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Save up to 35% off Luminar 4 @ https://PixelStabbers.com/Luminar + BONUS $10 OFF if you enter in coupon code “PixelStabbers” at checkout.

Video Transcription


three two one hi guys are we live I was

hey wait wait wait oh we are live okay

guys hi guys welcome to utopia on Emma’s

alive and YouTube thanks for joining us

my name is David utopia and I have my

guest here his name is Jeremy he’s from

pixel savage so we have pics of savage

today picture stablish is ungettable

swell again yes

welcome back Jeremy from pixel stabbers

so thank you for having me again

absolutely so if you want to check out

more of Jeremy’s videos which I’m in

there too it’s at youtube.com slash

pixel stabbers and over there we talked

about photography tutorials about

photography and luminar 4 and photoshop

and everything photo related so today I

just wanted to make a video about

something I saw on Jeremy’s Facebook

post and actually I’ll give you guys a

quick preview so you see what I’m

talking about right yeah what are you

talking about why I keep exposing me

every single day well because you got

something interesting to talk about

every single day so here’s Jeremy’s post

here and I guess it’s best if we just go

ahead and read your post

how’s that Jeremy let’s do me a little

bit here so we can I get here anyway I

have a small screen here so I can see

all right here’s Jeremy suppose so I’ll

try to read it and I hope I can read it

right either using your heart vocabulary

words I can’t pronounce so let’s check

out let’s check out Jeremy’s post here

so four hours ago and it’s pretty big

post because you already got like 25

views lights on it so Jeremy he has said

I’ve decided to fight this queer teen

with positivity and happiness

so I’ve been digging out some old photos

which I used to process them dark and


now using sky limbs software lumina for

I reprocessed them to a much happier

mood the main thing I did is replaced


moody sky with a much brighter blue sky

using luminaires for AI replacement tool

hey I sky replacement tool that is oh

yeah that’s my typo I’m sorry and then

played around with the color to balance

out the color contrast a little bit and

basically you went from well let’s see

this is let’s look at some of the photos

so this is the raw original photo yep

and then this is how you process it back

in what 2000 2003 2013 yeah and this is

like it looks great too right but it’s

it has some texture and it’s kind of

Moody and it’s dark and gloomy and you

can see the the photo that you posted a

instantly that you like it’s very

dramatic the difference between this it

just gives you a dark moody feel and

this brings so much joy happiness to my

this brings happiness a joke I see this

photo I figure we all need some joy and

happiness right now you know we get

angry in Stockholm for too long yes

unfortunately so and then you can’t go

outside take for us because we would be

great it would be great to go out there

Jeremy we do some black she must run

around taking photos with some amazing

models amazing background I can’t wait

till we do that again right but we can

so the best thing we can do right now is

take some of our old photos and retouch

them up and this is a great opportunity

to learn luminaire form which is an

amazing software that can allow you to

go from a raw folder like this you can

actually make it look like a dark moody

picture like this with luminar if you

wanted to but you can also make it look

great like this and again Jeremy

highlighted it what really was the

difference that give us that moodiness

or rather to happiness right it is

really good

this is the sky the sky and you you have

like a little Sun flare back there too

right yeah that’s also edit with new

winner yeah so the fight thing is is

that’s why luminaires AI sky replacement

is so popular because replacing this guy

completely transforms the image it’s one

of the most important factor when you

look at the image right away it’s what

comes out and gives it so much character

so much wow so much pop right this is

also cool phenomenal thing you would

never guess what I shot this picture

with hmm are you asking lens or asking

camera camera lens doesn’t matter lens

from the technology doesn’t really

change that much

well the depth of field is pretty big

so it’s probably a small sensor or you

probably stopped down quite a bit I mean

we you shoot outside any camera can do

this kind of photo right true there’s

nothing special about this in terms of

like technology that you can’t do with a

cell phone or even a crop sensor camera

so I would say it’s a crop sensor I

could keep it a hit okay there’s a crop

sensor right back in 2013 maybe wanted

to old Canon 5d or maybe can I never see

an ax in my life I told you that okay so

equivalent to that maybe like ad700

maybe that’s a cool thing man

I don’t know Nikon man I don’t know

Nikon it’s a three-ton do it as

something okay so that’s kind of

equivalent to like maybe a canon 40d for

our Canon viewers I don’t know maybe I

don’t know I don’t know and that kind of

illustrates the point that you don’t

need the best equipment to take amazing

photos like this you just need to know

how to use no equipment you just have to

have a two thing I’ll say I mean people

might disagree with me is that taste and


mm-hmm you need to know how far you go

with your creations yes

and also you gotta know how when to stop

that is the taste because you know let’s

say you pushing the colors you know that

no wedding stuff that’s your taste level

yes so you need those two things and

then you have a really good software to

help you out and you could do a whole


creation is post-processing yes

absolutely very very much so true yeah

so this fold right here it just looks

amazing let’s step back a little bit and

talk about the technology that we use

again we we talked about like cameras is

not so important it’s um you have any

camera but with our current technology

right now we have a bunch of cameras

listed down below and you can even use a

cell phone for the matter of that the

line of cameras and lenses that we have

below is modern to immediate medium

quality stuff right those Fuji X III and

all those lenses would you say Jeremy

they’re good enough for amateur but

they’re definitely good enough for

professional too right

I would say they’re good enough for

anything yeah so exactly so those are

those are good some good equipment for

you guys to look at but the most

important piece of software here that

we’re gonna be using is really luminar

for if you guys don’t know what luna 4

is go ahead and go to sky I’m calm and

check out their website I’ll show a demo

video and I just I’m always blown away

by what it can do and this software link

down below is under 100 bucks so right

now it’s just the AI yeah yeah Jeremy

it’s a one-time free yes you pay you pay

deck PI’s and you own a saw you don’t

have to pay subscription lighting nano

softwares yes yeah and you can see what

it’s doing right now is using AI

technology to manipulate a portrait for

example it’s using AI technology to put

a light rate behind all these leaves and

you have all these different looks that

you can apply different looks and you

have a before and after very dramatic

very quick changes it has a lot of power

and you control all that power which is

simple sliders one of the things that

really set it apart is the AI technology

I mean we should watch at one more time

just to really illustrate the point

because one of the things that makes it

so possible it’s like for example you

put this moon back there but there’s no

masking you don’t have to spend time

masking things out you can change this

guy but you don’t have to spend time

mask me out them to this guy

everything’s automatic you use these

sliders to

change the way the lips look the eyes

look the effects in the sky but you’re

not masking any of those things

it’s it’s all automatic that’s what AI

does so Scylla Lumina fort is amazing

and that’s one of the main reasons why

Jeremy is able to quickly change form a

moody dark photo into something as happy

and bright and full of life in just a

small amount of time and you can – if

you buy something like Lumiere at four I

mean really is even a bad kid even

though I am stuck at home a lot of time

yeah I still not do it manually because

I had the Lumina for I know that I could

do it quick that’s why I write okay

let’s try this exactly why I don’t know

I I’m having fun doing about this

project right all right what why because

like why would you want to do manually

because if you do it manually you’re

spending a lot of time doing grunt work

right really it’s like pick that you’re

kind of like pickling out what parts of

sky to change this guy and that probably

takes like a good hour – if you get like

a complicated or just discussed yeah but

where’s right now you can open the photo

and instantly a click of a button and

change the sky which I’m sure you can

demonstrate for us right so you can show

the effect right on camera so we can see

how he did it before we get into that

the the Lou the software luminaire for

works as a standalone it’s a photo

editor and a browser with full support

for raw as well as JPEG so any kind of

rod that comes out any modern camera it

can handle but you can also use as a

plugin which works for Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom and other Apple products

