Comparing the Rode VideoMic Pro with the Rode NTG5; both are amazing. I find it hard to tell the difference between the two.

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Video Transcription

 hello and welcome to pixel servers my

name is david

and i’m the tech stabber today we’re

comparing audio equipment

and if you hear right now the audio

doesn’t sound really good

that’s because this is on camera audio

even on my

very expensive canon 1dx mark ii the

onboard audio just doesn’t sound good in

fact you can probably hear the lens

trying to focus

and it’s making a rather annoying sound

audio is

very important especially in today’s

youtube video

or filmmaking or any application that


high quality fidelity audio like


because a lot of people are listening to

audio while they’re multitasking

so bad video will get by but bad audio

that’s not gonna fly anyway today we’re

comparing two mics

in addition to my on-camera audio just

so that you can get idea

of the room audio and this is by far

not a sound treated room or any

specialized studio

this is just a spare bedroom with a

green screen

today we’re comparing two microphones

head to head

this one here is a 200 rode video mic

pro and this one over here is a 500

rode ntg-5 both of these are sending

audio to my zoom

h6 recorder the audio that you’re

hearing right now has

no post processing on it whatsoever

whether it’s the on-camera audio

which is really bad the rode videomic

pro audio

or the rode ntg5 audio we’re going to

test them back to back and you tell me

if it’s worth it to upgrade to a 500


or a 200 microphone or just stay with

your onboard camera audio

that you hear right now and i don’t know

up to you

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so if you enter you have a great chance

of winning anyway on with a test so

we’re gonna test the rode videomic pro

and the rode ntg5 back to back both of

them are about this far

from my mouth which is about seven

inches look if you had one shot

one opportunity to seize everything you

ever wanted

in one moment would you capture it or

let it slip

yo his palms are sweaty knees weak

arms heavy there’s vomit on his sweater


mama spaghetti he’s nervous but on the


he looks calm and ready yes i know that

was terrible

okay let’s go to and read some

texts about the ngg5

the ntg5 is a short ultra lightweight


ideal for use in the most demanding


applications featuring a revolutionary

acoustic design

with circular ports replacing the linear


found in other shotgun mics it offers

unmatched transparency and a more


uncolored sound combined with a tightly

controlled frequency response

smooth off axis response and very low

self noise just 10 decibels

the ntg5 sounds spectacular

in a wide variety of applications


location recording and demanding

filmmaking scenarios

where superlative audio is imperative

no excuses the ntg5 is a boom operator’s


weighing a mere 76 grams and measuring

just over 20 centimeters making it

ideal for use on long demanding shoots

it features rf biased circuitry to

ensure reliable performance

in adverse environments with excellent

resistance to

high humidity severe cold damp

and dust it comes with a ws-10

deluxe windshield pg2

r pistol grip and other accessories

it’s the perfect location recording kit

alright well hopefully the comparison

will let you guys decide

if it’s worth it to upgrade to a 500 mic

a 200 mic or stick with the onboard

camera audio

it’s up to you anyway let me know in the


below what you guys think and if you

think it’s worth it to upgrade to the

rode ntg5

or the rode videomic pro or stick with

camera audio

links in the description if you’re

interested in buying any of these


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pixel stabbers anyway that’s all i have

for today

take care stay healthy stay safe and

i’ll see you guys

next time