POWERFUL LED Lights are the Future! See how to use LED lights in different scenarios and how to create amazing photos, feature Jeremy Chan (Fuji X Photographer, WPPI Judge and Award Winner!)

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Video Transcription


this new these lights work real I know I

think we are a mighty oh thank you okay

well okay okay I just lay stuff right

okay we’re live hey guys hi guys hey

guys we’re live we’re live come on come

on come on this is you tech via hi guys

my name is David

I got Jeremy on the line again he’s

joining us for a live stream today we’re

talking about light emotion

check out those lights that we have in

the background here I got the CL mm

Jeremy’s got the CF 8 but before we talk

about the light let’s let’s say juice

ourselves just a little bit Jeremy you

know I do a shoot-off though oh my

lights on that’s pretty dangerous sorry

guys for buying you guys myself man

basically I’m a photographer I’ve been

shooting photography for about 10 years

I’ve been mainly using flash as my main

photography light and with the

technology moving I’m starting to look

into LEDs and I think these are the

perfect LEDs I’ve been playing around

with these I’ve been loving them Jeremy

over here he’s been doing wedding

photography and pre wedding for over 15

years now and he’s stabbed into a lot of

LED lighting and he’s been using a lot

of these lights for seminars workshops

and actual professional shoots so he’s

got a lot to share about so let me

introduce you guys to Jeremy hi guys I’m

Jeremy again again I’m here why am I

here again cuz you’re awesome and your

expert love having you on this

Challenger me so last time we talked

about software this timing about talk

about hot wear something that is hot

well it doesn’t it doesn’t burn it’s not

hot but it’s right you tell shirt very

bright yeah I mean like I’m having hair

way now is the delay emotions tell that

I Pro Co x8 yes the CL is eight that’s

got like I got that she likes

I got the CL mm this one is a smaller

more compact one so there’s like the

true that you see on the screen right

there right let me turn off cuz this

thing it’s for this side it is really

bright I mean this light like this right

I’m sorry for applying you guys but it

is really really bright and its compact

it’s got a little weight to it but the

batteries built-in it’s water-resistant

you can put this down to why

like a meter deep and I’ll sub stay

submerged for 30 minutes and work just

fine it’s got built-in battery it takes

about 105 minutes recharge when it’s

fully charged you got about 50 minute

runtime it’s got a good color

temperature at 5600 Kelvin this guy a

night above 90 CRI above 90 TTL CI so

really really high spec mm means so what

do you have there Jeremy this is the CEO

X paid in Hera 8000 lumens similar to

that but the step wise I think it’s a

little bit more powerful well yeah it’s

four times more PC is 93 and PLC is like


accurate than the one that you have yeah

but the only downfall for this compared

to yours is the IP really is only 54

right I got IP rating of 60 on this one

so this one can go down to water and it

can actually stand a good job – yeah so

what you have is actually much more

doable than this one but this one’s way

more powerful for the one you have it we

quite a little bit more to do outdoor

and fight against the Sun this one here

is just enough to fight afghans it’s not

like it outdoor shooting sense actually

wherever it works right this is perfect

for like when your indoor when you’re

like in a small confined area this is

perfect because these lights the nice

thing is it’s basically you shine a

light on your subject and what you see

is what you get in the camera there’s no

guesswork and figure out like what kind

of results I am I gonna get with the

flash because you shine a light you see

the light and it’s compact so you can

take into any area and set up and have

someone hold it and not have to worry

about big soft boxes big umbrellas or

light stands or being exported out for

security security it’s it just works

it’s really nice so Jeremy slides a

little bit bigger this was smaller but

these are the two lights we’re talking

about today and basically we’re also

going to talk about how you don’t worry

the light no what you don’t want is


cuz I’m bigger you’re a little bit

taller but let’s not we’re at we’re off

subject we’re moving on to next slide no

no no period all right you’re a little

bit bigger than me all right so we got a


Amazon sells right Jeremy so what’s in

this kit here so I have the same kit


it’s a portrait kid that they have it

comes with the CX 8 as well as when you

hold it with the CL mm this is perfect

for if you want to start your portrait

if this is lighting you want the first

time you pay with lighting this is

perfect because it has all you need just

look at all the accessory comes with if

you go to like just connect slides I

think oh wow yes

oh so this is basically someone that

with how this this light works so all

the batteries built in you know I’m not

an engineer so I’m gonna talk about that

but I don’t know better will spill in

here it’s pretty tiny yeah it’s a CL mm

if you look at the switches on the top

that’s gonna see all mm so it’s really

amazing how they really the bulk of that

weight if all that is that the battery

in the frame because that’s the two

biggest component in a light it’s very

simple light that’s why it’s very robust

it can have a shot proof of dropping

down one meter and it still is strong

the reason why I feel this way so

because this company used to make

underwater Lighting’s right they have

that experience yeah so they have

experience putting doable and solid one

job one water leak lighting so they are

that compared to all the outside other

brand of LED the real part is I would

say super yes yes and I really love the

fact that they’re robust in that because

like you know as professionals we carry

our equipment around in a backpack

sometimes they drop out of our backpacks

sometimes some guests not so for a

license it falls down I don’t really

care about the light braking as much as

I care about the light breaking on the

day of and I don’t have my equipment to

continue shooting so with with like

riester the equipment like this where

it’s simple and built with really high

quality solid material I feel really

confident that in case this drops I

still have a light that works so kudos

to light a motion for building really

high quality light that’s really

oops you always do that to me Jenny

every time no worries yeah so this is

the light that you’re holding Jeremy so

you might talks about this text right

yeah so you can move on to the next yeah

oh we lock our temperatures the captain

just 5600 Kelvin yeah it’s pretty really

pretty pretty bet that on on the color

balance right and then the 5600 Kelvin

is good for like our modern-day society

but now because everywhere you go you

have high quality LEDs around and when

you’re shooting with other light panels

or if if there’s other light sources in

a room usually it’s around 5600 Kelvin

which is also daylight which is the very

natural temperature and that voice gain

a yellow cast of lights so and the good

CRI and good TLC I – those two numbers

as long as they’re above 90 means you

have very high quality light for example

if you have an apple that’s red right

and you shine a light on it well the

Apple is still better look red because a

high CRI means you’re going to reproduce

light that’s very natural to have the

sunlight produces light so you’re used

to seeing that color whereas a low CRI

like a CRI of 80 or 70 those are

terrible and that’s not what we have

here but those like if you shine the

light on the Apple it might look green

or has a greenish tint and now you don’t

have a cat you have like a queen chaos

creator magenta is usually what people

say but yeah high CRI so this all the

lights that we ever talk about because

we use these in the professional

environment so we want all our lights to

have CRI and TLC eyes above 90

of course yeah and then what Jeremy has

there has 8000 lumens so it’s pre bright

because for current day Monday’s right

now the current temperature is important

due to effect that our camera way now

has live view so if you look at your

camera and your led which let’s say you

buy someone a bro it’s the cheaper ones

and they have color cast when you look

at alive you just feel like do you want

to click that shutter because it’s kind

of green yeah so in your library you

want to make sure that the lighting

