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should be live on youtube in just a

moment we are live

all right we’re live in three two one i

think we are live on all platforms

hello everyone and welcome to pixar


it’s been a while since we’ve been doing

a piece of snap broadcast with just me

and jeremy today we got

a nice item here to unbox this is the



it on the link down below

jeremy’s test this out i haven’t tested

out yet we’re going to test out right

now there

he has it and his testament is what

how do you like the light i like this

light this light is bright

um it has both the the daylight and also

the warm light

well there’s three modes either daylight


constant warm and also the mixture of

both yeah

so and it has good power it’s right cool


i use some of the light there they’re

not that bright i mean

you know when you’re actually using a

cell phone sometimes it’s not like a

professional camera

yeah it kind of have hard time picking

up the light if it’s not bright enough

so this one’s good this one’s good yes


actually it’s good enough that you

actually use it as a ring life of

photography too

oh sweet yeah and it’s cheap right if

you live on amazon

it’s 32 bucks there’s a lot of ring

lights on amazon

so just for clarification the one that

we’re testing and reviewing today is a



with a 59 inch standard

um tripod and phone holder and like

jeremy says it goes from 3000 to 6000

kelvin temperature

and it’s great for live stream makeup

youtube video vlogs desktop

you name it you can do it where’s the

ios or

those people who use cell phone for

blocking or [ __ ] because

it it’s a it’s a bug because it comes

with a lot of accessories

yeah but even truthfully like the

accessories they’re okay

they’re not the best of the quality what

you really

what you’re really getting out of the

kit is a really good light now

well no see that that’s the thing yeah

yes the light is good

yes and to you those kids might not mean

anything because you

you have guests i have everything you

have so many things but for people who

don’t have

anything find this kid right they have


you’re right thank you thank you for

keeping me honest with that

yes this is a fully complete kit like

you can have your cell phone set up

and you have two tripods you have the

small one right here if you want to just

put on a table which is great for

exactly like this shot or you you have

the extended leg one where you can raise

up and you can get it like this height

you can even put a dslr camera on it but

the kit

comes with a connection for what is it

for a cell phone

cell phone yeah and yeah and that also

has this

bomb mount so you can put a camera on it


yeah it actually has two you see number

four yeah

it’s a phone holder so um i don’t know i

never tried but for some reason if

you’re using number one which is the

light stand tripod you can actually

mount in the tripod

rather than in the middle of the wing

light where your camera is

yeah so i don’t know what that does i

never tried it

so you can mount it in the middle of the

ring light

yes lower oh lower lower then you tell

me it looks pictures look better when

the camera is below the ring

well there are some people like okay

like this right like

there is a way to if you do this like

right in front of me right

yes and my people will see that wing

light in my people

right if you have your light up there

right like this camera so yeah i look at

the camera

yeah then i will have up like that

so it’s a different lighting setup but

like you can see right here you have

both options right you can mount it on

the tripod stand here

so that this is like a nice up light or

a light from above yeah because um

some people find that having that halo

in your people is weird

yeah i agree yeah let’s just look at a

couple of close-ups you see like

when you get close-up shot like that

right yeah you definitely see the pupil

the light in your pupil and it’s not

natural it’s just put it that way

it it it’s a it’s a look it’s not

natural but it is a look that some

people like some people don’t like

and you can avoid it by having the


mounted slightly like this right

so with this look when your camera or

your phone is right here

then you don’t have that ring look that

that wing will be just another light

source yes yeah and here’s a close-up


the ring right you can choose to have i

like the natural

um catch light better than the wing

light it’s like

it’s like you processed it yeah yeah

that’s that’s what it kind of looks like

but let’s go ahead and take a look at

what’s in the box here

so it’s it’s it never mentioned what

size it is

what’s that what size the light it’s a


selfie ring light so it’s a good size


hold it up you can you can hold it up so

they can see the size

oh wait hold on you’re doing open box

why am i showing it okay fine don’t

unbox it

yes but you already unboxed it so you

can show them the size of the light so

they have a feel for how big the light


it’s a good size right okay so here’s

the unboxing

of the light that jeremy is holding very


thank you for the demonstration jeremy

