We answer the TOP 10 Questions that new users have about Luminar 4! We answer these questions in great details. Thanks to Skylum Ambassador: Jeremy Chan!

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Video Transcription


all right I think we’re live Jeremy

so hey wait yeah yeah yeah oh [ __ ] were


hey guys this is utopia and we’re in

collaboration with pics established

today my name is David this is Jeremy

over here we are I talked to you guys

about luminar 4 we’ve released a couple

of videos not illumina for tutorials

check that out on our YouTube channel it

picks establish we’ve got a lot of great

stuff there but since we post that video

a lot of people are interested in buying

the software but as it’s a great

software there’s still questions so

people are asking those questions before

they buy and we want to make a video to

address all the questions and answer

them the best we can so we pick 10 of

the questions that we got asked the most

and made this video about those 10

questions but since it’s a live stream

we recommend that you guys ask questions

right now so feel free to ask questions

any time right now there’s no questions

so we’ll go with our 10 questions but

feel free to ask questions any time

about what we’re talking about or just

ask your question that’s totally

different as long as it’s about

photography and it’s about Lubin f war

we’ll be happy to answer it for you guys

the reason why Jeremy is here is because

he’s an ambassador for luminar and he

knows his software really well he’s been

using it for several years now and he’s

a graphics artist by Nature he’s a

photographer for 15 years using graphics

to enhance his photography and he loves

luminar hi guys I’m Jeremy I’m

ambassador for Lumina as well I’m an ex

photographer for Muji iam so yeah I mean

the wrong he’s modest but he knows a lot

Jesus then they out he knows all the

tricks about it so I’m really impressed

by just using the stuff for myself but

when he showed me some one stuff he’s

done with it blows my mind because he

goes through the advanced menus and he

knows how to like save looks and save

Lux and apply some on the phone if he

does a lot of cool stuff so there’s more

tutorial I’ve been doing manual

retouching with photo yeah yeah for the

longest time I’m stubborn you know fool

Manuel and I try a lot of [ __ ] and

software before and to be honest none of

those really impressed me because you

know can do what I wanted to do until I

encounter luminaire

at first I thought a eyes could we place

me mm-hmm I was concerned about that but

then you know once I get into deeper

understanding software and yeah I

realized how amazing it is so amazing

and here’s some question that people

have have confusions about and I think

we were trying to clear out the cloud

here yeah with this cool cool right it’s

actually before we start I know I didn’t

go through this with you ahead of time

Jeremy but I’m just gonna play a quick

video to let people know what the

luminar is all about because I realized

we’re doing a question and answer but

like some people are might being on here

and they don’t know what luminar is so

let me jump to a screen here and share

my screen so if we do something like

this there we go I don’t know if you

must sell that don’t worry about it

you look good all right so this is

luminaires website if you guys go to sky

loom comm luminar is their main product

and Lubner for is here you just screwed

let’s go to the the product page and

pretty much I’ll let you guys watch this

video not yeah stuff always happens on

the live stream right there we go so let

me turn off the audio you know I used to

have to click on the play button right

yes Jeremy so this is Lumina for you see

that moon it wasn’t there before it’s an

obvious yeah didn’t you see those skies

you get just huge right yeah look at

that look at for the skies you can

change skin retouch portraits at a click

of a button select changing sliders it

does all this add light source just

amazing amazing stuff and then you have

all these flux files you can bring in

and you can preview them just by sliding

over you have an instant before and

after just easily in hand stuff with AI

and like Jeremy says artificially

intelligent you see all this all these

features and so much more is all within

Illumina four and it’s just cheap

software – it’s under $100 link right

below and it can be used as a standalone

software which means you don’t need to

have any other software to use with it

or it can be

use as a plugin right Jeremy you can

mention us you’re all the software

you’re not subscribing to the software

that’s right you different you own it

right right yes for the small price link

down below you actually own the software

for as long as you want to use it right

versus Photoshop we’re or any of that

don’t be sweet for example now we’re all

subscription-based right it cost a lot

of money the longer you use it in the

beginning well okay I’ll go back in time

when I first bought Photoshop I think

was like six eight hundred dollars I can

remember right now which is a huge sum

of money and a lot of people can’t buy

it so the subscription model is great

because it lets get into buying software

for like 30 bucks a month you can use

Lightroom Photoshop 2 full limitation

but here’s the catch it adds up because

after 2 months now you’re paying $60 I

have three months that’s $90 after a

year that’s over $300 after 2 years

that’s over $600 so if I finds number

one for $600 it it will be more

cost-effective if they if I were to buy

description for three years so that’s

Photoshop and that’s how every software

is but luminar is not like that you pay

one time the low cost with a link right

down below and you have it for as long

as women are as long as you want luminar

will always you don’t even need to

connect you Luminara right it’s your

software it’s on your computer and loom

around will always let you download and

use it so that one price use for as long

as you want right Jeremy I feel like

noumenon 4 is worth me to just only it

because yeah at the technology advanced

right now what Lumina four can do can

last for years yes I would order a

technology known that face retouching

skyward plays been exposures a Issa I

and hence all I can last what you can

stay have enough data in there in the AI

to help you we touch a picture in the

next 10 year I would say you know have

you seen like I think this couple months

ago a last [ __ ] God

Photoshop what had or having their eye

and immerser ease and a lot of Photoshop

guru is that using the old Photoshop

like 5.0 or ones to retouch pictures you

see some of those you can think it

actually we touch a picture with the old

version of Photoshop of course

of course you know what that means mean

that a software basically even though

they use it and it’s good enough for you

who your workflow you can use it for ten

years twenty years of course matters

yes so to be honest when adobe first I

want a name sorry there are two

subscriptions base yes I wasn’t doing

about it

yes but I was like being a futon for

toppers and I’m making money with it so

that’s kind of get experience it’s fine

but to a lot of people they still not in

like happy about how it become a

subscription pay rather like you know a

base price and when I talk to noon when

they do that the software’s days that

we’re not doing are you doing

subscriptions say no we’re not we’re

doing sell always self in the software s

is ok it’s awesome right right yeah it’s

go back to the basic is I pay something

I own something yes and no I like that

concept I realized like they think from

the consumers point of view thinking

about it so I really like how they

approach right and you don’t think they

can easily go to subscription model for

example I would say if loop around was

to go to subscription model say it’s

like I don’t know ten ten dollars a

month and that’s that’s cheap they

probably would do it like twenty dollars

a month but say if they do it for ten

dollars a month right this thing okay

fine first month $10 second month twenty

dollars but in one year that’s already

$120 and the price that you buy it for

one price down below that’s one time and

you can use it for as long as you want

which is that that equates to cheaper

than ten dollars a month right and if

you use it for two years that’s cheaper

than five dollars a month if you use

them for three years you’re cheaper than

two dollars and fifty cents per month we

used it for four years five years six

years there’s like a dollar a month to

be used for a ten years right it gets me

one of the cheap this is up to loom

owners scotto’s it’s not fun no we’re

saying like if they were to do it as a

subscription model all right it would

sound great in the beginning but if they

do that

I would say that’s a con if they decide

to ever go subscription because it’s

definitely gonna be more expensive than

buying it outright so

right right now how much is software

right now we looked out there how much

is the song it’s under hundred dollars

it’s quite a high dollars yeah if you

purchase software you retouch a photo

yeah in a comma that you win a prize

it’s worth it you book like a family

session or some kind of wedding yeah you

use that one stop where you get that way

yes money is back and let me ask you

this Jeremy how much you sell one print

when you you have a client from 100 to


purchase of a software not only do you

immediately be able to sell a print

because if you saw the demo this

software can make magic like a photo is

like 10 tell ya they’re just my opening

stuff I’m using the odd man preset so

you use it once you not only made your

money back you already made 100 bucks –

because you saved a time the software is

amazing but if you guys want to see more

demos and tutorials how to use the

software check out our other videos too

but we’re gonna go ahead and jump into

some of the questions yeah this let’s do

it so first question so how many device

can you install Luna for on write

because it’s a software that you

download and use forever but does that

mean I can sell it on my laptop and then

my work computer and then my brother

computer in my sister’s computer

my wife’s computer well there’s a limit

to that and I believe it’s – is that

right Jeremy yes – so full of modern

days right now people either work from

home whatever office or they even more

have like multiple computers so luminar

for when you purchase and activated yeah

