Learn Photography SECRETS/TIPS on lighting, posing, storytelling, retouching, color grading, photoshop, and business! Understand how to make your colors POP! Feature Jeremy Chan, FujiFilm X Photographer, WPPI Award Winning Wedding Photographer and WPPI Judge!


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Let’s stay creative and active during this crazy time!

In this lecture, we go through the basics of color concept, also show you tools in post-production to help you manipulate color in your photos to enhance the visual impact. This is good for drawing in more attention of your audience for both toward your photography business marketing and also help elevate your photography competition gameplay.

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Video Transcription


hey we’re going live we’re going live

are you ready alright hey guys this is a

piece of stabber

my name is David this is Jeremy in this

video we’re gonna hey in this video

we’re gonna show you guys how to take

your teacher photography to the next


Jeremy’s been doing photography from 15

years and he started out as a digital

graphic artist so he has all these tips

and tricks and he’s gonna share all that

with you today so I’m sure you’re gonna

get some good information on this video

we have questions always ask below so

Jeremy why don’t you talk a little bit

about yourself all right so I’m oh I

don’t know G expert offers me up because

they need more portion people and also

I’m sponsored by Microsoft as well which

I love it I got a few laptops gigs and I

also teach in WPI and different

conferences so I do trained professional

photographers especially on the area of

post-processing that’s crazy because WPI

is such a big conference all the

greatest wedding photographers I know

are always there and did you know I shot

wedding for 10 years and I never ever

which is WPP I bet you opposite I’m a

born in WPI my career stop post followed

by WPI so we have very very different

backgrounds one other thing is that

you’re a digital artist by nature to

start out with a meeting photography for

myself I just kind of went into

photography by picking up a digital

camera and speaking of which did you

start photography from a digital age or

did you start using film when you

started shooting I start with digital

first but I did when after year two I

went back and took some classes to learn

how to do shoot them and develop films

so you know I get a whole backstory that

ganda is no be a more solid background I

give you a lot of props for actually

even going that route because I don’t

even need to actually touch film to know

how complicated is I started looking at

online and it’s a fun thing so people

but then it’s not because you know in my

garage I still some chemicals back when

I was shooting film I don’t know what to

do with them they’re like they’re not

eco-friendly no those are the

chemicals ever they’re bad for the state

ocean environment they smell you have to

have a darkroom now we have lightroom

but you have to have so much around it

and the fact that you have to be very

precise when you take a picture because

you have my red 35 shots per roll film

whereas in the digital age

I can take 10 shots before I dial it on

my settings to get it right so I can

waste shots not feel bad about it I

would be paranoid if I had to shoot film

and be limited 35 shots before I had to

switch out the rules like that’s not for

me I shot that buried I mean if you go

to some of those we the old school was

always good but classic Fatah V museums

right you see some of those really good

photographer those there our focus yes

yeah there is not as linear that means

that something catches something on Tim

it’s amazing already it’s not in digital

we have so much gears maybe can’t get a

sharp image that you suck because the

camera supposed to be really good well

that’s piece of peeping and that’s like

another issue altogether right then

you’re not worried about the moment

you’re not worried about the expression

you’re just worrying about making sure

it’s sharp which 90% or 95% of your

audience probably wouldn’t even know it

is there sometimes

hey it can be part of the artistic field

it can be blurry it can be soft but

anyway let’s just touch it a little bit

about like what’s a really difference

between film and did show because you

have a little film background right yeah

well if you want cuz I have the same

lectures that I teach at WPI try to pay

for it but I will to share with you guys

right now for free yeah awesome like

this is this is awesome

thanks for doing this for me and just so

you guys know the context jeromy’s does

this lecture at WPI for $129 and when I

was I never been to WPI but every time I

see these kinds of talk like always

wanted to go to them and you guys ready

for a treat because Jeremy’s sharing

everything plus more because we have an

unlimited time here so this might go for

like two hours I don’t know normally you

probably should get home doing nothing

might as well right all right well let’s

get on with the presentation I’ll be

interactive I’ll ask you questions you

can ask me questions and our audience

later can ask questions

and by the way audience you guys make

sure you subscribe and like this video

if you haven’t already done stuff ok so

if we want to talk about photography you

know we’d switch around from vim camera

right camera right looks the same so

technically they’re the same but inside

is difficult back then there’s really

big talk about how photography is

supposed to capture it light and shadow

right so it translate for me from from

film to digital now back in film yes we

are really capturing light and shadow

because what happens the frame has

chemical on top of a plastic and those

react the light and that it contracts it

to your image so we are really capturing

lights and shadows right but what

digital comes in it’s slightly different

now we are not shooting films anymore

the light after hitting the sensor that

we placed a film so we’re not just

capturing there’s no chemical in it it’s

just big li Alltech ok so what does that

mean though that means that we’re not

just capturing light and shadow we’re

capturing pixels wet green and blue

that’s what inside it the sensor and

that’s how they translate into a picture

ok so once we realize that’s different

flame and did your are different okay it

is different so meaning what well this

is what how to censor pay so there’s

different type that’s a better one the

normal one most most of they have the

left side but and Fuji has a different

one we could talk about that that’s a

whole different video because I this is


that well I won’t say I’m right but this

is my believe is that as long you

believe that in digital we are dealing

with pixels okay right let’s say on that

concept first we’re doing pixels now

sure so let’s pick so anyway pick so is

a short term work for picture diamond

you know right make sense okay that’s

not important that’s 9 4 4 time there’s

a philosophy thing so let’s keep that

now if you have a picture right this is

the picture obviously is a pic yep it’s

a photo right right use

let’s say you have Photoshop owner you

can sue me right software some can some

can delete but let’s say you have

Photoshop just assuming all the way to

you sure this is like what 14 hundred

percent yes is what you see what up this

baby yeah

pixels pixels I see exactly so when you

building what did you Kevin this is

pixel we’re working to pixel so right

now the concept is we know we see is

pixel now what do we do with them so now

we know what we’re dealing with we could

do something with them right absolutely

so another good example Legos right

Legos right by a pile them they’re just

colorful pick Legos but if you know what

you’re doing and you have a concept in

creativity this is what you can do you

could do a puzzle it up have you seen

best joke from Fox like their pay with

Lego right now let me show that car no

that’s what’s amazing actually point is

if you can able to mitigate all the

pixels cut Lego is you could create

whatever you want it’s not just about

lighting shuttle right right pretty much

because the image is built upon pixels

if you mean it like the pictures the

right way you create the image you can

recreate it if you go back it imagine

see how the face of him is white right

yes I can we paint all the way to

different college and just face yes

yeah but see the hardest thing I

struggle with that is yes I can replace

the pixel but how do I create the

picture so that you have this perfect

gradient so it looks realistic because I

can just replace the whole bunch of with

a paintbrush and it starts looking like

a cartoon right so you gotta you gotta

really know how to replace your pixels

that’s where I’m leading it to okay good

but first things first though here

here’s the concept

stay on this page first so okay for

example now all the cameras you probably

doesn’t matter which camera way now

today every single camera is easy to use

right if you’re emotionally or actually

any kind of camera and I have live you

meaning what you see is what you get

right your white balance can be Auto so

camera thing for you already

yeah what you could put your camera in

primo I mean although some of those

professional camera don’t have chemo

right but right it has a certain auto

modes in there that you could get

automatic exposures and whatnot it does

take a lot of the hard guessing work out

of it and then back there with the film

camera the hardest part is the focus now

you have auto focus you got phase

detection you got i detecting a smile

detection yeah that’s so easy right so

you think about it back then with the

film camera ootek ninety percent of time

you have to figure out the tech the

technique how to capture a photo right

and only probably 10% you can become

creativity or not just know it’s all the

time you have left because all the time

you spent dialing it in exactly now is

switch alright in digital is that you

only have to put a 10% effort and get

the image for some time to do what to be

creative right and you gotta you gotta

really you got really take upon that

because now the play field is really

high because anyone that buys a digital

camera pulls out smartphone can already

take a really good photo so you got you

got a level up with game now that nine

percent time you have to be creative you

better make nice of that and be creative

right it’s different now but I can

actually everybody has a camera because

this camera ever is the camera that’s

always with you we need to take a shot

right so it’s not about able to get a

picture is not everybody can get a

pictures isn’t gonna picture that is I

wouldn’t use the word amazing because

every photos supposed to be amazing

because it’s God’s creation it’s

supposed to be representing you

yeah a picture that you create suppose

represent who you are so I agree now

that they with digital camera but

digital photography yes

capturing is easy even lighting is easy

we do videos TTL where they’re all just

available light is easy

if you if you’re doing SAP your light

your Stella light yeah what you see what

you get but you know a little basic so

I’ll give credit to people that can use

a digital camera with some ability to

adjust the lighting but yes that’s gonna

get any more special lighting but daring

to me I find that a photo still doesn’t

matter is film or digital it suppose to

be long lasting is suppose passed on to

generations so something in that before

has to be able to last right yes is it

only timeless it’s gonna capture the

moment and be looking good even a

hundred years from today this guy look

great now everybody has a different

motive when they take a photo everybody

has a different style outside know the

style be related to the personality to

me not everybody has it right away you

have a search for it I would say you’re

right right where my begin is here in

this photo this is in France Paris the

new this this is an amazing photo like I

I taken a lot of beautiful pictures

myself and like Bay Area on different

areas but I don’t even travel outside

the Bay Area this is amazing I would

Paris looks amazing

yes in photo but when you ask ago there

is smells man you know what are the

things I always concern about is even in

the Bay Area where I shoot a lot of

pictures I always get passed around with

like security guards police and then

just passenger people asking questions

away but mainly the security guard it’s

like how do you deal with them outside

of this country I would say like that

over there so before I was Fuji then

that was us only as of the others and

that’s why I use Sony and I used some of

these small mailers so I think the key

thing is to not bring too many years

that’s actually very good fact because I

always shoot with my 1dx

and even when I take that one DX to my

nephew’s birthday party at the zoo I got

kicked out there like this is

professional gear you can’t shoot here


tell him this is a family this is my

nephew they’re not paying me this is

like if I was using my point-shoot or my

cell phone but because they see the big

gear they’re like can commit well that’s

what my career I see people that have

different motive I mean there’s no way

wrong some would say that I have to have

the best gear and the gear is that

better than my clients because why not

and anybody can purchase the camera so

right I beep there before I’d be there

before seriously like I have client have

way better gear that I do when I was

shooting their wedding right of course

as photographers we all know it’s not

about the gear like having the best year

would give you like 1% better

that’s why do story I’ll tell you not

yeah I went to one wedding while I kid

you not the Guzman they have a Grossman

table right

every good fun bought the camera yes

daddy was I can’t they all had like

camera Nikon so I was the only guy I

have my Sony NEX Melies camera back then

and yeah okay crop sensor oh okay they

have they’re like canon 5d mark ii my

free or Nikon and these have a hydras

all like put on the table yeah and then

one of the guys come on poach music

beautiful tougher right oh yeah yeah say

wow what kind of carry holding on that

little tiny thing what is that oh this

is some VX you know they child of the

army whatever but right a lot of time in

doing the wedding banquet they play as

their slide shows yes which I shot the

engagement you engage my picture for the

couples and you’ll hear yep my

engagement photo and then they come back

to him again did you shut those picture

with this thing yeah I did yeah man it’s

not of gears it’s not and making a bike

if I ask you to take a whole wedding

with a cell phone like the iPhone 11

world’s but is that before yeah you can

do amazing with that but the problem

about that and before we begin to

off-track is the last point I want to

make it’s like you have if you’re

shooting for a client telling you just

have to condition them and let them know

that it’s not the year that matters I’m

using this gear because it’s small low

profile we can get through all these

locations and not get hassled plus I can

take amazing pictures with this year

so sometimes they understand that that I

can see that using compact lightweight

stuff at these locations is the solution

because otherwise it will get hassle

with the authorities and securities well

it’s kind of very because I have to kind

of work for that too

thanks for the bridal magazine they have

tips on how did you choose your

photographer you gonna make sure that

they use good gears oh this is a gift

they should be using the shooting so

that kind of gets brainwashed Brides

like oh no no he’s not hot he’s not

holding a standard gears he’s not good

right stuff like that yeah

and that’s how I fix I kiss back then I

still have my own way Nikon full gear

stuff I carry my B same hundred with me

but holding my sewing keep shooting

these are the hardest props this is show

that you’ll actually have good games

like oh no I have this too at the end

the photo speak for themselves

is amazing and that’s where your

spacious starts can clear elaborate

little bit more and photo start so this

is where I start having my own style

before it’s just like capture and just

you know hey around with some action

increase that before and you know do

something but I were walking to the

Louvre and what all this all paintings

Wow they they capture my heart like the

colors we’re talking about this a couple

years ago

I look at the colors the way they

compose the picture looking the way they

pose people to Jordan right yes in my

back then this is way back to me that I

haven’t maybe I haven’t seen enough yet

I feel like how come we have such

