Skylum Luminar 4 Demo & Review. Save up to 47% off Luminar 4 @ + BONUS $10 OFF if you enter in coupon code “PixelStabbers” at checkout.

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Save up to 47% off Luminar 4 @ + BONUS $10 OFF if you enter in coupon code “PixelStabbers” at checkout.

Video Transcription


hey guys welcome to piece of stabbers

I’m excited because there is an Earth

Day sale right now for only two days 17

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$64 for Lucy 4550 full dollars dollars

no money you only get Lumiere for but

today you get lumen on 4 and power of

nature pad this is crazy

guys if you don’t know what Lumina 4 is

let me show you a quick video to

demonstrate my Luna 4 is it’s basically

a plug-in or a standalone it’s both look

like a new basically it’s used as a I to

like put stuff into your picture change

the sky dynamically do all this with a

click of a button

so powerful it just as your portrait

makes it look amazing all these sliders

move at just all this detail without you

having to worry about masking things you

can add light rays and it it detects all

the objects that goes into the nooks and

cracked Andreini and this applies all

these Lux there’s so much to talk about

I’m going crazy

because normally we have like a couple

hours tutorial on this thing you can

look at the links below new week let me

know for that yes but right now I’m just

so excited because the price was really

good right now

amazing sales man yeah like normally

dollar for alumina for which cost $89

originally and the power of nature pack

which $29 right queen look is the power

nature pack yeah yeah so this is part

yes sure yeah this is 20 skin Sky’s that

you can add it normally Lumina comes to

skies right this is 20 additional ones I

think these are the ones they know may

sell in the marketplace so I think if we

go to yeah I think if you go luminar and

you go out to marketplace mmm-hmm and

you cookin skies which we’re already on

and powdered nature their power of

nature’s that’s what I call yeah

normally $29 and the reason why it’s $29

is make sense because there’s 20

different skies in here and it’s by like

a war winning photographer right so

actually if we click learn more you can

actually see yeah yeah so they’ll not

give me a sample like you can see the

after effect looking a bit more right

before looks great but you can apply and

you can get effects like this and that’s

one example let’s go to this other one

this is the before and here’s the after

what the Lighting’s I think I think now

I understand what this Earth Day special

is about because all these are like

nature related yeah this is and remember

this is the power of Luminara for right

not only does they replace the sky but

notice how it also realize the scene

because the the mountains are more in

line with the skies it relights the the

foreground and the subject to so

everything matches fit so it doesn’t

look like a out of place right because

if we just replace the sky just imagine

placing only the sky it’s this guy look

it’ll grind about it’s all goes we’ve

got docking right it won’t looks good

right right so basically new enough for

uses the sky packs that is included with

power nature and also read lights the

scene so it’s like some other skies

actually there’s always they only

demonstrate a couple of them but you can

open up those I mean yeah yeah this is a

Nissa stellar so there’s only three

demos here but

you get 20 fearest and magnificent

stormy skies normally nice boss Toby’s

guys okay I see yeah

so these these are nice these are very

different because included with them

enough for you already have a bunch of

skies which I think it’s a good variety

of light sunset blue skies

Dynamis sky nice guy so you have a good

variety go back to the first one with

the farmhouse yeah see normally if you

just get a sky itself right yeah it’s

gonna take you a lot of time or effort

to replace this guy to look like the

after right be cursed up to eight I sky

replaced when it has to realize scenes

features it help you we like the scene

so from a sunset picture it could be a

gloomy lighting dark scenes and it’s

automatic you know I have to do much it

about it pretty much it loaded up the

sky and you click apply a I write

because you automatically applied this

and then you can tweak it even one like

give this to Darfur you can lighten it

up but this like you you have luma

reform which we’ve been bragging for the

last few weeks because it’s so amazing

but now you get Luna for and you get the

sky pack and it’s discounted and you use

the pics establish coupon code it’s like

when we we we win like just the other

day I have someone asking me about like

dude do I have to like purchase more sky

and sky yes right like that and how do

they do that and this is a super deal 20

piece of powerful yes

nature’s guy with the zombies guys yes

you don’t probably get those I mean

right I mean a lot of people say that

you could go out and take your own sky

pictures right yeah how you take those

magnificent zombies guy thank you you

don’t see that too often yeah unless

you’re like in the middle danger right

right and and don’t forget we just found

that the piece of starburst coupon works

on top of this so like if you going to

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but now with this this is this count and

