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we are live in three two one

we are live hello everyone and welcome

to pizza stabbers

today we got another great episode lined

up for you guys of course we got jeremy

in the house

as a resident pixel stabbers staff but

we also have another guest that’s also

frequently visit the channel meet ken l

can l say hi hi there we go so jeremy

kick us off what are we talking about

today wait hold on that’s not the script

you said you can’t get off

why am i kicking it off there is no


man there is no script there is no

script wait am i am i too loud there is

no script

so today since jeremy is not going to

introduce it

you want to introduce it i can do it i

can do it

so what are we talking about today by

the way

cameras we are talking

about canon no no we’re not

you guys you’re killing me this will be

stupid we invited a

ex-photographer and we’re going to talk

about cannon what are you thinking dude

what are you thinking why would you do

something like that look

look look what’s on the screen fujifilm

we’re talking fujifilm

damn okay yeah so what my my glasses i i


some glasses i need double glasses

yeah it was red there man you know how

can i had a red thing to you so

i was mistaking ah the little red yeah

that’s definitely a candid thing

because fuji copied canon that’s

probably why because canon came first

that’s why you were like drinking cannon

wait hold on

fujifilm come first i cannot come first

oh shoot

well that’s a good debate right there i

know the answer to that

fuji came first because they are the

pioneer in film

candy wasn’t even around i just shot

myself in the foot

you did you shoot it anyway all right so

are you gonna kick it off or not jeremy

yes we are so today we have the amazing

fabulous still single and handsome

canal egg fuji expo tower again

to help us out to solve this mystery a

lot of people are asking

so now the xt v4 xt4 come out but

xt3 is still good should we get it

should we not get it should we get it

should we not get it

so today this guy will let us know

should we get it

or should we not get it cool

yeah that’s good sounds good sounds good

i mean because xc4 came out the xt3 now

is just

crap right price

it’s it dropped down in price a lot so

that’s one thing

but we have a nice little presentation

here so we’ll just go through it really


so you guys can see we’re going to pick

up on the 10 differences

between them i mean obviously there’s a

lot of differences but

we’re not going to go over everything so


yes of course

if money is not a object at all money is

an object

then xc4 xc4 all the way but because


is concerned about money and then if you

decide should i upgrade if i have

xc3 or if i’m just getting into

photography should i get xc4 or x3 but

we don’t know because it depends on the

purpose of your camera that you’re gonna

use it for

and it depends on your budget so that’s

why these are the 10 differences that

hopefully will help you decide

on which one to get especially with

inputs from jeremy x photographer as

well as ken

l another ex-photographer that has both

of these cameras in his hands

you know right when you say like yeah i

feel like i used to be a

photographer and now i’m not a


these are ex-photographers that’s why i

thought when i heard i heard the x

photographer tera

x-photographer is a prestigious branding

for for camera ambassador from fujifilms

i don’t know why they’re called x

photographers but that’s what they are

it’s a prestigious name guys

and they are currently photographers

because fuji cream announced the camera

it’s an x-series so

that’s why they call it x oh yeah even g

i fixed

so both they have x series and g of x so

x x

x it should be double x photographers


or triple x no no you should usually be

a triple x photographer jeremy no

because you got that

gfx the x-series and the x-mount

all right so first off let’s let’s talk

about what are the similarities right

so the xc3 and xc4 actually has a lot of


so if you’re aiming for something on a

budget and if all these

ticks your box then xc3 is all you need

both of them have a 26.1 megapixel aps-c

x-trans cmos sensor really good sensor

they use the x processor for image


they have really good iso from 160

all the way to 12 800 native iso and it


be pushed even higher you got 4k


in 60 frames per second in both these


you got up to 30 frames per second i’m

first shooting with the electronic


and now because both of these cameras

have both a electric

shutter as well as a mechanical shutter

check this out mechanical shutter they

can do one over eight thousandth of a

second shutter speed maximum speed

but if you go to the electronic shutter

both of them

can do one over 32 thousands of a second

that is insane when do you ever use

something like that

i’ve never used it but if you’re outdoor

you’re shooting with wide open aperture

you need to kill the light but still

have your super big aperture

that can be your ticket right there uh

they both got the minimum shutter speed

of 15 minutes if you ever want to

capture that super slow motion

i guess not even waterfall but maybe

like astrology or something when you

need like the shutter open for 15


that’s insane um they both got evf which

has tons of pixels 3.68 million

dots at 100 frames per second refresh


absolutely gorgeous evf they both

are weather sealing they both have

weather ceilings so workhorse for

um rugged environment they both have

dual sd cards which is amazingly

necessary for any event or professional

photographer because

every picture matters and you don’t want

to be stuck with a bad memory card

uh both bluetooth and wi-fi both have a