technology we have little tiny device

able to capture what the reality is but

we can’t be at the same level as this

yeah I mean there’s no reason why but

it’s just it’s just egg mutation it’s

like nucleus

arts and we stick pictures you don’t

think about this type of arrangement

this type of orientation this type of

post processing the effect that these

four paintings have you don’t connect it

to at least I don’t like when I think

that’s again one reason because we’re

spoil we have a device that able to

capture so we do less

back then all this others or they

happens one pan and again yes yes they

put whatever is on the head onto the


oh yeah as photographer we haven’t done

that we only look like a button and

capture what’s in front of us

yeah and we get lazy I think and even if

you add lights and stuff and you think

you’re going above in you’re on that’s

nothing compared to that days weeks

months at least these artists with back

that time it’s amazing the attack that

could capture a moment and whatever in

Philips that capture in film and we use

in long lasting that’s good as far as we

come here now with digital age digital

technology we could do way more Weis all

right look exactly like you said now

that 90% of the other configuration is

done for you in other settings and auto

white balance and everything is on focus

to you have free time now to be creative

and that’s where you get a point

the industry is booming it’s not like

it’s like not crazy right now but it was

look at that I already can’t predict

that people can’t take picture easy

so through this experience with this

journey of going to Paris I realize one

thing is for my future in my career I

want to do two things one I want to be

able to create images that cannot

capture in camera because that’s easy

people can do that now second is I want

to put all this art into my photo Wow so

that very nice the next slide would be

my current style right now so are you

ready for it

wow that looks great that’s my style off

my Bridal pictures see when I look at

this picture I always think about you

know how back in like maybe ten years

ago maybe seven years ago people would

take wedding pictures from the photos

and take it to like an artist to

actually repaint and come up with some

like this only do that

okay can I have the picture these are

all taken already MA on a campus and

bring it to a painter to put things on

top of the campus so you become a hybrid

it’s like a photo painting right right I

think that has like another layer to

like how special the photo is right

because you have the moment and then you

go one extra step to make it a painting

and it’s it’s very artistic you can hang

up the wall and people won’t just say oh

that’s a picture but now it’s like a

canvas art right so I can see the value

so basically you’re taking a digital

photo and you’re adding a ton of value

when you make it a canvas so basically I

kind of learn more with the lighting but

not at the visual lighting it’s natural

lighting how lighting should like a

person and then I took a lot of polar

nning the classic closings because with

this type of fine art you have to have a

classic posting and a custom lighting to

match it to get a whole shooting yeah

this gel blue gel yellow gel with gel in

the picture like this it doesn’t work


no it well it’s a very different effect

what you’re going for here is very

artistic very rustic look and it’s very

elegant I love how you post a couple I

love how you use a simple corner of the

room like actually tell me a little

story about like this picture where was

this here there’s the column the only

reason I put in a row because if you

notice see some of this picture that use

window light see that yeah there yeah we

know light mm-hmm there we know I saw a

lot of changing portrait they use a

window light so me if I ever found a

window or open my sauce like this I will

use it regardless I don’t even use flash

don’t need to because that’s the most

beautiful thing there is

the corner slide that’s why I put in a

corner and this is a couple death from

Hong Kong and they want to have their

photograph taken in Venice yeah

so we did a consultation about like how

they how they don’t want a photo because

when they approached me they know they

won’t find out picture like this cuz

that’s my style

and then we talked a little bit so do

they want just do outdoor only or do

they just want some you know when you go

to Venice you have to take those gondola

pictures right right so you think of my

way you go it one more they want

something more like vintage so I say

well stops a hotel how about if we went

some Italy a fish you know apartment

like this so we could do more photo

shoot in there because you know they

have other artistic ventures in there

already it looks perfect it looks like

thinking solely through the king of

searching and will find this apartment

this is like a 200 years old apartment

and then wow wow it’s pretty cool so

once I woke us up this is perfect this

is like living in the painting and you

you actually took that to heart and you

made it into a painting oh yeah this

looks fantastic

I mean long will you see the crack in

the ceiling all that anyone we touch and

there’s a teammate in there all the

third on the Russ keep it all there

and I guess one thing that a lot of

photographers always have an issue with

or difficulty I should say is posing a

couple like these people our wedding our

pre-wedding or wedding couples they’re

not models right so how did you actually

pose them and what kind of guy do you

have to talk to the couple’s there’s

some some people are 3d for Jennings

they you know they could be like models

butts like I have in this case legume

it’s not modeling of a client they’re

not model they’re not good

infront of camera yeah to minimums just

we want two things the guy looks like a

guy yes the men don’t like a women okay

so how how do you that okay so I always

keep something this is to thing that the

man don’t know what you do how they


where they put their hands so in this

case that’s what never went understand

just steal our chairs they feel more

comfortable give them a comfort zone

sitting that is giving them comfort

okay now they hands like okay just put

your hand there on your knee

you’re gonna excite Lee tell them where

to put it otherwise it would look weird

it were like okay you can’t do that so

and then one thing about lighting is

always have their subject look to the

light so I have the window yes always if

you look the other way I mean look wait

now I have my lighting here I sort of

light look at it if I that way my

favorite horror movie so we don’t want

that so let’s say why not they’re really

personal might not face yep and

basically as a traditional married


the guy would be solid become you know

Foundation and for the family the women

basic we love him so that’s why I’m

trying to pray here helping the bride

leaning on him having him as a support

hmm and then one thing is a lot of

people miss is that on the posing it was

just for the hands now her pose her arms

action behind her shoulders yes a lot of

time that they will have people put

their hand behind a man which yeah in

this portraiture you’ll be missing a

hand I’m actually yeah you’ll wrap it

around yeah the man yeah I’m around so

in this case I have her hand put it back

in the funds so we see both for hands in

the picture it wouldn’t be more pleasing

you can’t tell right now but imagine

imagine have photo that her head is her

arm it’s not their hidden you let me see

one arm but I mean you look at me wait

out I got one now it looks real right

yeah yeah yeah I can see that it was

that inspiration coming from like the

artists paintings or is that just for

experience that is the cause of

portraiture look if you go back portrait

that’s the way to go I’m not talk about

kernan current-day portrait the old

studio day portrait you know have you

been a high school you know sit down

turn this way and yeah others that car

yes of the old classic portrait oh yes

oh yeah remember those doors

it was torture to take those high school

it was but then if but then I was

surprised because I wasn’t racing my

freaking back yeah it looks pretty good

the end yeah it looks all right but what

you did with this photo like you you

took that to the next level by combining

them and using the window light and

having them interact with the elements

around them it’s just very very the high

school picture we talking about we only

do like a father child yeah

what how you treat your body down there

I’m talking a full body here the whole

body the whole person has looked good so

this is your style I love it I love it

this looks amazing what else you have

oh wow this love this smell to it

also what is window light yes I noticed

that right away then the light coming in

is so soft

now you do a lot of this you’re

processing did you enhance that light or

is that just really the natural I know

we did of natural light she’s nice way

to go I guess but see even when your

light is normally very harsh the light

is just so soft I find it hard to

believe it has no life well for this

case they have this afine kind of not

transparent but white sheet in front of

the window it yeah the user yeah that’s

good yeah that’s a good point yeah I

forgot what the call but you’re right

there how her face on it yeah the shadow

looks quite um soft here oh I have

amazingly soft like I’ll do you see my

laser pointer yeah hahaha see why there

a coffee table look at the shadow there

are soft so that’s how that turned out

to be I mean I I mean I know flash on

how you splash but then if I could able

use natural light I will use natural

light so the again I’m coming back to

like the lighting is amazing is so soft

so beautiful using when you’re like now

lighting is one thing but posing is

another like where do you get your

inspiration for these type of poses my

inspiration is about storytelling cuz in

a picture unless you’re doing as high

edgy you know how this quality like that

right what tasks are we imagine what

when you look at that pose what is she –

in its

is this fashion now we gotta explain to

normal P what are you doing so maybe

there’s no reason that the whole oil

painting like yes key point about

everything opening is they are telling a

story yes right even a normal

portraiture they put something within

the frame to show K who that person if

that person is a doctor you see

something that doctor equipment next to

the portrait to show whoever’s in this

it’s a ways about storytelling so I

always give them action to do that in

this case she’s reading a book and Mary

Nana but like do you come up with this

inspiration on the day of like while

you’re taking this picture or no thank

you too much really

there’s a book pull this book and I read

the book something really work with the

environment very nice I mean I do that

as a wedding photographer too but like

this is like another level because

you’ve really crammed this is truly I

don’t want I have her is actually

sitting in front of the mirror behind

her and just yeah I play with a hair

yeah it was always an action going on


we’ve learned that in our wedding

photography too is guiding them to dude

action the tricky part is like how to

freeze the action too so when you shot

this picture

did you actually guide the action about

what the hippies are toting the book

okay so you actually it’s an action but

it’s a frozen action yeah okay

that makes sense because otherwise

you’re stuck doing a lot of things and

it’s hard to get the moment perfect this

is amazing I love your style using that

the natural lighting and old modern

style and the processing on this you can

tell that the house the wall the cat

greenish science don’t know if you know

that’s all that Oh photo it’s kind of

similar but they have yellow in them so

I should add but a bunch of yellow into

the photo to make the look that very

nice cool so here’s this is actually a

wedding day portrait this is a bride in

Spain this is one of the hotel room they

had also using window light and if this

one’s bit different because of Spain you

put European tan to love more

darker and more contrasting picture you

know I don’t even noticed see how this

yeah I’ll talk it more contrasty right

right yeah I love that the focus is like

on her face and not everywhere else

because like modern-day photography it’s

so easy they’re like bring your Stella

Pro light so I had like three of them


shine went outside the windows shine one

behind her give her a hair light but you

have one light source but you didn’t

bother to put other light source I can

see that because it just draws my

attention to her and it’s very realistic

it’s very believable I’ve been one one

of the things that people missing when

they learn about posing and lighting is

to these two things goes together the

leaf of you light because you want to

create shadow then you use the shadow to

shape the person so that they don’t

thinner and better yeah and you had like

the curves or you Holly the details of

the dress lighting is very powerful if

you use right way so this is probably

one of the favorites but well not

favorite spot one was father I went in

most cuz everybody want to pick a

picture into the Eiffel Tower right and

I love how they’re so sharp and not what

the Chinese photographers do these days

is it true shallow depth of field

shallow depth of field but here you have

them sharp and at the tower beautifully

in focus – I love this that’s probably

because I the focal like that I use I

use 24 35 or 50 and I’ll go beyond

because if you have an 85 or 7,200 shoot

this you’re the Eiffel Tower pick a

brewery yeah and very big you have the

compression yeah this isn’t my favorite

focal length for this type of I call it

environmental portrait as soon as five

millimeters and that’s with a crop or

without crop is a 3500 335 yeah that’s a

good focal length 10 I tended not shoot


so why there’s so much to worry about

I can see that’s the that’s a difficulty

a little bit it’s all about compositions

you know how to I suppose the picture

yeah I guess I guess that’s my weak

point it’s like the composition isn’t my

strongest point which is why I focus on

the people because it’s easy to get them

in a rule of thirds here I notice

they’re not even

so just bring the center but no it just

don’t have gravitates my attention

yeah there’s nothing else distract them

there’s only two element ash of three

elements in there the couple the stairs

and Eiffel Towers

it is so good so I love this again you

could tell this interaction um it was

kind of slowly raining there that’s why

they have umbrella but you can see that

how the goop is actually holding the

hand of the bright and walking upstairs

there’s an action that’s yes yes yeah it

supposed it’s that and it’s a police

action like you pausing is easier when

you tell they have to do it action

rather or put your hand here put your

look here right you can tell them to

action and then treat their hands and

arms and legs later yeah much better and

they’re already thinking about it cuz

they can’t envision what they’re looking

like is there a what am i doing why my

hands in these positions very cool

love it oh this is a lucky shot this

wonderfully lucky shot this is a proc

yeah it’s one of the garlic in the pork

and they have some I didn’t even know

when I get there they have some pink it

because it there and someone we saw the

actual we’ve finished a photo shoot this

is finished we’re leaving because

they’ll kind of help sunset we saw white

because I oh my god ye we have to take a

picture a white pickup with the Briony

was a chance of that I have not seen it

when a picture out there they had to

bride with the white people yet I have

never either is the only one this is

pretty cool and it’s a big white peacock

and she has a big white dress it’s like

meant to be anymore because we tried to

attract the bird get cause of the Rye

but we have no better you can see her

hand has nothing in it not to China

white cropped up because feet and tail I

mean that’s a bad no no that’s AG photo

but then you know you can’t cut you are

animals you can’t tell me what to do you

can’t police the word but this is great

this is a beautiful moment capture the

true for the journalistic moment but I

still see that you have the artistic


still there that the way you

post-process it where’s that we’re

looking for

it’s got the classic art look to it it’s

more like a wedding song type of yeah I

mean I had this cyan the green and the

yellow in the white so that kind of mix

up of that so it can’t cube the female

love it love it very simple style one


what’s this beautiful calcium [ __ ]