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no-brainer right like and then you can

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yeah let’s just just check to make sure

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max bundle which is like the aurora HD

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lumina if you add all that up normally

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can’t believe you you wouldn’t because

you like it just keep it because for

this price it doesn’t make sense you

even if you use it one time you’re

you’re gonna get the value worth like

it’s so amazing why it does like this is

take a look at some of that the videos

of stuff that you can do because the

it’s so easy basically in a nutshell you

it’s either a standalone because you

don’t need to buy for a shop you don’t

need to buy like you don’t need to have

any other software you just download

this one software and it’s your photo

editor and browser is support for raw

and it does all this stuff and it’s

amazing use AI to make your photos ten

times better and you have flexibility

changing manipulate all the effects and

you don’t also about this cuz its

standalone a lot of time do you buy new

software like hold you still own

software right after we learn the whole

workflow and process right because you

can work as a package meaning that if I

walk you in the Lightroom or Adobe Photo

Shop environments yes I don’t have to

change my workflow

I can put extra workflow and benefit

into my current workflow so I don’t have

we doing everything this is awesome yeah

yeah I mean we’ve always been you know

praising this standalone or plugin works

fine like remember we said like you can

enable object check this out you can

have objects into your pictures but

normally you can’t just do it because

you have to crop out and mass things but

like with luminar it does all the

masking for you so check us out check us


Lumina for all right check this out it

breaks the limits of create a whole new

world right so we in mind click check

this out look at the sky aurora sky boom

yeah you can even add like an elephant

like if you let me I work basically what

it does it’s content where it detects

things it crops out and masses the the

object for you and then once you have

the mask you can add other objects or

you change the sky it’s simple as a

click of a button and it does all this

so it’s not just the masking popular

it’s also the branding part and also be

lighting the scene part that’s the

amazing part of it everything is amazing

about it all comes together in an

amazing package you can create fantastic

breathtaking picture that will elevate

your photo to the next level like and

you guys can just call this website if

you like but before you go to this

website click on the link right below

because then that way when you’re ready

to buy you can just go click buy now and

enter the coupon code pics established

and get to any past yeah

pixel establish right look okay the the

most popular feature by far is the sky

replacement and you can see why because

it’s just so this is so amazing like

look at that Douma seconds no players no

connections right like it was looking a

lot complicated that cheap

with all the sleeve right but look it

just changes the sky and it messes

everything out so you don’t have to

worry about anything

normally that would take like hours to

like go through and mask

each part of the sky right but sky is

only one thing it can also do so much

like it analyzes yes it analyzes

portraits and it determines what part of

the skin how to change your skin how

they remove skin defects how to smoothen

out the skin how they’re just the eyes

remember you don’t have to pick out the

eyes or the mouth or the face it knows

because it’s a eye it picks it for you

and then once lie there you can slim the

face you can change the eyes you can

improve the eyebrows you can enhance the

lip redness lips everything hey I takes

it to the next level right it’s simple

say it is the future of headshot

photography yeah oh that’s so much like

all this stuff normally I would endorse

this this product for the normal price

but right now it’s on sale for Earth Day

plus you get the sky pack for free

included and our coupon code works

alright it’s crazy like remember the

light rays check this out you can add

light rays to your phone up yeah this is

this is really cool like it’s so smart

because we add the light rays it

actually moves around all these objects

and gives you the effect like real light

rays alright talk about how this AI

works these are like sliders and the

software right Jeremy yeah I mean you

might turn off those yeah so this is

alter okay so this is like this is just

a demo on the website but I guarantee

you when you ever get a software it

looks exactly the same

it works except to say so you look at

this graphic images here

right you are doing one single exposure

taking pictures here right and try to

retain the sky and is that light okay

rice it’s cut you’ll get all right right

the one single exposure try to explode

more on the skies and then you will

docker fall around that right that’s

pretty much that’s how photography works

now right if you turn on the apply a is

ins there we go wow it looks great you

see how this guy weren’t really got a

fat much and at all

but you the whole seat in the front you

got lit up yes right

it’s it become a hight anime with high

dynamic range image HDR yeah somewhat

somewhat close enough in the in that

hand sense but it showcase all the

details in the car

so the a I realized which part because

when they asked to look at the image I

think that’s how it works in the analyze

the image so they know which part is the

sky because they can see the contrast

and Endeavor feel yet knowing that the

sky was buried back up there and they

know it that part portion of the images

the sky so they would not touch it and

they analyzed that knowing that the part

of the dark and exposure which is the

histogram it’s probably had more black

in there you know which part it is and

which is the fun ground and they only

applied at that part so in a normal

sense you will have two masts out to get

this look yes because I already identify

which is the sky which is the [ __ ]