they actually at the patience is sweet

even device right work at home or you

work in multiple computers for me I have

a desktop right and I have up top so it

when I’m in the row it will be adding on

my laptop obviously in a way at home at

work on right at that stop so two


so when you buy a new laptop do you have

to buy another stuff because in the well

you have an account in scarib calm oh

yeah and manage your can’t like we’re

moving that the license from one device

and put it on a new one

we move that or you put a new computer

you could pay a small fee to add more

sleep on your license so you can use

multiple of device

oh well that’s actually a little trick

that you know no one publicized but like

for example if you have like a couple

people in your household that wants to

use a luminaire for I don’t know if

technically this is allowed but if they

would allow you to add seats yeah I am

NOT doing that question okay we’re not

answering that question but it sounds

like webinar is very flexible and I

actually actually I remember and how

activation works now because when I sign

up for alumina for the first time right

I activate it on my computer and then

when I went onto a website I saw my

computer was activated so if I wanted to

activate my laptop I just went ahead and

to be on my laptop – and it works but I

guess not because because there’s only

two animations but I bet you if I want

to have to meet like another laptop it’s

gonna say no there’s already to

activation so then what I would do is I

would go on luma – website login to my

account deactivate one of the two other

computers and then use my new laptop and

not to me again so makes sense short


– activations you and it’s very flexible

you buy new equipment you can deactivate

the oh one after made a new one and if

you need more than two you could contact

them at their website for an upgrade to

your subscription yes yeah call now with

that call them if you have questions

because I have a lot of students and

friends who have question calling them I

don’t know why they just like to keep up

this can cuz they sell other packages

today to give up this count so that you

can purchase more I mean this win win

football you save money and then you

know yeah and you could play with like

more of their cool stuff so you know you

we call it customer service most of time

they give you discounts Yeah right right

but you know if for your convenience

always click on the link down below and

you can download the user right oh you

have to purchase first unless you

actually have a software yeah how do you

even own the product becomes a small

price to be part of the Luna for family

like do it before they go to

subscription model if they ever do oh

yeah yeah you don’t win

you regret buying something when they

decide to grandfather in something and

not have it in the future what I mean

like for example right now we buy it and

we own it it’s only like under 100 bucks

but now if they ever go to the

subscription model anybody that wants to

buy the one-time purchase well too bad

you can’t because only the grandfather

didn’t people have it so it’s like it’s

like precious now like you’re the only

one if you have it and it’s such a good

deal because no one else could ever get

the that pricing one but for now

everyone can buy it at one price link

down below

mmm and you can stall it to two

computers and you got 100 new computers

you can contact them and you add seats

for you and if you have a place where

otherwise that’s not much yes so that

answers question number one which is one

of the most public question is how many

device can install Luna for on so if you

guys have any questions let us know but

that’s pretty clear all right so next

question is does it handle raw and raw

files are the files that come straight

out of camera with the professional

cameras with like a lot of information

right and as you guys if you don’t know

what rights don’t worry about it if you

do know what rious know that luminaire

for does handle raw and it handles it

really well am i right Jeremy yes they

have a team who specialized working with

all this camber company to make sure

they maintain the newest raw file if you

know how they always come up new cameras

and new camera has new camera specs so

they have updates about that I believe

they have a link if you want to search

if your camera had raw file is supported

by Newman arts I believe even their

website they have a lengthy could kick

in too and it wish list all the Camera

Raw that they support and it’s last time

I checked they pretty is pretty update

like other cameras that come on the

market right now their support so I I’m

not gonna stress about it and they have

a team who actually maintain and make

sure it’s updated yes constant as

possible yeah

and as far as I know luminaire is really

up to date with stuff and that’s why the

nice thing about buying the software –

although it’s a one-time purchase

but because you buy it now you are

eligible for all the updates as long as

it’s not like movement or five as long

as it’s still Lumina for I’m sure

they’re gonna hold it for a while like

Lumia 4.1 4.2 were at 4.2 now so they

might have a 4.3 4.4 point 5 as new

camera yeah thing is yes if the software

has updates free updates

yes yeah one time cried oh that’s not

working out is just Neumann of for yes

we now it’s 4.2 which not just but

fixing but they have new features yes

for the software so if you purchase it

it you will have you a to enjoy this

free updates with the new features

eventually yes absolutely and just to

touch base is on the question that we

just answered the question was does they

hand the raw file so absolutely it can

and but one thing to be conscious about

is if you buy a new camera like

something really hot off the press for

example like the canon r5 it’s gonna

come out you buy it a launch day you

might not be able to use the raw files

right away but the workaround for that

is there’s a Adobe DNG converter they

usually can convert the raw 15 G files

and DNG files are always universally

accepted as RAW files on any platform so

that definitely works and you don’t lose

any quality when you’re converting the

DNG files but you probably don’t even

need to do that to do that because I’m

sure by the time the camera comes out

I’m sure luminaire will have an update

and you can use the roz directly so and

again there’s always a list online for

that and if you want you can always go

on lumen rush website there’s forums and

communities for you to talk to other

people yeah so there’s a Hana raw yes it

does yes

alright next question so what are the

system requirements for luminaire for

and I’ve always made furniture me and he

knows I’m going to talk about this right


and that Jeremy’s computer is over six

years old

and it has a super-earth just fine

although just a tiny bit sluggish but it

still works great so any modern computer

he’s shaking his head because he’s gonna

upgrade soon any modern computer so why

I like that is as long you purchase a

laptop a computer for the last I was in

five years you’re good

pretty much and technically these are

the specs you see on the screen right

now you can pause the video and take a

screenshot of you want but like Jeremy

says these are pretty low specs so if a

six if a seven-year-old computer can

handle it

and you guys so among a couple of Matt’s

I could tell max I just look at the

windows I even window serve it works

these are very standard things like

these laptops have this copper for me

now there is a little difference on the

performance size I don’t know much about

the Mac as I don’t use Mac mm-hm any or

you know I am a Microsoft sponsor

photographers so I use Windows anyway

on the windows side they do recommend

that put your software yeah

not your software put your Charlotte you

created onto an SSD drive it has the

performance by a whole lot oh yeah

that’s after you a super good tip a

super super gift tip yes I the internal

processing for Newman is the software

itself is one part and the catalog the

camera contain all that follows the

adjustment that you’re working on

include the AI preset and Inc the

textures and the looks and the spec

disguise all that so if you put those

onto necessities right and then

voluminous software to access it it’s

much faster than you know it would save

a lot loading time yeah just do so much

with the images it’s not like how how

some of the software is you basically do

basically we touch it does so much it

does group a little but more but right

they set it up that it’s actually quite

pay need for a lot of computers to

handle so yes not bigger yeah cuz new

enough for really digs into the pixel

and does analysis on the pixel so

there’s like a cache file it has to kind

of analyze all a pixel determine okay

this is a face and this is a billion

this is the sky and analyze it processes

so does require a lot I didn’t think

about putting five the catalog on an SSD

because for max

most computers

only have one drive and it’s an SSD so

you’re pretty much set but for PCs

sometimes they have like a heart a

typical mechanical drive and then you

have a smaller portion to be an SSD so

in that case definitely move your

catalog file to the SSD for the best

optimal optimize performance but if

you’re on a Mac and you only have one

drive and that one Drive happens to a


don’t even worry about it yeah comment

doesn’t make sense please

even though – of 66 years old ride my

main try is SSD okay all right good job

ten-year-old computer thanks are you

sure sex I mean you’ve been saying

sticks for the past four months by now I

think we’re closer fine all right next


can can we use Lumina for as a plug-in

or as an extension and I think I kind of

gave it away already

it’s a very beginning of video when I

say that the software you can buy in one

price one purchase it comes with the

standalone as well as plug-in varieties

so obviously the answer is yes right you

can use it as a standalone and use it as

a plug-in all with the one purchase that

you make so Germany you want to

elaborate on that yeah yes you can see

why you say yes you can’t can’t work

with all this software as a pun yet yes

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Lightroom classics

yes Adobe Photoshop Elements you know

the simple versions photos for the Mac

OS and Apple aperture all this can set

up doom alerts for as a pocket when I

first tried out the mooner because I’ve