classroom yep yep so this is not one

that if you ever been to Rome and cross

him down there then it’s full of people

and you can’t go in cause I’m take

pictures it cuz he just can’t like we

get together and why would you you can’t

see the whole building when you’re

inside yep that’s why we went up a

little bit to a little hill on the side

and that’s back here so boom got half

the costs in the background and a couple

little with it’s a gloomy day so we have

to demo flat on one side you tell ya

what if I can go up this one night one

liked umbrella yes that’s what I bring

to people is your umbrella not a song

yeah Bostick – must you open up whatever

umbrella base that closed it technically

you repeat where it always rank so my

division and that’s up relative you know

I always thought about that but my

photography umbrella doesn’t seal water

I don’t know about you but my

photography white umbrella has a little

bit doesn’t it just help umbrella no I

tried it it did it work so just FYI for

anyone thinking to do a dual purpose I

chest loose an umbrella and a real

umbrella but oh there’s fun works

look at that yeah I wouldn’t just some

what if you want to cover up a little

bit it helps but as emergency yeah it’s

book so many of those ones that’s why I

only buy cheap ones right right yeah and

they fly off it I don’t even I am to my

lifestyle I rather them fly off then

pull while I stand down

but the fact that you have a portable

lighting system with umbrella is genius

because technically a softbox what makes

it so soft is because you have a large

light source right and with umbrella

you’re essentially doing the same thing

you still had that the bouncing part to

get the extra light but essentially you

get the soft large light source so

that’s really what you think that

softbox different than umbrella is that

if you’re in a studio indoor environment

you don’t want the life on the back to

spill back no bounds I forgot about this

but if I’m an outdoor to light is not a

bounce back have enough yellow or

umbrella is the same thing yes you think

about that yeah well the same thing when

you do outdoor yes well I think the

softbox has a small tiny advantage right

because the softbox has a reflective

part behind the flash so it bounces back

that extra light into the picture which

is the umbrella you only get the part

that shoots forward the partner shoots

back you kind of lose right so it’s

minor difference but for portability it

makes absolute sense to use if you are

thinking about using speed light you

know those the 800 or whatever yeah yeah

puts a lot of power there every single

juicer power is something but with a lot

of new flash right now they’re like the

minimum voltage is what 200 or 400 you

have more than power enough to do

whatever you need and we fair enough you

can design your full power and they

recycle way is probably two three

seconds right cool cool yes I love the

architecture I love how you put the fine

art color post process into it I like

the lighting the posing is great they’re

doing a shindig at the moment beautiful

beautiful work big it could be better

but there are we just steep on the

posting utility tossed it but at least

it gets a story up that’s all that


and then this one here is a bright in

macao of all the ways you’ve given this

you showed this one has to me the most

painting like look oh yeah it’s not a

lot of time on it

beautiful and I love the the gradual

brightness of the sky kind of blending

in with the whole light where everything

is bright on the top there and it gets

dark in the bottom so the sky was over

it was over so some of this color I

haven’t painted in I hate this guy was

overexposed he said it’s the sky is more

like this color it’s all I think this

colors okay overcast day yeah overcast

so some of this I actually talked in it

so it’s right ingredients little dodging

bird this is before I don’t and that’s

all right can we play sky but I’ll show

you later

this is ladies a long time ago this is

all photoshop that you didn’t understand

but this is nice I mean I can see how

the original photo is nice but looking

at how you post processes I’ve never

seen your original photo but I can tell

you for sure I love this version much

more that’s awesome if you know this all

her pose don’t this is a good tip if

have you ever shopped someone like in

bright sunlight she’s looking at the Sun

actually yes same time I actually got

another flash to feel her more I have a

flash on this side it’s not like I have

one of those flash this is way back

talked about right so you know remember

I hope you have those full flash that

guy yeah yeah one was free fresh one

free flash bracket yep flash and stairs

I hate it because how do you put the

light stand on the stairs you see how

back here I have a sitting right here


she’s always that’s why it all three of

those flashes they’re almost in full

powers very nice you see how bright the

whole thing is right yeah no environment

so does that makes it difficult but but

here’s the thing that for the pose

because she is in direct sunlight and

sink you open your eyes so I have her

put her arm here for what it was elegant

and save happy about a little Sun that’s


but you can’t see the part because if it

blocks the Sun there’s gonna be shadow

on her face no outside though

oh my gosh two small details love it and

then also if you notice here make sure

the arm are not fat down and cover the

body and God got a angle and also just

yeah you have a feature so yes he did

come here to here you can’t make a body

figure yeah

these that yeah plus is it more

interesting to see these arcs and then

you have a natural curve on her back to

see I get a chance and to show you my

composition imposing lectures that talk

about trying move let’s save that for

the next time cuz that’s a good treat to

I love to learn about Sposi

even though I’ve been doing this for ten

years I still I still struggle in posing

and I’m sure a lot well share my

struggles too but let’s see there for

the next video

yep okay I don’t know one which is kind

of new and oh oh nice

I’ve never seen this one before the

reason that I have know that because the

lie was kind of low if you stand up like

with bunny on her face I have heard no

down let’s get this portrait cuz the

light looks good yeah I mean the story

behind all these photos is like it’s one

thing that the full looks great but it’s

interesting to know the story like the

struggles that you had to work around

and once you get this amazing photo in a

way the the difficulties of the

situation helped you create this

masterpiece see it’s very funny

well here so it is pretty

straightforward portrait most of time

you have that one with directions you

see how the light basically cut her face

by Green Show on one side her object

just doing that it’s classic portraiture

lighting and posing that make her half

the size yeah yep the shadows make you


yep just like how I see your shadow your

face to it helps them in your face yeah

that cool cool love this photo is enough

for a radiance paint with this is a

flamingo dancer mm-hmm so one of those

different type of portrait mm-hmm I

really like the texture of the war and I

found its create a lot of different

color textures and

Wow factura soul and yes she’s got

beautiful eyes so I just want to show

get that one eyes this this photo has so

much going for it like you said the

colors the texture and even the play

with the shadows in the back and of

course she has the eyes and she’s she’s

got this look looking right into the

camera so all these as great elements

I’ll go into one photo it’s like a treat

for my eyes I love this so you want to

know about the tools I use yeah I mean

you shown all these great pictures that

you took to next level by processing

them right so how do you do all this I’m

very curious now all the pictures I take

never look this great so this is the

tools I use I use Photoshop okay I don’t

finish not 4.2 now they’re not so it’s

now are four so there’s three different

stuff first you use to get this effect

so what are the difference between the

software did they work together they do

work separately do you work with this

and then in order honey they kind of

work together they kind of work together

look so let’s talk about each one of

them for example photoshopped the good

thing about Photoshop is it has pixel

level editing my robe cannot do others I

use Photoshop exclusively there’s two

reasons of that one is I’m not that good

with Lightroom because I cannot do what

I wanted to do well that’s why I went up

you cuz that’s all I use it’s like rooms

I might know a thing or two more about

Lightroom II you may be may be thankin

is I start with freaking photoshop 4.0

not cs4 Photoshop four point out well

when I said that in 2007 2006 or

sometimes twelve some five I think gosh

so when I started there’s no they won’t

so I start with all the time and it to

be honest it’s still the most powerful

software’s out there it is yes but it’s

it’s not workflow base which is why a

lot photographers use Lightroom because

you can just go through all the photos

really quick doing simple edits and

corrections is go through will you

we open a photo and float

shop you’re gonna do some work on it I

can tell

and then give it a painting option

because you had the paintbrush and

ultimately you had the multi-layers

option I could do a lot of layers on top

of an image to do a lot of planning

which it comes with a blending option we

could talk about that later but okay you

said the hard thing that Kong about this

is it has steeper learning curve it’s

not that easy to learn extremely hard

like literally I don’t know the details

of how to use Photoshop in all my 10

years of shooting pictures like I still

don’t know you know what I tell my

students about why they keep saying oh

it’s so hot all those all to learn but

if you go through it is with the lecture

that I’ll tell you why one thing is

Photoshop it’s a software that beautiful

not just for photographers 3d artists

use it painter use it architect use now

it’s a multi-platform software meaning

that the tools in there is not just for

photography use that will make sense

because yes you think about that if your

photographers all you need to learn is

the tools in there to help you to work

with your photos mmm

every single tools right so you’re just

overwhelmed with all these tools which

is why it seems like you don’t have you

learn a hundred percent how the Tool

Works before you work on photos oh yeah

they don’t think together you don’t have

to learn how to present how software

works before you can we touch a photo

you don’t that’s an eye opener that’s an

eye opener that’s that’s actually very

very looking at all this Photoshop

tutorial her learn everything a tool

before I start working it know just

learn the stuff that you need to learn

how to get your style and that’s it

right there so cost Deeping steep

learning curve

yep yep definitely agree I mean I don’t

know too much I know a little bit but

I’m looking forward to the rest of

presentation so I could pick up some I

want to be able to pick up some small

tips like we’ll take my floor shop just

a little bit more than where it is now

and I’ll be happy so I’m looking forward

to some tip well unfortunately we leave

it up

space were way now so learn okay stop

but good thing that the Knicks software

well this is why to Photoshop that’s

that’s a ton of layers I mean like I was

gonna say we kind of have layers in

Lightroom but not really because you

have a brush and you can have a couple

layers yeah yeah boom I don’t see that

you could transfer this photo no I wrote

to this in Lightroom no no this is all

shop can achieve yeah yeah this is a

precision tool and a night room is just

like a quick quick and dirty

post-processing this is this is fine

editing yep this is how many layers I

have a one two three four five six seven

eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen

fourteen fifty three twenty one one

that’s that’s pretty impressive my old

house is pretty for you that’s a lot of

layers the handle and cell approach I’m

like a problem solver type of person

who’s like I don’t I have a plan I know

where I need to go with the photos but I

see something wrong I fix it I see

something more so every single there

might not affect a lot maybe we look at

some of those it might be tossed my mask

yeah exactly so that’s why I have a lot

of layers yeah fair enough fair enough

but I mean like you can also merge

layers to likewise once you get like all

these pieces this is my master file some

of those master file I don’t want so I

could go back and change yeah let me

think like okay layer is non-destructive

and Photoshop is destructive but that’s

because you don’t save a PSD file if you

say yes the file is not instructed yeah

yeah yeah as long as you don’t the merge

the layers that it’s non-destructive

people argue well you know you waste a

lot of storage but not are they how much

do the hard drives right now cheaper for


terabyte drive mm-hmm that’s nuts

that’s this nuts man you think about all

these technology basically erase all

your problems

but you

see a decent-sized computer to run

Photoshop and process all this or maybe

a beefy computer for Photoshop sorry

do you need a beefy computer for

Photoshop like what do you use to power

your footage shop and yes very to kick

off a co-op try in there and put a cube

of Wham

but your computer it’s not like them the

most modern one it’s like 5 years old or

some like that right oh yeah yeah I’ve

said you used 5 to 6 years old ok so

that crews that point is like even

though it can do so much it relative to

today’s technology you don’t need the

top in like a Peter a five-year-old 6

why just litter this is like a 5 no

exactly six years old computers you know

I work with prop sensor images I have a

Fuji XT three big process really fast I

work with full-frame come cameras before

yeah 2 megapixel still pretty fast

forty-two megapixel Wow in a shot with


process pretty fast so I don’t see a

problem yeah yeah and I think I think

that’s the the bottleneck that we don’t

have anymore this technology has

exponentially grown so that even like

like we were talking about that the

simple camera you can buy like a $200

mirrorless camera right now and take

amazing photos you don’t need to spend a

lot it’s just same with the computers

like you can use a six year old computer

as long as you know how to use Photoshop

and manipulate you can get amazing

pictures like what you have here right

is it reality is nothing we have more

than enough technology to help us create

yes we don’t need to buy more years

let’s just create as long as we’re not

lazy about it right because all the

technology like you said allows us to be

lazy and not think because it’s so easy

just take a picture at the moment or

take five and you get one good one there

you go yeah I get it does people say oh

I can’t spend so much time on a picture

like this I write a photographer because

for my wedding picture if I do waiting

day I go Lightroom too because the

Kalamata is amazing

just finish one photo so that all the

same lighting pictures synchronize boom

done yep just waiting picture that’s it

it’s more like event but then you always

have couple ones that is your special

babies they’ll be after which is your

portfolio you want spend more time and

make it look good impose on your website

yeah and I think there’s value in it for

wedding too because you can have

packages where you say there’s five

artistic premium photos that you can

deliver and throughout the day you’ll

pick the five where you let them pick

the five where you would turn the

picture into a masterpiece or you can do

what I do if you can able to produce

something about you know other people

can write yes so my deal is that you

know how when a photographer upsold four

albums a photo yes right yep pages like


I don’t do that I let them you want to

buy album by it you know about fine

but I upsell on images I charge $150

extra curve single image I would pay

that I mean you see not only it’s the

time you put into it but it’s also the

artistic yeah I think that I’m worth to

business because look at this I spent a

lot um how I pose pose pose an image so

of course of course and and just like

anything else like you you by painting

it cost hundreds of dollars because

there’s value added and just because

this is all digital doesn’t mean there’s

no value added there’s time and

creativity and experience that you put

into a phone like this so again that’s

the tip that you can make your photos

better by pushing it an extra level up

processing it digitally to turn a simple

photo into a piece of fine art that time

you’re preaching on this concept of

post-processing and make your image

better and different right because the

marketing and branding basically a

brilliant you you can find someone out

there with SEO they can teach you or

actually help you as your real site but

when everything you know as a bright as

a clients they shop around yeah when

they Steve ten photographers okay so

okay so your market is so good your poor

folk got up to see the work like and see

you now okay yes

ix even photographer which yes has the

same style as you do guess what the

Klein would look at Nick’s beside your

four eyes prize sadly that become a

prize war

yeah now but imagine this okay if you

don’t want it your wonderful tog refers

and all the other nine photographer has

the same stuff and then you stand up

okay your dish no there’s no reason to

price war because you’re a whole

different league there’s Nick okay you

have none other people have and then yes

you open the pricier but if the client

wants something exclusive they will go

for you and that’s definitely worth the

premium it’s a tangible premium you can

see like I can I’ll have to defend the

other nine photographers because they

might have better customer service they

might have like a portfolio of like

different places that the clients been

to they might have a better website they

might have a personality built into

their branding so they have other things

too but the most tangible thing you see

right away when you look at a website is

Wow these photos are different this is

the Bay Bridge Bay Area bridge but the

way Jeremy takes it it looks like a

piece of art I can see so much value in

that and that’s definitely how you can

add value to your digital photography

step up the game to the next level be

different from all the rest for sure

what’s doing business why the whole

marketing branding is important because

you know it’s business but yeah I mean

photography business the reason I could

be in business I could other pieces that

can make you money but you know I mean

photographers have meaning that I like

photography and I won’t do the best I


so sure I try to do the best I could

yeah and this is something you can be

proud of too like you can spend a couple

hours and they say it’s like dang I took

this photo and I made it like this and

this is you can’t do this without the

combination of your deposing the

lighting taking the picture then put it

into Photoshop or any of the tools you

use and it post-processing

with creativity with experience with

artistic background it’s a product

you’re producing a beautiful product

something to be really proud of for sure

for sure you know I I love it so much


when I process I put my headphone

because you know I don’t want to Lao and

right really I have a rock music on

that’s my process anything as per hours

on it and then once I’m done I should

stand up jump up and stop dancing oh

yeah yeah that’s how he said it I get

when I finish the image oh yeah I could

totally totally see that well done this

example here she’s an amazing one two

friends call me a weirdo because they

all they hate it for post-processing

they all sauce it because they don’t

want do any mean this is what keep more

shooting but the other way around

I’m actually excited bring the image

back home insta processing I mean to

each their own I think this is a special

gift and skill that you have to add once

been a lot didn’t know about my back

wrapping you know I told you about it is

I was a full retouch at first before I

am out for however that’s probably why

and and if if those other photographers

are all the same then that’s a problem

they need to fix too because

fine you could be with the crowd but

then when is time for the bride to pick

you as a photographer like you say it’s

gonna be a price war unless you can

stand out from the rest somehow this is

one way you can stand out and this is

something I can see definitely well know

what this picture will move on this is

like a personal project but still the

time and effort into making the picture

what it is

so yeah let’s move let’s say in this

picture and get back to like the wedding

theme or the preacher theme just before

and after oh this is a before picture

yeah and this is the after so we move

all the junk in about in the wall and

put some gestures and fine-tune some