too and so however you want to use it

this one price one single time purchase

includes all of it as a standalone or as

a plug-in luminaire for has all these

features here and you know the sky

replacement is one of the features that

we’re gonna illustrate today so I’ll

show you another video features yeah

this is an amazing feature again you can

see these results in seconds without any

masking or anything like that and it

does such an amazing job going through

all the small areas of like

trees and different objects in the shot

so maybe that’s enough talk let’s

actually see you do it right sure

so again let’s go back to this post here

that you created and this is the

original raw image you took back in 2013

so we’d probably start with your raw

image right yeah I mean there’s no point

going back to the 2013 image right so

we’ll go straight to rock yeah but you

can see like if you wanted to you can

process this type of image now with

luminar well you should hello it was a

kind of collect movie sky is kind of

foggy yeah see that’s how Paris look all

the time you don’t see that blue sky I

put out so this is almost like an

impossible shot right

oh it what happened it will happen it

just ones in the blue bunch kind of how

you know gonna Gate Bridge have that

type of sky as well you know once in a

blue and it happens so rarely but when

it happens it’s so amazing and people in

their mind when they go to these

locations that’s the shot they want oh

yeah if you have that kind of guy in

Paris everybody went out everybody go

out yeah it would go out the whole time

because you had to ever see that yeah

well uh is it like a pre-wedding photo

shoot so we only go there for like what

day yeah we have no choice it is what it

is and then we talked about like 2013 so

our it wasn’t really that good you know

we still learn oh I only do so much of a

bit I mean I never thought about we

place in the sky for one because I’m not

just doing one picture I have a horse I

figure I’m not only plays that if I we

place one picture mm-hmm I said how do

we played everyone because you know they

were I say how comes that one is like a

blue the others are not right so I

wouldn’t do that but now that it is like

how many is it now it’s seven years

later yeah where we can’t carry anymore

so I just you know well that’s this is

one of the good picture I took for um I

was I really like this composition


many people do this kind of this type

conversation for once that time when we

start when going to Paris it’s not that

many people there so it’s evil army

something like this now way to meet


and is actually blog you can even go in

there anymore we can look at the lower

corner yes they have the wall block

stuff in there is that kind of lock

because in that corner they like white

under Eiffel Tower that was a vision for

the pictures you can’t even do this in

it this is our block you can’t even go

in can’t do this picture unless you have

some kind of 40 that you go with yeah so

one of those that you can do picture

that kind of picture again so yes it’s

something to me yeah and it’s something

that you know it’s just impossible right

now because time has changed things have

changed in fact right now with our

current health epidemic situation you

can’t even go to these places like that

you probably know but it’s probably

blocked out quite a bit and you have to

wear a mask and be out in public or

whatnot so it’s things change so when

you go back and look at a picture from


you can’t even have today and it makes

it even more precious more valuable and

then you bring back even more Wow to it

by adding the effects that Luke went out

for can do so it’s pretty cool I like it

so are you ready to share your screen

and show us the magic how all that

happens yes let’s get rolling all right

let’s give it a shot all right so I see

your screen and I see a raw photo which

to your credibility looks pretty good

the composition looks great and you did

what you can do

giving the sky that day right it is what

it is I mean your client was a beautiful

sky but why you can know the Lord okay

that’s it yeah there’s nothing good I

mean back in the day if you really want

to make this full of great you would

have to crop out the heck out of it and

you look at all the spots in the tower

you see all the the little

areas right between these little things

yeah like how long would it take you to

mask all that out to change the sky

especially if you want something like a

sunset orange or a blue sky or change it

to a night sky right that would be very

difficult very difficult right and we

take tons of time but here you’re really

gonna change the sky in a matter of a

few clicks and that’s the I’m gonna

change something you down here first

okay like I like it yes so again so like


this is using Photoshop right but could

you also have done this in luminol or

this is kind of like you need to have a

little force yeah you can but I just get

so used to Photoshop this do this nice

yeah you know what no I don’t do that

yet what am I thinking I need to

duplicate that and so basically I want

to remove this I have tell me I see

where yeah almost good yeah why do you

think I have this some lines so this is

like this is Jeremy doing what he does

for money because this is this is what

he does as your business right taking

pre wedding pictures and deliberate fine

art quality pictures not just our camera

but making them perfect so there you go

you got to combine photoshop with the

power Luminara for like the super

ultimate flexibility but if you’re

starting out and you want to get into

this world of digital photography and

post process editing you really don’t

need photoshop you can definitely use a

standard little luminaire for link down

below and you can get so much out of it

and that the software is under 100 bucks

it’s cheaper than any other lens you can

buy but it will take your photography to

ten times the level at that right now if

you’re not replacing sky changing the

sky like we saw earlier

I’m extended romantic if there

an amazing effect so what are you doing

right here Jeremy just I’m just

fine-tuning other mm-hm

what that Oh tell me you didn’t using

some mask here yeah just kind of make it

a little more mm-hmm

believable see it looks great yes

amazing little subtly no no that so that

will save me some cash and not the money

cash but you know the memory cache yes

okay so okay now I am happy yet because

that picture is still looks gloomy no

but at least I don’t have to deal with

that all right okay so I am going go

into no mo no way now yeah under the

scallop software number four which is

how I use it

yeah all the time Photoshop so right now

you’re pulling it up as a plug-in yep so