temperature is correct I mean I know if

a fact they help you actually fix the

temperature and you knows right this is

easy but

cuz of camera way now you could actually

seed the Butte and battle the lightning

you kind of have you hesitated right so

yeah it’s good to have a good equitable

balance in your life right and also you

have to remember that okay so if it’s

not accurate like you have like a 3,000

Kelvin as long as everything is 3,000

then it’s fine you can fix it in post

but if you have something that’s 3,000

you have something that’s 5,600 and you

have daylight shining in the window

that’s also around 5600 Kelvin but you

have a lot to work with and it’s kind of

tricky to kind of get the right color

temperature right so you have something

that’s consistent with daylight because

you know there’s still light everywhere

so you use meat slicer sometimes replace

the ambient light but sometimes you want

just enhanced and be like so it’s best

that they match the ambient light as

much as possible which is generally 5600

Kelvin so we moved over to the spec

sheet of a CL mm which is what I have

here it’s a smaller light than the light

that Germany is holding this one has


power in terms of brightness and yellow

light but it’s also smaller more compact

it still has a CRI and TLC eye above 90

it takes about 105 minutes to charge and

once it’s charged this thing runs for 50

minutes on high power so if you run a

lower power it’ll last even longer in

that same CRI I’m Sam sorry same color

temperature as a1 that Germany has that

way if you have these two as a kit yeah

consistent lighting between the two

light sources and I loved I do like yes

little lights nice right the only thing

that I don’t need to do anything outdoor

with in doing hotel or into areas that

light is perfect into anything from

being key light to bad light to do

product shot swing shot you know you

name it you could do anything with that

light just so easy because it’s bright

enough that you could basically do

anything and the small one is tiny and

what I love about it it’s like you we

have assistant you asked him to hold the

light but when you hold when you ask the

system holder flash you have to tell me

exactly how to point it and then because

they don’t know how it’s gonna look so

they just have to hold it there where’s

the asset system how this light you

okay I want you to shine a lot in the

face and you could just sit so it looks

like that okay perfect hold it there so

then the system you see what the lights

doing and they can kind of hold it there

whereas – this is holding the flash I’ll

honestly I’ll tell my sister hold the

flash like this right and five minutes

later I look back at her she’s like yeah

I’m still holding the flash I’m still

come on right she sees what she’s

holding of the light for right so what

you see is what you can was he see what

she sees what she got – oh he’s getting

yes yes so this to be a woman but there

are other systems too and what he sees

he gets except if she sees something he

doesn’t see it but never mind we’re not

gonna get into there anyway

next like a series they have yes right

so this comes with the kids a job but I

thought to put the gel kids in there but

they have a CTO gel yeah right you have

to see to eat jello actually the Wiimote

doesn’t come with the mean we have to

purchase sample they which do we musk

that’s talked about that I think I’ve a

slide show up at the laters yeah you do

have a slide about that later okay so

let’s talk about some of them my

favorite tools in there sure okay next

like so yep next slide please

all right now that’s it yeah so the

finale actually nailed down this light

to a 25 degree which can create a

spotlight effect you know how high does

Hollywood spot some about yes like that

so first thing I love that style wedding

when it comes to making portrait

acquainted mean streak with the shadow

it looks amazing and also if you put

this and for outdoor use

you actually metafile a light so when

you go go outside – against the Sun the

light become more powerful you could

actually go a little bit further away

distant to get leave it on the subject

so this is 3d awesome love this love

this tools yes for now just focuses the

light and a stronger beam you can dance

it mm-hmm perfect so what else does come

with a diffuser domes you know yeah you

always put that long endure this author

you know you always want soft the light

always off the lights nice

pleasing if you see the thumbnail this

video you can see that the light of the

model that Jeremy shot beautiful light

on her face you would think it came from

a natural light source on overcast day

which is like the perfect lighting but

no that was lit with these LEDs and

probably using this one or other

diffusers basically a modifier to soften

their light so this thing definitely

helps softer light comes included with

the game you know it helps yes is their

shelves yeah and then one thing I really

like the barn doors especially when you

try it sometimes you want to put the

light mix the wall blocks on the light

and those font that we becomes Handy’s

right right right

because you don’t want to write like if

it wall is here you don’t want the light

to spill into the wall so what you do is

you close this barn door so the light

doesn’t hit the wall because otherwise

it will light up this wall and if it’s

like a green wall or read Walden now the

focus is on the wall and not you have a

light strip on the wall and that doesn’t

no pleasing so with that we D yes it

directs the light so that’s why burn

dirt does it’s part of the kit as well

here’s the remote

you know Wiimote um unfortunately it

doesn’t come with kit yet purge is it

but it can help you we mold si we don’t

have a system and you just have the

light all by yourself and then you want

more power less power and off you have

the Wemo and we monthly turn it on and

off and control the power so that’s

pretty needy yes sometimes you want like

multiple like setting or portraiture

that’s a few more light you don’t want

to go in every single item just you know

change it with that you stand there it’s

kind of the flash remote yeah it’s

basically two different thing and change

the powers

that’s what I was gonna ask there’s a

one remote you can program it to control

multiple lights individually and as a

group – right exactly

cool very cool so why tell the last

about yeah why I LED light you know the

the more way now everybody’s talking

about off-camera flash off-camera flash

off-camera flash off-camera flash but

why LED light for over 10 years yeah you

were shooting for 10 years there’s a lot

of people who

my first time playing with Lighting’s

doesn’t mean over highlighting lighting

is like flash LED whatever is and LED

basically is easier because of a

technology right now that we have yes

with live view camera yes what we see is

what you get with God feels light you

can actually learn lighting much easier

and easier control

yes on the other hand is have you will I

said do you watch movie watch TV shows

right do you think they use flash to

lead up those scenes of course not

constantly because it’s it’s not a frame

right we take pictures it’s a frame when

you’re watching movie you have to

continuously flash every 60 frames or 50

frames of the movie so you have to have

continuous light source so this is my it

might not be perfect it may not be legit

but this is how my view is when lighting

happens in paintings and then translated

photography it’s always natural light or

window light or we effective light okay

and then later on when it comes to

movies they create us a light right if

you like the office light until they

have come photography photography they

kind of came over flash yes photographer

you have a camera you want to go so you

have a flash on top camera keep moving

and that’s where flash comes in but

originally we talked about Lighting’s

like I always begin with natural light

or continuous like that you can base

your shape so LED is that older than a

flash you think about a continuous or

not LED feels light right but then at

some point if you want to create LED

Baghdad with condos like it it’s gonna

make you have you seen this all all

containers like oh yeah VDP and really

hot okay yes those are not good grow

they can make this now small actually

your small a small tiny LED which is


yeah so that it basically bring home

feels like back to the market right now

yes okay so the bank

imagine how that annoyed come back in

now it’s pretty scary but yes LED [ __ ]

