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so sorry for the delay everyone but

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hello everyone and welcome to pixel

stabbers hope you guys are doing well

hope you guys doing fantastic

today we have a special guest ken right

here from fujifilm ex-photographer just

like jeremy up there

but except ken has privileged to test

out an amazing new

fujifilm piece of hardware so i’ll let


take it away yeah i never have fun yeah

we’re going to talk about the 56

millimeter 1.2 today

yes we knew it oh


yes i got something new that every

people have been expecting

nice wow see beautiful

so yeah i know there’s some open balls

uh on the youtube on the internet before


i mean after the 50 millimeter 1.0


yep and i just recently got this the

sample so this is the

very first open box from us

yep so um yeah i think many of you have


seeing that the review of the lens

and see a little bit testing

of the 50 millimeter on the xt4

or the export 3 or any recently a new


but um you’re just looking

into the promoting video or maybe

there’s some tesla video but today

except the open box we also have some

camera here so we’re going to compare

the size and also we’re going to plug in

the camera into our live system

and we’re going to show you a little bit

of the air speed test

because that’s one of the best thing

about that lens right it’s fast when cam

yeah when ken actually told me hey let’s

do open box wheel i’ll say

open box video you’re just going to open

a box and show the lens and then close

the box and

done like what’s the point of that like

oh well i want to show like

awesome uh focusing speed okay that’s

another story so this is going to be

interesting video so stay

stay tuned okay it’s gonna be cool yeah

don’t turn off

yeah yeah coming back i mean one of the

best thing about

this 50 millimeter 1.0 is the autofocus

speed right

it’s much faster than the 56 f1 point

what what is it the 56 how what’s the

aperture in the 50s

which is more important the 1.0 with the

depth of field or the so-called focusing

speed which is more important

i think focusing speed it depends on

what you’re shooting because if you put

that onto the xd4 with the new xt4

focusing system all lens is good already

the 56 1.2 is the margin difference

compared to you know

well okay i’m trying to understand


you’ve told me that the 56 1.2 fuji lens

is very slow no no no no no wait hold on

let me pull a thing again where’s ken

can well

yeah ken’s not in this shot 56.2 focus

slow which

i tried it it is slow okay so assuming

and according to the fuji spec that the



point two you have to fit this yes i

have it here

what ken has everything so we can test

the 56 one point two and compare it to

the 51.00

yes all right i want to see this so

we’re going to open it

so this is the open boxing guys drum


come on

it’s the fujifilm f 1.0


read the menu

from page one to page to the edge uh

it’s openers all right coat yeah

but that’s a 1.2 man what’s up with that

what no no

that’s for all of them no all of them

all of them

wait hold on they make one manual for

all seriously because i think the lens

has the same hardware right the focusing

the multi-ring

the aperture ring they’re all the same


actually basically

i mean who with the manual of your lens


what you need to learn about the lens

two how to your camera

i think the only thing i care about is

like how to change the aperture and how

to go out of focus and what the minimum

focus distance so just some basic


yeah go online and search for it you

have to read it two two

oh customer service oh contactless

cool they don’t care about that

put that away yeah all right what’s that

so this is the

lens cover lens cover that’s it let’s


let’s do that yeah is it the same one

that comes with

all the fuji lens uh

yeah i think they have the same design

okay which is from logo on it

barely can see it but okay yeah hold on

i don’t think i get that one for my 35


one two but that’s pretty much it hmm i

think they

put it in into the lenses uh in a reason

let me double check my box again later

because i never really go

that deep yeah all right so

oh look at that it’s plastic it’s so

recyclable so there’s got two parts of

the lens

first of all it’s the lenses yeah

okay who doesn’t use the lens hood here

i never use the lens hood

never i thought that you make the lens

too big yes

well okay so the only thing is when you

shoot with sun

glaring in you have to shield your lens

yeah otherwise

flare but other other than that i never

use lens hood

wow the lens is humid longest

it’s pretty big wow

like what uh how many cells this is the


and wow wow that’s a big difference

that that’s funny because you know like

when you go like from

aperture 2.5 to 2.8 is not a big


but when you go from aperture 1.4 to 1.2

to 1.0 it’s very different it’s huge

right the amount of

lens you need to go from f 1.2 to 1.0 is

a big difference

right then this one is the seven


built-in size 77 millimeter that’s the

standard size

what what size of 56 again


wow i don’t want to search for it 52

yeah 62 62. 62.