been working with Photoshop for like the

past 52 years it’s hard for someone who

been you know try to change war flow but

the good thing is being able to make in

software in your pocket it’s actually

enhancing the wharf around and changing

what for I think that home was like

every every aspect of it and also itself

is extra the full program itself I it

has crop it has stem we touch

it has everything he needs as a

standalone program so it could be both

if you wanted to yeah in fact for some

people that for example if you’re an

iPhone user or a cellphone user you take

the majority of your photo you probably

don’t have Lightroom or you don’t have

Photoshop which are the bigger ones that

you can use as a plugin but you don’t

need it because it gives you the

features as a standalone that’s even

better than Lightroom so you could just

get your photos that you take from your

cell phone put it into the standalone

version of aluminum 4 and be able to

edit and create amazing effect that will

blow the socks out of all your friends

and family with just a couple of clicks

in fact you don’t need to click anything

use load the picture into the software

and a default ai auto-tuning will do

match it for you and then you can play

around with it to get it even better to

customize it to your exact way so yes

the sound load I think it’s a great

great cell by itself right because that

allows the software to be used by

amateurs or even non photographers right

because they don’t have any software

they can just load the software right up

link below spy download and open it

you’re good to go you don’t need

Photoshop you don’t need anything else

you just that’s the one software you

need and it opens your file where

there’s a JPEG or raw hand us it all

Jeremy are you still with us

oh hang on I think Jeremy froze on us I

gotta bring him in a second Jeremy can

you use the previous link hold on we are

gonna see if we can bring Jeremy back in

its uh six years old computer problem

see there’s a reason why I always sound

get you for that because this is why I

mean we need to upgrade you you pretty

much like a fish and wire hey I don’t

see this ancient base okay I’m old

okay I’m whole school can’t talk about

the Asian face I’m just saying yeah you

froze but welcome back we are we’re

still alive we’re still going

and yeah we definitely can go on with

the next question because yes Lumina can

be used as a plug with as plugins like

Photoshop and Lightroom and many others

or can be used as a standalone so let’s

go onto the next slide next question

here so how does a I work illumine are

so what is AI do you guys know anybody

well AI sense for artificial

intelligence and that’s using computer

to pretty much take the grunt work out

of things and basically like you saw in

the demo it can you take the skies it

can you protect the eyes maybe didn’t

detect the lips and adjust accordingly

actually before before you explain how

it works Jeremy can I show a quick demo

some stuff of course yeah

let’s jump back to their website so this

is luminaires website again just go to

sky live.com and you go to luminar and

we saw the first video here so again we

can use it as a standalone and a plug-in

that we answered already and it enables

new object click we’ll talk about that

later but here here’s an example of just

replacing the sky so we’ll watch this to

give you a good idea of what AI really

does so let’s say watch this trailer and

there we go so AI sky replace made

basically you don’t need to mass you see

how it did all that I change the sky

instantly well basically it does it all

automatically because it’s artificial

intelligent you just load up the file

and it knows what part of that picture

is the sky and instantly changes the sky

for you it’s so quick so amazing and in

short that’s what AI does so that’s kind

of a quick tutorial let me pass it back

to Jeremy to explain in more detail so

I’m pretty sure a lot of people had

their cell phone apps in you know taking

pictures right knife for example

Instagram have a lot those and they have

a lot of different apps other can do

similar thing of what number for that

right you know they do automatic oh

happy pillows snaps oh hang on a second

snapchat okay you for one quick second

we have a question from one of our


actually Jerry G is a friend of yours

oh you can’t you see it right Jeremy you

can see the last three questions I know

but he basically messaged me okay yeah

hey Jerry thanks for asking or thanks

for a comment he says you can’t actually

call him you can only do email contact

oh thank you for that okay interesting

well I know maybe I’m a different role I

am directly well your ambassador is

quite different so Jerry Jerry

thanks for putting things into

perspective for got that

so very good fact you cannot call them

but I’m sure that email customer service

is really good if you have problems with

contacting them let us know we’ll do our

best to reach out and but none that they

call email chat tag yeah it’s we must on

the same line yeah sometimes no I

actually prefer email because that way I

can take a screenshot if I have

something I want to show them it’s

something easier than calling and then

having these explain some things it’s a

company it’s why we emailed except you

want to deal with the government I just

call them yeah but this is sky them

we’re talking about so yeah great

comment I appreciate it we appreciate

thanks for chiming in Linnaeus nature so

going back to what you were saying about

like snapchat and Instagram you’re

saying something about AI right so this

is I don’t know how true this is this

minute I know it cuz like there’s a lot

of cell phone app does the AI thing


yes the only thing for air is the

processing time when you’re dealing with

the cell phone resolution those images

small enough that they can handle it but

norm enough for Scotty they actually

able to make that whole a I think into

the high-res photography segments and

you know back then when you try to

process it like me maybe medium format

or full a raw image it’s gonna take

forever right right I mean hey we

experienced those before I’ve done basic

things to big files and well yeah I

think I know you ai yourself is the

calculation fix you as you know you you


about this right we have account they

stop it takes time to process think it

makes it short at that time right so I

believe there is people who try bringing

those AI technology into their actual

professional when I’m off a be because

you know it just happen so many pixels

to deal with right itself it’s just sure

enough you know you can stand picture

like back and for boo to you know

whatever is fine yeah

Paris any time is short well if you have

cell phone processing process that right

I mean try to imagine a full frame or a

medium for my picture process in your

cell phone right but they actually

enhance their engine so much that they

could actually do all that AI

calculating with no matter for and to be

honest that is amazing to me because I

seen how the whole digital processing

genre from way beginning for my

Photoshop 5.0 to do it now

I know difficulties within how they

could build a software and this software

they built is really darn amazing to be

honest but the AI they basically able to

tell the depth of field of the photo so

they can identify the sky and the

foreground so they could do selections

and tears and layers the mass for you

now that’s amazing I mean you could go

on YouTube in whatever and try to search

how to mask how to do all that you know

even you know about the men fit okay we

actually had to do it it still taking a

lot of time to do it there’s no short

work it’s crunch well exactly that’s one

pocket Romberg there’s no shortcut but

here it’s not even a shortcut it’s a

click yes yeah I mean like like we

always like Jeremy you and I always say

like this takes away the time that

photographers have to do to get things

done and three up all that time so now

making me creative right now they can

move sliders that have so much power

behind them you want a light in the face

slide the slider you don’t need to worry

about masking the face to slide it you

want to lights in the background slide

the background slider it enhances the

background you want a I to intelligently

pick what it thinks it’s the best you

slide that a

enhancement slider and it does what it

thinks it’s the best and you could kind

of control it but it actually does a

really good job so AI is amazing for me

with all this year in the industry know

I might get burned for this okay name

and I will get burned I would love to

get the image right camp yes

well to me does a few reason one is

there is like a struggle or nostril but

they truly further believe that

photography is when you holding the

camera to get a picture that’s

photography yes but unfortunately we in

digital photography right now yeah in

the second part is that they don’t want

to spend time on doing production on

Paul’s work yes so they try to get it

right in camera yes now the reason why

they don’t do that because there’s a lot

of thing going on but with new Numa for

the AI which is basically if you click

here and there the so called post work

it’s not really grown work as much it’s

like more like the station it selections

of how you wanna pick the look like

that’s a whole different ballgame yes

yeah that’s like enhancement and the

last part on the solution is that yeah

your audience out there and all your

customers don’t really care if you get

the picture right in the camera or how

much time you percent spend on the

processing is that we salt all they care

is about the result so if you have your

vision about your photography you know

how you think picture the rock and you

know how you could we touch a picture

and make the right decisions within the

munna for and get that we sell yes yeah

yeah and sometimes it’s even you have to

do this to please your customer for

example we live in the Bay Area and

sometimes the fog in the Bay Area is

totally unpredictable

okay they imagine themselves in their

presenting outfit in their wedding gowns

and with the Golden Gate Bridge in the

background like clear as day right and

or like a beautiful sunset at the beach

in the Bay Area but you go there and

everything is perfect except it’s

overcast day

and you there’s no no matter what you do

on a day you cannot blow those clouds at

the clouds

we bring the Sun back out so you take

the pictures the best way you can in

