Create a Vintage Look that quickly and effortlessly! This BEFORE & AFTER results can be done in minutes! We show you the entire workflow!

Create a Vintage Look that quickly and effortlessly! This BEFORE & AFTER results can be done in minutes! We show you the entire workflow!

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Save up to 35% off Luminar 4 @ + BONUS $10 OFF if you enter in coupon code “PixelStabbers” at checkout.

Video Transcription


whoa check check check okay I think I

think we’re ready we got piss people

waiting for us it go so hey guys welcome

to piece of saveurs today we’re talking

about how to get fantastic looking part

work check out what we see on the screen

here getting the vintage look so this

image is amazing and it’s taken by yours


Jeremy Chan here with me today but germy

there’s a little secret about this that

we’re gonna eat our viewers right oh

yeah yeah and most of picture in it in

camera they’re not good that’s the

secret but you take the pictures up like

ten notches by post-processing them and

to me that’s like magic so what you did

to this photo is fantastic and I would

love for you Jeremy to share your

experience and how you come up with

pictures like this and what your visions

are to get pictures like this and what

tool to use to ultimately get pitch like

this and actually maybe demonstrate in

our livestream today from start to

finish how you turn the picture that

comes out camera and looking like this

of course so the first one first can I

explain why I’m also picture come out

not that good okay yeah now we to

defends my cell a little bit sure you

can say whatever you like Jeremy okay if

example you look at this one nail

pictures right here yeah

there you know to be honest they’re on a

you know bolt on a canal okay so I am

actually shooting in a very difficult

situation here I can’t get my lighting


oh yeah there’s no lightning yes no form

of this never yell at that pose to have

the story going yeah so the only thing I

can achieve is getting the emotion the

look the story going anything else let’s

say lighting wise contract because if

you can look at the before which is on

the other side okay overcast so

everyone’s just flat which is good

because I mean you you added video right

so you know that when you have the we do

you should what a slop and then these

supposed to be flat that way to be able

to contrast back later yeah

except the same thing when I deal with

my photos I always get it flat so impose

I could do more with them yes that makes

sense I mean an overcast day is a

videographer stream and a photographer

stream because everything’s even right

you can you don’t have to worry about

bright hot spots on their faces but at

the same time everything comes coming

out of the camera looks very dull unless

you have some lights to accentuate some

back lights and for light but like you

said you’re on a boat and they’re on a

boat and you’re far away and things are

moving lots of dynamics you do what you

can and take the photo the best you can

so it a ka turns out a little bit crappy

but you know what you can make out of

this picture so although it looks crappy

you know that end result is gonna be

like this right it’s more like I choose

my bottle of fire a lot of people would

say that you want to get a riding camera

okay and for my careers I feel like if

you want to get a whitening camera we

require a lot of third-party gears just

like Lighting’s and such like filters to

make that work and sometimes we just

don’t have the ability to all the time

if you put all that together you get

that image right yes especially like

this case so I’m the one who rather get

the raw material which is the

storytelling part okay I don’t care

about the colors is I can add that back

in I don’t care about exposure because

raw file I could get it back out so all

i care is because i even though

photoshop it’s powerful but let’s just

split this way i don’t want to cut the

arms and let them we pose them in in


okay so the posing and the story need to

be there everything else i can create

your post because that’s my concept

doing all that a lot of people don’t

believe in that they said you gotta get

it right in here out of way you can’t

even call yourself a photographer hey

news flash

i never call myself photographer it just

it when I had to put type you know type

those form well your application say I

photographers but I never really

addressed myself as a photographer when

I you know talk to other people because

I do I am I am I just I welcome as our

image maker or whatnot

yes yeah and I mean this does transform

the picture and you can only do so much

like you can get it all

or you can focus on getting what you can

and then doing the rest in post because

okay yeah I mean you can spend a million

bucks trying to get everything perfect

like a professional super professional

production with like million dollar

budget right but you don’t have yeah not

with that let’s say they can no I

actually booked okay now when they offer

like five hours yeah and I have 20

people cool helping me say that all that

lighting then I can get it right in

camera that’s like those like big-time

photographer yes what any Lewbert all

that yes you know cameras that’s cute

because all your people minions actually

do everything for you now yeah you can’t

do right yeah yeah and besides that you

can only do what you can and at least

you can get the majority of what you

want to get which is the storytelling

part and I think like you said the

storytime part is very hard to do in

post I don’t even know how you would do

it in post and unless you move the arm

and you tweak the face and move the neck

so you get the right impression right

but yes you can you can you can

manipulate to a certain extent but I see

your point that the manipulation of

colors and basically colors is what

you’re doing here color and lighting

right he’s a lot easier than

manipulating the arms or legs and posts

so we’re gonna actually see that today

and see how that works but before that

the the stop what are the software you

using here is luminar for right mm-hmm

so let’s do a quick preview of what

lumina 4 is so if everyone if everyone

hurts to check it out they can go to and check out luminar which is

their top product and wiki’s watch one

of their videos here to get idea of this

software it’s really powerful standalone

software it’s under 100 bucks but it

does a lot based on the principle of AI

technology so right here you can see

it’s able to like insert images behind

different objects or it can release

skies and an example a finger because a

lot of it is using artificial

intelligent and detecting certain spots

like you see all these manipulations of

the eyes nose and lips but you don’t

actually have to mask it out because

software knows what those components are

and there’s a lot of different option

can you change the effect change the lux

improve details at contrast do AI

enhancements it just does a lot of

magical things and out of box not to

discredit Jeremy here but it can do

quite a bit of magic

oh yeah all by itself but in the hands

of a professional artist like Jeremy

here we can see it do so much more right