usb type-c

port for charging and power delivery now

is that true

they both have usb type-c ports yeah you


yeah yes both of them oh wow

even xt3 yes oh

xp3 is not that old dude it’s not

how when did sc3 came out is that like


almost two and a half years yep out of


oh yeah yep okay i i did not believe

that to be honest

i i did not i didn’t believe it i didn’t

see it as believing but that’s why we

got ken

who actually has the two cameras so he

cannot lie and jeremy also

in triple x photography are you calling

me a liar

no i’m calling you an excellent time

just call me a liar no

i didn’t say that i said i i said no i

said we can’t

jeremy’s not lie because ken proved it


let’s talk about the difference you’re

still calling me a lie about that

no i said you cannot be lying because

can prove you accurate so this statement

i put out is not trusting enough for you

you have to see the actual little tiny

dot on the camera

i had my doubts maybe it was a typo

just i was just curious i didn’t know

usb type c

had it stopped our friends should just

take out one percent

that’s good we’re all right we’re still

at 99

we’re so good all right so these were

the similarities between these two

cameras so if all

these ticks your box then just get the

x23 and save a lot of money

but if you’re looking for the

differences to see if the xc4

is a worthable upgrade or purchase over

the xp3 let’s go down the list so jeremy

why don’t you kick us off with point

number one

so the number one and also the most

important update

and upgrade from xd folder x3 is the

five pixel state

image stabilization right ken

i believe the xt

series don’t have that only what what’s

the other one

h x h 1 x 1

had that stabilization and x t 1 2 3

don’t have stabilizer until x d4 which


but it’s a brand if they don’t just copy

the old one

to the xd4 this is a brand new one right

that they make

yeah this is the redesigned one it’s 30

smaller than the previous

xh1 yeah

and it’s better too right it has better

uh stops six point five stops versus uh

the one in the x h1 which is not exactly

as good

correct okay uh well the xh-1

with some of the compatible lens they

get up to six stop

but inside xt4 with some of the

compatible lens

they can go up to x 6.5 a half stop

better okay so it’s in an approved

image in body image stabilization right

so with

according to this statement here okay

now i’m not sure about this one i just

kind of read it

so there’s like 29 29 different fuji




and has 6.5 stop

right exactly and if you we well there’s

actually not much

after market lens that which you can use

so it doesn’t


but this is a good really good plus

because like imagine if you don’t know

how to call a camera or

i don’t know some people just like like

the style holding one hand with the

camera the other hand doing something


then this image stabilization it will

help hey man

it’s one it’s only a few times i do that

okay come on give me a break

yeah and also this uh the image

stabilizes user is uh

best for the like uh people using the

menu lens like back from the old film


it’s also good for your long exposure

shooting at night

why would you handheld it

uh a long exposure well

but when you grind out like i just carry


just want to take some like a night


on the street as a slap but you may like

carrying your tripod

so this is going to be help you a little

bit it will help and one time i try to

hold my camera like really close and

put myself against the wall and twice my

foes myself


yeah yeah and also if you have a long

lens right i i think cam i already

mentioned but the longer your focal

length is

the more stabilization you need like the

same setting if you’re shooting at 200

millimeter versus

at 30 at 24 millimeter you need more

stabilization on the longer focal length

yeah um so this is definitely a decision


factor point wait so if i’m shooting

with the 55 140 and

on xd4 i should probably get sharper


right if i go over 140 yes that’s


oh shoot now i’m actually considering

because the rule of thumb is you should

shoot one over the focal length as your

shutter speed

so if you’re shooting a one where is it


but if you have image stabilization you

can go slower

that’s the rule of thumb yeah yeah well


how many costs you drink you know you’ve

got a shaky hand

and you probably want that exactly it

depends um but can you say something

well i couldn’t

yeah yes that was according to some of

the user experience with the image

stabilizers that they can

handheld shooting like one second

oh yeah yeah that’s really good

yeah that’s really good yeah it’s

perfect for coffee drinker like me

yes exactly exactly for shaky hands

and this is a huge decision factor which

is why we picked it as number one

also if you’re doing video it is without

question a huge benefit for a video

like if you’re vlogging or moving with

the camera it’s not a day difference

it pretty much eliminates the need for a


a gimbal if you don’t have time to set

up a gimbal it’s

pretty darn good all right moving next


next point number two is a larger


jeremy what do you have to say about

this so a lot of people

been complaining even i was kind of

shocked when i first played with xt3 i


small battery gone fast so

in xc4 they make it bigger

in this case size doesn’t matter well

slightly bigger

it is slightly bigger yes but then but

it double i mean it’s slightly bigger

but it’s kind of double the capacity

so yeah which is amazing

i don’t have this back with me but i i

forgot how many shots you take with the

new one now do you know ken

um depend on your camera shooting modes


under the economic mode you can shoot up

to 60.