camera the best you can and then used

Lumina for to replace that cloudy dull

sky into an amazing sunset and it look I

do that all the time now right yes so

yes some people may say well now your

pictures not really does it capture the

real moment because it wasn’t the actual

day but I would say what percent of

people really care about that I would

say 99% would say who cares

it looks great this is the sunset I won

this is better than I imagined and in

the end that’s all that matters because

a picture captures excitement it

captures energy captures a motion

between the people so so what you have

you place the sky so yes we probably

will get burned from the pyrius I said

that was in the sky that day of the

shoot but yeah this is something that

quite wants and you think of it yeah we

I only create one-of-a-kind images yes

my client and I think the client

deserved that because we human being

look at me and they were both Asian but

we look different I mean right


you don’t we develop similars we’re all

different so yeah my model of

photography is if I’m captured so on

your story yeah every story should be

different if you look at some wonderful

toppers like I don’t wanna go there

so me I want every single clients

picture to look different yes let’s say

you bring a good point going to Colgate

which I mean if you’ve never been in

shooting within the Bay Area got a hole

in a brick honestly I have a lot of

client international client coming

through San Francisco just to want have

to go to gay bridge and the sunset in

the background yes so unfortunate in San

Francisco you think is a sunny place

it’s not yeah most of the day it just

grew me look for assault I’ll cover

everything so I have a lot client crying

out because they can’t able to finish

the dream but if I can finish the dream

that I’m an important to help them

achieve the dream if I can’t do that


was processing Newman help a the sky

they don’t care if the real sky they

just want to make sure that the Golden

Gate Bridge is the sunset is there yes

that is the dream where as photographers

yes we are the capture them happy one

that’s a wedding day but on any other

projects just like pre wedding or

engagement you are trying to create not

capture a lot of them is that the create

part you need to put it back into

photography not just capture and with

Newman are for it we move a lot of one

work so that photographer can create mm

and that’s what I like about it

absolutely I mean you you you you say a

lot about these amazing photos that you

take Jeremy but let me actually give the

honor for showing some of Jeremy’s

professional photography work look at

this this is what captures look at this

amazing beautiful shots right beautiful

using textures and using AI to enhance

these graphics using different filters I

mean he pushes look at this guy here

wasn’t that sky that’s placement that’s

the replacement

yes and you know you you turn up the


using light efficiently I mean Jeremy is

a master of photography so these

pictures are amazing by himself but to

the credit of Lumina for he did Jeremy

that use like this guy this guy that

exactly is it gonna Gate Bridge like at

least yeah let’s go back to that photo

cuz where is that one right before this

one well before before way before right

there yeah like this this this is the

Golden Gate Bridge and it never looks

that good although in your mind I’m sure

everyone will think that’s how San

Francisco looks every day I want to go

there when I take these great for gifts

this is what I have in mind guys yeah if

you are there you would never this at

sunset in reality because the answer is

always Boland yeah you never see this

cry like purple sky yes says that that’s

the sky and the time there will never

allow us to see that

but now this is like so wheel in a way

is really good it’s beautiful like okay

fine one percent of the world

one percent of the population will say

this does not look real and that’s

probably not your client and maybe if

that’s you honestly don’t buy luminar

for because that might this is not well

you can still buy the metaphor for other

effects but you probably buyers yeah

open the Sofi sky replacement is one of

the most popular reasons to buy just

because it’s so visually appealing and


you’re not into the sky replacement

don’t worry because luminaire 4 has

other stuff we’ll talk about really

quick it’s also AI stuff too but the sky

replacement is one of the best so we’ll

finish off another 15 seconds just enjoy

these beautiful gorgeous photo by the

photographer being right next to me here

the sky image some place there to

another another beautiful shot here

gorgeous gorgeous and you travel around

the world to take these photos and

that’s like in Paris right there oh look

at this gorgeous photos though if a guy

that takes mazing pictures like this has

it this kind of experience taking photos

it’ll speaking at W people special and

if he and if this guy is using luminaire

for as a professional tool and this tool

is so affordable there’s no reason why

you shouldn’t use it right alumina is

amazing like here here’s here’s another

thing since we’re on the numerous

website again I just want to demonstrate

this because luminaries website just

really helps the illustrations front

this is after the effect right so let’s

turn off the effect so if you took a

photo this is what it looks like and if

you apply AI accent so right it just

accents everything it uses a I to the


okay the foreground we should stack our

least a little bit more contrast these a

little bit more brightness to it and

then the sky a background needs a little

pop yeah it would identified area need

to be just

yes you see the sky didn’t get bro out

we do like normal robot adjustment on

any other software yes this guy will get

go out by you know breaking up the car

right right because you’ve run a pride

in the car the sky this guy’s already

if we get more right but here a one

slider it does exactly both it actually

adds more contrast and darkens the sky

and then brightens the car so now you

have a much more dynamic range and then

the cooping is it know exactly how much

to brighten up yeah it’s very tasteful

like most most AI software they people

call it cheesy because the effect is

over is overblown or very trendy very

tacky this one it’s not it’s actually

designed with artistic vision in mind

and even if you push a slider to the

maximum it might be just a tad more than

what the typical norm is comfortable

with which is perfect because you don’t

want to push the bars on widget maps

when I push the masses see what you’re

really doing and to scale it down just a

little bit so it’s perfect so it doesn’t

make an amazing job so and then do you

know why because I know about other

software is that huh

you know most software is built by

engineer no events okay

oh stop we worked with a lot of

photographer like Paul fashion

photographer just yes you get it I mean

I’m one of those who actually get input

on how you know how far you should push

the colors and all that so they get

artistic component feel from the artist

and a photographer raw them calculate by

numbers that makes it so that’s why the

AIS and so has that tasteful within it

yes yeah that makes a lot of sense

plus they sample hundreds of thousands

of photos to the AI engine so it knows

what looks good and it knows what’s the

sky and what’s the object and what’s the

eyes lips knows it it from all this data

machine learning technology is used to

the fullest extent and he and then this

last slide I want to show you guys you

see you can apply air sky enhancer look

at that oh yeah that’s the end result

again the car just this guy yes before


boom effects both for them but increase

dynamic range and then say the sky isn’t

good enough you want to push it even one

bit more boom look at that and again I’m


the website to demonstrate this but

literally on the software itself it’s as

easy as goodness alignment it’s the same

yeah it’s just a two slider and you know

we talked about like adjusting the scale

the sky right but I want to show you the

example of where it actually does

portrait work because portrait is very

important too so this what is this yeah

how to make a perfect portrait I think

this one either this one or this one or

we can watch both they’re only a minute

each these videos are great there’s like

there’s like three times four is twelve

one-minute video we’ll watch two of them

just check out this one

yeah well just this one yeah this is

really cool so fixing a portrait aha

look at that it’s simple do you find the

defects on the skin for you yes look at


it knows what skinny fat one quick tasty

like this

hey Ice King defect removal and then you

can adjust the amount and all you had to

make the distance of how much you want

and like these things is his eyes and

hence and the white near the eyes you

just slide the bar again you don’t need

to mask you don’t need to say this is

the eye area fix this no it knows where

the eye is and you just move the slider

and then you can have all these lux

effects applied to it and just look at

that in the instant you can change the

before and after like if a monitor comes

to you and for sure it’s it’s all I’m

picking out I listen to me schedule you

know we could take amazing photos and

within seconds we can we touch it before

the software I would say this is a


and I we consider hey I would be happy

to not charge any booking fees and even

give you an extra bonus if you schedule

because it would be easier for me

honestly right if there was no such

software because like skiing

conditioning that imagine you have to

edit like 150 photos like that that

would take forever and it’s very

difficult but with a is enhanced like

this you can actually fix it in one

photo and apply it and save it as a car

looks right Jeremy yeah a look and then

you can apply the look in a batch to all

of the photos and it’s not a stupid

application rather when I say stupid I

would say kind of dumb like in Lightroom

if you have a preset okay you’re wearing

too far with my last question so I don’t

talk about that but you saw you saw my a

I did to skin right yeah let me show you

one more one more video here again this

is about retouching portraits and it’s

so amazing it does it so well and

because it’s so lightweight you put in

your laptop you can travel and have this

amazing results like you can travel take

pictures on your cell phone put this on

