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Audo Transcription:

David: We’re going to go live. We should be live. No, we’re not we’re going to be live in 3 2 1. I think we’re alive German you’re ready.


Jeremy: Yes today, we’re going to talk about


David: All right.


Jeremy: this drink.


David: We’ve talked about that drink. That’s a that’s a pretty cool. Is it easy drink? But hey guys, welcome to


Jeremy: easy


David: We’re alive today with Jimmy Chang stammers. and myself David and we’re talking


Jeremy: And we’ll talk about Missy.


David: about Izzy. No, we’re gonna talk about Photoshop


Jeremy: No.


David: luminara Lightroom all the above. We’re going to get some great effect in this video. We will show you guys how to do something like this. You see this is the before and after that after is on the right side and we’re going to get this effect and Jeremy’s going to show us how to add the sunset at the clouds at the


Jeremy: it’s


David: Birds meet the lighting all look seamless at it. Just amazing. Amazing amazing.


Jeremy: it’s a very easily adding a sense ecosystems as their I just missed it, you know Overexposed it.


David: ah, yeah, you screwed up your you


Jeremy: Overexposed it. sunset. So more like we’re you creating the


David: messed up on the photo terrible photo but you fixed in post. That’s why you’re an amazing photographer or your amazing graphics artist. The result is amazing, but you didn’t get it right in post. You didn’t you didn’t get it right in camera Jeremy.


Jeremy: I never get away in camera. So I got more fun in post.


David: No.


Jeremy: Yeah, some people don’t like that. But I do we do about it.


David: That’s fine.


Jeremy: it we had about it.


David: I think I think I think you’re okay because for me the end product is what matters the most if your end product looks like this then you win if the end product looks like this then yeah, you should have done better job in posts or in camera. But anyway, so the with software


Jeremy: Hey a lot of people picture like that.


David: you use to get these effect Jeremy use what?


Jeremy: I use Photoshop and lumina for


David: Okay, so these two Shoppers here


Jeremy: combination of those two. Mmm-hmm.


David: Photoshop and lumina for and just so everyone knows in this video. We’re going to show the result of coming from a photo that looks like this to a folder looks like this these two software Photoshop and lumina for but before we let Jeremy go and do the demonstration for you guys. I just want to show you the software so Photoshop


Jeremy: somewhere


David: Yes, the software the fun part, right? Well, not the fun part. But the part where you have to actually pay money Photoshop.


Jeremy: That’s not enough. That is not the fun part.


David: Yes, that’s why it’s not fun.


Jeremy: That’s the pay part.


David: So Photoshop is actually really cheap is in fact Photoshop and Lightroom is only $10 a month. If you use this link link down below don’t get tricked by just getting Photoshop alone because for shop alone is actually I think $20 for example, let me actually show you that because this is a trick that if you don’t realize you might pick the wrong one, so if you just search for photoshop on Amazon


Jeremy: G


David: And you look for the create. Yes. Look if you go to photoshop here. It’s by Adobe. It’s $21 per month. And in fact, I think they make you do


Jeremy: I think it’s a mistake they do


David: like a one year subscription to


Jeremy: They do they just forgot to take it out. I mean, there’s no way they could do that, right?


David: It’s marketing. No, it’s marketing. Its marketing is sometimes people just want Photoshop and they don’t care about anything else to self $21 a month. That’s fine. I’ll get it and the


Jeremy: So the can’t force you to do you like one of them use labor bad bad bad.


David: Yeah, and also here you’re you’re you’re you’re stuck on the hook for one year, even though it’s $21. You’re stuck for one year whereas to be used to link down below. You can get it’s called Adobe Creative Cloud photography plan plan and includes Lightroom and Photoshop and 20 Gigabytes storage for only


Jeremy: It comes with bridge to Adobe Bridge,


David: $9.99. It comes to what? Yes, yeah.


Jeremy: Adobe Bridge.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: That’s what I’m going to use.


David: Yep. Hmm. Yeah for $9.99 and it its monthly subscription so you can use it for one month and you decide you don’t want it. You can stop right away. Whereas if you did the other link your stuff for one year, so don’t do just Photoshop and it’s $21, but make sure you do that though. Be Creative Cloud photography plan. That’s only $9.99 and its monthly


Jeremy: That’s what I have.


David: subscription.


Jeremy: That’s what I have.


David: Yep. Yep. And in fact, you should tell them how you can use it on multiple computers.


Jeremy: You can use the too.


David: There’s how many computers can you use on Jeremy?


Jeremy: But you can always switch around that


David: What if he tried?


Jeremy: obvious which


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: laptop so you can always manage your


David: Yep.


Jeremy: subscriptions and we move one from one computer in all and that is known anyone so it is


David: Yes.


Jeremy: So is this easy?


David: Yes, it actually works really well. In fact when I’m traveling and I’m on my laptop and I forget to disable the log in as on my my desktop where I log in on my laptop when I’m traveling I say, oh where you have two active registration, which one like to disable so that you can register this current laptop that you’re on and I can disable the one on my desktop at home and


Jeremy: Yeah, there’s only one thing that got to remember which compute is which computer that’s it.


David: Well, I name a computer smart. Like I call it iMac at home or iMac at work or a laptop, right?


Jeremy: Yeah, I didn’t.


David: Yeah, you should name your computer


Jeremy: I couldn’t a lot longer so I can’t


David: little bit more careful.


Jeremy: really do much with them.


David: Yes, okay. So that’s that’s Photoshop and you get Lightroom free another application that Jeremy’s going to talk about is luminar so luminar you can also see on the link down below. its $129 if you get the package right now that includes like luminar kind of package and some Aurora features tube you want to just get


Jeremy: Oh God.


David: Sky them by itself. Here’s a little trick go to pixel stabbers.com for / movement are L. Um, Ina are so picks establish.com for such luminar and this will give So you go there and you click buy now. I also notice that there’s no subscription because unlike Photoshop You by Luminaire for once and you keep it forever and there’s also a 30 day money back just in case if you want to If you decide it’s not for you to click buy now and when you click buy now, it’ll apply the discount from the piece of stabbers.com for / Lubin are linked. But once it applies you can also


Jeremy: It’s a bunch of this kind of I know.


David: take so long. I don’t know why it takes so long to apply the silly discount.


Jeremy: Because it’s a big discount.


David: It’s a big discount. It’s pretty good discount so you can get for $89 because it’s just you can get it by itself. Whereas if you were to buy it on Amazon. It was 129, right, but it comes to other things. So I still recommend just getting this one by itself for $89. And so if you click on by now. Oh shoot. I should change the payment to 1


Jeremy: You tramp?


David: because right now it’s set to three payments.


Jeremy: Oh, that’s like why I paint 2970.


David: but yeah, but you can always enter promotional code. You have to click on this little link right here to enter promo code for




David: the code. Enter pixels Grabbers. Make sure you enter pixel stabbers saves you.


Jeremy: What they asked.


David: saves you $10 for the O for 3 months


Jeremy: Yes.


David: You’ll actually save you $30. Right is your only your what does the glitch is your order right now? Because that’s a glitch.


Jeremy: I don’t know nothing about that.


David: thirty dollar discount


Jeremy: I don’t know if you know of any.


David: what? Okay, so because you enter the code


Jeremy: I don’t know all that.


David: So because you enter the code picks a stabbers, it saves you $10 off each plan, but right here is says you’re going to be billed 1974 three months the guys if you do this take a screenshot of this so that if luminara charges you more for like month to a month three, you can show them this right here because it says 1970 per month through this. Oh gosh, Jeremy’s not paying attention because Germany is aluminum He shouldn’t be here. bastard. This but anyway, yeah, so it’s very cheap if you buy it on moving our website. That’s all I’m going to say code is peace established. So we’re done with that. We’ll go over to what luminar is. So before I even do that. Let’s go high level Jeremy Jeremy. We’re back you


Jeremy: Okay, okay.


