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Very affordable and compact RBG LED Light that you can fit in your pocket!

I’ve been using this for almost 1 year and now I LOVE it!


Video Transcription


hi i forgot to say hello to my little


your little friend um

who’s your little friend jeremy say

hello to my little friend

um no i don’t want to say hello to your

love friend because i’m getting pulled

over by the police

no i’m kidding it’s just this light what

have we done this time i

i’ve been i’ve been a bad bad boy

no we’re we should okay keep this keep

this pg guys keep it smg but this light


crazy guys check out this light this

light has so many functionality it’s a


normal light and it’s also rgb light and

it has all these different patterns

it’s it’s pretty awesome uh

so hello and welcome to eutectia today

we’re talking about the super affordable

rgb light that i’ve had for

well over a year now um not over a year

almost a year when i buy this light i

bought this in september 26 of 2019

and i’ve always brought this light with

me to all my photo shoots

all my video shoots i always have it in

my pocket because it’s so small i

literally can fit this in my pocket

it’s sturdy it’s made of aluminum

battery lasts

for like three hours at low power it can

last like 12 hours

i can use it as i charge it with my

power brick

usbc i can have a microphone attached to

it boom

attach that attach it onto a little

table tripod

or attach it directly on my camera this

thing is a gem

i love it and in this video we’re going

to talk about this light and how you can

get one for under 100 bucks

so jeremy do you use led lights you’re

looking good

what do you think i’m sorry i’m myself

with the new this headphone cell i look

really good with it so

oh like you do look good and welcome to

the stream jeremy

thanks for joining us thank you yeah

jeremy’s our expert

in-house photographer who also been

shooting weddings for like 15 years and

he uses leds as well right yeah while

everybody is basically still

doing learning off-camera flash i would

move on to using led long time ago

shots fired but then um for the lgb led

i think they

don’t have that before uh it’s more like

a reason i wouldn’t say reasonable at

least a couple years now but still

it’s not a more newish product they

could do even more like right now if

they my room back there that burgundy is

littered by lgb led

also my kicker right here also another


here so basically

the lgb led can be used for both um


as well as we are as well as streaming


you can’t really not have one right now

honestly yes

and they’re so cheap there’s no excuse

uh before we go on

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gamer again hello you tech meal and

hello pizza stabbers and hello

mobile gamer so sorry to interrupt you

jeremy but

uh you know leading back to your point i

think you’re right

leds is portable led lights is so

inexpensive right now and it does so

much in our modern day and age that it


absolutely no sense to not have one


sorry here we hear a bump in my room so

i don’t know what’s going on

hey no screaming though she’ll be fine

yeah like a really hard hit but

anyway yep uh oh what’s your question

again sorry i was yes

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have a great day at school take care and

