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Video Transcription


Jeremy was in come on focus we’re going

live we’re good luck at three that’s two

one and we just got thumbs up

hello everyone welcome to pics of savage

thanks for joining us on another

giveaway yesterday’s give it was great

if you missed it don’t worry today is

your chance to win another copy of a

luminar 4 and the reason why we do this

is absolutely by request and we’re

giving away another copy Illumina 4

because we really want to celebrate our


let’s say you take me out but nope this

is piece of stammers so I never said

live you will see it under utopia but we

are pixel stammers so check us out on

YouTube at youtube.com slash picture

stabbers so as you all know we’re here

today to do a giveaway and I will share

my screen right now so you can kind of

see how the giveaway works let me

actually pull up a picture so if you

don’t mind

Jeremy why don’t you just share really

quick what luminar for is why I pull up

a quick picture for everybody

no Mona is a photo editing program okay

now the biggest discipline for most

people is that unlike you know current

way now the mainstream of software is

Adobe’s Photoshop and Lightroom and that

software requires subscriptions monthly

luminaire by its caelum don’t cost you

monthly it basically a one-time charge

and you own the software just like the

good ol times that’s what I loved about

it because you know unless you are a

professional who making pictures to make

money every day every month and you know

having the substitution is fine but if

you just want to have fun you know enemy

of photos you want to buy something that

you own and you used it for years right

and normally exactly that not a besides

on the financial and also the ownership

of software the software itself is

actually how should I care wise it it is

such a powerful software that it’s in

between Photoshop and Lightroom so in a

in a sense Photoshop is like a topknot


photo editing or even we do anything

software while life um is a dumb job

that it takes a lot of functions away

but make it easier for you to use and a

little bit more like photo management

no one are especially in between like it

has both of the good things and it don’t

have as much as Photoshop is but you

make it simple but I same time we have

more than like rooms so it’s perfect in

the middle is this is exactly what we’re

missing in the industry ethically right

I will agree with that do you agree with

that is excited what we missing in the

industry like somehow some people don’t

yet Photoshop is too powerful someone

like Rob is just not doing enough no

manner it’s just why it between for you

for those people who need more than like

Rob less than Photoshop yeah that’s how

yeah and you said people don’t need for

shop because it’s too powerful actually

they don’t need for shop because number

one it costs a lot and number two

there’s a huge learning curve but yes

it’s powerful not because it’s powerful

they don’t want it it’s just because

it’s hard to use and it cost a lot of

money now Lumina for has all the

functionality that a photographer mainly

the majority of the functionality that

photographer would need from Photoshop

aluminum or with the simplicity of

Lightroom and aka just moving sliders

and that’s what makes moving r4 so great

I got one I know yeah so have you ever

heard that how ever seen cell phone it

will take fall and they have apps to

retouch photos right right and I don’t

do you ever heard this but there’s a lot

of people professionally holding

professional camera can’t get a better

picture than people who like holding a

cell phone right that’s due to because

of those are AI and apps in the cell

phone the help you know make that

picture better it’s not because it takes

about a picture is able to make the

picture better if you don’t know how to

do post processing you can’t do that but

no one actually I think what Newman are

do is basically bringing all that

simplify function into it so that you

could do all that special features or in

fact in Newman Abijah sliders rather

than you know masking level curve you

know all that mumbo jumbo mess to get to

good that look well now they simplified

everything for you so you could actually

make better Instagram picture as well

professionally high-quality Instagram

pictures yeah cuz those really good ones

that you see on cell phone when you

bring it on a computer – start with a 4k

monitor it looks like [ __ ]