and also is showing all the workflow and

time yes yes all right cool so when

you’re ready I would love for you to

share your screen and talk about that

yeah okay before that okay

yeah I can share my screen I’m radius

right here not yet let’s share your

screen okay cool

I’m just go Bella by myself I hope well

myself but it is what it is so my style

is more like vintage more old-school I

saw be telling so if you look at some of

the signature right now lights like

Paris right so it kind of give it more

firm grading all the time so give me a

firmware is something that vintage

looking so all the time and then also

like a CBA black and white okay now

that’s OD that’s video II any other

Paris one I like it lets it looks you

don’t see this kind of picture anymore I

don’t know when you consume it was taken

with film and it has aged over time

right because this is a very unique

though was when we said that I want to

do this because this is a we’ve got a

business and marketing okay so at one

point I was doing the Google search on

like you know when image I’ll be waiting

images then every system a may look like

perfectly exposed shots you know and

most of them are overexposed yeah focus

on the person and not the store we fell

it you know factors of it because it all

those follow its law so yeah

and I want to stand out from the crowd

of that so I choose to go with the

vintage looking bow so like something

like this like that I mean that was

always well but I can’t do nothing about

it because you know if you ever been to

Paris and you know to try to photograph

the Eiffel Tower

that’s disgusting

that’s the weather out there huh yeah

it’s rainy each Cedar Falls right all

right yeah so it’s all raining I mean

you do you think there’s a Sun and crowd

no there’s no such thing so and so at

some point that that’s awesome so I

apply a lot of texture on this to to

make it look vintage looks you know old

yeah but if you look at just look again

at a subject the structure is always

have passions and some action going on

right as you know stand there looking a

camera yes always on there I you know in

the own small world

you know like nobody’s programming down

there like they’re there by themselves

and I just so happened to walk by to

capture that moment but unfortunately

it’s not I actually said that of course

it’s like a moment in the movie and just

like how filmmakers do it right it’s a

scene you’re presenting a story you’re

you’re telling a story basically so I

try to make it look like it’s not set up

which is good oh yeah oh wow the colors

in that picture looks amazing the pigeon

City so Wow got a piece of color there

oh yeah you know and then uh my Forte’s

are always focused on making sure the

subject is not looking in camera unless

an aspect yes I say okay do not ever

look into my camera and that’s I asked

you to that’s actually the first thing I

told my compass oh yeah delay again

never look into the cameras Oh gorgeous

oh my gosh it looks so good just a

perfect moment

yeah captured it just right you can I

capture it yeah you know this is one of

those that the blue the camera is the

portrait so this one’s fine camera right

and you know not all think that’s a look

at me sometimes the subjects just keep

forgetting and they will look evening

everything stop looking at me look the

other way again and then most of time I

have to look into the light light for

this – I’m using the Li on my outside to

lit lit up a subject that’s for linear

light yeah her face lit up by linear

light not yellow behind but there’s

another one with my bright was not

widely all right on outside okay so you

see that and there’s wet on her hair so

all that sky we affecting so that was

amazing but if she looked to me we don’t

get that yes

yeah same thing for this there’s like a

lamb on top of that wall before i

texturize ahead something same thing

yeah so we have her face lit up so that

you get that in this picture her face

actually the brightest you all look at

the the females pay well way and then

you work around to the guys kissing her

and go down to her and holding that that

would you meant the clock pocket watch

yeah so this is a serie of a pre-wedding

photo we are for where I’ve been using

their pocket watch

that’s it that’s the story part that’s

like the guy gave he give her this watch

is it here you know that that pocket

watch keep popping up it each photo so

we become the story to see in this

picture it’s very subtle – like you said

that’s like a third thing that your eyes

will prioritize first is the face of her

and then his face and then the watch

very nice

feet again the pocket watch is there

again this jacket she’s like what do you

watch for her he’s supposed bad business

man so he’s always on time and trying to

you know do other things and then she he

could only spend so little time her you

know that was a story that we build for

the seasons yeah so when you work on

these stories is it like a collaboration

with you

them deciding what story to tell with

the picture or is it your vision and you

tell him what to do with your vision

pretty much I in charge everything like

for example this suppose I live in China

and the guys wheeze and he is actually

doing import-export in China and the

bride is actually worshipped and I think

she studied Chinese in China so so

basically it makes sense that the guys

actually business business person so we

kind of you know make him that way and

also all the action it’s more like focus

on you know being the man being the

businessman while the female it’s more

like kind of waiting you know become a

secondary okay so that’s the idea of all

that so you can see I made a love and

you know there was gift Universe

pageants and the idea because she

studied Chinese so we put her into a

lake to one of the Chinese such helped

me that’s the end of it that they

actually finally get married so this

might like a storytelling thing you know

how they met they dated you know that’s

a bathing part and then how they get

married so that’s really cool because as

you know I’ve been shooting weddings for


pretty much an engagement session with

them so there’s like over 150 engagement

session which we do and we have fun the

couples have fun they love the photos we

are proud of the photos but we actually

never think about storytelling right

because for us what we do is we shoot

them we tell them what location they

want to go to and sometimes they’ll come

with a proper – and they’ll story tell

themself but our vision is just to take

beautiful photos of them in their

moments at these beautiful location and

it’s very different approach than what

you do and I think I would have to say

most other photographers do what I do is

that we just capture beautiful photos

for a couple and bring out the most of

their personality but here you’re

setting up a story from you know the

whole session portrays that the whole

story that’s very unique and I kind of

think it’s a little bit risky too

because what if they don’t like this

well they don’t like the feeling as it

portrays that most of the photos in that

session is kind of wasted you know how

when you are doing photography business

he also sells and you also market too