we’ll see you next time

oh studios we’ll put a picture up for

sure yeah let’s see you

let’s see jt studio yep yep yep

but in the meantime we’re going to talk


this really cool portable rgb led light

and my question to you jeremy is like

it absolutely makes no sense to not have

one of these right because they’re so


and you can do so much with them before

like lights was bright and dark

and then you had lights that had

different color temperature now you have

a full rgb spectrum

in the palm of your hand and it’s so


so well technically there’s a lot of

different from a photography

porn aspect that there’s different

that’s like light is light

yes but then how you generate the light

is different like for example flash

you’re basically

just really strong one bass of light

that’s it

right so it require a camera to capture

but you know we

we won’t do nothing for it right right

and then there’s constant lighting which


of the movie scenes used right and then

related to photography as we offer they

have these led panels

to do that that’s kind of feels like and

now we have the rgb which

can do effect because before it’s only

white balance

right either daylight or cold tones yeah

that white balance right now with rgb

you could do

you know how in um a lot of movies if

they don’t do those lux

they use lighting to create the scenes

that accept that’s good all day

they used all these different lightings

but they apply gel in front of it to

create that

not only gel because the led can still

change colors

yes oh my god

turns green i disappear i disappear when

it turns green

that’s really cool i’m i want to see


that’s so cool that’s a cool effect it

is a cool effect but yeah like you have

different different modes here

and you can take an sos mode and you can

have like candlelight just like

kind of a romantic dinner flicker and of

course you can adjust the brightness too


however bright you want because it’s

this thing let me show you

really up close the controls here are

really nice

so you always have a battery indicator

is it focusing

yeah so you know how much battery you

have and then you can control the


and then you can control different mode

you see like this is lightning one

it’s kind of like a blinking light like

like a bad warehouse light i like that


and then let’s see let’s see do a

different effect you got blinking light


it blinks a little bit faster then you

got like what is it cinema

cinema lighting you got police lighting

let me turn the brightness up so you can

see the effect on my face a little bit


you’re blind yourself i am blind myself

this is a police light

you got the ambulance light ambulance

light is more blue less red

right then you got like the fire truck

which is just red

and then you got the fast rgb ah where’d

i go okay

i’m back you get the fast rgb fading

and then you get the slow rgb fading

here and then you got the sos that we

saw earlier

and these are the scenes like that

jeremy says right but if you don’t want

scenes and you just want a constant

light you can actually

adjust like this is cct so you can

adjust the brightness of the cct and you


also adjust the color balance too oops i

just turned off

and the cct you can go from like


higher you see right now i’m at 8500


and you can go all the way down to 3000

no to 2500 kelvin

so even the cct range is very big on


this light most normal led lights don’t

have this large range for cct light

and then of course if you go to let’s

see if i can go to different mode

this is the art the saturation right so

you can just you can dial in exactly

what color you want in this

different hues i’m sorry the focus is

not really focusing on the

the stream it’s closing your finger yeah

but yeah that’s fine this is this is the


so basically i’ll just show you this one

you can change the different

intensity for different ones right

hs inches i different colors you get the

full spectrum

now the one thing i don’t like about

this and i’ll just have to be


is i wish there was like an iphone app

that i can dial in like exactly the

color i want

but the way around that is basically

easy you just figure out the color you

want and then you

get the hsi and you enter the hsn in


that function is like existed but yeah

if you have that function in that light

it would not be that price

yes that’s true yeah so this is this is

rgb mode i like rgb mode because this is

like the standard mode that people are

familiar with

you just amount to r amount of g and the

amount of b

and you get that but i know i i talked

to some manufacturer i could tell you

that right now for the next generation

this is like the

last generations yeah the current ones

and also the next generation of lgbt led

they will have um either remote control

or mobile control to control all the

lightings yeah that’s coming that’s

coming i mean it would be awesome to

have like a touchscreen here like a

full 360 color palette and just pick

whatever color you want

but of course again at that kind of

feature you’re not looking at a hundred

dollar per life

in fact this light also went down when i

bought this it was like 126 dollars

right now on amazon it’s only 99 and it

comes with a bunch of accessories too

it comes with this hot shoe mount it

comes with this hot shoe mount this

sashima is nice because it allows you to

rotate and then tilt as well like which

is exactly what i have here right

sorry let me turn off the light so it

doesn’t blind you guys so like if i

attach it to my camera

i can it can attach to a light stand or

camera so once it’s attached to your


you can basically move it up and down

you can turn it left and right so you

have full flexibility

right and then plus this also

it has a little uh area right here let


see if i can zoom in you might not see

that well

yeah right here you can see oh shoot

yeah so you can actually pop this out

right here and you have a hole shoe

which is perfect for your microphone so

if you have like an off camera mic

boom just plug it in right here screw it

in and now

you got your light and your mic all in

one unit

on top of your camera yes mount this on

top of camera and you have a full

set up shoot and go right or this

even though it’s a hot shoe guess what

is underneath there you got a screw

that’s a school

your school now i’m screwed which is

great because

i can get i can use something like this

this is a manfrotto

pixie stand it’s on the link down below

too i’ll link to it right now

this is probably my heavenly homestyle

one favorite

little adapter this is so good for like


camera shoot anything this thing is so


for cell phone for portable lighting for

cameras anything so in this ring you can

just kind of screw it onto your light

and boom now you can have it in a stand

you can control it

any way you like super super versatile

light i love this

light jeremy this is so good and the

price right now you can get this maybe

for 99.99 there’s only three left in


dude how come every time we talk about

product it’s like almost

out of stock uh just getting a lot of

hot dogs man

that’s probably why and i think this is

a new price because it was 126 the last

time i bought it

and i bought it like a year almost a

year ago but it’s been such a good light

i’ve had it with me for so long

i think i’ve only i never ran out of

battery because i’ve always i use it a


i use it for like two hours and a shoot

sometimes two and a half

and it still has enough battery to last

me the whole shoot

the battery in this pack is super super

big i think it

it has a huge battery yeah it has a 3



and it uses usbc to charge it oh i

remember why i don’t always run out of


because i always carry this with me so

when i when i start to run low

i just you plug in the usbc and it

charges while it stays on

too but if you don’t charge it you might

keep everything lightweight

at full power you can last up to three

hours provided you’re not in the rgb

mode you’re just in a regular cct mode

but if you use uh 10 power this thing

can last you over 12 hours

and it’s got a great amount of angle

distribution i think a lot of people

worry about

power because unless you’re doing

interview with it

yeah right yes then it will be long but

to be honest

just so pretty honest if you’re doing

like professional interview you will not

using something this

small you will be something bigger

panels but this is just

as a kick light background light right

well background light

yeah yes uh but i think most of the use

for this if you’re doing video is for

like you know short clips

here and there so you’re not like

keeping that like on like constantly 100

so right you could use it for a long

time and if you use it for photo too

you only need to take that one photo

that’s even less yeah yeah

and you know with led lights you can

work together with photography and

videography right because you light up