contrast and Lighting’s in there to make

it more yeah II so just a rough estimate

how long did it take you to do post

processing I’ll say four or five hours I

think cuz I took my time it’s not the

one fool for it flow it’s a war like try

an air time oh this doesn’t work let’s

try this these little words try that

right right yes that’s where you become

an artist

well that’s it’s this is creating

because it’s a personal project but of

course it’s for work and for Bridal I

mean there’s you know why going for

private is happy assisting you know

yeah making sure the person looks pretty

so we have a guy right there but when

you’re doing something I will do this is

like random and they just have to figure

stuff up

fair enough that’s good let’s go hello

Oh what sigh and then it mixed up where

this really helps is lumina 4.2 it’s

actually mana for this but the newest

version is 4.2 what about it is the AI

assistant editing it has a computer AI

in there to help you you know how when

you you have to go at just a photo go

exposure white balance contrast

yep so I’m gonna have one bar for you

it’s called AI just click that and you

let the computer yeah colleges image

glades okay but it’s always been an

option even since like ten years ago but

a I used to not be good because it might

just do a random preset and it’ll look

terrible like well you know what is not

good back that because they are weak

white data now that we have enough data

to basically tell me I would be even

what your iPhone have that right series

and a Google they all right all that now

data is a new money yeah I mean it’s a

combination machine learning and

artificial intelligent right because you

can build AI with simple logic if it’s

too dark turn it bright but then they

have to compare it to like all the other

thousands and millions of scenes they’ve

done just like okay well in this

situation this is bright because it’s

it’s the background but you want to keep

that exposed properly so it uses all

that knowledge and pills and I work

close they look this company the company

that created them not 4.2 is Costigan

I’m sorry sky them actually what they

were with a lot of professional

photographers to to ask these people

like how do you see photos how do you

you know they know how every single fold

professional photo in the photo that’s

how they create right right and that

makes sense because you want to make

sure you interact with all your your

your resources that you’re gathering

data in to get a variety of samples from

different photographers different styles

of photography and kind of collaborating

all that so when you click on that one

but it’s pretty much a web but it fits

all right no matter what your style is

it’s gonna do its best based on all this

information it has to make the best

photo so of course it’s not hundred

percent but as this sounds like what

you’re telling me it gets you really

really far right oh yeah because to be

honest when they first introduced this

and then I was playing around the

software it’s it’s freaking me out cuz

you know that’s a retoucher I feel like

I’m speaking to fading others you know

you replace me that’s like over a I is

taking over it got me a little bit

worried there and then the introduced AI

sky replacement and poor to retouch kill

you then it’s taking so much time and

tell you so you can look at you’re

looking at the price the bright side

yeah so it helps iran-us care of it I

could work with it and create more

photography right allow me not to worry

about the technical and I could create

it and now because all the Guam works

you know it’s good scheme retouching and

then we pay to get those as one works

yeah he’s masking something out so you

can cut the sky yeah and I can focus

more on making the picture looks amazing

or do more me like instead of like not

be observing z– now you can take like


process and you can probably I’m gonna

mouth it’s all her works kind of like

how Lightroom is it has its own library

it could be you could do photo

management let’s say you’ve already


you came on photo with all the

processing you can sing all that to all

the photo in the photo

what is it good this is this because

it’s AI right it’s it’s smarter than

like we miss like you just saw that my

room because let’s say if you finish one

photo in Lightroom okay right put your

exposure to lays 55

okay right we must think these pictures

do all the other pictures it will always

think the exposure to 55 right so unless

your picture is really needed that

exposure adjustment they were it doesn’t

there so cause synchronization a preset

fail right that’s like what

yes that’s that’s why I never liked it

the the synchronization because no right

if you don’t work with the manual

adjustment and you work with AI

adjustment okay right every single

picture you sync it will calculate what

exposure you need rather than a fixed

number right because it uses AI we uses

AI each picture versus doing AI once and

then getting a preset to apply to all

yes right that makes sense I want to

smash into smaller I love that maybe one

day I’ll see you in actually maybe I’ll

try this out I think luminar has a free

reach free trial right yeah they do

about to say yeah I because you work for

them thank you for hooking up our

viewers with the link for a discount

click on the link and then this count

varies but it shows up and you can see

the the before and after it’s pretty

good saving I haven’t use this tool yet

but I’ve seen ways can do and I can’t

not show my hands oh yeah yeah alright

cool there’s some concept you gotta go

back one one side because I’m always

curious about the cons Oh what is the

con the con that to me it has less

retouching tools because I figure that

they want to keep the software simple

they don’t put a lot of features in the

software which also at Polk because

there’s no steep learning curve is easy

to use yes like you don’t get

overwhelmed with too much stuff right so

this software is I would say stuck in

between our Photoshop and Lightroom it’s

a good base for almost everybody who

love photography rather you’re a pro or

you’re just what I have fun with it it’s

perfect the reason it’s all you need to

write you don’t need to have Photoshop

is a low light so software and also

talking for both Adobe and level I mean

Photoshop wave unlettered all be had to

pay monthly one-time then you own a

software but then you get the upgrades

when they upgrade over to me like for

update you get it yeah up quick

you could pay a little bit up wait okay

so but that’s that’s still value because

like holders jobs like voice you want up

we’ll keep using a software yeah yeah

use anymore

no you just have to keep paying and wait

this is crazy too because you say

there’s there’s plugin for a light room

there’s plugin for photoshop and

software once you install software it

will help you install the Punkie each

you both photoshop and label so when you

buy it we say what price it comes out

three or how does that work no no one

one thing when you buy that offer it’s


oh sweet sweet when you light what we

could you could add in photoshop and now

in Douma nah gotcha okay cool cool i

love it and the pros are great the cons

not really kind in my opinion but I

think icon is a pro 2 because for me I

don’t like to be overwhelmed with tools

the colorful you exactly it’s got all

these AI intelligence it’s got the layer

functions which you don’t have my

Lightroom it’s easy to use it’s got the

image management of Lightroom ya know

overwhelmed with with tools I think it’s

a perfect medium for someone like me

that wants to do a little bit more than

the Lightroom workflow but I just can’t

handle a Photoshop yet this is perfect

but let me see a little bit more about

what this can do so this is the

interface you can see it pretty simple

yeah on the right right all that stuff

on the right there

very nice but that’s all the tools you

got mm-hmm you know what why don’t I

just open apps to show you you won’t do

that let’s do that listen I want to see

like let so wow that’s exactly why I

went to solution people laughter yeah

that’s the sky we’ve ended with one

click one click okay

you’re telling me why click but I don’t

believe I’m gonna count how many clicks

I don’t want to click one click to

choose the sky and then get just it you

know you’re not going to ask it right so

ok so it’s still it’s still one

operation it’s not like yet the mass you

have to like feather and you have to

it’s easy

how’s that let’s take a look at it let’s

look at it okay so I’m in Photoshop I’m

gonna use this like pumpkin okay so this

image you can see is this guy’s blowout

right so when I said it’s nice toss up

right there okay guide up somewhere

under filter dome enough for more okay

this is where your six year old computer

starts to bog down yeah a little bit

I mean it takes a lot of time the lower

I know it is knows everything pretty

quickly stand on it’s pretty smooth when

it solo nice Dara see cool sky load up

all those robots doing the artificial

intelligence so they basically this new

solver they can’t Carol eyes for

features one essentials your creative

portraiture and professionals okay

so understand show you can see there’s

light which way you can’t you all the

white balance exposure they have

something a smart contrast is pretty

good it won’t make your picture too too

hard highlight shadow and then you go

advanced setting you got a curve and all

that questioning thinking me like that

yeah that’s a lot of retouching tools if

you ask me then there’s a I okay so

basically yeah does all all that up

there in the light so if I use you see

basically it’s just picking what need to

be done contrast pioneers color

oh you can you can have like a gradual a

I it sound like it one a I that’s it but

you can gradually fade in how much of

the AI effective one so they’re scooping

about something it’s I think like that

too let’s say if I want and has a bit

more right how it is to AI but you see

how to ski in garlic cut more orangey of

course you applied it you can always

your have a massive brush it out

oh yeah yeah exactly that’s kind of what

I do in Lightroom too but it’s cool

that’s although basically for pretty

easy to use right yep now but we’re not

playing with that whip it was something

even far more interesting so we go

ai looks great that’s good creative and

then we go into AI sky replacement

alright in this class caelum this guy

died there so basically their options

they have built in sky for they choose

for time get down a more newest guy from

their website or if you have your own

sky picture you know that too oh wow

very cool so if example with this let’s

change it to a BAM

holy what that’s crazy

you didn’t even need to mask out

anything it just picks out the sky it

literally knew what that is it’s crazy

because even your mountains in the

background like right behind the bride

there’s there’s Gradius to it it doesn’t

get confused what part is the sky and

what part is the mountains that’s


and it also applied a gradient on them

to to make it to be nice you see how I

hear this happen


it basically help using the skies color

to white yo I’m gone scenes so I could

turn Ryan it’s be more clear yes so that

is one thing that a lot of people don’t

do while David we play sky is the sky

color and your fun ground color has to

match it should realistic about that for

you yeah and it’s so so efficient fast

because I can see where like when you

took that relight seam down to zero

it looks photoshopped it looks

unbelievable but when you actually

brought in some of the color from the

sky each the picture it completes it it

just it just makes it look like so I’m


this is can I reach another way if you

want yep oh you feel this guy is not to

believe or you can always change you’re

something else you know that’s a little

bit too much for the future that’s to

watch oh well you can go pretty crazy

but oh that looks nice I love that looks

nice right

it’s basically thinking but warmness

into the form

– so livable wait wait I think I saw an

airplane waiting on the dad play here

yeah they’ve tried to be crazy about it

that’s pretty goofy but it’s so great I

love this like you see how I like some

of those because each picture is

different is someone where yeah just

right so they have a closing edge you

can adjust it so that it looks more


yes man this tool we not only will it

save me a lot of time it will allow me

to do this type of work normally I

wouldn’t touch just because never why I

don’t have the time and never to I don’t

have the skill set oh they add this

evening in a new 4.2 m/s for your Hayes

so here was the light white wheel

ice-cream yummy how it basically we like

the foie gras yeah but atmosphere Hayes

basically tune down your cloud back to

you where the fungi is so you can have

the white balance oh yeah it’s like the

opposite effect yeah you do know the

temperature sky being more sunset I make

it bright on the sky you know talking

the sky you know how do what you like it

I all these tools that you use this is

to me not retouching like in the

traditional sense this is like quickly

that when I don’t play with those I

advanced to be a long time yeah this

this can make me as good as you by just

using this slider will you please

picture out there

nowaday well we’re not all day but oh

all day long is the sky you have a

dramatic sky just become amazing already

know that’s this one wherever I go –

like a photo shoot and we have amazing

sunsets like this photo shoot you can’t

go wrong right takes is straight out of

JPEG right just like that is clean clean

but this guy’s well and now just this

that just transform is like a mediocre

picture to like a perfect high a

professional wedding photography picture

right it’s really good that looks really

good man so let me apply that and just

call it done so now now it saves it as a

JPEG no it will shout out to it

the layers layer so you’re still not

destructive it is actually about to quit

it’s a layer but you know oh that’s what

okay so normally it would create another

layer yeah

Nami awit I just forgot you have no

layer then you can like even mask out

the people more or you can yeah yeah


gradually I could get more done with

radiation I’m here just well for this

I’m gonna quickly show you this guy we

play some which i think is put it on the

damn amazing well you did it you didn’t

keep your promise of one click but you

did demonstrate if I go up here and go

here and one click yeah open stop I give

you a lot of props because I give Scylla

and move around for a lot of props

because this is a tool that I think a

lot photographers will really love

because there’s a lot of tools out there

that are gimmicky and they’ll say

they’ll do certain things but you have

to have the right picture to make it

work this I can see it worked in so many

different variety because of the AI it

doesn’t need a picture to be exactly the

way that the software is designed to

work about they can pick any picture and

crop out the sky and really do its magic

so it’s not thing that’s exact color I

calculate so it works with a lot of

different power to your pictures right

right like I know I know some stock for

development so will you tell will you

tell me about AI machine learning and

all that it makes a lot of sense and I

think I can see how is so applicable to

this and I’m surprised no one’s done it

before my even more selling on an idea

of it’s not a technique because in

camera techniques the cameras I’ll help

you take care of it in those processes

and look at scale up it’s doing of it it

become your creative any concept of what

you want to put out on pictures being a


right so now it’s like do you do you

want the blue sky or you or the sunset

sky what does a bridegroom want to go

for what’s more believable yeah so now

you have the you can you have time now

to be a creative professional instead of

doing the grunt work this is great it’s

okay moving on well was I are you back

to the presentation I think we were at

the pros and cons of Scylla

see there you go yep yep okay so that’s

before not yeah see again picture that’s

a little different picture than they

want you demoed on but very similar

right assume was the same set of photo

but in a doc agent but you can see that

the sunset got on it at sea to see how

that you relight it

yes the relighting is really cool and

the fact that it is literally one click

because you just picked the sky and it

automatically figured out a relight for

you so basically is we serve the setting

that I’ve done in the last picture okay

so but most of time when you adjust

where you know all the gap for a full is

yeah and then we lightning it almost

make you a simile of you you know same

photographer most of time is similar so

basically we use just small minor

adjustment and you you did I I guess I

would depend on like your depth of field

too because the edges might be more or

less defined but that’s why I have to be

focused option that you could he focuses

got a little bit it blends in with the

blurriness of your shallow depth of

field you know in your case because I

know as your photography is very sharp

so that’s why you like the Sharks guy

I’m shooting like you can tell is shop

here it shouldn’t this boat is having

the mountain so basically this guy

should be shop – yeah f-16 yeah this

pretty it’s pretty cool very nice okay

so the first short word I use is called

snap I for only used it to turn my image

into a painting that’s what we did touch

on yet because you talked about the

basic Photoshop the masking and all that

you talked about the sky replacement but

this is the part where you make it turn

into the paintings of those

pictures me so much earlier right okay


so that’s the solvers

you have a choice of choosing how all

this different style of art you want to

turn your phone into and you got right

so this is this is so this is similar to

Lumina four-way it’s a plug-in to

photoshop or yeah it’s a pumpkin it

could be a standalone program as well

okay and also a Lightroom plug-in as

well a lot of salt software now today

they are standalone but at the same time

they built in in Photoshop because

follow up become the mainstream of

everything okay but how about Lightroom

does it have a we can right-click and

open and I testify that with label yeah

okay maybe couldn’t at least Photoshop

and standalone right huh cool very cool

oh that’s the original image yep all

your painting

yep that’s after wow that looks really

really cool oh yeah my finger went too

fast so the software is pretty easy to

use it is it’s under median skin yeah

for Hayley’s skin so the company is

called alien skin is called when I

change the name now they change name to

exposure now exposure okay I like a snap

are a little better because it’s not

really exposure changing you’re making

it a painting you’re making an art so

you can play around with it I your time

I use oil painting watercolor right yep

and then they had crayon I never use

crayon I don’t know how to use crayons

like a quick picture that’s your kid

pretty soon all hanging you your life

and then there is a Pinker

oh it’s rainy

yeah but most of time I just used oil

paint and stay with this so the way to

play around with this is that you can

play with your brush sizes so

it’s object it depends on which style

you use so our painting is about paying

so much and then photorealism is how

will you want to follow to be more like

a painting see more or less detail yep

nice very cool all right

Fitness is how much you put the ink on

the pink onto the campus Flickr at the

price right so it effect a little bit on

the fitness so if I go all the way

Tuesday zero you see how some of those

spot spots parking because there’s no

gang on the campus you can white yep so

if you want like really like oil

painting like you get that – yep yep in

this case I suppose I can so you know go

brush last right like it’s a style of

how they worship oh very cool some of

those paint you see how it adds

different house in there yeah it did

yeah yeah it did it just makes it more

like like when you we paint and you have

to mix colors together and your brushes

have like the dominant paint colors when

you’re mixing it it’s perfect it’s

really realistic so at some point that

you have no idea what you’re trying to

do you could do it like you know when

don’t brush and let them pick for you

well sometimes you you want some

different variety to just cook a couple

of times and gives you some ideas so I

probably don’t put that much too much

there yeah in this case there is kind of

Martinez into the faces right so do you

know about this you can also create mass

masses I’ll check out so they look they

won’t look too many and I the math you

can we adjust their a sign and say I

want more fall ISM smaller brush last

peak last Macedon so that area that I

mask will become more follow than a

painting see so that that’s pretty

awesome but I noticed you just kind of

mash them like really quick is that

normally how you would do your work – or

you’re just doing it really quick for