oh sorry 600. um that’s a lot

yes and if uh

on the boot book if on the football is



do you think that’s enough derek oh

that’s plenty

so if you actually get yourself one of

those vertical grip and have extra

batteries right

see the size it is slightly bigger can

you show that yeah

how about the side by side so it’s a

little bit thicker it’s a little bit

taller and it’s also a little bit wider

but definitely not twice the size but

you’re also but

you’re getting actually you’ve got a

choice capacity yeah yeah

so slightly bigger but actually much


in terms of capacity very cool so

and that makes a big difference

especially if you’re out there shooting

events or shooting videos you can avoid

changing batteries so quickly because

that was probably one of the biggest


for hxt3 users switching batteries a lot

of xg

xt3 photographers if they’re traveling

doing landscape they have like a whole

pouch of

batteries and it’s a lot of work to do

it’s probably complaints that much

mostly everything’s mediocre

probably yeah videographer will

definitely complain um

and also if you put the grip on this one

the grip can actually put

three batteries in there you have one in

the camera body and you have two in the


so yeah that should be enough

yeah yeah that should be enough yes yeah

so definitely definitely nice to have

larger capacity so if you plan to shoot

out a lot

especially with video and you don’t want

to change batteries

this is another decision factor to get

the xt4

next point i would never put a grip i

like this small

well the nexus the size difference that

you would think that

you know xt one two three they have the

same body type you know a lot of

different camera manufacturers does that

you know

but uh they actually make a different

chassis for it because you can tell you

can tell

yeah on that picture the green is

actually xd3

yep the blue the bigger one is xc4 i

mean it’s slightly bigger i mean the

hand grip is actually extend a little

bit further

yep font so the grip is better yep

i can’t see that no i want to see the

grip dude

i can’t see the grip

uh should be holding like this he’d

never done this before

there we go yes yes that angle is how we

see it there we go

there you go

yes it’s a little bit bigger so yeah it

has better grip

so that’s a good thing uh the fact that

they i like the fact that they didn’t go

lazy and just use the old body and cram


they want to cram inside yeah i like

that they i mean

they meant to make a good camera so oh


yeah it’s a tiny bit gear

so dimension wise every dimension is a

little bit bigger

the grip is larger the height is a

little bit wider

higher width a little bit higher depth a

little bit higher

also a little bit heavy but i think the

fact that there’s two main

factors one is uh it’s a bigger

batteries a slot

they have to build the second is the

ibis is

on top of the sensor so they need more


yeah that’s why they need a different

body they can’t have the whole body

period yeah

so if you look at the dimension um

everything is a little bit larger except

this dimension here but in general it’s

not that much bigger

just suddenly another fact because they

get kind of um stay

put on their own value which fuji’s they

want to make smaller camera as possible


the bigger camera is hard to you know go

and shoot

in mind they don’t just think about

professional you know hubble phones like


i mean it is professional because you

could drop it and it was

as weather sealed it is professional

enough but it’s small enough that

for profession handheld in the whole day

it won’t hurt

yeah i remember back then while shooting

with like uh

the nikon d800 with the grip and


with uh 200 that’s heavy man

holding yeah have you ever had like your

finger cramped

by holding hammer too long i had that oh


i also got my rip this a little bit

painful while i know a lot of


had like words and shoulder problems

just because they’ve been shooting like


is broken apart

by the camera so yeah i like that that’s

why like when i first

learned about mirrorless not even

fujifilm but then i kind of like you

know i’m going for a small camera i


freaking care how many features you have

this huge camera body i don’t care it’s

too heavy

yeah well except the camera body wave

and also it’s about the fujifilm also


very good quality and the small lenses

if you compare it with the

like sony the g master see how the size

is it

so the other day i heard a um not an

ex-photographer but like a

representative from fuji australia

and that’s one thing they know about

that the reason why

they keep making crop sensor rather than

full frame

is because having a crop sensor they

could make smaller lenses

so it’s no point that you have like a

small body

but you got freaking huge lens and it

doesn’t make sense

and that’s why 4g frame x series stay


rob sensor and maximize technology of

crop transfer because

they want to keep the body small as well

keeping the lenses small

that i didn’t know until he kind of

pointed out i was like oh wow that’s a

good idea

yep that’s a really good point um but


this is the the differences you might

want to consider if you

have some accessories that fit the xt3

like a small rig or camera rig it might

not fit for the xt yeah you probably


so that’s just something to keep in mind

that the dimensions unless you kind of

frankenstein yourself something then

that’s a different story so this this

