also equivalently

be available on the fuji platform they

do some do some don’t fuji basically one

good thing the bad thing about fuji is

they make their own lens they don’t use

third party

so but as you know that if you use a

third-party lens besides the cost

your image quality is sometimes would be

lack right

yeah so if you use that for example the

you know that’s only has the

g master lenses right and you get

yourself a g master 2470

but you can also get like different

brands from let’s say 10 months or

a sigma whatnot they also have 24 70.

but you know for a fact that g

master is much sharper yes yeah so um

but then fuji kind of hold on the

image quality they won’t let other

people make the lenses

so they can yeah

so they to assume to assume that the

image quality is at the top now

yep so the pros and cons there too right

but then they are

because i’m in love with the 35 1.4

which is the 50 millimeter

equivalent to full frame yep the damn

thing is sharp as hell


i can believe that yeah so i mean all

these cameras are great

and everyone will have slightly

different choices but we just want to

wrap up

by rounding you guys a list of the top

five cameras you can buy

right now for under a thousand dollars

that would be amazing at photography and

i think all of them do video too i don’t

know what does the olympics do video

but uh uh all the other ones i’m not

sure i don’t really would do

i don’t i wouldn’t do video with the

olympics it’s like pure

it does it does it does full at 1080p

oh it does it does so i’ll do videos

they all they all

take amazing pictures they all have

interchangeable lenses

the choice is really up to you based on

what your needs right we already

highlighted some of the pros and cons

for fun you want something that has lots

of dials feels good to hold

and it’s got like a vintage look to it

like the olympics pen

but if you want something as robust for

work then go for the xc3

you want something that a lot of people

are using because of all the height and


check out the a6400 if you’re a canon

shooter and you want something that’s

compact that’s lightweight to

travel with then the m6 mark ii the mc

smart ii the lenses are cheaper than

all the other cameras i’m pretty sure

because um

the ef check like a 50mm

lens and see how much it costs uh it

doesn’t have the 50 millimeter lens on

the m6

but you have like a 22 right the 22 lens

uh it’s a very nice one it’s f2 and 250

and it’s very compact

so that’s cheap yeah so efm lenses are

very small

uh they’re not super robust because

they’re all plastic but they’re

small lightweight and affordable so so

each of these five cameras they have

their own

kind of reason to be on the list right

whether you want something very compact

like the eos it’s for different people

it’s for different type of people

feature rich

for sure sony workhorse

xc4 are you artistic in you

oh sorry xc3 and for the artist in you

the olympics pen

and then for the best value the xc200

so definitely really well-rounded list

i say if you guys have any questions so

feel free to

pick yes so let us know you have other

picks that you think it’s better than

this five we’d love to know about it

yeah let us know your opinion if you

agree disagree we love discussion

and of course these are not the only

five cameras you can buy

under a thousand dollars it’s just that

we want to come up with our favorite


you know so many cameras out there right

now that you can’t even count like how

many out there

there’s too many too many

alright guys so that’s our video thanks

so much for watching stay healthy stay


and take care make sure you follow us on


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