so one of themselves that you gotta sell

them what you trying to build here for

them that is the sales part of it not

just try to upsell it get more money but

for a sound idea that’s the key and you

know interesting you question you bring

up the engagement yes or Asians and

European state which they are familiar

with the terms pre-wedding because they

do that they actually they take wedding

pictures or when entire pictures before

the wedding so they can showcase those

picture your wedding day so that’s that

become a decoration of them or they or

they have a storybook going on so the

guests can flick through it you know

into a PMA’s that’s why they hire a good

photographer to take those pictures but

then when it comes to us a lot of client

even photographers do question me so

what’s different between engagement and

pre-wedding I mean besides the

pre-wedding people were like you know

wedding tiles and engage my people might

wear their shirts and jeans and stuff I

didn’t think she I thought was the same

thing no it’s not engage my people wear

like normal clothes things like a little

bit better maybe but into casual

clothing so while your wedding it’s

always under either grand dress or the

bridal dress and they changes like maybe

two feet of it well if me Cabalists

though for pea weddings there’s always a

makeup artist to do hair to make up for

the dry to change different look it’s

more like a fashion shifts at the same

time for my pre-wedding is I always

create story not just you know landscape

picture what they’re like location-wise

I always be sorry so then they ask me

why do I trust mint because I create

story create require but more most

definitely and like you said you sell

them this vision and it’s it’s much

harder to kind of come up with this

vision to sell versus hey we’re just

gonna shoot beautiful pictures you guys

are in love you guys are happy we’re

gonna going to be

place the pictures are gonna look

beautiful let’s go out let’s do it

whereas you you put more time and

thought and effort into it and like you

said there’s makeup artists there’s

beautiful glamour of outfits whether

it’s a wedding outfit or really really

specific outfit for the purpose of the

photo shoot so I can see a distinction

now although I don’t think there’s as

much of a use for pre-wedding or rather

not use but actually I mean well there

is a couple of us actually doing it

project way now you know how we are

under shouting in place right yeah

there’s a lot of wedding it’s being

postponed yes oh my god don’t tell me

about that oh so much I want to go out

there shoots this is what I love to do

this is my craft and yet I don’t know

this is why time to bring it up like you

know this isn’t we dated but I just want

to share this really quick sure so

honestly the wedding it’s not coming

back for another two years because the

social this thing would not turn would

not turn without comeback like turn it

just turn off okay so even a turn off

yes yes will be you know kind of scared

to come to like a big gathering you know

you never know what happened so wedding

will be small so what we’re trying to do

now is a lot of people can have their

weddings yeah but we tried to put more

that you know you we can your way to

allocate your wedding pictures yes and

that’s what he waiting comes in because

you all you have to do is bring like a

makeup artist at photographers and a

couple for people that’s all that’s okay

you could do anything yeah that’s a nice

point that that’s that’s actually very

good I didn’t even think about that but

that’s something I’m gonna bring up with

some of my clients that they contacted

I’m telling me that they’re they’re

canceling their wedding I’m like no it’s

unfortunate and the reason why I can’t

say is because they love their friends

have family so much they don’t want to

subject them to like the possibility

being sick and anyone they don’t want

them to have to decide oh if I don’t go

I’m gonna offend my friends and if I do

go I may get sick they’re just gonna

call it all but they just pretty much

cancel their weddings but now that I

think about it I can offer something

like this to them yeah

let’s go out let’s do these next two

makeup artists with their outfits and

let me take those beautiful wedding

picture and share with your friends

family over you know they might be in

Washington a New York you know they

could still you see you and your

beautiful wedding picture that is too

something rotten just coming to your

wedding you can be wedding and be show

them your wedding pictures right I think

it’s even better because you know you

can spend the time they can be relaxed

they can enjoy taking the photos and

then it’s like now they can share with

all their friends and family without the

stress and the friends and family can

enjoy it at the comfort of their own


celebrate with them celebrate online and

you know that’s the best what we can do

with this given situation but a lot

better than canceling the wedding and

say well we’re married guys that’s

really cool I think you got a good point

I know we segue a little bit into like

how to adopt the business of wedding

yeah we should wedding okay yes yeah

this is great so you’re showing us all

these amazing work you do as pre-wedding

and go on how do we take photos like

this what is how does this all work

Jerry basically just kind of describing

Who I am like vintage stuff so let’s

choose this picture which is the

thumbnail pictures right yep okay so

even camera yes well yeah so low so I’m

kind of a raw adjustment but then you

know it’s pretty much nothing done to it

okay so in the good old times I will use

C Photoshop right here oh yeah it would

take a lot of time to get that vintage

look because I have to feel it like

piece by piece lay about layers all that

and everything I may have let some some

of them I have to let pain in and

whatnot but because of Numan are

introduced from skadam software newman

are for you know it actually helped me a

lot mm yeah whole lot I got this before

and after so we can do a quick

comparison do we have like a before and

after we see real quick I don’t I can

pull it up so you you have the after

right so let me pull up the before oh

yeah I mean I don’t

right now so I got the after on the

screen and this is how it looks and like

you said this picture that we have on

the screen here on this side of it at

least this is before Illumina for right

you did this using Photoshop or did you

do this using alumina for two lumina for

that’s all time enough for it okay so

you use aluminum for to do this and

approximately how long did it take you

to get this result it could be fast it

could be long depends on how long I will

play with it but that’s why I would say

maybe 5 minute I could finish it

wow that means in today’s live stream

you can we can actually go from start to

something like this yeah all right but

uh but I probably extended because

people want to see more features yeah

and of course so just kind of go with it

yeah I mean it’ll be cool to make this

like our goal so we can kind of like see

this look so this is this is the after

and then this is what we’re starting

with right so this most violent I didn’t