slight difference if you

if you’re taking like a videography

where the cage

for the camera is quite convenient if

you put like a

microphone on it monitor and build it

like a monster

yeah yeah so hopefully those those uh

cage should still fit

uh depending on the brands and how they

attach it might not fit because this

camera is slightly bigger so that’s

something to keep in mind

when you decide to upgrade from xc3 to


and one thing i want to point out and


those who own the xt3 like they might

buy some cages or maybe l brackets

they’re not going to fit on the xt phone

you have to buy the new one for sd4

uh yeah that’s kind of given yeah well

that’s it

because there’s a point yeah because on

the pva version like

xt2 and xtv they share the same body so


keep asking can i use my hd free error

back cats

oh yeah that’s right the xt 2 x if

you’re the same body still don’t yeah

no you can’t use the same airbrake as on

the sdv for

xd4 you have to buy separate yeah but

xt2 and xt3 you can’t write because the

same body

uh well the dimensional a little bit

different but a picture more like a 99

c so you might have a small gap in

machine okay

you know what why am i talking about xc2

we talk about xt3 and xd4 here

shut myself up okay moving on all right

next slide next difference is

the lcd monitor this is another huge one

it’s a huge one big big difference so

what what what what is jeremy

uh well if you look at the left one

that’s the xt3

that’s the what it can do right well

actually look it can’t

look it can’t even look at the pictures

that’s the screen look at the camera


yeah so it’s two way either you two get


and and also the other way up up so

that’s a free way you can basically tilt

um the xt3 screen

which is okay enough for photography yep


so for portrait security this the

portrait stream is kind of cool when i

first play with it it’s like oh i can

actually go low with portrait mode

seriously that’s cool uh but that xt4

xd4 hey synchronize dude

four oh game that like the whole 180

yep i mean two part of it yeah

the two part is it one ninety one eighty


uh 180 yeah so

that you can do whatever you want to do

right now like yeah and then pretty much

how to shoot at yep top angle low angles

that’s for low angle that’s a shooting

top angle right and then you can also

flip it back

behind the screen like a normal protect

the screen yeah

so you can use it like a lawnmower

normal camera right and then when you

travel you can also flip around to

protect the screen as well

yep yep and it covers that so i think so

that’s a big

that’s a big purpose

yes that means i don’t know about you i

mean i have

so many cameras that lc is all scratch


but uh is it but to me i still prefer

the xt

free flip screen design because what uh

one use yes to me yes for photography

yes because when you’re shooting like a

portrait small

yes yeah on an xt4 like this you have to

flip your screen down

right then if your tripod is on it oh

if you put a tripod on it well i think

when they created this lcd

they don’t think about it as for um you

know photography is thinking for


i think that’s i think that’s me 63 is

quite similar like that’s even i put on

a tripod

at a portrait mode still can just easily

fill it up

like yeah yeah because xc3 is thinking

for photography while xd4 is a hybrid

so i think that’s the difference

but this this is like a personal

preference type thing i think it’s not

like who’s which is better it’s like

how do you use the camera do you always

shoot a portrait mode i mean you’re a

portrait a fashion photographer so you

deport them all the time that makes


but do you think landscape people do

that no landscape people probably have

horizontal pictures most of the time

and also you don’t shoot if you’re a

videographer you don’t

should pick video vertically so for

videographers you actually need the flip

out screen to do a

vlog game right you need two selfies so

that the flipback screen is 180

it’s impossible to do with the xt3 so if

you’re vlogging the xt4 is

the only option to see yourself

yes truth or like some of the user

they going to buy like external monitor

tiny mirror

no yeah well some of them were using

extra monitor some of them is

like by uh a reflector mirror just put

it on a hot suit size

yeah you can see it myself when you flip

up your screen

right so there are options but you know

for the convenience of a nice flip out


definitely for videography xd4 no

no question about it but if you’re doing

portrait photography and you’re always

on a tripod

you don’t need the image stabilization

then maybe the s3 is a better

option because like ken said it has a

flip out screen that’s perfect for

portrait mode that still works with the

tripod mouse

yes true cool next point okay next point

all right number five the shutter unit

and continuous

shooting what that’s what i’m not too

sure about

cam might have more information than i

do okay

i know they have a new shutter that has

a longer lifespan that’s

all i know but that’s all i know

well um according to the fujifilm

announcement that the xt4 had a

new design of the students of the of the

shooter they will be like

uh is it 30 000 or 3 million

well it’s just it’s about 10 times more


xt3 yeah

yeah yeah it’s all the statement yes so

basically it’s better hardware

it can stand it can withstand more


and it’s quieter and it’s faster

so yes it’s true yeah everything is

longer longer life

