We compare all the modern FujiFilm X Series Cameras, so you can find the right one for your needs. There’s a lot of interesting and unique features about each of these cameras!

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FujiFilm XF10: https://amzn.to/2zBTsTP

Fujifilm X-T4: https://amzn.to/3cQHyDR

Fujifilm X-T30: https://amzn.to/2VFGJYJ

Fujifilm X-T200: https://amzn.to/2zBy6WE

Fujifilm X-H1: https://amzn.to/2KH1zRj

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Video Transcription


yeah so hey Jeremy you want to go live

today oh shoot it’s a race we’re live

we’re live

hello guys and welcome to pizza stabbers

today we’re talking about Fuji films

x-series cameras and if you know

anything about Fuji films they have a

lot of camera especially in their

f-series line we have cameras is perfect

for amateur hobbies and super

professional use but there’s so many to

choose from it’s hard to find out which

one is perfect for you that’s why in

this video we’re gonna talk about all

the cameras in the x-series line and

help you pick out the perfect one for

your needs and today we have Jeremy Chan

here who is the expert for Fuji film aka

Fujifilm camera ambassador so he knows

quite a bit about who’s your film

technology and he’s gonna help guide us

through the discussion about which

camera has which features and why you

want one camera over the other is that

right Jeremy yes I would try to help out

as much as I can

awesome absolute it’s good enough

hopefully it’s good enough

all right so let’s take a look at the

lineup you see all that is all the

phone’s camera and this is the x-series

line in fact Jeremy why don’t you talk a

little bit about the different series

and why we’re gonna focus on x-series

today versus talking about so all of

their cameras for the camera on you can

see that they have actual free

categories the GFX the next series and

five pics now GFX is obvious it’s a

medium format just white there you can

see it’s free a free camera that’s it

yeah that is the line in point now three

cameras that’s a whole different

category of this oh oh this B’s here so

we’re gonna let let me behind me might

talk about it later

but today we’re gonna focus on x-series

okay and we don’t talk about fine picks

because fine pick is pretty much one of

those waterproof camera that that goes

to your vacation with the furniture so

this is a fine yes dad so yeah it’s

pretty straightforward you know

different colors it was slightly

different but that it’s for your

vacation use right so we talked about

the xcv which is always the core value

of fuji film yes all of these cameras


so and again they’re all these same

cameras over here right so a lot that’s

why it’s serious like it’s the confusing

yeah oh and there’s this lovely colorful

photo hey that’s my picture

nice picture did you take this on a Fuji

camera otherwise why is he here Jeremy

you’re sticking with plain Fuji xt3 I

knew it

yep it’s I’m sorry be different she’s a

model at the same time is a yoga

instructors mm-hmm trying to take some

very different your picture with her and

so happen at the location they have this

line yet so say hey can you do it you’re

the whole mix too and boom that’s how

the stupids come by it looks good I like

it I bet you I bet you’ve never seen a

yoga picture like this before

nope this looks fantastic I love the

picture you got here alright let’s talk

about some a little bit of technical

things just so that we can compare these

cameras a little bit better this is as

technical as we get so Jeremy what do we

have on this slide right here okay so

there are a couple thing you want to

know about Fuji one they make medium

format camera right now mm-hmm

second they don’t make full-frame

cameras because they make medium format

camera already third especially on the

exterior the sense some of the high-end


sense they use is called X trends yes

Fuji Fame exclusive now most other

digital camera out there using the

similar sensor which is we call the


sensor we just use the wet green and

blue formation out live you know in a

set format if you look at X trend it’s

different it’s a new department by Fuji

film the reason is with the ex-friend

when you have higher so you have less

noise if thats mourned is a sharper and

also when you which high iso the the

digital voice boys it has a lot of room

light so it looks like feel a rod and

the journos so this is different between

in this sensor and that and the reason

for that is Fuji wants you beating the

teacher can but still not scream like

and that’s why

I mean have you ever heard those people

say that hey man the digital cameras I

don’t like it because it I like them it

doesn’t what like famous that’s how can

I feel about that and what would you

think here with the extra is they try to

mimic that yeah and it’s got the look

and I love that it doesn’t have it has

less Moray because the more rain effect

always bothers me but yeah important to

point this out because this is the Fuji

x-trans sensor which is great but you

should really realize that it’s not the

sensor that’s in all of the x-series

camera so some others use cameras do not

have this sensor and the reason why it

does it is because this sensor is a

little bit more processor intensive and

it cost more to have so on the more

cheaper x-series cameras they tend to

not have it or they might have an older

version if it’s older camera so I think

the reason why I don’t have because the

processor in those super version camera

don’t have the high value process in

there so they can’t be capable of

processing all that data from the

extents that makes sense so alright so

now you guys know what an extra and

sensor is alright let’s go extra memory

extras Oh remember the newest version is

extreme for is the newest version of

that X transform and if it doesn’t have

a trend sensor it has the Bayer sensor

which is the same sensor you see it yeah

Nikon Canon Sony everything else so it’s

not bad thing it’s just that you don’t

get the advantage of the extra and

sensor which is the special feature of

Fuji film cameras alright so let’s talk

about the lineup so what do we have here

Jeremy so less exclusive that’s

exclusive GFX system so we get three

lineup here

more x-series we break it down in three

categories okay one is the fixed lines

come compact the second is SLR style

interchangeable lens camera and then the

front one is inch – now interchangeable

lens cameras is so free category so

hopefully this will help you can

identify which type of camera it’s you

know up your alley or something that you

like yeah exactly

the feature is useful to you yeah and

one of the things that stick out to me

the most on this slide is the top two

cameras it’s a fixed lens compact which

is actually kind of unique because not

only is the fixed and that means you can

never change the lens on that camera but

it’s also a fixed focal length you

even zoom with a Lancer when I gotta

give it to that Gucci though like yeah

you know it works

not a day with all this digital camera

with interchangeable lens Gussie enough

to make fixed lens yeah and I love it

because it’s really I love it I love

it’s unique and it’s exciting at the

same time see because it’s refreshing

because you can strain yourself to one

camera with one lens and one focal

length and you gotta make the picture

you can take the best picture I love the

challenge and that’s where the creative

creativity comes out so anyway there’s

so many cameras there’s range finders

replaceable lens will talk more into

each of those so move on to the next

slide here and we’ll talk about the

first camera which is the X 100 series

right Jeremy yes this is the X 100


one thing you know you need to know

about this cameras this is the building

block of would you film what that mean

is that all the other camera is based on

this to evolve into different cameras

this is the core of holistic series okay

this is one thing you and a new member

and this is a fixed sense which i think

is wait how long has photography

invented like maybe 100 years right all

right no no it’s more than that if you

go back to the days of like like the old

bull photography well that’s not cool

all of that just think about that when

the time that people actually have a

camera in their hands and walking around

in the street that’s around like maybe I

would say 80 years ago maybe no

photography was invented in 1826

according to Wikipedia but that’s

invented I’m talking about when actually

everybody can own a camera oh when the

photography because how they started

that yeah I would say around 80 because

back and cota

even make camera only at one time use

like the disposable ones but I just

assume it’s a day okay sure

just fade out right back down those like

eight years ago cameras right all they

have it’s basically fixed lens yeah they

don’t have anything called

interchangeable and the better exactly

so the x100 series is basically go back

to the core of how camera was built in

any mm-hmm so it is building blocks of