David: We’re back. We’re back come back to earth. Okay, so we’re going to talk about Photoshop and luminara, but we’re going to throw in Lightroom because you get Lightroom for free if you buy the Adobe Creative Cloud plan so


Jeremy: You get up I’ll I roam I don’t talk about like them.


David: Jeremy, Okay. Well you tell the audience now, so what’s the difference between Lumen Lightroom luminar and Photoshop and how you use them and why you don’t use?


Jeremy: Okay. Can I go along with this? All you want you want short answer or a long answer?


David: Let’s go. Let’s go good long answer because I want at what them to really


Jeremy: Okay, so so everything start with


David: understand.


Jeremy: Photoshop because Photoshop had a long history. It’s been at least 20 30 years being around. Okay. So everything started Photoshop Photoshop comes first layer on dude, come on to Leila way later personally myself. I learned Photoshop Way backwards for soft 4.0. Okay, wait now we have what Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 right?


David: CS oh yeah Creative Cloud critical


Jeremy: We’ll talk about four point. This is a this is at least a hand different version before all right.


David: Wow.


Jeremy: Now one thing you have to understand about Photoshop is that if that’s the term is says Photoshop you will isn’t it? technology advancing Photoshop, does Okay only work with follow but as a it only work with follow any more it work without say images. Now what they what kind of people use Photoshop so tall for use Photoshop graphic designer used Photoshop illustrator use Photoshop 3D graphic. Designer used Photoshop architect used Photoshop. So okay, then you will question like, okay. Wow, why do so many people use a software only work with photo? Well, it didn’t just work with photo it in within Photoshop. It basically is a multi cause career software I would say because it has so many Tools in there. Now if you your photo photographer you only useful Tuffy tools obviously and then you know, you probably never touch those We need tools like but so here’s the thing. A lot of people have thing about oh four stops. So how to use of course. It’s so hard to use you got to be like a 3D animator via architect be an illustrator be a photographer that you learn all those skills. That’s a lot to learn. But if you’re just doing photos, you just learn the tools from photos. That’s fine. It’s not that bad. Okay now but then again because of the confusion Adobe absolutely come up with that software called Lightroom. It’s kind of opposite all wealth in photography work with cup that room. So that’s their opinion words there what Lightroom is competitive Photoshop is it dumps that a lot of unnecessary for to unnecessary too old for anything else but photography. So is it dumb down but at the same time it becomes less powerful as well. All right to me. It becomes essential for what you want to do business or do something fast. They realize it’s for working photographer right now. One thing that working for David meet is not just quality is all about work force. Well because they have to handle multiple multiple could be thousand being meet at the same time. And that is what I will miss before they could equally organized and how you manage thousands of photos easy and well organized while Photoshop is only had a one single images per time. Okay, so that’s a huge difference. But in the creative part of it Photoshop can do whatever your imagination can while Lightroom Set need to say cannot.


David: Limited


Jeremy: Limited okay now and here comes walk in Nome enough for okay Doom enough for in my book. It’s kind of caused between Lightroom and Photoshop is in between. Okay, it’s very easy use compared to photoshop. But then again it also carry the similar kind of like they have a library so you can control multiple image at the same time as well because my room is so it’s in between and that it has function that light bulbs don’t have while folks are So let’s say it’s right in between but what I use it for I use it for pocket because I’ve been so in depth using Photoshop that that’s my workflow. I don’t need to change. This is a cool thing about f****** song. What is it? You have your work for either you work with like row, by the way, no matter for works both in Photoshop and label as a pumpkin. So that’s your choice. If you’re using Lightroom and do that go into Lumina, it will enhance your creativity and artistic if you are working in Photoshop and you use luminar for as a pack G it will save a lot of time on Chromebooks make sense. So that’s how I position all the software’s.


David: Very good.


Jeremy: That’s not right.


David: That’s not that’s a great answer and one thing that I learned from talking to you before is that one thing that separates Photoshop from Lightroom. Is that when you edit in Photoshop you are creating a work of art, right? You’re making a masterpiece.


Jeremy: Yep.


David: this folder with that photo with this background with that texture. You’re creating a masterpiece. You’re doing Composites, right? You have different font you can move around. You can craft font with pictures. You can blur the file. You can manipulate it into this amazing composite right here, right? That’s one photo. But then you add like a fishtail here to make her a mermaid. You move the chair you add it at an angle because it’s obviously not sitting on a chair like that because


Jeremy: G


David: that’s dangerous. You have jellyfish out the window. You can manipulate the photo to any Masterpiece you want. So that’s why Photoshop can do versus where Lightroom is just kind of manipulating the photo to make it look better and The basic thing to just a photo you don’t really manipulate the photo.


Jeremy: I think I forgot to mention one thing the really crucial difference between Lightroom and Photoshop in Photoshop


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: after working on that photo file you


David: Yes.


Jeremy: working on every single pixels what you Russia is actually actual pixel of the photos while in Lightroom.


David: Mhm.


Jeremy: They’re not really working on a photo you work in a virtual copy like more like a screenshot of the photo.


David: Yes.


Jeremy: So if you do one thing you own both software try to zoom All the way to maximize in both in Photoshop and Lightroom and Photoshop. You will see all the pencil dot dot dot and colors in my room you could


David: Yep.


Jeremy: could have because you’re not really working with a real photo.


David: Yeah, you’re working like with a proxy file or smaller version.


Jeremy: Yeah, something like that.


David: Yeah, I just this because again it’s like room is good for workflow. You can load like we load our full wedding where we shoot that five six thousand photos / wedding. We loaded all on one Lightroom catalogs, but they call it so you can scrub the all the timeline you can store to the date and time you can start which photographer took which picture what camera what lens is all in one area. So you can batch process things and move really quickly. It’s where we want to It one photo in more detail. That’s when we open up photoshop on top of Lightroom. So Jeremy doesn’t use Lightroom that he uses Photoshop. But whereas me as a photographer, I shoot weddings too and we predominantly use Lightroom. So it’s really up to you how you use it. Those are


Jeremy: I used a room just for organizing and copy and paste but that’s pretty much


David: Organization, okay.


Jeremy: it.


David: That makes sense. So pretty much we know the power of Photoshop. We should walk over the power of Lightroom just really quick to like Jeremy says it’s really a catalog and allows you to manipulate the pictures. So what makes it amazing is that easy? You can just slide things to move things along to get the effect you want exposure contrast highlights Shadows whites blacks and you can have organization, right? This is all sort by tags and whatnot because you’re loading your whole Library you can edit on the phone. It’s quick. And that is what Lightroom does now jump it over to luminar. I think you guys might have sighs Bill playing while Jeremy was talking but this is like a quick demo of what Lou are does is allows you to really manipulate the photos that using AI technology like we’re here you can add an object behind the Lifeguard Lifeguard house. It can manipulate around and you don’t have to mass at the Lifeguard house. It doesn’t make me feel like you’re here you’re adding Skies, but you have to mask out the mountains or anything in those what sky also hear you’re editing the photo portrait. but you’re adjusting your eyes or lips all the little details about portrait, but you don’t have the mask because these AI technology to the NFI different parts of the photo, I noticed what’s an object or what’s the phase was the eyes so I can adjust accordingly again, you can adjust the details and it will control the details on the object which is the sky. You can also clone people out really quickly by using the Eraser tool. It uses AI technology to Auto content where corrected and does a really good job of it. So there’s a lot of things you can do with luminara. Or and it takes you flew all the way to the next level above and beyond what Lightroom can do but it still has its Simplicity.