it’s like not LED I’m sorry conscience

like is back because of Technology in

the LED form right right because so yeah

and before the reason why photographers

to use flash is because small flash

units are very compact lightweight but

what they do is they have capacitors in

there so they charge at the capacitor

and you do one burst of bright light so

that’s how they’re able to keep the size

down and be very power efficient and

provide you that one burst of light

because one shot is I need but now with

continuous light and the technology

you’re able to get that much power still

now with LED light so now you have the

benefit of a continuous light which

means you what you see is what you get

you can model with this light and and as

you light your subject photographers can

work with videographers too because the

light is shared between the

photographers and videographers so lots

of benefit of going with the continuous

light as well well also that now today

oh it’s like 10 years ago

if you a photographer you take photo

give me the video

you know when I mix right but yea

holiday people can take pictures and

think we at the same time because the

camera can do both right they call high

achievers if you only have flash and lit

up your video LED be a full NWO video

yes yep

yeah right right and just just like few

years ago actually LED technology has

been improved me so much because this a

few years ago LEDs weren’t bright enough

and the see our eyes weren’t high enough

so you didn’t have good colors with LEDs

like they always look off and it weren’t

a bright LED you the older version of

LED always caused a teen or green

quintile so it’s not good good not good

for photos no right I mean we’re just at

the beginning where LEDs is that

actually just started pick up and become

a very viable solution for photographers

so that’s where we are talking about LED

today because the technology is setting

up for the perfect combat for LED aka

continuous light to hit the photography

market the photography photographers

market as well as the videographer mark

it’s exactly so I personally been using

LED for a long while now so for example

this picture is actually lit by LED it

was no hot flash definitely cannot tell

you can’t wait now yeah look at her face

and the guys face the gradient of the

showers but if you look at the clothings

on the chest of the female yeah it has

how shallow because it’s a we confuse

you on doubt yes hot light source but

that’s actually what I wanted so I have

a lighting diagram on next I believe

yeah there you go you go see me see it’s

just one Lu on their person no I don’t

have to lead up everything cuz I want a

key create this like a movie and mystic

kind of moon in there

so one light is playing up and a lot of

people would like to put a backlight in

there but in this case who’s they

against the wall that’s not a good idea

because it may lead enough it’s the bulb

right and then it would kind of kill the

mood so in this case ironic a bit doc

can be moving with one light and the

result looks good because harsh light

exists in reality too because you’re

pretty much stimulating like a really

high noon like coming in through the


this is believable and whether it’s a

flash whether it’s LED or whether it’s

natural light I mean coming back to a

photographer our job is to make a

picture believable and use light however

we can to make the picture believable

and you’ve done it just as well with LED

in this picture as if you had used flash

or as if you had used natural light so

good job Oh also they have myths about

saying that abusive flash take a picture

the picture shopper which is true yes or

no yes it is yes but now the camera is

so good the lens that not just so good

it doesn’t really matter what light you

use you use a cell phone so right side

ELISA because you had a shop image so

okay maybe it’s God well I I would I

would challenge you because I think that

myth has advantage when you’re in dark



so when you’re in a dark situation and

the flash fires really fast and instant

burst and turns off right away

you have a slow shutter speed which

normally if you have continues to light

the slow shutter speed being opened and

then closing will cause your image to be

blurry but even if the shutter speed is

open and takes the time to slow your

flash bursts right and freezes the

motion so that’s what they say flash

photography is sharper because in that

situation it can freeze action in that

one creation only yeah I would say

you’re wrong but the correct that to add

on to that is yes that with the film

photography yeah it translates you

digital people keep saying I had to use

the ISO 100 to take picture you see I

increased my ayah so I get noisy my


now that’s attack yes that’s what I’m

saying that would you tagged with all

the new technology right now I can

freakin shill a picture I think this one

here is at least 6400 ISO I’m telling ya

I wouldn’t be surprised because I yeah

so less that detect basically erase all

this milk right

oops very good you got up to

technologies right yeah cool let’s move

on to next feature oh I like this one

beautiful shot what’s the story behind

this one Jeremy I think I did a photo

walk for Sony back then and there this

is Vegas so they have Elvis surprise

surprise how do you I guess was Vegas

yeah tell Roman and like whole bunch of

some users it’s basically in there and

shooting so I was teaching how to use

the LED basically they have it’s just

laid on top has I got ceiling lay

already but it’s not fascinate you mean

look at the table there right that’s the

life on those it doesn’t look good so I

had I with I believe I have an umbrella

in front of it but

yeah please there you go I will use

umbrella or not right

it has one light source my sauce is

there so close enough that you know the

one I sauce is enough so and put a warm

gel even a bit and boom mm-hmm that’s

what you get yeah and I like that you

the light is more dominant on her

because you want your eyes to kindly

into her directly

so I say so we have one light that’s all

you need it is focused it doesn’t feel

problem you look at hurt your ass hurt

just like a mirror at some point if I oh

yeah it’s a speckle on here and also the

guy’s face yeah and again when you use

LED you can kind of adjust the power and

move the light accordingly because you

can see how much is reflecting and where

it’s reflecting versus with flash you

set up and the only time you see the

result is you fire a test shot right now

okay too much you move the flash here

fire a test shot move a move that flash

here and fire a test shot so the benefit

of having the LED here it’s just intense

because you can maybe what you’re

getting mmm

if you know there’s my pictures I when I

use the LED I don’t intends to use it

too bright up the host and oprahop oh my

gosh oh of them so that’s how movie

lighting looks like so my approach wanna

use LED is I wanted me make the movie

Lighting’s and that’s the image I want

to get not like like test shop or

contrast the viable powerful image but

movie image that has shadows had the

mood in it right and that’s why people

gravitate towards today because we live

in a world where video and movie

dominates our lifestyle so when we see a

picture that looks to like real life it

looks boring it looks like real life but

when the picture looks like a movie then

you kind of gains you that fantasy

worlds like oh this is like the actors

actresses and this this this moment is

passionate they’re sharing this love you

tell a story when the lighting looks

like cinematic lighting beautifully it

was how come I don’t use the word

cinematic but usable wise why cuz any

man to me is more like high-tech like

that way now have all this a 3d

animation that’s cinematic and when when

I see a lot of

for photographer the clients are using

cinematics and those are mostly edgy the

darker and has a colloquy is there but

when I say move because movie to me it’s

more like old-school I back there Oh

Hollywood like 3040 years ago and I do

it lighting is like amazing like me

about them so I wanted mimic those

old-school I think not a new trend how

they do the 3d animation once so I

always use the word movie over cinematic

I think I think I would definitely agree

with you and I like the old lighting

better because when I think in my head

like movie lighting I do think of the

old lady because today with modern

technology the same a gliding it’s not

too bright because they have the

advantage of making it like real so

realistic that now you don’t have the

movie like effect you have the realistic

effect which we don’t want because we

want to live in this fantasy world where

we have a look that looks like a movie

so it’s it’s an art form definitely but

we see some of those newest sitcoms that

they did prior the whole thing I have I

mean okay you know the really good with

side view you what I feel right but I’ve

a couple episodes and committed new ones

