What is Luminar AI?

Luminar AI is a brand new software that SKYLUM rebuilt from the ground up with an AI technology base engine. This new software means to give you editing that is a simple, easy, and fast editing experience. You also have the option to choose fast AI tools or full editing adjustments. It’s a perfect combination – artificial intelligence and your artistic sense.

The new Luminar AI comes with a lot of new innovations like Sky AI, Face AI, Body AI, Iris AI, Atmosphere AI, and more. It can act as a stand-alone program or plugin for Lightroom, Photoshop, or Mac Photos.

Who will benefit from Luminar AI?

  • If you want editing photos quickly, without extra complexity or wasted time 
  • If you care about fast results and not care about the process
  • If you are new to photography or photo editing 
  • If you want to edit less and shoot more 
  • If you do not need advanced or complex editing tools

Tech Specs for Luminar AI

Here are the recommended MINIMUM computer specifications to be able to run Luminar AI. 

Tips: More RAM and a Faster processor always help.

Mac Specs

  • CPU Intel® Core™ i5 or better
  • Memory 8 GB RAM or more (16+ GB recommended)
  • MacOS 10.13.6 or higher (IMPORTANT: MacOS 10.12 is not supported)
  • Hard disk 10 GB free space; SSD for best performance
  • Display 1280×768 size or better

Windows Specs

  • CPU Intel® Core™ i5 or better, AMD Ryzen™ 5 or better
  • Open GL 3.3 or later compatible Graphics Cards
  • Memory 8 GB RAM or more (16+ GB recommended)
  • Operating System Windows 10 (only 64-bit OS). IMPORTANT: Windows 7 and 8.1 are not supported.
  • Hard disk 10 GB free space; SSD is best
  • Display 1280×768 size or better
Video Transcription