so the boss is simple

it’s a it’s a decent sized box i was

actually surprised

or i am surprised that they actually fit

a tripod in here so we’re gonna open up

and see if there really is a tripod in


i’m a little bit skeptical there is like


when you gave this to me you said there

was no tripod in here

remember when you delivered it it was

the other box oh okay

all right so here’s what’s inside here’s


this is um the cell phone holder that’s

kind of it’s kind of nice it’s five


triple mod yeah it’s nice because i

it has this ball and then you can

tighten it and you can tighten it any

angle oh i like this

oh and there’s like some spring loaded

part here

oh this this will allow you to clamp it

onto the

the light stand oh yeah yeah and then

you can adjust like

the clamping force like basically put it


here or whatever clumping force you want

and then once you decide the clamping

force you want you can lock it down

boom locks it in place very nice

all right so that comes included and

what else we have in here

so i guess this stick is for extension

for the table tripod

it’s not it’s not very long stick all

right so you combine that with the light

stand it’s i mean the tripod is that so

so yep

we got that and then oh wait wait oh

yeah you’re right like you said there’s

two cell phone holders right

one is for the ring flash i mean light


white flash right so you can use this

one if you want to mount

the cell phone onto the pole itself that

way you don’t get the cat eyes

in the light or cat eye lights in your


or yourself and this one is if you want

to put

your camera directly inside the ring i

like it because you could actually make

the cell phone go

um vertical and horizontal too that’s a

winning battery too

yeah see yeah so that’s pretty cool

it is cool very cool cool we’ll set this

up and see how it goes

oh and of course you can’t forget that

the little tripod

yeah you have a little tiny uh extension


i don’t know how much help that would be

oh this is nice

i mean it’s simple but oh and you have

extension feeds like you said

and they’re adjustable there’s different

notches you can be this

this height here right or we can try a

different height like

move this up here there’s like four

different notches and they lock in

so you can adjust it and it will be

stable whichever level you want

cool like that i mean for someone who

don’t have a lot of equipment like you


yeah it’s like a complete click for them

it is a complete kit

i like oh there’s one more and of course

we can’t forget

the actual tripod dude how did it fit so

much stuff

all in this one box i’m actually pretty


and for the price right it’s like 32


you get everything that’s a big deal it

is a good deal

so look at this it this is a a freaking

legit tripod

a light stand i like that i mean we’re

not we’re not putting like a huge

of course not just a wing light so it’s

morning good enough oh and it it’s i

mean it’s

it’s solid like i can tell this thing is

not going to rock around because even

to set it up i can feel this there’s


into like yeah and you can someone knows

it’s gonna slide down type you know

right it’s solid

i like this cool so like it comes with

the small one

the big one and the extension right

oh wow it comes with a lot of stuff holy

cow let me see if i can

let me see if i can zoom out so you guys

can see all this stuff

you can see how crazy it is right here

so let me let me close up oh of course

there’s let me just finish up

okay what else is in this box and then

of course there’s a ring light oh yeah

yeah and

ah why didn’t you put that

on on the f4 yeah i’ll put this on your

pocket your lens

that doesn’t look safe yeah

good call so we got a lot of stuff here


let’s put all this stuff to the side

real quick and let’s

open up the actual ring light

there we go it’s actually really light

it’s only 10 inches yeah

trying to figure out how i can do the

zoom thing it’s kind of nice to zoom we

have the zv1

uh camera on the top mount so we can

play with the zoom

all right so there’s that of course we

got the manual if you ever want to look

at the manual i always wonder like the

warranty that they come with

uh what kind of warranty does this have

it doesn’t actually say but i i’ve used

a lot of gim

products and their warranty is pretty

good so customer service is always good

so just

it doesn’t say how long the warranty is

but amazon stuff

if you ever have a problem within like


all right so let’s open up the lights

it’s ultra thin design 360 degree

flicker free

light source wide aperture light

distribution abs

material so it’s lightweight and it’s

portable oh and don’t forget you also

have a remote control here

it’s got so much feature for 32 dollars


it’s not really a remote control when

you have

like cable well no

it’s it’s a controller okay fine it’s

not remote controller

but it turns on off changes the mode

changes the brightness up and down

and then you also have this bob joint

here if you want to connect like a


or your own um cell phone holder to it

this is solid it’s not like super it’s

not like