excuse excuse my language this like crap

that’s crap

yes all right yes and it’s just one more

final note before we go over the

giveaway is that this software is

perfect for anyone as a as a beginner a

photographer or even a cellphone

photographer to an intermediate or to

professional photographer it works great

for everyone right everyone could

benefit Jeremy I we have professional

wedding photographers for over 15 years

him and over ten years for me and we use

it day in and day out but this software

works just fine for people that are

taking pictures on their cell phones and

they want to put it into this

application and manipulate the picture

and bring out the best in her picture

and it also works by itself as a

standalone or it works in conjunction

with software such as Lightroom and

Photoshop yes so we’re gonna give away

one copy of luma for today and the way

you guys enter is just comment in the

chat you guys come in and chat on Amazon

live or you can comment in the chat on

YouTube on our YouTube livestream now I

prefer we prefer that you guys are on

the YouTube live platform because we’re

watching that much quicker on YouTube

because that’s the one we’re watching

more readily but we’re also watching

Amazon so anyone when you guys enter a

chat just say something like I want

Lumina for let’s just say anything and

then once you say that what we do is we

add you to our list here for example if

Jeremy wants to win we’ve typed in

Jeremy’s name if I want to win we will

add me right and I feel for you guys

type in some and say David is so awesome

there you say say that journey is about

you to channel pixel sniper type in

Jeremy’s it’s awesome Jeremy’s handsome

there it alright that sounds good or

anything you guys make it easy for them

because we want them to win this

giveaway we want them to have fun with

it so you guys can answer anything in

the chat and it will write your name

here make sure you see your name on the

list and we will draw the contest winner

at 2 p.m. Pacific Standard Time which is

in about 54 minutes from now so not too

long plenty of opportunity for you guys

to get in

we had one winner yesterday

we also had two runner-up so

surprisingly we got two winners

yesterday today we’re giving away

another Lumina for so hopefully you guys

win and feel free to ask questions

kellman’s back let me post his comment

here thanks for joining our chat Calvin

nice to see you here

Calvin was actually our winner from

yesterday not the the first-place winner

but the runner-up winner because he was

supportive and he was engaging in our

chat and we had another copy of Lumira

r3 so we decided to give him a copy of

that too so thanks for joining in our

chat today and hopefully you’re enjoying

the Luminara 3 if not let us know we’ll

help you get that installed register so

you can have fun with it and again

remember if you guys or if Calvin you

want upgrade from luma or three you just

all you do is go to the website and

actually let me show you that’s a great

segue to get to the website all you do

is you go to pixel establish calm 4/3

luminar up if I can spell it right so

pick this average 4 / luminar and it

will take you to Skylar’s website and

you can look right here h distant

customers can click upgrade to upgrade

to the latest version and if you have

Loomer 3 there’s always a nice discount

so let’s start by saying even if you

don’t win this giveaway it’s a great

time to buy it right now right Jeremy

well there’s two way to get it remember

the other promotion they have yes that

we forgot mentioned that’s right which

one was that

so if you guys have a Fujifilm camera

and that’s specific to that is on our

youtube channel so I think the at that

link are readily available at Jeremy I

dude where do you want to send it to

just go ahead and sent to my facebook

and up I’ll share it here so basically

right now fujifilm has a promotion with

Scylla to give away Lumina freak Lumina

for for free the only catch is you have

to buy send it to Ichi yeah I see Jerry

thank you you have to buy Fuji equipment

so let me show you the link well you

don’t have to buy right now if you

bought it from like last November mm-hmm

and that eventually you will buy

something later you will able to qualify

to get a free copy of the Newman of four

I’m in the description also we do it

about that so yeah basically claim your

bonus copy of Lumina for if you purchase

a qualifying Fujifilm camera or lens in

the u.s. between November 15 2000 19 and

December 31st 2020 the end of this year

enter the serial number from your camera

or lens plus contact detail below and

you should get it so you go here you

click on this this is a list of

qualifying cameras or lenses and you

know you have a good selection here but

keep in mind that this is not all of

their products so you gotta make sure

you’re looking at the right product and

to be honest they never ask for your


so since I’m not officially sponsored by

them I can say whatever I want in my

opinion I think technically if you have

the serial number for one of those

component if you look at the description

again not this one the previous one

yes a USA so one of my men’s I actually

purchased in Japan so if you look at the

serial number so they probably have like

different distributions in different

country so for you how to have to get

the lens must be in USA like for my lens

if I get it from Japan this universe

probably don’t work yeah cuz that’s you

work with a Fuji from us not globally

yeah because there’s definitely two

different divisions for sure yeah so if

you have a lens or camera in that list

that we showed earlier that’s you

purchase recently or if me who knows

when you purchase it they don’t ask for

receipt just go ahead and turn number

here see if you can get a free copy of

lumenok let us know if that works out

we’ll be excited to see you get a free

copy Illumina but again if you don’t

have a Fuji camera or free two lanes or

plan to buy a Fuji camera or a Fuji lens

right now it’s also a great time to buy

because we have a weekend holiday sale

what we can demo in a day stay alright

right here are yes and again to support

our channel before you get here remember

just to go to pixel stabbers dot-com and

for slash luminar and they’ll take me

here but that

apply the discounts cuz we always have

promotion wrap to that link of ours mmm

so tasty here just go ahead and click

buy now and remember the cool thing

about and look at that so this time

we’re talking about right so use our

lady get some discount and the cool

thing or you can buy on Amazon life as

well so the cool thing about Memorial

Day right now is that between the next

three day is 19 hours 48 minutes 17

seconds you can get this bundle which I

think it’s a fantastic bundle don’t you

think Jeremy it is the only thing that

has the software itself it has a sky set

and then I think it has a look too yeah

look right yes yeah it’s a loops look

pack so look pack so what look Pat it’s

more like a actions or preset Paul

Newman r4 yeah so you get all that for


cheaper than if you were to buy alumina


I think let’s see if our code works

because sometimes you can stack our

picks to stab a coupon code on top of it

now it doesn’t always work it worked

last time we did it but let’s try pixels

stabbers you can enter in lowercase or

uppercase and apply yeah it’s not

working this time yeah it’s not working

yeah but anyway $79 still great value

for this software remember you bite once

you keep it forever and also if you look

down below here check that out where

does I say Jeremy 30 day money guarantee

yes 30 day money-back guarantee right in

fact I guarantee well I shouldn’t

guarantee guarantee but I bet if you buy

the software and you use this software

for any professional work you’ll get

more than your money back by using a

software to produce amazing pictures for

your client oh yeah yeah easily right

because you could touch up a picture and

it looks amazing by doing some portrait

hence mints or adjusting the sky it will

save you tons of time and it will wow

your client and you can sell individual

prints easily for $100 150 to 200 so

however you mark it up that’s your