the colour is shifted it’s the new ones

much brighter while the back dance I

feel that it’s normal

yes will environment yes that’s what I’m

talking about yes yeah yeah it’s

definitely changing and let you know

everything that’s old is now trendy and

it’s unique and looks better because

it’s not so typical because everybody’s

doing the same thing where you want to

stand up in a crowd that’s when you go

back to something more to classic oh I

never follow trends trends comes it goes

yeah see what else we got here oh I love

this photo it’s right back in Kyoto at

the model you know you know what I call

those key model yeah kimonos so we could

put our key model and then basically we

have a guy holding a life phone I think

I have dagwon X on the left side mmm-hmm

just just one led yep just on the face

you see how her head is not even laid up


right did you have to use which called

the Fresno to get the spot-on

just make it very spotty hold on to get

that look I think that this is not even

an LED flashlight or a low-power reality

you could you could have yes a low-power

– mm-hmm yeah right right and like

normally if you were to get this kind of

light with a flash it’s hard because you

would have to guess new to really

control that light whereas usually LEDs

Tim tend to typically usually have a

narrower beam and if you need to like

you can add a component like this and

really focus the light and we have a

very narrow beam so that’s you know yeah

you have a paper nearby er yes I do

exactly yes but really nice use of light

here and because LED is low power you

could just a power low and you can focus

on just our face that gives me the sense

of focus right where the person’s where

we as a viewer of the image looks when

we look at the photo is where it’s lit

up the most and that’s her face and

that’s exactly where you want to draw

our attention to right Jeremy exactly

exactly you nailed it all right Wow

I love cars and I like this it’s nice

this one’s table you see how basically

the couple is kind of in between to your

car yes so maybe use a flash it’s just

gonna bang all over everywhere so right


so you look at the next slide with that

lighting diagram you see where my

lighting is and basically that you I got

one normal I got one with the studio on

you can see if you look closely on the

kiosk and there you see a blue light and

always light there so that’s kind of you

create them lunch light right that’s

like probably the one with the color

temperature orange gel CTO yeah good and

then you see how the yeah on the left

light the reason I don’t put cor because

I don’t want to see their cats on the

car I don’t want to turn people down I

want to be able to go home so the CEO is

on the people and the other car sometime

you don’t just lead up a subject you

also ended up the fun one or the

background that’s well to cut a do

something about and that’s exactly what

I did here mm-hmm

yeah and I could see how our studies

LEDs light too because you know your

cell you know up next to the car she

wants up the compact and lightweight if

you don’t have you know umbrellas you

can have somebody hold this too because

they’re so small compact so I believe my

child with a black flash and flash

because it just be all over and it’s not

pleasant I mean it’s not a bad picture

but it’s not what I wanted right so

using these on LEDs had a much piecing

of than I expected so I really love this

yeah I mean you probably don’t really

consider this but LEDs are always easier

and quicker set up partially these are

smaller lightweight that’s one thing but

also what you see is what you get to so

pretty much you just kind of move it

around until it’s perfect and you just

lock it in there or your sisters this is

not deal with it this is a bit dumb oh

yeah so where’d you basically finishing

our photos at nighttime and we’re

walking to dinner and we saw this two

car just parking it and in their car

no so you can any quick right you got

the whole issue security and everything

I do quick no one says a word right but

if you start taking like five or seven

minutes then I start you know wandering

around and people are starting ask

question who are these why are they here

and then the owners of the car start

coming out like what’s this commotion

and you have a beach mess I mean if you

look at her clothing she seemed like a

more vintage look right and I look at

the car isn’t it perfect

see that car that’s pretty quiet spot it

we just spotted it’s good I couldn’t get

a picture of the car very cool

you’re making great use of these stellar

lights man c LX 8 IC LT means they’re

powerful and small enough yeah it’s

actually good

trouble yes perfect yeah cuz you took me

to Vietnam right and you have to worry

about security hassling you around and

sometimes you can just use them as this

you don’t need like a big diffuser

because as is you put this little dome

on you you get pretty good if you slide

already hmm very nice cool let’s move on

to next one we got here oh I love this

one the perspective here is very

refreshing you don’t see this kind of

perspective very often so this is in

Hong Kong I’m actually inside a Tremec

Attell yes so if you don’t get the tram

on the other side they have the

headlight right yes yes this fan ain’t

the extra stuff everything’s turned off

there’s no like italian sites no like so

even hell I set up there basically

holding there that’s so classy because

then I get the sense of urgency I get

the sense of this the tram moving

towards them but really the tram is shut

down in parked but you have to light on

because someone’s holding an LED light

you flash on this one I mean they don’t

they do stop they don’t stop a lot of

people yeah you know we did we’re going

to Quebec now that the captain say okay

that’s fine just as long as fast right

but flash right and just we create

compose a little bit and boom right

because you turn it on you could dial it

down dial it up and then you got your

shot you see what you get you fired

you’re done

works with flash you have to do a couple

of test shots and then movie light

around you a couple session and you have

to set it up so I see how LED light is

so efficient and gets the job done and

as a photographer on the runway

traveling it’s all that matters right

there’s a lot of debate between flash

and an LED and most people will talk

about all the power okay

and also the quality or whatever but

they may have never talked about the

usability and the reality will were when

you actually run around shooting picture

with Lighting’s yes they never put those

in count when they talk about flash and

when Comus tubes is it but you gotta

know your flash so you can sits nearly

in one shot site

yeah yeah I’m fishing for ten years I

can’t I can still turn that nail in one


and if I could I could always make it

better because she’s never perfect

certain way you can’t you could either

use the teach it you know there the Sun

is not the change ya GPL or if you just

shoot that same style over and over and

over you know this but yeah image be

alright because you can’t do anything

new yes yeah this this these small

lights give you their flexibility and

brings back the ability for you to be

creative definitely a creative tool very

nice I’m curious do you have a picture

diagram oh there yes yes yeah there you


you pretty much explain it to us already

though very cool so what’s this about so

I actually taught live for a walk using

the stellar light in WPP I copied and

that’s a department yeah yes

so what oh hey look there’s you on the

right is that is that you not shooting

pictures but just holding the lights I

actually set up the life all is still in

two shoots cuz that’s one thing about

doing this when you have one like you

could have 10 20 people shooting at a

same yes yeah you don’t have to share a

trigger right right and that makes it so

easy for all the students to shoot at

once even iPhone user can shoot right

because that was [ __ ] yeah yeah I

wouldn’t be surprised it’s funny because

I see you in both these pictures and

you’re just basically setting up the


that’s hilarious but here I see your own

sail is a CL x 8 or a CL x 10 year this

is bad that’s a Pheo extend actually


oh okay it’s a bigger one you must know

they have that site 10,000 no but yes

you know this one is a smaller one right

this is the CLS mm yes right and over

here this is the CL X 10 again where’s

that okay so oh you got all over this

you’re the 10 the CL mm and there’s CL

x8 right cool

Hey very cool awesome oh and here’s a

behind the scene behind the scene

actually if you want something soft all

that you could actually put a softbox

there yes like right here I I think we

have a link down there for the softball

Tammy yes there is a link down there I’m

not going to tap on the link guys

because they’re just so many but the

first link is the light kit and as you

scroll through there’s a light the