your shot

the photographer is going to take tons

of pictures without screwing up your


you’re not screwing up your photo with

their flash right because they use your

your optimized light so now before

before your canon 5d

whatever yeah dslr not mirrorless yeah

your shutter cooking sound the media

doesn’t like it

but now with all the mail list is silent

shutter so

nobody contains yes but still there are

some people don’t turn that on because

they want i want to hear a sort of shot

so i know i clicked the note

come back that’s lame

the quality of this light is really good

too i forgot to mention that you can

you can there’s there’s a quarter twenty

thread down here as well as over here so

you can

have the light in this orientation too

which is kind of nice because sometimes

you want like

more of a distribution this way versus

distribution history

you can choose yeah because i i have

three steps when i do

photos for once in the beginning i was

lazy just basically carrying that light

with me in the back pocket and shooting


holding one hand right have you seen

those old photographers they have like

those off-camera flash out of a cable

right oh yeah this way shoot this way i

have one of those brackets

so i kind of do that same thing with the

led you know holding it

shooting like a portrait and then later

on i have what what you have there

right a little hand holder yeah but it

doesn’t really go that far but it’s you

know easier handheld pretty much yes

and then later on i’m on it on a monopod

so i have assistant holding a monopod

against the subject

it will be making a street light coming


ah yes yeah because you yeah perspective


so right a lot later on a lot of

pictures that it looks like natural

light is not

ah yes actually i would love to see some

of your uh

photo work wow this light looks so nice

you got some of my work

let me let me let me tone this down a

little bit because it’s kind of bright

this light is so freaking this is at six


so i guess one disadvantage is that it’s

so bright that

to dim it down to like really low it’s

actually not that easy

because let me let me go down to one

percent so this is zero

this is one percent yeah this is one


so i can’t go a lighter in this this is

not bad i like this i just

i’ll just leave it right here so it can

power me throughout this whole video

how are you or it can light me up yeah

see get some uv no i don’t want to have

you is in there but

actually i want to change the color but

but before i do that let me actually


some of your photos so you can talk a

little bit about it so

yeah sure


oh hey i can even just pull up oh no let

me download it so that always a little

bit more organized

boom all right first photo

this one led where’s the led in this


can you guess uh

right in front off to the left

i’ve got i actually got two leds oh two

yeah so this is the situation which

if you want photo like this and it’s


and there is no light in there you need

led you cannot use flash

because there’s a window back there


because there’s no profession right now

because uh the led is actually on top of

the curtain you can see that

it’s hitting the bride so

it basically is blocking all the light

with the curtains and it just landed

those light onto the bride and

if you use a flash on this the lights

gonna be all over

it’s going to bounce everything so with

the constellation

small led this is how you deal with this

kind of picture

when you want to do something which is

close to the window or reflective


right you have more control especially

if they’re small and portable you can

move them around

and you see what you see is what you get

with leds

right yeah whereas with the flash you

don’t really know until you fire the

shot you’re like oh the reflection is


because this is gonna have a photo i

have really good at bad experience like

before uh we tried to nail down the


and and uh yeah we got the lighting down

but the posing

picture composition is no good right but

with this i

see the light it’s basically just let it

there and it’s easy and i could treat

the pose of the bride

the subject and also the composition so

to be honest

though in in a way those things are more

important than so called the lighting

yeah i mean good light but it’s a boring

request it means nothing

and that’s that’s spoken as a true

photographer like yourself jeremy that’s

why i like to use

led because i don’t have to worry about

too much about the technical thing i can

focus on the art itself

rather like i’m not saying the light is

not art it could be

but when i’m shooting a subject the

subject is my mink

yes the lighting is supposed to

complementary the subject

not the main thing yes a lot of people

say photography capture light

no it well yes or no because basically

we lead the light to c

but at the same time we can’t control

the light we can’t but if we do it

naturally we can’t

it’s we can only control our scenery how

we compose if we’re shooting a

person we need emotions right and

lighting don’t help you with no you need


it takes it away because if you take too

long setting up your lighting

your subject’s gonna be you know

frowning because it’s taking too long

and they’re not interested in shooting

a lot of people have one one really

mistake to make is that

if you’re doing a commercial fashion

shoot you hire a model they professional

they’re dead

photo yes that’s a job when you’re doing

normal portraits for normal people and


you understand your bride your subject

are not professional models

no they’re not there to let you mold

them all day long

but they’re not good they’re they hire

you so that you make them look good

not they work for you it’s the opposite

so you need to be quick about it

yeah a lot of people don’t do that they

spend too much time trying to

oh can you do this gonna take a whole

hour just take one photo

no it’s not good not good

yes and speaking of a photo that was one


check out this photo another one that

jeremy took right

this one need to be quick this one

is actually after midnight in in venice

wow this is a volunteer cafe which is

one of the oldest cafe in the world i

think it’s the first

i don’t know we didn’t speak they were


yeah but then um this is then a good

reason to use

uh led while in flash because it’s at

night time

when you are so dark yeah and basically

a small light lifestyle itself can do a


yes yeah and then and this

if you can see that that’s actually the

last uh on both sides of the window yeah

if you do flash on that you’ll see a lot

of refreshes too in fact i think i see a

little bit of your led reflecting here

but it’s so

little that you don’t even notice right

yeah because all the lighting inside

have other professions so it’s kind of

actually together

yeah when you use a flash you can really

see it mm-hmm yeah it’s flashing square

and it’s bright

from a photographer point of view i if

you use the flash i get sharper image

but then again don’t be selfish because

if you look behind it those are vintage

paintings oh yeah if you go to all the


uh museum no flashes you know why

because all your flash will damage the


yeah so please photographer do not use

your flash to

take picture of paintings yes you are

destroying history

you have fault at this point so led is

fine right here

same thing yeah so use use of led like

jeremy is talking about how to actually

use a light

um as someone like me i’m a gear fanatic

i like having light so i like having

good light

right so you say light is light and

we’re going to see some more of your

photos but before we do that do you mind

if i jump and talk a little bit about

technicality about how

this light is so good cool so let me

jump really quick over to

why this light is able to capture all

that plus more

because one of the things i like about

this is that it’s actually portable


when you’re out taking photos you want

to be quick you’re running gun like you

took that

photo in florence right but you had a

little bit of time to set up

with the led that you can put in your

pocket like this one like if i don’t

have this

tripod screw down to here this thing can


fit in my pocket and it’s sturdy it’s

made of good quality aluminum so

you don’t have to worry about scratching

it up either this side or this side

and i’d like that it doesn’t have dials

because some led lights have dials

you put in your pocket all your dials

get messed up this one you dial in

exactly your setting

you can turn it off and turn back on

whenever you want and it fits in your

pocket and it runs

really cool too if you need to do run

and gun kind of shooting because why not

if you go to european

and try to do photo shoot yes not


if you have any kind of big softbox oh

yeah or a flash they don’t kick you out

but when you walk in with your

mirrorless and that walk in take a

picture and gone boom nobody cares

