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Video Transcription

Hi everybody welcome to you PixelStabbers

today we’re checking out

a gimbal let’s check this out and it’s

live you see that action right there

we are oh yeah you must be happy to see


um yeah this is my extra arm you see


i can move this around look at this look

at this look how awesome this is

and i’m tethered and i’m getting live

footage and i love this device because


this this little extra thing here it’s

called the z-axis

you see it adds one extra axis of


in my motion because if i run for

example you see how it absorbs all the


look at this my camera is stable that’s

that’s a live footage

isn’t that awesome you see how the

z-axis kind of helps stabilizes


dude why are you laughing this is so

freaking awesome anyway

totally a bit light workout right there

this is my workout

but anyway guys welcome to utechmia

and actually we’re at pix establish

today so we’re talking about camera gear


welcome to pixel stabbers my name is

david right there is

jeremy chan we are going to talk to you

about this little

handle right here right so let me let me

actually pull that down so you can

see the comparison right now so you see

there’s two there’s two handles for us

to talk about

there’s a cheap one which is 80 bucks

and this one

okay just in case you don’t want to

watch this whole video

this i would not recommend the 80 one

we’re gonna i’m gonna set it up and show

you how bad it is

but this one for 180 dollars same brand

digital photo is so much better this one

this one is so good guys this is the

aeris z access i i totally recommend


in fact i bought it myself with my

very own money in fact you can see right


i purchased this way back on march


photo shoot and it was a fantastic

fantastic device

um yeah

i bought it more than a year ago and i

actually used it a lot

and i use it with my dji ronin s with my

canon m50 camera and it is so

good actually we should talk about the

camera and the lens that i use later

but so my setup and how i shoot this

um let me show you that real quick here

so this is

this is obviously if you hold this

and continuously hold this for the whole

entire day

you can imagine it kind of works your

arm a little bit right

even though you’re running balancing

triceps yes

so i’ll tell you a feature about this

handle this handle

works really well obviously and see when

you want to put it down on the table

the handle doesn’t get in the way

because dji ronin-s has these stands

you just put it down and the handle is

just on the side

now if you don’t want to use the handle

you can just use the gimbal

as if the handle wasn’t attached you see


in this hand position you can still

access the button here this button

resets and re-centralizes and also

rotates like

you know the double tap turns the camera


oh hang on why is it not double tapping

all right i just oh there it is so the

double tap goes into selfie mode right

and then the double tap again goes back

into normal mode

so this button is very important to

access now when i was using

this handle i could not you see how this

handle the attachment point right here

is very thick so when i tried to attach

it here

it took up my whole grip so i didn’t

have this place to put my handle

my hand and double tap this button

because this button is really important

to be able to turn the camera around or

like when you’re off center like this

and you want to reset it double tap it

boom goes back to normal that’s because

i have this access to this button

and now you see it’s pointing at the

ceiling i can double tap this button

right here

and it goes back to normal height so

this button is really important

for gimbal access and you see how the

aries handle here

it’s really nice because it’s small and

now i have my whole hand here to grip

and then be able to push this button

whereas if i put this z handle on here

you see how this is so thick

this part right here so thick that

once you install it it goes up to here

and there’s like no room for me to


hold the handle and push this button so

and also this is huge this is a much


z handle versus this one it’s just much

smaller and

the trina too which one do you think

actually looks better jeremy

i like the red one why are you looking

for my face exactly

the one on the right just works so much

better it looks so much better

and look i mean everything about it is

higher quality you see the springs are


they’re inside but they look so nice

compared to this one you have big ugly

springs right

i mean this is definitely a cheaper item

eighty dollars if you’re just going to

do one shoot oh i don’t know

yeah it still works right it’s just the

way that it’s just too big to avoid it

to the button but it’s still stabilized

it’s still stabilized so it’s

still functional so if someone don’t

need that to access that button

and get that to still work yes you’re

right it stabilizes

very clear about that yes it works it

works i mean it’s a product that sells

and it’s by digital photo because it’s a

brand that i also trust

because they sell led lights they sell

gimbal accessory and it’s it’s a

it’s a good design it’s just very cost


um everything is made out of plastic

this is very

it’s not even good plastic i hate to say

this because i love the brand so much

in fact i’m endorsing the brand with the

the z-axis

there’s aries z axis handle same brand

but it’s made of metal parts

everything is metal and it’s like very

fine machine

right so when you look at the the

cheaper one

this one this is the dh04 it’s plastic

and it’s not even the good kind of


it it i can feel it’s hollow inside

and even the handle grip you don’t have

the nice

rubber uh grip to it right whereas this

one you have the nice rubber grip

i really like the rubber grip because

you’re holding this the whole day the

rubber grip feels good

it feels really solid so rubber grip is


what else what else can we talk about

the difference between the two jeremy

i mean you can look at the picture right

you can see the difference the size

is a big difference the quality of the

material it’s plastic

like are those some kind of turn lock


on the handle very very good point okay

because you can see on this one to

actually lock it there’s four screws

i have to screw let me see if i can

focus you have to screw four of them

and i actually have to balance them all

to make sure that it’s tightened and


because if it’s not all evenly tightened

this thing is gonna tilt

right yeah so that is an inconvenient

now look at this one this one is just

one knob

you screw this if i can focus it you

scrape it

and you see i don’t know if this angle

shows it

oh maybe it’s like it’s pulling down

yeah it has a slam

yeah yeah it has a clamp let me see if i

have my face

it focuses it high right there so you

see how it pushes down

and this clap just sees this uh gimbal

it smears so well and you can’t really

mess up because

it’s one one adjustment screw and you

tighten it in and it works

whereas with the other one you see how

you have four bolts to kind of hand

to mess around with it’s just a lot of

work to get it to work

nicely so very good point there’s

the titan and adjustments to even attach

it to the gimbal

is more work on the dh04 versus the ares


adjustments are the same you have these

two knobs

you have these two knobs here to change

the adjustments

of the springs same with this one

you have the two knobs right here if you

can see my pinky

and you use these to adjust the springs


so adjustments are the same but in terms


build quality the area z wins in terms


the clapping mechanisms makes it easy to


the area z wins in terms of

material plastic versus

metal on the air z the air z wins

uh but functionality wise oh before i

say that

noise how it sounds when you’re using it

um these are spring operated things

this one actually squeaks and rattles

when you’re moving around whereas this


is built really well and nothing rattles

when you’re using it

it’s it’s a huge difference it’s a huge


and when you’re recording video sound


now if you’re recording just footage

yeah if you’re only recording footage