so how do you feel about getting a lens

this pick on a

crop sensor about a smaller body like

this does it offset the balance

does it make it top heavy or lens front


uh well it’s definitely

it’s definitely heavy if you put down a

a tiny mirrorless body mm-hmm

so is it just because back then i have a

lot of people

asking me questions because you know

even with sony

with the small cameras and the lens

never got smaller

unless you well if you go for the like

wide aperture lenses

the lens is always big right so people

complaining about is not balanced

because that came with the camera you

basically hold the camera


but what if like with the mirrorless

camera most of the time the lines are

bigger than camera right

so i kind of get used to holding the

lens rather holding the camera

body it it it feels more professional

too just to hold the lens i feel like

i’m holding on to like a bigger body

but for once let’s say if you’re holding

like a 7200 or 51.4

and for this case you hold the lens yeah

why would you hold a body right

yeah and on top of that i found that

most of the time the lens itself is more

expensive than

the body so i hold the lens if i

probably jump forget about it and it’s

like my land’s safe

right yeah that’s not my point right and

then physic wise right it’s a moment so

you want to hold on to the part that

would cause the most moment so you don’t

want to

cancel it run you yeah i’ll get back to

you on that

one i’m not sure one thing i want to

mention about the new lens hood design

and the original one just uh easy to put

yeah that’s a huge lens

yes i know and for the 50 millimeter

they have a new

lock here

different from the previous fujifilm


it’s a brand new design the first time

i’ve ever seen on a fujifilm camera

oh sorry fuzzy feeling lens so when you

plug in

your lan uh your hood inside

you need to lose a little bit power oh

it’s a force to get it in yeah you need


use a little force because on the for

example 56 millimeter one


easy easy yep and

if you use it for some a little bit

longer time the hood will be loose

yep and you double so easy so for this

one it’s a brand new design so you need

to use a

wow a little bit for to put it on

yeah and also to put it in but over time

but over time will it wear out too it’s


yes eventually well

it’s hard to say none of my landscape

has ever got well so

yeah uh i got fuel especially on the


the lens will sit a little bit loose and

easy to stop off

so i can’t put it back done this is the

open box the end of today

yeah hi guys all right well that’s the

first half

now we’re gonna test the dang thing

right i hope

thanks for watching no now we test oh

i’m doing bad now

yes so here we have is the


comparing the size

yes like almost a double

almost yeah it’s it’s significantly

bigger that’s for sure

yes here is uh yeah

various omen yep 1.2 versus 1.0 that’s a

big difference

um ultimately i kind of care about it

one point because i want to see the

depth of field i really want those

portraiture that

it’s actually start therefore feel like

boy after the nose

but then i know it required for a very

close focusing distance

to get that work so i know if the 1.0

can able to carry with that

so i need to actually play that out to

see if i need it

yeah here we have the xt4 here

all right and also have the expo free

oh so we’re going to test that on x t3

xt4 and x pro 3.