softbox this office is not expensive but

it really adds marsha tality to your

light and then i say about these soft

boxes it’s pretty small compact so you

can probably collapse it is this one

collapsible Jeremy or did they have to

stay bake me you’re traveling no it

doesn’t collapse but right say small

from so there’s personal preference here

and there I tend to use umbrellas when I

can but with LEDs they sent to a fit

better in soft boxes because what the

happens is soft box wraps around this

and the LED is centered but this is a

small one and I think it’s like it’s

under 100 bucks it’s more like closer to


down below check it out yeah oh this is

the result right that’s the one of this

picture with the result in this photo

should we go with the game of foam frame

so yeah so we choose to do outdoor

shitty mm-hmm with the LEDs and create

movie Lighting’s cinematic could be V


I can used in America now yeah Chris

Game of Thrones and that’s modern in the

lighting although they tried to try to

be quite good lady they have they are

good with the Lighting’s that really

good yes yes I remember yes then not all

TV shows or TV series have good lighting

thank you much did you watch this show I

watched a little bit here there I don’t

watch I don’t follow a whole lot but I

watch enough where I enjoy the lighting

I realize all the technical features of

this show very good watch the whole show

cool so that this must be a very

exciting for a walk for you yeah I gotta

say the light on her face is very smooth

and soft that’s one of these have

pop-out to me right

and also like her her hands aren’t too

bright and definitely the part where the

sword is it’s not reflective too like so

again it’s focus on our face and it’s

very subtle and soft so for this base if

it does start busting people looking to

be a period switch on that so you have

like a lab at lighting back there behind

the trees yes I have some hair light

that’s where I’m from so okay again all

LEDs lighting her up right so when you

set up LED light yeah the steady and

flash is similar to be honest it’s

almost the same it doesn’t change any

but the only thing you can say and you

can’t see the light with flash that’s

pretty much it yeah and then you can

share the light because you can stop all

the slide and all your students can

shoot they can see which means they

learn why the lights are set that way

and you can turn them off right away you

see that effect and then once it’s all

set up they can shoot the pictures and

you can see well that’s pretty easy

because you set the lights up man you

shoot right with flash it’s always a

guessing game that you have to really

know where to set the light before you

can step back and take the picture

that’s the reason why I’ll talk about

when I teach lighting it’s yes it’s at

each LED light when you learn Lighting’s

it’s easier because you see it you know

you made me stay you change it but gonna

do flash or most people care about it or

worry about is that there’s a trigger

yeah this is it flash you not lit up my

subject they don’t they don’t care where

the light lands yeah when it comes to it

yes and see it you learn cuz we don’t

even know the light it’s not about

making the light flash yes it’s about

what you put the light a lot of you miss

that big big ones yes I I would say yes

where you put the light is sucking –

that is how much power of the light – so

both of those are very important same

for here – yeah right yeah exactly both

for them and then that’s why you can

teach lighting with LED much better

because lighting the principle is the

same whether it’s flash where this LED

or whether it’s actually natural light

you just have to know how to use a light

that’s like ultimate of all like before

you even buy these lights

you should have a good understanding of

how to step lights and how to use them

but against my students are learning LED

lights makes the easier

because you can see exactly where the

light is and the results of it is before

you actually step back and take your


yeah but fortune why not when you say

when you go go online or going days but

learn and later people instant thing oh

let’s learn how to use a flash but

learning lighting is more than that yes

I agree

yep oh so now I go so I really like this

one this one’s actually mixing with the

ambient light which is sunlight with le

try and all that scatters don’t quit

this level we oil painting you’re saying

yeah I love it

did you add like textures or to use the

background on the walls pretty much it

though it’s kind of boring

yeah no it completes the picture the

texture does add to the picture really

nice well here’s the clx oh sure I use

obviously I have to see how X 10 which

is 10,000 Newman because well the good

thing is the charging time is only

templates in five minutes for 45 shorter

but because it drags more power that’s

kinda make sense yes the C is the co

inti is the same as the co x8 to come up

with temperature is also the same the IP

weight is always the same is here the

only difference is it charge faster less

Ivan five minute less use time and then

it’s 10,000 new months yeah and

basically when people look at IP rating

at 54 they might not realize what it is

but basically it’s like splash-proof you

can actually shoot when there’s water

misty water coming down or light rain

and it should be fine because you just

blow off the water

I just don’t submerge in water because

it’s water-resistant not waterproof if

you need waterproof not this one but

yeah yeah it’s water resistant now so

the CL x8 is water resistant IP 54 is

resistant you can have a little moisture

on it you can have a little splash of

water here and there it’ll be fine but

you cannot submerge in water so the CL

mm the small one this one is IP 68 and

it comes as part of the kit with DC lx8

that we have linked

below and this this one is waterproof up

to one meter deep for like 30 minutes

and shockproof too so I kinda like this

way I don’t water full of [ __ ] yeah and

they use that line in white so it’s

pretty cool yeah this thing opens up a

whole new world underwater because you

have lighting and now you’re underwater

underwater photography will never be the

same again with something compact and so

robust and durable and powerful as this

little sucker here and plus you can use

on land too you can use underwater or on

that and then very good entire

environment yeah if you think about it

it’s great for very dusty environment

like if you’re out the desert and you

want you to run cars around where dust

and mud flies around you want to capture

that rustic you know monster truck there

splashing everywhere all over the camera

this would be fine even if this thing

gets knocked down it’s really durable to

it you can drop this from a meter above

and hit the concrete and oh yeah it

survived super puzzle yeah not that

again dropping right I know it’s a job

right thank right right but on a table

so just kind of put it into perspective

with the CL x10 here you have more power

five times more powerful than this guy

but it’s not waterproof and the battery

drains a little bit quicker so different

different LEDs for different purposes

when you need more power versus when you

need more versatility to be whi proof by

the resistance and whatnot so the kit

that we have linked below has a CL x8

which is a little bit less powerful than

the cx-10 but it also comes with two CL

mm so you have a good combination there

we call it the portrait kit but if you

need a lot of power

they say x10 is what you have and right

now currently Amazon doesn’t carry it

but if you click on the link below it

should give you an idea of what they

have and once they do carry it the link

below will take you to the related

lights to hopefully Amazon will have it

soon CL x10

it’s pretty pretty awesome line when you

need a lot of power so oh yeah here so

CL x8 you can see it’s got 8000 lumens

so a little bit less than the steel x10

get the same CRI same TLC I charged I

was one of five minutes and

a little more than still change good

color temperature again the color

temperature is consistent between all

three lights the CL 10 CL 8 SEL mm

because we use them all together you

want them to have the same color

temperature so everything’s consistent

right and then of course ip54 again

water-resistant not waterproof and of

course you have my favorite which the

one I have my favorite tooth oh yeah

and this and it’s so nice it’s like you

know you have something so smart

precious but it works so well and you

can hold it you can squeeze it well

that’s just light for me – that’ll do

days yeah endure I know you can use this

one use that one because here and

sometime I want a spotlight effect so I

have that system happen like that um one

wants to come like that yeah really high

this has some weight in it that one’s

really light I could have her like it

was a female

I can still have her a hold up really