yeah longer life so rate it for a higher

number of actuation

so definitely you know the shutter count

not many people care about that so

that’s why not much

information out there but it is a new

different thing that xd4 is different

than xd3

yeah so everything i don’t care about uh

yeah i don’t i don’t even care about the

shutter account no meteor actually

some do some when they purchase it they

think they will like you know

use the camera for a year so they want

to make sure that it has

live i like five years later i mean i

can still shoot it and it will not

lose the shutter can so to them the

shutter account means how long the

camera can be can survive yeah

yeah well to the ds yeah to the single


reflector camera design that’s right i

can’t wait to if

would you ever move to um global shutter

and they were like shutter what should i

count there’s no shirt again


yep yeah there’s something they’re

planning to do i know i can’t wait

that’s gonna change a lot that’s gonna

change everything cool

but for this money yeah all right so for

this point the

everything is better about the xc4 if

you want a faster shutter

starting with more life and a quieter

shutter xc4

um next point autofocus software so

xc4 basically has new algorithms and


hardware for auto focusing is that right

jeremy yes

it’s faster and more accurate but then

this is software so

eventually they will give it to xd3 too

just fyi

did they already have that update yet or

not yet

well there was a kaizen firmware upgrade

for the xt3

as i know that’s what all regional base


at the april but due to the well you

know the

wireless situation right now everything

has been proposed

yes and well the xt40 got the

firmware update like a month or maybe

two months ago

well that upgrade had huge improve of

the low light af

and also the af speed what you telling

me the xc30 has it before xc3

yes that is a little bit beautiful right

there man that’s not fair

yes but to me i think fujifilm may put

the firmware on the hd3 is something


a user try out before they make a

better firmware on the xd3

all right i give them that i mean i

don’t want

something half-assed so yes i’m okay

with that

so um to my opinion and i’m sure that

the xt3 the af speed and also the low

light af

will going to be i wouldn’t say it’s 100

but the same

same with the xd4 but i would say like a



oh so xt4e regardless will have better

focusing then

okay sure yes that’s good to know david


yeah and also one thing about the

fujifilm is uh they always put the new

af on the new cameras camera

for example the xt3 is a little bit

earlier than the xt30 right

and when the xt30 port out the af

speed and also some of the camera

setting performers

is better than the xt3 i know i heard

about that and that’s like

wait a minute i thought xt3 supposed to

be the higher upgrade i mean

how come the xd30 has becoming better

like that doesn’t make sense

yes because they always put some new

feedback uh

trial on their new model cameras but

after the people

like uh reporting from us that is phone

number like uh or maybe some end user

from the internet or maybe uh globally

they will take collect all the opinions

and then

they will make a well a better version

of the software

or the firmware for the hd3 or maybe the


upcoming model cameras okay

well it is that’s the plan then it is

what it is

but at least right now at the current

time the xc4 has a better autofocus and


algorithm than the xc3 right yes yes

yes all right so and also yes

and also there’s uh i know that many

people is talking about the

film simulation on the xt3 and sd4

especially with the classic negative

right yes yes which is

yes exactly yeah that one is for xt4 for


yeah but and from the software

in the earlier time on the capture one

somehow they got a one version upgrade

and they unlock yes they unlock

the cursing negative on the xt3 which


this will mostly possibly that’s the htp

also get this

same simulation yep yeah

we’re not that point yet you’re too fast

yeah well

yeah oh sorry we just

we talked about autofocus but software

is kind of

the thing but yeah point cam so

to wrap it away autofocus xc4 is going

to be better at the algorithm

and the hardware well for the hard drive

on the lower um graph a little bit of


so um supposedly currently right now the

fastest focusing camera is the sony’s

a6600 which is claimed to be 0.02 second

to track and lock on to the subject

uh the xt4 does the same thing nice

as well as i think the x pro three and

also eventually xt32 hopefully

well that’s eventually we don’t know

until they released the forex profile

already have a better af than i know


that’s why

just be patient i’m sure that the

fujifilm will have

the kaizen firmware release for the hd3

and that

every time when the fujifilm released

the kai scene that’s

what they call the name firmware your

camera will be like a reborn

i know it looks like i feel like a brand

new camera is that that’s why

i say the japanese words

ending improvement yes

research ninja well i used to work for

toyota a japanese company

and we always have the kaizen model when

we work on anything it’s always kaizen

yeah that’s why fujifilm have been came

as uh

they are really making a photography


industry messy they really listen to the

user they really on uh

focusing on photography more than just

telecom yeah i had talked to someone in

the wedding industry about fuji’s and