it’s gonna be working on that layer that

you just me a copy of right it is okay

see oh how do I get out there well I’ll

do that later you know what I would do

with that now what am i doing is that

where did it come from

I wouldn’t know – it’s not here

interesting it’s over there one more

time yeah it probably won’t show up it’s

probably that’s screen-sharing bug yeah

so if you look at this it’s not a

software Skype that we’re using yeah

anyway yeah let’s go ahead I’m gonna go

use my trusty little mouse no because I

don’t need a pan in here all right so

you’re gonna be using the tablet – right

yeah I was just using the tablet when I

let’s take a look at Jabba real quick do

you see which how that you have I have I

don’t want me to bring it up see it yeah

okay welcome that tablet is also in the

link down below – it’s pretty

inexpensive one it’s one of these things

that we always tell our viewers and

we’re sure Wacom

doesn’t like it too much but you just

need the basic one whoa whoa whoa

Jeremy’s already working some magic

let’s see what you’re doing right here

me is not my magic it is pneumatophores

magic without the structure in no time

why should that one that was more

believable honestly yeah it is because

then those are motivating yeah okay can

we look at it like like a more dramatic

sky just to see if it really replaces

all that area

yeah like the area is right behind the

tower like these little areas it really

the software really masted out I’m stood

a mr. Paddick I like this one yeah

that’s pretty awesome and like literally

you brought the picture into the

software and you just selected the sky

you didn’t have to mask out anything you

know to tell long-wear anything that’s

so cool Wow

and what really blows in mind is that

the software know is to go around the

structure and go into this little area

I’m just calling for every single sky

and make sure you buy all their work in

yellow for every single one of them

works perfectly right I would say

there’s a little fine-tuning you might

have to oh yeah some of those yes no

halo around the Paris tower yeah but for

like a first tap the first one click

drop down and it has this kind of result

is amazing and the fact that it loads

really fast too given the fact that your

computer is like seven years old right

Jeremy is gonna bring it up against your

squeakers of course that makes this

software even more valuable because

you’re using an old computer that seven

years old but you can still render a

the fast results with luminol are it’s

not for a couple up fund which is

daylight work that one this one’s pretty


this one has a good kind of the gradient

of orange and blue it’s so much better

than the original photo so much better

but not as dramatic yeah but it more

believable what I want Klaus know this

one looks really like parata’s pear when

para sunset it really had this like

purple on old your body color okay yep

remember our goal is happiness we want

something happy yep so that’s why I need

something blue blue blue yes color

actually plays a big factor in terms of

moving right oh yeah totally

no but like you can also change like the

size and position of the sky – or flip

it around as well right yeah again I

don’t know about that one

one other thing is that you just have

too much control here that you spent a

lot of time just playing around these

guys that you’re selecting from they’re

all included with living r4 right none

of these are the ones you add this is

all intuitive so you could just look at

like you have all this and then you keep

basically rather

either go to the marketplace the

software will just go here and down on

your sky image sure

you would like a right pick to the

website or if you have let’s say let’s

say see this what is my own pictures

that I loaded before yesterday knows I

saved it wow I mean was it one great sky

I could think of it either you purchase

a Paris sky or you actually end up going

there I’m one amazing day and you just

take a picture of your sky and save it

as a Paris guy and then if you use it

with any of your Paris

it actually is the most believable

because it actually came from Paris you

can say that’s the Paris sky and just

how to really not be that day that you

took the photo I will use this one let

me use this one mm-hmm and I don’t see

much fixing than I need I see a little

bit of halo around the tower do you see

it just a slight light halo oh that made

the tower a little bit more sharper oh

it goes oh I see what you’re doing right


that’s like it goes between the space

between it yeah I’m fine tuning it just

Wow look at the details that it goes

through like if you wanted to to mass

all that yourself there you go be good

keep it a little warm here and exposure

a little bright maybe how’s that look um

you kind of see that the contrast of

after our it’s not matching the sky so

I’m going to central and going to my


you know what befuddled by let’s go to

AI and enhance use AI ass and and see

what hey I was faking it did that looks


it balances the contrast because like

you said the couple is very contrasty

yeah the sky wasn’t as contrasting so

you had a kind of a mismatch in amount

contrast in the photo

the glue is a bit much so let’s see

mm-hmm drop it down just attack not that

much okay that’s pretty good yeah see

you what else do I do you know what do a

little bit more here I’m going in this

area and I probably don’t want this more

detail because I know it’s gonna be a

well fair skin tone so no I would do

medium details see how in all that stuff

uses captain yes like what was the

result when you change the small details

I look at their skills you see some

showing up my skills no no no that I see

so just a little here there okay

I always zoom back out and see the

overall picture make sure like what I

did and then go up you point after and

see how far I should yeah okay um I

don’t play around with something okay

and that

that’s Ellis son and see how that works

oh yeah that’s right because you

actually it’s a son son why behind the

cow right there

no it’s a sunray it’s wait Wow I

actually never played with this tool

before I mean I saw in the demo like all

the time but I never actually got a

chance to play with it it’s actually

really good because it’s not like a

sunray that you normally it’s it’s a

sunray that’s smart because it knows

what part of the cloud it should shoot

through right actually does all the

calculation uh-huh

that’s really good you could control oh


so I put me warm water you know what I

don’t like that placement here it’s not

believable no no it’s just too low what

do you think

hey why here maybe well it’s it’s yeah

it looks like a new type of lighting or

maybe like 2 or 3 p.m.