and you’re expecting to get the video in

other ways then it doesn’t matter but

seriously for a hundred dollars more

i would not recommend getting the dh04

i would rather spend another 100 bucks

and get

this one this is the heiress z z access

on the thumbnail pictures on the left

side of the handle on both of them they

have a metal

sticking out what is that you know what

i don’t know i actually didn’t install

i i didn’t install that part i have it

here but i never installed it

i bet it’s like some kind of extension

attachment for

attach something else onto it yeah it is

like a

mic or led you know whatnot kind of

thing i mean okay so this is the

the the manufacturing cover right a nice

box you see

yeah and they don’t use it here right

and if you look in the back

even the way they set it up i don’t see

them using it i mean this is as close as

i see them using it

but in this one you see in this one

right here

they’re still they’re they’re using

attachments but they’re not using a

little piece

so i really don’t know know what that is

let’s see if i want a picture when do

you use the way you use it and when

you’re going to use it upside down

when am i going to use it upside down so

is there one in here where i’m using

yes okay perfect good good very good


and right here you can see what jeremy

is talking about upside down

and then upright right so basically

upside down you want to do this when

you’re using the gimbal

if i can focus when you’re using the

gimbal in low hung mode

right when you want to get like footage

down low

why is it not focusing today there you

go you want to get footage down low

you want to change the gimbal into this

mode and if you want to get finished

on top you use this one but honestly

i don’t even change the handles you know

why because when you’re moving and

you’re gunning and you’re in the

heat of the action check this out

so i’m working right i’m gonna have to


the camera because i don’t want the

wires to kind of flip up and down

as i switch over but so now if i want to

go low hung mode

i can just go i haven’t done this in a

while hang on one second

oh yeah so if i want to go to aloha mode

i just hold this button

and now i’m in low-hang mode and i can

still use the handle

just like this is it without taking it

off yeah

and now i’m in low hung mode is how easy

that was

and then now if i want to go back to

normal mode i hold the button

swinging up boom now i’m in back normal

mode and now i’m back to

shooting again so i don’t even need to

switch those

handles because if you took the time to


undo this bolt here and switch the

handle it’s just too much work

and the majority of the time i’m in this

mode now if the majority of the time

you’re shooting

and you like to shoot the low angle then

yeah maybe change the other mode

but this is so easy i’ll show you again

i just hold this mode button

now i swing down let go the mode button

and now i’m in low hung mode and i just

hold this and it just works great

to get shots from the ground and moving

it all about

so good but just notice in this mode you

see how the z-axis is stiff because i’m

actually using it upside down

this is not how you’re supposed to use

it so you see how the z the springs

aren’t even working

because they’re upside down the springs

are not working you see

oh that’s why if you’re in upside down


and you want the springs to work you

have to flip it around but i’m too lazy

i just i just need the z-axis to do this

for a little bit of the shot

and then i’ll go back to my normal mode

boom now i’m back to this mode and you

see how this mode now the z

handles are working again so that’s why

you would want to flip

it permanently if you do the low hang

mode more

so most of the time is that you need

that when you are

moving let’s say if you didn’t follow

subject while they’re

running or walking then that’s what you

need right yes

yeah yeah if you’re if you’re in low

hung mode and you’re running then you

want to switch it around so

if the spring is actually working but i

i like to run in this mode just like


and it works just fine in fact let me


how good it works again by showing you

guys the visuals

yes let me hook it up to the camera so

you can see

live how it looks i mean that’s the

beauty of being able to do this live


you can actually see the camera in


so here it is so you can see right now

this is with the gimbal right so if i

hold it

myself without the z handle and i walk

you can see how there’s some shake

to the the motion i don’t know if you

can tell but

the camera is obviously shaking now if i

hold this

if i hold it by the handle and i move

forward and back you’ll see instantly

it’s much smoother

because basically the z-axis is


my walking motion i’ll do it again in a

second so now

i’ll switch over to just holding the


and there’s a little bit of a bumpiness

you might not be able to tell because

the screen is a little bit small

but there is definitely bumpiness to it

when i’m not using the handle oh and

also you notice how

sometimes i’m using half handle this

helps too because if i don’t want to use

the handle the whole time

like so

this is the handle sometimes i want to

be more precise or i want to be able to

hold the button right because notice if

i’m using

this i can’t hold the button and you see

when i spin around

the camera follows right you notice that

yeah i spin around the camera follows

now if i want to use that the handle

i can actually hold the button when i

hold the button the camera doesn’t

follow when i spin the handle right

because the camera is isolated in space

see that

so i can still use the button

functionally well

when i have this handle installed which

is why i like so much because

i just hold the handle and i still have

access to my button here

whereas if i use the cheaper one if i

use the dh04

i can’t use it because you can see how

even on this picture

you see how the dh04 when you install it

it’s so close up to here

that you don’t have much of a grip

between this and this button and that’s

very important because this button

is your function button whether you use

it to reset your camera whether you turn

it from selfie to front facing camera

or whether you use it for like free


stabilization that button is important


to be able to use it while the handle is


is very important so let me show you

how i switch from this mode to the

upside down mode in live

right so here i want to go upside down

boom hold the button

now upside down boom now i got footage


you see how that pretty cool right from

low angle

pointing up yes so smooth

gimbal motion you see that beautiful

motion right

but you notice the z-axis isn’t really

working right it’s not helping absorb

the shock

yeah it doesn’t no but it’s quick right

because now i can go back to my normal

mode just like that boom

and now if i go back to the z handle

it’s absorbing the shock

i can run and see how stable the footage


that is just phenomenal and then i can

focus it

boom stable

isn’t that cool now if you’re moving


a lot i should actually highlight the

product that we’ve been talking about

so now if you’re moving around a lot

this is actually a cool product

to check out too this is the spider oh

yeah so i’ll actually click to the

spider product right now

so the spider is cool because it’s

actually this little plate right here

this metal plate right here maybe i can

zoom in so you guys can like

okay yeah okay so all this is this plate

but the secret thing about it is that it

it holds really well

and basically all it is is this little

ring here

that’s all this plate does but it’s so

genius because i can open these legs up

let this rest on my stomach

right and i use this oh this is so good

put this over myself and look at this i


this to this little hook right here boom

now i i can pretty much just let go well

base based on the adjustment right now

it’s not adjusted for my height

but i can just let go of this and look

at that i’m freaking the terminator

right i can just i need to lo

i need to change this length a little

bit maybe maybe i should do this

yeah so if i do this it’s the right

height for me again