business practice or you just enjoy the

satisfaction making amazing pictures

it’s totally worth this low low price

one-time price and you kiddo

as someone

who actually good at and also I actually

enjoy retouching in post-processing one

thing I don’t really get I’ve example

we’re here right Newman are for $89

right even all we didn’t write $89 you

could do a lot of wonderful things with

it right mm-hmm

but a lot of people prefer paying $1,000

come on just get a lens instead of a

software why is that well honestly

sometimes people have problems called

gas and that’s called Daisy syndrome

because everybody you know like how when

saw words okay people don’t really value

hardware and software equally you

realize that I totally realized that why

is that though I don’t know like okay

for samples there are some countries

don’t have know what was that la car you

know they just copy stuff

oh yeah hi Ursula obviously lost so

let’s do that

yours like it that Lake of the wait you

know whatever people just you know yeah

but let was download stuff so they found

it that’s easy but you know people’s put

their heart and soul into Queenie sober

to just like how they create hardware

you know that’s not fair

honestly yeah and you know one thing

that people don’t realize is software

can make an amazing result on your

photos exactly right here like you buy

the stock you let the let’s go probably

give you a little broken that’s it


exactly the amount of return and

investment on this software especially

for this price it’s like less than a

hundred bucks it’s way better than even

any lens you can buy or any accessory

you can buy even a om valued cost like


the old way of thinking because they

need to print a photo out okay when you

print and follow out your lens quality

with the sharpness and also broken

that’s important but now we’re in a

digital age do you ever print your photo

or you pose your photo on Facebook

Instagram now how many megapixels do you

need to put something online hmm not

much right yeah so lens of sharpness you

can actually fit that because once you

translate all that image we capture into

a digital format it’s just all pixels we

sharpen it a shot so well you have a

bare lens or a couple hundred dollar

most much done with your sharper when

you come to

in the software when you pick translate

into a pixel it makes no difference

I don’t know I don’t understand why

people don’t understand the importance

of software well like we said last

yesterday I think Jeremy sometimes

people realize okay well you buy new

lens you don’t have to do any extra work

you just pop it on and now your pictures

are great right whatever anything that

you don’t do much yes it don’t much wear

software they have to think oh do I have

to change my workflow how I’m gonna use

this do I have to spend time learning

software is it gonna work on how am I

gonna get value out of it right it’s

it’s a different monocot a concept no

what they don’t they don’t

the might don’t glue because they still

okay they accept the digital photography

yeah well yeah I’m fine I have a DSL and

Amelia’s comes in oh yeah Mila small

lighter yes except that but they do not

evolve from the photography back then

and when you’re doing theme photography

you take the picture and then what you

send a whole camera or if the fame just

back to the developer you don’t have to

touch it you gotta come back you have

pictures yes

now what did you know yeah you can do

that but you need to pay for it too but

somehow back then people will pay for

someone to debug the film but now I’m

willing to pay for someone else to

retouch the did your photo why because

there’s software out there and then say

I could do myself but then you know this

is too hard I want to learn also it

doesn’t do what I want to do

well that’s because you don’t know you

gotta learn it what’s that mines that

that kind of holding them back email you

could actually do a lot when you follow

even anybody can make with photographer

now you just have to evolve your

thinking and if you’re in digital right

now hey go digital don’t go back go back

the animal and food mindset yeah yeah

for sure and this software let’s just

the news and demonstration and let’s

show what the software can do this is

just nice Scotland’s website and this is

them just adding an object inside a

picture and the cool thing is AI

recognizes all these structures and can

put stuff in there like you can change

the sky and AI will detect the sky

partly just replace the sky or you can

do porcha enhancement like this the AI

will be able to detect the eyes the lips

and just adjust accordingly you don’t

have this

masking things same with this light

source or same as these lux filters you

supply them quickly and effectively look

at this this is just changing the

details the contrast you can enhance the

access in your hands to sky you can even

remove stuff just by using the eraser

tool and it does all these calculations

for you and that’s my friends it’s

called AI artificial intelligence it

does a lot of the heavy heavy lifting

also usually the more tedious work and

lets you spend time to focus on your

creative abilities and make the pictures

really shine hey I know you’re into the

software thing they realize oh yeah how

will you explain AI what exactly’s AI if

you ask you that so AI is short for

artificial intelligence and basically

you are programming or whoever’s

designing the program they’re

programming the software to use logic to

make decisions on your behalf and

they’re using the computer to make a lot

of samples and use a lot of references

to do a lot of things so that you can

save time so in AI for this example in

this software they compare pictures they

compare your picture with a database of

billions so maybe millions of pictures

and they decide what looks good and have

it in hand certain pictures and they use

that and make it into an algorithm and

then your computer uses that algorithm

to do the enhancements based on that

it’s like the word you waited and to

explain a I but in the short it’s

computer using artificial intelligence

to make your life simpler yeah that’s

right because when I was working with

Scott um for developing this software

this is like a consumer level of

software they have a industrial level

somewhere which is total AI and then I

know for a fact that they have God knows

how many photos and data back there to

back this up for a is for it to work as

it would just it will look into

thousands of thousands of photos

exposure right sharpness and contrast to

determines how your photo will turn out

how it need to be turned out so

I don’t know how those software just

need to did it but they did it

I mean after like at least couple time

which we can we you know how this

process is but I would say the Newman

are for it’s almost come to almost

perfect AI software it in my opponent

view at least yeah I mean it’s it’s and

it’s only available today in this modern

day and age because we have fast

computers that are able to what you call

machine learn right we dumped a bunch of

files and the computers processing one

by one by one by one and it starts to

analyze okay this these objects here is

the eyes these auctioneers so the lips

and then it no it sees enough of it and

then when they’re training the model if

it’s wrong the engineer will say well

hey computer silly that’s not the eyes

this is the computer right now is it

learns and learns and learns it’s like

how Facebook okay now when you post a

picture of a attending your friends it

can identify oh is this Sam is this Joey

is this Kim this is Sarah it knows these

people like what that’s that’s are we

technologists yeah on the early early

version of the luminar yeah I am the one

who breaking it because uh they load me

up and I give them they ask me for oats

you test on the software right and if

you ever look into my portfolio and my

picture always color vibrant it’s not

more color fiber it’s a super color

vibrant right and then the color

combination is abnormal so it’s it’s all

up there up database in a way and my

picture is breaking lumina like crazy

yes I kid you not not be alumina

they fix it yeah what’s worried you were