nobody up here yeah I made mid mid noon

right here mm-hmm

so so this way cuz if you can notice if

I add this yeah if we’re not the whole

sky love even you know yes

boring right if I add that it kind of

the contrast of the brightness it’s kind

of ship it to the right side and then it

say the more interesting and also

applied onto your Eiffel Tower as well –

yeah so whenever you would play

something and then you apply a global

lighting there numpy both do new replace

guys and also the original objects or

the subject within it makes the picture

looks way more believable oh yeah and a

song waylaying cuz it’s Sun so I had to

determine by here right now I need to

look at the capo and on the bottom – cos

you know the Sun can’t be that strong

cause it that doesn’t mean yeah

right right the key yes like you just

kissing the lights out kissing iPhoto

just attack that should and the overall

look I want to be the brighter because I

want to be happy right yes absolutely

that’s why we’re doing this that’s what

we’re taking a seven year old photo that

you originally processed in a dark moody

feel and you’re making it happy joyous

to just bring more happiness to your day

right I think that’s good that looks

good oh yeah that looks Thanks alright

um what else should I do is oh I know

let’s go pro mm-hmm

let’s try to contrast let’s say I like

what is highlight conscious due to this

picture the contrast of the highlights

like that yeah just just I love how

you’re just moving sliders you you’re

not spending any time doing grunt work

you’re actually making artistic changes


I said chill basically certain things

and I just make sure like how much I

want it and do I need it yes well

there’s also sometimes you use the AI to

kind of give you a feel you see how

after that little tubing on the contrast

on the meet Tony shuttle yeah it it kind

of balance all the pictures mm-hmm right

now it just you know is cut a little bit

disconnected right

is it a conscious difference on the sky

the Eiffel Tower and a couple in the

foreground you know one that did that

it’s kind of more Langly together now I

feel like the cobalt lighting that yes

global contrast I’m all matchy matchy

yes so like that and I wanna do one more


she was colors was he already do this

here so I could do more here than last

in Photoshop I mean I can always go our

right the beauty of using as a plug-in

because you can go back and Photoshop

you know the only too much there you can

see until it basically got more normal

now brought in the results are so

instantaneous like you don’t have to

wait you just click and you see the

results for

away that’s actually my satisfying you

know I read some of the comments on your

Facebook posts and people say that

they’re having so much fun with this

just like you are oh you know yeah

literally for like under $100 software

is not only amazing but it’s like a toy

too for any photographer to play around

with their photos oh let’s play Allah

doesn’t see how that works

yeah he hates the haze and trying to

keep the sky not as dark as I want

something more fighter yes only I don’t

need old an hour because it’s not gonna

an hour it’s a high noon and this is the

sucky part the Queen’s do I need to

enhance the Queen you know what I’ll see

if I could change the color green jurist


let’s just put two there and then do

much I’ll do six so those sliders work

together in tandem so if I turn the

green that’s the foliage hue and then

that’s the foliage enhancer okay so they

match they go together pretty good cuz I

want to get those tree little bit

brighter because that you have a son you

know the color blue brighter I know a

lot of it doesn’t like green but you

know it’s their personal preference

I think green looks fine and the guy

second is actually wet so I’m gonna do a

little bit and enhance he ups I might

want – more to do the blue looks kinda

too much

now is that it’s looking pretty dang

good that that’s like too bright

yeah it’s a magical Wow really yeah it’s

it’s very seamless between all the

components the sky the structure the

people it just flows better you’re the

cooping about this there is no step you

could go back and forth go here go that

window me and play around us what they

call non-destructive right because each

effect that you’re applying is actually

a layer that you’re adding on top so you

can go back and undo one layer of effect

but you it doesn’t you don’t need to

argue the other one so so this is a

little thing that most people don’t know

about no no is that it doesn’t matter

what you do here okay all this you don’t

see how many tools they have yes all

this every single filters it basically

go back to the your original pictures

which is your background pictures yes

the data to apply that let’s say for

example if I enhance the saturation of

the picture right yes it’s a grata

people supposing the right here let’s

just give a makeup number maybe like 20

yes and I lose the way to 60 yes well

one of filters right which is color or

somewhere mmm

we’re here okay pollutes it but if I go

to an author filter that will affect the

colors it doesn’t work with your 60

saturation color if you go yes no you

would never go overboard with all the

details yes that’s actually nice so this

is huge different if you’ve ever heard

of the other follow through car Nick

software’s haven’t next hour having

Google bought them okay so they

basically for that these snacks they

change the yeah but in a good order they

stack so if we apply XD out its that is

that and then when you add hands your

saturation if after you try it you apply

HDL you actually enhance h douse colors

to not always

yeah there’ll be much right for it won’t

do that it goes back to the region even

though you apply HDR effect right yeah

if you want change more

creation over batter original change

that and kind of superimpose that with

the issuer layer that you have it’s very

cool actually that’s a sort of

difference that actually makes a makes a

very big it’s the understanding it helps

a lot

it’s very solid like normal users if

they just can go one click here feeling

fitter and right you know it doesn’t

really affect them but if as you know I

think in the last week we talked about

the app filters yes if you want to add

more filters and do more in it that

feature which every single filter

adjustment go back to original plays a

big part that way because you can always

add and you will never go overboard yeah

very cool

yeah and that makes it easier to work

with and it’s great for newbies or

somewhere starting out to just be able

to know their limits because the limits

here are very tasteful limits you you

really can’t go wrong unless you you’re

at the very extreme of the bars and just

don’t go to the extremes of any bars and

you should be one of my favorite is the

actually look look okay

it’s like a texturized look or what what

is it you know it’s kind of make the

picture matte to see so the shot of the

black become matte black wrong and it

kinda like early vintage yes look it’s

very relaxing look kind of it’s kind of

relaxing to look at the love the way I

love this because the other program had

this matte look to you but this one you

could actually control among how much

how much fade it you gonna say fate is

how much black am i fading away mm-hmm

and that is a mama how much but if see

you yet yes I was fated oh if I want

that it could work but that’s not much

also on top let’s you can’t your

contract so you can have fade up a

stable control contrast so it’s pretty

fun you give me life get control on this

yeah you can do so much with just

sliders it’s amazing how well thought

out the software is right because one

thing that Photoshop is more there makes

Photoshop difficult

to use is that it’s so powerful but you

actually have to know what you’re doing

to really squeeze all the power out of

it here you’re using all the power of

lumen are by just going through and

sliding a couple of sliders like anyone

could do that no offense but a monkey

can go down and say oh this looks good

this is good this isn’t good

right and go through a list of all that

and really use all of its feature

without knowing anything let me see if

we put locks on it and see if that looks

good I need something more

cut bright up the picture at this so

this Beijing looks pretty good yeah I

don’t want too many color chaos but

that’s okay so so left for example if I

picked like hole punch go yeah color

punch those are color punch cold uh I’m

trying to then color punch hot sorry I’m

trying to like get a vision like what if

I got that I can always lower it you

know and – the saturation is conscious I

still can adjust so this love thing it’s

all shop has it – yes but the only thing