right so i can walk around i can

stabilize my footage

and you see how let me see

change this mode here it still works

really well

and the handles on the side now acts as


leverage point for me to hold so i can

hold this handle

the z-axis is not working in this mode

by the way this one is just like me

resting on my stomach

but you know you’re recording the whole

day this is nice to be able to kind of

get this footage right here just like


and you can just even relax and get nice

panty motion look at that

beautiful yeah i don’t know how that

position looks

it’s just no this is beyond pg-13

all right my bad my bad my back but yeah

i mean this this is this is what we’re

talking about right here is the spider


the spider is one add-on also by digital


that allows you to just basically hook

this strap

onto your gimbal boom so simple so


but now you can relax your arms and

you’re you’re capturing really stable

footage or even if you’re not capturing


like if you’re at an event and you just

want to relax and there’s no place to

put the gimbal down

you just do this and it’s just relaxing

and it does take the load off your arms

because just trust me

holding this for eight hours is just too


too much and again you see how this

button is so important

i have access to it even with this

handle i can just hold one hand with the


one hand here and if i want to center

the camera double tap

boom now it’s centered again this button

is so important

so that’s why when you’re using this

cheap one uh the dh04 and you can’t

really have access to this button

i think that’s just a no-no right that


it’s a deal killer for me that’s why 80

dollars 180 dollars i’d just rather

spend a hundred years


yeah yeah for sure and i mean it’s it’s

so obvious

i don’t even know why anyone would buy

this unless they

they they didn’t know that the area z


but just looking at the two especially

after watching this video you guys

really have no

excuse to not make this mistake would

that be a reason because it

for the dhco4 yeah it has a big spring

than the area’s z-axis i mean some

people if you know biggest thing is

probably better

and they probably choose that one over

possibly the the dh04

does have two spring options so it has

the one that’s pre-installed

it even comes with accessory package

that has additional springs that

i think might have more tension

let me just see if these springs are

more attention

oh wow they do have more springs so they

they do have a variety of springs so

that might be the advantage jeremy

you’re right

so you see how it has smaller springs

which actually has more tension

they said the bigger one and then it’s

got the ones that are already

pre-installed as well

so you have the system open up it’s easy

to change while

the access c is basically closed in so i

don’t think you can you don’t change

your spring in there no

but to change the spring here it’s not

as quick as you would imagine

you still need to get an allen wrench

to undo these four bolts here to get

access to the spring

yeah it’s not easy to change out but

some people might want a customization

of it they want something else

and that’s why they get the dhco4

well i yes i think you have a point


customization is better but even if you

can customize this to handle a heavier


i don’t think the plastic here is really

robust enough to handle the heavier load

i just don’t feel comfortable putting

like a 8 or 9 or 10 pound

camera and gimbal on these plastic

hinges because this plastic is hollow it

doesn’t feel like really

high quality plastic either sorry

digital photo i mean i love your


but you obviously make a really good


handle but you also make a very cheap

one honestly i don’t know why you have

this as your product line

but this should just tell people to get

this because

this one every product has a different

you know quarter line man yeah

but someone maybe just get into the game

and they don’t want to spend too much

money on it and 80 bucks is something

that they can

afford and spend and i mean it works

like you said it works i agree

eventually when they get more

professional and they realize that they

need more then they upgrade

yeah when i start getting more

professional i’m going to get like more

money as well

so that a great so every single product

fingerprint has entry level product

right and

entry level product obviously can’t give

you the professional

feel and feature of it because it’s an

entry level

yeah i agree that’s pretty much it yeah

good very i mean to be honest that if i


going to start doing video yeah and got

myself gimbal and

i need something like that i’ll probably

go to 80 bucks first because i never


so i don’t know but i like it or not so

after you watch my video

you probably would yeah well now i know

hopefully people will know that too so

right and also it’s not that big a

difference a hundred dollar difference


it it looks better

yeah it does so

let’s let’s talk about why it’s better

again right

the looks is number one the handle feels


the material is made of aluminum so it’s

much more robust

yeah that’s what i don’t like you don’t

like the aluminum

i have an incident that i um


using that to hit my lens oh

yeah that’s a bad experience for me yeah

that’s i don’t know why he’s just like

using one hand and swinging and then it

i have my camera and my back and the

lens yeah 2470

monsters and bam well good thing is a

good quality

lens but still i mean i don’t like that

yeah so that was a bad experience for me

that’s that’s

that’s why it’s tough and we’d also get

never get along

hey i’m a videographer but we’re best

buddies right jeremy

we don’t work together that’s why we do


not that type of work like working event

not yet

not yet but i’m okay now yeah

i’m i’m careful i’m careful plus uh when

i work around you

i might get the dh04 and use this

instead so it’s plastic so when i hit

your lens

i’ll hit it a couple times but don’t

worry it won’t crack yeah i have a small

lens right now

okay so it won’t hit it

i’ll aim for it and i’ll hit it with my

dh04 but don’t worry it’s plastic

it’s plastic it’s fine right now okay

fine then i’ll use my d

error z and i won’t hit you i’ll reach

back uh

i’ll stab you i’ll stab you back let’s

not do that

that’s what we do all right well

so just recap again the area z right the

handle is better

the materials aluminum the spring looks

better because it’s hidden

the profile here is thinner so that you

have your room to use the button still

and also the tightening mechanism here

is nice because it’s

just one screw to tighten it and

everything just centers itself you don’t

have to worry about

balancing four screws as you tighten it

together and so i don’t have a question

yeah now um through the box it showed

that one of the pictures that um

on both handle one actually put a

microphone and one put led

yes do you suggest doing that or you

want to mount it back onto

the camera instead um

i would mount it on the handle because

you have

less weight on the gimbal itself

right would that lighting direction be

different though if you just

down there and it’s on the camera angle

to be honest when i’m using my gimbal

i’m running gun i don’t really care

about lighting i just get a fast lens

and get ambient light because

there’s too much to worry about i’m

worrying about the smooth motion right

i’m worried about that but let’s say if

you’re in a wedding right yeah they’re

in the

dance floor you know how when they do

the first dance it’s always kind of turn

off all the lighting

and you really need your lighting for

your videos right

i hope my other videographer as my team

has set up the video video lighting like

a highway

yeah like a spotlight right because when

you’re when you’re a videographer

this is not your only video

uh camera it has to be your creative one

and it’s your second or third one it’s

probably better to be your third one

you should have at least one main camera


doing stable tripod shots to make sure

to get the safe shot

and if you’re safe you want to have

another tripod camera to get the safe


then this is your third one this is your