high like heavily high right it’s not

that bad so that one’s perfect

I can have a look at a spotlight you

felt that don’t my offense is perfect

yes oh

cameras so for the photo shoot the photo

up there I mean is Fuji X TV and a 35


point for equated to around 50

millimeters yes so that’s my favorite

set up yep and you get the links for

these items are down below I’m not going

to click to them actually you know what

I might just click this one little click

back to it lets you know people ask me

how come I don’t yeah 85 kind of range

to should portrait not that I don’t like

it it’s just that I have a soft voice

mmm when I have 85 had to stand further

away from the subject and I think I’m

Way too complicated subject that way so

that’s why 50 and in the co-op’s has a

further 5 millimeter range it’s my

favorite because i could still talk to

myself shaking yeah yeah exactly it’s a

good stance studying distance oh man we

actually had some question from

here I’m actually surprised because I

actually have a min monitoring the last

treatment I’m sorry Adam I didn’t see

your questions come in about them yeah

so Adam asked isn’t it a bit harsh I

think he was probably referring to like

the the Shastras shot in the stairs and

sometimes you do want harsh light

because you simulate the actual

environment because in real life you do

have harsh light like for example in

noontime when you have bright light

coming down from the windows shooting in

its harsh light so sometimes it’s it’s

edgy it’s not bad to have if you want to

of course he asked do these light work

with umbrellas and soft boxes absolutely

are universal for anything umbrellas are

my favorite because you can collapse

them and you could carry them and we

need to you can pull it out it’s a big

light source soft boxes which we have in

a link below that works as well too he

also has another question in the light

that portrait kid is a one light or too

light very good question

it’s it’s not as clear as it should be

but yes to like the one at Jeremy holds

the CL 8 and the small one that I’m

holding the CL mm so both these lights

come in the portrait kit yep you’re

right the ami shows too and that’s why

there’s two lights and then yes so Chen

LAN Xang ask the same question so

hopefully that answers the question for

both of you and man at the last comment

adam said they don’t seem to be

answering questions so I’m bouncing I’m

sorry I’m really sorry it was my fault

you still won whoo-hoo country I have

this huge iPad on the side you guys

can’t see it but for some reason it’s it

tells me I’m going live but I cannot see

the the messages so sorry about that I

do apologize I’ll be watching the screen

right now so that I can make sure we

answer all your questions

so moving on again this is this is the

camera that Jeremy uses the it’s a Fuji

XT 3 which we have highlight there it’s

a nice affordable camera and combined

with this 35 millimeter because you have

a crop sensor equivalents to about

equivalent to about 50 millimeter which

is a good focal length to be able to


it’s pleasing but you’re also in a good

distance so that you could talk to your

client without yelling and you have a

good communication because you no matter

all the lights all the camera equipment

the communication with your subject is

the most important because if they can’t

type in vision then you can’t get your

shot well what’s that would you hear me

I said that’s my favorite set up yes yes

yeah can’t live without it

very nice so the lens I’m also tapping

on tooth just so you know that’s a 35 so

we got some pictures too so go back to

that last one it just this is not a

lighting setup for that pictures oh yes

no the picture you know what you know

which one all the way back to this one

right just right and then let’s see how

Jeremy has set it up behind has seen so

that’s the wall basically outside it

just moved the next ones fastest fasters

okay yeah yeah so basically you can see

a bait that’s outside is it Vegas yes

outside the Sun is right so yeah so I

have a little half shady every there and

so you see that I have that Co extent

outside you as one of the key light out

there so because the sonic scream of

course I use the most powerful out there

and then and then the CL to thousands on

this side as a feel like you can see on

her face just I just need to open up

just a little bit I don’t need to clear

out the child I want to shout right back

yeah so I just feel that a little bit

yes but then at first

I feel like okay her neck and she this

it’s gone so I have my assistant you see

how he’s holding a softbox with Nico x8

in there he has the lowest power and

just come from down there it’s just a

feel up the chin and the thing about to

create that look so you see her skins

you can see her details but you also see

the harder and a shout at the same time

mm-hmm very nice yeah very good use of

lighting and I love the highlights and

shadows because if the light is bright

everywhere you don’t have a sense of

depth right like right the way I’m

gliding myself right now you can see I’m

brighter here and darker here because I

want you to have the perception of depth

because it’s more pleasing and is

exactly what Germany uses he uses the

breyer light on in conjunction with the

bright Sun on that side too to give it

the nice highlight and then we have 2 CL

mm just to kind of light up the other

side of the shadow of the shadow and

then right below it is the other CL 8 in

a softbox to kind of light up her neck

too so very very nice setup good use of

lighting that’s why you have to have

multiple light source right you can’t

have this one really good light and

that’s all you have but you need to know

what lights you have you to use them

accordingly to produce your image Oh

movie not so B sighs these teaching

environments I also do that with my Fido

you know sup – so this is San Francisco

City Hall and you see the Lighting’s out

there I have I believe I have the cx8

and also this well the portrait kids so

I have to say expect there as a key

light because I put on this so I have a

distant get shot on the back and then I

have my assistant holding I don’t let my

Susan to hold this this is too much this

is too heavy so they always hold

um actually that’s not know my sister

that’s my wife double role she’s my

sister she’s my sister just holding the

co mm there huh I feel like for the face


yes and a shooting with a Fuji GFX 50

our medium Mills Mena format cameras Wow

I could I knew something was up with

this photo when I looked at it because

the the shallow depth of field behind

her it’s just it’s so pleasing in a way

that I usually don’t see when I take

pictures it’s acting like that I’m using

a hundred and ten millimeter f/2 lens

for medium format which you availa to be

informative about 87 millimeter so the

portrait lens yes but the depth of you

immune format is a

different than a full-frame so yes it

just can’t tell why but it’s different

right so I’m gonna highlight the medium

format camera so you guys can see it’s

not that expensive that’s a medium

format but hey here’s a trick you see

the one that we have link below that’s

for a new one but if you search Amazon

you couldn’t unlink it will link you to

a used one and you can get the pretty

cheap from Amazon too so it’s I think

it’s coming from Fuji Factory – so make

sure you check who the seller is but

often times we see they use GFX 50 which

is a medium format camera for like half

that price so check that out yeah yeah

check that out if you’re interested in

medium format camera because Fuji really

introduced them to the market and made

them very price competitive so look at

the results you can get with that camera

I mean it speaks for itself it’s just a

little bit more expensive than a

full-frame camera but not a whole lot so

it’s quite affordable it puts you on a

whole different league right

you know everyone yeah yeah you know you

have a lot of people shooting crop and

then yeah oh the full-frame shooters


well the full-frame shooters are like

the crop shooters when you talk to the

medium for haircuts we’re not talking

about that here so let’s talk about

photo from the same session also was the

tf-x fifty out and the liked of course

obvious beautiful I love how she’s so

playful in into the shoot because even

with the great lens the great lighting

if you have a motto that can really

interact and you can capture personality

like you did here it really makes a

photo one step above actually the

picture on the right there is that

action photo so I just have her keep

moving kicking a swinging address and

then the lights constant I just keep

clicking and capturing and this is a

good frame that I got yeah very nice I

love it it’s it captures just the right

expression and the right motion and it

has a sense of motion in it too

ooh so this is this right here now we

got a shooter set up 650 ah medium

format and also the GF


my god

ultimate portrait session yeah the best