to play what is the capacity which is a

month here in punch control contrast and

saturation show so it’s like way more

control than outside so the certain

things I want to do here run and in

Photoshop so that way I have more

control so you can see that how I could

actually get just a tank of those purple

in there

yes the whole mod but it’s a personal

favorite you know this is a lot if you

want but ya know ya know what I want

this picture so it’s nice that as you

hover over it you can see a preview

right away on your image for size it’s

not bad thumbnail preview you actually

see right away even though they can’t

keralites all the nuts for you like yes

cinematic bombing kuwaiti f-class


Porsche towing don’t okay I’m sorry it’s

gotta but look don’t listen to that just

the other one that works for you yeah

exactly you know the guidelines let’s

take one quick step back because not a

lot of people know what Lux mean like do

you know what Lux are can you explain

what is a Lux and why don’t you love

what’s suppose before we do you know you

can apply as a color grading it’s more

like a color grading yes that applied to

the overall role of your video like they

actually download lots for like you know


yes movie some movie that help I got

color casts on it those are Lux that

apply to the video but then it also

works on photos – yes pretty much what

that says is actually control they have

a program that is to deal with Lux but

you could also create your own locks in

Photoshop by doing different amount of

color Queeny adjustment and you just

save it as a locks so you can always

create your own app so that’s why in

here if you look closely and then resize

all this you can either download all

solo your custom locks so I’m working on

my own nuts right now

so eventually I’ll let you guys know yes

so amazing it so basically Lux is like

basically when you have a Lux it’s more

like a mapping right it remaps

colors so you have your original image

you apply looks so what’s orange might

not be like a darker orange what’s blue

might be down a lighter blue or what’s

green might be like a teal oh maybe this

is my easy understanding you know how

let’s put down a photo into two big the

colors and exposures okay so for example

if I apply a Lux and I say I have this

color cast the lux apply onto the image

right and I go ahead

we are just exposures and even though a

little bit of white balance okay or the

contrast that by doing that little thing

it won’t really mess up the color

grading because the lux won’t be

affected yes so you basically break down

the color you our main some people will

do the basic and using the exposures in

a white balance to do Caliphate but now

if you want to say that as actions of

preset okay

and apply that to other picture which as

some sometimes on picture might be

darker and your I need to open postures

that it will break the locks yes and you

will it will break that priest effect

yeah because it’s not a true lux so well

you have a color tone that you like you

saved as a lock you apply to the

pictures and that you still go back to

let’s say okay I think it’s good except

that’s fine I’m really happy one let’s

do this and to apply a little bit more

here if I go to a school light facto

exposures you see how I could change the

exposure but you see how color tone

doesn’t really change yes we take there

right that’s what I’m talking about

still there yes right that’s what I’m

talking about

but if your preset is based on exposures

and highlight and contrast ends and all

that when you do this kind of judgment

that makes things and of course all this

stuff that you’re doing is like stuff

you can do in Photoshop to but just

having it illuminate for it makes it so

much easier to do here and plus you have

some extra sliders that you don’t even

have a Photoshop the contrast in the

saturation I mean unless you experience

we’re extremely Photoshop then you know

exactly where to go then yeah it’s not

probable you know right if you are new

to this and you want to go try to

advance version of colic waiting this is

much easier right

only three sliders yeah but we know how

to create your own maps so be it if you

don’t download some new ones or even use

their preset one it’s it’s fun yeah it’s

lots of fun it’s quick you see results

right away it’s very satisfying to use

them the love stuff let’s look at this

in a minute once so some weed effect the

green a bit more some of that so they

kind of some some kind of focus on

certain colors mm-hmm so that will

enhance or desire certain colors and

that’s what the loves is basically it’s

all dealing with the colors yeah and if

you are just thinking with the exposure

it won’t really change much so that’s

the whole difference a lot of people

don’t quite understand what that is

thank you for creating data

didn’t understand thank you for

explaining that that makes a lot of

sense now so does that make sense to you

yeah yes very good

yeah excellent explanation so this is

how I mean there’s a lot people won’t

want to have constancy on their photos

right yes yeah that’s what they exactly

what you need

yeah if you just go ahead and get prison

action you can’t get it unless you keep

shooting the same way yes for all the

photos we sent actually you purchase yes

how they work yeah and you want to try

different thing and you want we take

that look right and look what you need

yes and I know I wanna apply that now I

mean look at it too long now okay close

my eyes yeah open it up again and do a

reset yeah yes I know that’s what I

wanted there I just bypassed it it’s

crazy because you could just picking the

different looks really does have another

effect – don’t go to– – this is one

thing but the lux also gives you a nice

second secondary level of mood it adds

up to it in us cuz there’s two type of

contrast there is this there’s the

normal contract with just black and

white you know not that Conway I mean

the dark and the light so this is right

yeah this this is it that’s one one that

contract why is it doesn’t work that’s

your seven your computer sometimes it

kind of box down but if you have

anything modern this software is very

efficient it was just I want think I

really like and I don’t see that

happening a lot other software is if I

go to yes

color enhancers and it’s easy how

there’s a color contrast

yes so this is what I’m talking about

color contrast so if you go just movie

fool here yes

so if ok let me enhance that a whole lot

so you see how the color changes Wow

it wasn’t it wasn’t just using the black

and white a conscious ocular it’s using

collars culture yeah you could do love

now of course it looks like hideous

because I have basically in here it’s

very high yeah but you see how it’s

changing contrast between a colors

alright yes equate it with this but you

know it’s just in colors so you could do

a lot but in this case I donated cuz the

color basically the contrast is quite

balanced here I don’t need to fix it

much what else do you think I need in

this picture I don’t know you’ve done a

lot of things like technically I was

happy with just the sky and using little

AI that’s already going yes I like the

softness that it has like the color I

don’t want to solve this let me see let

me go out there and turn that off okay

and go back here and it’s a little

exposures just a little bit increased a

little small contrast I think I could

call it done right here that’s good just

that oh yeah so that way you see how the

subject become the most contrast because

they’re small the eiffel house big

mm-hmm that’s the reason they were all a

little bit more colorful clothings so

now we the sons were here um should i

enhance the Sun a bit more maybe it

seems no good already

no no that’s too much

yeah now you bring the focus away from

the couple see this is one top of the

taste yeah you know you gotta know when

to stop you take a break and then you

look at tomorrow morning oh man I went

to my we have a lot so I’m gonna apply

it and put it down otherwise I don’t

know how long to stay here yeah yeah we

should we should wrap up in next 10

minutes or so because this is a really

good tutorial but I think we got a good

overview of what luminaire for can is Oh

and now you’re back in Photoshop and the

layers imported and now you can resume

your work flow and use Photoshop however

you want but now you have this amazing

layer that you’ve just manipulated with

two sliders no masking was involved that

you only found in Photoshop is basically

put that whale yeah and everything it’s

not in nomina yes you know if you want

to do more you can do so basically I

just open up the histogram which is the

level and you know there’s some missing