creative shot this is the one you cut in

and out and get great shots

if you are fantastic that day you’re

flying high and you’re making great

shots with your gimbal

then you can screw the tripod shots but

you can’t always guarantee this one to

get good footage

because yeah this is a good backup

so yeah that’s that’s that’s why it’s


the primary shot so

um but yeah it’s it’s and but nowadays

the gimbals are starting to work really


plus now you have the stabilization i’m

finding that more and more and more of

my shots are coming from the gimbal

and less from the tripods and this

allows me to get stable shots right

because before you

when you do edits you don’t want to

overuse motion you know the motion looks

nice but

every clip you have like emotions motion

motion it just

it’s over done stable shots are good

because it adds refreshness to

your video it’s very classy right and

then you have some

panning motion here and there or some

zoom in

and zoom out motion once in a while it’s

the smooth forward motion yeah

at one point uh i got a story to tell

yeah i never really believed in the game

in both kind of fingers in the beginning

you know the relationship we have with

videographers that we

do you guys you guys have so many gear

you got a free tripod and then what’s

the slider thing called a slider

yeah you know when you go into in a

hotel room

the clients are kind of like you know

yeah they’re good and most of the hotel

room like they’re not that big unless

they’re like getting

i don’t know penthouse at one right

right and oh my gosh

i don’t even know where to move when you

have like right sometimes

equipment right they put three i mean at

least two video offers in there

yeah so i never get experience working

without we take turns but at the same


sometimes we don’t afford to able to

take turns because

uh they have a really tight schedule yes

so yeah there’s no way you can turn

there’s no time so a lot of drama there

so never let it

and then um i went to italy one time and

do a

project and we have italian videographer

doing our behind-the-scenes video for us

he has no big equipment no stabilizer

no gimbal nothing yep so i said so

and he’s doing the panic shot i was like

i was like is it gonna be like

you know stable is that gonna be oh

don’t worry i’m gonna digitally uh you


enhance it how did it turn out

no good ah

no but no it’s just that you know what

um i was planning to you

give it to the vendors to use a

promotional video

and uh the vendors to be honest he’s the

artist okay

his widow is really artistic but it’s

you know there’s artistic and that is

commercialized right

right it’s not commercial it’s it’s art

yeah so it looks

nice and pretty but nothing is nice not

yeah so

at that point okay yeah probably a

gimbal something

you know stabilized will be good for the

video next time

so one tip i have for that is when

you’re using a gimbal

don’t always be moving around so

sometimes just stay still

and you can get good shots just like


right and that’s totally fine or just

kind of

standardize it and because the gimbal

now if i’m resting this

on my chest with the spider here and i

center this or i can point this up just

a little bit

and that’s pretty stable and i can just

control my nose

the italian we offer he has a different


like he just do clips and it just moves

the whole video moves so fast

but i want people to see the product

like the camera i’m holding like what

i’m doing

and those only like maybe a second and

then it’s just

moved to elements it’s not long enough

for people to see like what are you

holding like what are you doing

so right it’s like i said it’s like

there’s a really cool transition but

yeah it’s not commercial right yeah


has defined fineness to it and everyone

has their own way

to do videography um and there’s just so

there’s so many ways to

capture your footage and i think having

a gimbal as well as

a z-axis to stabilize your footage

is a must it to be competitive then

again here’s the name it’s kind of like


i think earlier when we talk about led

light yeah i have an area that is not

allowed photography

same thing goes here i have to go to

locations that do not allow photography

ah yes

so imagine you bring all this gear in

there yeah behind this video

okay i kicked out right away no i for

those things i use this

my cell phone it works really well i

shot a full wedding on my 11 pro max

check it out on my youtube channel at


i shot a whole wedding 12 hours with my


wedding guest but i talked to the

videographers and the photographers i

said hey

do you mind if i shoot with my iphone

i’m really good friends with the groom

and the bride

and i promise to not get in your way

because i’m a photographer a wedding

photographer and i know

what to look out for oh there you go i

thought you’re gonna do that tick-tock

guy thing

no heck no heck no hey brian groove let

me get a shot of you

photographer do you mind i know you only

have five minutes but let me have four


to take this shot all right i’m done you

got 30 seconds go get your shoes

i know the whole industry is on that guy

right now i’m telling you i know i know

not fair that’s not cool i mean life is

not fair right

unfortunately stuff like that happens

but we we as

photographer and videographers in the

industry we respect each other

and i don’t know about other people but

myself and you i know we’re on the same


and that’s why we tend to work well

together as well as i i’ve never had

problems with any other vendors for that

reason because i always treat that

priority first

just making sure that i have enough time

to get my shot because

at the end of the day my shot is for the

bride and groom anyway as well as their

shot is for the bride and groom anyway

so if we’re all on the same team we

don’t need to fight we need to work

together so that we get good

oh no i mean we’ve been the pro industry

yeah i think there’s um hidden rules and

gray area that we

followed you know we don’t talk about it

but we follow yeah but

because photography and video right now

it’s just so assets both by

everyone people who are not in the

industry for that oh

your job is easy i can see i could do

the same thing yeah

like i i work with a videographer who do

um the dji

drone right yep so uh he do that

thing and then somehow we’ve been a


got another

i was on the contract no one else

supposed to have a jungle

wedding except me yeah and you know the

bryson could probably sign it but never

really executed it you know

even realize it and then the guests

don’t realize it either

right but as a guest it’s actually your


to be a guest yeah you tell them that


you think they’ll follow yeah to be


they do if you talk to them nicely right

how many times you being

wedding photographers and then you have

uncle bob out there and try to out beat


with better shot and in front of you

better position

i’ve had it before but i just talked to

them right i i’m not unreasonable either

i say you can get your shots i would

love for you to get shots too because

you have a nice camera and you might

have more creative angles than i do

but if you don’t mind can i get the main

angle because

my job i’m being paid for this and i

need to make sure i get the great

perfect shots for the bride and groom

and they they understand me as long as

you communicate they’re human

beings but if you’re being new to them

because they’re not

that’s not a communication it’s like you

know it’s a moment

while the ryzen go walking down the


right they step in front of you okay

i know you’re at your meeting i know

what you mean but i have to

or doing a key shot while you get a

perfect position when you’re 7200

yeah and then like three four people

standing in front of it yes

yes and and same thing with the bouquet

and garter toss too

so what i do is right when i come into

the wedding day

i kind of identify uncle bob right away

and i kind of talk to him as the day

unfolds so that during the ceremony

he or she knows what’s going on and not

to get my way and

the the hardest thing is the bouquet and

garter toss because

that one more uncle bob show up out of

nowhere because they’re using their cell

