How to Make Money on Social Media In 2021

Social Media plays a very important role in today's life. Social Media enables people to discover and learn new information, share ideas, interact with new people and organizations. They also influence the way people look at the world. For 2021, you should also learn how to make money with social media, as many influencers already do. All you need is a computer or a smartphone and internet access to get started.



why apply textures into your photo

Why apply textures to your photos? If it's done right, textures can turn a good photo into something better, that can be called a work of art. Textures add emotion and life to the image, evolving its original feelings, and replace them with something else.

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canon NEW patent application – replacing the shutter button

In this patent, Canon is removing the shutter button and replacing it with a sensitive touch area that will allow for multiple actions. Personally, I was horrified by the thought of replacing the shutter button. I am curious how this touchpad shutter will feel like, would it have zero feelings, and just be an area you press on. Will the “half-press” autofocus still exist? Either way, I believe It would take a while to get used to after decades with a physical shutter button. How will it work when you are wearing a glove?

BTS Lighting Techniques for Still Life Photography

StellaPro Lights dramatically expands my freedom to harness the power of mirrorless cameras since My Fujifilm Mirrorless cameras have LiveView features, so I can see exactly where the light falls without even take a single photo. Also, I can be more versatile to move fast and modify light on the fly.