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why apply textures into your photo

Why apply textures to your photos? If it’s done right, textures can turn a good photo into something better, that can be called a work of art.

Textures add emotion and life to the image, evolving its original feelings, and replace them with something else.

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Should you buy SKYLUM’s new LUMINAR AI?

Luminar AI is a brand new software which SKYLUM rebuilt from the ground up with an AI technology base engine.This new software means to give you editing that is simple, easy, and fast editing experience. You also have the option to choose fast AI tools or full editing adjustments. It’s a perfect combination – artificial intelligence and your artistic sense.

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BTS Lighting Techniques for Still Life Photography

StellaPro Lights dramatically expands my freedom to harness the power of mirrorless cameras since My Fujifilm Mirrorless cameras have LiveView features, so I can see exactly where the light falls without even take a single photo. Also, I can be more versatile to move fast and modify light on the fly.

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Fine art wedding photography?

I bet you have notice in recent years more and more wedding photographers define their style as “Fine Art Wedding Photography”. but what kind of photography style it really is? Before we go dive in and discuss about, ”fine art wedding photography”, lets break down what is “fine art photography” and “wedding photography”?

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