your computer and instantly you can have

amazing pictures that blow Instagram

pictures away because look at that you

just the sky

you’re just a dynamic range look at that

it looks amazing when a few sliders can

change it and wouldn’t this is not

exaggerating how easy it is you can

suffer at all because these are the

exact same size you have when you use

the software and the results look just

like that okay so I have to say

something about this um I’m not from

batch any other software but okay when I

started with Photoshop yes 5.0 4.0 yes

and then back then lightroom was never

introduced yes

and well I won’t introduce the reason is

that they want to have a software which

is easy to use yes and also it become

more efficient mm-hmm okay in order for

that to happen you know how powerful

Photoshop is even though 500 it’s

powerful right yes but it requires

certain skills that you learn how to use

it yes one thing I don’t I never really

touched base into Lightroom it’s the

only one thing that I believe I won’t do

well is the image organizing and the

management that’s one thing that it does

good it’s great for workflow yeah but in

a term of retouching photos like ROM

were never meant to do pixel editing

it’s just working on a virtual service

image yes really basic we touch ok so

they but they kind of want to go in the

family is easier use just liders right

in same thing like them sliders mm-hmm

but if you look at what luminance

here it’s also sliders yes but it went

way beyond its actually doing what

Photoshop can do yeah exactly in a

slider element when I first encountered

when they introduced Numenor back there

is a few effects to me things I thought

wow like okay this is what I’m talking

about you want to be simple but at the

same time you don’t you don’t take away

stuff on it right you can right there

yeah it’s simple

yeah that’s except 104 did it’s amazing

yeah you have so much power in the palm

of your hand or at the click of a mouse

and slider you have all the power of

Photoshop simply as that like because

like Lightroom couldn’t do it because

like I said it’s a global effect like

you make one change it affects the whole

picture but you need something with

Photoshop to have mass so that you can

change the effect on the face only the

eyes only the lips only in the

background only but then now if you have

all the feature of Photoshop then it’s

not typically not easy as a slider but

because now you have luminaire for it it

falls right between the easiness of blue

light room with the complexity and

powerful capabilities of Photoshop and

say something again that I might get

burned again

sure Idaho the street everyone’s gonna

bring yeah this is I would get burned by

the whole industry if you want to say

this I don’t mind let’s hear it so with

light wounds yes basically it’s limiting

the creativity out it became a

production what I mean by that is yeah

okay so for the Lightroom presets it’s

limited you have to shoot the way it is

to apply to the presets in there yeah

when you do Lightroom so when you

actually have to shoot certain way in

order process certain way that’s

limiting your creativity yes numeral

four doesn’t do that no the huge

difference because of AI back with all

the other Photoshop actions and

Lightroom they all like a set numbers of

exposures in colors at saturation that

you applied to the image yes now the set

number might apply to one image it might

not perfectly fit on second yes sir or

any other image right the day may change

or your wipeouts might change huge

different between númenor

ai is that yes when you said a look

which is their preset which I will talk

about yeah the next couple questions

instead it calculate we calculate again

on every single image the mixture is

adjustable and apply to debt image long

yes and that is what that’s about

yes any results are consistency and yet

not losing any kind of quality yes have

you ever try by like a whole bunch of

preset from Lightroom and you try to

apply it and when you purchase it it’s a

one click but when you’re actually using

it you require you allowed to do a lot

of adjustment to make it work and now I

will live is really do the adjustment

then look is God then looked at would

promise was gone you broke the look

exactly you broke the look but now you

can’t apply to your other picture

because if the the light changes the

white balance or Beach if you change

your lens right the picture will look

different and then the looks that you

spent all your time the fine-tuning that

the preset is broken again so presets

don’t really work but with luminar

you’re using AI to apply how much effect

to apply versus changes this much

changes this much no it’s like how much

AI to apply in a eyes be evaluated on

each picture so the result of sassy for

me is that I see a lot of photographer

willing to satisfied sacrifice their

creativity and just suit their focal

that one way so that you can apply and

process that way yes now I’ll some say

that I’m building a brand but I call

that killing creativity

I know I might get burned for this but I

don’t care I just want to say it well I

mean everyone has their own opinion this

and you know as a you can be a you can

be a perfectionist photographer and do

everything by the books but if that’s

really what you want that’s great but a

lot of us have to earn a living and we

have to do things that capture people’s

attention and what looks great for a lot

of things like blow now skies and

weddings now is trendy and if you go

back in photography 101 that picture is

trashed but I have Brides that come to

me say I like this blown out look I like

this washed out look because this is

trendy it looks great and

I tell them while you’re losing detail

in the sky you’re losing detail your

address she’s like I don’t care I like

this well okay that’s why because to me

I feel like waiting Futaba and

photography yeah two separate almonds

right yes and you know I don’t know how

many people do believe in that it if you

are waiting for tougher you are

important photographers or any kind for

towers yeah you and you are doing this

as a business you must be at some point

love photography before you get into yes

you don’t think because photography make

money you get it in the game when love

just wait so at some point you have your

passions in there mm-hmm now to be

honest as a person living in Corona if

you don’t have passion and you keep

living then it’s somewhat I want say

meaning this but you were missing

something yeah right you your first goal

getting into photography business

because you love photography but at the

same time you actually give me the photo

feel way so they could do business

yes so that’s that that is just said so

the cool thing is I have a mentor Scott


always remember yeah you can’t do peace

as well you could do photography well

you can’t do both at the same time you

don’t have to keep rising business then

forget photography yes you do both over

the same time and so happen now the

cameras with all the technologies live

you you don’t even look at the cameras

down there right now all that has live

eel yes yeah we have the pictures right

you can take better pictures

what Newman are for you could easily

process the other pictures mm-hmm so we

have a tool to allow you to do both

better at the same time know when you’re

able to save time not have to figure the

learning care of photography is shorter

now because the technology of camera is

good yes and now the post-processing has

you see how this isn’t shorted you know

what that means that you have more time

yes yeah more time to do your marketing

branding for your business yeah so you

could do both your picture quality hi

yes and your business hi

I like why can’t you just both you can

there’s nothing you can’t help yes you

could tell they can do they know exactly


very good I’m gonna jump us back to the

presentation so we can answer these

questions we’re a little bit off topic

here well this is what we do we are off

topic as you know if you ever go to our

YouTube channel pixel stabbers that’s

all we do we keep stab each other though

in different opinions and this is great

this is not great but here we want to

talk about Lumina 4 and straitens think

a little bit much closer to the strip

here oh yeah Oh get it no worries so

speech question number six all right so

can you use your own formulas to replace

the sky illuminate form because as you

saw in other demos we showed you there’s

amazing sky and all those guys are out

of box because you saw software you have

all those guys are choose from but since

to say what if there’s a sky that you

want to use that’s not in the list can

you add your own and a good example of

this it’s like say I go to San Francisco

and I one day out of the year the sky is

great right I take that one photo I want

to use that in all my flow because

that’s a real San Francisco sky so next

time if I take pictures I go to Gate

Bridge I might replace it with a real

San Francisco sky and people will say ok

that’s convincing but because that’s a

real sense of sky

can I use that photo in luminar for

other skies yes you can so the cool

thing about the AI sky wood placement is

that I seen software like this before

and what they do is they make the

certain Memphis that work with certain

sky pictures that can replace okay but

the AI sky with Mesa is not sky

replacement remember is a I sky

replacement yes it does calculate the

depth of you search for the edges of the

structures and the subject and the sky

and help you mask it that means you can

replace anything behind it

once it’s mask yeah so you allowed to

either upload use your own sky as the

background the sky background or they

actually if you go to their marketplace

yet they have a lot of sky packs for a

different variety and color sky that you

could purchase and not like not

expensive you could use that use that

too so basically you ultimately you

could put anything behind yes yes guys

because it will kind of able to tell

mm-hmm yeah I mean with the AI masses

things and then you can use that mass

pretty much to do anything and like what

Germany was alluding to earlier this is

iluminage Skylands website again if you

go to him marketplace whoa

so you go to Luminara you go down to

marketplace here Wow

their website is giving me a hard time

oh there it is so here’s a marketplace

yeah and you can buy a signature look so

you can buy ebooks you can buy looks you

can buy skies right so these guys