Jeremy: Hijack this conversation just for


David: Yes.


Jeremy: maybe another five minutes. I want to put our point that have you


David: Sure. Yeah.


Jeremy: ever had that question like you asked is photography art. Right don’t there’s Mulligan ever


David: Yeah, absolutely.


Jeremy: able to answer or they have both sigh argument like there’s no right or wrong.


David: Yes.


Jeremy: Can I put all my own point of view on this?


David: Sure. Absolutely Jeremy.


Jeremy: So


David: This is our Channel. We can say whatever we want.


Jeremy: yeah, I’m respecting you. Okay.


David: our Channel


Jeremy: So so the way I see it like photography is it I don’t know. when Photoshop Lightroom if you look We just based on looking at just like at the promoting the marketing if you go to their the all pictures like you can see is one single exposure photos. That’s what lightroom’s ocean is


David: hm.


Jeremy: while in Photoshop. We sell it all the crazy composite no crazy creative things right so you think about it when? Kind of August a why is for that we not well, first of all people are saying that you are not really creating anything. You have a mechanical device pointing at something and you capture it. You didn’t enjoy it just answer card it and then you go back to Lightroom


David: Yep.


Jeremy: you all you do is basically changing the exposure or even a white van with just tell me it’s not yours as well.




Jeremy: Nothing in that picture is you created except for the angle that you created why in Photoshop you can innovate it actually follows up and in Lumina for You could actually change the sky view one. You can change anything in your imagination you put in your creativity and Imagination into that piece of the work while I will cannot read a profile that kind of tool for you. So I’m just pointing out that you know, if you think that you want to create art. You got to go beyond photography and that’s what Photoshop do because Photoshop stop at photo graphic but


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: be thorough shop so you can shop around and do whatever you want while you roam you Easily inside open your trap along if the analogy makes sense or not.


David: It works. It’s a plan word, but it does make sense of what you’re saying. I like it.


Jeremy: It is how I felt you could to


David: Mmm Yeah


Jeremy: the reason that I don’t go to live on because whenever I have a thought of concept want to do something that photo I don’t have the tools in like one for me to be able to achieve that as fine ever. We want to work in there.


David: Yeah, yeah.


Jeremy: Anyway, that’s just me.


David: Yeah. That’s good. That’s really good. And here’s another video demonstration of luminara for against women of for is like kind of in between Lightroom and Photoshop and you can use it as a plug-in for both Lightroom and Photoshop to but this is where it uses technology to kind of bridge that what Jeremy says between just photo editing versus like photo manipulation. So it allows you to manipulate the sky adds object to the back of your picture at Birds your picture. This is manipulating, right? Adding creativity to your photo and not just taking a picture and then adjusting the colors a little bit. You’re actually


Jeremy: Well, I think that’s the key word of creating and far as the jamboard,


David: yeah.


Jeremy: right relation so


David: manipulation Yeah.


Jeremy: So it our form when you draw something on the campus you are


David: Yep.


Jeremy: renovating the reality and why


David: Yes, yeah.


Jeremy: unfollow shop you actually do that in a photo that you can get to the way you think that we all should be


David: Yep.


Jeremy: rather that you just capture and headed people as that’s the reality. That’s what you see we all nice too, but I capture it.


David: Yeah. Yep. Yeah also in alumina for it does a good job if you just want to adjust reality. You see this one just add some more sharpness and more contrast and the sharpness and more contrast and the cool thing is luminar for has AI technology. So, of course you can do similar things in Lightroom, and of course agreement flower shop, but with


Jeremy: I know that’s that’s what I said


David: you to all of this really quick.


Jeremy: about. We move it all the Chrome work and


David: Yes.


Jeremy: let you basically be have fun and be creative with the photo.


David: Yeah, it’s great for a portrait to like here’s a good example of luminar working his magic in portrait photography because before to change


Jeremy: What an inspiration?


David: yes, so before to make portraits edits like this, there’s a lot of like stamping of tools, but here you can say I want to remove defects and all skin meet defects and how much you just drag the slider and you notice once it does remove the defect is still has the texture of a skin so it looks realistic. it has the eyes just by sliding remove dark circles by sliding again whitening, I


Jeremy: G


David: I by sliding again improved eyebrown slide in large. The I slide change the locks just hover over it and gives you a preview Deluxe and notice no masking has been


Jeremy: yeah, that’s


David: done. You don’t need to mess up the eyes or


Jeremy: no.


David: and that is really how quick it took it just some sliders.


Jeremy: I mean you can do all this in Photoshop manually, but you can’t


David: Of course.


Jeremy: really do this manually label.


David: No.


Jeremy: So that’s where we it between like it’s got that’s why I kind of set Lumina for in between of like when


David: yes, yeah


Jeremy: Fellowship


David: Yeah, and of course you yes.


Jeremy: But then we use the sliding like Dimensions easy sliding. That’s the key.


David: Yes, it has a lot of functionality of Photoshop, but it has the ease of use of Lightroom. We’ll look at one more one minute inspiration. So we did we did one with portrait. We did one with manipulation of objects. Ooh, let’s look at what does this one do so real images More arts like images as watches one more video and see what this one has to offer. I’ve never seen this video before actually.


Jeremy: me neither


David: Oh I should play. This is new Lumenok keeps updating our videos. Also alumina is good. Port so if you buy this software you own the software forever, but the support is also very available. So if you have any problems contact them, they’ll help you out.


Jeremy: Look at that Scout replacement on this.


David: And then you get like the the the right and you can enhance the sky separately and you can change the different Skies. Oh look at that and look at that. Look how hard it would be to mass out all those Bridge cables.


Jeremy: This is gonna take a while.


David: It would take you forever you kidding. What was this software? It does automatically so you only have to worry about it. But look it looks so perfect. Now you can just worry about changing with Sky to use the contrast of the sky and how well it blends with the picture and even the default setting. It has a real light feature that once you change this guy it will relate your whole scene. So it looks believable and the words


Jeremy: beautiful


David: your the rest of your picture will blend with the sky. It’s that smart because otherwise it would look AKA Photoshop where you just replace the sky.


Jeremy: I don’t like using that word like


David: And the rest of your picture doesn’t reflect the call.


Jeremy: that AKA Photoshop like it because they make it sound like a bad thing.


David: I confuse the heck out everyone by saying that but when I say AKA Photoshop I had in quotes because that’s what the normal people say when they say oh that image is photoshopped, right?


Jeremy: That’s because there are so many what’s a good word to say this some not as skillful people that using Photoshop to produce some not as professional work out there and then


David: Yes.


Jeremy: that kind of let people lead to hey, you know, I have uh something that if you don’t you only do it halfway.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: halfway, it’s gonna get and then you put it out there already and that kind of reputation.


David: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, that’s exactly what it is. It’s it’s just a bad word to say it’s photoshopped but I won’t touch that in that because that’s that’s a that’s a topic for a lot longer debate. So you guys know the difference now between luminar and the combo of Lightroom and Photoshop look my office right in between today. Jeremy’s going to do a demonstration for us and he’s going to show us how we get the before and after we pretty much can start with photo that looks like this where it’s Overexposed. Is and you can’t really see a Sunset and there’s no birds to something afterwards where you add a sunset. You add some clouds at birds and it make it all blend really well, so you create a masterpiece of Art and Jeremy if you’re ready. Let’s see the demo.


Jeremy: Okay, I’m ready. Can you share this queen now? Tell me what you see.


David: Let me see. Yep, I can see your screen. I can see your screen.