information is it because I faded some

of those right and because of the Sun I

add it so it’s different now what I mean

if I adjust the histogram a little

better so equipo con job contrast yeah

Oh almost too much yeah so I could

basically a great point move back a

little bit and change opacity here to

maybe somewhere on 50 just to keep it a

little bit contrast actually it doesn’t

do any it did we gotta go in there and

you see yeah yeah it did something but

yes I don’t think you need it

I mean so no so here’s our tips though

yeah you see how okay let me turn it

when you do lock them and you do the

math filters that I didn’t you know

gotta make the black faded away it’s

kind of screwing around with the

histogram if you type that cut based on

histogram – we talk it’s don’t because

they don’t even apply those cuz it would

not you would not get it perfect or like

normal because you’re changing the

weight colors are mapped so your music

Graham is all kind of only half people

free pointed black that way em no white

yeah I like would be knowing that I was

paying the heck of it oh it was all

messed up I want to say master all like

mixed up

mix up I would not get this right so

yeah what what they always want is the

picture has like peach like a hundred

percent black in there somewhere and to

be honest I don’t have that in this

picture it looks good the way it is

stuff faded yeah so you

I mean if you want to have more 100%

black that’s the extra contrast that we

said did it look good it didn’t suit the

picture because you want something happy

and joyous and if you have too much dark

blacks it does take away that the

natural relaxing happy mood that this

picture it currently has yeah I mean

it’s seriously I mean the ultimate goal

we trying to do is [ __ ] do be not too

happy picture and make a happy picture

yeah we did it yeah did it you

absolutely did very quick very fun and

it was effortless you pretty much just

play with some sliders and you can see

me yeah long time because I was playing

around with it and you know try to try

that but you know it doesn’t really I

mean you look at it it’s not that hard

no it’s just a program sliders play

around with a bit as he definitely felt

something you like you do stick with it

you don’t move on yeah the results are

they speak for himself I mean it just

looks really great like the raw picture

you had was just overcast sky it looks

gloomy doesn’t look very warm doesn’t

have the happiness look to it so

ultimately after you’ve been here we’re

moving that whale so the picture looks

with a form Oh perfect yes and and go

into Newman afore we place a sky so it

had color mm-hmm rod that just yes okay

and it at Becca Sun in there yeah right

and it’s fine to the contrast and the

color just attack you know not a whole

lot it matched hoax new brand new

colorful scenery

mm-hm and that’s be okay it’s all done

in Newman ofor yep except of the railing

man that’s that’s peanuts yeah

everything else like the magic is really

luminaire for its I could crop it up I

want but then I want to see the subjects

like a little bit so I mean they’re

pretty little tiny yeah I’m like you


yeah well we should also mention

remember there was a little glitch on

the left side for some real fine thing

with the screen sharing cuz I’ve never

seen that for when out yet doesn’t mean

nothing we can’t do so don’t be picky

about it okay please

it’s it’s I love it this is great like

wait where else can you see the results

of me before and after like this like if

you show me this picture the after

picture and you didn’t tell me you post

process it I would say man you found a

great day and yeah that’s what a lot of

people said yeah I don’t know I don’t

know how you you picked that day but

this is a fairy tale this is a perfect

day very believable what I’m trying to

say I’m pretty sure if the couple

actually have this picture they would be

super happy oh yeah I hope you guys are

doing well I hope you guys we got

already oh really

yeah that’s pretty cool and you should

send in this video too so they can see

how you did this oh I might I just might

you should you should and then you know

they can actually download and use of

software too because lumina for it’s

under 100 bucks link down below it’s

perfect for amateur or professional use

like you can literally take this picture

the before picture on a cell phone like

an iPhone or Samsung phone or any mobile

phone and you can apply I hang my

advantage that’s like just two days ago

yeah I’m organizing my baby’s pictures

yeah you know order a photo book for my

wife for Mother’s Day

and you know to be honest I don’t really

even use my room yeah I use a blue

minimum before and just go for a picture

and do some retouching here and there I

get some color there’s a black and white

and just call it done it’s actually

super fast

yeah is easy to use so if you have

family pictures yes

you know just like casual pictures or

any pictures yeah that’s perfect

mm-hmm yeah you know and then just like

this you go out you go Gabe you take

some good picture and this guy is not

there we place this guy yeah yeah I love

this it’s so simple used but it works

fine for amateur we’re fine for casual

use it works fine for professional use

and it looks great however you use it

regardless of what camera technique you

use or what what equipment

use very cool so I guess I wonder do you

why do anything else before I kind of

wrap up

no that’s married I don’t think I need

anything to do with this bikini was you

know I would love to go to your Facebook

and look at that post and just glance at

some of the comments is that something

that you’re okay with I’m curious to see

what other people are responding to your

picture oh sure yes yeah I haven’t met

them either but these are these are all

real comments used to share my screen

right not anymore

okay yeah so let’s see oh yeah so here

look at someone oh they only liked they

didn’t comment who this this this one

didn’t have comments but I think oh this

other picture you did had a lot of

comments we should say this one more

next time

this one had 19 comments right I do

super nothing on that one basically

change like a not to price guy into a

sunset mm-hm

yeah this is this is also very similar

to like very warm and happy where is

this is a little bit cold and a little

bit lumière yeah I think I told you one

time before that whenever I go out to

start shooting I never got good sky yeah

so I always go back you know once I play

around with noumenon find out that I

just always go and use although and see

what would happen if I have an amazing

sky over the structure and yeah just an

amazing look at that the raw here and

how you post-process it one way and now

how you post-process it with AI sky

replaced me just my friends they be

seeing me I am doing a lot like Rumia

movie pictures and then when they do

like bright colorful picture they fight

well I like you all what’s better say

well well well like you said right now

right if you wanted to fight this QWERTY

and be positive and be happy just make

your picture happy because there’s so

much of unfortunate events happening

right now you know it’s it’s it

sad to see reality so sometimes you just

want to get out of reality popular

virtual reality with Lumina for and

manipulate the sky so it’s a perfect

world at a perfect day and just enjoy me

to me photography I look at the photo is

it’s different I a lot more just for

memories but to me because I have so

many memory with photo it’s not my own

it’s my memory but even though the

person in is not me but let’s Emma I’ve

kinda stopped oh my now but it is I

without blue sky so that helped you know

raise my spirit to be honest so when you

actually do in your photo yes what keep

would that mean Newman are for photo or

not and always processing it it kind of

getting something through it I mean I

can’t explain what it is but especially

doing this kind of time you can’t go out

you can’t shoot it so what’s the next

best thing sit there and play around

photos and see it’s kind of bent

Americas you take a follow yes you

remember what happened there so it

brings back memories yeah it is fun that

absolutely absolute bed er like when you

do something repetitively when you do

something a lot you will get better at

it so as you have the time now to learn

and practice with Lumina for and get

really good at this stuff

so next time when we actually can go out

and take pictures again

you got this skill set down you know

what luminar is capable of so you can go

out and take a photo and you can know

there’s a gloomy sky but you’re in your

mind you already know what the end

result is because you understand Lubin

are you know the capability lumen are so