you know yet but the one thing about

when I do find out stuff I don’t have to

you have complete masks because it’s all

window the Messier that’s the better

you want some good attention can’t get

in and out of the subjects yeah well let

me says because that’s alright visit the

virtual I mean look at you look Catholic

and not authentic saves you time and

looks better wait wait love it

so this is let my for that’s how I

before I have this software I have to go

in Photoshop and apply a different

texture onto image to make that look now

yes how you saw you don’t Betty that

triangle guy picture you tell me yes I

have on there very cool and then this

one you can also input your own texture

or if you import your own choice of

texture the texture is down here okay

preset yep I have some presets I believe

you can also hold on nope I think this

is all preset there’s they have a bunch

person you can always go back to your

old school you have to have mine here

about yeah so right it’s pretty poor so

nice okay it sorry go ahead

no worries and texture is pretty basic

thing you can apply even Photoshop right

because oh yeah just math on your object

and then put like a texture on and then

you can increase how deep the texture is

or how light it is yes so but then again

with all these tools okay

yeah no you see the AI basically do

everything that’s really thing that US

photographer had to learn it about color

always back to the primary basics

eyebrow basic is color is econ true

emotions yes I don’t care how small your

AI is it has no emotions only you do so

you have to control the colors and how

your pictures affect your realist

emotions that’s on your ID that’s on so

they can’t see

love in the picture or they can’t see

the door or like that the aggressiveness

of the fighters right a I can’t figure

it out but this is where your artistic

comes in it’s like okay I want to make

this picture very romantic I wanna make

this picture look very scary why one

doesn’t make this picture look intense

and those are the colors that you pick

because that’s how you portray your

scene okay before we go further we have

to clear on what does color Corrections

and color grading they are different

most people know that they I was a 99%

that people are using doing is color

correction not color grading really okay

so this is definition of all of this

color correction is adjusting to correct

problem with the photo okay you know

basically under it over exposures the

color cast and also wipe out issues just

fixing problem okay that’s what we do in

Lightroom pretty much pretty much color

grading is different how painting is my


artistic you are using color into your

photo but ya got a concept yeah yeah I

feel like I’m definitely more of the

color correction just because that’s all

I do I do it the over expose under

expose corruption I do like the color

cast which is the white balance or make

it a little bit more magenta or agreed

but I really don’t do the more in depth

color gradient which is like the stuff

that I’ve been seeing in some of your

photos where you really just kind of

have a more artistic look to the results

but I let you see interesting seeing

some examples to clarify my

understanding so color Corrections right

right right so this is me so for some

reason if you put your camera in also

white balance at some point when the

sensor sends something else you can

change your way bonds like crazy right

so like that but because of raw file

basically when you take a raw file it

contain aw boy bars on exposure and love

technology right

I never shoot on JPEG piss together that

or even though it doesn’t have in there

right I can always adjust it using the

white balance bar yep

oops and where’s my pointer Hey so you

could use a white balance bar getting

warmer cooler or using exposure

highlight you think that that’s easy

right that so correction but that’s

really what I do and I think that’s the

that’s the minimal that a photographer

has to do and it just makes the photo

much better already just getting it

correctly white balance and fixing the

exposure so it’s perfect so I mean this

is a word case I mean most of time it

will work but sometimes at nighttime

that’s a you flash and you did not put a

CTO gel your flash right hey you got

that CTO is color temperature orange

right and that’s where you want to do

the color correction and make sure that

it looks yep like that before yeah a

correction that’s all I do it’s like you

confirm that’s what I do in Lightroom

and that’s all I do to all my photos


color grading is a bit different this is

well a lot people do it differently this

is how I use color gratings okay I use

it one I want to stand out my main

subject from the background okay this is

a clear separation

yes separations and I want to create

mood by using certain colors in a photo


right and I want to create personalized

a tasting photo style that’s how I use

colic waiting

alright fair enough yeah every time you

wanted use of publish and do something

you can have a purpose right that’s my

purpose right so for this besides I must

refine a lower you know I can’t play

anymore I had to you know we should get

a round of Street Fighter 5 and for the

five before I wish I could I just really

I my cell I mean I could buy myself PC

one in that yeah did you can get on

stream and we can have a good fight

we’ll have some fun

we will see what I’m counting way that

we have a lot of time so we’ll see we

have time I was thinking about

ps4 but their PS fives coming out so I

don’t know about you really buy a ps4

right now wait wait for the price to go

down and buy the ps4 because it has

three four five and as all we care about

yeah but straight like you coming out to


okay lack to this photo okay this is a

very example because if you look at this

background it’s so busy so many colors

so many things going on

right alright as you never lost the tube

main character in the front no you don’t

it’s interesting because normally to get

this kind of separation I usually have

to shoot shallow depth-of-field so

everything is blurred out but here your

background is actually really sharp and

it’s vibrant in color yet you’re right I

still can see the people like the

domaine fighters this is focus because

the color luminosity of the subject and

the backgrounds are different that’s

create a separation there like more

bolder colors it looks like do you know

how I learn all this is when I stopped

picking jobs for pre-wedding gigs not

waiting waiting job you want to because

you have a lot of gas around so you want

to burn out and separate your bride home

you know all this crazy environment but

right if you waiting is so different

let’s see if those pictures that I have

before when they go to Paris and they

want to see the Eiffel Towers you guys

today with 85 or 200 yes I bring the

avatar close and next alone out but all

blurry right

so and also and this is why I learned

how do I get my subject more concentrate

in the fund that you can focus on while

the background still see a lot of

details but not overpower the subject

yes because the background tell us a

story and you want the background to be

a focus if whether they’re in France or

in Paris you wanna see the landmark it

clarity because it’s a pencil any child

you realize just a painting things that

you look at all our payment they’ll do

the same thing yeah busy busy but

they’re tuned of the color of difference

so they have the separation oh wow that

blows my mind it’s the color gradient

the color mood I have two feet is that

like couple hundred two hundred fifty

six different great we’re right so I had

to write this way compared to the most

pastel wet when you brother together

which is more set up of course a bright

red right same thing alright here we

have red in the back right right

see come on yeah right different it’s

the end huh

yes very interesting Wow okay cuz before

I always thought the way you could

separate the back of my sis make it

blurry but this is like a whole

different category of separation is my

colors not now that the background is

black and white and the people are color

their everything’s in color but it’s the

luminosity of the colors right and the

cool thing is it’s not that hard to do

this there’s actually tools in Photoshop

allow me to do this easy really I never

I never thought about anything like this

I never really knew what to seek out and

then a lot of reason for that is for

color grading in this case is if you

look at the left pictures the background

is more to the orange II and yellow

right yes and you look at white one

which are we move bunch of yellow in

orange can you tell the skin tone and

the subject pops more oh yeah it

definitely pops more on the right and

it’s very subtle too like if you didn’t

tell me that you took away the orange I

wouldn’t have noticed but simply by the

fact that just looking at the two

pictures the one on the right just looks

like the people pop up just so much more

but the background it’s not like it’s

blurred out or key focus this is okay if

you look at most my fingers for non oil

painting ones mostly is very my

background is always more to the cooler

side yes the reason is it doesn’t matter

that person’s nationality and skin

colors it’s always lean to the warm tone

and warm right stand up from the coal

right because me has orange a woman told

who cow in the same pictures human I see

warm tone first before close

you know in this case if I tune down the

background to more coal tone my subjects

stand up because the skin tone was

always warm and that’s another subject

yeah the fact that our eyes are always

drawn to orange is something new to me

I’ve always realized that blue and

orange are good opposing colors in the

color wheel so they always stand out in

a pop so not only did it pop but our

eyes are naturally drawn towards the

orange which is some warmth of the skin

as well so well there’s so much

information to take in by just looking

at these two photos and you really

illustrate that point really clearly by

staying at all but it’s there it’s it’s

there yeah very very subtle but it makes

the picture it pops the people I like it

and then for this last either add color

in the photo to create a mood yep this

case it’s just for example wise I mean

if by itself is pretty good already

yeah but then I add more blue into the

dark area you create because she’s there

by herself I want to create a lightness

of a feeling right by adding that blue

casaya nice blue into the dark area it

right in that feel right it’s the mood

the mood part of the the color or the

color is creating motion so here it

looks okay guy grin but then you have

always change the emotion by just

changing the color yep looks good I mean

I like both pictures but whatever mood

you’re portraying that is what color

grading can give you I can see that

effect definitely this picture here when

I create is pre Newman are on creepy

it’s now our four before the shock we

know textures it does a long time so

lumen I could do this with one click to

like this is not sky replacement like

how does no difference uh because no

matter you can also apply textures and

they have in luminous so that’s why it’s

better than Lima because you cannot

import anything and add no any extra

elements into Lightroom but that

so we were talking we were trying to add

texture with snap art earlier but

instead the tool to add texture would be

to use a luminary no Photoshop oh well

for some can do anything but no more but


Photoshop it’s uh it’s it’s too much for

me I wanted something a little more

streamlined and I think luminar is a

good tool to have a snap snap art is

nice too but I think if I had to choose

between one software to buy I go for who

without first and you’ve had money snap

art second but I think all these both of

those schools well unless you wait why

not then you don’t really need um yeah

but lumina is definitely worth it

I think Luminara is really the key

software that would take my photography

to the next level with literally a click

of a few clicks of a button to get

really high-quality digital processed

photos that extent apart from the rest

of the photographers out there just

using that tool and a little creativity

goes such a long way oh yeah it ease all

the hard work and Guam work for you and

just allow you to use the function to

create actually their slogans release

your creative for these that’s exciting

yeah it makes it easier so you can be

creative you still need to be creative

cuz the AI yeah well actually you don’t

even need to be creative you hit AI


people be creative

yeah is a free world you allows you to

ever how you already feel like I’m

curious if I batch all my winning

pictures with just AI a try that next

time I think it’ll be interesting anyway

go on so this is the type of car waiting

on the left side this is the original

image you know sunset our little bit

slightly overexposed but use the other

form was in it but now they have the

area we do we meet every time they lie

do we move the yellow and green ish so

it looks like that that’s what it is

and then the skintone bit more like

clear yes so that’s the type of clock

waiting that now that they a lot of

waiting photographer that going for so

what what tool do you use to get this

effect is that just like appreciated um

yeah to be honest personally I hated

this but so most of photographer use

this they are by preset Oh actually yeah

one click together okay yeah I never buy

any actions or preset because I know I

could create my own I create my own this

this is my own preset is that preset

that you can maybe included leap below

to the people in downloading use

everything about that maybe on the next

video not this one teaser for you guys

we might have some presets maybe freebie

for sale I don’t know

Germany is a really generous guy so I’m

nudging him to give it to give it out

for free we’ll see we’ll see

well let me tell you the problem with

the disc a style for this one I tricky

little bit different you see how the can

show that us on top on her it’s beating

yes if you purchase a lot of presets out

there one thing they really do is over

expose everything specially on the white

area and when you have a bright way and

a white broad address that’s my area and

you know how much some of those dress

are like from 5,000 and 10,000 pieces ah

yeah I don’t resident and basically the

reason why they were so much because all

these details in there and I just offer

broke them up and the words other than

is the bridal magazine support that it’s

trendy right the modernize detail

resource what what’s trendy

do you think those details get blown out

because of those presets and because the


don’t have a I in that they just they

just basically don’t have the it’s like

a global thing you know backed I want to

talk about global edit and it’s right

area drinking right into the whole


yeah up onto the whole page

all right right what happened because

because again AI is what allows them to

select out like the sky for example and

put rely on departments not sky and put

texture on the sky versus global you’re

just applying it to everything because

there’s no intelligent to pick out the

person fair enough

cuz and then I kind of see some people

play well with it I try and I said never

purchased those preset or absolutely I

play with someone else computed before

and try to match it back out where I get

a detail back but because they kind of D

to the color evenly massive out in the

sum of wheel it looks fake so there’s no

way that’s the only ways forget the

details that’s that’s the tread maybe

because they could figure it out they

just want to make it easier them and

make it right on shop they’re working

what they like this hostile so you know

this is the photo I took for them for

the catalog so so that’s what I get

hey well in business the client is

always right so if that’s what they’re

looking for you can educate them how

much ever you want but what they want is

what they are willing to pay for if you

can deliver that they’ll pay you that at

the end if it’s a business relationship

you want you’ve got it yeah we’re happy

a man had to eat right we all have to do

that but when you go to like W PPI you

talk to other photographer yet there’s a

whole we you anything yet if it’s not

for to that this is not photography when

I judge I will I was on a judge this is

like infant God out

that’s your photo you just snapped away

I can tell you that 99% just when I see

it is it I don’t see any detail on

address sorry

yeah fair enough cuz this is wit this is

wedding yeah and then there is Fatah via

that means the best thing is when you

have wedding info time together but most

of the time now today people only got

wedding and that’s no photography I did

yeah yeah well it’s business and it

people’s got to eat right so yep make a

client happy

follow the train that works the whole

different boat but the more important

part is you with the tools and your

experience and what you’re showing us

today people can accomplish what they

want you like I can look at this picture

now I know if I detune the yellows and

do certain things with the highlights I

can get this result whereas before when

I looked at the picture I’m like is this

out of camera or is there some

post-processing done so we have the

tools now we have the knowledge we can

now because I’m going for you out that

we go for you because what you can

actually do this in camera now they have

film simulator can actually get this out

in JPEG Oh what yeah wow that’s pretty

cool so one thing that why I love to

Fuji because for Fuji I start shooting

JPEG now because there are film similar

just so great the images come out in

Japan it’s far sharper than raw believe

it or not Wow Fuji you can give yourself

a 64 here 128 kid card you should every

in JPEG at the end of a basic hand as

you got your client here’s your wedding

picture and then you’ve gone you don’t

have in process now just a so much time

I just crease my production values with

the hires people should get live bill

yeah we just you know later in Jay in

the Fuji JPEG yeah I mean picture

because if it’s a bad picture you won’t

click right yes ii thought you won’t

click except if there’s flash and you

can’t you can’t really predict your

flash based on come on

waiting cuz anyone here I mean they go

for those like Napa and outdoor I mean

why do we do flash no flash unless you

try kept your bright background you’re

in the shade so you don’t want to over

expose the background

you still need flash sometimes I mean

it’s the option I’m just saying that

it’s not absolutely the option right

right and and this this color profile

with the JPEG and the Fuji feel that I

talked about is that only unlike the xt4

or does that apply to all the paralyzed

or it has it for all all models I’m

almost like dating what

what would you say like forth imps yeah

but there’s I apply for the older

cameras who only newer cameras coming

out uh I think they have firmware up

wait for all the cameras would they

support their old cameras that’s a good

company nice you know that Fugees

photography department it’s not their

main incomes right I did not know that

yeah what else do they make so basically

they they’re making medicine they are

making that scene that’s yeah they’ve

made a lot of money of that so they’re

in pharmacy Rico but they also have

their you know digital imaging

department that’s why they really really

focus on making that did your product

one of the best they are the one who

come up the one best medium format

camera affordable medium format camera

that’s right I heard about that that’s

pretty impressive

i-i’ve never thought of the day where I

can afford a medium format camera like

you know for the Sony a7 ow is a for a

so now for it costs around 4,000

something full-frame camera yeah Fuji

GFX 50 medium format it only calls

around 5000 ish for medium format yeah

there’s no comparison of course if you

got medium format you gotta get better

lenses to really oh yeah take advantage

of the the the extra information you’re

capturing but that’s a mosaic you know

and face one’s how’s about all those

camera it caused over 10,000 ish of

beyond yes

yeah which is the one bring a medium

format to a horrible level yes yes I am

excited about that anyway yep that’s

cool I got that later

sure so again this is my personal style

thing like a vintage photo yep laughs is

or would you know yep and I think you

told me about its feature that you think

that the left looks pretty more

contrasty yes at some point if you glaze

on the first place

contrast is stand up but yes

you notice you look at the picture

longer you realize that all this in a

war is actually stealing and that stuff

back there is still exam attention away

from the subject oh yes it does and

that’s why I did what I did here this is

kayla has street fighter photo memory

triple yes yeah I ease all this College

has a bad nuts in there except for the

soft yet yes after looking at it for a

while then you really start to see how

they pop out even more and in a nice way