you can buy for a portrait I mean I will

I won’t say I’ve had experience with it

but if Jeremy’s say this I actually have

a lot of faith in it because Jeremy’s

been shooting for 15 years as a

professional wedding photographer

destination pre wedding photographer

he’s been using all different equipments

he’s been ambassador for different

brands everything if he tells you this

is the best medium format portrait setup

I will believe him I feel like you put

me on the table here man

don’t what well if he says is a good

setup maybe read the reviews there but I

know it’s a good setup I love it I love

it because for the GFX 58 they actually

make two version that 50s is the

profession means it’s actually more PV a

bigger and 50 out it our stack should

stand for wet rope so it’s like a even

it’s a medium format but it’s like a

retro rangefinder type camera so

established I’m Samuel I have a hipster

type so I love the setup one thing fix

out to me a lot when look at this medium

for my camera is that it looks I can’t

tell how big it is but it doesn’t look

it doesn’t look bigger than my typical

camera or is it I might I’m being

confused because there’s nothing to

compare to right in this picture mmm I

would say it’s a little bit smaller than

a can i won t eggs oh really okay cuz I

shoot with the county one DX and that

thing is a monster it’s full frame but

if this is medium format and smaller

that’s a win-win very cool so again the

link for the camera lens is right below

and then this is a beautiful it looks

like a sunset photo with the light it is

such that it is sunset for so just


savings ten also like I said it’s

powerful enough that you should outdoor

with to go against the Sun this is a

sunset picture the Sun is behind and I’m

using the light

– yes I feel like in the fun so it just

I’m telling you

constantly is powerful enough now yes

and you know normally it’s very

difficult to shoot this picture in

bright Sun because the depth of field is

very shallow that means you have to open

you up your aperture a lot to get this

shallow depth of field that Tommy’s got

here yeah right this is I know this is

one pawn oh yeah

so if you’re shooting at one point for

you you better have some big ND filters

out there if you want to use your flash

but it because he’s using these

continuous LED lights you can control

the brightness with the shutter speed

and don’t have to be stuck with sync

speed so I want to say oh really my bad

I’ll pretend you say you can say it

again no you keep building yeah

so exactly like what are the best

features of these LEDs is like when I

shoot outside and I want to shoot

shallow depth of field and I want to

open up my lens to get that shell

doesn’t feel I don’t want to spend time

screwing on any filter just so I can

stop it down to have the darkness from

the ND filter but still get that wide

open aperture right it’s kind of hard to

imagine if you don’t shoot out the fill

or you’re not very familiar with

apertures and

setting a camera that way but just note

that this have a shot to shoot with

flash it’s very difficult unless you

have a lot of ND filters but with LED

lights you’re able to control your

shutter speed and still like your your

subject and still keep the shout depth

of field so in a nutshell if you

understand why I said great if you don’t

understand don’t worry you’ll eventually

understand it because you’ll want to

shoot something like this this looks

really amazing shot up the field against

the sunset I’ll leave as that mm-hmm yep

okay yep so proof that you are using

that’s it this is the LX 8 or is that

the 10 there’s a 10 so you can see how

the highlights on the face the ashes is

lit up so you know that it’s powerful

you know yeah situation absolutely yep

very nice beautiful yep and that’s the

extent yeah

yes 10 10,000 lumens you’ve got 45

minute runtime same color temperature as

the other lights IP rating 54 which

missus what what weather resistant so

splashes are okay light missus okay but

don’t submerge in water yet the good CRI

as TLC I both of them above 90 which

means they’re true to natural light so

when you liked any subject with these

lights what you see is what you

naturally see when you like your

subjects with the Sun so quit CRI means

it looks like the sun’s lighting it

so that’s the signal X 10 and then

here’s your let’s talk about there’s

some situation the LED has a better

benefit than others Lighting’s so here’s

summer situation the next slide please

yes so so for this to take you on the

left one it is some kind of Temple which

[ __ ] Joe is sunset so then closing and

I have to bus that light that’s setup we

D fast so he’s using how II D you know

you know this is the problem someone is

location they close we the early but you

you see how the sunset behind it you

want that kind of trial I sunset yeah

it’s always had the unto the close

around there yeah it’s like it’s perfect

lighting why are you kicking me out that

hole it’s always crushing at the last

minute because you want to wait for the

sky to turn light yeah before you take

pictures but absolutely be a one or two

minute got kick out yeah so yeah LED is

perfect because what you see is what you

get you see a picture you take it let’s


it’s so compact you put it up you can

set it up quickly you fire it what you

see is what you get and you go and also

some of these locations security is

always a hassle DC is sending up light

stands and take me your time

number one it’s bulky so that captures

their attention and number two you’re

there fooling around with the darn thing

for a couple of minutes that also

captures your attention because you can

take a quick picture and you’re fine you

just go but if you take your picture and

you set up your flash everything now

you’re creating

a hazard for other people tripping

hazard you’re creating like a mess a

sore thumb people that come there want

to see the architecture but instead they

have to look at you and they’re your big

umbrella at all your four-degree right

so the longer you at one spot is it’s

not it’s not good for anyone right your

client loses trust in you you don’t have

the credibility as shooting perfected

photos quickly you have security guards

on your tail and you know years I have

all these passengers walking around that

can potentially trip or caused problems

around you too so the faster you take

the picture is better and we all like

these you can set up and move yes


so with the new you know that’s there

yes I think that’s a time that they

actually don’t want people to shoot

there even at nighttime they’ll close so

they have police officers

I mean yeah to it around and kick so you

just want to get there like give me that

two three minutes it there post yeah and

get the lighting right and boom get a

picture and get out give me half an hour

selfie all your flash off your class

about waiting there you know it’s

impossible so you don’t have to you want

to get good picture in there that’s what

you do yes yeah back in the days when I

didn’t have LEDs when I was there crunch

like this why really dis I got my cell

phone out and I use whatever cell phone

like I have it those are never powerful

enough this is like easily I don’t know

like a hundred times were prior than the

cell phone lights I can don’t quote me

on that but just know that this is

sufficient whereas my cell phone lights

was never so getting a shot like this I

understand how critical it is in that

short time span where you shouldn’t even

be there shooting but you can still pull

off and take a shot yeah it’s impressive

alright okay so this one is connected to

that shot I had before the trap so we

have to get on the track this time is a

moving trap okay yes now do you think

you see if there’s a shoes Nick’s on the

right side doesn’t have a passenger’s so

no oh oh wow yeah oh there’s too much


yes you don’t want to and it crazy late

in there so I have a LED on top just

kinda like how like a ceiling light on

top like that right there basically

picking up yeah exactly

then walking down the stairs and then

just a fro stare and look up and you

look down and give me this applause and

it’s you know that what if you feel how

to pose and one shot and I get out of

station what an excitation right and

that’s professional

you’re always liable for damages and

hurting people so yeah if you can’t you

probably can’t even step on lights that

in a scenario environment it but if you

could just imagine if that’s lights that

ever gets knocked over it hits em on

your head oh man your career if you

don’t have to write insurance could be

at risk because you you know you always

have to be worried about having big

equipment bulky equipment so with LEDs

it lemonade’s that worried because you

can always just hold it in your hand get

the shot and move your quick right and

also if you’re like climbing stairs the

flights are just a movie along quickly

in different locations

