Should you buy the M1 MacBook now or wait for the next generation? Is the MacBook Pro M1 worth it?

I think it’s totally worth it! That’s why I just bought the fully loaded 2020 M1 MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM and 2TB SSD!

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Video Transcription

 hello and welcome to PixelStabbers! My

name is david

and i’m the tech stabber we’re gonna

take a look at the new

m1 macbook pro open it up unbox it and

talk a little bit about

why i bought it and if you should buy

the same one and why

i think it’s a really good investment

for some people

like video editors for sure that use

final cut pro

and maybe not so good for other people

for example people that use software

that’s not compatible

with the m1 chip yet like software

developers that depend on

emulations or if you’re using virtual

machines and you want to boot into

windows so

there are reasons why you don’t want to

buy the new

m1 mac yet but for some people like


who edit with final cut pro it’s

the perfect solution and i’ll tell you


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so give it a shot anyway let’s talk

about this m1 macbook pro

unbox it and let’s see what we got let’s

open it up and let’s check it out

beautiful macbook pro full tab

to do

and we have liftoff macbook pro

m1 2020 space gray

with 16 gigabyte ram and a two terabyte


whoo this is awesome it’s a really nice

compact size inside the box we got

designed by apple in california

some instructions here look at that

color match apple stickers we got a nice

compact power brick

so this is one reason why i wanted the

macbook pro

because it has a bigger power brick this


is if you can see right there it’s a 61


usbc power adapter i know the battery

life is fantastic on all of these

m1 macbooks but the macbook pro has this


even faster

and the macbook pro has a larger battery

so it lasts a little bit longer as well


going all out maxing out the macbook pro


gigabyte of ram and 2 terabyte ssd

whoo i’m so excited it’s a beast and i’m

gonna use it to edit

all of pixel stabbers videos all of you

tech bs videos

and whatever video i want to edit it’s

gonna crunch through them

especially because i’m using final cut

pro it’s going to be

buttery smooth and super fast i

am pumped yeah and that’s what 2300


got me if it’s gonna help me edit video

faster and make my life better

totally worth it all right let’s power

it up to do

open it up oh yes

peeling off this wow i’m

in this is the brand new macbook pro

m1 everything is so compact coming from

a 15 inch macbook pro

the 13 inch macbook pro is so compact

and nice

i actually like it of course it’s got

the most updated keyboard

that has extra travel and still really

nice to work with

we’re going to blast through these

settings nice touch id

is ready to go yeah oh and we are

in check it out 13 inch magma pro

we got the m1 chip right there with 16

gigabytes of ram

storage wise 2 terabyte ssd

that’s pretty much it guys so should you

buy the m1 macbook pro

or should you actually wait for the next

generation of

m1 chips honestly if you can wait i

think that’s the best value to wait

because this is just the first

generation of the m1 chips so since this

is a first generation

the design of the entire macbook is

actually old there’s nothing new about

the design

the only change is on the inside and

there’s tons of room for improvement

they can actually make the battery

bigger or they can make the

laptop thinner and lighter because right

now they’re going with the m1 integrated


so they have everything in a tightly

compact format

apple’s keeping the old chassis because

they want to focus on the technology on

the inside

and spend all their r d on the

technology on inside

for this first generation and also not

to scare people away with too many


people are comfortable with this design

this is a classic macbook pro

and it’s designed really well

it doesn’t need to really change people

are happy with it so

apple decided to focus on the inside for

first generation

and of course the next generation

there’s tons of room for improvement

that’s why if you can wait wait for the

next generation

the chip will be more polished the

software will be more polished

and the hardware is gonna be more

polished now

if you are concerned about resale value

macs have really good resale value

as long as you buy the base model not

this one this one i got is fully loaded


i spent a lot of money for the the 16

gigabyte ram the 2 terabyte ssd

now let’s talk about connectivity option

this macbook pro

only has here you go only has

two thunderbolt ports and a microphone


i actually want to have at least four

because if i plug in

power and i’m plugging an sd card reader

and maybe an external hard drive

and connect to external monitor yeah i

need at least four ports and there are

adapters but i just still would love to

have it

built in just give me two more ports on

this side and keep these two ports here

and it would be the perfect machine

but you know what i’m asking for too

much because the m1 macbook pro

are amazing i’m sure apple is waiting to

put the

four thunderbolt port on the next

generation and they’re gonna charge a

lot for it so if you can wait definitely


they’re going to improve this design for

sure it’s definitely going to get


and slimmer but if you need performance

and the new m1 macbook is good enough

for you

grab it you’re going to be really happy

with it so though you only got two ports

check out the link down below for a hub

that can convert

each thunderbolt port into three

thunderbolt ports

and it’s quite good with the new m1 max

in terms of performance

this first generation m1 macbook pro

blows everything i know out the water in

terms of editing in final cut pro

and that’s what i do almost every day so

the faster i can edit the videos the

better my life would be

i actually thought about buying the mac

pro and load that thing up to like

twenty thousand dollars

but the performance of that mac pro is


on par with this m1 laptop macbook pro

and that’s mind blowing because the m1

macbook pro costs between a thousand to

two thousand dollars

and the performance is on par with a

twenty thousand dollar

mac pro for editing videos on final cut


i mean mind blowing right

that’s crazy of course there’s still

bugs and it’s not the same performance

if you’re using other applications

and some application might not be

compatible but for me

i use final cut pro and the m1 is just

a beast at editing videos on final cut

pro and the reason

why i got the macbook pro instead of the

mac mini is simply because i love to


everything in one unit i can easily go

anywhere i want with it