nice yeah we can go for the x4

xt4 first all right so there’s the xt4

xc4 focusing system yes

no xt4 has a little bit faster one

yeah wow

okay i put it back here

oops let’s bring one of your star war

figures for focusing

and you’re fading black let’s get a

leader in do you have a leader

yeah uh other lego one

so this is what we’re going to test on


well see it’s kind of a little bit messy

here over exposed

yeah uh are you looking for leader

oh no not here come on man legally yeah

uh well let me change the focus weight

right yeah

up change back to the single point

the af soon


ah here okay we’re going back to the

single point

so this is the 1.0

wow look at fast dude that’s fast

what that is so fast that’s fast

that that is really fast yeah

it’s wait why why did they give you the

red af

is that because it’s too close yeah this

is cool and because

of the 50 millimeter uh 50 millimeter

the closest distance of the focusing is



yeah for those of you who live in the us


yeah so you can see the 15 millimeter

the af speed is kind of like this one

wow which i think is very good

seven inches if i could i think yeah i

think that’s pretty good

it’s like this much yeah

yeah so

that would do wonder with the 1.0 yeah

so uh well for airspeed tests

you see here and you’ll see for sale yep

it’s pretty awesome if compared with the


yeah i i want to know now of the 56


come on ken speed up it is 70 cm

ha so is it better or same


wow so you can get you can get closer

and get more blurry background

yeah oh that’s that’s a big difference


the minimum focus distance for the 56

millimeter f 1.2 is 70 millimeter

or 70 centimeter that’s that’s dm are

you sure

that’s kind of lame okay

here ah wow

now you now you’re just doing digital

zoom right

uh yeah that’s something inside the

camera yeah that’s

really sharp this is like one point it’s



so i have i have a canon 1dx mark

ii with a 50 millimeter f 1.2

and when i shoot with that the autofocus

is never that sharp

it’s never on that is really sharp

holy smokes that is right on

and what exactly are we looking at what

what what were you focusing on

uh on the face okay oh yeah here

yeah if you see a little bit yeah you

just have to find

a figure with a flat face yeah like a

real face

face let’s try it from here

okay this is a picture nice

yes and you can see as soon as i do this

that’s so sharp dude that is so

sharp that’s a 1.0 yeah that’s crazy the


on the 1.0 wait so right now if we were

to buy

um xt4 and this 50 million 1.0 how much

does that cost can

the guy combo


i got a couple uh well the price from

here is about

hong kong 12 000 for lenses

and and the body is about

also 12 000 now it’s 24 000

for the whole set because okay

yeah good thing if you’re using the xt4

yeah it’s a 51 50 millimeter 1.0 around


for the whole yeah it’s kind of exactly

because the ht4 have the image body

stabilizer the eyepiece yeah in body

image stabilization

yeah it’s way better if you’re shooting

with this people

and also you know how back when you’re

shooting a wedding and you try to wide

open like the 80

yes five like one point two or one up

and try

to do a fast place focusing

and you always miss always but it with


and you won’t all right

that was a little bit out of focus the

text is blurry i can’t give you credit

for that take that picture again

that’s a human error that’s good that

was user air that was user air

no can you focus on the text on the lens

or is it too close

make sure it’s sharp i’m going to test

you on this i think it’s up

okay yeah the previous thing was user

error user air

what kind of photographer is this guy

who is this guy does this guy take


or does he just play with gear

okay yeah you i’m just teasing

both yeah wow that’s so

sharp holy guacamole

that’s so good yeah this is your texture

so on the

paint case yeah yeah that is nuts

and you shoot at f 1.0 50 millimeters

oh you can see it from uh oops the frame

broke the

yeah oh yeah let me let me take off the

frame let me take off the frame

so people can try it hang on another

people see that again i’m shooting

all time 1.0 yeah

so this 50 millimeter 1.0 is the first



that’s true yeah look at that f 1.0

yeah oh dude you shoot you’ll be

shooting at wonder world 125th

that’s why it’s kind of blurry because

sometimes you’re not holding it stated

yeah but then it has us yeah i base


the 1.0 with that kind of distance

and you see the world is so clear that

is really good

that is really good yeah okay uh too bad

you’re indoor

one thing i do want to try is how it

how does it handle glares um

wow wow yes wow

can you shoot into your light like well

i’m not sure did you like you know have

your light into the lens and see how

that goes

it’s it’s hard to it’s hard to simulate

real glare jeremy

because the sun player is more powerful

than the like i know that we try

whatever we can not in the light

it won’t have the glare because it’s not

it’s not bright enough for the glare oh

it’s true it might it doesn’t help

good star wars

i have a feeling this guy might be a fan

here you think

all right so this is the tesla on the

x-pro three it’s st4

yeah but i couldn’t really have the x4