they’re kind of expensive money for $25

you get a bunch of skies and you got a

variety of choose well the reason I

didn’t want to expense that we look at

the the maker of the skies they are were

alone landscape photographer locations

to get those guys for you okay like

Iceland Greenland you know you name it

you know it’s not something that you

could go there and take a picture

yourself right right Oh high risk guys

oh my gosh these these are look at this

Wow see this I mean the before looks

pretty good too but the after is amazing

and and we were touched on this already

in our in-depth tutorial videos on how

to use it but you see when you replace

the sky luminar smart because it doesn’t

just replace the sky you see how it has

an effect is called relighting it

actually realized the foreground to so

that the sky now you we talk about that

no Alawis del – yeah – yeah so this is

kind of topic but it doesn’t just

replace the sky but it actually makes

the sky blend into the picture so yeah

and no we lysines mm-hmm so it is the

foreground compounds and exposures that

was the sky so it would have a good

balance broaden it would be much more

believable than seeing that oh we will

pay this guy but let’s say if it’s nice

scenes and you pays the sky in sunset it

doesn’t match it will do its best to try

to match the foreground and if one wants

thought the whole picture looks more

believable yes

absolutely well this this website is

giving me such a hard time today keeps

refreshing I think it’s because I’m like

I’m running we’re doing this ECAM live

this live broadcast and we’re pulling

Jeremy a with Skype and we’re doing

screen sharing you doing a lot so yeah

right you guys you guys don’t miss bed

that’s right right yeah I mean we got so

much stuff here I love their website

because his funds used to play with it

has a lot of information to there

there’s so much like these one-minute

videos are my favorite because you want

to see what it can do you can just check

out these one-minute videos and I think

I just I just pass oh oh real estate

agents love this too because oh yeah yes

I should play this video because I think

there’s a really good reason for real

estate agents advice because it makes

the photos look amazing like look at

this this is a great house but look at

that you know what about a house it’s

more warm it’s more inviting skies more

dynamics more interesting I mean sure

it’s not exactly how percent real but

it’s still the house right it’s showing

the potential of the house yes yeah you

can enhance the structure without a hint

without overdoing things right and in

this example there’s no people but if

there was people in this shot to AI

smart enough to know that all these

enhancements shouldn’t apply to people

and should apply the skins of people but

yeah look at that before and after just

kind of give us some survived so that

you know they kind of can’t even tell

you what happened doing sunset we they

look good you know

yes that’s pretty yeah and it’s a homier

homier look like and then this is

typically like like turning a sad thing

into a sunny day because when you’re a

photographer you’re telling a story and

the sky and the color of your photo

provides the image that you need to feel

that you need to tell a story look at

that you can see one is a sad gloomy day

and one is like a fairy tale and the

amount of effort you have to do to make

this result is almost trivial I mean

some sliders is all

with the software like that yeah at

sunrays like how cool is that and it

actually looks realistic because again

there’s AI it masks the tree so it knows

how to announce the Rays right so it

looks a hundred percent believable it

suits that time picture in a girl day

you have to wait till the Sun hit it

right and they’ll just be there or you

know you’d get lucky or you have a lot

of patient there and now you could

create your own room and by the time the

sun rays are there you take the photos

and before you head back to your your

car you probably get attacked by

mosquitos yeah anyway we’ll jump back to

our presentation here yes you can

definitely add your own skies and it’s

amazing what it can do with skies

included you have oh we should also

mention that it includes a bunch of

skies and as lumina upgrades the

software they will have free skies to

download and you can download it from

the web from within the software itself

when new skies are added you can buy

skies for like twenty-five dollars a

pack of skies from renounced world

famous photographers and of course you

can become your own artist take your own

sky and use that oh yeah in the uniform

so going on to the next slide here next

question is does Luna 4 have presets

like Adobe Lightroom and I think we

probably please topic to death right it

has it but it’s constantly different and

is way better because presets in

Lightroom yeah I don’t even know why

people use them so Jeremy what’s your

take on that well the answer is yes they

change that I think they changed

terminology like a few times but at the

end they stick with the the term record

looks yes it’s exactly like preset but

it does more than preset actually I

would say more and less than a preset so

to analyze that I think most people

understand how a light will piece that

works right so the structure of a level

preset is that you have a bunch of

justment on your right

which is your adjustment exposure white

balance saturations highly shadow right

all that and you have sort of setting

okay this I like it let’s say if I’ve

pushed the exposure to okay let’s pass

fifty exposures that’s minus twenty

three contrast let’s push the white

balance to more like and of sixty two

hundred Kelvin Nevada okay all that so

all the sudden can be seen as a preset

now for that picture or in this case for

this one picture might work at the same

preset on to let’s say oh let’s I doctor

pictures and I should know I’m sorry a

bragger pictures and then I also passed

fifty exposure now that would be to

proof right yeah so it doesn’t work so

because so right won’t is based on

numbers that you choose to set numbers

for the preset meaning is a set number

and remember the keyword is a set number

which applied to you next next next next

image is always the same numbers no

matter look is different new model is

using a eyes assist in the essence and

when you apply the AI assets on to the

loop which is you save in this preset or

locking and call it it will recalculate

every time you apply the stop on a

different image it’s not that number the

AI will calculate how much exposure how

much contrast how much saturation this

picture need rather than applies the

same number so with that look it will

always work and that’s why if you go to

the love manual the only okay so when

you apply light one piece that you allow

just every single exposure contrast as

we done there cuz the whole point of

having resized

you don’t have to adjust the model that

we have to adjust for numerous look you

once you apply the look onto the image

make one give you one slider from zero

to one hundred thousand a month how much

of this effect you want apply on this

image that’s it right so ultimately it

has to fit one in simplified for you

second it won’t break the look

because if you go into level playing

adjust with the exposure especially the

point bombs and contrast and saturation

it will print all we do the look that

you create it mm-hmm right have yet have

those problem oh yeah yeah I mean I

don’t understand why presets really

exist in Lightroom because the way they

are applied they’re just a number change

a number offset you apply it it’s safe

to each photo before mumbling that

photogra always when they shoot the

picture yeah they should a same way so

when they go home they can apply their

preset without adjustment they limit

himself yes I think you use that

precepts oh you’re right that does make


that’s how to use it cuz I never use it

because I don’t limit myself to shooting

the same for in the same way so that I

can use if you look at some of those

preset let’s say you write up the

picture yeah they always shoot the

picture like to stop underexposed so

that when a back home and put any label

over expose it for that without going

out so they limit themselves to priests

that will work for them talks about that

because people still want to sell

precepts and pieces that work they’d

only work when the photos they exactly

that way I hate I don’t want to burn

because my mentor sales preset too so

it’s probably your mentoring bike sales

preset too

so that’s not it’s not going to a topic

but precess were the only nice I’ll get

burned presenting with the only way you

could do in the past right but now with

luminar and AI technology presets don’t

even make sense like presets a light you

of don’t make sense because now we have

looks which are presets that are used in

Lumina for which smartly applies the

look to every photo that’s why they call

it looks because you apply that same

look to every photo and it’s not just a

fixed amount of change its whatever

amount changed necessary to make the

photo look all the same and look all

amazing it’s that’s what it does it’s

amazing yeah I I don’t know if we have

any good demonstration on the website

you know oh here here’s one like create

instant artwork with looks right you

know you can change the you can you

change them out here no yeah yeah but

that’s what I’m talking about see what

mom there were 100 you can apply how

much that you affect the effect yes so

you will retain that look but it’s just

be minor or heavy right yeah and you can

you can apply it you can apply to any

photo and it will look very much the

same so that you have consistency

between your photos – this looks – or

what these no that’s a Mac features like

okay it’s a feature to create different

effect yeah so they don’t actually have

a good example of looks like I want to

see I want I wish I can show a video of

them applying looks – like oh all the

food own and what would here another

cool thing I really like is the the user

guide because the user guide is actually

something that a lot of people don’t

realize but there’s so much fun I have a

lot and like if you wanted to find like

the benefits the features and like

really see how how they do it because I

thought there was an example of applying

looks which I wish I can find but I

probably can’t find and I’m probably

wasting time here look under Lumina