likely on the development of aluminum

with them yeah okay yes I know the

process that’s why I really proud of

this because I well I could only say I’m

I helped breaking it and in helping it

but you know but then it show the

mistakes so you know there’s a lot of

software out there that only work with

certain photos and I am really pleased

at the developments actually willing to

look for different type of photos and

photographers to work with and make sure

that software work for different genre

and different style photogra not just

like one time yeah cuz you know just

like any kind of presets in action

a lot

if you do your research they only work

for one type of photo be style if your

stylist doesn’t match theirs it doesn’t

work a software like that and even

action so for luminaire for they take

caution about that and they know how

people need and they know how

photography is because they work with a

lot of big communicant community and

photography and the different john

waffle type as well so they did a

wonderful job so this is definitely a

soft way you want it all this is one of

them in and today we’re keeping up for

free come on man people put in your

names yes you do family member love you

want it and for anyone joining us on the

live stream

we’re giving away one full copy of

luminaire for for you to keep to do

whatever you want we love this stuff

where we preach your software we use it

day in and day out and we want you guys

to have it to celebrate this Memorial

Day weekend it also celebrates us

reaching 2,000 subscribers on YouTube so

thank you everyone for your loads of

Scripture for watching our videos and

what happens to give it away and I

forgot to mention Calvin didn’t win

yesterday as the first price so let’s

put him on your list so he could get a

chance to weigh in Luverne at 4:00 right

yeah sure yeah I know so let’s put down


leave because he’s always supportive of

our channel and he’s here again to watch

a channel so we love we love people that

come around and we want to support you

guys because you guys support us so

we’re giving you guys a chance to win

Lumina 4 so Calvin and everyone else

once you guys enter your name make sure

your name shows up on our list here and

stay to the very end because even if

your name son – listen you’re not here

at the end we can’t give it to you so

that’s how worse you guys have to stay

here until 2 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

which is only at 26 minutes which is

gonna go by super fast and hopefully

there’s not gonna be a whole lot of

people for your benefit so that you get

a better chance of winning so kappa do

you want a copy of Douma for even though

you got the ornaments for you already I

think he would because numr 3 it’s quite

different from Luna 4 right yeah well it

doesn’t have the portrait and the sky

replacements in there I don’t think no

he doesn’t he doesn’t yeah it I don’t

leave a house guy replacement oh you’re

very welcome Calvin yeah we’re actually

happy to help have we’re happy to

we’re happy to have you and yes you’re

well very welcome one study today hey

Sunday you know it’s Sunday syndrome yes

yes yes yes and let’s just show some

more trailers sky replacement right

subscribe please it was one of the most

powerful feature of lumina 4 we’re just

not alumina at 3 and basically it allows

you to really enhance your picture

because the sky is probably one of the

most biggest difference between what

makes your picture pop and what doesn’t

and you can replace the sky so easy with

looming at 4 because what it does is AI

helps you crop out what’s not sky and it

instantly replace this guy with a click

of a button it’s really not just as you

see automatically lighting it help you

realize your fault lines seem to match

your sky that’s the key that is taller

the key yes absolutely yeah it sounds

like Calvin is having problems getting

luminaire 3

don’t worry Calvin we’re happy to help

you I think in the last email we sent

you in just a few minutes ago there’s a

instructions to download number 3 go and

try to download it enter serial number

let us know how it goes it should work

just fine if not what we recommend is if

you go into luminaires panel there

should be a way to look at the software

you own and if you don’t own it there’s

a there’s an option to add software I or

I think the option is like not don’t see

your software add it here so the click

on that you enter your number and then

luminar will realize oh this new mark 3

and they’ll show it in your profile then

you’ll be able to down

you should probably don’t see that

software in your account um because you

really directly purchased it on the App

Store that’s why we send your link

outside link to use download luminar

free but you have to register your it’s

noumenon free with your SkyDome account

so they know you own a new manaphy once

you establish that then you can able to

using that account to upgrade to a new

manner for or not yep yeah and again let

us know if you have any problem with


and we’ll happen to help you step by

step to make sure we get luminaire 3

working and hopefully but in this video

you might win a couple

therefore yeah so let us show you live

we’re not for inaction again

oh this is the same thing that’s


there’s two videos and both of them show

the same video or is this a longer one


same thing oh yeah same thing yeah well

slightly different but you know it’s

cemeteries but yeah so one thing here if

you notice they’re going through the

different options of the different sky

here and it comes with a bunch of skies

already pre-installed with Luna and you

can add your own sky also if you

actually purchase luminaire right now

with this current special you get the

burst of drama and just just to know

what the burst of drama is if you always

go to if you always want to know what

the package includes go ahead and go to

loom skylines website go to luminar and

select marketplace so in the marketplace

you have signature looks you have sky up

JC yep ebook you have looks you have

skies lots and textures and this the

package we were talking about our sky so

you look at skies you scroll down to the

burst of drama and you learn more so

this is a $25 pack of 25 dynamic sky

that’s actually a really good deal

because some of the other package we’ve

seen they come with like five or six

guys this one comes with my skies $1.00

per sky that’s really good and these are

really nice guys look at that these are

dramatic skies here’s an example of one

here’s another one are they showing us

yeah different sky so I’m really going

for that stormy look than before it’s

like an overcast right so by just

looking at the name of the package you

know it’s about dramatics guys yes yeah

thematic it’s so cool because you can

really tell the difference between like

how much of an effect this has

well channeling me if you want to blue

page the sky you wanna meet with

somebody more traumatic and colorful not

something that just playing there I see

every day you know sky right so that’s

why and then it’s kind of the cloud

Scott you don’t see too often depends on

like what country or what city you live

in right yeah some of those you never

you never see that like if you live in

Las Vegas


ha yeah right yep yep Oh tell me a

message for us so the link that we set

shows you Lumiere for huh that might be

true because Lumina wants you to

download the newest one so don’t use

that link why don’t you try this go

ahead and go to Skylab comm website like

we have right here and go ahead and sign

in if you don’t have my account yet make

an account once you sign in there should

be a link somewhere on the page it says

don’t manage the software yeah

don’t see the software you’re looking

for the enter serial number then you

enter that serial number that we gave

you which is luma or three and it will

show up as Wimmer three and then you can

download from there so give that I try

let us know how it goes if you need more

help let us know by email and we’ll

we’ll help you walk must do that and get

it working for you and hopefully you’ll

have lumina for after this video if you

are one of our winners for today yes so

don’t even though you setup them up well