everything that’s no no question about

hat yep

what and then the cool thing about it

besides well it is a cool thing actually

that makes sense cookie but the other

cool thing about it is if you look at

the wheel finders

yes it’s an optical and you know

hyper-real finder yep

you know what that is you know what that

means yes I do but do they know so when

you guys know only explain it

yeah yeah you have an optical and a

digital viewfinder in the one place and

when you put your head your eyes till

you’re looking through it you can look

through the optical viewfinder which is

like a piece of glass and you see what

is in front of you or you can close that

little tunable optical viewfinder and it

becomes a digital you fire so you put

your eye next to the the viewfinder

again but now you’re looking at a screen

full pixels so what you see is actually

what you get simulated through the

sensor so that’s what optical and

digital viewfinder is do you like that

feature do you like it yeah it’s great

it’s fantastic let’s actually look at a

marketing video from yeah yeah let’s

check it out

yeah they actually show up how that

optical change the teacher do I think

yeah it little get that bill quality

just look yeah the top and bottom is

made of a really high quality aluminum

and the body is just elegant

it’s like oh well sure it is very

appealing that I’ll leave is that yes

and it’s a beautiful camera and I love

the fact that it’s a single lens single

focal length camera and that part about

the viewfinder that we just talked about

is down here on the website and let’s

see where it really points it out to us

I thought it was here somewhere there

this right here so you see how he there

he goes

Senor so there’s a little knock dial

that’s which is the optical to a digital

viewfinder so you look very careful

right there right now it’s optical he

switches it off and closes it now it’s a

digital viewfinder

so when it closes it

you got as three point six nine million

dot all that electrical viewfinder you

look through so when you take your

pictures you can look at the LCD which

is like the old school and you just look

at the back of the camera to see what

you’re looking at or you can put it

right next to your face and look to the

viewfinder which it can be a digital or

optical so with this camera you have

options option and options to see how

the picture will look right Jeremy sorry

sometimes just a PF a little bit so I’m

this camera cost around fourteen hundred

dollars right choice camera this is well

this is a camera but it’s doing more

than what the modern-day camera is yes

allow you to do pretty much it’s it’s

different I mean think about it

it’s a rangefinder meaning that the real

fun is not an event middle it’s on the


I’m on the right I mean it depends how

you see it sense it has a optical and

digital hybrid so it’s a very different

camera than other non a day did your

camera right yes what’s unique when you

look at it is in the middle is a sigh

yes fixed man you don’t change events

yeah and then you have an option of

seeing it the wheel painful a class or a

with my bill on a digital so yes the way

you should use your for my picture what

this camera is it’s very different

yes you have to try hold on to believe

it you like it sky if you’re shooting

with a Leica and shooting with a normal

deponent [ __ ] this is more like a like

level of you know yes the finesse the

excitement the joy of taking pictures

comes back because you have all these

options and it’s fun to tinker and try

different ways to take the same photos

right it’s so fun and refreshing to take

a picture with the precision of a cannon

so baby the future fail yeah that’s all

right look at the lens

yes asically Fuji has I think most of

those even interchangeable lens episome

is you changed your apps top ring on the


yes right here I really love that yeah

you go back to the classic that’s how

you change the aperture yes this this is

sugar on top yeah and then also is those

you know when you click on it the little

tiny window

that’s the ISO in their eye and then

conversation it’s all out there

yeah you don’t need to behind it for

menu not at all yes what do you need oh

they already yeah it’s so much more

intuitive and classy than clicking on a

button in the back of the camera and

then pushing some some arbitrary knobs

to change it you actually have a very

clean camera look at this how many

laaser is – yeah yeah – knobs and the

ring right

and then I mean it’s very classy you

have the aluminum on the top and the

aluminum bottom and the color just looks

retro the color is style right yes –

color right once this is hopped on

silver and black and then there were

people all black as well

yes yeah you have to shoot yours and

then you have this leather option to

have a lot of color pick

I think they built a law that says sorry

for Fuji camera oh you can change the

lens I mean right well yeah this is an

on yeah I don’t – the become wider thing

we’re not gonna get to that cuz that

removes the purist to me I mean it’s a

feature but I love the camera just as it

is because they sold the putative the

bill it is 24 millimeters yeah and then

you can add up there’s a loss to picture

ystem add-on yeah this point you look at

it it’s become one 35 meter yeah oh oh


then the next one is same oh this is 22

and a what oh I have no idea how these

work yeah this was just one 35 / 28 and

this one has one 35 / 50 mm I don’t know

about that you should do more homework

yeah but look I don’t want to care about

that because when I look at this I love

the 23 millimeter and why do you think a

rangefinder camera has 23 millimeter

Jeremy well why do you think because it

has an optical

exactly it cuz that’s a change so

basically 23 millimeter is exactly how

the optical real wanna is so what you

see on an optical is 23 millimeters

right because some people actually like

to use the camera right through an

optical viewfinder but actually keep

both eyes open

so one eye

used to look at the subject and the

other eyes you look right through the

optical viewfinder so the optical

viewfinder it’s about 23 millimeter and

that’s the focal length and then over

here it’s actually real life which is

should be 23 millimeters as well so

that’s one reason why the 23 mm it makes

so much sense on this camera I don’t

know with this one changes because I’m

not sure is it the older model this is

the fifth model oh yes x100 yeah oh ma I

said the older model or the non camera

who does that um that when you put the

attachment lens on top of it you can

also put attachment on your wheel finer

so your optical will find it will have

that focal length as well oh I don’t

know yeah no idea we should look into it

but hey one thing to know is the black

one is a little bit cheaper than the

silver one but I totally would go for

the silver

I’ll go full of [ __ ] one I mean this

looks so good especially with the silver

ring around the lens it just looks nice

where’s the black one fine it’s stealthy

and something’s great if you’re shooting

something professional but if you’re

using this camera of course you can

shoot professional events with it but I

I would love to have this camera as

something to enjoy like street

photography when I’m doing something at

my leisure so I would love it to look

retro because it’s so good-looking

hey you cash out apply foil animal song

Ouiser cadets you get peepers head back

that’s not that yeah you definitely

could so let’s move on to the next

camera because we spend too much time on

this camera although this is one of my

favorite cameras for sure that’s the key

let’s look at next camera here and we

got another fixed lens compact the XF

series so what’s the difference reading

this one in the last camera we just saw

Jeremy this is more like a compact

version of the x100 smaller version it’s

smaller version this is more towards to

my opponents shoot cameras in this case

it’s less bucolic you see it smoked

pasta II not mellow ish that’s why it

costs less and there’s no wheel finders

it’s only led but it does come with a

flash yeah cool so if we look at the

website it’s this is the most recent

version of the XF series is to XF

ten and we could take a look at some of

the marketing video and see the X F 10

in action it’s still really good camera

oh yeah and it’s great for like more

like consumer type of use right you

don’t have to really think but you can

enjoy it it’s got the fixed lens the

fixed focal length and you see these are

two people that you know they have their

own everyday life to do but you want to

take pictures that’s better than a

smartphone picture and the reason why it

takes better pictures Center smartphones

because it has a bigger sensor that’s a

bigger smaller lens yes and you can

still do stuff like do the square movies

that you can post on Instagram right and

it’s got the Wi-Fi so you can link that

right to your phone immediately after it

took your picture and post it right away