with the picture on the left they do pop

out but the same time the background

pops out – yeah you look focused on the

longer longer than 5 second you were

like yes your eyes got wondering because

it’s so much going on there’s so much to

focus on but here you could still always

focus on the guy and the girl and the

color like you say adds to the mood –

mm-hmm so I mean course you could have

like an 85 this is like I believe this

is got 55 1.42 something but you can

always use a 85 and blur more out but

yep we talked about in we inspire which

one here how far can you go to get this

favor of 85 you got quite a bit to get

that Freddie sometimes you don’t have a


you probably shot them with a 50 and

then with the 50 you don’t get that that

blurriness that you want as much so I

can see how color as a separation that

you need so if you know what this card

trick is save your money on buying those

expensive / that will feel less – yes I

know I still like the the natural

blurriness but this is an extra tool to

have money but this is only by to me

because when I started I’m a pool

photographers I don’t have a lot of

money in finances so I have to find my

work without those so-called expensive

portrait lenses like I say I always see

your struggles help you to make you a

better photographer so this like one

example right there I remember back when

I was in the school for graphic design

one of the instructive you said that

your creative comes out

when your resources is dry yes because

you have to be creative

otherwise nothing work yeah damn what’s

going on there you will be spoil yes

yeah you just you go for the automatic

whatever it looks good on Mandic I’ll do

that I can see that okay so this is one

question that people ask me about you

know yeah okay now I get it

I got a world of colors right where do I


right so one thing you know I think one

of the key thing you learn is

complementary colors this is something

fancy the bass plays earlier only and

blue always work together well right

right now

they have tools that help you understand

that you study that okay let’s Apple

here nice choker the movie okay yes yeah

you go on a DS but I would say they only

talk about how great they use the color

in a physical scene in this movie yes so

let’s break it down

this is all the cobbler is in this ya

the scene right right right the cloning

the color the lighting and the gradient

everything now yes this is the color

pick directly out from this picture from

the scene yep if we go in Photoshop they

have a function called OB color theme

Wow okay what yeah you go to photoshop

you go under I’ll show you later I mean

I forgot which one anyway you go in

there and you choose a function car

complementary you see how this five

color comes up let’s say you have picked

this one color which is the jacket of

the Joker’s jacket it’ll come up I’ll

let that say it works well with those

colors oh good right it kind of give you

a starting point what color what color

would kind of give you ideas this is

actually whiney exactly yesterday I was

working on a logo design yesterday and I

was trying to see what colors work with

this palette I wanted to use four

different colors in my logo and I had to

constantly go to like a different

website at Google like color palettes

with green color palettes with purple

but this I think

do a color picker it gives me my color

palette and it’s right in the same

software this is pretty cool

oh you don’t have Photoshop you can

always go to this website here they also

have color wheel it was a zinc right and

then the difference between this and

what I was trying to do yesterday is

that you can pick your starting color

and they’ll give you your other colors

whereas before I was looking at a

collection of palettes I couldn’t really

pick which one was my starting color I

just have to pick which palette I want

right and I’m stuck with one of those

four colors where is this you have a

starting color you pick and they’ll give

you the other colors that look good

together so I would suggest if you want

to learn about color this is a really

good start

very cool don’t look into much into

because color sign itself it’s a whole

different subject that it could be like

a whole

PSDB on its own okay yeah so I was a VAD

bit obvious batch go apart but alright

that’s kind of learn a concept just go

only emotional stuff yeah I mean this is

all really good stuff but for me it

might take away after this this this

this session we’re having here I’m just

gonna get sky Lube living at four and

stop I probably start with Scylla I just

start using the a eyes and then

replacement of the sky and using some

texture I think that would push my

photography or a to next level this is

stuff I’m putting it back on my head for

once I get comfortable with those tools

I think no more in depth with other

standing colors I’ve just seen a little

bits here there and adding to my

palettes of color but all really great

information for sure

all this here is just more like a my

opener it’s not

I’m not telling to go deep into learn

every single right I’ll spray into it

but it can’t open your mind from that

box cuz all this technology sometimes in

track you’re in a box I just can you

open it up and see okay with something

yeah there’s definitely a lot more to it

so AI can’t replace you yet Jeremy you

still have I really control the mood my

way friend touch pictures for a while


okay okay uh I got this question asked

all the time in Photoshop mostly like

yep remember I said earlier you don’t

have to learn everything in Photoshop

this is Moses I used to do my we

touching so I’ll use Mac a handful stuff

yeah it’s not I mean one two three four

five six like only six feet to learn how

hot is that right yeah a little bit more

than handful a little bit

well a ice guy who pays me not to learn

that that’s the winner

that’s not a Photoshop I’m just a

Photoshop I say so I use Mac where’s

your snap art where’s your snap art

that’s not one of them that’s something

else that’s like a whole different that

whole thing in extra stuff okay this is

your you see your tool belt of the most

used tools but the snare I think is

mostly my own style which is all a

painting style it doesn’t apply to

everybody the sky it doesn’t apply to

everybody this guy is I can see that’s

so valuable right away that’s a what

monkey stuff where I want to buy right

after this collar yeah so this is what I

do all the time ask your level and curve

the AI sky we plays now you okay so

let’s do color this is nothing to talk

about more black and white control how

to control okay black and white color

control sounds interesting

it’s a paradox we’re talking about

oh yeah Blanding both of layers okay

this is the things that I use in doing

post-processing okay the only bloody

mode of layers I know it starts with the

end it’s called normal

well okay just to be clear I know most

people know what mask is but to be clear

I am Asus imagine you have a transparent

paper on top of the image that you can

do on to hide something from below okay

yeah and in Photoshop you can do

multiple of layers

oh that’s what nathless that’s what a

lot image effect and you know selective

area to fine-tune the tree okay yep a

lot of people use it for a you know

clipping out stuff

no we will figure that grand search that

I’m asked to write I you know this is my

messy mask just you can’t do some hi

dodge and burn here so that area here is

basically is EC where the face of armies

and try pry it a little bit that’s what

that yes yep and if you go into a quick

I think

quick something more I forgot to turn up

of it but you can see your mass in this

area by clicking uh feel Z the bracket

yeah regular circle in it yeah you see

this yeah now then with mass it comes

with two things that you need to know

about one is the global edit and then

the other is selective area creaking

okay yeah global edit is more like you

know this is open in Camera Raw and the

same thing I said live on that’s global

edit whatever you do that affects the

whole feature yeah that’s what will edit

that make sense

Global holy it’s kinda like why I do in

Lightroom it’s just global I can’t

select anything now if you apply that

and you put a mass on top of it and just

open up certain part that become the

Selective area shrieking which is this

yep so you can basically it’s the

eyeball and I just mask all that out and

yes yeah so like if in Lightroom we

definitely can’t do that you can use a

brush and brush certain things onto

certain things but you can’t selectively

apply effect to a mask definitely a

level up in terms of what lightroom feed

you also have you realized if you use

math in lay room its molecular machine

like crazy yeah it does oh my gosh it

does it’s like brushes you keep dudes

brushes and it creates a layer by

brushing but like it’s a capitalism

thing may I’m telling you the whole life

whole thing is ok oh ok we have this

cool function in mask but in order for

you to use mask

get a pay more by by yourself much more

powerful computer before you can use it

yeah yeah yeah but again the suffering

we talked about the luminol for and a

snap are they

have their version masks already when

you apply the texture need snap art or

when you apply the the sky that you can

mass after the the reader realizing if

you don’t get all the software you feel

like home have mass I’m gonna have mass

snap off for a mask you realize that

mass is become a more crucial tools when

it comes to creating every society ask

yes must learn how the math in order to

able to create something out from this

how to alternate how do we place pixels

you need to know that it’s selectively

area tweaking if you only see one solver

has it is fine but when you see also

where has it you know it’s a must right

the trend it’s a train in a good way

because that’s where technology allows

us to manipulate the photo and control

what we want to control hmm and then

level it’s pretty straightforward

yep it’s basically your control your

histogram the great point and the white

point now it also has channels you can

do a lot of wonder with it but this

hoping here is also a global adjustment

but you always yeah that’s on top of it

very myself now a lot of people ask how

I use it and they said I use it very

stupidly if you look at this histogram

here so the black point and a histogram

has this gap yeah here I see it

yep ASCAP meaning that there is no okay

so total for me look number the total

number of this ingredient I mean

histogram is 0 to 255 right oh you had


data in between right meaning someone

that you wasted because that yeah I

think if you learn to shoot with

histogram it will teach you how to do

should I Instagram that looks really

balanced oh yeah well here’s a grand yes

yeah mr. grand that’s balance it’s what

you want to go for I never could get it

because either this guy blows it out or

my shadows too dark I could never get


in digital so yeah okay miss histogram

because a lot of photographers seasonal

photographers and pro they by looking at


you know how you picture looks like for

example I don’t even need to look at the

picture well now I know that there’s my

little black in this pink immediately on

transfer picture is less yes and then

there’s always look go out just a little

bit not a bunch in somewhere that’s what

I see all right let’s look at a

histogram so meaning that this picture

has the problem is last contrast if I

pull this down here then I could give it

back back and make the contrast pop yes

that’s partially level I’ve actually

never done this before but I guess it’s

up consciously I do it with Lightroom

because there’s a bar so I do this and

look at the picture I look at a picture

the result and then I adjust the

contrast accordingly but I don’t look at

the history Graham I don’t think yeah

the only time I look at history of is if

I’m blowing out the highlights or

nowaday the so-called focus on the

histogram to retouch off-shoot is a

little bit overrated because the style

is all haywire there’s I overexposed

style underexposed style

so yeah just go with the stuff that you

like [ __ ] especially now with the live

you see what you like I think what you


I mean learn all this but don’t try buy

all this techniques you know agree let

your mind go free but know the

techniques but you don’t have to apply

the technique to every single fair


alright the next is the curve which is a

more powerful version of a level we’re

still dealing with histogram

same thing except you’re on the line and

you play with a lot of different things

you can control the brightness the


everything you know occur basically

curve is the master of everything same

thing here you can see how this is the

grammar sync same histogram the same

last one is music II right so yeah I put

this black point go here right I’m a

picture I know more contrasty yes now

this is until I use all the time this is

the tool I use to create other Street

Fighter lo pictures with the phonetic


yes this to a selective color allows you

to go into all this different color from

black neutral weight magenta blue cyan

green yellow and red and go in each

relative color and play around with

really wait you have colors and then

colors of colors what okay so you see

the color here is black yeah yellow yeah

magenta and cyan okay so you know about

seeing what I can’t LGB right yes there

are the same relationship in a way okay

let me go to the next one here this is

perfect that makes sense so right now

you pick black but in the black you’re

changing the signs of the blacks and

magentas so black is contouring how much

black in this photo

so yes okay now all this up there yellow

magenta is I also affect the black yeah

see the number here yeah so I – 44

yellow I’m a zero e6 magenta that’s a

lot away from the black yeah right

that’s why increase the black to 20

nights you get that darker color so what

it does is actually yellow when I –

yellow yeah I increase the cyan so it’s

not something just a subtract something

it’s a bar yes

okay science this is this side if I move

less yellow more cyan say I think knows

a magenta I become more green same thing

in Messiah with monk much more magenta

okay same thing yes so this is allow you

it’s not it’s actually working with a

pixel because a pixel yes you can go in


you know how many time that would take

you anyway take you in definite amount

because you have so many pixels oh is

that basically what they do is every

single pixel color has a color range

right today the color of the pixel yes

to create yep okay so run on it we place

it you just a fix around mess around

with the range color and then get it


that you want all right that’s why but I

have a question because this is this is

globally right because you every time

you make this change it affects the

whole no no I came to grow both of my

own the black area right yes and but all

the black area how about if you only

want the black area behind the subject I

guess you can mask it right you can ask

it but at least it helps every city

before we don’t have that you gotta go

in saturation

– saturation that the whole picture is

saturated or desaturate and mess it up

but in this case it helped you one level

up is oh it only outside of that area at

least the bright arrow and the skin tone

one effect this is such a powerful tool

that I’ve never used again

if there’s only six tools that you

really need to know but I never bother

to learn this because there’s so much to

learn I never thought I should learn

this tool because this is actually

applicable to photographers in a way

Lightroom had this too but it’s all in

the color with the saturation and the

luminaires and the hill he never used it

difficult to use because it’s not

isolated it’s a global adjustment thing

so when you mess around with it it

affect too much so yes we’re not using

it yeah wedding photography at least for

our style I try to focus on natural skin

tones so if anything I changes to skin

tones to something it doesn’t look

natural automatically I throw it out

because I don’t have time to make a mask

overexposed read me a picture the bridal

picture the yellows are calm yes this

basically egregious we move the yellow

yeah yeah you can definitely do it here

and then but yeah to bring it back in

her actually being in the in that

picture where you took out the green and


you still need to do something with the

skin or you just leave it as is the skin

is actually belong to yellow categories

so will we move some yellow and blow up

the yellow stuff to get that look okay

good to know

I mean it took some time but once you

play around with you know which color of

that color in the photos

and the next single thing is is the plan

emo baby

ya see let’s see the first one that’s

the only one I use because I never

understood why all these movies exist

you don’t need any more of them but just

understand you can sell health it has a

line right so each category

this group of category effect talking

this Calgary Leiden this is all

affecting saturations this is


there’s only effect color and not

anything else what you understand that

it be easier and if you ever play with

the filters on top of Photoshop yeah a

lot of those field is based on all these

blending mode so that’s how do you

accomplish it interesting way if you

know how to work it you can actually use

the blending mode with layers and not

use the filters know you know you know

how I learned that nope did you see how

those filters being poured have slow

computers you know in fact that when you

try one filters yeah Bala juice and time

or just wait for it to render right so I

have to learn the alternative way how to

run those filter manually to saved you

yeah and that’s how flattening Mo’s Wow

so how do these buddy modes help you now

like how it is helpful for when you’re

branding your skies into the background

young textures when you hear line up

your skins when you want darken certain

area the branding will helps a lot ok

yeah I I can I can understand what

you’re saying but maybe in the next

video we can do like a demonstration to

really Soloff I that

so this graph here basically explain

more about what each I’ll just care

going about granny mode us okay

yeah I think this is a good one for

people to like just stop the video and

take a screenshot of this because this

is this is very handy you have different

modes and like literally English

definition of what they’ll do so right


we’ll have to touch her this in another

video like a demonstration way too much

to talk about

I’m already overwhelmed how much more

information you got packed in my head

but I’m learning a lot so far this is

I’m so glad we recorded this because I

think people are gonna watch this

multiple times

I’m gonna watch it multiple times

because they’re very good information

here and you’re very generous to share

all this information and maybe one day

an a I will do all this but right now it

hasn’t been able to so it’s good to know

you go knowledge is meant to share so

yeah it is okay so I talked about Syria

right yes so this is one picture that we

have Charlotte way way way back and

believe it or not this is my first

award-winning picture

Oh me with the aftereffect not not the

way it looks right now this is straight

off yep this is my and that’s all done

with texture it’s all this is a

replacement texture right yeah well you

also relied it her a little bit to blend

with the texture yes

well back then is called brushing they

don’t have the technology we lighting

yet this is that what ten years ago so

you kind of like took a light faint or

jet brushed on top of her mm-hmm

otherwise if you realize if her skin is

still kind of bright it does something

after background she has natural light

imagine that’s actually a wheel wall

right and you have like bouncing on that

that wall color would affect on the

subject as well yeah somehow like back

the other wall or don’t list the room or

the enemies the lights that wall she’s

like her the same way yep so yeah so

that’s why I fell obviously because it

gives me a lot of help me win a lot of

War pictures back then because it’s

different so so with with lumina for you

can do textures like this right yeah you

can and it comes pre-loaded with

textures reloaded and you can also load

your own texture as well so if you

wanted to get texture like where do you

find textures waffle this basically took

when I’m wall

all textures and then says put color on

it and Mitch sometimes it makes a couple

different action plan them together

become a new textures

it’s kind of your best bet there can be

a temperature so yes no I know that

yeah that’s like green screen but yes if

you like to this or you emboss it

definitely I could see a texture very

cool cool I used texture a lot different

way – yeah this scene this time

attention I have in my Photoshop texture

files I got home under yeah hold three

four gig of textures Wow very nice so

like one of one thing I use is that at

some point I’m kind of tired of you know

okay let’s say for the left picture here