live test on it because the sadly is


export free doesn’t have any hdmi output


it doesn’t does that micro

type c port output so probably you need

to uh con

convert the cable are you i could

already see

ah okay i think so yeah so the only

thing i can

try with is that well if you see the


on the xt4 yeah yeah so i’m going to put

it on uh

oh maybe i’ll do one more test with the


yeah yeah before we go to uh

put it on the xt x4

yeah so now we’re going to test the 56

millimeter f 1.2

which is significantly cheaper than the


but judging from the focus speed

obviously the aperture limitation

and also the minimum focus distance it’s

definitely a subpar lens compared to the


i mean my money might the price

you get what you pay for pretty much


i’ve been always trying to get a lens

that can do you know the type of porsche

i’m talking about

yeah really challenge up the field right

yeah i think this one can it’s

it’s basically not just the depth of

field it’s the focusing

uh distance yeah you gotta get right up

next to the model

so you have the minimum focus distance

so you increase

the shallow depth of field by getting

close to the subject plus the shoot at f


now here we have is the 1.2 and also 1.2

so this is the 56 millimeter so yeah

this is the 56 millimeter so you can see

a little bit not as sharp

yes it’s not that sharp so i’m going to

shoot it back it’s the

lego yeah palm trooper

and this is okay

i see you need to clean your legos yeah

uh well i need i need someone help me

clean up it’s too much

here so again this [ __ ] is the same

circuit yeah a little bit darker now

because you’re at f 1.2

the amount of light that f 1.0 brings in

versus 1.2 is

actually pretty significant yeah

you you would think it’s 0.2 right

really tell the differences

yeah so the focus will spit there is

still fast but uh

not as fun as not like that yeah you can


it hunts a little bit it’s different

yeah it hunts a little bit yeah

yes so

yeah it’s actually missing a lot of

focus it hits and then it kind of you

need to take

take time to get the focus in porn yeah

yeah that’s why i never bought it

my whole whole life that’s the only

thing it’s missing is the 50

in my life so i guess i’m going to try

to buy it

thank you ken merry christmas jeremy

kent’s going to send you one

you’re the best friend i could ever had

as you can see

uh he’s ignoring me

you know the lead is a little bit big

it’s not as sharp as like a 50


yeah so the 50mm 1.0 is sharper even at

f 1.0 compared to the 56 millimeter at f


so both of them wide open the 50mm 1.0

is sharper

autofocus is faster the minimum focus

distance is shorter

so you can do a lot more with the 50

millimeter 1.0

you know a lot of people that are

enthusiasts that don’t want to spend a

lot of money

they say well you can just get the 56


but really if you care about the small

differences which will be a big

difference if you

if that’s what you’re looking for it’s a

shout out to the fact that really

huge difference is the 1.0 yeah and

there is not much

one point out there is actually

autofocus you know most of them off the


and secondly i think for me at least

personally it is the

focusing minimum distance yes yeah

that’s been 18 millimeter four cuz right

like 85 develops it’s just

you can’t find that lens like we’re

talking about autofocus lens

yeah it they don’t make lens like that

out there yeah

so so so um ken can you confirm that the

minimum focus distance

is much larger with the 56

than the 50 because i saw you shoot the


letter right yeah i’m reading the

official website dave

yes it’s point zero meter for the 51.0

yeah as the minimum focusing distance

yes and it is 2.3

yeah meters that’s a big difference

that’s a big difference 56.2

that’s a big difference but what

confused me

is that ken was able to focus on the

letters of the lens and isn’t that the

same distance

of the other 50 millimeter one point

but okay that’s pretty close though

are you on the 50

share your screen so we can see or any

more yeah sure

and we’re going black wow look at that


it takes money to build those transition


f this is f 1.0 again yeah look at that


bang on sharp fast

and the minimum focus distance is money

yeah so i’m going to hold my position

and change to the



yep don’t you dare move change your lens

without moving

you can’t you can’t move you don’t you

need to hold your position

so here

you can still focus you can still take

the picture

yes but you can see the picture a little

bit uh not as sharp as like that

wait does that mean the 1.0 can actually

get closer

yeah i think you can get closer with the


i would say get as close as you can with

the 1.2

and then see if you get closer with the


reading it off

the website but i can’t i’m not

convinced because of the subject you’re


does that make sense jeremy he’s

shooting the same subject

at the same time yeah

maybe i said a little bit uh but i got a


tripod okay so so i’m going to put the

camera on it so it’s definitely not

going to move this time

okay so what you want to do is want to

shoot as close

focus as close to the subject as you can

with the 1.2

and then now compared to the 50 how much