it’s got the keyboard it’s got the

trackpad the beautiful trackpad

amazing keyboard it’s got the beautiful

screen it’s got the webcam

it’s got microphone built in it’s got

speakers i mean

it’s a laptop that’s really built well

it’s designed fantastically

because i’ve been using apple products

and i love it and it’s just so nice to

have everything

in the power of my palms and perform

really well editing final cut pro videos

as well or even better than a

fully loaded mac pro that can cost

thousand dollars i mean ah

and it’s got the 20 hour battery life in

this thing that’s the longest battery

life of

any mac ever it’s got a fan in there but

it’s super super quiet

it’s the m1 chip so they don’t get hot

they don’t burn in your lap

when you’re using it as a laptop and

actually having silent operation

is really nice it’s like using your ipad

but now you’re

editing videos and doing high

performance tasks and if the fan comes

on it’s very quiet

and if you guys get the macbook air

there’s no fan so it stays

completely silent and it’s also nice and

cool to operate

it’s just so amazing if i think about it

it’s more than i ever

even asked for something that’s this


portable has so much performance it’s

quiet and it doesn’t get burning hot and

i can edit final cut

pro videos as fast or faster than a mac

pro what’s there not to want about

this amazing macbook pro

and that’s why i got it despite that

it’s the first generation m1 chip

despite that it’s not a new design it’s

the same design

that has so much room for improvement

and despite the fact that it only has

two thunderbolt ports

it’s still really amazing for what it’s


and sure i can go cheap with the specs

and plug in external hard drives but i

decided to splurge and get two terabytes

of ssd

and it’s gonna allow me to create a lot

of amazing videos

for you guys to watch and enjoy i’m


and i’m in love with this new macbook



terabyte ssd

in the space gray color i love it it’s

so sweet

happy happy happy now it’s not all

rainbows and butterflies

there are growing pains and one of the

biggest growing pain

is software compatibility because

obviously the m1 chip is now no longer

an intel chip and that means software

that was natively designed for the intel


has to go through what’s called rosetta


the software instructions to this new m1

chip instructions

but it’s so good that a lot of people

are saying that it’s almost

transparent they don’t even notice that

it does this conversion to the m1 chip

and most things

work smoothly in fact they work smoothly

and better than they work on the intel


so it doesn’t work perfectly on

application that was not designed

for the m1 chip but they work pretty

good so there are software out there

that do not perform well or do not


at all on the m1 chip and that’s just

growing pain

of this first generation as developers

get their software updated to this new

m1 chip

and it’s just a matter of time before

they do so make sure that

all the software that you’re going to be

using is compatible with this new m1

mac and another thing to note is that

this uses the new

big sur os and you have no choice you

cannot actually use

an old operating system on these new m1


and of course every time you upgrade to

a new operating system

there are compatibility issues as well

so it’s not just the m1 chipset

it’s also the new os that apple forces

you to use

which is also incompatible with some

software as well

again just growing paint of new

technology and new software

bottom line should you buy the new

macbook pro

m1 i think so obviously because i got it

and not only did i buy the m1 macbook


i got the fully loaded one and spent 2


on it because i think it’s gonna be an

amazing tool for me and it’s gonna be so


and i’m gonna enjoy it so much and

that’s really

the best part of life being able to

enjoy doing what you do and if i can sit

on the couch

use this beautiful macbook pro with

amazing screen amazing keyboard

fantastic touch pad

and i can edit videos i can do

video conference with the built-in

webcam i can do

i listen to music and do everything i

need on this little thing

and get you got 20 hour battery life

it’s nearly silent

in fact if you get the macbook air it’s

completely silent

and it doesn’t run hot so it’s nice and

cool to

put on your lap and actually use it as a

laptop just think about how much you


using an ipad on the couch right

but now you can have the same enjoyment

as you’re editing professional quality

video or doing

high intensive applications if you think

about it that’s why the ipad

is so enjoyable because it’s powerful

it’s quiet and it’s cool to touch

and it does everything you need for an

ipad but of course

an ipad was never the perfect solution

for me as a video editor

because i need a keyboard i need a

trackpad i need to be able to run final

cut pro on it

but now this thing can run final cut pro

faster or as fast as a 20 000

mac pro but i can work

on my lap sitting on a couch with a 20

hour battery life

with a beautiful screen that’s

calibrated and looks amazing

everything just integrates so well into

this beautiful 13-inch device

that turns on instantly when i open the


i mean look at that instant on check

this out ready ready

boom it’s on ready boom

is on close it’s asleep boom

it’s on that is incredible i mean

yes i know it’s a luxury that i don’t


but it’s so nice it’s like it’s like

your iphone or your ipad

you just turn it on and instantly it’s

on and ready to work

and that’s so nice right super fast so

all in all it’s a beautiful package

and that’s why i went to fully load it

with two terabyte ssd

and 16 gigabyte of ram because i’m going

to be using this as a powerhouse

as a workhorse to do all my video

editing to

do all my web development everything is

going to be on this little thing

and it’s going to be a fantastic tool to

get the job done

so because i plan to use the heck out of

this thing

i think it’s totally worth it so let me

know what you guys think in the comments


is the new m1 macbook pro the perfect

laptop to get

right now or maybe the m1 macbook air

or maybe the m1 mac mini is the perfect

one for you

anyways you have choices and like i

mentioned below there are some

sacrifices you’re making

but to me it’s perfect at least for now

until they can add more thunderbolt

ports but we’ll talk about that later


right now i’m super happy with what i

have here but

let me know if you guys are picking up

one of the new

m1 mac devices and let me know which one

before you go don’t forget there are

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check that out and that’s all i have for

today i hope you guys enjoyed the video

stay healthy stay safe take care and

i’ll see you guys next time