Back on January 9th, 2007, late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs introduced a mobile phone without a keypad instead replaced with touch screens. Looks like Canon will be following the footsteps and replacing the shutter button with a touchpad.


In this patent, Canon is removing the shutter button and replacing it with a sensitive touch area that will allow for multiple actions. 

Personally, I was horrified by the thought of replacing the shutter button. I am curious how this touchpad shutter will feel like, would it have zero feelings, and just be an area you press on. Will the “half-press” autofocus still exist? Either way, I believe It would take a while to get used to after decades with a physical shutter button. How will it work when you are wearing a glove?


But then again,  I can imagine the usefulness of this. Imagine you never take your eye off the viewfinder and are able to navigate and change menu items without moving your finger from the shutter button. One good example would be moving the AF position without moving your finger from the shutter area. One other benefit I can foresee is that it will have better weatherproofing, as there will be fewer gaps.

Will this new innovation bring back the EVF vs OVF war? Or will it become something even worse? We will see…