there’s three four pictures

yeah it’s too bright and there’s too

much going on is on the corner and

carefully respect to the subject right

so a lot of time we will can’t put like

a vignette so two colors people’s eye

into the subject like vignette it’s

cliche it is because like yeah you think

about it vennett is actually a defect of

photography yeah with your shorts yeah

it’s you can’t even feed the tomorrow

whatever it’s too big

yeah so is offensive too big for your

legs so we’re using the effect on

photography to make art which is okay

but too many people using is becoming

you know like that you say right so I’m

doing you texturized yet meaning using

texture Judea and darken the bright area

so that because most and we do very

light and the white dress is always

stand up it we’re I not look and as well

it’s different yeah I love it

that’s that’s a fantastic tip because I

think I know vignetting but I never use

it because it doesn’t look good but you

just you just created a whole new world

on beginning with texture that’s really

cool that’s that’s a small tip that I

can’t remember to use when I want to

when I want my subject to pop out more

I don’t need to use a vignette but I can

use a vignette in control of the texture

because I’m always focused on two thing

when I create my photos I mean cause

possible is storytelling and believable

we have a net we need art that’s not


no when you have a texture like this for

one it help you relate to oh this is

vintage okay it it’s a story it’s an

image is old yeah the same time it’s

more even out so it could be the dirt it

could be the oval which a lot of rot in

doing so it become more believable then

I’m so called off yet yes this is good

this is this is I love this this is a

tip that I will definitely use if not

out having it back in my head for when I

need this easy but easily put a texture

on top of this photo yeah uses cost soft

light and here’s a massive mess all the

dress make it non authority and that’s

it easy but the concept to think about

it is it’s genius

thank you and then sometime I use it for


because this is a gob apartment area in

Paris and it’s only you can’t see a way

now but all this the wallpaper

wallpapers they’re peeling off really

the yellow you know when you you know

when poor people get all you know you

can’t yell ish and yes oh yes what are

they fixing it or whatever cuz it it’s

you can’t even call it vintage it’s just

oh and broken so point their artistic

old yeah it is oh and we touch it and

make them clean i basically pulling

couple texture the cuff way up and make

it even do it here and get some yes yet

so it’s saving a lot of time

it looks great too time saver yeah and

and a piece of art it looks good yeah to

the point is but I know what I did so I

can’t because it’s just like a lazy the

result is what speaks for itself I love


and sometimes if you look at this the

war here basically it was yelling and

because it’s too much going on here like

it takes 2/3 of the picture of this area

so I pretty much for attention make it

look interesting so the picture would

not be that boring

so sometimes cool so you still have a

lot of Titian is subject but Rebecca

it’s not totally clean I like it it’s a

very different twist of using texture

and this one is tricky this is way way

back with this same thing with that

yellow picture it’s I shot this with the

Nikon d300 which is a crop sensor you

know that it’s not full frame so back

then I was a kid yes this is a good dark

talk church so this area right here this

area where I’m circling around and also

back here yeah when I open up in in


when sharp Korean is all messed up or

muddy because there’s no information in

it yes yeah yeah especially when

approximate okay that we see the details

right back there back there with props

and I’m pretty sure with my XT freeway

now when I take same area take a same

picture it way better we’re talking

about portable technology okay yes very

sure so this is you’ve got some really

muddy background still muddy right there

you can see nothing it’s like but it

still looks pretty good and on a digital

platform I know it’s okay but when you

read this out it looks like crap oh crap

oh okay but what I did is that should

mute to notice my texture on the dock

area hey you know the concept of that is

that okay so this is the muddy layer of

those right stuff I put a clean tattoo

on top

blend it together so I created a brand

new clean pixels

yes so the pictures I’ll start having

clean pixels so when the printer when I

send a picture to the printer clinic in

April when do because you know the

pretty it’s not just easy okay let me

send this operator in a printer right

the print is Saturday

so you have to render it yes so the way

that we require to able to eat every

single pixels yes

something they can’t read is the

estimated and they ask way all the

cleaning problem cops are when they have

a gas that made the pixels because it

looks muddy you can see a gradient of

the muddiness suggesting by we adjusting

and putting new pixels in there it allow

the Queen unable with it easier yeah so

I have a much I was a perfect but a much

cleaner image yeah it’s more define like

the pics are deliberately like that

versus like an uncontrollable create of

mud yep

Molly meaning very cool it’s like all

black and yes there’s no you know if you

go up remember the first picture I show

and not to do for that fourteen hundred

percent you see how it’s different but

it was the same white color yes yeah

color of white or gray in it

yes represent yes so stamping goes here

when your body

yep meeting there’s nothing in there

it’s all one color and just yes so when

I act actually in it the texture call it

onto that and create more different type

of pixels in there and allow it to be

better that makes sense

I mean especially for the pretty

perspective making sure you remove the

muddiness by add a texture that’s also

very clever technique this I learned way

back when I was working on magazine and

I have you create PO for matters in the

print and some of the Python is not that

good and this is one way we have to do

that to make the picture printable this

is all tag very cool old tag we talked

about at least twenty years ago all tax

but now today I don’t think people face

this kind problem anymore the stands are

so good yeah right but it’s good it’s

good in case that someone took a picture

of a dark room with the old cellphone

and you need to fix it this is good to

have it behind your head it’s like oh

yeah just put a texture on top of it you

renewed the pixels with clean pixels and

you could print it better that’s that’s

something I never thought about but it’s

a very good tip for sure

and people don’t used is a muscle long

okay so um a lot of people ask me what’s

the different between being a

photographer and

a we touch her right now right pretty

straight for being a photographer you

always don’t for the good stuff you look

for a good composition you look for your

site you’ll of course clean backgrounds

right yeah and there’s like yes that’s

what being photons about look for good

stuff well when when you have good stuff

to work with

oh that’s a lot good stuff out there

you’ll find something the full stoppers

ice that’s what we all should have right

right even even in a dumpster you can

find the right lighting the right angle

the right things a highlight that look

great yes so but meaning uh if you’d

stop post-processing you have to look

for the bad stuff what do you fix yes

what to be bad let’s I’m like forget

about composition air lighting error you

have a busy and distracting background

yep color correction like white bars off

whatever yes

building I’ve got my saw crooked or

shifted ah yes body shape sometimes it’s

not because they’re they’re bigger or

whatever it just when you pull lens

distortion yeah destruction you’ll fix

that and ever expose highlight right


and there’s no detail in the shadows of

pitch black like a pretty right out and

also the framing is over you to crop

yeah those kind of stuff so yes all

these things will help make the photos

yeah make a bad picture or less good

picture become good pictures that’s what

we have or an amazing picture

so let’s couple example here okay all

right this is another coup a photo shoot

we did in Florence Italy there’s this

one the church at the top of mountains

okay you’re right mom my goal was to

able to capture more charges with the

couple walking like a story time but

okay you look it down here this is the

steps so this is yeah that’s a tough one

okay yep I took back that I do not only


bring it because

in order for my wish network everywhere

has to either be on 90 millimeters from

far away to get a straight line of the

building and yes yeah all right yes I

can defy gravity and flow the sky and go

back yeah very far back yeah you have to

be very far back with a really long

focal length to get the column straight

there’s no way I can do that right this

is they already jump already so I’m like

efforts there and having I got 24

millimeters this is wider singing again

oh you’re just stairs too so you have to

actually go back and fly up – you can’t

just go back because this steps down

okay gotcha gotcha gotcha so that’s a

difficult situation so it’s not

situation so back to the finding the

best of project is that right

composition air offices all that here

yes building architecture lie you know

it’s all messed up yep and overexposed

high-level good address this is like me

yeah doing day so yeah three but we

already did know that that’s that’s why

we tell a couple can you look back where

the Sun is so at least it light the

highlights of my faith in the shadows

back here so at least that’s correct

right yes

imagine if they keep walking that way

right the pay will be dark yes yes so

yeah bring this back home this is part

one of a good image in this area well

right I imagine so a little bit going

here and there and then I’ve got it back

to like this wow that is so so different

it looks amazing you you turn the

previous picture into this yeah that’s

that’s really good so on the line is say

your right is all fix yes and the

framing is just nailed it

Wow wait so how did you do that like

what what tools did you have to use to

make all that happen well first thing

first why here because I have enough

information right here so I’m going to

raw converter you know you fix all the

lines right I did not know that

so you shift

the picture the way basically ship every

single pixel according to the line oh

wow I do that a straight line that’s

pretty cool

that’s something that’s the most

difficult thing on this is basically

fixing that other than the exposure all

that and the color talk and a little

texture on top of it make it look a bit

yes yeah like if you didn’t tell me at

those these two were the same picture I

would have never believed you I would

say yeah the same day but different lens

different perspective totally young

people geometry obviously that I’m a

baffle topper well try dude this I went

you’ve to climb one this picture right

you ready have a situation right here

where the step is and there’s no way you

get in camera correctly right that was

are you gonna do you can’t there’s

nothing you can do you have to get drone

to fly back well now you can’t with a

job yes plus you don’t want to carry you

don’t want to carry a drone this is more

equipment mm-hmm but if you have to if

you know how do you post-processing and

you know what you can do with it then

your vision is totally different when

you come to this remember you asked me

over how I avoid all this shooting in a

public area and you know all its

problems now let’s say if the client

want this and they want mes all like

that they will have that you know that

they’re yeah that makes when you’re

walking around Italy your carry a

suitcase Keys a stuffing yeah right here

a lot of stuff yes and you don’t faint

the police there will like try to hey

how come is Chinese guy in Italy carry

all this time a man what is he doing


or what is in these locations all right

they’ll be curious so you’re not a

photographer care about what gear to use

to capture that vision they never

understand the country’s culture the law

and the we all deal right can you even

fly a drone in the area or you get like

flags or put in a jail or arrest it

right away


you don’t even know that’s why I like

not that I’m trying to sell

post-processing but right it helps I

mean but look at that this is like a

million bucks and you you can you can’t

easily get this without post-processing

you cannot get it without

post-processing Isis

you gotta wait for the at least yep the

way for the way bond of the Sun comes in

yeah and who me and the cloud is kind of

diffused in the sunlight you know you

got away the natural natural world do

the thing but that never really happened

right I mean this is the UM the most

amazing before-and-after I’ve seen and

like how long did it take you to post

process this wasn’t that long I mean

only we’ve been doing straight up the

line fix exposure highlight and make a

subsonic vacuum where the tuxedos dark

because what my straight line all this

guy thing is gone because it’s rate up

is that free of oh yeah and I just have

to do a little color and shopton and

apart tension is it that’s amazing you

have to understand where this pictures

potential is for in the first place yeah

we normally just junk this picture right

you know I would yeah we totally change

it but that’s we’re actually doing this

photo shoot that’s what I wrote is

sometimes I have to capture just to get

the raw material so when I guess yes I

could work with it it’s coming you gonna

market you by yourself yeah you have to

grow it first yeah but when you took

this picture did you already have the

vision of how you’re gonna post process

it yes cuz I know I can fix the line

nice I know I’ve seen the I know I could

get back this frame for sure

wow that’s impressive

I guess what’s he doing enough you you

understand what you can and cannot do

yeah but system one that doesn’t retouch

at all like I would never have imagined

just because that’s why there’s only

four ball shooting and getting right

camera but you’re in crucial situations

sometimes you just have to do things

like this and knowing about the

potential of post-processing even though

you don’t do it yourself but you know it

it helped you to create because that’s

very point to be honest Fattah be it’s

not just about setting up some time is

no spontaneous moment that you know you

never enacted and then you just have

this and if you know fully from

pre-production in post-production

you know how everything goes together

right grab those pictures you lose good

opportunities for sure I can see now

that if I if I was in this situation I

would want to get this shot because then

I could convert it to something that you

have as a reasonably day people have a

Joel they get to get this shot easy now

I’m just fine Joe but like you said if

you want to bring it drilling and if you

could get through security right there’s

any if you go for the drone there’s like

three things whereas what you took any

photographer could take with a wide lens

and understanding of post-processing

pretty much very cool I love this this

this is one of my favorite

before-and-after photos I’ve said it

before and I’ll say it again I like it

and then it’s another story also informs

the couple wanna have a picture which

the dome is behind yep when they told me

that say sure no problem

you know it started then realize this

dome is actually have the wall up I

think like 150 stairs off a hundred and

fifty stairs like this is for 150 don’t

forward like so 150 steps but how many

levels is that like I forgot my uh okay

but it’s not hundred fifty floors let’s

just say you do not want to kill your

camera yeah okay it’s a very very very

long travel up I thought so I get in

this case I don’t bring any lighting cuz

I am NOT gonna carry all that junk just

pick out a mile walk and assistance now

they’re waiting right get up you’re

gonna shoot done right so when I’m out

there I know for a fact that a couple

one clear shot of the dome behind so I

exposure 4-perf exposures do right right


is deep insight is all talking but I

know my camera I know my dime dynamic

range of my camera I could bring those


the only daunting is the picture they

show me they don’t have those fans in

there or the big pillars come in but the

big pillar is actually not the back

pillars they’re things the big deal is

they’re sure yeah the pillar pillar

looks good actually because like it’s

part of the day but this is one of the

picture that we really really want yes

they point up in warrens or something

like that

I forgot story yeah so as promised I

have to you know deliver so right like

now I have to go to follow fans alright

okay if you look closely some some of

those I have basically I did not use

comb I actually chew off did you not

have the closed ring you all back I pink

collar back into it so seamless it

blends so well you wouldn’t I my

builders ever again I would never do

that again

it takes me if I’m memory is 67 hour for

just one image Wow but what I’m

impressed even more is how you brought

back the shadow

I guess that’s easy for you because you

know your camera but the shadow is

really impressive to me that you brought

that all that detail with the shadows so

it’s all there the end result is amazing

I’m sure the couple loves this photo oh

they love it they better love it


Talia this is one of those I remember or

so ty other the invasion was so tired as

I have a go in zooming in like 230

percent does ping ping ping ping ping

ping ping

that’s amazing suppose that the break-up

is so close there’s no way I can use

Chrome stamp but not to actually Chrome

because it doesn’t work it doesn’t know

natural so and I had to drive it the

clone tool sometimes works sometimes

very difficult and I could see

situations for other bricks are so close

together you want them the right angle

the right alignment it’s hard so at some

point in some situations doesn’t matter

how advanced all the tools are you have

to go back all right


looks great and then so then on one

which is one story shotgun and shooting

those tore you go into like a church is

a Torah you’re not supposed to fall grab

inside this is actually a church or

church and yeah it will be cool that if

they were staying there like pretend

they’re getting married right yeah so I

just don’t stand there basically grab

the shot but then you see how they have

this thing blocking and in fact yes yeah

Mary there definitely is something

blocking them right because I want to

create a story yeah and the lines are

gone I try to capture cos this feeling

looks really amazing

I wanna capture the 24 millimeter or

four wheel yeah capture that then let’s

come get as much as I can and then just

freed up Wow and we put the pile and all

that so that looks like they’re actually

getting married in church like that oh

and then the color the color gradient

just gives it really fresh food or an

actual color how it looks inside a

church oh we just bad lighting lighting

this okay I have to dispel Lighting’s

but no good choice of recreation of the

colors it looks really good all the

artifacts are gone everything is

straight and lineup looks great another

fit time I found that you have to

straight up all the October because

human I kind of enjoyed this comfortness

of straight and horizontal like yes

because that will

it was pleasing her when we look at

picture like this I know a lot of

photography and stretch yeah

to me there’s two thing I don’t like one

is I go for an oil painting like you

would never see a wide-angle feature or

no ever no ever no and the second is

with the waggle is not stable

I don’t feel the comfort or um easy to

wash pic you feel like it’s kind of you

know there’s something all about it yeah

you see something we just all level up

it just builds yes safe and it’s

comfortable it is really really safe

comfortable and nice I like it I tried a

lot of people but it has to do with the

perception of what works for them I I

would probably I agree with you a high

percent cuz I’m a engineer I’m gonna

calculate your background to you so I

love the straight lines the

perpendicular like when I design logos

and stuff those are these I look for too

but maybe other people have different

perspective maybe other photographers a

different perspective what other clients

do but I like this I talked to a field

um and they pick at that point they want

that wow effect of the Y angle because

yes wheel yes

but they fail to realize that yes you

have to serve a moment for that one time

when a person look at your picture the

second time the first time for time it

become yeah you know yeah no you don’t

have to first wow factor I mean if you

we realize a functional photo is to be

long lasting then you know what you pay

and you know what side we’ll go for yeah

and one of the ugly ones editorial type

look okay yeah

really huh the client like oh my God