yes it’s not destructive it’s imagine

you went to the louvre

and you hope you have two assistants

holding two huge softbox walking around

they’re gonna kick you out right there

yeah yeah but you walk in there with

just one

and then you hold it just like you have

your assistant just kind of stand and

hold this that’s all you need your

assistant you stand hold this

and your assistant the cool thing about

holding a flash versus led is like

when your assistant’s holding a flash

they don’t know how to position the

light unless they’re trained well

because they can’t see the result of the

light yeah

yeah that’s exactly yeah just make sure

the lights aren’t on the face and it’s


exactly you see what you see is what you


and this slide is so cheap literally a

hundred bucks it does

rgb and it does standard cct from 2500

kelvin to 8500 kelvin

it lasts three hours on one single

charge you can charge it with usbc like

a power bank

or it comes with a cable so you can

charge it on any usb

charging adapter whatever you have you

got nine light scenes

and the warranty is so good i don’t know

if you guys know about the digital photo


they’re kind of new kind of new because

i just heard about them

like within the last few years but

they’ve been doing a lot of great

products and

they’re good at manufacturing really

solid product

high quality at a low cost so they’re

pretty much beating other competitors

and look at this

they’re giving you 36 months of warranty

on a light that’s a hundred dollars i


that is a testament of how much they

stand by the quality of their product

and with leds there’s nothing to really

break right

i mean the leds are inside you have a

good aluminum shell the battery is like

a lithium ion battery that recharges

forever there’s really nothing that can

go wrong you can drop this but then that

technically wouldn’t be warranty because

that’s your fault

it industrial secret that i can share

oh i i’m all ears i’m i’m pretty sure

nobody knows

um if you do a little research you know

in the past three four years

you’ll see more led company pops up yes

i know that and also you will see the

led because in the old town led of

plastic chestnuts there what remember

the plastics

oh yeah oh they’re plastic and then you

put like double aviators in the back

that’s the kind of led we’re talking

about yeah but in the uh recent year you

see a lot led has aluminum body of metal

bodies right

so from what i heard from the

manufacturer is that there’s a lot of

tripod company and light stand company

who will be making

that but then those are all kind of

saturated overly saturated

so they have all this machinery to make

you know metals

and they convert them to make led


no wonder so that’s why all this led

getting more and better and better


if they move from plastic to what we

have here aluminum bodies

yeah much slower lighter and also um

much higher quality and actually they

make more money and

in the first two years um what i believe

is that a lot of led companies basically

just buy off um

off the rack components and put it into

the chat

but a lot of good ones i think like for

example df here

by looking at their back screen the led

yes yes uh this is not the um

typical ones so i’ve been working well i

really i know

when i look at led i know they bought it

off the web because the layout of it

right it’s just all the right you see

you see how when you change the

uh the mode and the name like holy smoke

all that yeah i’m pretty sure they built

it themselves

because the genetic ones don’t have

those because there’s no way they could

give you names they give you different

mode so

that way when they actually build the

component inside themselves rather than

getting off the rack

you know that it’s better called and it

works better with the light yes so

they took what’s out there and they kind

of made it better they made it their own


no no this they built it themselves

that’s what i’m saying

ah you could by noticing the lcd in the


the way they put it because there’s a

couple ones that you will see it all


different led yeah that means if you

look at that

you know that led is actually bought off

the rack components put in the led

that means led led led anyway this the

aod light bulb

is always off the rack they bought it

yeah yes someone else i’m talking about

the control inside yes

i agree yes and the the functionalities

here are unique to

digital photos right although i’ve seen

a lot of other manufacturers have

similar modes but these modes here are

really fine-tuned and they work well for

what i’ve used i

i really like the candlelight and the

kind of the slow fading

rgb you don’t have to use it a lot but

then as long as you have it with you


it’s always good to have it with you

check this out

give me one second i’m gonna bring back

my uh my

my rgb my led light from


let me grab it real quick

one of those with me too do you let me

see if i can

already i don’t have it with me oh yes

oh yes here it is oh

my gosh oh my gosh

this used to cost me two hundred dollars

for this what yeah

yeah that’s what i got too this frame

is plastic oh my god look how look how

bad it sounds

it’s purely plastic that both you drop


yeah bye-bye yeah the bulbs are plastic

and this was like 200

and the color the rsi

reproduction is terrible you have a

magenta or green tint it’s terrible let

me actually

i wonder if this thing’s so worse let me

pop in the battery you see how bad

how bad this light is it’s still the

funny thing is it still uses the same

npf batteries that we have these days so

let me see

if this mpf battery has any juice i’m

gonna fire it up and we’ll see how bad

it is

come on give me some juice give me some

juice oh dude it has juice

oh look it works still

it still works yeah but you see that you

see how the color is so

greenish yeah this greenish tint it’s

bad this is bad

this is bad this is this is but this

cost me 200

and look how bulky it is and look how

plasticky it is trying to fit in your

back pocket

you can’t fit this in my pocket no way


and like the battery is it’s nice that

the battery is separate but these


only have like what um a thousand or two

thousand milliamps

this one the battery is built in guys

and it’s 3


no one wants anything aluminum quality

pull that away yeah

i i keep this as uh antique and i show

my kids or grandkids this

but we are scared of your family this is

our favorite treasure passing down


our hairline yes

but yeah these lights so digital photo

is a great brand

that really focuses on good quality like

we said 36 months warranty

that’s unheard of for a hundred dollar

product and you can even if you if you

don’t want to spend a hundred dollars

you can get the cheaper one the yy120

which it’s literally less uh it’s

a little bit more than half the price

but you have what what’s the difference

you get you get the same kind of

functionality it’s

bi-color oh this one’s not rgb

no oh forget this don’t get this one

are you serious this is yeah this is not

rgb guys

why is this light even here i guess well

if people

really don’t want rgb but this day and

age there’s no reason to not get rgb

there’s so much good use of it like for

example you see jeremy’s background is


like i mean if you have a light you can

use it as your background

easily or or kick light or anything

right you just turn it up

to the right it’s not my photography

light i just use it in indoor

you know which is perfect yes like you

can just have like a little hint of


it goes a long way like if you’re doing

a photo shoot for example okay check

this out

if i’m doing a photo shoot of my mouse

right i can do like

some videos of this or whatever but add

a little color to it

and you have a if it focuses right there

you go

maybe this is too much brightness let me

let me let me hang on

i got to demonstrate this well i got i

got to sell this

correctly okay so you can have a product


of this device right okay so it’s a nice


great but add a little color to it and

look there you go you have some edge


it looks much much better right actually

it does good with video have you seen

this product we know that um

there’s a system holding like moving

around the product while it’s

the camera doesn’t move the light moves

oh yeah right because you have an effect

of the light moving over yeah

see those those will be cool product

video yes

and this is like beautiful b-roll and

all you do is you have the camera on the


you have the product on the table and

just move the light over it boom using

the light to tell the story

yes exactly so rgb lights right

it has so much more use than regular

lights and at the price that digital

photo has this yy 150


months is that three years

why 150. yeah why why 150.

why why why 150 no no no no yy150 but

why why 150 for 100.

it’s only 100 i paid 126 for this

and i would gladly buy it again at 126.