but the cool thing is you’re taking the

picture with the white why don’t you

have to swing around it dance to it when

you post make it that’s like too much

Matic yeah but you get all the film

filters right so when you post on

Instagram people are going to say wow

this is great because it’s better than

the Instagram filter it’s actually film

filters and they’re awesome so with a

touch of a button you can change to all

these different protocol I’m enriched

HDR art and it’s got a compact body

that’s why we said this one is smaller

than that X 105 but it’s got the purest

mindset to it where it’s a fixed focal

length and a fixed lens and it’s crazy

did you know yeah a lot of people think

that they could just shoot with cell

phone but recently I came by one of my

older sonic wanna shoot to my wife she

acted with the iPhone but then my

opponent has one point sorry one point

at a tap stop so the picture she got out

from that camera is way better than I

thought she was like this is way better

than my iPhone se yeah without question

and the biggest question how much does

this one cost well no right now you can

buy it with the kit with all this extra

stuff I love the price yes it’s much

cheaper that the previous one we looked

at for the X 105 but this camera also

has all we talked about the fixed lens

with the fixed focal length and just


simple purest type of camera that’s

perfect for everyday use it’s small

compact – for just everybody to use it’s

great camera and they’re very affordable

mm-hmm so let’s move on to your next

camera on our lineup what do we have


we have the XE x-series you know what is

the x-series and what does it offer

Jeremy the XT XC is pretty much the

Fugees SL style body camera so the real

founder is back to the center like most

of the medium sorry meter mirrors yeah

and it has full weather sealing so you

know leaves raining out there others

worry about it for the new they all have

adjustable screen the newest model which

is XT 4 yeah I should have a 180 yes so

it’s good good for walking and also

doing video and such Ivan a reason why

to add that on there because for the

newest mother excuse for they end in a

lot of video capacity and also on the

awesome video functions in there so it

become one of the most worn that camera

for doing movies and videos right

without question I that’s the camera

that I want the most it’s just because

it’s so robust as all the greatest

gadgets it’s got that oh yeah Mitch

stabilization yeah it’s got the X trans

sensor it’s got the flip out screens

purpose for vlogging I think this is the

best camera you can buy for the majority

of the use out there and I think if you

can just like say what’s the best camera

in the extras line without asking too

many questions yes this one well of

course this is the line that oMG is

using it to go against the big boy

lights only canon icon now mine that

somebody can like I’m a full frame

camera yes this one’s only cop sensors

and they still can go against full-frame

so you can tell how good this is this is

a great camera and it’s awesome whether

she honestly has XP free which is a

little the model before this right and

it’s still fairly very good one of my

favorite camera I haven’t used in my

past 15 years of shooting kitchen

yeah and this is the XT form which is

the the most recent one the it’s not out

yet or actually it just released or so I

said people have to Steve already

because they P purchase at way back yeah

I mean this is a camera to get I wish i

pre-purchase this I haven’t yet but I

want to get my hands on this one the XT

for is revolutionary and it is the

camera that I honestly think it’s gonna

put Fujifilm on the top for vlogging for

professional use for anything because

they really push they put everything and

the kitchen sink into this camera it’s

really not good yeah it’s got your 6.5

stop of image stabilization it’s got

your flip out screen it’s got the X

trans sensor it’s got the the fast

processor that Fuji is known for and

then you got all the film look to it and

you got the nice dials and everything

this camera it just is everything plus

the kitchen sink it’s really OC you see

some of those video yeah they use those

few simulators oh yeah look at that look

so Wow

like you supposedly you don’t you have

to do a lot of [ __ ] weight and get this

yeah this is I can probably like see

silver is straight on the camera like

yeah yeah who is that that is awesome

to be able to take that kind of shots

right out of the camera I love it I

really love it 240 frames per second HD

– yeah don’t forget the reason what

makes that vlogging camera so good is

the autofocus and Fuji films XT for

series has really good our focus

that’s the defendant obviously xp3

Hazzard yes mm-hmm

yeah but the S III what it lacks is the


also lacks a slip out screen that makes

it not as suitable for vloggers so big

question your ball well we don’t know

how much XD for cost on amazon website

because it’s not available here yet

but if you search online there’s places

to buy you can see the price for that

but I would wait a few more days to see

it on Amazon cuz I usually love buy my

gear on Amazon because the the return

policy is so good and I can trust Amazon

and I already have my credit card if we

should all saved

but yeah get out the tube yes easy and

if you get Prime you get your your camel

quicker you play with it and especially

now that we’re all locked at home it’s a

perfect time to pick up a new camera

learn the camera know how it works so

when you go outside use it you’re ready

know everything about it and then you

can focus on taking the picture instead

of learning the dials and knowing how to

use it so you got two choices more

professional than X 100 you have more

style on top yeah yeah I mean it’s got

the black and the silver but always I go

for the silver one thus everyone looks

so good so let’s look at the camera here

just premium quality you can see the

quality by looking at this picture like

the details that goes into the design

the fine location of the buttons and the

how they they they chamfer all the edges

it looks so nice the way they’ve built a

lot on top yeah see how they have soft

functions yes also it has a law coast I

have to be honest I used to use only and

when I was like waiting for towers yes

so I hang I have no spoon of those

honest right yeah you basically hide

your camera on boast yeah right by the

holster is it – that’s right those

better ones yeah yeah sure hang around

what happened is sometimes and I hang it

will pick it up you know my Sony camera

basically got scratch on my body so

hurts a lot it turns out stop it turns

Bremer so I pick up it’s not the same

setting me more yes what I like about

this you see how on top of the dial it

has a little button it’s a lock wear

which one goes to in the center you see

those the wheel in his shutters do it

there’s a little button on in the center

of a circle the shutter this one yeah oh

you can’t anymore

I never it never has a Miss met up with

my she ever because of they’re all lock

yes yeah it’s definitely a nice feature

look at the top in the bottom like this

is fine aluminum like well done well

machine looks so classy and clean it’s a

good size body – it’s not a huge body

it’s big it’s just a small about it you

see how the ripest yeah might be smaller

you make a smaller body but you can

always purchase like a small rack or

they’re a different product company who

makes wait for it and I have a wooden

with from small rack and it’s perfect

its its grip so good cuz I either would

want it looks vintage it looks glossy at

the same time some nother one day they

don’t be as good as how the original one

looks like in the grip and you say some

patchy plastic or vinyl and if you have

sweaty hands you just cut it touch too

too much it kills off yeah so I have

wood and because no is an ik yeah it has

a cold

Toby so you can never break it yeah it

looks really good exactly

but camera wise xe4 is my go-to camera I

can’t wait for that to be available so I

can order that it may it’s available

right now but I’m waiting for it to be

available on Amazon so I can do it’s the

with my professional camera but really

work on camera for sure for sure

that’s where the ceiling yeah for sure

full we have full weather sealing 6.5

stop image stabilization x-trans sensor

flip out screen off in other words my

next III has this 6.5 stop stabilization

yeah too bad too bad

that’s why technology keeps moving and

you know it’s it’s improving on right

your old camera doesn’t get any worse

but you want the newer camera just

because now you see all the technology

in the new camera but here’s a different

line this is the XTX f-series

which is a little bit lesser than the

x’s it’s a small it is is a smaller

version of the XT in Serena’s ex DSP

series so the newest version XT 30

basically it just don’t like a xt3 OAC

for this but they’re smaller yeah but

they have

where the ceiling though okay if you

have that just fullscreen