Jeremy: Okay, so


David: So wait, hang on hang on. Hang on it went to full screen mode. I gotta make it smaller so we can still see yourself.


Jeremy: Okay.


David: There we go.


Jeremy: Okay.




Jeremy: Okay, so little story about this set,


David: Yeah, uh-huh.


Jeremy: Okay, normally I would carry flash. Normally. This is actually a friend. I mean, I’m not saying that I’m


David: Okay.


Jeremy: degrading it. So and I was going Li on that day. I think I would expect about the lighting and also the


David: Hm.


Jeremy: the duration because I don’t even know where to go. They actually told me to drive me everywhere and just you know Focus


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: for them. So I have no idea where I’m going and


David: right


Jeremy: I was a packing light.


David: dude


Jeremy: I’ll flash otherwise, this world would definitely have and also I have no assistant just so you know, so it in almost as this


David: Oh, yeah.


Jeremy: be I would if he see my mouse cursor.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: Okay, so I will have sauce is no your life Stan basically over here and the money in them why I could do a double


David: Yep.


Jeremy: exposure getting the exposure of the sunset way here also get it upright


David: Yep. Yep.


Jeremy: fortunately. I can do that. So that’s how this picture in camera looks like Like which to be honest, they still


David: Yep.


Jeremy: love it, you know.


David: It’s okay. I mean, it’s the moment you have the great moment. You guys good framing is still good photo?


Jeremy: I mean we have some let’s get down here. Right but then I went to suit above Now, you can honestly see the sun’s you the same thing. at this way there but you know


David: Yep.


Jeremy: because I have to expose for them and boom it’s gone.


David: Yeah, overexpose you can’t miss save in post because that information is blast out.


Jeremy: Yes, cuz it you basically get something Docker and digital photography. You could bring it back. But when you overexpose, you can only get so much back.


David: Yeah, cuz it’s capture as pure white.


Jeremy: Yeah, because you know, what kind of mix White?


David: all the pixels


Jeremy: No color white only white what color


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: mix black?


David: All the festivals.


Jeremy: exactly so


David: Yes a guy, right?


Jeremy: So pixel a black. So if you can’t digest the black you can find those detail back but in white because there’s only like so little color in there and mostly a white you want to stick a little bag


David: Yes. Yep.




David: Yeah, but pretty much in this photo. You can’t bring back the sunset.


Jeremy: So if you try to do this in life, um


David: It’s yeah.


Jeremy: try to bring that now there’s a lot of powerful camera out there can you know develop we crazy raw file some


David: Yep.


Jeremy: of my this one here, even though you have the most powerful one. I think you only get that so much but still but what you can do you


David: Mhm.


Jeremy: actually act so that this is the image that I use Photoshop and light


David: Wow.


Jeremy: ruler to recreate that from this to this.


David: That is night and day different although it still Sunset but night and day difference in the sunset photo. I mean, that is a dramatic difference.


Jeremy: And if you notice my first harvest, I don’t really use the word Alfred.


David: Yep.


Jeremy: It’s very different.


David: well, in this case, there’s no need


Jeremy: So.


David: of rule third because your eye is naturally drawn to this subject as there are no matter where they are in the photo.


Jeremy: Well, you actually told you the sun first, but that’s the key that


David: Though the sun is in the rule of thirds, right?


Jeremy: but that’s okay. Alright, so without further Ado should I just go back in?


David: Sure. Yeah, let’s


Jeremy: top


David: Yeah, that’s start from Square One.


Jeremy: did I hit something yet?


David: You’re loading.


Jeremy: and left


David: I think maybe I don’t know.


Jeremy: Well as loading, you’re right. All right, so actually, you know what? I mean. I’m not even real about that. Let me show you the worst of the worst. So that wasn’t even in it.


David: That that was the really did before now, right?


Jeremy: Yeah. So you see all this?


David: mmm


Jeremy: This Is How They capture in the camera


David: Yep.


Jeremy: Okay, so it’s kind of tilted the reason is I can really actually know their that’s how it is.


David: Oh, man.


Jeremy: I really really try to get at Sunset, but I couldn’t you know, because for


David: Yeah. Yeah, I see.


Jeremy: one they’re in a fairy not comfortable situation at the yellow and tell them the poster. I mean they post pretty well.


David: mmm


Jeremy: Okay, and then I got you can see it right now, but there’s a lot of people on the side, you know, I have a If you was a go out go away because


David: Yeah, yeah because they’re crossing


Jeremy: I’ve tried you know, why for me?


David: right?


Jeremy: Yeah, and then if you see it, the lines actually cook it because I wasn’t really able to get it from them and get that light line up. So that’s a raw image I got.


David: Yep.


Jeremy: I got that.


David: Hm.


Jeremy: Okay, at least I could get some of those stuff that it was nice.




Jeremy: You just like that. It’s okay Sunset I could get warmer picture but then you know if I could do better I could do better than my good friends. So first thing first, let me kind of


David: Yep.


Jeremy: just open up the shallow a bit here.


David: Yep. So now this these manipulation you’re doing is in camera raw, which is


Jeremy: I’m working directly with the raw


David: of Photoshop, right?


Jeremy: files.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: Okay, so I don’t.


David: So we’re not touching luminar yet this just Photoshop stuff.


Jeremy: No, not yet his Photoshop so do that but so I can see more now. Now this is something I will do all the time I owe you guys. So I basically draw tool. I see that it wasn’t straight right


David: Yep.


Jeremy: but this will help me align.


David: Yep.


Jeremy: Did I the reason it because if I do normally I go for all the time in


David: Hm.


Jeremy: this case not all of doesn’t seem too looking for a couple of things always good good job about this because it’s Auto right? Well it looking for a straight line in the picture to try a line there in


David: Yep.


Jeremy: this case. I think I’m just making they probably look at the rock formation here as a line right all that so it confused


David: Yeah, yeah.


Jeremy: and half of them. So I have to bypass the auto the


David: Yep.


Jeremy: auditor Otto this is all right. Just do whatever all


David: Yep. Yep.


Jeremy: This is Otto horizontal parolee. This is Otto vertical priority.


David: aha


Jeremy: This is all those try to get a balance on both now.


David: Interesting. I never knew that.


Jeremy: Yeah, so none of this video work in this case. So if to a what I did is basically


David: mmm


Jeremy: just draw a line. You see that all you needed to line


David: Yep.


Jeremy: or more and it will find a good


David: Is it?


Jeremy: policy just that.


David: Nice good tip.


Jeremy: right, so that


David: I’m already learning new stuff. I never did this before.


Jeremy: Right there. That’s oops. Okay. I like that better. What did that but you know what I want to do something do this time. Okay. So, let me open up my butt a little bit. See how sharp this thing. Is. This is Fuji xt3.


David: Who?


Jeremy: There were tiny, but then these two shop love that lens.


David: Yeah, the Fuji xe3 is a great camera. Now. There’s a Fuji X T4, which is even better than the xt3.




David: But same sensor just add more features.


Jeremy: So I see some blue on the dress. So I’m trying to remove here little bit. I don’t want too much of it and I don’t want to add too much color on it yet because I need to make it bearable so that I know but I want to replace this guy. So I stole two idiots guide to make


David: Yep.


Jeremy: Luminaire work easier. I make sure that I have a contrast in love with horizontal line here so


David: Yep.


Jeremy: that no man can pick up. Okay, and you need a job now when I


David: Yeah. mmm


Jeremy: Now when I line the picture you see how those missing pixel on both the


David: Yep.


Jeremy: corner.


David: Yep.


Jeremy: There’s a tube. That’s okay as easy really easy fix. So I think this is good enough for me to open. This is still raw converter camera


David: Okay.