party defects basically automatic matter

for you yes internally yes and all you

have to do is turn on the essence let I

how we calculate yes how much exposure

it needs to compensate the sky exposure

yeah it’s it’s AI artificial

intelligence but then of course this is

the only demo but you may actually going

to itself it has a spider for allow you

to adjust how much I’m on less or more

yeah if you’re the human touch of you

you are the action person you are the

owner the software uniquely this how

much you want more or less because right

at one point every person have different

taste I might want it brighter some way

we want doctor so right you know you

still keep us that customization and

also to personalize signature look right

right and you forgot to the other and

spotted here Joe yeah so it’s if you

turned back on the sky but it doesn’t

touch the fun ground yeah which is right

so because I already identified it this

this to is called apply a tie sky

enhancer so all it does it will only

enhance the skies you would not have to

fun cuz it magic if depth that if they

also apply to the fun round it would not

look good right right yeah yeah that’s

really cool I love everything

of the skyline is amazing so this is

revealing detail without damaging faces

because remember when you apply these

filters these a eyes it’s gonna change

effect on the structure but it knows

what’s face and what skin so it will

notice it behind it see sounds

calculating if it’s exactly I love that

it will mask out certain things

Oh without being ever play around with

these features costs mark contract

you’ll love it there’s a lot of people

loves ultimate contrast yes it’s sharp

it’s just kind of Wow yes but a lot of

people do it wrong and then it become

more when they do contract beeping um

darken this smart contract is cost

between low end exposure making a

contrast see at the same time becomes

sharpness so if you go before not

because the video see really well it’d

be just barely doing this in Photoshop

using level 2 also perfect yes it’s you

need multiple layers by masking to

achieve something like this this is one

sliders get along at that it’s amazing

it’s really just smart right because it

is masticating for the higher and

inshallah and find a good balance where

you can get all at the same page and get

the perfect world and get a perfect

contrast yeah that’s too amazing for me

to look at like annually but knowing

that hey I can do it in one slider as I

guess technology for precise amazing

like you want to erase all these boats

here we just zoop zoop zoop zoop and

then boom it’s done right normally you

need lightroom at least or photoshop to

do this but again this is a sound long

app that does this this is a great tool

belt to have like you take an amazing

photo you want to do something like this

you don’t need to hire anyone or

outsource you can do it all because you

have the software like it makes

landscape stuff look even more amazing

like I love the videos that they have

their website because it’s up there yeah

it demonstrates it’s a very very well

and it doesn’t over exaggerate it really

is this easy in a software because like

you can click on AI enhancement and you

adjust how much of it to do and there’s

there’s a structure right so now this

one is adjusting only a structure and

not the sky and then the other one

changes the sky and then you can adjust

the sky and it also affects the Real ID

you can flip the sky based on what you

think you want you can change like haze

effect you can make it more like gold an

hour you can change forgetting

everything but like what Lightroom

cannot do is it cannot manipulate the

pixels and do all the masking like

Lightroom can do the slider and make

things easy but here you’re taking the

easiness of Lightroom but applying the

power of Photoshop all in one tool

that’s either a standalone or you can

use it as a plug-ins and with the price

you pay down below or in the link below

with the coupon code pixel stabbers you

get everything you get it as a

standalone and the plug-in so you can

use it both or whichever one you want

Liz look at look at this it speaks for

itself man like what button changes all

the skin defects and you get just

amounts of it to make it look realistic

or not but it’s very tastefully done

even at the max of these these are

barcode we move oh cuz that’s what the

hardest part to do right yeah exactly

the eyes just got bigger and everything

and you don’t even need to worry about

masking things that’s the power of AI

right it doesn’t all the masking for you

so that all you do is slide bars here

and there again you have the flexibility

and easiness to use as like Lightroom

but the power and complexity of

Photoshop with advanced editing skills

but it’s so easy to do it’s just amazing

like it’s pretty much up there like with

the power Photoshop that you could do


yes but with the ease of use of

Lightroom is like that’s of the boat

world yeah right now with the Earth Day

sale and you get the nature and power of

nature sky it’s like 74 bucks plus our

coupon codes work so it’s like 64 bucks