what is different between newman ai

and pneumonia iv this is that one

question peop i got

so much in my inbox right now so i’m

gonna do this video and just answer that

so in short and simple terms lumina 4

is a photo editing software assisting by


while newman ai is a brand new engine

which is

fully ai engine running photo editors

so it’s a little bit more future proof

if you think about it

because it’s actually built for the


but then do you really care about the

terminology and the definition

most people don’t they care about how

the software

function so let’s get into it and let’s

look at the interface

and the functionality of it and see

what’s different let’s go

so once you get into the new lumina ai

interface the first thing getting is the


uh it’s a little bit simpler um you

don’t have

what they used to have with all those

weightings and such but then you’re

still able to get favored i

believe you can also yeah so you can

favorite it

right um pretty simple and then you

could basically you know

change the fundamental size pretty


and the biggest changes i can see is the

next tab which is

template so

i’ve mentioned it earlier before is

numero ai

is a ai engine

base not assist by ai so what it does is

if you look

closely on top here right

if i okay i have this portrait pictures

that’s why it kind of recommend me

this couple so um template is more like

a look

like back in luminar four but in a more

uh ai version of it so

if i change here’s a cool thing if i

change pictures right for example this

see you see how it also changes the

recommendation of how you want to

process your pictures like

let’s see big screen soft boxers you

click on it to give you different kind

of look

like but they call it template now again


i go click on something like landscape


you will see it will change its


to more landscape looks or in this case

template of course you can always choose

your own they have different

a lot more according to what skylum said

that once

luminous ai is launched they will have

more of this template for your platform

and you can always create your own

template and save it

for future use so um this is good when

you just want to

retouch a picture or edit picture like

one click

and then fine-tune an adjustment which

make it very easy

so this is the new thing for element ai

the next is if we go to edit

you can see that the interface

of the menu is much simpler now so i

actually have

lumina 4 open here see how it has that

so it’s basically change it a bit right

it had less of all this

function all around and it’s basically

focused on

here now so more simple um

we’ll go through that a little bit in

each we would just mention about the new

thing because

if you want to know about more about the

numeral function you can look at my old

videos they all have that

so for essential they have a new thing


composition ai now so if you really

don’t know how to crop the pictures

or you have no idea what’s best looking

just click here

it’ll tell you how to crop it in this

case you see how you just basically crop


okay that works fine with me too of

course you don’t have to like it

you can always do it on your own

which i don’t like it all right

so oh wait hold on i think i’ve done

something on this picture before

maybe i should go with original yeah see

okay so um there’s nothing

new around here same old same old

functions i think they kind of changed a

little bit on the color

it looks simpler now um color saturation

vibrate remove color cast and

under it it has hsl that has heel

saturation and luminar

which pretty straightforward and i

don’t believe they have it anything nude


the creative tab as well so we can skip


but uh what i find is they add a lot of

new feature in portrait obviously this

picture is not good for that so let’s

pick for another one

how about her okay so

let’s open oh wow look how clear that

shot is

anyway perfect because exactly this one

i want to get into

when you go in the face they also have

the famous face light

and slim faces which we’ve done that

before but they have at

way more eye we’re touching now so

let’s look into this this is kind of fun


um on the drop down menu here you can

actually change your eye colors

see does it work

oh there you go blue brown

green gray so that’s fun right

so you can change someone’s eye colors

if oh wow

i don’t like cat that’s creepy but and

then you can also change

how much you want it right so it’s

pretty cool i like now

i kind of like the gray color it’s kind

of cool

and you can also enhance iris fare so

it looks like it has like a refactor on

under or brighten it up but depends how

much you want it

go make your eyes bigger that really

depends how your taste is

make your eye whiter right

eye enhancement a basic just like a

sharpening contrast

uh what i mean before i haven’t found

the use of it yet because like none of


other flashing cameras don’t really keep

you wet eyes anymore

unless you’re really using old text and

then dark circle removal you can see

they basically brighten up what’s under

the eyes

to ease the dark circle and then you can


improve eyebrows and eyelashes make it

darker so that’s pretty cool yeah

all right let’s look at it before and

after see that

so if you really do we touch eyes this

is perfect

and they also have the mouth which is

lip saturations

knee wetness nip darkness

well i don’t know t we can’t really see

it but you know deep brightening

so that’s the phase ai and then skin ai

i think they pretty much

do the same which is um

and it does pretty much the same smooth

a little bit now one thing that i find

very interesting is that check this out

on the shine removal

you see her helmet so what shine removal

does is actually adding more skin

colors onto the overexposed shiny area

so you can’t even it out and in this

case pick up the helmet

as the skin and add skin color onto it

to ease it out so

that hopefully by they launch it this

will be gone

and then also skin detect removal that’s

pretty cool

it’s always helped clean the skin a bit

yeah see that it did and

they have a body ai now which i need a

body to try this out

um let’s try her but

before we do that let’s do

let’s do a enhance here use the ai here

that’s pretty good see sometime when you


kind of have no idea let a i do it for


all right that’s cool so let’s go back


body ai let’s zoom in a bit so you can


better okay that’s i haven’t has good


so body shape you could make it skinnier

obviously an abdominal area could

actually isolate the abdominal area and

just focus on that so

that’s the body and how they talk about

they could actually identify the face

the skins

uh the body and different body parts

so um i don’t know how useful it is to

most people

as a portraiture person sometimes it is

needed but most of the time we don’t but

that it’s good to have it in the belt

so whenever you need it you have it

right so

again high key they had it before pro

i think the pretty pretty much the same

but i do want to mention about the super

contrast i love this because uh

photoshop don’t really do this but then

they basically

separate the contrast from highlight me

me tungsten shadow and it helps to fine

tune the pictures as you need it

so that’s pretty cool

overall this and then if you want to go

back here’s a little chord

down here which is all the histories and

you can always go back to original

and they have the mask still so

basically they make the whole

software much simpler um

in in kind of we firm their mission


before is that in then the old mission

statement they try to make a software

which is luminar to be a hybrid of

lightroom and photoshop

but they find that because they try to

carry too much baggage

onto it it’s it couldn’t make it a clean


easy simple software so they rebrand it


lumina ai and using ai engine behind

which can run clean fast

and hopefully they don’t have to go

under the shadow of adobe’s

and be their own and be a software that

people just want to

get it and put a picture in there one

click two click

done and move on to their life so

um i hope that this will help you

understand a little bit more about

pneumonia ai and what’s different

between this and luminous iv

uh in at last

my recommendation is you already own

lumina 4

it’s still really good software it does

everything it needs to be done

but in long term because of the quoting

of wing

they might have buggy or they might not

have better update

like lumina ai uh if you’re looking for

long term then lumen ai is probably the

best solution for you

because it’s like a brand new engine

imagine it’s a brand new car you have to

fix the old car

right a brand new car just move and run

while old car

there is fixable but then it will always

be trouble

so that’s how i see it and i hope you

enjoyed the video

and this is the difference between

pneumonia ai

and lumina 4. well until next time