Jeremy: raw to 0.01. This is not Photoshop yet until I


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: open image, then it will become a


David: So this cat?


Jeremy: flat image in Photoshop.


David: Yep, so camera raw is that there’s a come with Photoshop or can you just download it by itself?


Jeremy: It comes to polish it comes


David: Okay, that makes sense.


Jeremy: Photoshop. It comes to photos of a rich


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: actually.


David: Mmm.


Jeremy: I found it. It it it used to be more powerful that I will believe it or not. Yes, but then they’ve kind of more and more migrate more to camera raw features into Lightroom. So like one can do quite a lot now.


David: Yes.


Jeremy: Oh it away. I feel not fair because you know, they keep pushing a live on while baby basically Photoshop and raw


David: Yep.


Jeremy: other mother and while they give it a son and then give no created in the mom.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: You probably don’t know if we will on that one. Okay, so let me fix those.


David: Yep. So basic content aware fill, right?


Jeremy: Yeah, so in this case if there’s nothing others, but why so I you do both spaces shift F5 is a few and I


David: Yep. Yep.


Jeremy: would choose content that you could feel with different things. Okay this case I want to fix it and make sure I don’t just want to do it. Why because okay, even though you see this is why I could tell you that


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: whether they’re not white. They’re not pure a 100% so well human


David: Yes, of course not no way. It’s a gradient.


Jeremy: eye can see that sometimes you know


David: Yes.


Jeremy: it if you did not calibrate your monitor while you can see it, right?


David: But you can you can see what you paint white over it. It will look terrible.


Jeremy: yeah, it will look terrible so


David: Yeah. Yes.


Jeremy: So as you want just for the heck might as well.


David: Yeah, this paint right over it.


Jeremy: Give it a try.


David: You can definitely see.


Jeremy: Pick so let’s go away window. So if I put G, okay.


David: that


Jeremy: See you. Bye put D my color.


David: yep.


Jeremy: Here. We go back to default black and white


David: Yep.


Jeremy: if I fix I can turn it on and off of which was the foreground color which was the background color.


David: Yep.


Jeremy: So in this case, I want to use white. So I’ll make white on the foreground color be and I have a brush.


David: Yep. Yep.


Jeremy: So my brush way now is a capacity 200% 23% Well, you know for this


David: Yep.


Jeremy: for this case, I wouldn’t put a hundred percent so you can see a lot of white now you can’t see it but


David: Haha, you can’t.


Jeremy: You can’t see it. That’s but you never know sometimes lay in this case.


David: What?


Jeremy: It doesn’t matter because I will replace this guy anyway, but you can’t have too much brighter


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: It is in the yellow tone down there,


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: So most of the time I don’t go in Right? like that.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: So the best case is you know, what let me duplicate that just in case


David: Yep. Missed it.


Jeremy: Yeah, I know. Okay, so I have that and the fur fastest keep is shift F5 and I will get few out and make sure the contents is continent where animal normal capacity which present and make sure option color at the option is Click so that it will match the colors to just click.




Jeremy: Okay, and let it work little bit done.


David: Yep. Yep. Now you’re guaranteed. It looks good.


Jeremy: Stephen goes down here. You could do the same thing, right?


David: Yep. Yep.


Jeremy: Right? But in this case, I’m actually go into continent where feel rotten using feel there’s a reason


David: ah


Jeremy: video about this issue belongs.


David: tomorrow, yeah.


Jeremy: Tomorrow. Yeah, so you want more depth about content where field check that out in pixel steppers.


David: Yeah, or you can either pieces never calm or youtube.com Forest.


Jeremy: Not calm. Oh Youtube.com slash pixel Snappers. Yeah, so I’m going to go into cons


David: Yep.


Jeremy: were filled the here’s a reason why because I’m getting my dad left,


David: Okay and see there it is.


Jeremy: okay. self




Jeremy: So many window open I can’t even touch it anyway. Come on, look at that works. You see it. So the reason because there’s some Bibble on there and the window Okay,




Jeremy: Okay. So sometimes what you do is we tell if you just directly tell Photoshop. Hey, I want you to content-aware and fill this in for me. Well Photoshop they would look at the




Jeremy: the whole picture look for every single Pixel in the picture and do the calculation and sometimes when


David: Yep.


Jeremy: you put in too much information, it will go wrong now in the latest.


David: Yes.


Jeremy: Um Photoshop in the content aware fill they give us something really cool to play with if you look at this side here, we’ve been kind of where field so I have a brush right now,


David: Hm.


Jeremy: right now that whatever brush for okay, and then I can pick the color in this case. I got to collect winner and I like weeds such as between that and then it indicates sampling area. Now what that means is sampling area is that let’s say for example, you like a queen on the picture. Right that


David: Yep.


Jeremy: Right that I don’t Want those those are the


David: Yep, right.


Jeremy: I don’t want that. I just want those.


David: Yes.


Jeremy: if you look at it, it looks perfect


David: Yep. Yes.


Jeremy: the spirit. So what this does is I’m telling Photoshop. Hey, just look at the area with the green to calculate don’t


David: Yep.


Jeremy: anywhere else.


David: right


Jeremy: Imagine if I don’t have greens here,


David: Yep.


Jeremy: but if I tell you I tell them look at it here use that look at that.


David: It’s you mess up.


Jeremy: That’s what they did.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: See that that but that’s what happened.


David: Yep.


Jeremy: Either way. I’ll go shop. But Photoshop is dumb as the Rocks.


David: well


Jeremy: Okay, you gotta tell what


David: Yep. Yeah, beautiful.


Jeremy: So wait, they’re done.


David: Yep.


Jeremy: Okay, so just click OK and we have to feel easy.


David: Yep. Nice looking good.


Jeremy: but I have a lot of people don’t do


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: this, but I do because I would go to history and click


David: Hm.


Jeremy: make a slap shot.


David: What does that do?


Jeremy: That’s my state. So this snapshot is basically a snapshot. Which all is procedures were done? Okay.


David: Oh, I usually just make another layer or do I save adds another PSD file?


Jeremy: that that’s that’s just that’s just


David: Waste of resources, right?


Jeremy: way too resources to see what just do this.


David: Oh, wow, that’s cool.


Jeremy: It was safe history. You would go back to this step right? For example, if I sat in it right now right and do more to it right now,




Jeremy: Do do do do whatever couple more layer blah blah blah right that those


David: yep


Jeremy: right that those because we have history. Snapshot it will be back.


David: nice yeah that’s sweet that’s a new feature that I never never used before and that’s why are the cool thing about Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom if you use the Creative Cloud is that this is not a new feature in this particular one but like any new feature that comes out


Jeremy: No.


David: it’s really easy to update to the latest version because it’s connected


Jeremy: Yes.


David: to the internet that’s going to be your account it’ll just say there’s a version you might update click update and get the latest version you get all the bells and whistles the latest version anyway yeah that’s one of my favorite feature of having


Jeremy: Also, there’s a lot of people


David: Howard


Jeremy: Photoshop Lightroom is that like rope is not disruptive and Photoshop is


David: mmm


Jeremy: and that’s why the newest functions they give up their non-disruptive. Look what I did on on the continent where field they did on the top layer


David: This is this is yep.


Jeremy: and the lower layer see that so when that now, so let me give you nice


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: so we can see the better to a truck




Jeremy: which is control or shift e


David: mmm


Jeremy: And what this function does is it basically peel a whole new layer on top with all the layer that I have a combined as so with this layer I can


David: Yep.


Jeremy: I can now easily go into my no manner for as a builder pocket.




Jeremy: There’s right now I want to fix this. Now I want to fix this. You know what I knew. You know what I need a kid


David: Make another layer of that layer.