except now it’s 100

so i would only pay 100 but still i

think it’s worth 150

that’s why it’s yy150 it should be 150

but they’re selling it at a ridiculously

good price

that’s a good like ridiculous look there

we are live again and there’s eight

people watching us

you guys watching us make sure you like

this video follow us us for more content

pixel stabbers on youtube we talk about

photography gear

photography lighting and we have

tutorials on how to take good pictures

as well as tutorial on how to edit

pictures and how to define your style

is that right jeremy yes

yes and speaking of style and

photography let’s take a look at another

one of your photo

because you sent me several good photos

that well you asked me for led

pictures yeah so let’s look at another


oh this one this one is um steaming hot

what oh yeah deming

let’s take a look at this one so that’s

the back story on this and how are you

using led

lights in this photo jeremy oh that’s a

feel like i’m kind of lazy when it comes


indoor or at dark if i don’t have to use

a flash i wouldn’t because

uh using a flash require a lot of

modifier to actually make the light

flattering the red flash just still


yeah i agree having an led on top

without any

diffusion it still looks good oh yeah

because look this led is diffused by


yeah yeah you know like oh these

yeah leds they always have the the bare

bulbs like this

they’re not diffused but these modern

lights they have diffusers oh yeah

the panel is sweet so it’s soft

look at that and also the led can

actually adjust the

um white balance by itself so rather

than putting filters

in front of a flash because flash you

cannot adjust white balance

no your only put field on top of it so

you can control that

temperature yeah color temperature and

also uh

it doesn’t really matter before when

live view were never invented but now

live it’s been invented every camera has

live view yeah and have it

having a constant light and then also

the color and the white temperature

lighting it’s what you see on the lcd

yes that’s important

yes yeah you want to be able to see

exactly what you’re checking and you can

you can you can fine tune what you want

and with leds and with maximizing the

live view of lcd

shooting using led if using flash

even you have live views you can’t see

until the flash flash so you take the

picture some people like that i mean

it is important especially during

daytime yeah or some studio shooting but


yeah this is not it i mean i could

basically you know that i just point one

light there to do some feeling on top

imagine the yellow tone where uh the

lamp was like

that’s it pretty much it yep very nice


yes so leds are very versatile you can

use them anywhere you want and they

produce a nice soft light

because of the diffuser and they’re

flexible they’re small

and not to mention one thing that if

using a flash right

since only flash one time you could do

high-speed sync or

you know you still can’t it you still

have a hard time

trying to do a lot of different shot

in in that one moment but using

a uh led because it’s constant i could


have them just keep moving around while

i’m capturing

i can have different emotions and you

can keep shooting you don’t have to wait

for the flash to refresh

exactly yes exactly right so

like you have the right moment the

people clear the background

and then you just you just crack a joke

and she smiles and she’s got that really

oh yeah

boom shoot right and the the worst is

that when you have all these great

moments and you’re like oh my gosh my

flash just over here

i may have a time how many time that you

you missed it because the shot was not

recycled a lot a lot a lot a lot

a lot i hate it that’s why led has been

so great

i mean leds have its limitation right

because you have to be

relatively close or you have to have a

very big light but

for the time that you can use it to take

advantage of it

right and i see you have a backlight

here did you use led for your backlight


uh no this one is actually a mix okay so

for everyone have this kind of effect

have separations

this is actually a fun way to do is

actually very easy

using a flash as a backlight because

when you’re using a flashlight black

like that um

you don’t really have to be accurate

about the exposure because

and then using um a led as a fun light

you see how soft that light is yes it

makes her grow

yes and it’s very easy so basically down

down the led until you see it’s right

and then you just blast so

you get that separate in the back and

then you got really nice

smooth lighting in the front so i i like

to shoot porsche this way

yep looks more natural using a flash i

don’t like it as much honestly yeah i

like the

normal lighting because i want to

pretend that there’s like actual lamp in

front of her or something right that’s


right it’s it’s more environmental

fitting than having

a flash because the flash makes them pop

too much in fact this one it pops

perfectly but it doesn’t take away from

the scene itself

so good use of flash mixed with led


because you need that bad light there

for sure because you see how those light

pole and also that

uh we go around it’s not that’s not

merry go around what’s it called

character okay so there’s a lot of

lighting going on in the back

and if i don’t have the backlight behind

her for the hair she might kind of

bury in that darkness in there yes yeah

her hair is

right yeah dark so in the popper out

with a really powerful light

yes yeah she would definitely blend in

with it

it depends on the situation sometimes i

use a led for backlight too

but in this case uh we have a lot of

distance so we could put flash behind

but if it’s not then sometimes i put

a led in the back really close like

right behind her head she’s just got to


right right yeah and i like i love that

effect because

it’s something simple but like you can’t

get that effect if you’re shooting with

a cell phone right everyone can take

nice cell phone pictures

but it’s like these small little touches

and knowing how to use light

makes all the difference like i can get

this photo now if i get

my cell phone uh maybe two of these

little led lights have someone

stand behind her hold this and then

another one in the front boom

you get a professional shot off a cell

phone just knowing how to use light

is all the difference

this one is interesting you have a

reflection in the mirror and

that is not a mirror it’s not a mirror

that’s it’s more like um like some kind


billboard that has a plastic guards in


oh but it’s kind of effective so you can

see how

i was so close with them and

so this is a trick that a lot of

photographers use is that when you have

either a little

even it’s a slightly little reflective

wall okay yes a little

little shine on the wall and you put

your cameras like basically

against the wall at all and go for the


and all you have to do is just apply a

little bit of light

on the subject and it reflects on the

reflections don’t put too much though

because you put too much light okay yes


like a flash that’s too much because the

lowest power you can get is 128

but if you put too much light there you

overexpose everything you just need

small amount like and that’s where led

comes in hmm

very nice especially you see how i have

some light in the back too

yeah that’s naturally their light is

yeah if you’re using a flash sometimes

it kills all the environmental light

oh yeah led actually works with

environmental light right

because you just you just put a little

bit of power whereas flash is actually

usually overpowering overkill yes

and you got a compliment from jt studios


beautiful picture oh thank you jt yeah

jt i would agree i would agree with jt


it is a really really nice photo you got

there jeremy

and great technique thanks for sharing

that little tip about having something

reflective and getting your camera

right close to it and then just shine a

little light on your subject

and it’ll bounce off the reflection boom

so yeah here’s another trick is it

don’t look at pinterest too much

if you don’t get pinches there are

majority of the same old same old

and as as a human being we all look

different you don’t want to be the same

old same old

right we we wear different t-shirts i

wear glasses you don’t

i have longer hair you have shorts so we

should be all different don’t look at

preachers too much

uh try different technique if people are

doing that

don’t do that do something else yeah be

unique be your own style

have something that people say oh that

looks like jeremy style

and that’s very unique and that’s

interesting and i would pay because

there’s nothing else that no one else

that does photography like jeremy

right otherwise people start price

shopping if you shoot to see everyone

else the only

difference is how much does this

photographer cost how much is this


if you want to get into business you

want to be having a style

otherwise people will come to you say

why are you charging me so much the

other guy charged half the price

right if you have your own style say can

they do what i do or will they do what i


and that’s why right i mean that’s why


get paid so much to make hollywood

movies right because no one else can do

their job

and as a photographer you should be

unique you should be the only one that

can take that shot or that is your style

they know that their shot is going to be

very different from all the other shots

that you take in

but it has your style your dna into

their photo and that’s what they’re made

for it’s that unique experience that you

as a photographer can deliver so exactly

very good

tip to not look at pinterest because

it’s all the same

and you want to be different from the

rest yeah you kind of get brainwashed

like oh i gotta do this

no you don’t do it

so this photo is interesting i feel like

she’s kind of tensed up she’s like

in a tense move what’s going on here

what what is the premise of this photo


that’s like a whole editorial story that

i shot but this

the way i shot is actually interesting

part this

is shot with a very expensive flash

oh it’s a profoto b10 oh

but i did not use the flash function

because b10 has a mono light function

you use the led the weak led modeling

light and then use that as the main

key light here is this like a really old


vintage apartment-ish you can see the

wall uh-huh and

there’s no this is like a stairway up

there right that’s right no like it’s

like very

deep demons like almost at the darkness

and the b10

is actually using the flash power is

overkill in there over here because

when it’s overkill i can’t it actually

broke out the wall i don’t want that

wow i just want the light on the face of