right is that right I’m a senior price

right it’s a 4 minus 10 64 that’s a big

sale is $74 with a always you know $89

newman of more software and a $29 guy

pad power of nature’s right down to 74

dollars if you

apply pixel snappers coupon code onto

the coupon code you – 10 $10 off so you

actually only pay $64 for that right and

you still get the 30-day money-back

guarantee if you don’t want it right I

already don’t think you know we turn it

this is too good of software I will just

keep it yeah did I mention that you’re

actually not subscribing the software

you’re actually buying this of it you

owned it yes one-time purchase and it’s

yours like you guys could you can guys

can take your time oh I always wanted to

see this video is this the one where

they apply the looks to all the the

photos this might be it because like

what what what I love about Luminara is

that you can create these looks right

which are like it’s kind of like where’s

a call like a preset in Lightroom back

but it actually works right because in

presets the in Lightroom presets are

like define differences that you apply

to every photo and it usually doesn’t

work because you have to take every fall

in the same way for the preset to you

have the same effect whereas in Lumina 4

you can have these looks and you can

adjust the look so you can create the

looks the way you want and then every

time you apply the looks to any photo it

will reanalyze the photo to get the same

resulting look people the wheel lines

about is Ronnie you say I a sense to

create a look yes when you apply this

come to a different image even though

diff exposure or not it will recalculate

yes not just for yeah yes yeah I’m

missing amazing like I think one of the

cool teacher of it is that it also works

with raw photos – but like real estate

agents can really take advantage of this

right because they can make their real

estate photos like just extra yummy to

the eyes

I can eat because look at that you have

a beautiful house but just a little bit

of a trick here and there makes all the

difference from someone to say let me

make you an offer to let me over bid so

I make sure I get this house right so

real estate agent can really benefit

from making their photos looks more

amazing like the cheap way to always do

this as I know a large real estate agent

they just enable

HTR which is okay but it doesn’t look

realistic whereas this one when you

actually replace the sky you’re

retaining the colors of different

components and you’re enhancing it very

intelligently like a sunset so which is

more pleasing yes yeah I mean like we

can we can go over this forever but

there’s just so much stuff here all for

such a small price look at these

different effects you can apply right

these are different looks and you can

apply them to any pictures you can apply

different enhancement to your landscape

you can haze you can change the golden

tower you can change the foilage lots of

stuff you can do different looks you’re

gonna apply here and lux you can add

love you can even add texture this is my

favorite right because you can change

the beauty you can add texture normally

you need Photoshop to apply texture but

here you can do it all in this style of

software or use it as a plugin in

Photoshop you can something the leopard

cannot do definitely not

yeah film grey glow and a fog look

really cool stuff you can use the noise

remover this is pretty impressive like

look at all that noise in the window and

the seat it removes all of it it looks


you’re really using technology ai to the

best right you’re enhancing details

before it’s like kind of like a little

bit soft but look how sharp this looks

after this just day and night difference

like amazing this looks like a shot from

like old cellphone with bad lens right a

dirty lens and this is like if these are

with the most expensive prime lens like

it’s amazing but from basic to pro it

works great for enthusiast photographers

or pros and you look a benefit from it

you get the power of using all different

camera RAW files you got layers you have

nothing instructive editing like if you

make it edit you want to go back and go

back to like step before that you can go

back because it’s not instructive you

got advanced contrast color enhancement

you can do back just like you said like

like like Jeremy said like if you make a

look you can apply to every picture in

one photo right you can enhance the


you’re gonna enhance portraits you can


burn you can apply looks you can do

other AI and image enhancement tools you

got lens correction it works as a

standalone or a plug-in to photoshop

lightroom other software stop it because

i mean these are these are the big guys

in our industry like l stoppers right

what do they say here lumina for is a

breakthrough tool because it’s clever

use of AI that brings real results that

are still under the photographer’s

control like wow right right and the SLR

lounge right other big player in our

industry form an environmental portrait

photographer that doesn’t have the time

to spend all day in photoshop between