have the finished picture I didn’t save

it no worries we’re gonna we’re gonna

come up with a new way I mean I might

have it hold on you know what I might

have it when I save it that’s okay we

already saw David we’re okay no I have

to be fine after somewhere oh right here

so let me close I hope I won’t crash six

years old computers yes and cleanse out

that in computer it’s look does really

well especially with luminaire for it

just crunches right away though this is

the before right

yeah and this is why and I turn this off

oh I can’t

it’s right here there you go oh yeah oh

yeah it looks very immersive yeah the

before looks so normal that once you see

the after the after it’s just like a

cinematic effect it looks well I gotta

enhance it cuz we I know I’m screaming

so I want to show that the details comes

out yeah

normally doesn’t it kind of enhance a

little bit even more yeah it’s like you

wonder you wanna put extra makeup when

you go on set on camera right versus if

you go outside that’s what women say but

the same thing with a post-processing

you want to overdo it just a little bit

so it looks better when we see an

election so there’s two type of a lot of

me some people that just like to clean

like this but then if you go to like a

Hollywood movie and all the scenery is

like clean like this yeah you know if

you look if you ever go back to watch

matrix and they don’t have those colic

waiting and matriot just clean like that

it won’t be the same no grading is so

important it’s wise memories you know

amateur videographers or amateur high

schools kids recording on their phone or

whatnot to a Hollywood production and

really all it is is color grading you

can color great high school project and

they’ll look like okay we quality right

add some music add some cinematic music

and boom your you got some movie magic

okay that those just as well okay so

let’s get back into Numenor so I’m most

of time I basically still work in

Photoshop just in case anymore yeah and

I go into filters going to Lumina for

using it as a puck in but even though

it’s as a puck in and when you go in

it’s a full program by itself you know

all the features are saying except it’s

I open it within Photoshop that’s pretty

much it and then when it’s saved it when

it came out it become one of the layers

in my picture in Photoshop so which is

better so I could do more with them yeah

okay really aligns with your workflow

very well so first thing first I’m

always going to the AI in hands cos what

is on and see what a good thing is my

favorite slider right there and time

they do to get things some time because

I’m going for like a non normal version

of editing they might not give me a

gooey stuff but most the time they do in

this case they asked me to writing it

and get some color inside okay that’s

not a bad idea I like that

so I don’t stick with that so it’s a

mama Chris you know how everything the

skins a bit more contrast that’s okay

I like that so let’s keep it that way

and so because in my mind said I would

know that I want a vintage look so I

know exactly what I need

yep I’m gonna go a little talk here so

after the a I just can’t control but

they’re actually before that I need to

go into here so one of the best tool to

create a fin digital is calm and that

look in under creative tab okay so this

is what it would look like do this by

getting half amount and putting morphate


way to combat yes and then I could go

into offense setting just because I kind

of deal doesn’t work oh yeah sure I want

to do it here so I could do color casts

here if I wanted to

oh but I don’t like it because I

actually applied overall so I’m gonna

not do it white here mm-hm

you can masking me here too right yeah I

can’t I can’t

but you prefer to do it a different area

we’ve got not done yeah I want to apply

a couple more things before I do that

casting so see how I did basically kind

of fatten up the contrast a little bit

overall the whole pictures right yes

okay and then you know what let me try

something interesting here I never tried

this before so I’m the skin

how can you know I am trying to use the

face like that’s crazy they could still

find a face so basically I want his face

right that’s so crazy like this software

just amazes me every time you see the

subtle changes yes I’m a patient minutes

that’s so crazy without masking without


the face and just brightens the face and

a lot of times even if I have flash here

sometimes it just doesn’t hit the face

enough and I’m like dang it now I gotta

go match the picture just a liar in the

face but here you just slide the bars or

our sliders and you get to be so with

its nature modality is like

architectures the face and skin is

pretty tiny way in there so I’m going to

a I structures yes and see if I could

bring more than that looks good

that just that the defects in the

structure as the contract if we look at

the face yes it doesn’t affect its face

look at that right oh yes so it’s the

opposite effect right

Aon max got the face so it does not

apply to the face or the skin or the

people no no and boos it

oh yeah yes too much much I just love it

so much okay so last mats were like a

color you can’t get this effect even in

like in camera if even you had a million

bucks how can you get that result in

camera no the camera that marriage can

we deport linguish it will even on the

skin tones and the person will get all

that that muddiness but then when i see

how the person still clean this is still

clean but then it enhanced all the

textures and also contrast within all

buildings yes and that’s been going for

because it’s supposed to be really dirty

rustic look

yep yeah so and I’m gonna play around

with color just a bit and see what I can

do this no I don’t want that many colors

so I’m like zero but I might wanted to

individually kind of play with a little


I could turn all that down it looks

pretty good the green yeah

just break that little saturation here

yeah and I think that well is bed too

much so I’m going to turn it down to the

see if this affect the scheme so this is

the orange yeah it kind of does yeah you

see hard by turning that destruction out

it’s gone now even even more focus on

the subject yes but the pitch look is

still we think right well there’s no

purple no magenta no well there’s a blue

there so yeah sure shirt is too bright

on blue

he shouldn’t be that brave like all the

other world cut you know too saturated

so let’s turn that down yes so kind of

me member now we’re going for the

vintage love so yes it’s nice about that

right the only reason that I keep that

because I want people to look at the

bright in there yes this not the perfect

picture honestly because she should be

more Posie but this is more like a

capture one she was kind of not happy

because it was cold so she had to put

something on the cover so this is not

one of the picture I gave I just using a

for example I know but I really have the

guys giving that me like low look that

way because want that way hey you look

at look at what he’s he pointing you

know the facial expression is pretty

good if you tell my story I was said

this is a great picture that you can

sell to them because it’s in the moment

right whether it captures romance or not