closer can you get

wait hold on a second

this is the 56. jeremy made a mistake

jeremy made a mistake i only put like a


of it

they actually had the same focus

distance my bad

jeremy i knew it i knew something was up

they have the same thing here’s a

different though

so the angle of view on the 56

millimeter is 28.5 degree

while um the 1.0 is 31.7

and the 1.0 has 12 elements in 9 groups

the 56 only have 11 and 8 groups so

that’s why the image quality and focus

is faster yep

this is the 56 1.2

and it’s assuming yep not as sharp

uh yeah okay so i’m going to change

in the same distance yep with using the


like this much oh

that’s enough distance to stay away from

your model

i mean you don’t want to be that any

closer to that anyway

do you really think you’re supposed to

stay away from six feet yeah

well yeah mask on is okay

nope we get this same


that’s 1.0 wow you miss focus you miss


it’s not sharp okay hold on

wait there’s one point one dude yeah 1.1


sorry 1.1

that’s what you’re paying the money for

man the 1.0

use that 1.0 now this is the 1.0

how come it’s not as sharp as before

and i’m going to see use the air you


i think because the subject you’re kind

of focusing on

the head of the model you see how this

the thorn on top of his head is sharper

the thorn

yeah the thorn in his head is sharper oh


so i think i think it’s focusing on shot

pro too


yeah or maybe i’ll try to change the

focusing’s pawn to a little bit smaller

xd4 can do that’s sick

wait try to focus did you see that he

changed the size of the focus point

i was checking comments that i missed it

dude it’s really cool

okay let’s see it again yeah shoot the

eye shoot the eye oh

did you change it that the eye and focus

right on his eye

i tried to change the focusing point to

more optional

weights that’s the fujifilm head


uh i’m i’m not quite sure if the eye

focusing work

on this one well there’s too many eyes

in this shot

okay it’s sharper yeah it’s definitely


so yeah i mean so now we’ve proven the

fact that germany was wrong

so the minimum focus distance is the

same for the 56 millimeter

as well as the 50 millimeter but what

you’re paying for

is the focus speed the focus sharpness

and also the aperture at f 1.0 brings in

more light so you can shoot in a

lower light situation and get the

beautiful shallow depth of field so

it’s definitely there the value there

and it’s a bigger lens so it looks more


that is itself why i one more thing is

different though the 50 millimeter is

actually equated to


while the 56 is

more that is true

that fact i will not argue with you


i’m trying to reclaim myself here with

some more information

all good all good

okay cool so i i think you you guys

proven the point already

i think this is a very good test ken

thank you for showing us how good the

autofocus is

on the 50 millimeter f 1.0 and

it’s it the full name is xf 50

millimeter f 1.0

w ios lw stand for weather resistant


yes what was the first letter

oh oh r w r r is kind of like

uh r is kind of like the arrow on the


on the cameraman the air lens oh yeah

yeah like

this kind of like that oh the l lens

like l series

yes that’s the r standpoint in fujifilm

and the wr stands for weather resistance

okay so r is like the rebel lens and the


is not well resistant oh

no it’s not nice okay so we got an

r series lens and a 50 millimeter f 1.0

beautiful cool very very here

all right put it back in there 50s yep


yep there we go okay so

can see oh sorry

you know what this is kind of weird too

what is point zero meter point zero



i’m going to change

okay 0.7 meters to inches is


yep okay that sounds about right okay


hey i’m not good at math man that’s why

i got messed up okay



ah yeah yes yep secretly

yeah so this is the 50 millimeter 1.0

yep we have the weathering system

and it’s made in japan yep like all fuji

lenses are right good quality control

no well some of the

fujifilm nice is made in philippine or


some of them is mean china as well so

this one is just 56 1.2

the reason why we can’t focus very well

is because you’re using the 56 f 1.2

lens to focus

no no no i’m using another one

f2 that’s the more wide angle oh okay

well the autofocus is not working too

well for you

well this is the like uh

oh yeah seven years old

lenses is too old yes old tech so they

don’t have a very fast uh

other focus even speed yes and also it’s

not that good on the low light

for for the old lens i mean i mean for

the whole lens yeah so here is the test

with the xt4 and you see

how is the airspeed midnight and


and whatever i missed

edges edges edge sharpness

well wait that’s not really tested

unless you like have like yeah

yeah yeah we didn’t really see the

bouquet um but

we can also look at the pdf because i

think the pdf might have some example of

the bouquet right

let’s go oh yeah yeah that’s true this

is official

yep you have to surpass release

yeah so this is you guys can see the


so this is the official fujifilm x f



so it’s the world’s first autofocus

f 1.0 lens for mirrorless system the

largest aperture for autofocus lens

largest aperture for the aps-c sensor

the smallest and lightest

f 1.0 lens they’re really beating on