they said that the fuji never listened

to us say well

think about this wedding photography is

not the only genre of photography in the

world so there’s other like street


landscaping and all that so uh you just

have to wait for your turn you know

eventually together and also waiting for

them is not the biggest photography in

the world either it’s always street

photography and landscape

those are the two biggest so i asked a


photographer as a waiting photographer

we should not think too highly of


but we just did more the students they

were reproof

yeah but anyway i i know a lot of

wedding photographers slowly migrate to

fuji just because the size and also the


and also the way the theme simulation

works so we will talk about that later

but yep that’s something else

next one number seven now we’re talking


the image quality settings and the film


right so generally one step ahead that

can’t handle this one he

he he kind of opened the box already on

that one ah okay so every people

know that fujifilm is the start making


film at the first beginning he didn’t

know i told him that he didn’t i didn’t


i learned oh okay yeah okay it’s okay

yeah they have about 18 years experience

of the making film so

quiet experiences on the color profile

so you know that due to the digital


age start like year 2000

yes the people still shooting like a

frame and the judge you know they’re

still picking

uh which one they go to but

well then when the years come combined

and then

well everyone eventually we should i

will switch to the digital cameras

and the people is starting shooting like


oh i want to get the theme film color

but i have to

edit it inside like a photoshop or maybe


retouching software editor yeah yeah


and then until the 2012

the fujifilm released the first mirrors

camera in the x100

and also the expo one then they start

putting back their fujifilm color inside

the digital camera that’s the game


nice nice so this is one thing that

i think most of the other camera

manufacturers don’t do is

put in their theme that they’ve created


the color profile back into the digital

camera yep and i think fuji is probably

one of them to

do it and this is special yeah and on

the market that

every camera band you know about that’s

none of them is

making the film in the early i told you

i told you that too the fujifilm is the

only one

they did the flame and also now they’re

doing the

digital cameras see david i didn’t tell

him the tube and he called me a liar

i didn’t call you a liar i just needed i

just need verification

i just needed a second source of truth

yeah have you ever heard about cannot

have a frame no

you can’t have the frame no no yes uh

like had a film no sony had a film no

put you in yes

ah so that’s why their brand is fuji


and i also still have a film here wow

and this is the new insta pics they

still have film for that too

yeah they make a lot of instagrams i

mean not instagram instagram

so basically this point here it just

says that

the xt4 has the internal bleach bypass

which is the newest

film simulator brand new that’s not a

spring c3 so if this is a simulator mode

that you like and you can see the effect


how it turns this from the natural image

to this it’s like a

high contrast slightly desaturated look

it looks fantastic in my opinion if this

is a look you like well you can’t get it

unless you have the xc4

right uh well not for now


for now maybe yet to my opinion the

bridge bypass is pretty good for

video graphic use it’s kind of like the

f log with a high quality

oh that’s one thing i want to shoot with

the xd3 xd4 because once i’m done with

the video

i can actually um apply those frames

through it on it

i don’t have to do any kind of

collaborating it looks good already

yeah but on uh yeah but on the

well if you put it on the photographic

especially on the portraits

that’s not a good one i tried it i can

so can you listen later yeah i know what

you mean

so it’s still personal preference i

think it looks refreshing on the


i feel like this this is very unique

and that it will stand out in a magazine

because we’ve seen something like this

already a lot in magazine

it looks very contrasty it looks very

vibrant and saturated with colors but

now this is a new look so in my opinion

i think the tournament bleach bypass

looks great

both in video and photo but personal

preference right

but if you want it you have to get this

before because you can’t get in the xc3

at least for now

next point gfx 100 gfx 100 has a two but

that’s medium format and

that’s the topic for a different day

number eight

that the xt4 has over the xc3 is video

recording capability

uh mainly the slow motion right because

both cameras can record 4k up to 60

frames per second

but the xt4 has a maximum frame rate of


which is equivalent to doing a 10xl

motion whereas the xc3 can only do 120

frames per second

at 1080p which is equivalent of 5x slow


and a bunch of other modes but i’ll let

i’ll say that for jeremy

jeremy what else do you want to say

about the video recording features of


are you following me out under the bus

again you know i’m not videographer

what i know about video because you

wrote this and you can talk about the

dual memory card the f log

exists well yeah well here’s a couple of

new features for the wheel recording

yeah one is it has super slow motion


which is 240 frames per second and while

the xt3 can only do 120.