the subject

right and i made a little just brighter

wall so i found that using flash here it

just ah

too much so i just can’t flash just aim

the monolith on the face and

boom yeah i mean it’s it’s not

about how much light is about using the

right amount of light for the given

situation because i don’t want to light

up the whole thing i want to

keep that mystery moved yes like this

one like you don’t even

feel that there was light artificially

introduced in this photo

it feels very natural yeah there’s a

little led

behind one of the pile uh i think the

lower one

this should up behind one so i have a

system behind

you know where you see where the statue

is yeah

the one behind it that the pole yeah

so the assistant actually behind that

holding a led

on them so this reflection here

on the staircase that’s not the led that

your assistant is producing that’s no

that was the

that’s the light from the manual down


see that manual next to the section

those two lights

those are that wow that’s a bright light

and then

okay because that light lights the front

of their face but you want something to

light the side of their face too but if

you see how the goomb actually

can lit up no yes so you see there’s a

little yellow tissue on the bride and

also a little yellowish

yeah the forehead of the groom that’s

the light what the light is

a little hint of light just goes a long

way just that light down there we

actually love the dress a little bit i

don’t know

but the not the their face and of the

bodies and the led just need that

yes and i can see your assistant just

crunching up behind there and holding a

little light like this

that’s all you need you don’t want to

have a big flash because then you have

to worry about cloning out the light

stand or the umbrella but with the leds


boom yeah the staircase behind it will

also get a little oh yeah

right you want a limited range and you

don’t want the spill

so led is great for that so that’s why

something like this

is so good to fit in your pocket i mean

there’s a tiny way now people use

it’s called the matte mod thing you know

the honeycomb the stoop

yes it’s new yeah so they could do that

too but then

i do not like the fall off there is no

fall off basically just

cut off yes it’s harsh it’s a hard color

i don’t like it

it’s not like it’s a style that’s not my


no i don’t like that style i feel it’s

very artificial because like why

is why is there a spotlight on them

pretty much or square spotlight because

it’s not even naturally

rounded but yeah i never i never bought


you know how you make one you just roll

up your magazine i know

i use a um tissue comb

that works too a tissue cone oh

inside paper towel or toilet paper or a

magazine either way yeah

tissue comes in a box right

toilet paper how’s that toilet paper

yes all right cool cool i mean these are

great applications but

of course a light is a light but you

want to also buy a good light

and this is a fairly

good light probably one of the best

light you can buy for a hundred dollars

you can buy more powerful lights for a

little bit less but it doesn’t have the


quality of this it’s very this one is

very compact right

and it’s solid so you can put this in

your pocket and carry around this is

actually even better

all those like i had um they’re not even

lgbt led

imagine if i got out like three or four

of this kind of lgbt led while shooting


right and i could create different

lighting and man the effect would be

even more dramatic

yes yes yeah these are amazing i mean


look look at this this is amazon listing

you see rgb lights everywhere

but which one you buy you want to buy


from a brand that has quality that

stands by with 36

months warranty and like at least have

some influencer like us just to kind of

show you how good the quality is and i

will stand by

this channel eutectia and jeremy will

stand by pixel stabbers

we don’t talk about brands that we feel

is mediocre

we find products that are really good

quality at a very affordable cost

that makes it worth us worth our time to

share with you because

otherwise go ahead you go shop on amazon

there’s tons of products but which you

choose you want to find something that

you know

you can trust and the reviews also speak

for themselves right like if you look at

some of the reviews

sorry go ahead jeremy can i say anything


okay yeah like look at the reviews i

love this one very effective the build

quality is amazing the only plastic part

it has

are the buttons besides and that is all

metal and other that’s all metal body

the light output on this little thing

throws a

blinding literally it does like this

thing is so bright

when i turn this up to full power it it

was blinding me like this is one percent


look how look how bright this gets

that’s a hundred percent

it is blindingly bright and this thing

is so small

right so i i can’t understand how this

little thing throws out

so much light the reviewer says i use it

to take pictures of my test subject the

dragon skull down here

pretty cool and as you can see

i am getting different lighting also i

love the lc

on the back it tells you your battery

life the light intensity

also the time of battery life based on

how low

or high the output is so i i guess this

one might

this this is a feature of the yy120

because the yy150 doesn’t tell you the

time though because

the yy150 has more complicated things to

worry about right it has to worry about

that yeah this is the

one point that said that way right so

that’s the difference

the but the yy150 has a little bit more

complication right

depending on if you’re in rgb mode or

depending if you switch back to cct mode

and it it will tell you how much battery

life you have left by looking just like

a battery bar like your cell phone

battery bar but it won’t tell you how

much hours oh by the way

you you i mentioned like you know

there’s so many led out there you know

what to get

get the one that you have in hand that

you know how the power you have to push

it for a while before you turn it off


yes get those because for smaller like

this you probably put in an ipad with


that pocket right some of the old ones

that you switch on sometimes you

accidentally switch it on

so you want something like that so that

you would not accidentally turn on the


until you push it for that three seconds

yes yes exactly that’s exactly what this

one does

you see this is the power button if i

can hold it right with the right angle

right here you can hold the you can hit

the button it won’t do anything but you

have to hold it and the light goes off

you can hit it yeah and it won’t turn on

right exactly pocket but if you hold it

you want something like that

yeah that’s the type of led we really

want to get we just had a power button

that you need to push for a while before

it turns on and turn off

it’s perfect to put your pocket this

thing literally if

it’s actually smaller than my cell phone

it is

if it it’s a size it’s within the size

of my iphone 11

pro mac what cell phone you have the

excel yeah

the 11 pro max see it’s smaller than my

cell phone if my cell phone can fit my


this can fit my pocket i love it i love


reviews are great compact long battery

life well these people are talking about

the ll-120 or yy120 i want to see

reviews sure

oh shoot my bad yeah i want to find a

review and talk about oh here this is

rgb light right

so i have two rgb lights this reviewer


sammy says an expensive one i’m not

comfortable taking out of the studio and

this one

this is exactly what i wanted a cheaper

lrgb light

i love the fact that it has a hand

strapped loop too oh i forgot to mention


yes yes there’s a little loop here that

you can actually

put your hand strap through and yeah

it’s so cool

i didn’t i didn’t realize what it was

before it’s hard to see

but you see this look i see it let’s see

this loop right here

and then this is the other side of it

yeah so you could loop

you can loop a little lanyard through

here boom now you have a hand strap

you can carry this anywhere you want and

you don’t have to worry about

dropping you don’t it doesn’t include a

hand strap that’s very true

but that’s okay because it’s easy to buy

a hand shop on amazon or you probably

have hand straps around from your old


so i got some strange settings i got


i got some strange settings compared to

my other lights

but i can’t fault it for that what

charge it up and it works

so far so good we’ll update if anything

changes i don’t understand what strange

settings are but

she gave it a five out of five and she

says it’s charged up and works

great so far and no problem so

yeah very good light people are

reviewing it for himself this is another

yy150 right

super happy the purchaser product

battery life is insane

i really do have to say the battery life

in this thing is so good i don’t even

have to think about charging it because

it’s always

full when i need it and when i go home i

just plug it to a usb

charger and it works and if i’m on the

street and i want to charge it

i always have this in my my camera

backpack so when i put this back in my

camera backpack i’m already charging it

while i’m on my way home

what are you actually using it which

color do you use the most

i i tend to use uh it depends on

creative mode i like to use the blue

and like the warmer colors just to give

something different

when we’re outside in um like

a hallway or out in the park we just

want some different colors so

i do use red green and blue i just i

just like those basic colors

right and then normal light when i’m not

using rgbs i just use the the white

i always use purple purple purple


it’s a less obvious color because when

you do that your picture looks

different because it’s not normal color

you see everywhere

that’s a good point i don’t use purple

too much i use blue

more but just because i feel more

comfortable with blue

but that’s a good blue is too sad


oh purple is nice purple is a romantic

mystery blue is more like

cold yeah and it’s usually more

masculine purple is like kind of in

between masculine and feminine

yeah good tip so yeah rgb

yy 150 light really cool light and you


all these individual lights well they’re

rgbs see

little rgb oh yeah you can’t see it

because it’s right

but let me turn it down see you can you

can kind of oh you can’t even see it

because it’s so freaking bright

even with low power it’s so bright so

digital photo

this is a good brand they make gimbal

accessories and professional gimbal best

and rgb lights i should i should make

another video about their gimbal

accessory because

i really like their gimbal accessory it

works really fine with my ronin-s