but yeah that’s pretty cool so what is


a field of view equivalent to that of a


or 35 millimeter frame camera

really oh because you’re on the crop

sensor so multiply it by 1 000


earlier man

right right right right so then


my canon 50mm 50 millimeter f 1.2 on the

full frame

is better than this i have more shallow

depth of field

hmm but we’re not comparing canyons to

fuji that’s a whole different battle

because it’s a weather resistant yeah no

it’s not

it’s not yeah

all right so uh

yep increase in chief incredibly shallow

depth of field

more options in low-light conditions

again the world’s first f 1.0 autofocus



that mean now ken

do you know 120 degrees of precision


um i’m not quite sure

okay so it says to to make the most of

its super shallow depth of field

focusing must be precise

as a result the xf 50 millimeter f 1.0


has a focus ring that has been designed

to be more accurate

than any previous xf lens this makes it

possible to adjust the focus

from the minimum focus distance to

infinity very precisely

for this xf 50 millimeter f 1.0 rwr

uses 120 meter oh 128 degrees of


in this focusing ring so it has it so


so the range of the ring is more than

other lenses

right it can move more is that true

so that will make it more precise more

precise right because

like every little turn moves it every

little bit

versus you have a limited turn that

moves the whole range right so

you have more range to make the same

focus adjustment

so yes it is it is i can feel a little

bit small

smooth small smooth or the 50


yeah it’s smoother and the the range is

more it’s just it has 120 degree of


for the manual focus ring so

more precise focusing of course you got

the lightweight durability and weather

resistance that we talked about


that is a shallow depth of field

holy smokes

yeah it’s a gecko and then you look at

look at the ground just that line

yeah good job doug

good job sorry

don’t tell the people’s name man i

didn’t i just said dong

done a good job i just have to

that’s not nice i’m complimenting him

right okay

so more options in low light obviously

if you have f 1.0 you can bring in more


so you can shoot in very shallow depth

of field oh caroline tran

is that the the wedding photographer

caroline chan yes

oh wow i remember reaching out to her

like 10 years ago when i started wedding


and she was starting back then and she

has been excelling really well i didn’t

know she’s a fuji x photographer now

he’s like very nice

cool ignite your creativity

long exposure street landscape yeah


you got more light coming in

of course this is the opposite of the

benefit of the f 1.0 right this is like

getting a lot of depth

so you can kind of do this with every

lens but i imagine the f 1.0 is

just a little bit sharper because you’re

stopping down from f 1.0

versus if you’re stopping down from like

f 2.8 so you have extra sharpness even

if you stop down

to like 16 aperture

uh commercial photography you can pretty

much it’s a very

versatile lens because you have to have

f 1.0 doesn’t mean you have to shoot at

f 1.0

but you if you do look at that bokeh and

it’s a round bouquet right because

there’s so many

lens bay element the bokeh is very

pleasing to look at and you know people

can make this into a heart

because if you you know you do a little

trick right

you do a little trick in front of your

camera you put a little heart

cut out you can actually make the

aperture blade into your heart too but

never mind that’s like a different

photography trick

that’s not for us yeah that’s amateur

photography trick

but if you’re shooting professionally

you care about the native

aperture i mean a native bokeh shape


and if you buy the cheaper lens the

bouquets usually are not round they’re

more like

ovals they have edges they’re like


edges so this is just a more smoothing

more pleasing look of bokeh

and of course if you have uh f 1.0 that

means you can

um if you open up the lens you can have

your shutter much faster

so you can capture stop motion easier

and still be

attack sharp right because autofocus is

so good even in your darkness

you can get shots like this

and of course the large aperture this

jeremy this is what you’re looking for


you want that really shallow depth of

field but when

you watch the dramatic look you know how

when you when they shot a movie they

always go for the wide apertures yeah

and that’s why those movies look so good

um i want pearl teacher like that yeah

i mean this is this is pretty good like

how sharp this is right here but you


also have a very shallow depth of field

superior quality at 1.0

oh oh and this is what ken couldn’t test

right the edge sharpness oh yeah

right this is at well i couldn’t touch

it right here but i

i’m going to have a photo shooting with

the 51 millimeters

next week yeah so i’m going to do some

comparing a

review of the lens after i do the shop

yeah and then we’ll we’ll leave a link

to ken’s channel later because he’ll

probably put that on his channel maybe


maybe if if not then we’ll ask him to

come on our show again to

share his result with us but this is the

point that

jeremy wanted to make is how sharp is it