yet wait to see if you could get it yeah

so the other thing that comes with the

special right now is the capture one or

less which is actually pretty cool

because this is a set of looks and not

just regular looks these are signature

looks so these are like the premium

looks and where’s that one capture here

this one here so it’s normally a $19

premium signature look and what it does

is it helps give your pictures a very

specific look so check this out for

landscapes oh yes it’s for Lansing

you’re right

so you see that before and after and

just very dramatic more clarity more

sharpness and more vibrant – so here’s

another example

oh yeah this one Wow look at the before

and after this really brings out the

video I think it has the Sun in there to

see the Sun was at it that’s pretty cool

yeah so Wow look at this dramatic Wow

the before it’s too kind of blown out

the after so deep so vibrant and it

captures so much more detail

I like it yeah so you guys can take a

look at all this and it’s all included

right now if you get the package for the

more days you go back the market plays


yeah just cute I know I shouldn’t do it

here I live but then it was just kind of

yeah how do you close it I want to look

at the look yep

I want to see there they have any uh

portraiture look put on there yet

yeah sure if so cuz I’m supposed to make

one for them a while ago I just keep

pushing it back we should make way soon

let’s take a look at what they have for

those seats this normal looks hate

family portrait blue blue blue black and

white colors wow they have a lot of

looks now they do in eco in all the mess

oh man they have a man you feel already

I love the man you feel but Lucy yeah I

mean then you still have your own

portrait look so hurry up and come out

with it so yes

so these are the different looks and

they only treat you to example some okay

yeah there’s still room for more for

sure so because we mentioned portrait

that’s one another thing that’s very

powerful with lumen are some people

think oh it’s just sky replacement but

no look at this

it transforms portraits from something

that looks like this which I think she

looks great but to some flow this really

you know brightens if you if you compare

this and also this guy replacement also

those look even look closely what they

do to a picture of a person and also

landscape was guy they do pretty much

the same thing it’s the lighting

they change the sky to change the

lighting and look at the face they

relied to face so you see how it was

kind of shadowy in I and it just open it

up yeah so they they never really went

out the way of photography pallavi’s

about lighting each other and that’s

exactly what they’re doing

now the AI is what is that Lee is doing

right now so honestly a Isiah it’s a

computer it’s mechanical you know it has

a formula it’s a ground-rule so doing

like a shadow is it’s physics is it am i

right it’s physics right so basically

the heck ionize and what they do here

with the AI they take away all this

quantum well physics that they could do

mechanically and help you get that

perfect looking exposure and even better

than what you capture image but they

allow also a lot you do all this

creativity later afterwards so that’s

why I love this software I mean if you

look at my quote in a and my Mentalist

what I’ve been into this over is that

what Newman I did to photographer or who

use the software is that it takes away

all the ground work from you and allow

you to give me more time to actually put

in the creativity and create amazing

emotional and storytelling image yes


oh hey we got a comment on our Amazon

live from Gilbert Gilbert October yeah

hi Gilbert I’m not sure what your

comment means he says fire stick

problems does that ring a bell Jeremy

fire stick are you talking about

fireworks Memorial Day fourth of July

firestick problem I quite we quite don’t

understand so you know if you have a

comment let us know okay go ahead and


Aster’s till your coming again and maybe

use different words because we don’t

understand my fire stick problem sorry

about that yeah so we’re gonna go

through this ambassador and as you guys

know Germany here is a Scylla my best

sir he’s modified

train Scylla bastard because he knows

the software in and out he’s used a ton

and he’s one of their I’m the one who

breaks it and also now the one is

sponsorship because he so he’s so

impressed with the results that I can do

right so this is his quote that he was

trying to reiterate but I’ll read the

quote because I think this is concise

and well read well well put he reads

emotion is a major factor when it comes

to creating storytelling images

with the help of luminaires AI

technology photographers can now fully

focus on the emotional and storytime

part rather than worry about the

technical part of how to in the creative

process right so again it just all goes

back to this software assisting you to

let you do to do all the grunt work for

you so that you can focus on the

creative part so that you can decide how

much right to make the sky how much to

change the colors here how vibrant is

this how my brain is that and really let

your creativity flow instead of spending

the majority of time making a mask for

your edits if you look at the second

picture with the mollow the backlight

yeah one one thing that I don’t know if

everybody agree with me you know how

when you take this kind picture you want

to put a Sun behind and the glare comes

in yeah and I found out when you do that

you either need a really expensive lens

because the lens with vector in the

reflection inside kind have like at

least my control otherwise you look

haywire yeah and second is when you this

dude’s kind of bat liking what’s in fun

like the face will be color muddy and

kind of not sharp because it’s bad like

there’s not enough light to illuminate

and capturing sharpness but I found that

because in nuuma know you could actually

add your own Sun and own bat like yep if

you actually have one which is captured

with talisman behind and you add a pose

you get a much sharper image and you can

control the glare as well I don’t know

people at with me on that one but yeah

you could get it right in camera but

because you require a much more

expensive lens to end up actually get

that type of effect done but if you

don’t let’s say you just have a kit lens

and take a lolly

what the numinous all we’re adding your

own Sun you could achieve much better

result and someone who has more

expensive months that’s true yeah you

just have to really plan your shot and

know what the software is capable and

with alumina 4 it’s capable of a lot so

purchase it play with it know the

capabilities so you can use it as a post

processing solution but once you know

what’s capable

doing post-process you can now plan your

shot during the day like for example

yeah overcast the guy really overcast

sky but you can rest a short – your

client says hey don’t worry this guy

we’re gonna make it look amazing

you just focus and have a great time

we’re gonna capture the structure and

have a good moment and then you’re gonna

have a beautiful sky – so you know what

suffers capable and that will change the

way you take the pictures – exactly yeah

because one of the things that I always

stress out when I go take pictures

especially of engagement sessions or

wedding portrait session is that you can

control as much as you can but the one

thing you can never control is the

weather so you can plan it forever and

if it’s an overcast or rainy day or yeah

we’re was ready you might just

reschedule oh yeah you know I don’t know

how but the weather channel is never

accurate yeah because the weather is


so again before and after amazing and

you can see here it’s bunches of sliders

you see all these sliders on the left

that’s all it’s doing they’re playing

with some face light they’re doing some

red eye removal they’re doing some eye

whitening they’re doing some eye

enhancer they’re removing the dark

circle removal or using the dark circle

removal they’re doing this slim face you

see slims down her face oh yeah before

and after you can definitely see that

enlarges ty yes definitely largest eye