yes but it’s basically it could do bases

anything that a xt3 can just accept or

being water resistant and all that yeah

but yeah but it’s much smaller so if we

want something that capable of doing all

the features the XUV can do but you

don’t want something that big yeah XT

for it is what you want yeah and that’s

actually quite the bang for the buck if

it does what you need it’s a smaller

size and it cost less I mean there’s

nothing wrong with it in fact that’s why

you have options and that’s why we had

this video so we can discuss like the

different options you have so you can

find the perfect camera for you so

here’s people cube Oscar that was a

different oh yeah this is difference

there are differences and I love how

Fuji has so many options you don’t

realize it but they have so many options

so that you can pick the right one for

you whether it’s the budget that can

chase you whether it’s the size or the

purpose it is a big different between

the XT and XT voice besides the size

wise okay they both have the extra and

sensors in there yes and they both have

the same processors so meaning the image

quality image processing speed is

equally the same yeah yet only different

is XT 3 has much better peel world

aluminum body and then plow X Steve 30

all right stop

yes that’s what Appetit wise it cost

less and that’s why the camera is

cheaper yeah it’s smaller yeah oh and I

think it has a pop-up flash – if I

remember right yes I believe so we can

take a look at that in just a minute

if you 4k meters ok videos in fact it

yeah it’s got the organized shooting

with this will be number two that’s

actually not available in the xt3 or

actually video ironically right because

that’s a professional camera so you

don’t have the automatic setting we just

ironic but as you get better

we totally recommend you get off the

automatic setting and really dial in so

you know your camera it’s an extension

of your arm to take the picture yep look

at it alright

autofocus yes and it’s 4 so we got the

what’s I connections their cell phone

bluetooth there’s a flash yep so let’s

get the hot shoe and

pop-up flash right yeah that’s what I’ve

been piecing like the xt3 you don’t have

a pop-up flash yeah you know well that’s

a low like condition was something just

Queen and I’m gonna do it yeah I got me

another like off-camera flash show or


yeah so yeah and the cool thing about

this camera not only gets to come in

black and silver which I usually like

but it also comes in Oh charcoal silver

this yeah I think charcoal silver in

this camera is the right choice for me

it has then it blends better but it

still pops and it’s still silver so it

looks classy and I think all the prices

are the same regardless of what color

you pick so I mean 89 89 it’s just one

at one time I think about this you say

that’s my backup body yeah if this one

don’t have a little engine exterior

right this is yeah doing exactly this

sixty fears but half the price yes


I mean if if only it has a 6.5 stop of

image stabilization which also XC three

does it have only the X c4 has it right

so maybe the XT 40 when it comes out

might be a nice one but I am waiting for

the XT 4 because that one has everything

I need in a camera but it also costs

like three times as much as this I know

and it’s bigger this one is a little bit

smaller so it’s more compact but all

these cameras you will be you will be

happy that you say all small on my hand

is too painful but thank you our wedding

photographer and you’re holding

something so big for whole day you’re

holding something like this

your handshake thank you yeah at the end

of the day absolutely it’s refreshing

for sure alright let’s go back and see

the next camera on the lineup we have

the XT X right yep

so what is this camera has a compare to

the X T X X and the X T X so the newest

model for the XP X xx is X T 200 if your

smile is one packet um this one is

purely consumer oriented camera it’s not

it’s a human hat I like a little bit you


we’re seal there is no even an extra

intensity but when it comes with it has

a 180 flippin scream so yeah that’s me

that is something that I like yes like

when the wife and I have that it makes

you free yeah yeah but it also like when

we’ve gone back to the PowerPoint right

it doesn’t have the extra and sensor so

it’s like yeah if you take pictures and

you want the extra and sensor keep in

mind that if you want an organic look

with your Fuji photo with the zoo mother

OC one thing we keep fun dimension and

now is the sim simulator right so I

think this one has all of the Fuji

camera head yeah

yeah but you combine that with the extra

sensor we didn’t make even organic much

better but but with this you know I

follow us a follow yeah it it depends

what your criteria is on your photo so

you know that’s why some people are not

as picky man the HT 200-pound is good

for them because it’s much cost cheaper

and then it’s much more suitable for

video to look at yes yeah it’s suitable

video because it’s got the image the

digital image stabilization and it’s got

the football screen and it’s got the

jack for your headphone – so wait a good

choice for vlogger on a budget – so this

camera how much does this one go for

yeah wait yeah six nine nine nine yeah

and it’s also got the three colors – the

dark silver the silver and then the

black as well and let’s just check out

the video I like the promotional video

on this one because it really brings

into the personal sense of when you use

it just tell your story because it’s

cheap well relatively cheap to the other

cameras so it’s easier to for consumer

to use and bring it out in case you drop

it you don’t feel very bad you can put

it in your bag and stuff scuff it up a

little bit but it’s there so it can

capture life it can be there with you

wherever you go

right you have the slow motion you got

the grit autofocus you got the flip out

screen you got all the essential

features you need to take great pictures

when you’re traveling when you’re doing

stuff with the family and the best part

is affordable

this is oh I’m just in my new video

yeah a pen shouldn’t go out like that go

can’t be with my son like this yeah yeah

and then you could teach your son how to

use a camera you can teach him on

something simple like this so in case he

drops it it’s not too bad right it’s

it’s a for no and that’s nice it’s

affordable and it has a lot of

functionality it’s perfect for vlogging

on the budget and I think it’s great you

mean the x-trans sensor is not there the

weather still is not there but also the

big price tag is not there so there are

trade-offs so they make what you feel

makes cameras for everybody for every

now that they all exist camera is really

superior I mean you know they say any

camera kick a good pictures right now

yeah it just depends on that that

topknot thing of idea I want to go

beyond that then you might want to

choose maybe XT 3 XE for profession you

see where is it because it you mean for

this in a job in the water always

raining trying to picture and what a big

inside the lens or yeah it sensor then

yeah you probably have a spare amount of

money fix it or yeah even costs more

than the camera itself yeah

if you know that you’re going to like an

occasion that you will get wet or

whatever that you probably want together

XT 3 XT 4 yeah yeah will last much much

longer and you’d be chopped it don’t

worry it’s aluminum I’ll stand up a

little bit better for sure but

definitely no I don’t want a job I came

out I did jump it it’s good it is good

trust me

but trust me you don’t want drop your

camera avoid it at all costs Ashlin

happens yeah it’s not something you


yeah but here’s the back of the xt 200

the top deck see 200 it stills got that

nice classic look with the champagne

gold as well as the silver and oh I like

this the screen catch inside so you

won’t get scratch

yeah yeah yeah you can have it flipped

out this way that’s just sixteen by nine

yes realize that wide screen it fills up

the whole camera actually it nice yeah

very nice very nice very affordable it

does a lot it’s great for vlogging yep

for sure so what do we have next on the

line here we got the XH Series

this is quite different from all the

other cameras we talked about right

this used to be the big boy oh thanks

series yes

Ubuntu xt4 came yeah this like only

camera that has in camera stabilizers

yes that’s the only one can embody

Eliza’s issues yeah I know that you have

it it’s become and also it carries the

old sensor which is the extra incentive

three yeah now all a newer camera has

experiences therefore so yes the image

bought is much better much sharper it’s

you could actually a lot of people can

say that they can tell the difference I

mean not only when you just have like

one version of way the difference is not

that bad but for some ways an excellent

sense of three and a transit of the four

somehow I can tell there there’s the

sharpness then call the contractor Wow


well I mean that xh1 is the most recent