super high grade but it’s not cheap

either it’s solid

it has everything yeah all right so

here’s the ring light i love the

packaging they took care of it

so i’m gonna put that to the side

and then oh dude they even have a

bluetooth remote control for you

it does oh dude this is like such a nice

kit it has

everything for like ios and android you

see that

it works for ios and android

uh look at how small this manual is like

this manual is like the smallest manual

i’ve ever seen

this is this is so cute oh my gosh

this manual is so cute i’m getting like

manual cuteness overload

holy smokes look how small that manual


like this is really my thumb i can cover

the whole manual with my thumb

look at this manual guys all right it’s

a manual photo remote

right for the light for this tiny little

remote and this remote you can just

uh start and stop the probably just take

the pictures

because yeah also if you’re in video

mode i think it’ll start and stop the

video base

based on whatever your camera is setting

your app

so here’s the light let’s actually set

this up and see how it goes

i’ll just set up with this little tripod

here keep it simple

and put the ring light here

has this turn on this twist on okay

nice nice twist on the ring light

solid solid

okay oh dude not dude

usb type c it uses usb

type type-c that’s so nice

that’s what the cable is right yeah

that’s so nice

like normally you know all this

inexpensive equipment you just use the

micro usb

this is nice this is usb type c which is

this cable right here

that comes with the the remote so all we


is we just plug this right into here

and voila and yeah the cool thing about

usb type-c is this

you can plug it this way or you can plug

in this way

like you can’t get in the wrong way

right you know that was that’s one of

these i hate

so much about micro usb or usb

type a usb type c usb a or micro usb

why can’t it what can’t never mind

it’s only one way you just you’ve been

to too into apple

yeah lightning lightning adapter man but

finally usb c can do it so

i can lower this to my height right here

oh it’s just nice

okay then i’ll plug this into do i have

enough usb ports to power this bit

bad boy i don’t have time to buy you

some more hops

hubs i need helps all right

let’s power this let me plug this into

an a usb port

you can plug it into like a computer or

you can plug it into like

a usb adapter or a power bank even

like if you travel it doesn’t really

require that much power so yeah

it will do it’ll be good yep so i

plugged it in

let me flip it over here so you guys can

see the light

and then let me let me use the remote

here so the remote has couple buttons

sorry camera okay so there’s a power

button oh it turns on blue when it has

power so you know it has power

so we’ll hit the on button whoa whoa

that’s bright

it’s so bright let me turn down the

power so here

yeah you have flexibility oh nice this

is the lowest

and there’s the different mode so you

can go like orange

if you’re in like oh and yeah

nice and this turns on to brightness

right now all right yeah this looks

pretty weird okay let me

actually turn off my lights in my studio

oh wait what happened to the footage

did my camera just go dead yes

oh my zv one way to sleep

you’re too boring that’s what happened

wake up zv one

there we go okay there’s even one is

back awake okay jeremy jeremy we’re live

we’re live

come back come back come back we are


okay cool cool oh and this thing it it

has these

notches so you can adjust it around any

setting you want

nice not bad now if you want to lock it


unfortunately you can’t really lock it

down but um

it has enough resistance that it won’t

move on its own so that’s cool

all right let me plug let me put let me

put in a phone

so i’m gonna try first connecting the

phone here

and this is pretty simple all you do is

you mount this on here

am i doing it right jeremy and there’s

no one way doing it

do it however you want it so right now


i’m just going to twist this on to here

and tighten it

nice nice wait

one way dude yeah there’s no wrong way

to do it

and i just did it the wrong way so how

do you tighten it so that

it is the way you want because

i think there’s there’s this nut here

right this nut here is supposed to come

up and down

a little bit um

oh no really how how do i do mine how do

you do it uh oh do you need to put this

in here oh

oh you need this no i didn’t

you didn’t use this i’m using this

because if i use

this now i have full control over how

this works

right trust me i think

i think that’s the best way to do it


now i can decide whatever angle i want

this piece

so this ball bearing can now turn

and flip my camera

any which way i want yes

if you think so yes yes yes i think so

all right let me pop my camera oh feng


said nice thank you for the comments

thank you for commenting that yeah on


live all right i just yep so we’re gonna

switch over to this camera here

so let me switch over to my cell phone

let me see if i can cut to my cell phone

all right

so you remember jeremy says i have gas

what that means is gear acquisition