looks they have a tab go scroll down you

see the moon of looks oh yeah this is

just but this is not a video because I

was looking for a video but yeah pretty


oh yeah because the video is so cool

because you can you can batch it they

see baby looking of course Ivica it was

zoom in the pictures yeah on the look

slider on the bottom it I should give

you the preview of how that looks will

look wrong if we apply just right let’s

move move move ourself from the bottom

of the foot the video here so people can

see right yeah so these are the looks

down here and these are pre saved looks

that you have and like Jeremy says

they’re already pre applied to a

thumbnail so even without clicking on

them you say okay I like this one you

just click on it and it applies but you

don’t have to you don’t have to blindly

click on each look to see how it looks

because it’s part of the thumb

it’s pretty cool so let me move us back

here and we’ll jump back to the

presentation I think we’re we got a few

more questions here and wrapping it up

for you guys so we’re on question eight

we got ten questions

we’re almost out God we on some number

eight all right and like a preset we

won’t go with that because Lightroom

presets are a big thumbs down to me

because they are a thing of the past

looks and only Lumina four can take

advantage of looks is the thing in the

future again it applies a eye to each

photos so they look the same they don’t

apply a fixed number which presets do

because presets never look the same

yeah you have to shoot exactly the same

four presets to work whereas with

mention one thing though yes so for the

Newman for looks yes you could actually

uh allows you to save additional image

such a like textures it’s such onto the

lovely meaning the preset

yes so that texture or the image will

also apply to the next image you apply

the look to wow this is something that

light won’t cannot do Photoshop actions

might but again now you’re dealing with

something very complicated in advance

this always Hopkin but not not with

label yeah even with Photoshop I’ve used

action before in their club or some

because when you change different

version of Photoshop and then if you’re

moving a mouse while you’re writing the

action because it’s doing macro stuff it

gets pretty messy and it works but I’m

just saying that all that feature now

you can do with lumina for in addition

to a I which you could never do in

Photoshop so it’s not a Photoshop unless

you hire a programmer to help you write

specific programming there for it okay

will work but how many people gonna do

that do that you don’t have the database

like Lu Marin has done with thousands of

millions of photos to train the AI right

because it’s machine learning that now

let’s say I know what’s the sky how to

crop out the sky what looks good what

partners skiing what point of snows what

now and what looks good not only to

identify them but what looks good like

the difference between the background

here and the foreground and the color

tone this will look good right its

intelligence and I it’s it’s virtually

impossible to have that you know

Photoshop action and you’re talking

about a very high-end professional

Photoshop application with actions and

programming and you still can’t produce

what Lou burner for can produce and

luminaire for it comes out of box with

these features and cost less than

hundred bucks right well we we can still

use photoshop low-level because you

could add the moon report as a pumpkin

yes yeah so you know you can basically

put that benefit into those software and

you don’t have to change your workflow

yes but you add lead more already yes

yes I keep forgetting that yes they come

as a plugin so like if we were working

Photoshop and you do whatever you want

to Photoshop and you want to use lumenok

for an effect you just launch the plugin

right from the window it will pull in

your image that current layer and do

whatever you want and push it back

against a layer on Photoshop so and the

same with Lightroom or however you want

to use it or my one basic way that I

hope you’ll whole new different virtual

image on the side so you know it works

yeah you could win think that like room

photo management system and then but

enhance the creativity with nominal for

yeah so let’s change the workflow you

just enhance no love it that’s a cool

thing about it yes so next question can

luminaire do batch processing we would

answer all these questions right because

that’s the benefit of the looks right

because yeah this is a little bit

different about processing is like there

to to type okay

one is you go into your library and you

select a bunch of image together mmm and

you sing them that’s one type of batch

that’s why I always go into the file yes

and under you can actually go into a

bunch of folder and tell them that this

folder I want to process all this with

this look

ah yeah so it will do behind the scene

prop batch processing what so you you

don’t even need to collect nebula wow

just wow I

my phone you can touch it that literally

you can edit your photos while you’re

sleeping because like let’s be honest

here and it still takes time to process


so and if you have a thousand photos in

one folder if you were to select them

all and click individually it’ll still

take time but what Jeremy is saying is

you can say let’s apply this look to

every picture in this photo and then go

sleep and wake up in the morning you

open the photo the folder and all the

pictures look amazing and they all look

alike because they apply the same look

yep very cool all right let’s go on to

our last question is we won’t afford a

good alternative to Adobe Lightroom and

I would say it based on everything we

talked about it can enhance your

workflow you can use a wit Lightroom or

you can replace it it can be right in

between the benefits of Lightroom and

Photoshop with the with the flexibility

and ease that Lightroom has so you get

the flexibility Photoshop ease of use of

Lightroom with the power of Photoshop in

Lumina 4 so it’s it can be used together

or standalone that’s my answer

what’s your answer Jeremy well if you

are a labor abuse or yourself right now

yes if you wanna enhance your workflow

the 104 is affordable enough that you

can actually purchasing and it will I

guarantee it will enhance your fault by

a whole lot oh yeah

and if you are not satisfied with the

subscription base from Lightroom and you

want something else

and noonim for is a standard program

that has everything that level can do

add more so it even has the libraries

but it’s a little bit different than

Lightroom it still had the star system

the colonists grading system and also

the flash is the mother so oh that like

Rob has with the library module it has

but the more offense is that the

add/edit module aluminum for its more

offense and label so if for editing

purposes I would say Neumann fo can


Clay’s labral the only thing that Lumina

for don’t have right now

MMK I never said before never

is that like them because of Lightroom

is actually doing really basic surface

editing’s it allowed it to create a

virtual copy of the image so what my dad

said that you could do a virtual catalog

and it can send the cow to someone else

so someone can open a very small file

catalog and see a whole bunch image

which is our virtual copies not the

extra photos this is what labrum can’t

do the reason why I would hit you

because it really do very little to the

image so the virtual copy is that you’re

very tiny it doesn’t do much but that’s

for workflow use at this point Newman

are for cannot do that yet because

Newman r4 is still doing pixel edit and

is actually working on the actual image

rather than the sequoia you know virtual

copy now how much can you do with the

virtual copy besides you know fussing

around with the exposures and white

balance and all that right so that’s

kind of that’s the niche about that

because it doesn’t do much allowed to do

that me that’s what you need then I mean

if there’s surfaces out there like

editing service that only help you edit

your catalog not your food you know

images so if you need that type of stuff

you will still my room so I would

suggest still get the Lightroom keep the

Lightroom do that surface and then you

get a image back and you won’t be

playing your own creativity or your

signature style play with Numenor – we

are just too powerful which very simply

that won’t work so my suggestions either

you could I think you should keep both

just in case if you are a professional

photographer and you’re doing ass like

you know work I mean you make your money

back anyway so it’s investment is expand

so that’s not a problem but if you are

just playing around with editing’s and

all that I would believe Lumina four is

more than enough for you yes

that’s a great answer and I don’t know

about the purpose of having a catalog

because like I said the only reason for

using catalogs is if you want only for

work only for our sauce work yeah I’m

seeing your work right also that’s the

only time I use Kellogg and with the

looks I really don’t think I need to

outsource work because the reason why I

had to outsource work before is because

I can’t unsane preset to every photo and

expect it to look the same so now it

looks I can probably just select the

folder I want apply to look to all those

photos and there’s really very little

need for me to outsource but I guess I

haven’t I haven’t used it enough to say

that it’s true enough okay right here’s

a little tips for wedding photographers

if you want to use the planners alright

do something okay so if you break it

down on a wedding day okay wedding day

yes you have

let’s put that the different categories

of timings for the photos we can

simulate eggs and you know send us the

bride getting ready yes the coop getting

ready yes and I will break down all the

bridal outdoor look yeah

the ceremony capture look yes and then

you have your banquet which is my most

like sometimes indoor and then it’s like

time so basically you have six can go

view so it’s not too hard to mix six


yeah for each so when you go into your

library module in aluminum for you basic

care guys all the different lighting

look looks okay yes and then you stand

all that and a pilot look under that

apply that look so you only had to

basically identify the time in the

lighting yeah and then basically do six

time while batching yeah it’s done yeah

honestly to be faithfully and truthfully