changes the lip saturation oh yeah makes

it look you don’t want a lot of people

one day watching like this kind of

promotional and marketing pieces they

say oh you they’ve found a perfect

picture or they just can’t make the way

it works so they don’t never really

trust it let’s just go in a I’m gonna go

in my photoshop okay my picture so so

you’re wheel thing like what what is

software not this all we can really do

cuz all right I know you look first

right sometimes I don’t even I won’t

really try it before you buy something I

like to sell I join me live you know

when you share my screen whoo yeah I

share my screen Oh way there all right

sherry am i sharing am i sharing not yet

not yet I think it’s loading all right I

see it load let me bring it up to

our screen here so everyone can see your

screen there we go Jimmy alright so I

know I did this picture last night but

this is a tuple of example not to do

again for one you will think that oh

this is easy I can even clear this my

cell right but what about the trees Oh

imagine I going to go here and do this

oh boy oh boy

yeah that’s gonna take so many hours of

zooming in pixel nasty lets you what the

Newman of for so to deal with this guy

here okay mm-hm so for working even

though this is how I worked with Newman

Oh for it would be a packing for me in

Photoshop so go in the filters and go

into my pocket which is new software I

mean scallops over and Newman are for

and it would open up that layer that I

selected into Newman for so I could work

on it but if you are actually using it

as a standalone

per wear by itself you can actually open

a raw file and you know do all the raw

converting all that okay mm-hmm so a1

you know you open a JPEG do you work

with the JPEG data

he opened a road and you work the raw

data period yeah what’s that

so uh basically the sky we play some in

the showcase that is under a creative

talent one all right so pretty


nothing to it go to sky selections and

let’s just pick let’s pick a sunset

mm-hmm and voila

Wow see how quick that was really

literally one-click you just see on this

guy so it is look in the sky and sees

the brightest and you need to do overlay

so in kids cake you see why here yeah

this little funky either yeah that speak

us if I flip the screen they have a

function of frivolous key the Sun is

right there

so they allow you to do this whole thing


and then the real-life scenes okay let’s

play with it

see it’s sunset so there’s not supposed

to be that many lightning fun unless you

know you have a huge amount of flash

like lit up shooting and this boat in

the water yo it should be soccer in a

normal sense like that that’s probably

look how it looks Lomo right and then

you look closely to the trees as your

film depends a bit much your hundred

thousand look at that yeah I mean I

don’t know how you were able to mask all

that out even at a at you don’t see

those white flick wing you know how that

one line you don’t see that didn’t it go

transparency to so you see this little I

think it’s like a satellite dish or

something or DME dish you see how that

is has a little walnuts in there the

transparency mm-hmm I look at that looks

pretty did a really good job

yep that was safe how long I don’t know

for me it probably took me an hour

because that tree has a lot of little

details right so at the same time you

could also first run down here with

getting a little more mm-hmm the

atmosphere from the foreground to done

and also II don’t think it’s warming up

you can always warm it up even more

you see okay check this out sky

temperature only right so you look at

this sky okay it got warmer but you look

at foreground you got warmer as well

because I turn on the we lysines mm-hm

if it turned a lot is beautiful eyes

connect it looks thick yeah so you put

that on that looks promising and the

same time you also do the exposure of

Skylab attacker and because you can’t

really adjust this we we’re just in the

sky and the temperature and all the

exposure of applying onto the for one

and also the sky but it really won’t

adjust the actual picture you could

always go to here

oh sure and see getting more contrast

highlight you can play around with that


quickly The Supremes picture right there

yeah and yeah it’s a few sliders and

because you talked about you took a few

few minutes but you can find do this in

like 30 seconds

yeah oh also if you really don’t know

what you do with pictures you could go

to a I hand hands and play around with

so they what they suggest side they

suggest – oh let’s spread out a little

bit okay that’s good and then you can

also use the AI enhancer to enhance it

more right so they can’t give you some

guideline hand there that really that’s

really helpful when you were Lea we have

no idea what to do with it so I mean

this is the skyway place knife I found

it works perfectly like you say that

okay yeah this is easy for machine but

we talked about a tree easier come on

this is not easy

yeah right and then we can so that now a

lot of people also concern on portrait

so let’s see what the portrait can do

shall we so end go into Skyrim software

Lumina for yep

boom-boom-boom way I have a slow

computer and it’s not working fine like

luma now people asked us about what kind

of computer you need to handle luminar

you don’t need much any modern-day

computer can handle it just fine it’s a

pretty efficient software the term

reappear is six years old

just as my computer here yeah I can

barely handle this life we even look by

here my CPU is going nuts in terms of

utilization just a hand of this live

stream but it can run Lumina forth just

fine so I picked this one because this

one you just think if you look close you

know face so she has a big defects there

right but loss of those which go it’s

pickles nice mm-hm

so in the fashion industry people don’t

we touch that way anymore

mmm-hmm you know that right yes yeah

freckles are character you don’t want

young to freckles no absolutely not no

let’s go in so it’s pretty obvious you

have a happy face that’s portrait

yeah so let’s click on the AI skin to

fat we move oh right activate it and

let’s see the amount okay check yourself

you see how if we move some of those


the effect but you keep the fake opener

it knows the AI knows

yeah it’s smooth a little bit but it

won’t we moved holy that’s so crazy like

to do this in Photoshop without Luminara

would be very difficult because if you

start cloning freckles then it looks

messy but if you don’t gain freckles how

do you keep the freckles so the AI is

not I went brain but it’s pretty darn

smart about it

yeah I’m sure if I go to you i poor [ __ ]

enhancer a see you give it a little bit

more face like need it up right and give

a little right on my eyes whoa and get

it more catch learn eyes right there in

top circles maybe a little bit oh yeah

that makes a big difference it’s like

you always you don’t like I don’t like

dark circles on your eyes and so seeing

that’s not really wider face so we can

see we could we do it a little bit good

then getting our a little bit bigger

maybe yeah I go yeah and I think her

lips look color but the witness but

talker you know deep wait I mean it does

that to say I would agree with almost

everything except the eyes watch it yeah

not big eyes yeah I’ll just go in the

function that’s yeah yeah but very quick

you can see how you can go through all

those sliders and easily make yeah big

difference and the cool thing is if you

have more pictures of the same model in

one folder you can apply the same look

to the rest of those pictures and do it

in batch and that’s the power of AI

versus like if you were to use like a

Photoshop action or you were using a


set the preset is a set offset from

whatever the picture so to do it you see

that’s the look yes right so basically

have this yeah we won’t save it it’s

going to save new look right and give a

name and save it it will appear on here

and either you go well I don’t know how

to do it in my pumpkin but if you have

your stand alone program right and they

have a library down here just select all

that and click on the look apply album

hey Kenji Syme joined us and he was able

to tune it and it’s not like 2:00 a.m.