version and it’s also the first version

so this one is a little bit older

technology than the other ones we looked

at because all the other ones we looked

at so far and we’ll see later on for the

different lines are more refresh or more

a little bit more modern this one is a

little bit dated again the old sensor

and it was the first one to have the

image stabilization built in so you

still have a nice camera

it’s built with a really good body it’s

perfect for rugged environments

technology wise it’s a little bit dated

until they come up with the next

iteration of the XH line so of course

everything is precisely engineered

boomer hands that they would come over

the XX – but don’t win right yeah for

now you got the X h1 and unless you

really need the rugged body I would say

this is probably not the best choice for

most people but you’re just talking

about a beauty cell you know it’s a

workhorse camera right there right for

sport shooters forearms you know try to

capture stuff yeah whole body is now

it’s meant for you to work even each

other you guys Duke

working yeah that’s what this map is

cameras for yes the the other ones are

you jump at them

bye-bye well I mean the xe4 has a good

balance of both right but again this is

the more ultimate strong body for

endurance that’s that mean a shot as

default grip it’s better that the

equipment is it’s camera is better yes

but then because you can actually always

add something onto the XT 3 XT 4 yeah

it’s equally the same it just has a

amount of it which is something that

that’s not building it’s not default

right that song yes it showcase all the

in camera embody yes but XT 4 has it now

so right right when this camera was

released it was the only one that had in

image in body image stabilization so he

was a feature that made this camera

really stand out there you go really

emphasizing it you embody exact

civilization yeah

still a great still great camera it is

price-wise you can get one Amazon right

now for about 1300 it comes with the

grip battery grip and bunch of accessory

to but if you find this use and

sometimes they are used but right now

there’s not use one you can get them

pretty cheap that’s the perk of this you

have a really workhorse of a camera a

little bit older technology but you can

get it at a good price it’s someone I

saw a film I got one with a use one like

around 70 bucks

ooh that’s a good deal yeah continue if

you can get that one for 700 bucks

that’s a great deal so we have next on

the lineup here we have whoo the

exposition my type of camera yes this is

my journey once I mean I enjoyed an

exponent of e which is the first camera

we talked about yeah but it’s excellence

yes and I mean even though I get at some

like lens attachment environment but

this is a winch – style which with

indigenes bullets mm-hmm so it was all

of those I have worked my XD 3 so it’s

perfect yeah it’s deafening in one and

then also it has no LCD outside so

that’s why I love it

yes it is a photographer’s camera it’s

good it’s it’s a unique set of features

that make you it kind of makes you shoot

more purely right for example you your

LCD back there

it’s not a typical LCD right yeah

actually you want to go through the

bullet list and see talk about some of

it yeah I mean this is the good thing

about this camera is way back when this

is the X Pro the words come out yeah

this is the and also at the same time

which the exercise trans sensor first

you know no the first X train sensor is

actually put on X Pro this is the first

camera that carries the extra incenses

okay some heritage on top of that the

hyper multi viewfinder it’s also come

from this as well

mmm I have this first yes which is just

like you could turn around to become

like an organic wheel finer or become a

little bit finer so this one here is

water-resistant not waterproof what a

resistance so be careful

yeah I’m slightly difference yes and it

comes with the most powerful experience

emo for sensor and also X processors

cool yeah so you can process images yeah

and did I mention that the screen itself

is flip inverse yes it’s probably the

most unique characteristic about this

camera so that’s one thing you should

really observe it’s the screen here is

very unique and different so how is it

work Jeremy how is this screen so it has

two LCD 100 LCD outside which is

showcased which film simulation you

actually on work and then it’s kind of

flipped this is to have an LCD it’s a

high touch touch screen LCD high quality

inside but they don’t want you to reveal

your picture of the Charlotte because

imagine back then when you stood with

film you can see pictures right you

develop it so they can’t mimic that

method of photography that the culture

of photography so it make you feel like

you’re shooting again focus on which one


rather focus on you’ll be able to go the

image right removing your image is not

part of photography that’s what it this


right and while we’re viewing the image

you’re missing out the moments you

singing out that the feel and excitement

being in the world and in the moment of

taking pictures right also what that is

if you shooting with your camera right

now yeah after you finish that say you

do a statue after your cognition session

you’ve been seeing an image on your LCD

sure you got my exposure wondering how

that goes right

right so you accept you what you got

already yeah so your hype of your

photograph session is done once you’re

done you’re done yeah would the expo

three because you don’t reveal your

image that much yes when you go back

home and copy your SD card on to your

laptop or computer that’s probably the

first time you see an image yes yeah you

got another ha no excitement going on

yes that’s how it ends the hype and the

happiness of photography by pleasure

exactly yeah

yeah and one thing that you probably

forgot why you love this camera so much

is it’s made of titanium and magnesium

that’s yes yeah the frame is yes it’s

really premium quality because it’s

actually made from corrosion resistant

titanium so that’s uh some premium grade

stuff I check out this promotional video

I mean the body shape is unique itself –

it’s big it’s got a very unique style

and the silhouette of it looks great and

of course the way it’s on the tiles on

the right side so basically you’re when

you’re holding with your camera all your

fingers you can show everything yeah and

you basically why are you wielding on it

we’ll find on this side yeah this finger

do all about you all adjusting yep yeah

and like you said one thing that’s

unique about this camera versus like the

X 105 that we review the very first of

this video is that the lens mount is an

X mount lens right so you can change the

lens so that that part is nice and the

LCD screen is very unique about this one

and in that it takes away distraction

because you’re not always peeping at

your screen I mean you always look at

your pictures if you want to review it

but it makes it a little bit harder

because it it kind of forces you to not

picks up heat not review your screen

and that’s where the purest form of

photography goes it comes back to us

because you enjoy taking a picture again

and not worry about just reviewing your

pictures because you should know how you

getting your pictures to turn out so

then you can focus on taking a picture

so it’s more it’s more of a persuasion

look at that how cool is that oh yeah

open and closed off yeah okay there’s

the back that’s about speak yep

it’s not right it shows you your film

grade and that’s how you review the

picture right there

beep it’s a good good is it it’s got the

high quality LCD screen it’s got the

great sensor and everything about it is

high-tech but it makes it a pure

low-tech by hiding the screen so you can

focus on taking pictures without

distractions yeah yeah I’m sorry I might

just enjoy a new video oh yeah of course

man that’s why we play this video look

at this okay so let’s picture you get

something out in the mansion like all

this new technology digital camera new

sensors didn’t it change the way people

take pictures because we’re looking at

the high dynamic range you know getting

full details yeah in the dark

yes but if you look at some of those

Fuji frame styles like you know back

then yeah when they go back back is

black yes now the contrast right there

the contrast is strong yes so what was

the Fuji film swim simulators and also

the way they do the camera is it’s based

on that do not try to keep the high I

mean they do have the high dynamic range

yeah but you should always JPEG and all

that really matters yeah they keep you

that punchy contrast within those films

bar that oh that means I see all the

detail in the black no they don’t you

know it is okay they don’t need to

showcase their technologies yes they

want to showcase the art yes we have

been the colors and within their film

style yes it does really go back to the

purest of photography so that’s the X

Pro Series and oh we should look at the

price of that one because it’s a pro