now you can go take your photo outside

and all this quarantine time you’ve

master Luminara you combine that and you

got some amazing pictures that take your

photography to the next level take their

business to the next level

take your customer satisfaction tunics

elbow impresses your customers blows or

my yeah blows this line bloke from your

Tammy experience let me ask you anything

yeah before we end it sure now if you

are a you you ask you at you your David

as a google and if you see picture you

know how the trainee right now it’s all

the pictures we’re all for exposed yes

you don’t see this guy’s right and when

you see a picture like this has a blues

guy chronic things looks colorful yes

which type of picture actually attract

you more obviously the one that has a

nice sky it’s it’s gravitating so that’s

actually I had this video that Dennis

the trend about people over expose it

because they can’t get it white exposure

of the sky that – what does they

overexposing looks bright right but

because of lumen of poor you could

actually place the sky yes you could get

cow in there if you a lot of people

don’t use flash by the way they don’t

get any filters yeah and they just kinda

want exposures yes so that’s what I do

but this is one exposure yes

oh hey we a comment from Jack Mitchell

so Jack Mitchell asked is this a

Photoshop tutorial Jeremy why don’t you

answer that question yeah it is but it

I’m using the plug-in with no mana for

mm-hmm so basically I can did 99% of

study noon before yeah yeah so there’s a

luminol for tutorial yeah it’s likely

yeah and we use a Photoshop as kind of

like the normal workflow to use

luminaire for but luma for is a

standalone to anyone to see it Photoshop

tutorial you can go to my youtube


yes pick so steppers yes I have a three

hour long masterclass about it to Abu

Dhabi and we’ve been I have some floors

up tutorial in it there too yes and so

Jack also asks who are you guys so let

me like Jeremy introduce themselves to

Jeremy who are you my name is Jeremy I

am a Fuji expert offer as well as

Microsoft sponsor photographers I do

photography and I mostly do

international wedding and portrait


yeah and he’s been shooting for like 15

years he does a lot of stuff

internationally like he mentioned and

really amazing work as you can see

example here and I think on YouTube you

have a

the highlight so if you ever go youtube

you can search for Jeremy Chan

photography maybe no oh yeah that’s your


this guy don’t worry yeah I’ll here but

this is the video that I wanted to see

okay actually came out yeah I never

searched myself of course not but look

at this this is the type of work that

Jeremy does Jack he’s he’s actually an

award-winning W PPI wedding photographer

he’ll never admit that and say it

because you know but he is he does

amazing work and he’s a judge – at WPI

so he knows color

he knows photography he knows everything

that’s required to make a perfect photo

and he does I’m just giving back to the

industry that’s all yeah more and thank

you for you know I’m coming on this live

streaming sharing Jackie’s very happy

Jack also as Jeremy how has your

business been impacted during this time

oh it’s impacted for sure mmm sure but

then I can’t transit it to do a lot of

different things such like education so

I do I still have something going on

just not the shooting part but hopefully

all this will be over soon and then I

wouldn’t say we’ll go to normal to be

honest but then you would pick up

something different I mean just keep

looking a price ayah

yeah we will yeah and I would add to

that as well you know it’s a great

opportunity things have definitely

changed and they change unfortunately

for the majority of it for the worst

because it’s you know we’re locked down

and things are gloomy outside but you

always want to look at the bright side

and see what you can do like we are

enhancing our photography skills by

learning new stuff with luminaire for

we’re also growing our YouTube channel

we’re also expanding to teaching others

helping the next generation of

photographer so we are changing our

business model we’re doing stuff that

will help other people as well as we

finish that income that we don’t get now

because I’ve getting what weddings are

cancelled my wife and I

new one photoshoots and they’re getting

canceled – so it’s quite difficult but

again Jack look at the bright side

there’s the opportunities to learn and

get better and there’s tons of things

you can do to just prepare yourself

that’s why like I’m trying to share more

as much I can so everybody will gain

some new skill and to be honest we are

at a stage that we need to be prepared

so when if when the whole situation is

over the floodgates open people just

keep coming and you need to prepare for

that because no one’s gonna wait for you

absolutely absolutely oh hey Jack follow

us on our YouTube channel thanks for

following us thank you jack yeah so

we’ve been and another question Jack

asks how long have you guys been

streaming on here meaning Amazon live I

don’t know how long has it been it has

been too long maybe like three three

weeks now we’re trying out the platform

we kind of like it because we notice on

this platform there’s a lot of people

that are just reviewing products but

they’re not really photographers we want

to add value to the content on Amazon


Jeremy’s been a photographer for 15

years I’m also wedding photographer I

shoot wedding for over 10 years so

between us we have like 25 years of

wedding photography industry and we want

to be able to share that and share our

knowledge with products right so we want

to show how to use the products not just

be like a little review and show these

are the features but really show that we

use it in our professional days yes

concept it’s not just about talking

about a spec of the product but yeah

sure I mean we only talk about product

that we feel right about and use so we

can share how we use it so hopefully

that will entreat you to you know also

try to use the product not because of

the spec looks good or because the brand

looks good but it’s actually someone has

to use it and I will share we will share

how we use it’s just comic

Newman are four is it how we use it yeah

and hopefully that you like it yeah and

yeah Jack thank you for sharing your

background – because jack is a novice in

photography so he’s learning and he’s

learning in photography and you’re

asking how we

right so the way we’re streaming right

now is we’re using ECAM live it’s a math

only software we’ve also tried OBS and

we also try wire cast – I just found

that OBS was a little bit limited I

wasn’t as easy to share to bring in a

guest like right now Jeremy is a guest

on my live stream and he’s just

connecting with Skype but you can see

he’s also sharing his screen when he was

working with alumina 4 that’s him on his

computer and I was able to bring all

that in using ECAM live and it works

really well I was able to do it with OBS

and wire cast but it just wasn’t as

friendly so that’s why I use a cam live

and the limitation of ECAM live really

is that it has to be you have to be on a

Mac that’s all and it’s very affordable

– so it does great yeah and thank you

jack he’s he’s he said he’ll come back

and check us out and his question is

when do we stream well we try to stream

maybe once a day on weekdays given the

time that we have now we have a little

bit more free time because we’ve kind of

snuck in at home so we have to find ways

to connect it’s Jeremy and I we just

love to connect and talk anyway so if it

wasn’t for the live stream we just

calling each other or FaceTime each

other and just talk about anyway so it’s

key yeah and it’s really nice that we

have your international check normally

we talk here we share information but a

lot of people watch a classic we want to

talk we loves me not get me back we live

in comments on Facebook I’ll totally in

Facebook yeah follow us on Facebook –

we’re on Facebook and as pixel stabbers

we’re on YouTube as picture stabbers

check us out there a little bit it’s not

desperate no no we should we should all

get a chance to talk with people more

because there’s social distancing it

really just takes away us as individuals

and takes away what human nature brings

to us yeah so hey Jack it’s nice talking

to you and you’re taking off so we want

to say good night and thank you again

for stopping by I really appreciate you

and leaving comments really made my day

so I really appreciate please jack and

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night and hopefully we’ll see you again

if not you can always check out our

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yep alright so we’re gonna wrap up this