phones and that one

i i unfortunately i got a couple of them

where i would like to go far and get

wide shot as you know that one

that one i always go with l show y to

stay close yes

yeah exactly and then nowadays that’s

all i do ultra wide stay close

but in the beginning i did y shot and

guess who crossed my path the first time

it wasn’t a guess

it was the caterer

yes i i was waiting for the bouquet to

get tossed

the freaking caterer walked by me right

wait what time which one we’re talking

about her this was an american

restaurant it was one of the nice

restaurants it happened to be chinese

restaurant we ever had chinese banquet


yeah those waiter yeah they don’t care

no they have just

you know bringing a dish i know i don’t

care if there’s any kind of thing

happening on

outside it’s kick cutting yes and then


bring in like yeah the fish walking over


come on man what the heck okay so you

have to understand the cultural

difference right

american people or american culture is


much we’re all in it together we help

each other more or less

whereas asian culture they’re like my

business i do myself

yes i need to bring food out that’s all

i do i don’t care about you you do your

job you move around me

i was like come on we have to work

together but yes

i expect that at the asian restaurant so

that’s what asian restaurant i’m close

ultra wide but at american restaurant oh

what is your job i dropped this

yeah exactly 80 bucks as long as i

didn’t drop this i’m good

this just this just kind of a quick

riddle how much do you think all this

costs right now

quick that’s 180

i think it will lower is what around 500

so 600 ish

i forgot about the camera and the lens

not including the camera not including

camera i don’t even know what camera you

have up there i can’t see it

canon m50 oh i don’t know about the

price i never know about the price on it

okay so just like you guys know canon


it’s about 500 without the lens

this is a 16 to 35 f2 throughout the


thing and this lens is about 12 to 1500

depending depending on if it’s a mark

one mark two or mark three

and then you got the gimbal that’s about

six hundred dollars and then you get the

aries z handle here

that’s about another 180 dollars and

then you got the the spider here which

we’ve been talking about quite a bit

this is the spider holster those are 40


uh yeah 47 bucks yeah you can see it

down below down the link below


so easy to like hold your camera and


if you don’t need it you just kind of

unattach it and then you’re free

you can put this down anywhere and that

terminator can do

the terminator terminator is very

similar to this

but the terminator uh

adds another handle to hold oh i see it

yeah i see it now

since since i already have the z-axis

the airy z

i don’t need the terminator i just want

the spider so

i’m already using this to hold right

because if you don’t have the terminator

holding it in the center right here it’s

kind of awkward so that’s why

the terminator has the handle right here

which is kind of cool

but yeah this is this is it right here

man this is the area z


very refined handle nice grip here good

quality springs

very low profile grip here so that you

have access to your handle so you can

access this button

very important to hold this button so

you can flip around do your stuff

and then you ask access to your control

panel here when you have this grip

you can control the camera left and

right here very easy to hand

control this button right here and

installation is very easy too because

it’s just one bolt here

just screw it in and everything aligns

perfectly this is why

i always thought that we all of it has

better weapons yes you know they do

especially when they fight with


yeah bam i mean but all these weapons

make vr first

gotta be buff right because all this

equipment is heavy

and when my wife was doing this with me

we ended up shooting more

photos than video because we didn’t we

didn’t take on many video job because

every time we think about it

it’s just a lot of work a lot of heavy

lifting so

i foresee that long time ago even though

back in school i do um i do study

uh video editing and all that but once i

got out and

i know for a fact that i don’t want to

do video yes

there’s too much stuff going on i mean

videos has its own creativity

the one thing that i like when you’re

shooting a wedding with video

is that you’re passive if you have a

good photographer

doing the photographer’s job as a

videographer you can actually just chill

and get the action from behind the scene

now there’s parts of the days where you

want to do interviews or you might want

to do

some kind of kind of motion with them as

they walk and

you kind of direct them a little bit but

honestly if you have a good photographer

and they already direct those shots

as they take the photo you can get your

footage with them so

videographers have an easier day on

their wedding day

i’m an opposing photographer so yeah so

that’s one thing i don’t get though i

see photo videographers

when i do group picture inside church

they stand next to me

yes it’s a group picture yes

those footage helps because during the

the montage all the footage it’s nice to


a footage pan of like all the people

right and having them say something yeah

i mean you only needed that baby

four or five seconds yeah i was doing

good picture for a whole half an hour

and he stood next to me and do

all the whole half an hour and the

reason for that is because they have a

team of

two other videographers already getting

all the b-rolls so they’re just there

just to get some spontaneous moment if

the brian groom did something goofy

and they’re there to capture it so

i mean you have resources as a

videography team right

so you can also do other things but

since the brian groom is there

i think as a videographer team at least

one videographer should always be

watching the bridegroom and when you’re

doing portraits guess where the bride

and groom

are they’re with you family photos or

portraits so that’s why i still

want one videographer right next to the

photographer even though it annoys you

i’m sorry but

our job is also to get footage of

of of uh what is it called um

whatever spontaneous moment happens


if they do a kiss or he holds her up or

whatever it’s still a moment and we want

to be there to capture it

so sorry to be in your way mr

photographer it’s always a fight

i always feel a little because i never

bring a lot of people on a wedding yeah

just me and one more person

and most we also have like three to

five people yes videography team is


unfortunately and you know why there’s a

couple fights i mean when we try to

store our equipment yeah as an

area we always have no room space yeah

i agree that outlet charging oh my god

that’s a fight scene because we we have

batteries that we need to charge for our


for sliders for multiple cameras for led


microphones videographers have a lot of

equipment that’s why i kind of

charge gave up at first i’m more like a

documentary type right i’m still

documenting that but then i do a lot

like i use 24 70 7200

back down just to do the typical you

know try to capture whatever happened

right and then later on i would like you

know what forget about this i’m just

have my 50 or 35

prime yeah walking around yes uh if i

get i shall get shot but i don’t get a

shot i don’t get a shot

right it’s more like i become uncle bob

i hire uncle bob but that’s actually

more more artistic

yeah it’s autistic yeah and i would say

as as you get more seasoned into the


you have to do that to keep your

creative juice going otherwise

everything’s cookie cutter and it’s work

work work work work

yeah that’s why later on i just kind of

slow down and then

either high another second not a second


more like a second serious

and become the second shooter that i

could do whatever i want doing

the wedding yeah a small fun doubt yeah

in fact in the very beginning um they

hired me

for that and i didn’t understand why a

professional seasoned photographer

would want me to get the main shots and


no uh joe bielsen ah


joe bill thing is one of the high i