yep and also it has uh

i think you can basically do with dual

card right

and right recording video to both cards

at the same time

so you have a backup every time you

record anything you always have a backup


you never know when your memory card

goes bad especially on a professional

wedding suit

or a once in a lifetime event where you

cannot say

stop action repeat right

does that happen to you before oh yeah

bry walks down the aisle

oh shoot um yeah we can’t we can’t do it


you can’t it’s kind of like it’s tough

yeah can you guys walk back to the aisle

and then you know

walk out again the worst thing is you

don’t know until you get home

and you try to read the memory card and

your memory card is corrupted

that’s the worst part you can’t even ask

them to redo it because the day is over

they’re already in their bed having

their honeymoon

can you have me waiting one more time so

i can record it

yeah pay for it pay for the entire

wedding event then

they’ll do it again but anyway video

recording feature anything you want to

add with that uh ken

uh i think it has a f log assist preview

or something

yeah i forgot what yeah something like

that yeah fvlog assistant is great

so i can get you to show you a little

bit about the

sure camera inside oh look ken’s getting

fancy he’s demonstrating the xc4

menu for us yes and

here you can see the 4k video out of 4hd

like yeah you mentioned about yep yeah

and also the ibs

oh yes in-body image stabilization

and optical image stabilization and

image stabilization what does zebra do


i never know what zebra is focusing um

yeah it helps you with focus so when

things are in focus you see zebra


is that for focusing or for exposure i

forgot zebra is for exposure

or is it for focus i think it’s for

focusing okay i think it’s for focus i’m

not really good at uh

well you know i’m a photographer i’m not

a photographer

not videographer okay yeah yes right

and you’ll see the 4k output here

yep video mode 4k

well let’s get up to yep yeah they have

a higher bit rate

for video oh yeah they do

yes and if you go down to their


let me see it’s at high speed here

ah you can go up to 240

yep wait 240 why is this only 8x slow


i thought it was 10x or did jeremy lie


no no no no the tannic is just sad


wait can you prove that jeremy is wrong


all right there’s a 240 right there wait


yeah it is 240 but 240 says 8x it should

be 10x

hmm i’m not quite uh well okay so


what’s 240 is it because i’m shooting

anymore 240

divided by 30 is 8. that’s why

so i don’t know where you came up with


oh well me and my good asian math

oh i guess we can give you an extra

because even if you record at normal 30

frames per second people can still slow

it down

but i don’t know

anyway 240 yeah anyway i mean 240 frames

per second that is it is what it is

you can slow that down it is slowing

down eight times

if you want to go to 30 frames per

second equivalent it is damn slow

yep cool very cool

yeah 4k output and

yo you can see the film simulation you

can use it

on your video shooting yeah but you can


the people like free as well right uh

yes yes i can put in

sd3 yeah we don’t need to we don’t need


yeah okay sure yeah that’s good

cool thank you uh okay so basically


so basically the video recording

features you got

nice upgrades with xc4 if you’re a


i like i am a videographer i would say

without a doubt

xc4 is a worthy upgrade and if you don’t

have either one

definitely get the x84 because the flip

out screen the in-body image


and the better recording uh capabilities


xc4 a better choice for videographers

all right moving on to point number

nine is the menu jeremy

what about the menu are we talking about

so they actually

separate the steel and video manual so

for easy access for if you’re actually

just doing video

you don’t have to go for all that fuss

about all the photo

features and just going to do your video


so they separate that which is a very

good thing in my book

i mean i don’t want to go through all

the video features while going

trying to set up my camera so it’s nice

and then i think they also added a movie

optimize control which is like a

touchscreen thing that when you’re doing

video you can control your exposure and


on on screen run and go into menu so

this is these two things new that xt3

don’t have

yes and as a videographer i love that

touchscreen to control

the menu the the settings could be the

touchscreen i think you can focus

you can touch focus as well yeah yeah

because if you if you need if you need

to do the buttons or dials it

adds noise and you don’t want to add

noise when you’re recording video

and the menu itself i love the fact that

once you switch context to stills or


it stays in that context so that all the


applies to whatever context you want

like if you’re doing video

you go to video menu and everything in

the menu is related to video oh yeah

he’s got something to show you yes yeah

so here is the

switch button from the steel to the


yeah very simple and by switching those

two it

switches off but you have a different

manual when you open it

yeah just select what i showcase yeah

and on the ht3 you’ll see

that the menu will

be like sorry

you blackout the menu will be yeah sorry


so the menu on the stp there will be


and also the photography settings on the

same page yes

they all mix together sorry

which is okay because uh to me i don’t

really go to manual much

yeah all the stuff that i need is

outside from fuji anyway so

well for me as a videographer i use a

lot of

menus for a video because yes sir yeah

when you are using video

you’re always figuring out the frame

rate you’re always talking about the

file format

the compression um yeah that’s the xd3

menu right here

yeah yeah that’s sd3 yes so everything

is kind of all rolled into one so

it’s nice to be able to have the steels

and video menu

separately and it’s as easy as flipping

the dial right on top

right here okay cool on the xt3 if

you’re going to shoot on the video you

have to change your dialogue from

here from from the middle to all the way


oh so this is that’s way more easier for

the st4 just one click

boom cool all right and moving on to the

final point number two is important one

what is the biggest point because unless

you have unlimited budget

price is always a factor and what do we

know about the price jeremy

well if you guys follow our last video

we talked about

something what did we talk about last

time we talked about xt3 oh we talked

about xc4 oh wait

we talked about the top five cameras

right under a thousand dollars so

currently the price of xtv dropped like

crazy like 500

off so it’s like 999 like quite a

thousand bucks

and you got a body already and the xt4

currently right now it’s cost around


so that’s a huge price difference

yes so that that’s where break i think

that’s where how kind of break a