at f 1.0

at the edge while you’re focusing on

here right because of course we were

looking at here

you’re focusing right at this point so

yes it should be sharp

but it matters to me because yeah i

think most people pick up this kind of

lens for portrait

yeah and the nature of people’s portrait

is always the devil feel you know the

subject is in focus

and then you have a soft enough feel

that’s the portion when you people talk

about porsche that’s kind of portrait to

talking about

but for me i’m a composition type of


person yeah i put different elements in

my portrait not just a very background


this is actually important to me yeah

i agree i agree and and this is

important for people that shoot

landscape and they want to have a

shallow depth of field too right because

they want to have everything in focus

landscape people will go for 1.0 i mean

most of the time they shoot with f8 to

f16 so that’s true 1.0 means nothing to


yeah so i guess in your case maybe at


maybe nice shooting yeah i think i think

ken has a point nightfat yeah but the

light shooting i don’t think 50 is wide

enough for them

yeah it is because they’re doing street


live shooting landscape yes

yeah and what does that do with your


you get it oh well maybe someone like

some people wanted to lift a light check

well i was thinking night shot like this

like this right it’s kind of there’s so

many like oh i’m talking about the one

on the on the left and right i mean um

so of course this one you want more

depth but this one

you might not have the chance to get

more depth this one because you want low

light you want to bring in as much light

as you can

then you probably want to shoot at f 1.0

and in that case you still want edge


right for this kind of shot even if you


f 1.0 anyway we

all we care about is tech for now right


the edge is very sharp the edge is very


you can use it however you want edge is

sharp even at f 1.0 so moving on

moving on all right so what lightweight


weather resistant design we got the 12

element nine groups

that’s what helps make the bouquet look

so sweet

you got minimum focus distance at 0.7


maximum magnification of 0.08 that’s

what the result is when you shoot at

this minimum focus distance

this is a diagram blade count the filter


the diameter that ken pointed out

already is 77 millimeter

so that’s pretty standard so hopefully

you guys have a lot of nd filters

or uv

filters in that diameter filter size

and the weight is 100 845 grams


little presentation

thank you for sharing that with us ken

this is

yes pretty awesome presentation showing

off the 50 millimeter

xf 1.0 lens rwr lens from fujifilm

yes and i believe that many people would

like to know

when will the lens will be released on

the market

and according to the information i have

it should be on 25th of september at the

end of this month 25th

oh wow of september

yes so in about a week about

a week and then uh yeah a couple days

and a half

yeah nice so you better get your xt4 on


so you can combine them with the 50

millimeter rwr

that is a sweet combo that is a sweet


for portuguese and yes i know the like

shipment of the


get it first

you have to um but when they do

we’ll put the link down below but right

now they don’t have it because you can’t

really pre-order yes

so i think some of the shops should be

pre-order now is it maybe b h and

adorama they have a notify me option but

i don’t think they pre-order do they

okay yeah i’m not sure no see

ken’s talking about a day it’s in hong


oh us we don’t know yet

oh that’s true so we gotta get to us

well when i ship to you it should be uh

maybe slower than you’re getting on the

market that’s okay i don’t mind as long


you’re paying for it i i can wait a year

just you ship one to jeremy you want to


my address you know our address right so

we’re good we’ll be good take it yeah

i’ll take it

sounds good let’s check out if anyone

have any questions about

our live tasks yes

one more time so amazon live we have no

questions but we do have

let’s be explaining it pretty well

because we don’t have any questions

yes ah awesome

i i agree i think ken did a fantastic


i don’t think i’ve ever seen a


live like that ken did it really well

perfectly executed showing us the

difference between the 56 millimeter

and the 50 millimeter on the xt4

head-to-head back-to-back

testing on the same object i’ve already

sold a


yeah oh well to my opinion

as uh i don’t think the the 15

millimeter is the perfect fit

for the expo freeze too much weight

on the lens so yeah when you handle it

handling your

exposure you may need a pick a grip

or maybe i would put this 56 f2 on that

yeah which you can buy right now we’ll

put the link on that below

if you guys want the 56 1.2 which is not

a bad lens because it’s a lot cheaper

it’s a lot it’s a little bit lighter

weight and it’s about half the size

uh you are losing the f 1.0

but you you still get the minimum focus

same minimum focus distance

and you’re saving a lot of money and

it’s better balance for the xc4 right

yeah and much more balanced and if you

pull on a battery grip on the sd4 this

looks like perfect

and also not uh that’s this way of the