series so the price point like XT for it


it’s going to be a collectible hey but

the cool thing is look the black one is

quite cheaper than the the dark dura

black and the dura silver so if you want

to say no I am going full into a black

do a black or the door silver right

there like you like to do a black line

yeah it can’t do a black but it’s really

good that this is the silver shine to it

it’s got copper is how are you huh

copper mm-hmm I don’t know if uchi has

silver lenses but I kind of like the

silver lens that comes you know what I

will – – I mean okay my cell knows like

old vintage like come on and put it open

and use that manual focus oh you’ll be

so sweet so sweet you can really enjoy

photography it’s just like you know when

you pick up a modern camera like the xe4

it’s greener but it’s kind of too close

to work right because you and I are so

professional any photographers right so

when we look at the XT for our my is

like okay for a work mode right where’s

this camera gives you a chance to like

take a step back and enjoy but imagine

maybe a wedding photographer and you use

this camera yeah oh that’s very

interesting – that’s not look at your

camera as a Hey where’s your squeeze it

well right here I don’t even see it I

don’t still be good oh yeah yeah I mean

you gotta be really really know your eye

so your aperture your setting you gotta

be able to down down down down don’t ya

because the will finder also have

digital will fine you can’t eat you

can’t cheat you could do that oh wow

that’s interesting if any time I get

bored I might actually get this camera I

think you’re gonna get a pallet you

think about it do it in a day time if

you’re going in up indoor-outdoor so you

have the life in there so yeah just

accordingly which is easy yes and then

do it nighttime to be honest when you’re

at night you don’t have much of lighting

changes anyway the Sun don’t move so

once you start setting up we all can

flash you just go with the organic Oh

we’ll find everybody else is much

brighter mm-hmm cuz you know you know

how in the live view and as you turn it

along we just have some blankies yeah in

most of yes a week it at nighttime you

get you’re sitting down and you have off

camera I just keep shooting it and it’s

usually spriter with you know your

planner it’s much better yeah yeah for

sure yeah the more you think about it

the more we talk about this camera this

will actually be a real fun camera to

take a wedding with you know it’s a it

gives you it’s a little bit of caption

ID yeah you’ll have to do much look at

the dials yeah you have a shutter you

have the ISO in there everything you

said is so it will change much you

change a circular yeah

and basically you Evie whatever and then

change the f-stop yes only if you need

well yeah you keep it all mm-hmm it’s

simple it’s pure I don’t know I mean do

you use all the white bottles I use all

the way bonds all the time I don’t even

[ __ ] around with it yeah weddings for

weddings I use auto white balance

because things change a lot some of my

flip a switch and right before the dance

they know where the lights and the

videographer turns on the real night so

it’s all over the place your wedding is

a whole different situation I shoot raw

and I shoot with auto white balance

because I have to adjust it later

because there’s just so much going on I

don’t want to risk it on a big important

day like a wedding but that’s quite a

different topic for what the purpose of

this communal Tenafly long time ago and

it went to one workshop about film


yeah and that motions cuff him never

died yes so when you want the

photographer’s talk we should film and

his approach is like okay you know what

I should with Fame you know why because

I have a family I want to go home and

not have to process my picture so wasn’t

done with my friend I sent to my de

pepper and they were done and then send

a picture to the client I don’t have to

do anything after work but that to me

it’s just like you know what what if I

what happened if I messed up on the

frame I don’t know I’m not that good

right but with this yeah

you could do the same thing because he

has other Fame simulators and yeah

father films in there you like stick

with it yeah should all that stuff in

there at the end of the day keep the SD

cut your client yeah he’s done gonna

picture this process yes you know I

don’t know about the attack I don’t know

you know Jimmy but does it have dual

memory card and could you write raw to

one card and write JPAC to the other

card that way

just in case they JPEG didn’t quite

expose the right and you need the extra

information from the raw to I think it

done so if you look at the step I’m

pretty sure it has to remember that my

xt3 has it so this is like even a new

model so patient a bit so if we look at

specifications I’m not sure if it will

say the memory card here does it show I

go get power supply I think your base is

done up somewhere it says 200-something


file yeah you can eat JPEG and you can

do JPEG raw for sure

here’s a storage media so it looks like

you have one slot for SD memory card and

others thought for us h1 right so I

think because there’s two lines so it

has two memory cards maybe the spec is

kind of uh do we have an annual so we

can look at the actual like right can

you go just do me one favor go to the XT

for ya spec yeah I know HD for

phosphorus dual memory card yeah see how

they write it up right curiosity so near


media yes the two lines too so I think

that means they have one job here pretty

sure that’s not yeah it makes sense yeah

no no no no no no no no that’s just an

extension of it cuz my ex TV has that th

TV my ex TV has dual memory card yes

yeah yeah that’s why I’m single because

he has too long so this dual memory card

so this one definitely should have dual

memory card and you know you write that

will come swirling yeah for sure yeah

the price the price is up there but you

know you’re paying for the elegance the

design and all the latest gadgets and

it’s very unique camera that brings

excitement back to photography and


there’s no price for that and even if

there is it’s not this is not a super

expensive camera this one has 16 digital

film similar animals in there I think

there’s like two new ones that came with

this camera that the others know so they

make a brand new film digital film

simulator just for this brand new body

very nice very good there you go that’s


classic negative and also monotone

something yeah classic negative to

monochromic Koran mono chromatic color

very cool you got the titanium body the

flip screen yeah the film simulator just

really like when you look at Fuji

cameras compare it to like Nikon Sony or

Canon this is one thing that just takes

them to a whole different level it’s

their film simulators it’s like it’s

it’s it’s so cool but not you know how

do you see those people who would kind

of compare um color science to all the

other cameras yeah yeah I maybe survey

they do surveys are like oh what what do

you think like some people said Fugees

color is not good it’s like what are you

talking about who gives me doing Fame

and maybe spent so much money and

investment in color sighing and you know

it depends on when you compare it to if

you compare it to something that looks

very natural and real like day to day no

no no it’s not that it’s there’s like a

high and industrial center and then

there’s a pencil preference your person

perfect doesn’t like it doesn’t mean

it’s not good in exactly yeah that’s


yes I agree yeah and then yeah there’s

there’s a lot of videos on Amazon – if

you guys want to check that out but

let’s move on – I think we have one more

camera in this huge x-series line you

see how there’s so many cameras in the

x-series line and I think this is the

last one coming up here yep oh no we got

two more going up so we got the extra

materials right yeah let’s go over it

really quick so the FC series is similar

to the X pro 3 series what is quite a

difference here Jeremy it’s pretty much

the same it’s just like you said if I

put up on the first one it’s a stripped

down from the

poor series okay I yep so you don’t have

a optical viewfinder you don’t have a

digital finders your LCD yeah you can

see OCD now it’s alright yeah and it’s

not it’s no way to ceiling and then also

it’s not mine excellence yeah so that is

kind of more paucity right enough camera

so it’s cheaper yeah that’s the best

thing you took to the price it’s like

wow that’s a quite a bit cheaper that’s

like a thousand more $9,000 cheaper than

the export well if you want to get into

a more like a digital rangefinder type

of camera yeah this is fun the one you

know if you can afford a $2,000 camera

then this is popular one yeah it still

give you the same satisfaction of

student picture what about wage finders

oh this all at the range finder

oh yeah that’s no sorry

yeah LCD but it looks like one of the

best fighters right right so this one

this knows that this is a little bit