decision like okay we shouldn’t go with

because it really need videographer

time of features then the xt4 definitely

a must

and then if you’re shooting if you have

coffee hands then you probably want the


but then if your pocket don’t have the

extra 500 bucks

or more it’s not probably going next to


i know it’s like almost half price if

you add tax on it it is half price

if you have 10 tax on it oh yeah that’s

right huh yeah

it is it is so right so xt4 is double

the price almost

so that’s the that’s why i put that last

yeah but to me if you’re just uh

shooting still

and the image stabilizer is really

uh just something you’re going to need

then you have to go to hd4 but

look picture quality only if you shoot

it with one hand all the time you

suppose hold that with your whole body

and stabilize it and

it doesn’t matter and you know how your

safety shutter is then you’re fine too

because the uh well you know the core

inside the xt3 and also the ac4 they’re

sharing the same technology this extra

four sensor

and also one thing that i mentioned

about this

the xt3 still haven’t got

the kaizen film will release yet so i

will say

after the update um except the hardware


that’s going to be like 90 same

software inside i’m not quite sure for

the film simulation yet

but the af and also the low-light air

definitely going to improve

that’s true very cool so yeah yeah so

what are you saying that when you if you

go with xt3

give it some time that fuji will come up

with a new firmware that would

entirely update and upgrade a whole

software part of it and then you’ll have

ninety percent of the future s xd4 for

photography for photography yes

i’m not sure about the video maybe they

will update a little bit

well like yeah still cut yeah but the

video features

on the xd4 is not the software it’s

mostly the button on top

the lcd and in invest i mean ibis

look that the hardware is like the dial

i mean the inside

manual the software like uh dual card

reloading maybe

maybe yeah maybe 4k uh 60

uh 65 or maybe the one maybe 10 oh

okay that that’s yes that could be just

some software because they do have the

same sensor and same processor right

yeah that’s the software things so i’m

not sure i’m

not guarantee anything that they will

have the same

but i assume or maybe i’m guessing might


right yeah all right so there’s no

guarantee and it might be a business

strategy for food

don’t call us on that people if you’re

watching this yeah don’t buy say hey man

can said that

or they rick said that no i’m saying no

no i just

yeah maybe i’m not good that’s why i

keep my mouth shut

from tony lopez just says hi guys hello

tony because he was here on a live

stream as well

and tony also said whoa i missed a lot

so yeah don’t worry yeah

why should we play but basically because

i’m not gonna go back to point one

for you yeah

we had a really good discussion with uh

ken as well as jeremy both

seasoned photographers both canon

canon fujifilm ambassador aka x


wrong with so many levels dude i caught

myself i caught myself

anyway the last point that is a break or

makeup between the xc3 and xc4

is the price so if price is a factor

then uh xc3 unless you’re doing video in

that regards you probably want to go for

the sc4 because

it has better hardware support for video

all right well those are our 10 points

you want to wrap it up jeremy or ken any

extra thoughts here

oh perfect point tony is asking how

about the new fuji 50


you know something about that right ken

well actually i have received something

new so i’m trying now

but i well under some

thing agreement but i couldn’t show you

and tell you much about it but

i’m going to show you this on the next

video oh

back for the waste next video then wow

i couldn’t get an answer for you so i

mean that

there is one fact in there that ken

leaked is that there is

a fuji film 50 millimeter 1.0 right is


is that a leak he won’t say it he can’t

say it

you can’t say that either okay i can

only say it’s a new lens

and yes and

well as here’s actually that’s new land

is quite impressive

let me try it now oh let’s just say that

i’m so glad that i never

get myself that 56 millimeter 1.2

because for ones not something that i

want but this one here is different

so we’ll talk about 1.0 all right

so um we don’t want to break any

nondisclosure agreement so we’re not

going to put ken under the pressure

under the boat

the bus for this but he’s doing his

research he’s playing with a new lens

new technology whatever it is

and just stay tuned because he’s

definitely going to share it with you

guys and he’s going to share it on this

platform so

make sure you follow subscribe so you

always get an update on when that live

comes out and you can interact with us

and get the first impression

from the man himself ken

yes cool very good question tony

and very very good for yes

here yes the lens should be on the

market very soon

ooh whatever lens is hot next month

no we’re not gonna pressure him to get

any details well i don’t know exactly


release date but i also read the rumors

on the

internet it’s pretty much like that oh

hey we got a new comment from fujiwoman

oh fuji rumor happy the heat it performs


happy to hear it performs great

trick over there hi hey fuji rumors

thank you for stopping by we’re excited

to have you watch our channel make sure

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should stop by fuji rumors as well

we always go to your website we always

go to your website but we forgot that

you guys have a youtube channel as well

very cool uh elbow cough cough

oh fuji rumor has through

a leak is it is it is this official


what is this well i don’t know i can’t


oh his auto is breaking out on purpose

on purpose

we don’t know for sure are you using our

channel to leak information

fuji rumor fuji rumors leaking

information through our channel

pretty cool pretty cool here

yeah all right well i think that’s

that’s kind of wrap it up right

that to me i think it has a good wrap we

talked about the 10 differences

between xc3 xc4 as well as the

similarity and

why you should upgrade to sc4 if lows

are a factor for you

anything else you want to say ken to

wrap it up

it sounds like you are uh darth vader

having a cold

oh father



you know what that’s a sign there’s a

sign say hey signing out

we’re signing out we’ll save your

thought for next time ken

we will talk about that new lens that

you’re playing around

next time all right so stay tuned


if you want to know about the new lens

that he’s playing around with

all right but with that we wish you all

a healthy

night have have a great night stay

healthy stay

safe subscribe like and we’ll see you

guys next time

goodbye everybody bye-bye signing out

ending stream

signing out on all of our streams

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