honest I haven’t done it before so

that’s why I couldn’t say that’s how you

do it but it sounds that’s exactly what

I want to do it I want to try really

have setup begin the beginning one time

yes and after every single time you do

the same thing and it you don’t do this

software is gonna put post processing

services out of business because yeah I

know a side story is that you but you’re

working on one but we won’t get to that

it’s just what you guys need to take out

of this is that luminaire is

amazing you know based on what we talked

about plus all the questions and answers

that we’ve answered here it’s it’s for

the price like don’t you don’t even need

to replace with Lightroom just buy it

and see how you like it if it doesn’t

work I’m sure you still gonna have a lot

of fun using it oh they have a money

guarantee good choice okay have a money

guarantee you they do have money

guarantee you go to a website check you

know what okay let’s check it out Chris

I’m two years

I already purchased it because I love

this software but where is their money

warranty so like if I go back to their

home page that’s when I feel that way

Bob booty sure they have it yeah let’s

go to that our bite now they’re probably

under the body now that you know if it’s

not here there might be you’re like the

FAQ oh hey I’m applying some discounts

if the link below it is for Amazon

pricing but if some reason the Amazon

pricing is more than your price you see

here go ahead and email us was it was I

don’t know this is the birthday sale

dude oh this is the Earth Day sale all


yeah so here here’s a 30 day money back

guarantee that we that Jeremy taught me

if you guys see it let me move our

pictures so that you can see it better

there you go see when I get back

guarantee so you know we’re so confident

we don’t think you need it they’re so

confident they don’t think you’re gonna

use it that’s why 38 money-back scooty

there but what do you have to lose

purchase a software give it a try in 30

days if you don’t like it you get all

your money back plus you know what

lubricant do you’ve tried it you can

even make great photos with it looma

doesn’t care because they know you’re

gonna love it and that’s why it’s 30-day

money-back guarantee that in a nutshell

is lumina for so that is our

question-and-answer we hope you guys had

a lot of fun listening to us or we hope

that answers a lot of your questions you

have more questions let us know if

you’re the promotions that you don’t

find let us know I think what was our

website or email save money right save

money we have a page we right now we

don’t have any coupons

otherwise we just tell you the coupons


no coupons the the link on Amazon is

probably the best place to buy it

but if you want email us at save money

at pics of stampers calm and if they’re

saying discounts I need coupon codes we

can let you know won’t be happy sharing

because we think you should definitely

get it and hey you can even buy it now

at 30 thanks for parity and the coupon

comes up let it will let you know so buy

it jump us an email and then we’ll let

you know if there’s discount within 30

days you could try legally like

disappoint yeah you can’t be

disappointed but if you if you’re like

penny-pinching and you really want to

try for 30 days try for 30 days and

cancel anyway there’s a discount we’ll

e-mail you just make sure your email is

first as safe money at pixel savage that

calm and then you’ll have a coupon then

you can buy it and you have forever

you’ll love it I think you own it you

don’t subscribe it you own it and you

still get updates because as long as

we’re for is their main software until

they go to [ __ ] 5 which we all know if

there ever will be because they keep

improving leaving our 4 and it’s all

included that one purchase so yeah if

you guys have questions let us know but

other than that Jeremy anything else a

dad um seriously try it

I mean you won’t beat this point I mean

I’ve been doing using Photoshop for the

past 15 years and I got stuck with first

when I issue deals I can’t move to

Lightroom but when this software Lumina


and then now for ya I’m putting I’m

really impressed with what I do at first

I was sceptic about that how the AI can

replace me as a retoucher and then now I

feel like it’s not replacing me easily

place it on the ground work I mean

before I spent a lot of time to create

one amazing image way now I still could

do amazing image but with last time

because of the software and if you’re a

beginner even better it was shown in

your learning curve by this much yes if

you are doing you know professional work

it will shorten your time by this much

you spend more time doing your own

person stop or with your family even

better so I mean it’s like 100 bucks

it’s a really well investment try keep

and try if you’re not like

they got a 30-day guarantee so why not

right yes no whisk yeah you said you

said it best like for me like I think

it’s worth it just to have it because

even if it’s not my style I could try it

on a couple of photos and I can show my

client if you like it that’s a plus plus

a win-win like there’s you can’t go

wrong you if you’re in the business of

making money then it will pay for itself

in a split second because it’s so cheap

you can’t even buy a lens or camera

accessory for under a hundred bucks

right this can change more transform

your photography to the next level and

again this is even for professional but

if you’re a consumer and you take

pictures on your cell phone

this is amazing too because you can

imagine those like those cannons are

Nikon like 50 1.8 they’re like what 20

bucks now you paid a hundred bucks by

that lens

yeah yeah you got a little bit softer

depth of field than your normal 24/7 h18

thats on the depth of you you use these

hundred bucks and buy the software you

could replace a sky yeah yeah much more

investment than that there’s not much

more to say I think we kind of beat the

horses it’s a great software and we’re

not we’re not saying this because you

know you can cook it like on Amazon buy

it but you know we’re not saying it for

benefit we want to just share the

knowledge we want you guys to really try

it out and because there’s a 30-day

guarantee there’s there’s no harm you

won’t enjoy it and if you do enjoy get

your money back you still have them

reason that I want to share all this joy

off this chopper because I would love to

see amazing image all over Google yeah

not the same type of one of like one c1z

all the looks the same image I wanted to

see different amazing image all over

Google’s that’s my goal and I really

believe that the manifold can help

everybody achieve them yeah yeah it’s

gonna love up everybody a game to the

next level but yeah I think we rambled

enough about all these questions the

answers and all the features check out

the link below we also have some cameras

down there those are the cameras that I

use I use a canon

and 50 when I’m out shooting sometimes I

use my more Pro 1dx mark – but Kenda and


also the canon m6 mark 2 is down there

too is a little bit more expensive it’s

got a lot of new features it’s

definitely the one I want to get for a

real good budget camera that can do

video that can take amazing photos that

will really go well with a software like

luminar 4 but again you don’t need any

of these cameras you can just use your

pictures throughout your cell phone and

so do all these amazing results with it

and the other two cameras down there are

Fuji cameras the X C 3 and X 4 and

Jeremy is my camera yeah Jeremy uses xe3

so what do I say anything about that

Jeremy I basically I been doing falafels

a long time to be honest I got jaded I

you know take a picture with a camera

and believe it not when I pick up the


the first time and play around with it I

start enjoy to keep pictures again

because I feel like I’m naturally taking

pictures I don’t know you feel the same

thing cos back then and in between all

the time it’s just taking picture with a

digital camera is not the same as like

taking a photograph but we’re not

picking up xt3 I feel like I’m actually

becoming a car again Rachel I mean look

stylish yes outside yeah right and

basically all that feature that I need

this we’ve been there yeah I feel like

I’m taking pictures again so I enjoy it

and about it

I waited xt4 because the xtp did not

have in camera stabilizers that’s exact

with like previous sprint I play with

the stabilizer the IB is as actually

kind of spoiled me a little bit so

knowing that the XT 4 has everything

that X TV has passed the IB I asked and

I just want to get it yeah that’s a

great camera and in fact as a hardcore

Canon shooter for over ten years I’ve

used nothing but Canyon I would say

right now at this current age in time if

you want a good camera that does a good

video the xe4 is actually where it’s at

we exploit amazing image stabilization

but but but as soon as candy comes out

with the r5 it’s gonna be a different

story so well

those games it’s good camera and then

the brand come and I bet I want to just

keep playing up it’s a neverending story

at this point time if you don’t if

you’re not glued to any brand

xe4 is the way to go especially if

you’re doing videos but anyway we

digress from Lumina for get yourself a

copy of Luna for a link that below yes

under hurry about some change in

photography 30 day money back gate for

the manufacturer you can’t go wrong we

thank you guys for watching we think you

got for your time we hope you find is

helpful if you want to see more videos

like this or content like this or

tutorials on how to use luminaire for

all on our website we even have a three

hour masterclass I’m Jeremy explaining

how he does photography everything from

posing a couple to telling the story to

scouting the location or lack of but

also traveling and everything about

photography that he’s learned in over 15

years and he’s he’s explaining

everything he normally charges a ton of

money in w ppi workshop like over $400

for these workshop is that right there I

forgot whatever it’s all free on our

youtube channel at youtube.com slash

pixel stabbers and go there have fun but

before you do that click on the link

below bye

número for and have yourself a great

time anyway we are signing out

thank you so much I will see you guys

later take care guys we have a goodbye

see ya bye and we are going to sign out

in three two one and it’s still coming

down so I don’t know when we are we’re

out adios we’re done bye