ibis hand spray i found it fujian xl 50

millimeter f 1.0 lw out is



it will be released on september 25th


amazon oh do we have the link can you

can you share the link

uh on pixel stabber don’t don’t share it

don’t share it on

um amazon just share it on piece of

style or chat

if you could use usually use the pixel


link hold on

i can’t find it anymore you confuse me

take your time jeremy so ken anything

else you want to share with our viewers

we we’re

right around the one hour mark i think

this is a really good stream

i mean everyone’s been watching i see a

lot of viewers watching us but they

aren’t asking questions so you’re doing

a fantastic job of explaining everything

so good job there ken anything else you

want to add before we wrap it up

yeah so if you want to see more of the

photo sample

i could wait for the next week because

i’m going to have the demonstration

shooting with the


probably going to do some uh behind the

scenes video and also i’m going to do

well actually i did the comparing of the



on the rail shooting i’m going to show

you how

sharpness this 1.0 gonna be

nice nice i like that because obviously

when you do a video or you do

like a picture comparison you have more

time to really dial it and make sure you

get the right

demonstration where is this live stream

not that you care not but

right now this video is actually

streaming under the amazon page of the

fuji 50


really how did we get how many how did

we get that on amazon.com because

i didn’t add the fuji 1.0 lens on


and i know he’s there what’s going to do


somebody come up that’s crazy

that’s really cool because i all i

all i attached was like the cat the

cameras i didn’t attach any lens to it

that’s pretty funny but yeah

it’s there he’s there i’ll i’ll even add

the lens

so that we have it here so the fifth

this is a 50 millimeter 1.0 on

amazon yet jeremy yes

oh let me know now

can you pre-order it yeah you can

pre-order at the cart

i see it s2 i don’t see f 1.0 is that

saying the link

uh let me check the link


here let’s send it to you

right that’s f oh wow that is f 1.0

i can’t be wrong twice in one night okay

only one time

okay i’ll give you that right

uh i can’t copy this


uh no because i’m i’m on my pc i can’t


i can’t easily copy and paste so okay

i’ll type in xf50 millimeter

x if 50 millimeter all right so i’m

as i search for this ken and jeremy you

guys want to wrap up with any

other stuff

all right cool let me just add this lens

then let me see if i can

add the xf 50 millimeter



to find i can’t find it oh i found it i

added the stream it’s there

yes okay i’ll move it to the beginning

of the stream now

i can’t believe it wasn’t there before

but it was still it still showed up

all right so i bet it just show up

maybe yeah well let’s put it up

and i just added it right now so we are

linking to the xf 50 millimeter f 1.0

should we add the 56 too

why not yeah because i think the 56 is

uh it’s a good option

yeah people have different um opinions

or plans

yeah plus the price yeah plus the price


because the xf is literally 850

now that’s a lot cheaper and you can get

it right now

so that’s the people who doesn’t have

uh any 56 millimeters it’s a good chance

to wait for the 1.0

true yeah all right so double the price

ish uh well with the red resistance

and then more sharpness and more


wow about that the only thing i don’t

like is it’s

a little bit bigger and weightier right

it doesn’t balance the xc4

perfectly uh but i guess in a perfect

world nothing is perfect

or in the real world nothing’s perfect

because i shoot with the 72 millimeter

which is a huge lens and that is not

perfectly balanced

for any camera and i still love it so i

probably would be happy with the 50

millimeter 1.0 with the xc4

and if i wanted i can add the battery

grip to add a little bit more stability

and like jeremy said

if i wanted to hold the the camera or

hold my lens

or hold the setup by the lens then it

doesn’t even matter

because that balances out by nature of

where you hold it

true yep all right so with that

i think we are about done with this we

can wrap it up

right let me double check with many more


if not then we could say bye bye and

good night or

in hong kong that will be good afternoon

good afternoon

yeah it’s time to battle all of us after

their lunch all

right oh is it oh it is all right go go

back to work guys

this is done all right guys well thank

you everyone for tuning in

um check out ken’s channel ken’s channel

we will

ken channel we will link ken’s channel

down the link below

and uh check out pixel establish if

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subscribe and put notification on so

that you

are alerted when we have live streams

like this inviting guests like fujifilm

ambassadors with new new

equipment that isn’t even a market yet

you’ll see it here first on peace


like the 50 millimeter f 1.0 today so

thank you everyone for watching

stay healthy stay safe and we’ll see you

soon take care

adios stay healthy stay happy happy

stay healthy and happy and if you’re

happy and you know it clap your hand

no no all right adios we’re out hey guys