i’ll talk about that in the next video

and jeremy you can help me with that too


you can have a gimbal they have a gimbal


so they’re not in the business of making

gimbal but they make z-axis stabilizer

i’m thinking you know the kit that new

camera i would think about getting i’m

thinking about getting a1 yeah you can

get a gimbal for it i actually recommend

the ronin

s uh sc ronin sc

the roni sc here i’ll show you the roni


is a really good one for a small compact


ronin sc yeah i don’t need something

that big

yeah the sc is not big sc is a compact

one oh the dji okay

yeah wow 500 bucks yeah this is a full

kit and you wait for it to be on sale

once it’s on sale it’s like 300 it’s a

good it’s a really

really good gimbal and digital photo

makes a lot of accessories for it let me

show you one really quick so as a teaser

for our next video users you just use it


a little bit teaser okay let me grab it

you could talk to the audience jeremy

i’ll be right back

hi audience do you have any questions no

really come on you guys have questions

like let’s ask how old is david

uh where does he leave no don’t tell me

what is your phone number

no it’s home address no

you can find what you do we want to find

do you know where david lives

do you want to find derrick yes you do


you don’t me no

no leave me alone leave me alone

all right i found it cool

this is my dji

oh wow that’s a helpful yeah

right now it’s not calibrated because

there’s no camera on it but normally the

camera is here

you move around but this is the handle

so handles like this is what

um digital photo makes so i love the z

handle we’ll talk about this later

because you see how it’s one extra axis


stabilization yeah normally if you just

hold this you have three axis

but this now you have one more axis of

stabilization as you walk

that’s nice it is nice and doesn’t have

like a um

what do you call it one of us think that

you could tie it to your body

yes yes it does that it does that too so

basically i i already have the


i’ll talk about it in the next video

well we’ll make one whole video

on the gimbal stuff that digital photo

has but that’s too big

for a small um pocket camera though this

this is this is the ronin-s

i would recommend the roni sc for a

pocket camera or probably something even


there’s probably something i need

something more small yeah but the cool

thing is

the digital photo makes all these

accessories so they make accessories for

big cameras and small cameras and


as well so digital photos you know where

i heard the digital photo before

no i think i use them

i would say at least six seven years ago

oh wow so they’ve been around

so i was hosting a uh international


and i bring a lot of students to hong

kong china

and in hong kong they have a street it’s

like a photography

accessory street so we bought

is actually you know okay imagine bnh


but separate in small shops and the

price of 10 times less


one of one of the day that not not

lecture time but just your free time i


the 10 of those students go to death


and we always kind of help them

negotiating with

you know stall owners and get some deals

and all that when they see others like


tripod whatever why is it so cheap

what’s that but then

and i saw most of the brand that they

made is like

df but good stuff though like

yeah they’re all like quality stuff but

yeah good quality 110 of the price that

you get from nh

yeah exactly like that that z-axis

handle that i purchased i think it’s

like 200

and if you want to buy a legit one from

a like a well-known

brand i don’t even think they make it

but we’re looking at

something the quality is more than two

hundred dollars i would say i understand

the business world you know the american

company they have brand but

also the manufacturer is in china anyway

yeah yeah

right so but then they have to amount to

the price because when they bring it

back in they got to give a cut into b

h and then they have people working on

the marketing you know i get that

but as a shopper if i know where the

sauce comes from and i can get it from

the source which one time the price i’m

gonna pay for your marketing budget i

don’t have to pay for the

right uh dealership thing you deal with

b h and i don’t you don’t have to pay

for your employee ceo money

and i could get directly the price from

the manufacturer why not

exactly exactly i’m gonna actually stop

you really quick jeremy because we have

a question

on amazon live from george g so george c

says i just purchased six items all

eligible for free shipping

why am i being charged for shipping um

george i don’t know which item you’re

you’re adding to your cart

are you adding this particular rgb

yy150 like we’re talking about because

this one is eligible for prime if you

have prime

they should char they should not charge

you for shipping so let me

let us know what items you are ordering

because you might be charged for

shipping on other items

not this item because i think

yeah i really don’t know because amazon


millions of products right so i don’t

know which product you’re ordering

but yeah some of those products do

require shipping if they ship from the

third party not directly from amazon’s

warehouse so

you gotta be careful when you look at it

when you click on the item

and see where they’re shipping from yes

but not this one because this one

is fulfilled by amazon yeah as long as

you see this fulfilled by amazon yeah

and you’re a prime member you should

have free shipping

yeah you should definitely if it doesn’t

have that that means that

the company themselves you see is

shipping them from their warehouse

yeah their own warehouse not amazon’s

then they might charge you for shipping

yep and so i i most of the time that if

i could

look for unless there’s some product

that they don’t have it then i have to

get it from direct from them but if i

can i

always look something which is fulfilled

by amazon that way i could save some


yeah yep yes and then um jt studio says

sometimes they charge for shipping

if you want the item sooner oh yeah good

point jt studio

right so maybe george has actually

uh clicked on express shipping for some

reason and he didn’t realize that

so george make sure you are getting the

regular shipping speed like

the free delivery is not always the

fastest so

just make sure that you select the

option for free delivery otherwise you

will be charged for shipping

thank you jt that’s a very good comment

i totally forgot about that

so what do you think about the eos r5

what do you think

so before i heard about all the

overheating stuff i thought the eos r5

is money because it’s finally a camera

that has

everything that a vlogger wants as a

videographer wants

it still for photos only and short clips

so in that regards i’m not so excited

about it i’m a die-hard

canon shooter i don’t know if you know

jt studio

but i’ve been shooting canon for the

last 10 years starting up with the canon

eos 50 and going to the 5d mark ii


the 1d4 the 1dx mark ii and you know

i’ve been with canon for a very

very very long time but right now with

so much competition

literally the camera manufacturers are

trying to stab each other

trying to be one step ahead of each

other instead of working together

but no camera is on top in my opinion

because of that

because they’re not working together to

try to make the best camera they’re

trying to

make a better camera than the other one

while still withholding some features

so they can milk out as much money as

they can from their

consumers yeah so

i don’t have a favorite i wish i could

but no manufacturer has really made a

camera that i really want

um and also everyone’s needs are

different right jeremy

whether you’re shooting weddings or

sports like this is a sport

camera and i use this to shoot wedding

which is terrible for my back because

this is heavy

but nowadays you and i jeremy we’re

doing a lot of live streaming and we’re

doing a lot of vlogging type of content

so we are looking potentially at the

sony zv1

so we don’t need the crazy 4k 8k

video that the r5 has and then also the


just because it has those uh simulation

can apply to the video

so we could do less editing right

we actually a lot of people nowadays

people are looking into the digital

medium from the camera

yeah i mean sorry mirrorless camera yes

that also have the capability to do

video because

the video is the new thing right now


yeah yeah so i mean whatever your needs


a camera specific for that i think the

r5 tries to be

a video camera first but like you said

they end up being a photo camera still

because that’s the dna of

canon and they have the their own c200

c300 line for videography so i don’t

think canon

is mature enough yeah because you know

when you are in

the dslr which is digital

with the mirror effectively like a

vector lens yeah uh you have

less in there but when you you have more

room so

your air vents whatever it’s better

right yeah but

when you have a mirror let’s make it

smaller in a tiny stay

and you have all this electronic it do

heat up and you don’t know how to deal

with it

right your body don’t know how to you

know just kind of a computer you have no

fans in there you’re dead

right yes yeah i don’t think the

technology is there yet

yeah i mean and all the small compact

cameras they have these fast chips



transferred through

all your silicone parts so it has to get

so and i saw a discussion on something


people try to guess what canon’s doing

because in the beginning you know how

everybody has mirror’s camera and cannot

never want to do it because

they don’t want to kill their dslr line

just because they have mirrors

now every yeah now

everybody okay dsl canon dsl is that

because they come with this

yeah and i think the same thing is

because canon do make a lot of good um

video camcorders and stuff and if they

make this

also can do capable of do good video

then also kill the other line

yes so that’s the neighbor because you

understand canada is one company but

they have different divisions

yes they fight they demand each other

they have to because each

department is responsible for their own

sales yeah i’m saying you cannot do that

you’re gonna

you’re gonna suck my sales numbers on

that’s like so they have a lot of things

going on internally so

uh we which we can’t do nothing about it

right we need

we need a small company like blackmagic

to really up your game

and produce a perfect camera then all

the big manufacturers

has to make a competitor to that perfect

camera they just have to

but right now all the big guys they they

own the stage it’s almost like a

monopoly but the big guys

aren’t working together they’re working

against each other but they have the