but it captures like a moment it tells a

story it’s more interesting to look then

the typical look at the camera type a

picture you see why I turn off the Queen

you look this way now the I’m snicker

zoom in a bit

okay you see how does green here and

green here yes that can’t distract it

yes well I don’t know instructions gone

yes Wow Wow such a subtle difference but

a subtle change but it makes a big

difference I am not even finished yet

okay but I like how everything you’re

doing is just moving sliders around not

like in Photoshop Photoshop I would get

a lot like masks yeah there’s like make

it very easy for me so easy yes like you

can be done in five minutes if you

wanted to if you know what you’re doing

you slide the right bars done but we’re

experimenting one thing that I always do

is a contentious a lot of other photo

software I use before they don’t really

have that features but they do have it

here I love it you could know your own

textures in this case I don’t know which

one should I use this is the pixel

separate textures oh we got a collection

of textures I’m sure people are

interesting getting some of these

textures Jeremy you know use this one

Wow I just slap it on there I don’t even

do anything yet

oh the ply oh now it’s too dark right

very dark there’s option either

basically create more capacity so you

see it show it’s more okay I or I could

go down to advanced setting this setting

here it basically control the brightness

the contrast is saturation here after

texture so I can – you’re brightening up

the texture alright and this is not

affecting anything else just the texture

huh yeah see it applied slightly that

color I don’t notice the texture to be

honest like what what what did the


do oh very subtle again mm-hmm yeah so

you can always go back

choose the interest there’s just ways

and waters different color texture right

cuz depends on what bending mode is

let’s say if I use nurse use the winter

crush rush that’s out that look so and

the bending mode is normal there’s

talking multiply screen hopefully see

all this you get you get up using

different type yeah well that won’t be

good my habit turns green the green why

did you do that that’s weird

he’ll oh that’s why yeah that’s play

test if I do that and do such situation

that actually looks not too bad you

never know this is like one of those I

miss miss Devere box you apply a text

play around with that play anymore you

don’t even know what you could get

should we try not I want to try another

one yeah let’s see what we can do I mean

all these products are very deliberate

right each of them have a very unique

look to them

wow it’s very bold little sweet it

mm-hmm yeah I like this mine it gives it

the aged film look yeah sweet water a

little bit more muddy and dirty and

interesting cuz it’s not like the same

throughout like you’re wondering wow

this is what’s going on here okay that

looks pretty good yeah

now texture is amazing I like this one

right mm-hmm eventually we will offer

this to people yes look at that that

looks wicked yeah okay now here’s the

interesting thing

so you can see that here it only allowed

me to do one texture actually and what

before I go on let me look at something

real quick I wanna make sure there’s no

tension on the face you know there’s not

a lot I’m ok with that

so the the AI not automatically masks

the face for texture

no not for texture texture because it’s

unpredictable you can’t really do that

because you know you don’t you know they

don’t even know what kind of texture you

applied to it so that’s not but my my

concern is hey how come you can only

apply one touch because if you look at

some of those old I’ll a picture I show

you I apply like maybe four or five

textures onto it to create that look so

I figure this trick there’s a trick

close it yeah you back on the layers I

know I realize you have layers in now

luminar yeah so I got layers this is

layer with all that’s just when I have

so I could create my layers

mm-hm oops click on one put the puss

side and I could add either another new

one just one there mm-hmm a new image

there no quiesce stamp the layers so in

this case I’m gonna create a stem the

layer what that is is it will combine

everything I create on this current

layers and create whole new layer on top

of it so do that nice it’s merge EC’s

merging right now right it’s merging all

those adjustment yes it wasn’t a year

and new layer on top okay so now I have

this stem layers right yep or I could go

back to here so that now if I’m selected

slap the layer and go back to creative

now I get back in now the texture on top

of it yeah I see you check very cool

right like it pays the same I want at

this one and change anymore to that

looks not too bad syllabic dark yeah I’m

just trying I’m adjusting it why now you

see how I one of those texture on the

side so it looks like an old photos


yeah that’s what gave me and also it

kind of hi you see how the skies are

overexposed mm-hmm so once that set back

down exactly and the ripple is kind of

lying with the water – yeah

as an extra plus the water my district

is you look bit here to get the colors

and I might do a little masking just for

the heck gonna brush I just erase and

that’s too big so the face I wanted

right because the texture actually make

it darker so I’m gonna get down fighter

there very rough masking right yeah

because I’m at 100% soft so there’s no

hard you can’t we see it right

everything’s camp spread out of it so

okay that was pretty good yeah right now

so are you using a mouse right now by

way or your you say I Drive after I got

my house right now you don’t even need a

giant table there’s no what don’t start

falling that’s the secret like it’s nice

to have a tablet but you don’t even need

it no so on okay you know what I’m gonna

apply something here that looks color

look I love how the lux works in no mana

for because they say I mouse over

mm-hm sorry shoes yeah that’s very

important because even though you know

these locks by name they’re different to

every photo you apply to you because

it’s based on what’s there already right

it’s it unlocks on top of colors that

are in the photos

so without the preview it makes it very

hard to know which one to use you would

just have to load each one and here you

can just hover over them to see the

preview there’s too many loves to go to

are these are the loves comes with it

with the software or 7008

they come with become all this loves

do you think I should go more warmth on

cold Hawkwind time on this we should try

to try to match what you had in a

thumbnail I don’t even remember what I

did in the thumbnail this way okay was

Long Beach here and this one I really

like how they warm up the whole thing

yeah see that yes except on the couple

it becomes too very and maybe if I use

this and I doing a mass on them which is

me a capacity 50% soft that’s good

enough so I’m gonna brush a little bit

of the color off of them and the boats

of the standard like that

sit-outs yeah that’s good yeah you miss

finger pointing finger a little bit

I don’t think it you’re so big

I’m a perfectionist so when I see you do

this it’s like but the result looks