think he shot

so many celebrity weddings because

he found this guy and he’s always the

second shooter he’s not

he don’t do the typical shot don’t ever

astral to do

the group shots or all the typical shot

he’s just

walking around his camera and get the

shot that he wants right and that’s what

you hire him for

yes i mean at the end of the day if you

got you just need

a hundred really good photo to document

a day and that’s money

because that’s all you need for an album

yeah people don’t realize that

but back in the days when you’re doing

film photography

you only get like 400 shots and you

better get your 100 within those 40


right it’s it’s well it depends if

you’re shooting uh

indian wedding that’s different yeah oh

yeah of course yeah

so yeah that’s my friend that’s like a


indian photographer he only sees jpeg he

doesn’t even shoot raw because

there’s no point shooting wrong it’s a

five day of wedding

yeah and that’s crazy so how many

pictures you actually deliver to your


so imagine like three hours to five

hours a day

there and you have to shut every single

thing someone moves something it happens

so it’s

around four or five thousand picture a

day and that’s five days

so i was like well that’s like white

five i said more like twenty five

thousand pictures

delivered to the clients yes yeah do

they even look at the pictures like

not really well

you know the funny thing is some brides

look at the pictures and some fries

never look at the picture

my myself and my wife is the same thing

we have never

watched our wedding video and we’ve


looked at our wedding photos ever

we know they’re there and we have in our

mind which one we picked because we went

to the editing booth

to help pick out the ones we edit but

all we look at is the album

and the video the video we don’t even

look at we let our families and friends

watch we never watch it

so and then they’re not as critical as

we are so they just enjoy

it because oh this is nice that’s it so

but there’s some brides that are very

particular because it’s the most

important thing in their life and they

want to watch it so

you never know but you always have to

you always have to be prepared

for whatever even though they’re really

cautious about it the photo and the


is still number one because yeah they

could basically have the album flip

anytime they want

well for a video you don’t have to put

in dvd drive back then or they have to

put in a thumb drive or a computer

which is much more trouble for them to

watch they probably watch it for the

first month or so and then later on the

next 10 years

right they would never look at the video

ever again yeah but the albums

you know they put it on the table and

then their friends and family came over

people will watch that but not the video

yep i agree

so i i thought one thing that i should

point out as videographers and

you mentioned why there’s always so many

videographer versus photographer that

might be just too fast

different angle and bit of

yeah and you can’t really get cut off

because whoa hang on selfie mode

oh shoot it’s it’s a telephoto i i love

the gimbal because i can just change the

angle and get selfies i am vlogging can

you imagine vlogging with this big


hi guys whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa shoot

it’s tangling my wire up

hang on let me turn this around but yeah

um sorry i got distracted because this

is too fun to play with

but yeah videographers they can’t get

their shots really interrupted

because you they can’t move around like

photographers and as

our delivery media we have to have

continuous footage

now you could talk about a highlight

video that’s much easier because you can

just cut the heck out of it and just get

the good fit right

but if you’re talking about like a one

hour video

then you want to have like the the vows


uninterrupted or like the cake cutting

uninterrupted so have you ever done the

same day edit

i tried but it was too stressful for me


my title me and my wife it’s easy crazy

it’s easy it’s actually easy if you are

set up for it

because what you do is you already have

the video made

you just have empty spots for drop-ins

oh so you know

that for the same day edit we have


one shot of the bride putting on her


one shot of the first look one shot of

the first kiss one shot of so-and-so one

shot so so

and then you just tell the videographers

i mean once you capture it you give it

to your videographers as

the editors because you have a team of

editor and a team of

shooters and you get those shots you

know they don’t charge a lot for that


no they can’t because it has to be

competitive nowadays

so that’s what i’m saying okay so five


getting money less than the photographer

and the speed between five

how much your money making with all that

you have so many gears

and you actually think even more time

than a photographer to do the edit

is it really worth it videographers

don’t make as much as photographers

um and they do have to split up the cost

because there’s more people on the team

and that but it’s a little bit easier

job because you have more on the team so

you have less

responsibility for the person so it’s

just that

did you pick your poison do you want to

be a photographer or videographer

so hopefully ego is stressful yeah well

i think

videographers yeah it’s hard it’s

actually harder for you to go artistic

on videographer because yeah

either either you go document your

artistic is doing the gears

yeah while being a photographer if you

want to go test it you could have less


yeah if you want yeah so that’s why i

choose photographer

yes sorry i got distracted because

someone just messaged me on facebook

uh we we got uh uh some of the

manufacturer just contacted me

digital photo just say hey they’re

watching us on youtube and they say this

video is pretty cool

so hey did digital photo just a shout

out for you guys

i bought this with my own money but if

you want to sponsor me and give me some


uh gear let me know but i bought this

just for

full disclosure everybody i bought this

with my own money because i had an

important gig that i was shooting a

five-day event it was called the osi

soft users conference

back in 2 19 2019

and i wanted to run a gun the whole day

and i needed something like this

to get stabilized footage to do this

these panty shots

to go from low to high shots like this

or to to flip and do like upside down

shots and pan up like this

oh man shots like this money money money

money money

and i i needed something to help me

handle this the whole day

so i bought this this is a ariz handle

totally loved it totally love it and

after i bought this

i actually was curious like why did they

have two

items right so they actually have a dh04

which is this

which is by digital photo too so i

wanted to try it out to see

did i make the right decision and i

actually did i did

but i bought this just so i knew that i

made the right decision

um but i was lazy i bought this over a

year ago

and i haven’t returned it so i figured

well let’s just make a video to compare

it so that people know that

this is what you would avoid buying

unless your budget is really tight

and you only have eighty dollars then

this works guys this is good

this works um it does the job it’s just


the handle here the handle right here

is a little bit big so when this part is


you you don’t have the grip here to

control your button

on your gimbal as well and also the

material on

on this one is made of plastic and

versus this one is made of aluminum

plus this is just bigger looking and you

know so is it lighter

it’s lighter this is lighter yeah that’s

a vantage i forgot about that

this is lighter good color jeremy you’re

good at squeezing out the advantage on

these little things but you’re right

this thing is lighter but the handle

is not as comfy gripping as these


oh these are nice grippy handles i like

this a lot

yeah and then um the springs this


makes a little bit of squeaky noise when

you use it

why did we change a different spring it

won’t probably but this one the springs

are nice and i didn’t have to worry

about changing the springs