syndrome so here’s here’s our recording

studio i got camera up here

i got a camera behind that teleprompter

i got my super beast computer here a

monitor here a monitor there

monitor there monitor there so there’s

my whole setup

which is why to me this is not

um the highest quality gear but hey

you’re paying 32

for all this stuff right so you got like

the remote that we talked about

this this adapter this little stand

this extension rod here this other piece


and then this stand here as well so we

got a lot of stuff but anyway

we’re testing this light and we’re gonna

do this quick video so jeremy can go to


because it’s getting late so let me pop

on the camera

so i can do some selfie with it so let


let me see if i can flip it i’ll just

keep it horizontal for this

demonstration because

i don’t have time to do two uh how do

you open this

how do you extend open the the grip hold

it down

oh oh it’s spring-loaded nice

so this thing just push it down

and it opens up for your phone so i’ll

flip it over here

i’ll spring-load it by pushing it down

is my phone too big jeremy

is my phone too big for this shouldn’t


it’s the iphone 11 pro max

okay and i have a case on it

okay it fits okay

all right look okay all right all right

we’re good we’re good okay

so now

dude all right why don’t you use a fun

camera instead so you have to go for all


oh shoot you’re right oh

gosh why am i working with you

quiet jeremy quiet

quiet wait is it

is the front camera as good let me

switch over does it matter are you


okay fine the front camera is actually

pretty good

let me see it’s showcasing man all right

all right

we’re switching over to the front camera


you know this case is kind of like at

the limit of this camera

oops i lock my camera i mean your phone

yeah it’s which is the camera right now

it’s connected yeah am i just going to

check out the case on the phone

no i’ll just hook up all right we’re

good we’re good we’re good

all right so we’re going to switch it

one more time

so now it’s facing me oh look at that


yeah okay so what i’m going to do is i’m

going to turn off all my

fancy lights about it most of the

vloggers or whoever use this would use

the front camera they’re going to see it

yes okay so i’m going to turn off my

fancy lights

so that i’m only using this light

remove this light stand here all right

turn off all my fancy lights

so now if i didn’t have this ring light

this is how the picture would be right

and so now let’s turn on the ring light

and let me power it up

oh nice nice

it works solid solid right now the color

the color might look a little bit

different because the white balance

isn’t my camera

white balance isn’t adjusted for this um

i can change the mode

to change the different colors ooh

like a orange mode uh

no power i can go way high look how high

it is

it’s really bright it’s really bright

oh okay i got it so i can go up and down

the power

right and then i can change the color so


and then i can change the color right

there we go i think this is a good color

how’s the color

right right this is natural right so

okay yeah

yeah nice and i have a green screen so

if i wanted to i could just make this a

green screen too which i’m not because

it’s just too much work but look at that

it works this is sweet

this is this is it guys and do i have

the catch light in my eyes

yes i do really weird

kind of weird okay okay that’s too close

up i got goosebumps

look look the light is nice it’s soft

and then i got the remote if i wanted to

use the bluetooth remote

and if i wanted to raise this up i can

always use the other tripods right

i have this this one that it comes with

and i got the extension

to make it like real high i can extend

these legs up so it’s higher

i think this is it man this is a a nice

kit let me put this down

and about this yeah it’s only 10 inches

is wide enough but that

it actually fit in most backpacks so i

mean if you go out and

elsewhere and you could actually bring

this with you for your your vlogging and


yeah yeah this is sweet look at this

this is a setup guys

this is how it looks it’s nice let me


change this to a different view so it

won’t be so distracting but

this is it this is the the camera and

this is the light

nice this is sweet sweet this is really


and then let me switch over one more

time so you can see how good the light


i mean that what more can you ask for

dude 32 dollars

you can mount your phone it has

everything it has a remote power


different lights it’s got a bluetooth

remote so you can control your um

your phone it’s got this mount so if you

wanted to you can put the

uh camera underneath the light and that

way you won’t get the catch eyes

or the the cat eyes like right you might

still get some but it won’t be as

dominant as it is right now

right jeremy not

really it i won’t get any at all the

light you have is actually

right in front of you yeah it’s not the

most present light

okay it reveals everything but if you

have the light on top you will actually

get a contour here

for a lot of ladies they like that and

because of their your eyebrows [ __ ]