the sky replacement filter and this new

structure tool lumina for may just be

the perfect tool right because it is

right you’re taking amazing photos and

you’re pushing it to tons of steps so

you’re 10x in the photo

we’re very simple and easy to do

manipulation all within the software as

a standalone or as a tool and

photography talk they say truthfully

with all these high powerful tools

lumina for makes your photo editing

workflow so much more timely i mean if

you wanna see what i set up other

software what did you say

where can i go to see what usually my

page you guys you can see it i have a

quote because as you guys know Jeremy

here is one of bloomerang Force

ambassador that’s what he knows so much

about the software that’s why he

introduced me to it

where’s your the wakes for explore

explore ah there you go

well here right you go so we go to

Illumina ambassadors and we can check

out my journey as I say and there’s

there’s quite a bit of ambassadors here

here’s Jeremy Chen he’s one of these a

tomboy in North America

look at little die what does Jeremy say

go go read it Jeremy no you eat it I

mean do but we do we know so this is

what Jeremy this guy over here says

about lumina for emotion is a major

factor when it comes to creating

storytelling images with the help of

luminaires AI technology photographers

now fully focus on the emotional and

storytelling part rather than worrying

about the technical part of how to in

their creative process

I mean exactly mind-blowing right like

this tool is so amazing okay there’s no

surprise that Jeremy and I are a huge

fan of Lumina 4 and the reason why we’re

making this video right now and

uploading it right away really is to

tell you guys about deal

Earth Day sale like we just found out

about this you could even pass out yeah

Zoli Tuesday 17 hours 60 minutes and

counting down we just fight unless we

actually see this video because it’s

guys that guys a couple hours up that’s

right yeah but you get it right now yeah

party first then you know look at it

yeah by first and there’s 30 days

money-back guarantee to so you can’t go

wrong we’re gonna just end the video

right now so you guys make sure you

click on the link right below to to

ticket here you’ll see this price

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anyway picks up stabbed which is a code

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license you can use a up to two machine

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remember this you know this package

includes Lumina 4 and the power of sky

so it’s a great deal even for the moon

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you get this extra 20 sky that’s powered

nature pack to celebrate Earth Day

so anyway go buy links down below

remember to click on our link use the

coupon cool piece the stabbers have fun

let’s go give any questions if you want

more tutorials watching the video below

it German Anastasia more tutorial we

have some already you can check our

channels Beto snapper


we have some about numerous how I how I

use it and then as the time goes I would

add more and more this single feature to

where we all go for the software one by

one so yes hopefully you will purchase

the software and they will never work

together yes we well together

ya know we’re gonna have a lot of videos

so if you have a software it’s even

better because then you can play around

with it along with us so as we file new

features we’ll show it off and you guys

can play around with it and lumenok is

still expanding even though you pay

one-time play once then you keep it for

the lifetime but Loomer keeps upgrading

it right now we’re at Lumina 4.2 right

as we go to four point three four point

four point five whatever version that

comes out you also get to update free

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it now and learn together with us as we

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also have our own texture package we’re

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stuff coming out with this it’s if

you’re a fan for China and we hope you

are we thank you for being one so buy

the software so you can enjoy the

journey with us alright with that full

month yeah same way

let’s save money right now bye now I

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something that I love and I use daily

and I highly recommend it even at the

normal price but right now with this

sale is a no brainer I don’t think this

price is coming back for I don’t know

when it’s price to come back so if you

want it get it right now you have 30

days to decide if you don’t want it but

buy it now yeah that’s a fact it’s not

the price it comes with the sky pack

that is now you buy all by yourself

that’s true I didn’t forget that because

there’s so much good things with this

package like the software Louis great

well you get the sky and the peace of

cuts fabric coupon works I mean do it


just do it alright we’re gonna sign out

now so we’ll catch you later

adios guys have any girls enjoy yourself

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