principle of not delivering the best

because everyone is just kind of

delivering okay

well that’s why i know we’re going to do

a video about this later uh that would

be fun

so do follow this is about the industry

stuff yeah but a little

little insight is that i i’m a fuji guy

i’m a fuji ex-photographer and not that

they pick me i also pick them too and

that’s the reason why because if you

look at all the camera manufacturers

okay most of them the mainstream is the

digital imaging that’s the

you know brandon brothers so they have

to make money off of it

fuji is not the digital imaging in fuji

is only


uh they’re doing medical stuff which is

pharmaceutical so

they’re doing really good yeah so


digital division can basically

aim high yeah and do the best camera

best looking camera

there is and not worry about the profit

no and that’s why i’m with them

and that’s why the only one who making

medium format miller’s

camera right now among all the other big

ones yeah their medium format

are sick and they’re so affordable

they’re they’re

literally their fujifilm’s medium format

mirrorless cameras are cheaper than


canon nikon sony’s it’s like what

blows my mind and if you want to use

their crop sensor

fuji’s crop sensor are on par or better

than canon nikon sony’s full frame it’s


and you have the small sensors you have

smaller lenses

and compact yeah so fuji

is a whole different league you got to

really love photography to understand

the passion that goes with the fuji


the people working in fuji has passion

about photography

not passionate about making money and

profit right and that’s the difference

of the company and

i when i buy a product when i work for

the company

that’s what i’m looking for not how many

features they have how many discounts

they have no

i want to have a future with that

company and that’s why i enjoy

them good choice jeremy good choice so

we’re going to

kind of go back and talk a little bit

about led lights because that’s what the

focus of this video is yes and

we’re over no worries no worries that’s

why it’s good that’s why we love

comments from jt studios

that’s why we love comments from george

feel free to talk about anything

this is a live stream and we love to go

off topic but sometimes we roll it back

to kind of stick with the topic of the


that’s all so jt studio we hope that we

answer your questions about the r5

we’re going to wrap up the live stream

so we just want to wrap up the topic of

the lighting just to end the video now

um but stay tuned and follow us because

jeremy and i we’re planning to make a

really cool video

about the industries of photography

camera gear and how they’re competing

against each other and

what they should do for the best outcome

or more or less of that

topic we also talk about their current

and newest model of the camera and

you know how we feel about that too

exactly h5

r6 xc4 zv1 talk about all those and

how they compete but in this video we’re

going to kind of wrap up with the


so there’s no brainer guys get yourself

an rgb led light

because you want something like this

that fits in your pocket that’s robust


doesn’t turn on off automatically that

has six uh


battery life

it’s solid this is a companion that i

always bring with me through every photo


no matter if i plan to use it or not

because sometimes you just want to pull

out and get a little purple in your


in your your photo this will do it you

don’t need to worry about bringing gels

or finding a gel or burning through your

gel because your flash is too hot right

you just set the light and you forget it

and get perfect great lights

um really nice to have and i i also

have down the link below the yy120 but

that’s before i realized that the yy120

is only uh cct doesn’t have rgb

so don’t get that you get it anyway

because you know this is better than

flashlight it held me a lot of time when

i went on power

i basically put those on my house rather

than flashlight

that’s true that’s true and my my wife

says oh why don’t we lose power i said

don’t worry

we are photographers we have a bunch of

led lights we’re just going to light up

the whole house with our lights

i put one in the bathroom yeah yeah i

totally can relate

yes and the last thing that i want to

just talk about and we already hit on it

is this little thing this little thing

is a small wonder

it’s not rgb light it’s not led light

but i’ve

had this for like six seven years now

and it’s so simple

it’s called a table tripod it links down

below it’s a mini

it’s a pixel tablet yeah

i got it as a gift you guys a gift this

is a great gift too

this is a 20 gift that if any anybody

you know

that has a camera that they will love


if they use their cell phone you

probably want to get a cell phone

adapter on top of this but if you guys

want something that’s

my backpack always yes so you can you

can attach

anything you can attach a little uh


you can attach the led yeah and you can


a tripod oh and since i talked about um

a cell phone um adapter i i have to

bring this up i know this is off topic

but jeremy do you have a favorite cell

phone mount

no i just use whatever amounts i could

get i have a really good one that i like

um i forgot the brand i just oh

it’s metal and it works really well and


it’s not mount it’s a tripod so cell

phone trip

pod mount metal

it’ll come up it’ll come up uh maybe

type it right

yeah metal metal tripod

dang it there it is this is it uh not

this one not this one

this one this one yes this is really


i love love absolutely love this one

i have several of these and they i’ve

used them

all the time and they work really well

with a mini um table tripod like this

so let me add this link down below so

you guys can check this out

really cool little tripod um adapter

for that’s it this is one world without

a really big cases yeah

it works it works it works for my

iphone 11 pro max with a case on

yeah and it it also goes down to small

phones too yes why is it not

loading give me one moment here it’s

struggling to find the product

no yeah no no moment

so the brand is uh ulonzi

oh lonzy yeah very exciting

he’s the european i’m pretty sure he’s


but they they get a lot of other cool

stuff i’ll add all their stuff

down the list below too but the the

product that i really want to show off

is that stan

and let me return to the stream so i can

highlight the stand for you guys

so there it is there it is down in the

bottom there it works

for 11 pro max um 11

yeah big cell phones and note 10 with

the case without a case

and what i really like about it is that

it’s it’s um

tension right so if you release the

screw it opens up by itself

you screw it down and screws down you

the ones that don’t have good screws

when you release it you still have to

stretch it open this one is uh

spring actuated and it works really well

and even it even has

that yeah yeah oh it does

yeah but this one also has a hot shoe

mount on top too so you can even put a

microphone on top

that’s not gonna tell yeah yeah and you

can open all the way up to 3.7 inches

down to 2.6 and really good component

you see the springs there

everything is good everything’s good i

love these products they

they they have great customer service

and great warranty too i travel

those are nice a lot of people shoot

with their cell phones so this is pretty


yeah and then i love the deck oh yeah

they got everything here

yeah all the accessories anyway that’s

it for today’s video i hope you guys

enjoyed the video

jeremy do you have anything to say

before we wrap up we talked about a lot

of cool stuff

yeah get a couple of led it will save

your life say you’re live

why would it save your life well with

your powers out perfect coming

tsunami power down you know i know

yeah oh yeah i should also mention that

it does come with this little bracket


this bracket right here this this is a

nice little bracket because it allows

you to mount your

lights in more of a suspended frame

like so you could tilt it yeah so you

can tilt it

so this one goes to the side here but

the reason why i don’t use this one is


when you use this one you block the hot

shoe mounts for

using the mic but this is fancy because

then now

you can plug this into your camera whoa

i almost tripped and fell so you plug

this into your camera

like this if i can unscrew this right


there we go one-handed unscrew that was

that’s pretty

clutch right there and then now you can

tilt it up

down any way you want and you can

tighten it here

and oh oh oh look there’s a hot shoe

mount here oh oh

shoot yeah yes and then

oh oh i i didn’t

i didn’t use this bracket for the no no

i didn’t use this bracket for the

longest time because i didn’t know

i could put the freaking mark right here

and lock it up

dude ah okay so we’re going to end this

video now so i can go play with this

this is going to give me major gaps even

better when you like you know

when you balance the light off soft

light bounce off the ceiling comes down

and get you the more even effect yes

yes and it works and then they come with

this little wrench

actually actually show you how this

wrench works

uh what’s it called allen wrench because

quality product means you need quality

tools so everything that

df photo comes with is really

high quality and you could tighten

everything up you see

they have these um

mounts here oh dang it i think this is

the wrong

size wrench but don’t worry everything

has really good

bolts so you can really tighten

everything up you got this this

this is like a video camera now i didn’t

know this

come out here this is so awesome oh cool

yeah i’m just making this video there’s

a huge advantage for me

now i have new love with my light i have

a major gas right now jeremy help me

help me i’m having major gas lay it out

since i’m not in the same room with you

just say it out

let it out for all you that don’t know


is gear acquisition syndrome that’s my

problem i’m a photographer i think i do


but unlike jeremy i’m more about the

gear than the photography

which is why jeremy and i are gonna be

able to

tell a story together because i talk

about all the gear and jeremy talks


how to use them or if the gear is

impractical for actual use so

that’s what our channel is about new

tech via combined with pixel stabbers

we are photography and we talk

photography so

follow us and we’ll talk more about it

in the next video yep

all right guys with that we would love

to wrap it up so stay healthy

stay safe thank you so much for tuning

in and we will see you guys

next time adios sayonara goodbye

and signing out on multiple channels so

give us a moment

as we end all of our streams

so many streams stopping them all