so you only

have a small amount of ketchup unlike

what you have

oh you know what i kind of want to try

this out

how are we doing in time how are we

doing time how long let’s try it

all right let’s do it let’s do it real

quick okay let me put this to the side


and so what we’re going to do is we’re

going to hook up this

this one this tripod right here

you don’t have you don’t need an

extension i think this time oh yeah no

extension but we’re going to use this

mount here

and this mount right here will let us

attach the

phone to the actual bar itself

so it should be big enough yeah

so let me attach that so it’s pretty

cool because you see you open this up

and what you do is you can

slide this right here so you can slide

this onto the bar

ooh i don’t want to i don’t want to

break it i got to be very careful

and i want to snap it so here’s the bar

does it

does it really open that wide so i can

actually attach it

i’m kind of scared that it won’t open

wide enough

so let me try as you can see all right

let me see if i talk about that i don’t

think it’s supposed to kind of

put on that one oh he puts it put it on

the top right because the top yeah

the top one yeah you’re right good call

good call good call all right i just i


i just heightened this a little bit here

just a tad so you could kind of slide


rather than open it up oh shoot jeremy

why am i working with you you’re such a


uh because i have nausic sense

quiet all right

that’s why i’m working with you i’m just

going to slide this

down which they don’t teach in school it

comes in naturally

so i slide it down right here and then

you see how this has

different arrangements right here so we

just need to

pick which height you want to buckle it


and just check what that locks yeah i

think it’s the widest one here

and then you just lock it in snap in

boom oh that’s solid did you hear that

it’s solid

it’s it’s solid i like this it’s gonna

hold it iphone 11

it has to be yeah you don’t want to dub

it do you no

no no no no no dude this is tall enough

to put on the floor

yeah so if i put this on the floor then

i can actually

not have to put it on the table just

making sure that uh

your phone is actually in your face

yep so it’s not quite tall enough to put


the floor and it’s not short you can use

the extension if you want

but i already attached okay how does the

extension work

oh it’s actually not bad so this


does but does it lock on how does it


oh the extension has a screw in here


yes you take thank you jeremy so we take

this piece off here so this is a quarter


so the extension here has a quarter 20

in here

so i think that’s a very smart move it

is actually

rather making like a huge um you know


standard extension that’s a that’s a

genius move it’s a genius move this is a

genius product

all right so i’m going to snap this open

again and i’m going to move it up a

little bit higher

so you guys can see where i’m going to

put the ring light

dude 32 32

and you get all this stuff yeah yeah

quite a lot to offer

it it’s a lot it’s a lot for 32 dollars


all right so i’m gonna move it right

around here maybe a little bit higher

how high do i want it i just went high

enough to demonstrate for you guys

i i actually would probably put this a

little bit lower but since i’m

demonstrating for you guys

i want to make it a little bit higher so

yeah you guys can see it

yeah all right so now i’m gonna switch

this ring light and

plop it right here and remember the ball

joint head

uh actually i don’t need the ball joint

head anymore

because so let me switch this out

sorry you’re gonna get a little dizzy

you guys are getting dizzy because i’m

gonna take this out of the ring

light are you done yeah i know still


all right cool all right we’re done

we’re done we’re done all right all


i’m gonna put this so now so i never

actually have the camera where it’s

pointing at me so i’m gonna just take

you out of shot for a

quick second jeremy so so people can see

me right

sorry jeremy i know you’re not you’re i

don’t know okay so here here

here is the the light stand and

what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put

the ring light on top of it

so i’m just gonna unturn untwist this

so the ring light comes out ah this

stuff is easy

to figure out when you have someone

smart like jeremy to help me so i’m just

going to

twist this in i’ll unplug it

so i can twist this in right here see

i can i don’t know one thing that we

didn’t mention about it a lot of wing

like they’re kind of flat

this one’s it’s round it yeah so

