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Video Transcription


have you heard of photoshop 2021

yet i haven’t but i got a link today

from miscellaneous it’s

a beta test it’s in chinese which it’s

okay because it’s doing stuff in

photoshop which i understand

i haven’t seen the video yet so let’s

find out what photoshop 2021 is all

about okay

let’s go let’s see what this

photoshop 2021 beta that’s all about all

right let’s play this

oh i’m gonna fast forward a little bit

this is a long wheel oh wait hold on let

me go back

it looks different let’s animate it uh

ps7 pi well it’s ps7 pi

oh 2021 that was smart

oh wow they have new menus from explore

okay we move background blur background

okay so it’s not like a new function

oh wow but one click okay

okay job so this is all new

to this upcoming

it’s not an okay job it’s actually not

that good okay you could go back and fix


just like any other ones with the quick


yeah see it’s just a quick match you can

remove that and blurred

okay uh you could do that with the


tools right now there’s nothing we

didn’t do about that

i’m gonna skip all this okay from what i

see here is the word i don’t get scared

but the chinese says

sky replacement which is kind of like

you know the other software’s kind of

luminous iv they have that so i guess

now photoshop

is introducing now

in the game but let’s see what it does

oh did it just change this guy

yeah it did okay



okay sunset specular i’m pretty sure you

could introduce yeah you see the little

folder down there i think it could

actually introduce new

um skies if they wanted to

okay sunset all right but we need more

than that because for nominal four it

actually have to be light scenes

that actually apply um the update new


exposure and color balance onto the

foreground which is kind of matching the

news guys

let’s see if they can do this

all right i’m just on the menu right now

it’s like edgy

and bullish movement so it’s somewhat

similar to

what luminous four has

okay control the exposure as well as

well as the white balance

well this other size too so that’s a


interesting so you can make the sky


smaller uh okay

what else can i do okay it has blending


this is kind of weird this is definitely

better you can see how

the manual has some chinese and has some

english in it it’s not even

legit so i think it’s a long way to go

so i’m not gonna

you know critique it too much because

it’s still under like very

beginning beta i could tell that even

the menu is not set up yet

oh wait hold on wow so after that is


wait hold on let me see

yes it does so it does generate a whole

bunch of layer

separately on the slide for you okay now

that’s a plus

because um when i was working aluminum

for one thing i can do is

if i want to you know do more adjustment

fine tune

i couldn’t this is a i filters

okay what does ai filter do oh a


hold on you could actually do emotions

now happy

it takes some time no i guess it’s

reading and analyzing

other facials eye nose and mouth mommy


not mouse mouth okay

oh wow wait hold on

okay this is kind of weird so smile

but it don’t have to it’s generally


seriously wow

i don’t know if i’m happy or scared of


okay also the aging is actually just

making smoother and or more texture so

to show age all right

well do it as hairs too and this is just


skins this one here i don’t think the

professional would use this but

i mean it would definitely make

everybody’s life easier because you know

it’s one click um

not everyone needs a professional scene


retouch uh so you know

that might work what i’m looking here i

wish they have

i wish i could find the english version

but i couldn’t

oh is recoloring

what no one click really did he just

really do one click hello let’s see that


okay we coloring oh damn yes


actually really good i don’t know who

will use that but it does

like um it

it brings something it’s different than

just like normal color photo so

that’s interesting that’s interesting

oh we could even do more

but oh what they do enhancing more


so after the video the way i see it

adobe is introducing more ai uh

so like i said luminaire 4 has ai skype

replacement now it has it

uh yeah and it went one extra step

because photoshop it is a professional

tool so unlike lumina 4 which is

basically just replace this guy for you


flatten the layer and call it done um

photoshop action one should replace this


it gives you all the layers that require

to replace those guys

and then it add in a lot of ai for


and also recoloring i mean we kind of i

haven’t figured out what to do with yet

but it’s quite interesting

um the execution and also the result

looks pretty good

um the ai

smiling emotion that i

want to test a bit more i hope i could

get a piece of that

software and try it out but uh right now

i’m holding back for that but uh

what do you guys think let me know what

you think in the comments okay

i want to know so until next time this

is jeremy

bye bye