more stylish to wait does it make sense

no no no I’m coming you sorry I miss you

you keep me misinformation but there’s a

Google planner that is it just that you

know but okay but when you’re looking in

front it’s actually converts to this dot

because it’s not an optical is a digital

will finder that makes a lot of sense

okay you’re right so confuse me well

well okay so it but it’s a limited view

finder right versus the other one where

it’s a true range finder right this is

uh yeah when I say no no range finder

meaning that that we wanna is on the spy

of the camera okay in the middle

that’s my range fine fine fine I’ll give

you that

you got it yeah okay so go on so it’s

it’s got the rangefinder it’s got the

OLED display in the back it’s got the

feature oh the vintage low camera yeah

not smallest oh yeah and also the Finn

simulator so yeah fifteen so one less

than the other one right mm-hm

it’s got the clarity it still takes

really nice pictures look at that

yep yeah it’s I mean it’s uh it’s it’s

still a very high-end camera and seeing

all this I want to go and take pictures

now if I can go I’ll take pictures

you can fantasize about taking those

pictures and you can think about what

gear you get so that when it’s time to

go outside

we can and we have the right gear we

know how to get works and you can get

that xe3 for roughly 700 bucks and this

one comes with like a whole bunch of

other stuff too so it’s a great choice

and I think we got one last camera to

talk about here and it’s actually the ex

a series so in fact it’s not the xa5

that’s the latest one that’s the nearest

one x87 right so we got the x87 but

pretty much the ex a series is what

we’re talking about here so how does the

next a series different from the other

lines that we talked about during the X

a serie is truly a consumer body you get

about it

yes different colors it move for

comparison and it doesn’t have extra and

sensor it has the beta sensors yes and

there’s no way of filming yeah

there’s no will finder basically you

look at LCD and shoot mm-hmm and it has

a pop of flash yes yeah and a screen is

fully under 180 flip up yo that is

before blocking – yeah but I really like

the flippable screen because the

flippable screen makes it quite

versatile for a lot of things and I mean

let’s check out let’s take a look at the

the promotional video because it

actually can do a lot it’s actually a

great camera for pretty much any casual

user and just a casual import it’s

because it’s it’s got a lot of features

but it’s perfect for our casual user

because it’s user friendly it’s got the

nice big body to work with to get the

flip out screen but it’s got really high

tech in there it’s just the body isn’t

super robust in terms of durability it’s

not a professional camera that we quite

you know all about Auto filter will type

you terminology so just app stop I

shudder because they call my insert here


to help you take amazing pictures

already yeah and it still takes amazing

picture right versus a smartphone right

it’s got a special young portrait they

have all the skin

yes it’s got good low-light capability

it’s got Facebook traction it’s got I

focus and the smart flash helps makes a

picture better I don’t even know how to

do that but that flash looks pretty good

and you got low like wrongs Oh flash is

pretty good mm-hmm always I love it yeah

and it’s great for 4k videos

you got the flip top screen and I think

if it does like 6k videos yeah well yeah

okay movie and it crops to 4k is

equivalent to 6k so yeah very nice very

high quality video you got the flip out

screen so it’s great for vlogging and

it’s it’s all around a really good

camera I mean the only thing that you

can kind knock it down for is that it

has the consumer build quality but it

helps with the price right it’s yeah

it’s high performance it’s easy to use

and it’s great for everyday use whether

you’re vlogging or taking casual

pictures or even low-light capability

it’s great and the big question is how

much does it cost

a modest $6.99 with the little 15 and 45

minutes this is not Molly only this is

Oh oh yeah nice yeah it’s it’s it’s a

nice one for sure

whoa there’s some weight but which color

would which color would you get I’m

thinking I’m kind of liking a brown what

about you probably get a chuckle wood

charcoal one which is gonna have

highlighted but the brown way is unique

because the brown one we really brings

me back to the the insta cameras it

makes it look yeah if it’s crying it’s

not letter it just cheap okay that’s a

good point okay

you just you just convinced me to do not

get the brown one very cool and if of

course it’s the ex mount right so you

can change the lens to any of the X

mount lens and you can put like a that’s

pretty coated exterior because no X

month yeah yeah because the X


they’re not x-mount right I said there’s

a hatch jutsu so I could do off-camera

flash on this little baby yeah yeah so I

think geez do we yeah that was the ex a7

oh yeah here’s a chart so we’re gonna

wrap it up in the next few minutes but

here’s a quick summary how do we use

this chart Jeremy so you look for the

stuff that you want ladies for example

if you know you want a camera with extra

and sensors do fold it down and then

said okay so the XT xxx don’t have a

trance sensors Onix K so that would

narrow down your choices the others and

if you look at the adjustment screen

that you want a 180 spin we have to

two-star yeah and you know what you know

oh this was not updated yet yeah it’s

before right so that one has that too

yeah so this is how we’ll help you out

identify which camera it’s good for you

yeah I looking for the feature that you

want and it shows which camera has it at

which one don’t ya yeah and if you look

at this chart might as well watch this

video one more time

because you know it’s nice and watch

those marketing videos and see the

bullet points that are we think are

important that defines the difference of

these cameras and it’s great okay visual

it’s all one thing that you can tell

which one is the pro camera flash yeah

those who don’t have flash at the pro

camera that is true yeah that’s true all

the pro cameras don’t have flash yeah

because they have the hot shoe so you

can put on a wireless trigger or an you

know flash yeah cuz they don’t want you

to use the boolean flash that that’s not

too bold yeah well I mean once you have

a pro body you want to limit the not in

it also with with the weather steel yes

Oh blast

those are the truly professional camera

oh yeah absol is frosty yeah that’s why

I choose X Pro over the X 100 because

basics X 100 is definitely a unique

camera yeah walk around yeah

but the X Pro can be you D as well as

it’s a problem yeah is

prova as where the sealed exchange

answers as no flash so I could do

basically anything to XT if we can’t do

except I can’t believe my image easily

that’s the way you don’t watch it you

don’t want to because that’s a that’s a

perk of that camera right so what’s this

Jeremy so this is my two goalies I was

thinking about this is the free camera I

probably get mm-hmm I’ll be not gonna

get the x100 we’ve and focus on explore

but I would definitely get the XT for as

my walking camera so for me X oh yeah I

mean for me I would have a very similar

list except I would get the XT 4 and the

X 105 just because I like the X 105

because it has a fixed lens that you

cannot change and it’s got the fixed

focal length of 23 millimeter which i

think is perfect to challenge my

creativity and I have a problem called

gas which is gear acquisition syndrome

so if I have the other cameras I would

want to buy all the lens and I want to

carry all the lens with me and that

takes away your creativity because you

have all these lists and now you’re

thinking which lens to use versus I just

carry one camera the X 105 when I want

to be creative and what am I challenge

myself because there’s no choice that’s

all I have I don’t have to worry about

buying lens or bringing lens so X might

have that problem I don’t have that

problem we there’s this different

there’s different cameras for different

people so at least we both agree on the

XE for as the top choice right mm-hmm

although you want it for different

reasons that I want it because I’m a

vlogger and I want it for the flip out

screen and there’s 6.5 stops of ibis I

want a stripe in trim all natural light

with doggy signal flash so I could stop

down my shop in camera stabilization

yeah so I this is the reason for the XE

for it’s got the weather sealing is you

get the football screen it’s got the

x-trans sensor it’s got all the latest

and greatest and like I said before Fuji

film pretty much gave you everything

with xe4 it’s the kitchen sink plus all

the new features it’s the best camera

pretty much for anybody that wants to

get into Fuji film it’s costly but it’s

a good it’s a really good investment

xt4 really recommend you to do a

conclusion on this as yeah you get a cup

of pink member yeah what’s the different