great don’t nothing me wrong the results

are fantastic because you’re so rough

that’s what makes it more believable

because it’s more natural cuz there’s a

texture to right it’s a texture and a

geek color so I have a soft blush and

its name I’m not gonna powder the edge

even more yeah because have you ever

seen those people who masks and then you

have a halo yes I yeah because there are

too close to the edge they try to the

perfect thing yes but you know when you

do this type of like rusty text your

thing yeah you don’t need to be like hot

action and you’ll cut off on their

shoulders they okay does different color

behind here there you could do a

gradient soft feathers so that way it

looks more natural that way yeah that’s

also why you always want to do minor

minor adjustment he’s a key do my not

just mine when you do masks that way

your mass will not have a huge

differences yeah

so basically way now I pay you see how

the couple is actually more pop now

whoops I do how did I do it after it’s

very striking

um I can’t edit although that’s weird

Oh cuz I’m still on it but maybe there

you go

I have the brush on that’s why wow I

love how the people pop out so much more

after their hands me mm-hmm so basically

a bee remember I only mask them out from

a little bit on the texture on both

they’re also a little bit on the color

the other color will be mayn’t right I

never released really if I go back to

see that you know none I don’t have mass

on that one that’s the only one I have I

think yeah you applied the looks to eat

anything yes to me if I go back to here

I hope you know mask anything in here no

not at all so basically all the colored

already done mm-hmm and it won’t all


I only masked out on the texture and on

the color so the color is there I just

enhanced basically in this layer this

new stem the layers all I ever did it’s

basically put in another textures and

also Dulux yep and that’s it that’s

pretty much it

now I can well you know what I could do

more here so I could do less in

Photoshop let’s see what I can do I will

you know what I think you know why I did


matte look and we move all the contrast

early because if you see how much contra

that it there’s a bit more now so let’s

see if I could we move some of that sort

to give that Korean kind of all the

looks again more manly look right yeah

I’m trying to see it right you see it

yeah so that go back to that mad look

which I want hey get a turn one no

that’s what like sometime I can’t

control you come on no see you could

reset button right yeah I did I did

what’s going on oh yeah that looks

pretty good

Yeah right there a little bit more sated

yes especially ours you know what let’s

see what it doesn’t even know what to do

let’s see it’s oh it’s just frightening

the water a little bit

oh good job

I was gonna bring it up a little bit but

not going much so okay so the a I dunno

what I want

I knows what looks good it’s going side

with what you want okay um oh okay I

know what we remember wanna do I want to

do a little bit of shopping here and I

think I did and I will remember what I

do the small detail it actually affect a

little bit more skin yeah we wouldn’t

want that you see that that’s too much

yes so I hardly ever touch this small

how about the medium details well that’s

good I shot in this all that and that’s

zoom a little bit and see how large see

they will work okay that that’s pretty

good yeah okay just pops to another


Wow the before and after it’s just so

striking you there’s no way you can get

that result out of camera this is like

art do more stupid things

Yeah right if I had more face I know

what that look well that’s not too bad

oh you know what let’s test this out

since I have some texture on the face if

I go a I skin deep that we move we move

the textures that’s interesting will it

know it I don’t think you would notice

no it might actually move some texture

from the skin no no

I have too high hold on that oh well but

but the face light works all the time

that’s amazing though because it detects

the eyes nose and mouth and then it just

kind of yeah

it helps me though I see how the face is

lit up like that okay so I’m applying

this to bring this back to photoshop

because I did a lot it might take a

little time just to explore because I

have so many layers on on here two

layers and also has a lot justman job

even though they imagine I have okay you

can’t see me enough but I’ve been using

my mouse yeah it’s not my pan yeah there

we go

right yeah so the cool thing about

opening new mana for in Photoshop and

having a layer is that you see how I

heavily I put all that into your

luminaire yeah because I know I could

control the capacity in Photoshop layers

afterwards – do it again – yeah yeah so

it’s no worry about doing too much

because you know I think always come to


less because you know yeah again a six

years old

good loading all that its proper well


so these are these are big file and

luminar is able to like on the fly show

you those previews on the raw image

that’s pretty impressive

it it’s it’s hustling especially on your

six-year-old computer which is coming

into seven years by now Jeremy I mean

we’ve been doing these live stream for

like two months now and you keep saying

is six years old but when does that

change the seven well if you know what

Lucy what happened I just realized that

the new Microsoft servers pop3 just came

out I’m talking with that – good demo

enhancing do a review on it let’s have


Singh are they gonna strip you like

unbox one or they’re gonna ship you

something it’s already open I don’t know

they haven’t answered me yet okay so but

there’s a new layer but you can fix this

easily you can just copy this layer onto

another Photoshop yeah that’s yes yeah


yeah undo and then young copy over

voila yeah see yeah so normally if you

had created the layer first like a

duplicate layer then open them when I on

a duplicate layer then the result would

be just like this except you didn’t yeah

exotics that yes exactly

yeah yeah you always do that turn it

down right yeah

yeah this is what you’re talking about

you have the full control over the

capacity capacity so how much of that

effect that you apply is it just it

because right below it you have the

original image so the ux0 percent then

it’s like the original in Michigan

that’s nothing bad lip the colors yeah

on the right [ __ ] is too much easy to

change the capacity to what I did


wipe off a little bit and there you know

about whole lot and put another little

color that’s pretty much it it’s very


I almost don’t see the difference to be

honest the cool thing is the texture I

had to do in Photoshop I would quite a

lot man you doing like mask here are you

know changing all that transform it but

now you see how I basically using a

mouse and do everything yes same things

all the colors that mean the color wise

I mean it the AI part helps me a lot on

certain part like chunky make guidance I

know what looks good

sometime you know but you kind of stuck

in the process like you just okay what

am i doing way now I forgot I had I lost

my train of thought right yeah and then

you play with yeah but and it kind of

time you Oh that’ll scoot – so