look at this tub I love it can we do

something here they well I can’t we just

say no what the client right yeah even

though they look at all of it look at

all the circumcircle all the bad stuff

those things I’m just sticking out as

sore thumbs because it’s very bright and

her dress is very dark too

yep I mean when you look at the tension

of background all that it’s kind of

working with address it’s not obvious

enough yeah we do more you know so after

a little fussing around Photoshop here

and there and Wow

the trick is well I can’t really turn

the tub darker cuz that’s I mean look at

this area it’s a white tile

so rather than fixing the tub I think


how about if I expand address so I make

the dress bigger that’s pretty cool and

it’s very believable like if you showed

me before picture I would believe this

is how the dress looks so comfortable if

I can yeah and you move out the little

details like the handles and the little

candlesticks on the side or I don’t know

what it was that’s bothered me on the

lower left but it’s gone out to me it

looks great this is still distracting

but that’s know what’s part of it no I

like that I think that that gives it

some something interesting you look at

it bounces off the line there’s

curvature hole you see how it work

hurtin yes magic the whole thing cover

up even it’s by area ooh that would be

nice but that’s really more time more

time and also it doesn’t look as

believable because the lighter yeah

because yeah match get the lighting has

to be very different from the copy piece

of the background yeah yep for sure but

you did a great job I think it turned

out fantastic I mean all these examples

are really good I got a taste of how you

use color gradients how to use color how

do you do all the manipulation with the

lights and everything to get these great

pictures but let’s see a demo can you

show me how you get these results like

yeah yeah really close this cool let’s

check it out okay let me close that cuz

I don’t know how much juice my computer

has five year old computer you still a

pump okay pump awesome great let’s write

on this one okay all right play with

this one here okay um let me do Big L


sure yeah duplicate would be great so we

can see before and after so let’s see

let’s put everything we learn together

universe things I do I will we place a

sky that’s hot let’s do that so I go

into the UNA for what the beauty level


ai sky replacement my favorite toy alien

it become a big day it’s just so much

fun to play with it I would not leave a

photo alone without having AI sky now

it’s not that you know how easy we paint

the sky right yeah so awesome what

doesn’t uh let’s see I’m curious Oh what

is what this is so good that actually

looks pretty good

hold on what what am I always at high so

if I flip the sky yeah I wasn’t brighter

don’t feel you want something brighter

yeah try it would be good you know

don’t like that one hmm it looks good

how about something even brighter okay

those are good cuz you see how the high

you have to match you can’t just with

like we’re not leaf or something it

together you see a highlight on a church

on her you guys wanna arm so you look

like something try to make it believable

well that one’s pretty good okay oh yeah

Tiburon yeah I like it this way okay


artistic flair to that really it’s

actually like color coin fluid charge

top it makes it yeah believe away and

not replace yeah yeah yeah and I like

how even behind all those little leaves

ai sky replacement oh yeah ass get out

here yeah that’s really really good like

if I were to do this manually I would

not even try because this is so much

blue there if I wanted to make it yellow

for example I

because there’s always gonna be some

blue artifacts but I saw what you made

it a yellow sky it also changed all all

the the blue I’m just resting all this

great whole thing gab and try to get as

much as I can I mean there’s still some

fixing around here and there but so if

I’ve been able to be good

the only if he is missing is because of

her bridal gown is too close to white

and then it got up there but that is not

easy not a problem okay but I will go

into AI and see what else you would do

here this is the AI – I’m talking about

yep it basically is pulled in more

contrast I I believe him because out the

contrast you see how the whole pale

explain it better but yeah even a dress

but not like you Thomas I don’t my desk

you know you see how it skin tones you

know what I think about it I probably

don’t want this anymore because I know

full of contrasts I could feel better

when I’m in Photoshop so I think the sky

we move we place is good enough I mean

anyway there let’s do that so we know it

needs more contrast cos the AI contrast

is looks better I hope you like a

skyline I want to Phoenix it’s pretty

good yeah yeah so going here fix

something here real quick right there so

I create a mask

yeah brush down the skies I make sure

that before brown color is black here

yep and just hang it up there we go

bringing back the details new address

cuz it was kind of I yeah that’s the

college right

so that’s good yep and I think this

picture the flash action did not sink

what I can do is a

that but I will mass it so that’s the

color is that is that the curvature for

the car so I brighten up the curve

uh-huh and this is pretty advanced stuff

so you just brighten it up with her the

the curve it is a mask all right see

okay okay so you see how I don’t do

really quick twist a mask you see how

some of those that is out

yeah the mass is not now if you want you

can always get this mass more and go

back in and you know fix it yeah if you

want but right sometimes I just go

double click on here and fader it out a

little bit yeah it’s more believable and

yeah feather always hiring a writer and

drop the capacity just attack so that

way it blends in more in this other way

I just know it looks so good it looks

very naturally very smooth – I can’t

tell yeah no it’s still good so a lot of

time but when we talk that’s how I

create a hide a shadow this yes it was

flat Wow there is hot in shadow wow

that’s so cool with lighting so not like

officials on her already

oh yeah perfect item that that

before-and-after with the highlight

shadow just blows my mind

that’s so cool I never knew you could do

that with Photoshop I always thought you

have to get flash lighting or a lighting

correct in person this is just so cool

soak so cool okay so the next thing I do

is I want to play around little with the

colors so I always use either a vibrant

no no that looks pretty good

and look at that right but there’s a

sometime you situation to push it up you

see how the color can go but I really

use it because it doesn’t look good so I

would just go by word and it looks

really good

like that yeah right blues guy the skin

just pop now the greenest okay didn’t go

away too because sometimes when you push

the green too much it looks great

well now it’s little bit the edge I’ll

fix that later but one is yellow my

address you see a problem I’m seeing –

I’ve seen blue in her dress hey exactly

so I’m gonna get us my cell is

saturation and go to blue chop it slide

chop it oh wow

what mass it out right inverse a mask

and just yep brush this paint it fresh

out the blue is gone yeah so the blue

now is highlighting in the sky and then

there’s the blue part of the

architecture but not in the dress very

good yep so that’s the blue with that’s

no so how clear and clean that is that

looks really good

now you know why same time I can’t have


different things but the

before-and-after is shocking the sky

replacement is one big Wow but then also

like the way you manipulate the lighting

is really good and to like make sure

that the contrast and the vibrations is

there but not changing the white of the

dress it’s like wow everything comes

together so well

I mean there’s Mall of the things but

they make big impacts so I want to go in

a little bit in different color and play

and see but just even more so I think

the first can do little bit so I

couldn’t why and see if there’s anything

and do I’m a pony more the dress I see

when I push the white there’s not much

white in a dress that tells me that

dress is actually gray no no Jo

Oh Brian out yeah yep because if you

touch the gray now you affect the dress

more than when you were triangle I don’t

want to touch it equate in color it just

kind of mess it up even more so I

probably pregnant just attack that but

at the same time because there’s so many

great in his photo I have the massive

inverse mask and they’re painted again

so these are the done thing going on oh

yeah only the dress very cool looks

really good right or portraiture is two

thing one is the skintone second is the

dress yeah I buy a dress using selective

colors that way imagine you might don’t

do this okay

I go go for a curb and just raise it up

do I lose details

oh yeah times yeah I kept add it ha ha

we moved more flash effect to it you

know like when you try to brighten the

subject everything else is dark I’ve

always always thought how do people do

that but sometimes I can’t even create

that with lighting because light spills

but this you get you make her pop with

the exposure but you control it so it

doesn’t flash control in this yeah yeah

where’s with flash you can’t you can’t

control that unless you have like a


but even snoot you have like light we’d

light cut-offs here there it just

doesn’t really work

let’s play a game here do you think the

green actually effect by the green or

the yellow all the trees the the trees I

tell you that is I can only affect the

trees in yellow not green okay how much

there’s is not that we wanna kick it

okay yellow look at that’s maturity

yellow there well I guess I guess I do

I realize there is some yellows it’s

over you know how that’s how every

dreamy few of the yellow so look at this


if I’m in yellow here and I – yellow see

that’s what I get

yes see it yep yeah yes you want to go

about that time I love you can

but yes this case because there’s a lot

of sunlight on her and she’s vibrant if

I my trees become more adult that

doesn’t mean ya know I like the vibrate

I like the vibrant green I think it okay

yeah this goes well and I’m my talking

to Scott just attack and wow that looks

so good

one more thing let me do one more in the

yellow you know what to get you okay Wow

Wow nice result one more thing because

way now I you can see that I separated

adjust some of the colors differently

right yep yep so I’ll do a contour ship


yi so I have a full layer with all that

just get on top I mean under okay

wait how do you make a layer with every

ctrl alt shift E in map it should be

control option shift e okay interesting

before cuticle it basically makes mix

one layer that merges everything below

it yeah so in here and I go into the

camera wall filters but this is a JPEG

it doesn’t matter it’s a filter it

basically apply what all a camera raw

stuff to whatever format yet cuz it’s

just so silly you just manipulate the

pixels so I want you to fix the skin

kids he’s not going here only in here

has orange no easy so I go into

luminosity of orange and I’m on a

brighter her skin a little bit so you

know so you only touch your skin you

don’t even need to mask the skin if

there’s kids orange oh that’s so cool so

that’s there so you brighten up a little

bit more yeah some type of just small

sweater added together equate a lot oh

yeah I can see that actually I was a big

thing but the small little details and

the ball just doesn’t here do you want

chuckling because they shot me he has

masks ooh so the white area is where is

gonna be get shot in and not the black

oh wow can we move something wow that’s

so cool I never knew you can do that

it’s in lightroom – i won’t have the

same thing same features

now debate how you want to take it we

can take it we really like fairy tale

probably two to two hundred but

definitely thing with vibrance is once

you play with it you can’t you can’t

really go back to like a normal purse

pect ‘iv you always want a little bit

more vibrance so like let’s pump the

vibrate up just a tad more because I

like the vibrating look but not too much

but these these these effects are

looking good

I make it more narrow right now with

that a lot of walnuts in there it kind

of feel his sons on her see yep what are

you how are you changing it so much are

you doing a color picker what I’m right

here so messy default okay okay d 4i

basic ways to call it a bit more I just

attacked yeah yeah more more and I am

seeing that I want more tension to see

see a potentially bringing more of the

GST to up so pretty little more yep dad

I bring highlight down just the 10 so

they’re back see the back of the dress

right here mm-hmm

I was burning a little too much so give

a shout out so that contrasts there and

then so these are global edits without


yeah because but back back in Photoshop

in the layers I need all my separation

just and I said the way the whole

picture color how I wanted it so it’s

okay only coming here with the global

added to do further fine fine I just

yes okay see now that oh now I actually

understand how you could post process

lighting it’s actually amazing you’re

controlling so much basically icons like

the lighting here how it works

even if I find the background yeah and

the dress – that was my most interesting

takeaway is like you can be taught the

lighting under general I probably want

you once this I need to chop the orange

a bit because most Asian female light is

getting more lighter yeah

oh that not too one yeah okay that’s not

yeah that’s good right there

yeah and I’m okay with this I’m more

than okay with that I think it’s really

good so one thing I can do is to bit

this is more like I wouldn’t consider

color grading yet but you know what I’m

gonna use this I am gonna use a gradient

mmm haven’t changing this too is solved

like first and see what color should I


wow I’m without applying show you how I

use a gradient to do colic waiting yeah

so yeah I know this that’s crazy

just a simple gradient as I affect it it

really depends on colors in the pictures

and maybe and color that you’re using do

you come out upon your fest

a message to each other right Oh


I never touched some color we laugh with

the color that is in a photo we yeah

like this one you see how that one yeah

so if I lower this ooh it would keep it

in a color in there yeah it’s a pinkish

yeah I like it

and then by going to the histogram here

lowering the black you get this Grunch

like that you get the conjurer at the

same time to color him in there

yeah Wow that’s one way I do with color

you see how to even the clown has a

little pinkish in there yeah so for a

little bit okay that’s fine

and if I want to do one more thing I say

I want to do you know the black and

white color control the

you you can tease about that like so he

does the colors of the black I will open

a viber and then bring it to say a

hundred okay later that looks really bad

when you do that why would you do that

I’m not done yet so I open a black and

white filter okay mmm okay ozzie to 20%

we need to only allow 20% of this come

out okay okay and then check it out I

could isolate each color and that’s just

using a black and white filter oh that’s

so amazing

so you you just you’re controlling the

vibrance oh you’re using a vibe we

really made a vibrant and now you can

select the colors because it’s very

vibrant and you just see how much of

that color shows through yep that’s it

that way your color would never go over

yeah and you can’t go out like my

filters this is like a super super super

bonus advanced tip like I can see it but

I cannot really encompass it enough to

really use it or I don’t know we’re at

the point where I there’s just so much

yeah yeah

in this picture it doesn’t need it it

doesn’t eat at all showing you but

nonetheless that’s really cool I never

seen anyone do that so in a way we could

call it done here but yeah as you know

me I’m gonna do one more combine a dirt

okay I am going into a tea and schemas

they are for looking like a painting

yep make it like a painting look at that

oh yeah let me create a new mass on a

sub J okay that looks really good I

probably don’t need anymore let me go

give me a wine

yeah that looks very oily now okay

perfect painting you sorry that’s what I

would not oily don’t want to all your

face okay see all the texture in there

good I just have to get her face out to

make look crystal clear yep

you’re just removing the snap art filter

and also the dress yeah a little bit

more detail so chic become and I

shouldn’t be asking you’re not using a

mouse right you you’re usually one of

those pressure sensitive so that helps

because the harder you pushed the more

effect you put right so I can control my

pressure by you know you have my brush

by the pressure that’s my meat okay so I

think that’s pretty okay so so we can

have a link to below under the equipment

you’re using what is that tablet and at

the bottom a lot of people buy expensive

tablet but I have got a cheap one bamboo

weights alcohol a bamboo yeah cool so

we’ll leave a link below with the links

to some of the good templates as well as

the simple cheap ones the bamboo that

Jeremy uses which as you can see it’s

not the tool it’s how you use the tool

that makes the art so I found a stop

here with the same image from here to

this yeah that’s pretty good angle it’s

great what are you talking about

you can submit it to a contest and win

an award I already want to all with this


congratulations yeah well done

well deserved okay so you got any other

questions on this or no this is

fantastic this is really good I mean

you’ve taught us you taught me and all

the youtubers are watch this video a ton

of information this is the content that

is normally in your presentation that

you do at WPI you

charge $129 per person and even that one

that’s probably an hour right whereas we

gave we got like the full full-blown

version of it but we’re running close

over three hours

I used to one hour Photoshop class and

you know something like that it’s like

this yeah I mean it’s a lot to take in

but because we record it people can

watch it in a couple of times and review

it and make sure they really understand

it because everything you showed it’s

really fundamental and basic it’s not

like mind-blowing ly difficult assistant

the concept is mind blowing to someone

that hasn’t worked with digital photo

before I can see once I understand it

and I can start applying it it gives me

so much more flexibility as I take the

picture and as I added the pictures I’ve

already taken so really really good

stuff I mean this knowledge is very

valuable I don’t even think 129 at WPI

is justified it’s probably worth more

than that usually I have less than this

this is more this is great I mean very

very professional content here very

entertaining watching you talk about it

your inspiration where you came from

your history of how do you make all the

photos with your the posing technique

see then the artistic reference you use

and how you just put everything together

it’s like a combination of all that in

one lecture I mean you can go on YouTube

and find videos about oh how to use this

curve right or a video on how to use

Lebanon for but here you’re putting the

whole story together and how you edit

from the beginning of how you got

inspired to the result of how it looks

like a painting with mood and separation

of colors and execution and really nice

guy and all that so really great deal

creation on on photograph it’s more like

a football phone people duction some

concept people adduction to actual

shooting and then to post productions

and also you know presentation it’s like

a football so having a mindset knowing

where to start and where they end it

helps yes yeah exactly you summarized it

perfectly well and if you guys have any

questions please let us know in the

comments below you get ideas for future

videos let us know and let me know if

you guys are interested in getting a

copy of lunar 4 because that’s that’s

what I’m getting right after this

workshop also step bar is pretty cool

too you need to making your picture more

artistic getting that watercolor effect

or the oil painting effect really cool

I think the links below we have coupon

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that so thank you for use our link but

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of for you guys as well so check them


let us know if you purchase anything and

let us know how it goes and we would

love to see your before and after shots

soon because I’m excited this can change

your digital photography to the next

level anything else you want to add

Jeremy No thank you for watching and

hopefully it’s not too low for you guys

and hope that you value that edit

definitely definitely I think they’re

gonna find a lot of value in it at least

if they don’t I did so thank you for

your time Jeremy also any other

questions about post-processing do put

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