really quick for our viewers again what

we talked about today was using Lumina 4

and the best way to demonstrate what

aluminum 4 is it’s just one video it’s

amazing because it’s AI which means it’s

artificial intelligent and what it does

it does all the masking for you so that

you can add remove objects add or remove

skies manipulate portraits like the eyes

and their nose the lips and very easily

by just movie sliders around you have to

worry about man I know I forgot what

adding a wing bow in there oh you should

add a Remo oh well we’ll do that I see

you know what do you feel like you want

to add it you can add it really quick

right now right so if I share your

screen you can just probably bring up

Lubin f4 as a new layer and just add the

rainbow right do I do that why not let’s

do it let me know when you’re ready to

share your screen I’ll jump over to your

screen I’m ready just share I’m working

on it right now now you are okay let me

bring up your screen it’s alright make

sure you close the Skype window oh yeah

that’s right yep alright so you pretty

much took a layer that the finish layer

that we had has a new layer you bring it

back into now man it might not work cuz

it’s too late let’s find them let me try

it then let me try it I’ll see if it

will land into the sky

it kind works

but nope as good now yeah yeah you know

it doesn’t work as it I need to keep

that sky layer yeah there so that it was

separate so wait now yeah well forget it

yeah next time next time next time no

worries okay

maybe they may unshare

your screen there you go yeah so that’s

luminaire for down below is the link

where you can purchase Lumina for super

affordable software highly recommend

that I’ll take your photography to the

next level and as you see down the

Karaca we have some other stuff too

basically these are cameras and lenses

that Jeremy and I use these are way more

camera technology than what German used

to take that picture back in 2013

seven years ago me yeah so technology

has been through the roof there’s so

much more features on a focus better

dynamic range is better everything about

these cameras is better so you can’t go

wrong with picking up even an entry

level camera these days but we always

like the Fujifilm fc3 series which is a

very affordable it’s a crop sensor but

it tastes amazing pictures

it’s got great sensors it has a great

sensor its compact it’s built with some

class and it looks it looks really the

part you can you look stylish too yes

you can use it for consume casual

shooting or you can use it for a

professional Jeremy does weddings with

this camera it’s a crop sensor but he’ll

take amazing wedding pictures and the

pictures will speak for themselves

we’re the only one using there’s a lot

of people a lot of food use food or

using this official wedding yeah yeah I

mean it’s really not about the gear and

I’m like on the different side of it

I like year so I actually shoot with the


can’t I really can’t produce anything

that this camera cannot maybe I can do a

little bit faster more type of shooting

if the bride’s like running down the

aisle or something but you know that

doesn’t have me at wedding so Rob Panzer

has much faster faint wave of their

full-frame that’s true because you have

less sense this data so I kept your most

of the heat away well it depends it

depends my 1dx mark ii has a pretty fast

you kept them how pixels than I do

that’s what sure yeah well it’s a whole

different discussion but X III is a

great camera they’re coming out soon

with the XT 4 which is also a really

good camera

the specs are kind pretty much out there

already the thing that adds is in body

image stabilization and you got a

flip-out screen and I’ll upgrade so all

the features the nice thing is as

Fujifilm introduced to xp for they’re

not gonna take away the xe3 they’re

gonna sell decks III a long line with XT

for just because they’re different price

line and you if you picking this camera

I had a bucket man get this 16 to 80

millimeter lens you organ is that camera

at the lens you need anything else you

could capture anything yeah 16 to 18 and

that’s the crop factor right so you know


yeah 1.6 times 80 whatever that comes

out to be yeah yeah so it a cover a lot

of range yeah and it’s amazing it’s a

good kit lens

I love Fuji film because they’re compact

it’s not the kit lens this is a sixteen

eighty is not a kit lens I wonder how

much this combo cost cuz there’s no

price yet but we’ll see buy anyway

that’s yeah that’s a nice cut we got

something yeah we got some lenses here

Jeremy is I considered him a minimalist

because he travels a lot so he has to

keep his equipment backpack or equipment

bag light so if you move around I don’t

carry a camera back when I travel I

can’t okay with normal backpack and

using small little packing inside my

backpack so nobody know it’s a camera

back very clever

so you can avoid security avoid a hassle

you appear at about every day yeah

and thieves too so this is this is his

minimal set he has I got 35 one point

four lens great for especially on the

crop sensor it becomes like a 50

millimeter so a good normal focal length

lens he’s got a wide-angle 16 1.4 with

the crop it’s like a 35 millimeter

more of a wider lens but with a shallow

depth of field so yeah some amazing

portrait sessions with it and really

nice depth of feel as chalahe depta feel

I would say with it regular lens then he

also has a zoom lens because the shoots

wedding you always need a zoom lens when

you shoot wedding unless you’re you’re

moving around a lot but there are times

at your ceremony that will headshot –


and for ceremonies and receptions where

you want to be more of a ninja and stand

back a little bit it makes sense to have

a zoom lens as one in your arsenal and

then he’s thinking about getting the 23

millimeter f/2 it’s not part of its

arsenal yet but it’s a common nice to

have this is more like a perfect

squeezable turbulence as well

yeah and sometimes do you having too

much gear takes away also from thinking

– because I like the fact that if you

only have like a 60 millimeter and a 35

millimeter then you kind of you have to

plan your shots and you have to stress

really put on the right lid so I like

the challenge of kind of working around

the limitation it actually makes you a

better photographer when you’re limited

to what you can do so then you get

creative that’s for sure

you always want to have a flash

especially shooting wedding flashes and

something like this is more advanced

than the typical flash that comes with

Nikon or the Canon

that means more powerful much more

powerful the batteries modular and it’s

flash is pretty much like bring out a

studio stroke as a portable lighting so

yes amazing yeah and then we got some

LEDs – for a supplementary use detail

shot or close-up portraits artist

perfectly use exactly well you don’t

need too much power and when you’re

indoor or outside with low light so it’s

great for that and then you also have

one that has RGB which is change colors

yeah which is very nice and then you got

a professional portrait kit oh yeah

extremely high quality LEDs you can

check out our youtube channel we talked

about the light and motion torture kit

our youtube channel at youtube.com slash

pixel stabbers but this kit is amazing

with these two lights you

she shoot outdoor and combat the Sun and

have amazing photo and because there are

contiune are constant light you don’t

have to worry about sync speed which

allows you to shoot shallow depth of

field outside without big ND filter so

pretty pretty amazing stuff that you can

use with these slides there they’re a

little bit pricey but they’re very

robust 30 high quality lights that will

bring a lot of value to your photo in

fact the small light is actually

waterproof down to one meter for half an

hour and it’s actually shock resistant

this one up here is water resistant so

pretty really really good lights we

won’t take too much today so it’s nice

to how we reflector and the softbox with

you because some flight is always more

pleasing the watt calm down in twist

Wireless graphics drawing tablet that

German uses with the pen there because

it’s pressure sensitive right you want

to give a quick spiel why you have a

pressure-sensitive tablet instead of

using a mouse to edit photos I maybe use

the pen to do masking and masking I

don’t do like we need sharp edges and

asking I do like kind of brush masking

and having the pressure on so I could

cut it I’m painting so what I do mask

most the time I’m not trying to remove

stuff I’m trying to add color into it so

I want to have a gradient yeah ask rah

but then agree I met sometimes just

applied to Robo but if I want like a

selective where area and I want a

gradient I had to brush it into it and

having a pen it makes it much easier

yeah I love prints because pretty much

with a pen is pressure sensitive so the

harder you press you can change the

effect of that whether it’s wider it’s

college just like a paintbrush like the

actual paint brush with paint on it how

much I apply and how much ink will be

onto the paper yes in this case would be

the picture yes and if you notice we

didn’t pick the most expensive one we

picked no pretty much the cheapest one

that does the job I mean there’s

probably cheaper one that’s like $56 but

that one is not as nice as we find but

you can also go crazy and get one that

has the LCD screen built into it like

two or three thousand dollars but the

trims with you this one is perfect for


as a professional wedding photographer

shooting for 15 years and if he uses

this day in and day out you know it does

the job

so that’s what he recommends I use a

tablet when I get a chance as well

I love the Wacom series they’re great

tablets so it’s nice to have a mouse in

addition to your graphics tablet there’s

no particular reason why we have this

other than this is what Jeremy uses

that’s what I use yeah we want to share

what he uses and also he has a surface

book that he uses as well

yeah we travel because you have a

surface book and a surface pro six here

yeah we wanted were key ones for

teaching there you go so you get around

with these two choices and that we also

want to also include down below the link

to the Creative Cloud for Adobe because

like that includes lightroom a photoshop

and for ten dollars a month you can’t go

wrong with that because luminar is a

great software as a standalone or as a

plug-in to Lightroom and Photoshop as

was in other software a couple other

software too but Lightroom is great for

when you have a large workflow and you

want to do something quick to all those

pictures and Photoshop is when you want

to go above and beyond what luminar can

do but again if you don’t have these two

don’t worry because luminar is a perfect

ground for in-between it’s just that

once you want to look for more stuff we

always recommend adobe creative planning

which includes Lightroom and Photoshop

for 10 bucks a month really can’t go

wrong with that so that pretty much

wraps up everything we’re going to talk

about luminaire for as well as all the

stuff that we use to take pictures and

how we use them in our before to take

our pictures to the next level hey do

you wanna add Jeremy no but thank you

for you know listening to us and I hope

that what we share actually helped you

yeah thank you very much for watching

Thank You Jeremy for being on this show

and demonstrating and share your

knowledge if you want to see more Jeremy

and also more me too check out our

youtube channel at youtube.com slash

pixel cybers where we go into in-depth

tutorial much like this one but we even

have a three hour master class which we

explain posing colors

and environmental is everything about

photography from the beginning to the

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