in a way they can’t give me suggestions

you know how to take it have to take it

but you know yes yep so basically in

this picture what I like you see how the

person yes I did cut in a color but the

skin tone doesn’t when he got mess up

that much yep

but the background I we like heavily

make OD but did you like like this is

super vintage yeah oh hey we have a live

stream comment from Jack Mitchell that

yeah Jack was here one of our earlier

streams he just stopped by to say hi and

asked if we remembered him so yeah we

generally of course yeah thanks for

stopping by

when did you just join in or were you

here for the start you want us to give

you a quick recap of what you’re doing

what we’re doing here yeah so Jack wants

to know what we have going on tonight so

Jeremy you want to give a quick spiel

about your style and why you started to

work on this photo and what’s going on

oh well I’m just basically showing about

how we can turn something like this

clean whoa to look like vintage photos

yes if I could go back to my no not this

I don’t wanna show you this showcase so

this is my style photo and normally it

require a lot of tuning and fussing

around in Photoshop to get this kind of

look specially applying textures you

know is we’re not just well Kony we I’m

not just like adjusting the color

anymore I’m adding allowed new color and

elements into the photos like all that

textures yep right so doot-doot

doot-doot doot-doot all this yep and

what I just demo here is turning this

picture into this using Newman ofor

fantastic yeah and pneumatophores the

software that you can guys can pick up

on Amazon to it’s like under $100 and

you can create this amazing effect and

Jeff says it looks real crisp so great

comment I agree Jack thank you it’s

pretty also do you want to show that

it’s the lumina for years so people we

know we software we talk to you

most definitely so this here is from

luminaires or skylines website so you go

to sky uncom and this is their main

product luminaire for and I just love

this this this um video here it shows

that you can add objects inside your

photo it knows how they we like to place

it inside within the structure it notice

I detect what’s the sky picks it out for

you you can adjust the sky within a

second you can just portraits features

like the eyes and mouth the nose and

just remove defects quickly without

wasting time to mask anything so the

special thing about the software is that

its uses AI aka artificial intelligent

to pretty much mask things and so that

when you’re applying effects on the sky

it doesn’t affect the face if you

probably effects on a building it

doesn’t face it affect the face if you

just want to enhance the light in the

face you can do that too because stuff

the software smart it knows which part

of the photo is the face and a justice

accordingly and you can do so much more

one of the my favorite features is good

just basically using the AI enhancement

slider and it does what it thinks is

best to produce an amazing photo for you

so it’s great for any type of

photographer right Jeremy oh yeah it’s

from if you just playing around it’s

easy to use this is perfect if you’re

actually professional we might use it

differently I personally use it as

billion as a workflow to eat a lot of

different other features I use the

Photoshop and make it faster so that

would save me a lot I mean you know to

be honest before I was kind of problem I

said I could stay in sitting here and

facing my computer opinion fatal

Photoshop for like four or five hours

straight and I hope it create something

I call that having patience and you know

just you know never let go but right now

I have a family my baby cry from time to

time so it I don’t have the luxury of

one image and Newman for basically allow

me to short at that time if I wanted if

I wanted to I could also you know I

could keep playing with that image right

yeah but I could stop as well if I have

a goal to which

I basically do that in nomen are just

like that without any crime because I

don’t even need to use a pen I just use

a monster book around the levels

yeah and I know the pictures yeah and

over here you can see some of the

questions Jeff says it looks Chris yep

and he also asks do you think Lumina

will overtake Photoshop that’s a good

question I know they try to well let’s

put it this way Photoshop and Adobe

they’re always the industry leader for

the professional use but if everyone

need a professional software then

winners back there they have Apple right

Apple photo what’s that one the Apple

has a pretty high photo

oh no I photos so people use the eye

photos yes Zizi right a lot of people do

that and then even though adobe came out

with Lightroom they’re just much lighter

version and easy manage but the thing is

you have to pay a subscription monthly

yeah now if you’re working for Tower you

make the money back that’s fine

but if you are not using your

photography to make money and you just

keep paying monthly some people might

not like that and the no one our basic

is up on one time charge right yeah how

much was it bucks yeah and the price is

right below and you own a song wait you

don’t have to pay monthly yeah so it

will definitely take a lot of people

away from Adobe I would say it has the

power of Photoshop but it’s easy use as

you see like in all our demo it’s this

is sliders like the Lightroom was really

good like what Lightroom is great is

because this process flow people can

just move sliders move to explore some

sliders move as well but it’s always so

limited what it can do and if you ever

want to do like a lot of heavy lifting

you go into Photoshop and I can see

luminar for being right in between it’s

easy use but it’s powerful so it

definitely won’t replace Photoshop but

it enhances your workflow especially if

you’re like in Lightroom I will go I

will use them together that’s how I will

be using you’re like yes

I agree touch stuff it just I mean we

didn’t show the AI sky we placemat this

time but if you look at our other widows

we did I mean you be amazed how amazing

and how fast at work yeah yeah Jack also

asked will AR take over a photo editing

like everything else that’s why it just

question I I was epic about that too

when they first introduced me with

luminaire yeah and all the AI technology

yeah I was like are you tryna we play

smooth software and I was I was scared

of it to be honest I was I was but then

you think about it we touching there’s

two different type of retouching one

it’s just really simple we touch color

Corrections and even forced scheme we

touching right and then there is a

testing we touch we require color

grading now I don’t really think AI

would know how to use color on what

pictures at this point yeah so they are

able to replace that but they could do

simple thing just like all AI is basing

on is data there is couple of three or

four which is histogram where’s the

black point where’s the great point was

a white point that’s that’s the

limitation way now right the colors also

now they keep working on faces yeah so

they could scheme better which is good

because to be honest kita it’s not we

touching to me skin is more like one

work so not do it it takes away the