material camera is that once they don’t

make full frame cameras yes they mean

they either go crop sensor widget crop

sensor is as good as the full-frame yes

and they go even beyond a medium format

and a medium format it’s not expensive

like no-hassle bath or face one they’re

affordable they’re like four thousand

dollars yes there you get a medium

format yes camera body so it’s quite

horrible okay if you want to go that

route he you could reach we could talk

about that it no yeah what’s happening

format cameras another vision then the

the most important thing is on my other

camera they have pics picture style

right for Fuji film they have film

similar which is basically all the films

that Fuji films have ever made and

transfer it colors into this digital

format yeah so that’s what took on the

bow down yeah and I just like the fact

that we talked about all these little

differences and unique features on all

these cameras and really Fuji takes it

another level to bring back the fun a

joy of taking pictures by bringing back

these elements like the rangefinder

right the knobs are so precisely

designed with the touch and feel the

nice craft of the cameras and the

limitation of the LCD in the back just

so that you can focus on taking a

picture without distraction is these

little things that make Fuji cameras

unique they bring back the joy in taking

pictures well just take away all the

so-called sensor sighs yeah or a dynamic

you just put the cameras side by side

yeah I personally think the Fuji camera

is the most beautiful camera out there

in the market yeah and I mean to me the

advanced only no event like are no

events cannot but the Fuji exterior is

beautiful period you know I kind of I

don’t know if it’s a real bulletproof

analogy but to me I’m a computer guy I

think all the other camera manufacturers

like Canon Nikon Sony they’re kind of

like pcs and I think Fuji film is kind

of like a Mac right it’s it’s designed

with from a PC guy what are you talking


on the computer you think you bail I’m

like a beer okay so my analogy sucks but

what I’m saying is that Fujifilm is

elegant and they design their products

with purpose and it’s a big passion back

into photographers when you pick the

camera up

you really think about shooting for the

joy of shooting not shooting because

it’s work that’s why I think Fuji film

has a special place in the market and

that’s why I’m in love with Fuji cameras

man I’m always taught that really we

want to start shooting it again I can go

out and first before we do that you need

to get the xd4 so let’s go ahead and

order one so we have it for review and

also so we can have it yeah I think

right now it would be on waiting list

yeah if we don’t hold it now I mean you

might even get later for yeah oh yeah so

let’s go ahead order that line so we’re

gonna wrap this up oh and here’s some

specs but you can always look at the

specs on the website so we’re not gonna

bored you with the specs but what we’re

gonna show you is some really nice

photos that jeremy has taken with the

xt3 and some of the other Fuji cameras

right mm-hmm yeah so we just go through

these pretty quick so just so you get a

sense of someone a nice picture size

that’s a nice big just yeah oh it’s nice

pictures yeah this one I don’t know

might i mean look look at the low-light

performance on that that’s been good

yeah I’m going back this picture like

the the shadows is what you want to look

at in this picture I mean the light it’s

only on the phone war and also all those

up you but look at the back I mean

mm-hmm bring all the details yes yes yes

yeah it’s a crop sensor but that crop

sensor is fine – no we’re gonna doubt it

excellent yeah and this is a great

portrait – with nice shallow depth of

field but probably with a wider lens

right so you can kind of really see this

one is like 35 1.4 I think both this I

don’t have one that’s on me don’t eat

that shoot so okay that’s like empty

email bidders you quickly I just stand

pretty far away that’s all yeah yeah I

mean the results speak for themselves

this is from a crop sensor that is on

par with full-frame sensors for

Canon Nikon Sony so it’s good stuff this

is a beautiful picture to Golden Gate

Bridge yep when can we go back this way

this blood I just wanna say straight out

famous tomato well black and white films

oh yes simulator with so look at that


oh they like it I love it very good very

nice so bad yeah beautiful day a little

overcast I love it like some wine just

color you have the colors color pops

here this yeah Wow

really great pictures you’ve taken all

with the Fuji cameras here and the

majorities yeah think all of these so

far with the xq 3 right there all xt3

and step back so this one right this one

a say GFX 50 our medium format medium

format this is a methacel commercial

yeah so you know it’s for work yeah so

you never know how big they want to blow

up the picture that’s right you always

want to get the better pixel I mean

that’s the whole purpose of medium

format I mean yeah yeah better depth of

feeling everything but the main reason

why commercial people like to use medium

format is because my picture can be like

a hundred megapixel right no it’s yes

and also you never know how your client

wants it may be that you take a big

picture send it oh I don’t want this

part you want they want you to crop all

the way in so you know make sure you

have enough megapixels yeah so when you

when people said about 8 megapixel wall

like yeah if you are really doing

commercial with hyper stuff yeah yeah

because the different client you might

need it yes but if you are just having

fun with yourself or doing normal

portraitures or wedding photography you

don’t really need that right I mean me

ever since I started I was kind of

debatable if I can shoot a wedding with

all portrait will drop sensor yeah out

to be honest I was like that when I

first pick it up it’s not shooting but I

found that I had no problem dealing with

this cuz you know wedding photography

and portraits from sensor is more they

enough yeah

absolutely absolutely so let’s I think

you have to one picture oh this is

gorgeous man this is so beautiful yeah

the sunset it’s lovely in this one doing

the dynamic range and this is amazing

with the xt3

and it would actually for even better

and here’s this is what’s really choking

xt3 with a 16 millimeter 1.4 lens the

detail of the sensor any lens you’re

just amazing really the natural light

this is just real light yeah I mean your

work speaks for itself these are great

cameras and we talked about all the

x-series line I hope you guys got a good

idea of all the future film excuse

cameras so that you know which one to

pick when it’s time for you to buy one

so I would love to hear which one you

guys are gonna get so let me know in the

description discussion hello and we

would love to hear that anything that

you want to add Jeremy before we wrap up

this live stream well I hope food this

presentation and talk you have a better

idea what’s the different between on

x-series camera and able to choose which

one is good for you if you ever

interesting the Fuji one thing we might

do that is Fuji is really to help you to

find your peerless a beautiful table yes

so it’s out there it’s not everybody’s

choice I think but to be honest person I

think that’s what photog rizal about

don’t don’t get mutated by all this

digital thing even though it’s did your

camera you can still have fun

you can still beautiful organic so Fuji

is basically giving you that so if you

want to keep a try I will recommend it I

did yeah and of course if you buy on in

your list below it’s all from Amazon and

they have like really good return policy

so check it out I think you got my lens

I bought it Amazon it’s easy yes so easy

to buy stuff yeah yeah you can really

fall in love with these cameras they

really bring in joy excitement back I

mean it’s great for even if you’re

starting out as a photographer because

you can really feel those dials you you

make your setting change with purpose

and it’s exciting again because you’re

just not shooting and spraying with

these visual settings you really get the

chance to enjoy the finesse of the build

quality and the intricate dials and just

this little subtle difference like the

rangefinder the fixed focal length or

the unique LCDs that really bring out

the creativity in you because it

challenges you it eliminates the

distraction so yeah fujifilm they’re

very unique but they have a lot to offer

and their x-series line is huge and

hopefully this video has narrow it down

so that you know which one to pick when

it’s time for you to buy your fuji film

excuse camera yeah

all right I hope this helps so yeah well

thank you so much for tuning in tonight

thank you for watching us thank you for

being part of the live stream we love

talking to y’all we wish you all happy

great night take care and see you guys

next time

all right we’re gonna sign up guys we’re

gonna sign out in three two one and

adios and we are