it’s softer when it comes to heating

yes you’re right all right let’s turn

that on

oh you’re right i don’t do i still have

to catch so let me let’s see if you

have to catch let’s see if i still have

the the ring the

cat eyes so let me take out my phone

from see we got two holders we got this


if you wanted to use it in the center i

think of the ring like that

what you’re doing right now it’s pretty

much for your full body let’s say if

you’re dancing or whatever in the front

you know

it’s tick-tock and whatnot or instagram


that’s what i do yes oh because it’s

vertical stuff you can actually turn it

horizontally or vertical yeah right

so this is nice so let me let me

let me rotate this light so that this is


i’ll turn this a little bit here so now


this light is facing me and i can do


video but my thing is not set for hana

so i’ll do

i’ll do a horizontal video for you guys

all right so how does this thing open oh

also spring loaded

spring loaded nice okay so you just pop


camera on here

nice and then there’s a there’s a nut

here to lock back here so it’s tight

and you can position this in any angle

you want and whenever you want the angle

you just lock it in

and it’s tight and hey dude

the ring that the ring is gone told you

it’s sweet yes and then of course so i

still got the remote

point about setting that is you should

put a ball hat with the wing light on


so it could tilt oh yes yes yes okay

that’s the cool point of light yes yes

so we have this ball head here

let’s take out the ball head oh yes

jeremy you’re a genius so we’ll take out

the ball head

we can use this like to attach here so

let me turn off the light

all right dude this light is actually

high quality it replaced it looks just

as good as my other lights

oh we got a comment from colson cruz or


jolson i can’t read because it’s awesome

is this awesome yeah it is hold on when

i say awesome does it mean he’s awesome

oh i am awesome

it means that because the product is


oh all right so we’re gonna go back here

we’re gonna attach this sorry the light

is off so it’s a little dark

but we’re gonna attach this ball joint

to the light

and now we can attach the ball joint to

the light stand

and we’re going to get some nice light


adjustment angle dude this is doing some

wham-bam lighting with this

yeah yeah probably not to happen some

white lighting

some wet band lighting rembrandt

lighting ah

it’s too soft it’s too soft for


rembrandt is a very uh it’s more of an

advanced lighting technique

um this one is it’s the one light source

see the the rem brand if you have the

right angle

i’m gonna do it there’s a triangle right

here it’s what they call rembrandt

under that but yeah under this eye and

the dark side

which is kind of there but because this

light is so beautiful and time

in terms of how soft it is it’s hard to

get that rembrandt

because if you want to get the rembrandt

maybe right there

right there you see it yep right there i

got the imprint let’s remember

lightning so look at this the lighting

is great

so of course you’re looking at through

me with my other camera

but i can also show you this camera

right here too

so this is the camera that is right onto

the cell phone right

so i mounted this this cell phone what

you’re seeing right here is my cell


and here’s the light so it’s beautiful

let me sit down

and talk to the camera i mean

what more what more can you ask for

right is it it’s more natural this way

rather than the cat’s eye so there’s two


using it yeah more natural and you could

choose whichever one you want i mean you

still have to catch light i’ll get it

you still have the catch light

yes catch light but not the round circle

in my eyes

this is nice dude for 32 dollars you can

do so many different configurations

i like this dude and of course if i want

more brightness i can go up a little bit


now the light’s a little farther away

from me right dude this is

high quality light in fact i’m actually

this this rivals my

freaking 1000 lights i just turned off


this is good this is not look good right


right here or through my cell phone this

is this is great man

this is great so 32 dollars full kit

it comes with everything you need to get


uh look at this look what you get you

got of course

you can either do two setups right this

one set up right here

where you got the cell phone mounted

like we have right here cell phones

mounted here

and we got the light on top with the bob


and get the cable to connect it to

control the power control the color the

remote to control the