grunt work and lets you focus and lets

you be creative right that’s like this

you’re saying I think you’re in one of

the ambassador’s for Skyrim right yes

doesn’t love me you are right there and

this is this is in a nutshell this is

what Jeremy says about lumina for right

so emotion is a major factor when it

comes to creating storytelling images

with the help of luminaires AI

technology photographers can now fully

focus on the emotional and storytelling

part rather than worry about the

technical part of how to in their

creative process right so because that

Palicki that sounds

I’m ready there when you take about how

about technical part technical it’s all

about gears and also skills those are

easily replaced by different workflows

and also even technologies yeah but when

it comes to storytelling’s and emotions

you can’t replace that with a machine

from for human you can’t love a machine

I mean yeah you can’t I think Japan have

that like they were like eh that’s a

whole nother topic machines so Jack said

yep he understands now it makes the

tedious things easier and quicker that’s

Rachel and Jack says Jeremy are you

famous I am nobody he will never say

that because Jeremy is too – Jeremy here

is an award-winning photographer he is a

WPP I judge he is well known in the

wedding photography portrait industry

he’s been shooting for 15 years so he is

one of the expertise and that’s why we

have inner him in our channel so yes

thank you yes okay yeah yeah yeah yep

yes he is he is he’s already famous Jack

just like hey you see that yes famous no

he’s actually famous he’s just he’s just

messing with you because he’s modest so

yeah just as you guys are royalty thank

you anyway Johnny you miss what I did

before I think they do we run on the

live right so you can we watch how I use

Numenor to get the vintage look awesome

in the period video what I did is

basically just talk about all functions

of the program and also mostly focus on

the AI portrait we touch and AI sky

replacement but no more forest Isle has

more than that like it will fit into

different kind of photography the

workflow in this case for me if I want

to go vintage I can use all the tools

within numeral four to get a vintage

look I’ll form a

normal photos so the demo I did earlier

basically showcase that hopefully you

could you know learn something from that

yeah you haven’t picked up that Sophia

you should I mean not a huge investment

any and you will like to up your

photography I think that’s a good piece

of somewhere to have yeah definitely

that’s a really good recommendation it’s

it’s very cheap and affordable I know

the manufacturer has 30-day guarantee

with it too

I’m not sure how that works with Amazon

but if you have a purchase through

Amazon they should be able to help you

out but nonetheless for the price of

that software it does so much even if

you use it very little you’ll you’ll

start to find good use out of it and

it’s worth it alone for the small price

because the world photography we’re

always buying cameras we’re buying lens

we’re buy memory card even a battery oh

yeah memory cost more than this software

so it’s a small investment and we can

tell you as photographers Jeremy’s been

streaming for 15 years I’ve machine

weddings for over 10 years we use this

software day in and day out in our

photos for a professional work and it

one use already makes up for the cost

plus more right Jeremy like how much

would you upsell this photo that we just

edit here like how much would that cost

a client around 150 yeah so you pretty

much made up for the software plus

there’s 50 bucks and you only to you

five minutes versus probably spending a

couple hours don’t tell my client that

well it’s not the end result is all that

matters right no one else can deliver it

but you can so that’s why you’re worth

that much so I okay correct me if I’m

wrong you know why people like to buy

more light lenses in camera rot in a

software I figure that out because we

buy camera and the lens they actually

make you help you take better picture

without putting too many work but when

you buy a software they say Lightroom or

Photoshop you actually have to put in

more work into it even though you pay

for the money before you pay that little

money but then if they take a meter

work from you so that’s the differences

yes this is the different type of solar

this is not that one want that give you

more workload more woeful but these what

this one actually give you a better

workflow yes does that make sense I just

came all of that and now one question

that jackass is like we have Instagram

so we have Instagram at pics establish

for our joints photography channel that

we have also on YouTube at

slash pista stabbers but jeremy has his

own business right you might share mommy

you see th ee j ye oh ye my C yeah

that’s it yeah and if you go to Pizza

stammers you can see if you go to you

are here we go to this luminous site and

I have my on my facebook oh yeah grab

and webpage there so just go to and go for an ambassador

I’m all my informations there – yep look

at that and he’s being tested

right so hopefully the test went went

well so we can hang out and take more

photos together Jeremy yeah great work

we saw we saw similar one cities today

it’s amazing like your style is very

evident in all these oh shoot it thinks

I’m not logged in ah I love it and I

hate it when Instagram reminds me that I

can’t continue without logging in but

anyway that kind of wraps up the knife

for us because it’s getting late in a

day thank you everyone for joining Thank

You Jeremy for the amazing story telling

about your storytelling and Jimmy how

yeah for sure and for showing us how to

do it from start to finish a picture

rather camera with applying movement or

with a few adjustments to make it look

like a work of art a vintage work of art

so any last words you want to say Jeremy

before we wrap it up tonight if you

haven’t followed yet at pixel snapper

you should because we have even more

videos there and uh I haven’t tell David

yet but I’m planning to do a series of


tutorials there so we

see that do you follow the channel it’s

okay yeah a lot of things are coming in

addition to that we’re gonna have a blog

set up pretty soon so we have articles

we’re gonna talk about new gears rumored

gears we’re gonna have different texture

package you guys might be able to pick

up and looks to buy that adds to the

feature functionality of Lumia 4 so we

got a lot plan we don’t know if we have

time for it all right away but we’re

gonna roll it out the sooner we can the

better who keep rolling out yeah slowly

start to follow us on mainly

slash picks establish also our websites

coming up soon it’s gonna be pissed

establish calm right now where your

construction mode it might not be much

yet but soon it’s gonna open it up yes

well thank you for supporting us thank

you for tuning into that tonight you

guys are fantastic we love the comments

we love talking to you guys we love

sharing stuff with you guys and we

definitely appreciate you watching so

thank you very much and we wish you all

a great great night and seasonally all

right thank you we’re gonna sign out

we’re gonna end in three two one

and weird