Jeremy: You know what I need a kid Lisa. No, no. No. I need to start over. It’s okay.


David: What what what?


Jeremy: I want to just always something what which I discovered while I was working on this image. It’s is fast. Don’t worry no work.


David: Okay.


Jeremy: So I will close this way now because that does nothing.


David: Okay.


Jeremy: All right. I’m going to open this again one more time because I had to do this a draw


David: Okay.


Jeremy: I’m very sorry about this guy’s


David: No worries.


Jeremy: you will like this though. Did I click on it already? Is it opening? Is it loading because sometimes I don’t know who’s using it.


David: I don’t know. So what yep?


Jeremy: Hey you go. Okay. So, let’s assume I have this already, okay.


David: mmm


Jeremy: Now the reason I don’t do this now because not that I won’t go to a gradient tools here. And I’m going to do that and I will lower the exposure see see that.


David: Oh.


Jeremy: I want to do it in raw. I’m not touching this guy because I’m not fixing that but I will do this.


David: Yep.


Jeremy: This is what I’m trying to do get those back. You see that that’s


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: is that want to do this in raw and get the most raw and original pixel get the color back through with this


David: Right, right.


Jeremy: I could do this in Photoshop later inside outside, but that I can able to tap into the Unseen pixel that the raw capture because once I bring in


David: Yep.


Jeremy: Photoshop it become a chip is flat


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: the kind of flat on the data. So I’m going to do this here. That’s why I didn’t come back.


David: Yeah, so the funny thing is you


Jeremy: So it looks more.


David: actually edit raw in Lumina for directly. But because you’re going through Photoshop now, it’s goes through a JPEG layer already.


Jeremy: You see this function here. This gradient is wrong.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: You do you know that what other software has this too?


David: When I say as a question one time.


Jeremy: Do you know what other software has this function?


David: What function?


Jeremy: This gradient that you can control all the exposure controls highlight Lightroom had to steal.


David: Yes, it does.


Jeremy: This time I got it from my room got this from here.


David: Yep. Yep.


Jeremy: So but yeah anyway, so that’s we someone come back here for that.


David: mmm


Jeremy: Okay, and


David: That makes sense.


Jeremy: in Allah most high doesn’t really matter because you know, unless you’re like a pixel fit sometimes I am sometimes I’m not


David: Your pizza perfectionist we can we can call Upp pixel-perfect your


Jeremy: No, no, no.


David: pep. Look at this room guys. It’s detect the area and PP Pixel Perfect.


Jeremy: Shut up.


David: I’m just hitting its Jeremy Chan.


Jeremy: Let me do that and duplicate the layers. I just like to clean those up. I don’t need a burst because they’ll be gone.


David: Are you add your own Birds?


Jeremy: Anyway, yes, I saw C fast right


David: Yep, they are there.


Jeremy: We can go back to my domain.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: This don’t scare me like that.


David: Okay, cool. Sorry, sorry, I can’t see the screen is a little bit small. So remember to zoom in a little bit more when you work on the photos.


Jeremy: Okay. Yeah, we do that.


David: Yeah. Yep.


Jeremy: I have limited landscape here, too. Help a brother,


David: No worries.


Jeremy: Okay, and we use the mouse here only the path.


David: a mouse


Jeremy: Girls here so I’m going to go relay. As I will you know, which one I want I want sunset for right?


David: Yes, except for looks good, but let’s just see some of the other one to see how fast you can go to different sunset by click of a button again, the cool thing is Jeremy didn’t have to mask out anything luminar knows what the boundary of us guys are and


Jeremy: Yep.


David: it can pick the sky for you. It’s really cool. those options


Jeremy: I mean, that’s a pretty good deal. But I just found out he’s not a traumatic, you know.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: Now we could go in and flip


David: Hmm.


Jeremy: here, right?


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: And you change the bright boost type you want that’s not quite match, you know.


David: No, because this guy kind of Blends into the water a little bit because


Jeremy: Yeah, so did Sunset is kind of


David: of the way yeah.


Jeremy: getting all it has to be a sunset


David: Yeah, yeah.


Jeremy: picture and we’ve like with it has to be dramatic like we did always Sunset picture to otherwise work.


David: Yes.


Jeremy: So this one


David: Yep.


Jeremy: Otherwise won’t work to see you. Did I actually just one must not that


David: Yeah.




David: That one looks like it’s almost natural like a hundred percent natural, right? It’s so believable.


Jeremy: this one


David: Yes, very believable.


Jeremy: Well, I’ll just have to fix the little thing here. You see that that little Gap there.


David: Yeah. Mmm.


Jeremy: to fix that da


David: What? Oh you fix this so quickly. I didn’t even know you can do that.


Jeremy: so


David: the hands of Jeremy Chan. nicely went up the power of lunar in


Jeremy: that looks closely on some things to


David: going after


Jeremy: see why is even math inside


David: uh-huh.


Jeremy: that in between.


David: Wow, that is so cool.


Jeremy: And here’s apply a little bit of


David: Yeah. Yep. Oh, it’s smart.


Jeremy: orange government doctor for them.


David: Yep.


Jeremy: That looks pretty good. Ain’t no gold here. It looks pretty good, too. Hey, let me go back to this fit to There you go. screen. Alright so like this, so I’m not


David: Yep.


Jeremy: touching any more. Should I use this or the other one? Let’s change it up because you know in a family I used in a nice guy, but


David: Yep.


Jeremy: might as well. It doesn’t matter right? Nobody really cares. I’m going to play with


David: The fact that you can you can change the sky so quickly.


Jeremy: I’m going to play with


David: It doesn’t really matter.


Jeremy: Yeah, I would do this. Oh look even better.


David: Wow, that’s so dramatic.


Jeremy: All right answers.


David: That looks good.


Jeremy: Dramatic, that’s very dramatic, but somehow it made my guy kind of dark.


David: Not that much.


Jeremy: It is a bit much. So I’m going to apply a mask on it.


David: hmm


Jeremy: Oh, but I do. They’re so crazy sometimes.


David: What happened? You have like so many windows open. That’s crazy.


Jeremy: Thanks to you so I have arrays on


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: Venus what I mean. Wait, hold on. This is what I need.


David: You’re changing this other things I noticed I know you’re doing it, too. right.


Jeremy: No, I am not. I need to inverse.


David: You’re not.


Jeremy: I’m right.


David: Okay, you first it. So now you’re right maybe.


Jeremy: so it is here that you like you can see what your mass is so so basically


David: Yes.


Jeremy: So so basically I’m trying to mask our what I did on the aii, right? So all the red will we take other AI adjustment except for this little part here so I am going to do a


David: Yep.


Jeremy: So I am going to do a little bump rushing here to kind of right now because they get away. I mean the stuff is meant that monastic an automatic. Oh, but they are still debating subject here.


David: Yep.


Jeremy: It always chat in what I do.


David: You change the invert the brush again.


Jeremy: – that’s why suppose we might as he had a little circles as –


David: Yep.


Jeremy: that’s what it does and let me see. Hey, there you go.


David: There you go.


Jeremy: All right, it looks much much better now.


David: Yep.


Jeremy: See election talk to myself.


David: Yep.


Jeremy: anymore Justice?


David: Yep. Nice.


Jeremy: Okay good. About this and oh wait, I need to do one more thing. I knew I forgot something.


David: We need birds in the sky.


Jeremy: Yes. Yes. I know. I know you’ve been asking for it.


David: I want the birds. I want the first in the sky.


Jeremy: That’s the which were did I used last time? I think there is you now. That’s way too much about the three.


David: too many birds Perfect.


Jeremy: Okay bear is back and I’m not.


David: Except it’s kind of two Center. Can you move it around?