cam uh the phone or you can do it on the

tabletop right here like earlier when we

use a smaller tripod

just put it on the table and put your


phone right in the center you can also

put your phone right in center here too

if you wanted to

either way so remember the one if you

put the phone

in the center you get the cat eyes just

like this

we just i think it’s pretty i think it’s

beautiful not for you though

oh not for me yeah but like if you don’t

want the cat’s eye you can also get the

catch light just like this

which is the arrangement we have right

now that will give us the

cat eyes because right now like this

right if you look at me i actually am

well lit it but i have the cat eye

so it looks good looks very good we’ll

cut back to the

product feature so we got the remote

control you got different 11 brightness


colors you got 550 kelvin


down to 3200 kelvin

actually down to 3 000 kelvin it says

here um

and look at this configuration look at

all the stuff you get you can get

table tripod you can get this height

this height or this height with the

extension i love the extension it’s so

genius right

this extra piece here passed away folds

away so nice and

easy all this stuff here not to mention

the nice 360 degree panoramic

panorama panoramic and ram on panhandle

yeah this is not this is not cheap stuff

this is good quality because if you get

the cheap

ball head they usually don’t hold the

position and they sag

this one you could lock in and it holds

really well

and of course the little table tripod

that i have right here

it’s got flexibility too you can rotate

this you can also go bend up and down

and of course we got the stretchable

legs so if you open up you can stretch

your legs boom

you got that and use it at weddings

ah you could uh

i would say if you use that wedding all

you need is actually a more stable


because at wedding people might kick you

about but the light

is good you can mount on top of your

camera and running around like

you know oh you’re right you can run the

gun with this

that’s sweet enough you can use it for

live stream but the thing is where are

you gonna pack it in oh

usb it’s usb so you can have your uh you

have object

yeah apartment um have you ever heard of


this application here utope

utope you can actually i think they mean


no no no no no no this is youtube

youtube is different this is youtube and

you can use it for makeup too

and yeah all this stuff is included boom

that’s it guys i’m done

i’m done i don’t know what else to say

buy it

i mean i i have other um i try other

brands of

wing like because i bought my wife one

yeah that one she doesn’t like it and

then i give her this one [ __ ] oh this

one’s good

yeah i mean that’s legit i’m a guy i

mean i don’t do that type of stuff right

so i mean

i have my all professional lighting you

have your professional lighting so yeah

we don’t

do this so that’s why i have my wife to

give me comment on how do you like the


see this sounds good i like this one

because it has everything

i mean for that they don’t want anything

hassle they just want everything is in


it’s easy to use and bright light yeah

i mean like this is it this is using the


i mean it’s flickering because i have my

tv on too but this is this is the light

this is how good it is see it’s not just

that she’s like makeup artist that’s why

she do all that

oh yeah so you can picture the light


effect on the light quality is actually

good on skins

yes yeah they’re very important very

important this one’s good

yeah you’re a mega balance and you want

to do instagram and whatnot

this is a good light my wife says not

not me not him not to

to dude but my wife who is a

professional celebrity makeup artist

that is good

so that vouch word right there we’re


we are done so thank you so much for

watching guys

this has been another pixel 7 production

with jeremy chan david nguyen

and we got the gam 10.2 inch

ring light that’s 32 on amazon link down


it comes with everything you need to get

up and going it’s a good light

jeremy’s wife vouches for it and she’s a

professional makeup artist

i just played around with it for like 20

minutes i love it for the value

quality is good yeah you got so much

flexibility if you have any questions

let us know by comments down below

but you know this video pretty much

demonstrates all the features that we

have with this light

so uh take care stay healthy stay safe


good night adios asia good evening

see ya good afternoon bye

all right signing out ending the stream

on youtube so youtube see you guys bye


bye youtube