ImagenAI photo editing

If you’re like most photographers, you probably spend a lot of time editing your photos. Whether it’s adjusting the exposure, removing blemishes, or adding a touch of saturation, there’s always something that can be improved. What if there was an app that could do all of that for you, and learn your personal editing style in the process? Well, now there is! Introducing ImagenAI: the future of photo editing.

Imagen-AI is an artificial intelligence-powered photo editing desktop app designed specifically for Adobe Lightroom workflows. By analyzing your personal editing style, it’s able to quickly and consistently apply your desired changes to an entire Lightroom catalog. No more tedious manual adjustments – with ImagenAI, you can get the perfect look in no time! 

The future of photo editing is here with ImagenAI! Get ready to experience a whole new level of efficiency with artificial intelligence-powered photo editing designed specifically for Adobe Lightroom workflows. Let ImagenAI take care of the tedious manual adjustments and enjoy creative freedom like never before! See why photographers everywhere are turning to ImagenAI 

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How does Imagen AI work?

Imagen’s AI analyzes each photo to understand exactly what parameters are needed. Each photo will have its parameters adjusted based on the needs of each photo and the chosen style.

The AI Profile will know what to adjust; whether it’s white balance, exposure, color correction, and more.

How to create your own personal style?

Imagen analyzes your previous photo edits to create your own Personal AI Profile. You can have as many profiles created as you want. To create a Personal AI Profile you only need 3,000 images and only takes up to 24 hours to create. You can then apply the profile to your Lightroom Classic catalog at less than 1/2 second per photo.

Does Imagen has build in preset?

Imagen-AI are currently the only AI photo editing app with Talent AI Profiles, which makes onboarding extremely easy for photographers of any experience level. These are pre-built Profiles made by industry-leading photographers that you can use instantly on your photos.

With Imagen, you’re always in control. You can review the results in Lightroom and tweak them, and Imagen will continue to learn and evolve with you.

Try out ImagenAI now and let artificial intelligence unlock your creative potential. Let industry-leading AI Profiles do the work, so you don’t have to. Get great photos faster with ImagenAI – and never worry about tedious photo editing again!