Jeremy: Yeah, so they have this button called plays object.




Jeremy: You can make them bigger smaller. And move them. So I like to move down the way here.


David: So right now is it being masked? Like if you move some of the birds behind the mountains are there going to be hidden or going to be a fun at all?


Jeremy: Yes, so this AR I hear all this


David: Oh, that’s sick.


Jeremy: object work with the the mass that


David: Yes.


Jeremy: luminary self-created.


David: That’s so sick that.


Jeremy: I want to like you.


David: That is awesome.


Jeremy: So I’m a we light this / a little bit to to to apply the sunset and China


David: Yep.


Jeremy: maybe – a little bit and warm in a little bit that it looks more natural now, doesn’t it? you know because I want some of the sunset behind car hit the Verso when


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: you put on my last what it does is basically kind of get a possibility. You know, it’s 81% some of those


David: Yes.


Jeremy: Sunset Lighting in the back. Well, you know kind of apply to the bird and that makes it look more realistic like that.


David: Yep Blends in better.


Jeremy: So, yes, so I’m going to keep it at that. Yeah, I think that looks pretty good, right.


David: Idea is great.


Jeremy: Let’s see if I play with some that loves and see if anything looks good here. that I like


David: Yeah, so you got about nine minutes use as much of that Nami as you want.


Jeremy: Okay. Okay, almost there.


David: Yeah, take your time. Don’t go over nine minutes though. Yeah as close to 9 means as he can.


Jeremy: Why?


David: Yeah, because I have a meeting after this. I got to run to a meeting.


Jeremy: Okay, got it. Ch2 said that alright so I am done


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: with this. I think. Oh wait. Oh wait. I


David: Wait, what did you just change a


Jeremy: I knew.


David: deluxe to it?


Jeremy: I added a laughs but then it turned the kind of to purple is so I need to warm it up a table. So you have the sunset view like that. Oh Sita now the warm right?


David: Yes.


Jeremy: I don’t do one more just one more thing and then I’m gonna I promise


David: Sure.


Jeremy: Mitchell


David: No keep keep keep keep going keep


Jeremy: sure all right at us right here.


David: Keep working you doing good. You’re gonna add a son.


Jeremy: the Sun.




Jeremy: I don’t need that much just like that’s fine.


David: That’s so awesome. I’ve never used this feature before sun rays.


Jeremy: see


David: And does this one taking effect the AI to if you put the sun right behind the mountain does the mountain cover up the Sun?


Jeremy: I know you do see.


David: It does what that’s pretty cool.


Jeremy: But it’s easy how to somewhere doesn’t really matches to White. So I need to use the Warmness of it.


David: Yeah. Oh.


Jeremy: Right there.


David: Wow, that looks so good. Yeah, that just changes the whole mood of the photo just


Jeremy: because I added it I need to kind of


David: Just adding a Sun Ray.


Jeremy: open up this little bit and also shadow. Shadow shadow shadow more more.


David: mmm


Jeremy: Hey, that’s better. Now looks like this do this. How’s that?




Jeremy: All right, so apply.


David: I love it. Suite so I mean everything you did has such a dramatic effect going from the sky and then adding the birds and then adding The Sunray like each of those made the photo like a whole


Jeremy: Like this is like Tomic composite


David: nother level better.


Jeremy: type of stuff it you if you do it in


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: Photoshop. It’s going to take a little longer. And also you need to know which tool to go with right here.


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: I’m still doing composite you think about it, but it’s all sliders.


David: Yep. Yeah, and there are layers involve.


Jeremy: right


David: It’s just that there are hidden from you.


Jeremy: Yeah, so the only thing that we have you do is you have to make the decision on the placement of the objects.


David: Wow.


Jeremy: How play color so Like that, so I got yes, of course.


David: He zoom in a little bit on the photo zoom in zoom in zoom in a little bit. There you go too much. We want to see the whole picture, right?


Jeremy: like that


David: Yeah, there we go. nice


Jeremy: So it looks more natural, but what could do one more thing? It’s weighted this up. So I have a subject here, but I’m gonna get myself a I got finally put a mass on them. But the other way around I just buy not subject to much and actually


David: Yes, that’s it. Yeah, but that’s quick way to


Jeremy: that’s too much. Yeah, my path is always using


David: Boom.


Jeremy: circular stuff to do because I don’t need to draw stuff on it.


David: Yeah. a gradient mask


Jeremy: Here’s why is it so big?


David: Because your precious big.


Jeremy: You know what?


David: Change your brush size.


Jeremy: here


David: Now you have no. Note your hardness is too high.


Jeremy: it hurt.


David: ah


Jeremy: There and oh, no, I forgot something.


David: Make it more believable around them. I’m in this photo is just looking amazing already.


Jeremy: My dad, I just find out of this. He just attacks in certainly do and


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: then done.


David: That’s fantastic man. Like you just change out for it looks good. But has terrible colors to something that has the most intense dynamic range I’ve ever seen like to be able to capture. This in person is literally impossible. Like I don’t even see this kind of Dynamics guy ever.


Jeremy: So the its kind of composite and texting is that one you don’t have to


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: wait for the perfect guy. You know, they have app you basically


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: the ever when it’s good / Sunset and


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: you know, we feel the bur defying so


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: flying so you can’t you go you’re in full control anyway.


David: Yeah post by time you wait for the perfect guy. There is almost dark and you only have like ten minutes after golden hour and also like the bride might be


Jeremy: mmm


David: cold because it weather is colder at


Jeremy: Oh, yeah, darling five minutes.


David: that time. Yeah, right and during that time.


Jeremy: That is not much time for this.


David: there’s a lot of people because everyone was sick for that time too. So it’s to your advantage to take it


Jeremy: Yeah.


David: not at the optimal time, but then go and post processing and then making it look even better than if you got the perfect sense set.


Jeremy: course Okay.


David: power of post-processing


Jeremy: I am daunt.


David: so I guess you’re faster than we thought you still have four minutes. You might just kind of talked to anything else. You want to talk to you about the photo.


Jeremy: Sure, um, you know because you


David: mmm, like four


Jeremy: told me that not time, so I will probably go in and do the blue a little Booth doesn’t look too so I’m


David: Sure.


Jeremy: going to select your color and just I


David: Hm.


Jeremy: needed to do. Come play around with it blue has


David: Oh.


Jeremy: Loops just like so we know is blue and cyan so you got one of those too


David: mmm


Jeremy: in case you know, and


David: I see I see a little bit of a gradient with the blue almost too much. Oh, no, I take it back. It’s a nice gradual transition between blue and orange.


Jeremy: so I’m going to add some lll clear but not like that.


David: You messed up everything way you I


Jeremy: Okay.


David: give you some and it looks so good. What did you do Jeremy this looks like Mike and photo bring it back.


Jeremy: And bring it back. Oh, I know what that was


David: Get them back.


Jeremy: percent fluoride in to be a 10. That’s good. That’s my painting stuff.


David: Now you blending it in nicely. So a little bit of that craziness combined with the amazing dynamic range. We had you have a nice finessed.


Jeremy: A little bit on them.


David: Yep.


Jeremy: type of the whole pictures and then


David: Yep.


Jeremy: then one more thing? What this little bit and also on this I am going to get 50 percent capacity and just get get a little more intense and that way here.


David: hmm I’m not seeing effect.


Jeremy: but that see you now. It was 50% That’s why it was.


David: Yeah, so it said, oh, I like it though. It Blends better.


Jeremy: Here.


David: Yeah. Yeah, I can see it now nice.


Jeremy: Yeah, so just little fine tuning in there because you know, you always need that. So if I’m here and that’s no Mana for


David: Wow.