i like these and the springs are good

and you know to be honest

most of those equipments kind of costly


yeah 180 for this is not that that bad

no brainer though no brain

yeah because videography equipment is

expensive but this gimbal is like 600


another eighty dollars for the z handle

might as well spend another 180

yeah when you have more stable and

smooth um footage you don’t have to do


many impose that save you a lot of time

oh yeah yeah

definitely it’s totally worth 100 bucks

oh yeah

totally worth the 100 bucks without


um what else i want to say about the

handles oh yeah installation

see with this one when you install it

you need to screw in four screws

and you need to screw them all in around

the same kind of time to

make sure it’s balanced otherwise this

piece will fall in crooked and

lopsided now when you compare that with

the z-axis

area z this one is just one screw

right here um it’s kind of hard to see

unless i zoom in

right yeah it’s just one screw right

here and when you push it in

it pushes a plate against this handle

and then it just kind of

you can’t go wrong it’s just one screw

it’s really easy to install

so the area z wins by a long shot guys

if you’re getting a z-axis handle and i

highly recommend it because

look at this i can get really stable

motion in fact let me actually go to

this angle here so you can see now if

i’m holding the camera the gimbal

without the z-axis just by itself right


and then moving forward you can see

there’s a little shake

on the footage yeah in fact if i zoom in

you can see the shape even more

right because when you zoom in you can

see the shape now simple as this you now

i’m holding the z-axis

i can run and it stabilizes my motion

right but if i walk really carefully

much smoother

much much smoother yes because the

z-axis basically is the fourth access

to a three axis stabilizer you just

stabilize one additional axis

and if i wanted to use the the buttons i

could always go back here

and now this handle helps me and i can

still use the button here because this

button is great

for centralizing the shot or if i want

to move around

and not have to get the camera follow

because normally the camera will follow

or if i want to send your camera

double-click that button

or if i want to go low hung shot hold

the button

now i’m in low hang shot right i can get

shots like this down low

yep and then if i want to go back hold

the button boom

now i’m back to normal normal angle very

cool to use

handle makes so much of a difference now

if you’re using this the whole day

you want to make sure you get the spider

this is the spider right here

boom see the spider

all it is is this metal bracket right

here it’s a really good metal bracket

but the main component of it is the

genius idea of this strap here

because this strap saved my my arms

literally all i do is i get this hook

hook it on to the z-axis right here or

rather spider

mount right here boom and now i’m

putting let me take this down so it

doesn’t get in the way

but now i’m hands-free i can relax

and get footage see

very nice footage and i can even just

get if i can just get like stable

footage like this

stable yeah you won’t do that

or if i’m carrying did you know i was

actually carrying my

my cameras too because they actually

wanted me to get video and camera at the

same time

do you know how i did it i had this

plus i had my vest to get photos oh

shoot i should

i should show you this hang on let me

show you my full setup you’re gonna

you’re gonna crack up

because that is be really bad when you

get old

oh yes so

as you guys all know i have this

this is my host of all my lenses okay

so i never use those yes

so here’s all my lenses

and then this oh my gosh this brings

back so much memory of that day

because that day was so crazy i had this

okay and then my cameras i have two


each camera um let me actually throw on

the lens real quick on this camera hang

on i’ll be right back

give me 30 seconds i’m going to pop a

lens onto this camera

so there is going to show us that how he

slowly hit

himself with his gears

so let’s stay tuned and see how he

killed himself

so this is my camera right and now i’m

not in focus right

so this is my camera boom holes on the


and i have two of them i just don’t have

the other one right now because it’s

actually using to record me

but the other one goes in this holster

right and then i got this

strapped to my arm here

and then so now i’m running around

gunning like this

so this is capturing video and when i

need to take photos

boom taking photos boom captain video at

the same time

photos video photo zoom in

zoom there photo how awesome is that

and then host there and i want a long

lens right here this other camera

boom long lens wide lens boom wide lens

boom got it video still rolling that’s

how i roll man

i was like a freaking terminator at that


so so so guys this is how gas will kill


wide angle close up

this does oh this does it all right and

now my back is yeah

now let me take all this off because my

back is i’m getting old i’m too old for

that now

but i’m glad that you can’t send my


well i’m semi-retired thanks to you

jeremy because now we

we get to do these great videos and have

fun doing it and not have to shoot

all the time so let me take this off and

i think we’re kind of close to our full

review of the product

um do you want to wrap it up with any


comments jeremy yeah i think um i mean i

know you personally like uh

like the soc that’s for sure i mean i’m

pretty sure

i agree that’s a better one but uh you

know some people

had to you know now you see the video

you probably want to get this one too


yeah i don’t know man we haven’t i

haven’t really played with uh

the old h04 i mean they they might be

used for

certain people yeah we just cost the

last 100 bucks

and then especially we haven’t really

tried we play the spring and

not so who knows man those could be a

an opportunity or another gear that used

for different use

for different people so just saying you

know what let’s

i i i see your point jeremy because

digital photo is a long-lasting

established company

they’re not going to make a product that

doesn’t sell

there’s definitely a market for this and

we might not know it yet

so i don’t want to do this injustice

give me one moment let me switch it to

this and let me actually use it to see

how it works

because i’ve used it but i wanted to

show it on camera so one moment all


so as you can see this is how we’re

gonna remove this one

oh this is gonna be very intriguing i

hope i don’t mess everything up while

i’m doing this guys

all right shoot i’m i’m nervous because

i don’t want to mess this up okay

so it’s only a um yeah that’s true

okay so i’m gonna undo this one remember

just one bolt to hold this together


so i’m going to do the screwing is not

the problem i think when you put in the

other one that’s the problem

yeah the other one is going to be a pain

the other one is going to be pain

you see this handle comes out so easy

i should also mention there’s a couple

of before before i

yeah i should un do it but there’s other

perks about this handle that i forgot to


um because if you notice there’s two

holes here

they’re actually quarter 20 threads on

the handles

so you can actually install little um


brackets little tiny brackets i’ll show

you guys in a minute

but first let me focus on getting this

task done i’m sweating because i know

this is going to be hard

okay so here’s the dh04 guys

all right here we go putting my trusty

ronin s

on a 80 dh04 but normally you don’t put

a camera on there before you install it

that’s right but you know me you know

what that’s only a 500

camera so what whatever your job that’s

fine but the lens bro

the lens is 1500 oh okay

okay oh hey i found a solution if i put

this handle down far enough

i still can grip it here but

but when it’s down far enough i can’t

sit it

see you see how this stance will fall

out so i can lay on a table

i want the springs to be above it so if

i want the springs above it then i don’t

have the handle anymore

so let me just make it so that i can

