Transforming a normal female into she-hulk is not as hard as you think. In photoshop ( doesn’t matter what version ) all you are two tools; Hue/Saturation & Masking. Check my photoshop how-to tutorial above.

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for those who don’t know

i’m a huge marble fan lately i have done

a article on pixel stepper and had a


right there and a lot of people ask me

how do you turn

a person into a sheerhawk so today let’s

talk about how we could turn

a normal human into she-hawk

shall we look into it let’s go

so we have chosen a subject to do some

blood transfusion and turn her into the


um so the first thing we do here is

let’s just duplicate the layer

just to be safe it’s always a good thing

to do and basically

you want to go into the adjustment

layers here and pick hue saturation

all right now obviously if you just

push the hilt here you return color you

see that

yeah well that’s green but i turned

everything green

i don’t want to do that so let’s go back

to zero first

zero okay now you see this little hand


so what happened is you i want to use

this little hand here

it will hand pick that category of

colors for me to

do adjustment on so for example i always

pick something

in the middle here so if we look closely

now you see how it does

that’s the color right i don’t want to

do this saturation i just want to pick


once you pick it you can see that down

here it has a bracket

on that color now we’re going to choose

who and turn you see how a majority

turning just that

color on it’s called limit it doesn’t

turn everything green

can still kind of but we will fine tune

that so i’m going to pick something like


i’m going to focus on just no skin right


so luminous let’s see

i think i kind of like that so i’m gonna

hide everything

and then get a brush um

you don’t have to do i mean so i’m going

to do this

do this

a little bit of thumb too because you


you want me you want everything green

you see i’m just turning green now

right we can fix those hair later

don’t worry about it okay

right and

we’re gonna fine-tune this this is not

something that you need to be really

you know clear about this basically i’m

just turning color i’m not changing a

lot of things just to color off oops

yes make sure you have black on and you

paint back on in there on the hairs you

know in fact

do you think we should put some green on

here to just saying

you know here’s an interesting thing to

do if i do a selection here

oh it does it does it does okay

so i want to do that oh no no no no i

don’t do that

i won’t do that and that will take all

the green away from it

perfect so let’s just have the screen

um you know what i’m gonna find him just

a little bit

because i’m a perfectionist well sort of

not really but

you know oh i’m gonna get the green back

in here

in here too and i’m to lower my brush to


and do a little brush here and there

so that you know it works

too okay

but at the same time i want to get this

off so i’m going to change this to 50

ish and i’m going to bring some of those

right back just for that will be looking


but this type of war is better to zoom

two in little here

down here too okay

see basically just

brushing here it doesn’t have to be too


well depends up how professionals are


but it really depends

i like that um oh you know what one

thing i want to do

all right should we change the eye

oh you know what

i think i’m gonna keep the eyes green

i like that i like that

i like that okay one more thing we’ll do

you see how the hand

is actually absorbing more light than it

should be

i want to talk oh look at that if it

darken it looks way better

but i don’t want everything to be

talking so let’s just do our

layer here and do some dodging burning

here make sure you’re on white

brush 100 flow is eighty percent so i

just do

swipe see that actually

one just too much

yeah there you go


i don’t really like this striped color


so i’m gonna am erasing it

no sorry that’s more like it

okay i will do that and

so for here this

i just want to apply it down

yes and then one last thing i want to do

going to select the color going green

and adjust my green

according i like

you know there is no set color on how

she hot looks like just

the way you want it to be so

i think i’ll stick with this check that


basically she’s here now

hug out