it’s so much easier if they just carry

something heavy I mean it’s like when

you’re in high school you’re carrying a

backpack float books right now you can

carry your iPad so okay let’s not talk

about this one first so I was something

to want to share yeah you know there’s

feel the same that’s okay so there is

people saying that okay you’re not

supposed to photograph in the public yes

right well okay the reason it that’s a

lot of pop fashion photographer have

three or four or 40 inches soft past

like landing on the pavement and yeah

you know blocking a lot of you take that

photo that’s correct they won’t let you

know the city won’t let you do that

right but we have a cell phone you have

a camera we take care we take picture

anytime anywhere yeah right yes oh

you’re not blocking people you’re not

destructive yes you could basically take

with you anywhere on exactly where now

it doesn’t mean ever is so small right

mighty xdv so small is handheld it and

have a LED you could take professional

stories cinematic detector anywhere yes

it’s just we have it

he was softbox that don’t get those

off-campus pictures that of course

I have nothing to say me that’s you want

but if you just want to take pictures

yeah yes yes just just don’t be


it’s that way exactly it’s not real

quick and you don’t have a lot of book

equipment they’re not gonna bother you

too much again the most important thing

is be quick and don’t have bulky

equipment because pretty much you see

guess shooting with their own

point-and-shoot all time nobody says

anything right because they don’t

they’re not bulky and they don’t you

don’t take time to set up right and

that’s what LEDs are laughs oh I should

stop to answer a Sofia this question so

Sofia also has a question I don’t know

what question you have Sofia you just

said that

so do I so I guess you probably curious

about what lights come with the portrait

kit right so Jeremy how many lights do

we have in the portrait kit it comes

with a co x8 and also what day we had it

just CL mm too late

so the portrait kit comes with these two

lights as well as a bunch of accessories

so you’re good to go

both the lights have hi see our eyes

both the lights are 5600 Kelvin they

have built-in battery the bigger one is

weather resistant the smaller one is

impact resistant and also water proof up

to one meter down deep for half an hour

so you have nice versatility with these

two lights they’re good to sell for

portrait sessions yep so hopefully I

answered your question Sofia if I didn’t

answer your question if we didn’t answer

your question feel free to ask again so

we’ll try our best

alright next slide ready Jeremy good

yeah I really like this picture so

here’s another scenario yeah well you

have a leaf at the surface like glass of

mirror and you put your subject next to

it and you try to use the flash so it’s

gonna be very difficult to get the image

because you don’t want any of those

light to affect from that glass yes

so if you look at my planning diagram

which is the next slice yep so you see

how I have two LED there and then have a

I’ve been if those are magazines ever

used but now I have to use this in

holding a magazine blow the light off

from the glass yes just on the subject

just on the subject so that way the

glass will have no affection that I

could clearly see that the landscape –

like the life my scenes outside imagine

the bride right because if you look back

here you can see a beautiful light scene

back there because if you had flash

glaring off the glass then you can see a

bright white light and not the nice city

seemed very cool and also the barn doors

might help with the Katrina light boat

yeah Maggie’s yeah under with that no

yeah but I think the magazine has an

advantage of just being even a little

bit longer so depending on the purpose

but at least if you had the barn doors

it would help for sure Sophia asked if

there are any promotional codes

unfortunately there are no promotional

codes but Amazon always has the best

prices so stick around check out the

list below and just keep your eyes on it

because over time they do go and sell

these lights they are really great high

quality so they’re not the cheapest

lights but you do get what you pay for

they’re high quality they’re very robust

and they’re very compact and great for

on the spot on the go shooting high

quality lights and also coming from a

brand that’s specialized in underwater

at weddings right so they know how to

build rugged equipment so you get that

benefit – so yeah I think they’d be

light for divers – so you can imagine

how doable those qualities are yes so

high quality lights and just like in

general with LED lights it really helps

lower the learning curve and helps you

create amazing photography using light

and easy so it allows you to easily

separate lights quickly without the

bulky gear so you can spend the time to

capture a shot quickly and get out there

and allow us in that just opens the door

to shoot any more location it’s like on

the bus or in areas where normally

professionals can’t

set up because it just costs too much

disruption but both the equipment taking

time causing an eyesore for the guests

so if you’re quick and you got

lightweight equipment you can get the

shots and that’s what LEDs can do for

you cool

so hopefully the answers your question

in Sofia if it doesn’t let us know if

you have any questions I feel that this

is a last slice so that’s another thing

this is Osman Venice again this is that

night time I’m not sure people he’d be

gonna lick slice oh yeah thinks I would

that’s the last one

yeah so this is for Ian it’s just oldest

company in the world

so is historic yes basically the light

again sighs amazing so you don’t want

any powerful light it overcome all that

so we just used a little arrow EDD yes

it’s just moiety they’re like they’re to

leave them up so mmm this is the one

it’s a variation to LED over top flash

yes yes the painting they don’t want

poeple flash the qaul that those are

vintage paintings in there so yeah so

then this carrot they don’t let it use

flash photography and so the LED is

inside inside there inside outside so

for the house but it’s interesting that

the LED didn’t clear against the class

I’m surprised man remember well no this

is open window or is there a glass in

front of them it’s no glass it’s open

its open okay but the other side the

left and right glass so okay yeah I see

now I see now this is where LED

transflash because it’s very subtle you

just need a little bit power you don’t

want to just read the light everywhere

you want to just have low power in a

very control area of light very cool

beautiful yep and that’s conduct there

you go I mean personally I work mint you

want to start doing portraits this setup

of the kid was just too light with all

that sensory

well allows you didn’t create a lot of

amazing portraits so I would every start

with this kid yeah I mean this kit comes

with everything you need to get started

again very high quality lights

compact durable they have the built-in

battery their weather resistant the

small one is water resistance up to one

meter for 30 minutes and once you charge

up you have a lot of juice to go for

small one can last nearly an hour the

other one can last about 55 minutes so a

lot of power you got a flexibility you

got options and again just the basic

principle takeaway is where you have LED

lights they’re compact and they’re also

what you see is what you get so the

combination of them being compact and

what-you-see-is-what-you-get allows you

to quickly set up set up take your

picture and get the heck out there so it

opens the door to shooting in a lot of

other locations normally that you cannot

shoot because you can’t carry bulky

equipment and it takes time to sell bulk

equipments to those locations so that’s

pretty much in a nutshell let’s zoom in

on us here so like wow you’re kind of

blurry I guess that the resolution is

cutting a little bit yeah I gotta check

mine too so again I hope you guys

enjoyed the video I hope it was helpful

you guys have any questions let us know

it I’m not sure if you guys can ask

questions and bottom this video but if

you want to ask questions hop over to

our channel that we talked about

photography on and that’s called pixel


on YouTube and we talked about all this

have equipment will have the same video

on taste establish on YouTube too so you

can leave comments there and we’ll be

happy to answer any questions you have

and if you guys have any questions you

can ask them now otherwise that kind of

wraps up our livestream today and we

want to thank you for taking the time to

tune in and watch and ask questions and

be interactive we appreciate your

support and we hope to continue to

produce more content like this and

feature so signing out that’s Jeremy and

I’m David and we shall see you

adios bye

adios see ya they’re gonna be out in

three seconds two one and we’re