Jeremy: and they’ll fine tuning Photoshop and make sure the whole pit I did and


David: Yep. Wow, that’s such.


Jeremy: voila.


David: Can you show me that again? That’s cool, like original and alumina Ford and other Photoshop edits.


Jeremy: Hey, this is original.


David: yeah, zoom zoom zoom zoom in a little


Jeremy: Well album Rock.


David: bit zoom in a little bit so we can see the full picture little bit more.


Jeremy: Okay, I think that’s the


David: Yeah too much. Is that the full picture that is for


Jeremy: picture. That’s a that’s a cool pictures and


David: picture? Alright, cool.


Jeremy: lumina for we added we played we


David: Yes.


Jeremy: played as the sky at in a Sunray at


David: Yep.


Jeremy: the bird right and then when I come


David: Mhm. Mhm.


Jeremy: subject little bit see that.


David: Yep. Yep.


Jeremy: And here affects the blue the tube,


David: Nice. Yep. Oh, yeah.


Jeremy: you know if I wanted Matic, but


David: Yes, I like the


Jeremy: that’s just too crazy. Right?


David: Yes. Yep.


Jeremy: I basically add small walnuts to the So I took it down then here.


David: Yep.


Jeremy: whole scenery because those because


David: Yep.


Jeremy: you know, we kind of key everything apart. Some of them are not getting that all over global natural light. So it’s case and it at that those


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: as if those blue area that we’re also that stuff right and then the last of


David: Yep.


Jeremy: them Is enhance the brightness of the Golden Sun? Oh wait, hold on. What is it?


David: It is good.


Jeremy: There you go lower.


David: Who even more gold and more deep


Jeremy: See ya.


David: saturated Orange?


Jeremy: I wanted to be deep orange red and white because they assume adjust attack. If I get a tube right you will look into the sun right now right?


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: it down. It’s stupid it


David: Oh, yes.


Jeremy: It kind of bothers no balance out that becomes G from the brightest


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: so you look at rest first.


David: Yeah. Yeah, that’s art. That is the fine detail art.


Jeremy: Everyone laughing I will do I will actually do a crop


David: Yep, how come I wasn’t 16 by 9 to




David: begin with? Oh, yeah pictures are normally not


Jeremy: Yep, so it’d be like this.


David: severe enough for three. That would look amazing as a thumbnail look so good.


Jeremy: So, you know how that let’s do another screenshot so snapshots. Oh, I


David: snapshot


Jeremy: Anyway.


David: But you did oh because if we did it,


Jeremy: Oh well.


David: yeah.


Jeremy: So, yeah, so that’s working


David: Yeah, we did it.


Jeremy: and no manner. So Photoshop I based what to do things flow shop and raw converter were converted to get the most raw pixel up to get as much as I can right get away and then go Lumina to


David: Yep.


Jeremy: Chrome Works such as the compositor. We placing Sky any birds, son or that which require a lot of skills as so this time in photos of the do and then Did that are in nominal really fast as you can see and when I come back out with the number. I just fine-tune detail as more detail of the whole picture in Photoshop and voilà done just like


David: Hm.




David: Amazing now. How long would it have taken you use Photoshop only to do some like this.


Jeremy: half an hour


David: And then this probably if you if you didn’t have to show every step and explain all detail.


Jeremy: no, no, Tommy 45 minutes, at least not for half an hour. Does that yeah, I have to


David: 45 minutes


Jeremy: everything. Well, why are no matter I just like playing with the sliders so


David: Yeah, and how about if you were to use luminar without taking the time to explain everything you would just do it as fast as you can to get this result. How long would it?


Jeremy: Oh, I thought at 10 15 minutes max


David: 10-15 minutes. So you’re doing it three times faster 15 minutes 10 minutes instead of 45 minutes. That’s four times four point five times less.


Jeremy: I will go fast. And I know exactly what I want I


David: Yeah, yeah because it’s really just


Jeremy: could fit this in five minutes.


David: sliders right boom Sky boom Birds bum Sunray adjust exposure little bit do some masks that I’m


Jeremy: You said you found the top. I don’t have to gather like what I’m doing explain and try things out and try and are and yeah find out of the time I take to finish this.


David: yeah. Nice nice well done. So are you happy that there are tools now that can save you tons of time and potentially replace Jeremy do you think is going to be place to Jeremy?


Jeremy: No, because they still didn’t know where to put stuff.


David: Yeah, so a I can only do so much. They still need Jeremy Chen the master photo the master of pixel manipulation.


Jeremy: Don’t put me on that spot this way better people.


David: pretty good one a very humble Photoshop digital artist photographer that’s willing to share all his knowledge and teach the future generation of photographer. Not the best of one darn good photographer that I know.


Jeremy: I wish more people can do stuff like this that way all the photo would be so amazing out there. We need we need that we have on it was out there right now that you can,


David: Yeah. Yeah, I mean this.


Jeremy: you know create anything that you wanted that comes in your mind.


David: mmm


Jeremy: I don’t think we maximize all those tools enough, honestly.


David: Yeah, we don’t.


Jeremy: We just know no offense the most photographers if they’re doing portrait or landscape. It just stay in Lightroom. I mean landscape is fine. No yusei’s just color, but there’s a


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: lot of different genres of Photography out there and I feel like we need to maximize that’s mine.


David: agree


Jeremy: Yep.


David: Very good. All right. Well that takes us to the end of the video while I’m sweating. My face is so oil is hot in my room. It’s so hot today. Yeah. I got the shine. We need to use Lumina afford to like tone down the shyness of my face.


Jeremy: Oh, yeah, we get it.




Jeremy: I can tell you do that.


David: Anyway, any last words before we wrap up Jeremy?


Jeremy: I will be doing more videos on post processing you need a photo shops on Lumina for in our Channel pixel stepper. So do you go ashes pick those steppers with s right because the me and you so you’ll feel about es6 of


David: Yeah pieces levers. That’s what we are.


Jeremy: peppers. So do check us out.


David: Yep.


Jeremy: We want to know more about photography especially post process because that’s what I specialize in.


David: Yep. Yep and follow us on Amazon live to see more videos like this and also the forget the link down below you can get Photoshop and Lightroom for $10 a month and you can’t see any time and its monthly plan and you can luminar for and Amazon or if you go to Pieces average.com for / luminar, you can get some discount and apply the code pixel stabbers for $10 off and remember it’ll have they told you at Jeremy’s not going to want to know basically if you go to three Meet planned the answer to code. It looks like it takes ten dollars off each of the payment plan. So that’s saving you $30. I don’t know if it works or not, but take a screen shot of that. So if luminar charges you more you said hey, that’s the screen shot. I took that’s the price. I’m willing to pay. So you should be able to get a great deal if you take advantage of that right now, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to fix it. Anyway, I’m done talking about that Jeremy you can go back so that wraps


Jeremy: Yeah getting software.


David: it up.


Jeremy: and it’s powerful enough and I Alumina is this so it’s affordable


David: Yeah.


Jeremy: will elevate your photography for sure.


David: Yeah, you get it once and you can use it forever. I mean remember again today. What we did is we use Photoshop and Luna for to create this amazing effect. So that about wraps up. Thank you so much for watching. Thank you for following and subscribing to our Channel. We love your support. Let us know in the comments in the chat. If you have any requests for other stuff, we wanted to teach everything we know and if you want to learn something, we don’t know. We’ll learn it so we can show it to you. We love photography and we want to share with the world. All right. Thank you so much and have a great night, and we are signing out. Let’s sign out on my channel and we’ll send out on this channel


Jeremy: Wait wait.


David: keep waving. Bye guys. We are signing out and three two one




David: should be out. All right, we’re done.