his time so Kenji welcome back to the

live stream and today you got a chance

to apply to enter our giveaway

would you like to apply to win Illumina

for copy for yourself

if so let us know in the comments below

so we can add you to this for the

giveaway right now there’s only one

person in the drawing so unless you join

in on the competition tell this in the

wind so if you want a chance of winning

and you have a 50-50 chance

if you enter right now let us know and

we’ll put you in the dry we’re gonna do

our drawing in ten minutes so if you

want enter let us know within the next


Kenji time let me show one fan then I’m

gonna get love this

yeah for sure know what damn I want to

point out more for us Porter is the

skins so you can always go to colors and

in defense and they have orange there

would just work with the skin tone so in

this case I want a – it because I think

it’s too warm like dad yep see that

looks more natural doesn’t it yes so I

mean you could do really amazing

portrait with touches right here I mean

to come on say how long does it take me

these that you get imagine you got to go

in Photoshop me we touch all that you

know bring you know that that’s a lot of

work right now slider slider slider am

done right given all right I’m good this

can’t yes alright done with sharing and

we got Kenji son in the running for

alumina for school

it’s head-to-head battle between Kelvin

and Kenji Sun so we’re gonna do the

drawing in about eight minutes

hang tight guys it’s gonna be a

fantastic drawing of two people right

now maybe more will joy maybe for your

benefit now no one else is joined so

it’s only a 50/50 chance which is a

great chance

yeah that’s like the best lottery is a


there’s no chance at all like it’s not

exciting right but 5050 is the best you

can get but still be excited because you

can still win but you can also still not

win so okay so let’s see I see here oh

yeah one of my favorite thing is I love

these effects sometimes it’s goofy but

because it knows AI and you can detect

this the structures and the sky you can

add crazy things to the sky like

fireworks or well they’re based on the

technology they have with the sky with

placement and add on to this and give

user a bit more creatively do step if

you want to play around with it and but

then again it can’t afford that from

just being photo editing become more

like an image making yes

you know the difference is right oh yeah

I mean you’re adding a space shuttle in

a picture that’s not follow editing

anymore that’s like creative stuff yes

yeah and there’s a fine line between the

two it depends on what you want some

people want to keep things very natural

very true some people would like to make

a picture into a fantasy world which is

great too and there’s a lot of value in

that and there’s a lot of skills and

artistic talent in that too it just

depends on what your goals are and what

your limits but this software can you

both write this is no wrong no yeah and

this is your thing I do my thing exactly

in the end of the day the client is the

person that’s right whatever the client

wants and if you are doing it for

yourself you are the client so whatever

you want is correct actually I don’t

believe in that I just have another

sharing out with the Malaysian yeah

photography conversation I mean

conversion I mean conference Sunday seen

them again I did ask me the one thing

like what makes someone a fatass work

different my input is that if you do it

just for the clients then you just doing

business doing work you’re not doing

anything for yourself and your world

would never stand up because you’re just

doing typical things that you kind want

unless you put yourself in there which

every single piece of your work

represent yourself in your soul your

heart your interest your personality

needlework that would not be your work

that would use your clients for and

that’s exactly why I got out follow I

mean sorry graphic design because once I

realized when when I do graphic this

time I wasn’t designed anything for

myself it’s always for my clients

nothing is mine I am a you could call

that this design is I design it but that

is the desire should be not that company

that is the logo that is not mine

although yeah so once I realized that I

got off graphic design I just pick up

camera become a photographer because I

know being doing fatah be I could do

something truly truly mine even though

I’m photographing a subject like a

person yeah that’s not my friend or


but because the way I first I posed them

the way I photographed them the way the

angle is the way a post processing that

piece is my piece mm-hmm I’m like

graphic is that so I don’t know did I

get off-track again I think I did sorry

well it’s good it’s good to have your

perspective of how you handle

photography and what you consider your

creative talent and how you enjoy the

art of photography there’s no right or

wrong to any of that but I do because

people are thinking like why you won’t

be a photography right I love taking

photo right why what is the reason

behind it if you follow people well most

people would say I’m there to help my

client yes but those picture again is

not yours if there’s a dilemma why but I

we cannot be art because what you do is

not art you’re doing as a service to I

tell a lot of my students that you know

what you don’t need a lot but do a few

of those which is truly truly Egyptian

yours and what even you when you die

your work parcel multi-generation

that’s art if you basically just good

client client use it to make money

that’s know art yes you’re just doing

great work mm-hmm you man you know what

has to spy other people not inspired to

make money but inspire other people to

be better to be better doesn’t mean to

be richer or more money that’s the key I

mean for wedding photographer it has an

even much more meaningful job because it

helped family generate all those


it hasn’t on generations a lot of people

video wedding photographers just their

click exactly no we are there to help

some to capture someone’s most it one of

the most important moment a day in their

life and passed on the generations

mm-hmm that’s the differences now we’re

just looking at some of these reviews

here people either the majority people

love it

there’s some comments here I think they

should reach out to support because some

some people are saying crashes on them

but you and I Jeremy we’ve used this

software for several months now over

almost a year and it works majority of

time I don’t have it any problem with it

yeah I heard some of those problem but

then it’s technically it’s not the

luminol for it cuz you know when you you

have a committee it’s to a couple

different softwares in there and some of

the drivers that they might not compare

but they always have ways around it so

you wouldn’t have talked to the tech

support I have to go around that you

know it’s not just the numerator for

itself it just whatever you had in your

computer and the crash with it yeah it

was a problem yeah mercy is the crop

mostly is the graphic fabric is like

especially if you are PC there is no

boundary on what we Jake are all

graphics right there’s a Thomas made

that you guys make you know and someone

then tend their problem even not just

for lumina for or other software even

like sky sky be and all that they have

solved their problem with different

software um I mean the we J cuz driver

all that so that’s an ongoing problem

problem anyway for everybody yeah even


so yep it might be a photo shop that’s

crashing right they don’t realize it

everybody might be for stuff that’s

trashing them anyway so we’re gonna just

check out a couple more of these

one-minute videos because we got two

minutes for the drawing and right now

there’s only two people that entered oh

oh oh there’s a there’s another person

on Amazon

Jeffrey Powers says great content guys

thanks Jeffrey hey Jeffrey if you’re

interested in the giveaway for our

luminaire for let us know there’s about

another minute to enter just comment

below and say hey I want to enter the

giveaway and then we’ll enter you in the

giveaway so we got about another minute

and a half we’ll wait for you let us

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because right now there’s only two

there’s only two other persons that’s in

the giveaway so if you join there’s a

thirty three thirty three point three

three three three three three fifty four

percent that you’ll win so let us know

it was enter so yes

Jeffrey you are in so let me enter

Jeffrey on the list and Jeffrey powers

and Jeffrey if you want to also stop by

our youtube channel at youtube.com slash

pixel savage

that’s where we are posting the comments

to so if you want you can sir you can

write comment there but don’t worry

you’re already entered to giveaway so

we’re doing the drawing in less than one

minute so oh yeah your time yes it’s

almost Jeff just got here we’re gonna

tell you really quick in 30 seconds what

lumenok for is so basically lubricant

for it’s a standalone stuff for or as a

plugin and basically you can use it to

enhance your creative ability to

manipulate photo and this one video will

show it all to you basically you start

with your image and using AI you can

manipulate the image by adding some

objects in within your image and move

around ai lets you do that also you can

change the sky using AI again because AI

will cut out the part that sky and

replace only the sky also great for

portrait you see this is a picture you

don’t have to mask and tell the software

what’s the eyes what’s the lips it

figures all out unless you make all the

adjustments automatically you can add

light rays you can do the lux you can do

a lot of different styles and it’s very

powerful because it lets you add details

only where you need them you can adjust

the sky or you can adjust the structures

you can

do erase ability right here because it’s

like we move to people and using AI

technology it will content-aware feel

perfectly so you don’t have to worry

about manipulating the pixel you just

like what you wanna remove and let me

remove it for you and that my friend is

Lumina for and we’re giving away white

copy right now so we got three

contestants we got Calvin Lee

we got Kenji son and Jeffrey powers what

we do is in a copy you guys name onto a

list we’re gonna go ahead and Google

search a random name selector and see we

got some software here we can play with

yeah name random name picker so here

we’re just gonna enter your names here

put all three names so you’re gonna be

moved two numbers so it’s just your

names whoops

it was to use cookies it’s okay I’m not

gonna let you use cookies so we’ve got

the three names here I guess I just say

do not sell my information and click OK

to that all right so we got three names

here this software this webpage will

pick automatically and in just a moment

we will see who’s the winner

you guys ready Jeremy are you ready yes

let’s get Jeff roll this down Jeremy all

right three two one go do need to do

Kenji Jeffrey and the winner jeffrey

salaries powers congratulations Jeffrey

you are our winner for luminar for and

thank you for celebrating with us today

because we just hit 2,000 subscribers on

YouTube so we are happy to Ward you with

your own very own copy of luma for so

what’d you do Jeffrey right now go ahead

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just through a number so you can start