actually use the handle

but if i use the handle then i can never

rest this thing you get my point

i can never it’s important

yeah i have not allowed the west no i

need to rest it so that’s why

this has to go up here because i want to

be able to rest this on the table i have


yeah and then once this is up here i


not one not two not three but four


four and i have to make sure it’s

aligned properly i’m pretty sure

yeah i have to make sure it’s aligned

properly so

align it as properly as i can so just

like one screw at a time

and then just go a star pattern right

one here

one here one here and it kind of work

work yourself together so that way

you when you screw it together

everything is even

as even as possible so that it grips


but not lopsided and we’re almost there

guys actually the installation is not

too bad right

i mean i’m doing it on camera with you

guys and it’s actually working out

pretty well

so okay it’s almost installed there we


dh04 is installed it’s not that bad

it’s not that bad all right and it can

still sit but you see how now i don’t

have access to my my button

i can i can do this but now it’s

uncomfortable to use this button here

but here we go here’s the handle just

that just tests out um

the stable stabilization and see yeah

so again now if i want to center this

thing i got

go like this now it’s centered all right

so now

uh let me start let me start with

yeah this is me walk forward right ah

it’s smooth

it’s good yeah yeah if you need this for

one shot

it does the job you know right

and it’s lighter it’s lighter

so it’s a give-and-take thing you know

it was i mean like you said you have so

many gears and then you want something


for the whole day then that could be the

choice and but then the only thing is

you have to keep

on not able to push the button yes i

can’t push the button

i could but it’s like it’s so awkward

but it’s like it’s not

really awkward yeah i have to push it

with my pinky

if i want to still have this to rest

right that’s the most important point


you have to rest it guys you just have

to and i know you can’t see

my table right now but the the handles

barely touch the ground

it doesn’t touch the ground that’s the

only way i can rest it on the tripod


and then if i do that this has to go to

the very top and when it’s at the top

i can’t grip right here and therefore i


get access to this button very easily so

that’s a disadvantage just stay the

whole thing ground like that

horizontally on the ground

yeah sorry one more time okay just

lay the whole gimbal horizontally on the

ground no

no you can’t because um it just can’t if

you ever use a gimbal you cannot raise

you cannot see it you can tell i never

use one no you cannot

sorry buddy but okay yeah anyway

well that that’s kind of cool yeah the

point that you know there is still some


to that yeah and it’s only 80 bucks yes


so some people that might be the

solution yes and these are cool

just not you these are cool too

you know what these are uh

something you put on the side yes so


um are highlighted on the category down


these are called

oh later no they’re not even that

i’ll have to add these in one moment but

basically what these do

is you see the handles no no

these things are tiny let me actually

bring it up on the screen so you guys

can see

because jeremy doesn’t know what i’m

talking about if jeremy doesn’t know

anyone that doesn’t do video nobody

knows yes

so let me open up a new tab

from our live view alright so

check this out these are the d photo


let me see digital

yes yes you got it thank you jeremy

bean grips what how come it’s not coming


yeah i should get those with um

the terminator determinators and also

the usol

bracket too but how come the beam grip

not showing up

am i typing it wrong jeremy if you look

at my screen

am i typing it wrong where where is the

bean grips

uh here oh it comes with

other things yeah i don’t think they’re

so separately i bought it by itself


yeah maybe you don’t sell it separately



why don’t you just tell us what is what

are you using it for so

what it’s cool for is you see how the


either on the z-axis evie’s or

the dh04 they have quarter twenties

right here

so you can just put one end in here and


now you have a quarter 20 to put other

things like if you have led light

and you could position this any way you

want because you open this thing and you

can position this

up down anywhere you want and you can

put a cell phone here

you can put a light you can put a

battery a microphone with no points

yeah well you put anything you want here

uh i don’t have my light here but you

get the point it’s a quarter twenty

yeah i got a point but i wanna add this

product to the

the carousel so people can buy it it’s

the mini b

people do soon our time is almost up our

time is almost up no

my time is up all right give me 30


okay this is the product i’m 29 28


what’s up to 26 25 24



got it yet right there see i purchased

this on march 27


your thumbs he’s so cute oh my god don’t

make that stupid noise why not

you’re so cute oh they’re currently


sorry guys yeah now they only come if

you buy like a terminator

or the parts that’s why it will come up

because we couldn’t find it exactly

yeah anyway well at least now we know

and we should just wrap up we’re talking

just highlighting the z handles and that

is it

so jeremy any last word i know i’ve been

talking a lot i wanted to hear what you

have to say about

this i said my last for a lot already

man you asked me earlier i said it

already i don’t want to say it again

fine i’ll repeat jeremy’s last words

don’t say that don’t say that don’t say

my like jeremy’s last word i still have

a long way to go

okay so conclusions conclude thank you

better so and then we had a lot of fun

i had a lot of fun um the aries is a

little bit

heavier than dh04 but the aries is

ultimately my choice and my high

recommendation if you’re going to get a

dual handle

z-axis for your gimbal because

the arie z has aluminum body so much


higher quality it’s a little bit heavier

because of that the springs are hidden

it looks nicer the springs are more

quiet they’re almost virtually silent

you have a nicer grip here it’s a nice

plastic with some texture on it

and the frame is very thin so because

it’s very thin

you have this whole area to put your

grip on to

hold the the gimbal and still access the

front button

as well as the control joystick in the

back um

and for another hundred bucks it’s much

better than a dh04

now the dh04 is obviously 100

cheaper it’s also lightweight so it’s a

lighter weight than the air

z so it actually makes a difference

because when i switch over to the dh04

instantly i feel a lot less stressed

right arms yeah

that that saves a lot of weight but the

handles are not as nice they still have

a pattern so

you can grip it for sure because it’s

like a joystick

and with some texture here so you grip

it well but it doesn’t feel luxurious

luxurious and then the springs are

obviously visible

and it just looks more more contraption


versus this one is more streamlined so

if you’re on a budget

this does the job 80 is fine because as

we tested it

it does what it’s supposed to do and

that gives you extra z-axis


converting your three axis gimbal to

four axis so it works great

but it just isn’t as streamlined as the

error z

so you have choices you can buy

whichever one you want links down below

let us know if you have any questions uh

but that is pretty much in a nutshell

this comparison

and the winner is jeremy erin c

everest any questions let us know but

thank you so much for watching

we hope you stay healthy we help you

stay safe we hope you go out there

capture hope you have a good weekend

video have a great rest of your weekend

asia then

i hope you have a good monday yeah it’s

working hours ready i know that

and west coast is the only time that are

still on the weekend for the next


for the west coast too oh

darn it yeah so that wraps it up

we’re gonna end the stream now take care

stay safe

record lots of great videos we’ll see

you guys later oh if you want more

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