using a software right away so we’re

gonna hang around here for another few


had email us and what you sending the

email let us know so the winner is

giveaway winner is Jeffrey yes yeah with

that name off is he he’s a winner

look at the power he has haha yep

Kenji awesome me some comments so you

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need you know believe it or not you

probably need it so give it a try like

the last time I was looking on YouTube

they keep setting me luminar ads because

they know I use a software but that’s

the silly thing is they all know I

already own the software I know like

well that’s a that’s a I they know

you’re interested in it but then they

will realize that uh when you own it you

don’t want to buy it again unless they

have new updates and changes son says

sweet congratulations Jeffrey and yeah

so thanks for the awesome support ng and

congratulations akin to what we oh you

can see in here because Eid is that you

Jeffrey powers I think the key thing is

Jeffrey powers whoa

that’s him yeah welcome to the YouTube


tangey son says hi-yah I have no

interested I want to support you guys so

I don’t mind clicking through you rock

thank you so much Kenji that’s so


again don’t don’t overdo it just click

here once or twice a few times it’s good

but definitely appreciate it everything

you can use for this channel

I mean honestly that what what we would

love to see is if you have questions let

us know so we can make content that

you’re interested in and that way you

support a channel by benefiting from a

to it that’s the best way to support

things is if you like something you

support them by watching more of it

because they really are content you want

to watch it so we waiting for everybody

and we’re so just that way so yep

because E is jeffrey powers ha we know

what you look like now jeffrey powers

and he says i just got done with my life

video and wanted to support a fellow

creator no way you rock jeff week we’re

gonna check out your channel and a

little bit too and it’s faith thank you

for stopping by

let me check my email to see if we got

your email so that way we can go ahead

and send you a copy of lumina for so

good mine too yep just give us a moment

we’re checking it out yeah i don’t see

it yet so don’t it’s here just with

fresh money just came in you have it

yeah dude you do to do oh yeah my

computer is really slow yes

you got jeffrey powers email and funny

thing is he says he does Calvin Lee

that’s pretty cool so I will let Jeremy

you guys can you carry on a conversation

for a few moments while I go ahead and

send this prize to our friend Jeffery

powers so so Jeffery power have you ever

used Newman uh for before or you heard

about the software I bet you probably do

right if we do I once hear some comments

you have or questions that you have that

be cool yeah or Jeremy what you can do

is you can just do an FAQ like what are

the most popular questions that people

usually ask right well I think one of

the questions people had is it’s a worth


I like it when it compared to most

people I think that you don’t use

followed they use Lightroom and they

want to compare that with labour so the

way I see it that like when one thing

that till now oh not too much photo

editing oh that’s good because that’s

time consuming to be honest if I don’t

love for editing I will probably spend

more time with my family but why you

stay in your room all the time well I’m

working on photos but then that’s for

clients so that’s different and who back

to the questions on the lumina for

compared to Lightroom so to me I’ve been

using Photoshop I was a 4.0 5.0 back

then not cs5 I’m talking about 5.0

that’s way back like 20 years ago so

when I was start using for any program

Lightroom doesn’t exist

and when Lightroom actually introduced I

never got interested in it unless if you

are doing event or you are doing wedding

photography who has to manage thousands

and thousands images then I will go

ahead and use that but if you ask me to

use it as a editing software I found

there’s a lot of lack in Lightroom never

really trusting it it’s just for

management and also you know organizing

that’s pretty much it

but when I got introduced to Neuman

afore I found it oh man it is a perfect

ran into this like Adobe suite because

Newman ofor can add as a puck in for

both Lightroom and Photoshop so that way

if you are a you know user of Adobe

users and you don’t have to change away

you don’t have to change your workflow

basically just add in luminaire and do

more creative thing with your already

existing Adobe workflow so I love that

because to be honest I mean I am kind of

I don’t I look young but I’m oh I don’t

want to learn in on little things I mean

I’m really happy what I have I mean not

that I don’t want to learn I do want to

learn but in this post-processing thing

it’s just it’s it’s all already

basically if you put it out there

Photoshop has it all

even 3d all that so there’s really

nothing new but then no matter for what

they did is actually fine-tune every

single function and features make it

easy to use just like what I showed

before on the AI sky replacement one

click a couple slider you get a sky we


come on Lightroom can’t do that even

Photoshop can do that but it takes hours

to do so and also the portraiture part

portion of it same thing they make

everything which consider one work much

easier and faster to do so last the

difference between aluminum for compared

to Lightroom and one major thing is

Lightroom do not have layers that’s

basic that no no for a creative person

to do for editing with a software has no


meaning that all you ever do is really

flat you can say that I could increase

contract but do that is still flat to me

oh yeah okay are you done yeah I said oh


Geoffrey you should get email from me

right now let me know if you receive

that email and once we confirm you

receive that email we are good to go so

you can go ahead and log into Skylands

website register yourself and register

your new claim you lumina yeah so

actually here’s what you’ll do so once

you get the code go ahead and check your

email oh he got it

sweets so awesome yeah so you’re good to

go I’m just just saying you know you

probably want to go to pixlr.com such

luminar and once you’re here if you

don’t have an account we’re ready with

Skyrim just go up here and go to sign in

that’s appalling

yeah I’ll let you register and once you

register you enter your serial number

because it’s a product that you own now

although it doesn’t know you own it so

that’s how you let luminar know that

your own luminar for and it’ll give you

a download link and you can use it

forever it’s yours you don’t have to

when you have your account its guidance

basically eke it up if they ever have

update for the software update there as

well if you want to move your software

license to different computers you can

also do it there so basically you manage

everything there

yep and with that we have completed our

second giveaway congratulations these

Jeffry powers and congratulations to our

winner yesterday last night Claudia so

we feel in a way to luminar four and we

plan to give away more stuff so like

like our video subscribe to our channel

and we look forward to seeing you guys

more Jeremy anything else you want to

say to wrap up the stream I would love

to give up more so you know to do that I

would to talk to more vendors about it

so hopefully later yes yes we will have

more just support us by watching their

videos like our video subscribe and

share with other people so that the more

followings we have we can make more

money and then we can get more money so

we can contribute back to the community

and share software so knowledge and have

fun together

that’s the comedian one create and thank

you for making it possible we’re really

enjoying it and until then we’ll see you

guys next time adios we’re signing out

in three two

yup three two one gooo yep